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Gemmalyn D.

Isip 7/8/17
MAED- GenSci


According to RA no. 9147 also known as Wildlife Resources Conservation and

Protection Act of 2001, importation of exotic amphibian species is only allowed upon securing
appropriate import and CITES permit from the BMB-DENR. Having this law will secure the life
of the endangered species and also the lives of individuals who have them.

As I have read the article, I thought of those people who have these species. Most of the
species were in amphibian group and we all knew that the rarer the species are, the more they are
capable of spreading diseases. Having a rare pet maybe a good shot on them but they should also
think about their own safety and the people around them.

Those invasive species came from different parts of the world and also carrying different
pathogens that may cause diseases. So I think those individuals who are planning to buy these
animals should be more cautious on selecting them.

Also about the importation of these endangered species, I am pretty sure that not all of
the pet shops were following the standards; that’s why it was a very good action for the DENR to
have some inspection in the pet shops all around the country.

But on my own opinion, if I maybe having some pet I will not chose these invasive
species. I’d rather have a dog or cat in my house or some other domestic animals which are not
that harmful in the health and in the safety of my own family. However, others still prefer having
these species rather than having plain domestic animals on their home just for collection, fun or
maybe for amusement.