4th May 2010 Submitted by.Rishi Bharti Student ID-0819953 Module Leaders: Vincent Ong Peter Patrick .Applied Management Project (REFLECTIVE REPORT) (BSS000-6) February 2010 Module Handbook Hand-in date: Tuesday.

Introduction:This is a tedious task to write the reflective report because it is difficult sometime to express and elaborate the experiences. time management. self-recording. I learnt how to utilize the time in a productive manner. This study exposed me to a set of knowledge regarding global business i. Self analysis and Performance. .Abstract Reflective report is the exercise of writing the whole experiences while writing the report. my time wastage has been reduced. Self analysis is the first part which contains the learning before project and performances entails the presentation while working on report. The major setback of reflection writing is to write the start of the report. Due to the good impacts of report. team effectiveness. strategies for task.e. what is happening around us and how company should have to work in this environment. Report writing entails several individuality attributes such as self-control. I started writing diary from the very first day of my discussion session. This thing favored me a lot that. The function in level of motivation during project and how the facilitator helped to clear vision and how he boosts up our motivation level are explained in first part. The main foremost target of the reflective report is to explore the learning and consequences while writing the report. The entire practice while report writing is isolated into two parts. There are many optimistic impacts of this report on my character and understandings. and the second part explores the understating whilst working on project report. We were advised to write a daily diary whilst our discussion sessions during the course. All these learning outcomes play a vital role to prove me a self assured graduate at the end. it is a difficult chore to engross your amorphous ideas and experiences as a proper report.

plagiarism. What the structure of report should be. All these events put some breathes of relief in my heart. I do not know anything about the project words. Discussion day were very fruitful for us. There were points to analyze myself before starting the project: I believed in others. self analysis. After three days we got topics for our project. about e-books. There are just three days but that was sufficient time for me to resolve all my queries about my project. because I got a referral in one subject in my first semester. In last three days facilitators motivate us to how to complete our project efficiently in specific time span. I did not do well in second semester as well. time . I prepared myself to attend AMP week. After finishing my exam there is a big panic in mind that is about my results. then we were taught by a number of tutors in very good manner. After finishing the final exam everybody was talking about this enormous project report. I was totally de motivated for this project but. This perception of mind dominated my confidence level. I made a perception before knowing anything that I can’t do this. But the level of tension was rising day by day.This reflection reports involve two phases of progression of writing report:• • Before the project. but whenever I think about this gigantic report I feel depressed. So now. about tutor. how we can save our report from plagiarism and referencing style as well. But day by day my every aspect about project becomes clear. They tell us what the topic is demanding from us. Which way we can achieve the heights of topic. softly and calmly. In these three days we got opportunity to polish the mirrors of our minds. Performance Before project self analysis This was a big burden on my mind about applied management project. I was totally blank at that time but tutor gave us moral support and told us come in the discussion classes we will discuss on topic and he told that he will solve all of our queries. To work on an assignment of 3000 words is a difficult task for me. I was not in the condition to face the second one referral. on first day I was totally blank in the class because everything was beyond my level. I was too much disappointed because I was not getting anything that what was going in this dissertation week. about university catalogue. How to do search for project. Which site are reliable for searching for data. they cleared all the concepts regarding the AMP project. They tell us every aspect about project very clearly. what they are saying about the project work. This is the main topic of everybody’s conversation at that time.

This is in my favor that I got the topic from them. That is the other matter that I do not know about the results but I was ready to do everything. AMP week washed my mind and made picture clear to me. when I came to know that facilitators will provide us topics. Somehow. this trick made our task easy. This is a big problem for me to gather ten group mates because.duration and topic as well but I formed a terrible impression of project on myself by my own. I manage six group mates and we went there to collect our topic. how can we divide our topic in small parts. I came to know about this on spot. When I was on initial stage I was very enthusiastic about my task but that is the crucial time for me.  I feel little bit relaxed. Then I made my plans again and start my work but lots of time I got stuck up and that was the crucial time for me to come . because topic was on globalization. Once again I became blank and aimless. AMP week developed our I. I can concentrate on a limited task at one time this learning enhanced my focus ability. Unfortunately couple of our group mates was not able to do their AMP because of their negative result but I was lucky that I cleared my second semester. We arranged some group meeting to increase our knowledge. we arranged couple of meeting. because I was thinking that I am not too efficient that I can choose my topic by myself. I knew that there negative impact are more on me but after AMP week most of the doubt cleared on my mind and the discussion classes generates now ideas and creativity which motivate me to I can do this. she told me how to start. Performance. Then I talked to one of my group mate. Tutor told us that we have to come in groups for our topics and there should be ten members in a group. In discussion classes tutor provide us knowledge. I spoiled couple of days for thinking but it vain. I managed each and every thing that I have to do in my project. This vision of knowledge to break our topic in parts. I feel very confused when I saw my topic.Q level and provide us a clear vision that how can we reach our target in limited time period. It has a vast area of research. how to proceed.During group meeting I made a strategy to accomplish my project. I do not know how to start my report. because one of my friend told me that may be they ask you to choose your topic by our own interest. But I have a little idea about the topic because in term time in the class of International Marketing we were taught about globalization and international marketing.

