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Reflection Daily Lesson Plan – Mathematics – Grade 7

Caloocan High School
A. No. of learners who 7B 7F 8F 9F
earned 80% in the S.Y. 2016 -2017
evaluation Second Grading Period
B. No. of learners who 7B 7F 8F 9F Prepared by: Danilo N. de Mesa Jr. Grade 7 – Math
require additional October 26, 2016 – Wednesday
activities for remediation
who scored below 80% Math Department 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
C. Did the remedial lessons 7B 7F 8F 9F
work? No. of learners who I. Objectives
have caught up with the A. Content Standards: The learner demonstrates understanding
1. lesson. of the key concepts of Solving Word Problems.
D. No. of pyramid
A rectangular learners
has awho 7Bof 2m, 7F
length width o 8F 9F
B. Performance Standards: The learner formulates real life
continue to require
problems involving word problems and solve these using a
remediation .
E. Which of my teaching variety of strategies with outmost accuracy.
strategies worked well? C. Learning Competencies / Objectives:
Why these work? 1. translate verbal phrases to mathematical expression,
F. What difficulties did I 2. illustrate word problems in graphical, in table,
encounter which my 3. derive an equation from the given word problem,
principal or supervisor can 4. show perseverance in performing the assign task.
help me solve?

G. What innovation or
II. Content
localized materials did I Area: Linear Algebra
wish to share with other Topic: Problem solving involving uniform motion
III. Learning Resources
 MSA pp. 109 - 112
Checked by: Mrs. Imelda Vargas Mathematics pp 247 - 254
Master Teacher

Mr. Marvin Santos_

Department Head
IV. Procedure E. Generalization
A. Preparatory Activities Implore the understanding of the students about problem
Arranging the classroom, Prayer, Recitation of Battle of solving involving uniform motion. (Using a guide question or let the
Caloocan, Greetings, Attendance. student to restate the conditions of solving problems about
B. Motivation uniform motion).
Sing along : “Pare ko”
C. Developmental Activity F. Evaluation
See power point presentation. See power point presentation
D. Lesson Proper
V. Assignment
Condition 1:
Vehicles traveling towards each other or in opposite Come up with your own word problem about uniform motion. You
directions can choose any of the 2 conditions you have learn, build your
D1 + D2 = DT diagram and representation. Write your assignment on a short
bond paper with your name, grade and section.
Condition 2:
Vehicles traveling towards the same direction in parallel tracks
Distance with
[ ] - [Distance with ] = Distance
higher rate lower rate between

Vehicles on the same direction in parallel tracks, but one has delay
start up and overtake the other.
VI. Remarks
D1 = D2