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Department of Education

Region III
Doña Asuncion Lee Integrated School
Xevera, Tabun, Mabalacat City, Pampanga
S.Y. 2014-2015



1. German composer who developed lieder.

a. Franz List b. Franz Hydn c. Johann Goethe d. Franz Schubert
2. The following opera were written by Giuseppi Verdi except for;
a. Aida b. Tristan and Isolde c. Rigoletto d. La Traviata
3. Richard Wagner made used of this musical sequences in most of his operas.
a. Oratio b. Aria c. Lieder d. Leitmotifs
4. French composer who became famous for his opera “Carmern”.
a. Georges Bizet b. G. Verdi c. G. Puccini d. Richard Wagner
5. Solo singing part in an opera.
a. Act b. Prelude c. Aria d. Postlude
6. When Singing for an opera, the focus of the performance is on the singing technique called;
a. Bel Canto b. Falsetto c. Tessitura d. Aria
7. The following musical terms were used to affect the way singers sing except for;
a. Vibrato b. Rubato c. Polyphonic d. Tessitura
8. Which of the following opera singers does not belong to the group?
a. Luciano Pavarotti b. Placido Domingo c. Andrea Bocelli d. Maria Callas
9. Which of the following statements is true about opera?
a. Opera technique is called bel canto, which means beautiful singing
b. Opera singers often sing in Italian and never French
c. Opera singers were trained only for a short period of time
d. Opera singers are only asked to sing short phrases and to sing loud.
10. Is the middle level voice of a female?
a. Bel Canto b. Mezzo Soprano c. Soprano d. Alto
11. Which of the following statement is not true about proper posture in singing except?
a. It promotes efficient breathing. c. It helps the singer project the proper tone quality.
b. It is essential for voice projection d. It helps you look taller and no need to have good vocal habits.
12. Romantic vocal forms like the art song and operas were mostly about;
a. Fantasy b. Advent c. Resurrection d. Halloween
13. Filipino singer that won international awards like the Olivier and Tony for her exemplary performance in “Miss Saigon.”
a. Sarah Geronimo b. Leah Salonga c. Imelda Papin d. Pilita Corrales
14. This part of our voice is the most easy developed and recognized because is it used in everyday speech.
a. Chest Voice b. Head Voice c. Nasal Voice d. None of the above.
15. Is the rapidly repeated slight pitch variation during a sustained note, to give a richer and more varied sound.
a. Falsetto b. Glissando c. Vibrato d. None of the above.