out from that situation because there was no one to help me.  Task strategies. It was not an easy job for me because several times I was paused and i was not capable to overcome from that pause for couple of days. Self control empowered me to complete my task in a good manner. An infrastructure of report was in front of me. Then I divided words to left days. I was not able to give proper attention on my project work. All these strategies depend upon the utilization on them.In Dissertation week our facilitator suggest some major point to make strategy for our project. I am getting more hours due to Easter vacations. Till that day I finished twenty percent of mine work. Break my topic into . Some of the strategies were made by me according to availability of time and some were suggested by my group mates.Time is the major limitation of project writing. This is not an easy job to plan everything while report writing and utilize them to while writing report and appraisement of yourself that are you on track or not. I did division of my topic into parts and assigned word limits to all parts. that this much work I have to do in one day. Working on project requires a very high level of enthusiasm to work on same level till the end. I draw a time table to finish my work in limited extent of time. they really supported me morally. I made a strategy how much work needed every day to accomplish the product on given time. I have to help me by myself. We have to accomplish our project in a limited extent of time. I decided to work desperately to cover the work of those days. I am working part-time. Then I decided to late night on my project. There are some key facts for attaining the project that are given below:-  Self control. Daily routine of working on project was disturbed due to couple of parties in our house.  Management of time. Then I realized that there are many more aspects to deliberate.Self control is over of the major accost of report writing. I draw an outline of daily work. This put a depressing impact on my efficiency but I managed my little time with the self control. Because of my busy job schedule I was not able to spend proper time for my project. Everyday which was passing put lots of load on me.

Write a small report from this type of unorganized data is not easily. We had a group of four members only so there is not any conflict arose between us between discussions.  Self-recording. I took help from report done by other people to assigning the word limit to several parts. We sat together to discuss the topic from all aspects. Changes in my life after AMP are given below:- . But it helped me a lot. I was not so punctual to write all those things but most of the major experience was written by me on my dairy. Facilitator recommends us to write a dairy of daily routine this will help you to write self reflective report.We are given to write a reflective report on the learning and experience during doing AMP.Due to the negative results couple of my group mates were not allowed to do AMP. These are minor changes but they helped me to build a sophisticated character. We usually met after one week for discussion.parts and allocation the word limit to every part helps me a lot to work on project efficiently. Those group meeting helped us a lot to finish our project successfully. During discussion session of orientation week there were six members in our group. Finish my report in limited period and working in a good structure time able I feel many changes many changes in my character. Everybody gave his /her hundred percent efforts in that session. But the all experience I wrote on dairy was informal and not properly organized. I wrote every experience during AMP in the dairy.  Team effectiveness. these changes put a good impact on my lifestyle as well. I maintained a daily routine dairy. Applied management Project helped me to be a good time manager. Impact of Applied Management Project:- After finished my project I experienced that there are several changes in my behavior. This dairy helped me to write my reflective report. We did some meeting to discuss our problems and achievements during working on project. We usually talked on mobile as we to solve our queries. We discussed major topics related to our topic.

Now I finished my project and I feel there is lot of free time in my daily life. I was not aware about all the aspect of exporting. I came to know how we can make market strategies while working in other countries. I was living away from my university. I wake up early to go for my work because I use to work in morning shifts. . I can go for jogging to keep myself fit or I can join a y gym for body fitness. I feel that after working on my project I make my life disciplined. Applied management helped to overcome from my habit of laziness. While working on AMP I used to work early in morning and late night even on the job days as well. What type of problems can occur while doing business across the boundaries? How the to work while doing business at international level. When I was backing home in my home country I came to know that there is value of time in western countries. so I can utilize it properly. Time is money in these countries. When I came back from work after rest of a while. When I came to England I was habitual to my slow and lazy life. I was always thinking about to expand my business on global level but. Every time. I am working with a food chain from few of the months. but during project period I mostly utilize my time for searching of data to project report. I was late for my classes and meeting for my AMP. Once I suffered a lot for being late for assignment submission.  Applied Management Project taught me about the importance of time. There is no spare time for my social life during working days. AMP enhanced my knowledge about International Business. Now I think after my degree I can do something to expand my business on global level. Working with my AMP I got a knowledge about business in other countries. During this project I came to know the value of time and got knowledge how to utilize time. Surfing internet and watching movies online are few my hobbies. I started my research on project report.  I have a small scale business back home in my country. I get rid of that time wasting habit and mostly I try to use my precious time for project and other activities.

My problem solving attitude helped me to overcome from that crucial time and I finished my project on time. In the beginning. Because I was not motivated for my project. In the initial stage I found it a lengthy and insipid work. AMP is a process of check the learning of your past study. but after some studies in AMP week I experienced that it is full of knowledge and learning. motivation and devotion and several other aspects of character. AMP is like a long fight in which we have to fight with same power and courage with problems which are going to occur while working on project. We are given a limited time to complete a hard mission. . Everyone has a perception I their mind that it is a difficult task but steadily we realized that we can do it and we started work on our AMP with full of enthusiasm. We have to help ourselves. in which no one is going it help us. Due to working on AMP I came to know how to manage time according to your task.Conclusion:- Applied management project (AMP) report is a procedure of enhancing and checking up all facts of a person. creativeness. so one who is working on a project has to work on project steadily to got success. improvement. But it was not a short event. self management. After finishing mu project I augmented my efficiency to manage the time. it not easy to everyone to start properly. I maintain my stamina to regular study and keep my attitude problem solving. It contains the activities to check out dedication.

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