1. Romeo’s Father from the Romeo and Juliet Stage Play.

a. Balthasar b. Lord Montague c. Abraham d. Gregory
2. Romeo’s faithful servant.
a. Balthasar b. Lord Montague c. Abraham d. Gregory
3. One of the most famous poets in Tondo.
a. Huseng Sisiw b. Basang Sisiw c. Francisco Balagtas d. None of the above
4. The father of the Tagalog Zarzuela
a. Severino R. Reyes b. Dr. Ricardo G. Abad c. Salvador F. Bernal. d. None of the above.
5. Many of his theater productions were classics of western drama but in terms of a Filipino and Asian sensibly.
a. Severino R. Reyes b. Dr. Ricardo G. Abad c. Salvador F. Bernal. d. None of the above.
6. The father of Theater Design in the Philippines
a . Severino R. Reyes b. Dr. Ricardo G. Abad c. Salvador F. Bernal. D. None of the above.
7. A French composer and pianist of the Romantic era. He is best known for his opera Carmen.
a. William Shakespeare b. Victor Marie Hugo c. Georges Bizet d. None of the above.
8. A play characterized by its humorous or satirical tone
a. Comedy b. Drama c. Action d. None of the above.
9. Is one of the world’s most popular operas.
a. Carmen b. Miss Saigon c. Romeo and Juliet d. None of the above.
10. Which of the following story does not belong to the group?
a. Walang Sugat c. Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang
b. Florante at Laura d. El Filibusterismo
P. E.
1. When trying to plan for your recreational activity, which should be the best thing to keep in mind?
a. The activity should be of your interest b. The activity should be away from home
c. The activity will give you the chance to earn money d. The activity is held within your comfort zone
2. The way we live our life reflects our lifestyle. Which of the following is a healthy lifestyle that can maintain your desirable weight?
a. Exercise one a week b. Proper diet and exercise
c. Attending to gyms and taking diet fads d. Enjoying a balance routine in life
3. Why is footwork important in playing badminton?
a. It brings you to the action b. It helps burn fats easily
c. It makes the game exciting d. It helps in the speed of movement
4. Which of the following is a manifestation of the “Leave No Trace” policy in camping?
a. Pick up flowers in going home b. Feed animals you encounter
c. Bring non-biodegradable equipment d. Bring home with you all your waste materials
5. Jem would like to be an ambassador of healthy lifestyle in their community. How can she give justice to this?
a. Practice healthy lifestyle b. Talk about healthy lifestyle
c. Write about healthy lifestyle d. Disseminate healthy lifestyle
6. Jamaica‟s parents are both obese. She knows that the disease runs in the family that‟s why she is trying to find the best way to get out of it. Which
is the best way?
a. Have a lifestyle change b. Consult a fitness professional
c. Live in a healthy environment d. Eat raw and fresh fruits and vegetables
7. Jade computed her BMI and came up with the score of 21.8. This means that,
a. Jade is underweight b. Jade is overweight c. Jade is normal d. Jade is obese
8. When less calories are consumed and more calories are expended, a student will have
a. Weight loss b. Weight gain c. Sustain weight d. Live healthy
9. Energy intake and energy expenditure means
a. Energy intake b. Energy balance c. Energy expenditure d. Energy consumption
10. Badminton had its origin on the game
a. Poona b. Tennis c. Shuttle game d. Court game
11. In performing a successful smash, a player needs
a. Agility b. Balance c. Strength d. Power
12. Since hiking is a walking activity, can anybody be a part of the hiking group?
a. Yes, it’s for everyone b. No, it’s dangerous c. Yes, it fun to walk with people d. No, only those with Doctor’s clearance
13. What is the most fundamental skill needed in orienteering?
a. Setting the map b. Running at a speed c. Locating the points d. Communicating with group mates
14. Lara is a junior high school student who loves to eat more than what she needs. She takes in more chips, chocolates, cakes, and sodas while
relaxing in the couch watching her favourite movies in her laptop.What is the consequence of this kind of practice in her weight?
a. She‟ll gain weight b. She‟ll loss weight c. She‟ll maintain her weight d. She‟ll live healthy for a lifetime
15. Mr. Gonzales found out that most of his students are overweight and close to being obese. What can he do to help them?
a. Organize a fitness program 3x a week b. Consult a nutritionist for the proper food intake
c. Make them active in the class every meeting d. Encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle change
1. You are being bullied in school. What is the best thing to do?
A. Report him/her to the school authorities. B. Get even with him/her by asking friends for vengeance.
C. Confront the bully and tell him/her that you don’t like what s/he is doing.
D. Do not do anything. S/he will eventually stop when s/he finds someone else to bully.
2. Which is a risk factor for suicide attempt?
A. Good problem-solving skills B. History of trauma and abuse
C. Strong connections to family and community support D. Effective clinical care for mental, physical and substance use disorders
3. You noticed that you are always being followed by someone whom you don’t know. What will you do?
A. Nothing. S/he is just a harmless admirer. B. Run away and hide from the person who is always following you.
C. Tell your parents or other authorities that you can trust about your stalker.
D. Make a scene to catch the attention of the public, then confront the person following you.
4. What form of violence is used for political goals which include putting the public or a great number of people in fear?
A. Terrorism B. Bullying C. Kidnapping D. Suicide
5. Which is not verbal abuse?
A. Words that are manipulative and controlling. B. Words that can cause a gradual diminishing of self-confidence.
C. Words that are used to explain to a child his/her mistakes. D. Words that are hurtful and usually attack the nature and abilities of the person.
6. Why does domestic violence happen?
A. The abuser is trying to control the victim. B. The abuser is in a stressful relationship.
C. The couple don't have much money and this causes stress in the relationship. D. All of the above.
7. Why do some victims of sexual abuse remain quiet and don’t report the incident?
A. The victim might not know that help is available or s/he does not know who to talk to.
B. The victim might be told that what is happening is normal and doesn’t realize that it is a form of abuse.
C. The victim might be afraid of what will happen to him/her if s/he tells someone, especially if the abuser has threatened him/her.
D. All of the above.
8. You heard your friend Ricky telling your other friends to shun Aaron because they recently had a fight. What will you do?
A. Nothing. No harm will happen from it. B. Nothing. I do not want to get involved.
C. I will convince all of my friends to shun Ricky instead because he is a bully.
D. I will confront Ricky and tell him to stop what he is doing because it is bullying.
9. Which are not intentional injuries?
A. Vehicular accidents B. Fraternity hazings C. Suicide attempts D. Suicide bombings
10. Self-defense is one of the best ways to prevent intentional injuries. Which of the following best describes it?
A. Physical strategies, such as learning self-defense skills B. Mental preparedness, in order to be alert for the possibilities of danger
C. Emotional preparedness and having self-confidence D. All of the above.