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Buddy Guy “Mary Had a Little Lamb” By Dave Rusia Tho Shia Jaen “ta: So Glad was based on achil | Srna dls, “Mary Hod a Uitte sono seem nen alae vitae anit taken from 8 nursery shyrie, The real fom courses is hat big had Buddy Guy, ene of che most ferocious blues gurriststo ave pressflesh tn steel strings, penned it. No ‘outs chat, a the ly saratar a ibe aly be Id oder dhuughts fon 118 mind than af a kb fo hhoppingia tae 1970s Stovle Ras Caughan sever riled to ete Buddy as one o7 hls sinmen,andicernemporarys Canatswill not Steer ait rio worsion of ‘Mary ada Lite am trom Teas Foc '1988).19 loving" baby” to sebee. Og- inalyaapearingon Ube classic # Man vb Blues (Vans 1947. the song sgnale neccntasnsolo anise simer ast ing Chem from nto Hom, in 1957, Guy had been ator | sesso catarchess Recurds an bhad worked with hazp player Junior Wels ev a rmutually pene: ficial narmership. Tw more sper Vanguard abuts of dy nai aud draaaticblews would follos before Buddy began label AT nis rendition, Susie highlights Buddy's dynamic neadarrangememtby plavingitticeat ne beginning. ax peating the ‘THE FORM, after a standard 12 bar blues with a pickup measure for the intra, Mary walks her lomo through four £-bac verses and two 16-measure solus with EWV-V changes ‘wEINTRO Using the blues ale lg. 1] in ‘open position wide the accion ‘of the 2nd (2) and Bik (CO as {jist for his “bhaes 7)? Buddy Conscrvets 4 bouncy bass line alwernating with measures of tenakity:defning chord stabs in roneartynth tre nim section Sima co Fan "rick ag” Kings Lot the Good Times Rol” from 1960, this i form of eall and ‘response tbat peesback:s gospel in African-American masie ‘Observe that» singie-noce runs resolution occurring on beat ofeach new chorchange— isthe rhord's appropriate root. SRY sul efeate Bos oi slags Scutle Buttn.” based an this appealing concept ‘Buddy's chord forms are Uerived from dyads and broken | siple-stops [Fig 2), whlch Nein convenient prorimitytethe ass lines Check out the Zr ieeere sun (Sth on botwom) 87 (V7) Bu/FE Xx [ LS ° icing sisasune 10 shat ads ‘arity 10 the predictable root- ‘ote forms of the ET 7) and A? v2 chords ‘THE VERSE ‘The S-measure verse creates ‘musteal tensicciand anticipation by stardng on the IV ‘chord. Dig that, in realts Tae arrange tent isthe same a8 2 sow change” 12-bar Dues sirusmensures i Clewe “THE GUTAR SoL0s Buddy’s 1G-measure solo Hinds the explo fe gultarst ting ingthe nell aut of the minor pestatanie seale in the root avid extension positions IFig, aj. mp mesure 2. dig the starting"overbend(notshown, In notation . one of his signa- ture techniques, in which he pushes thes?) slighely ake surobe sides tely g initive ction and dy alsu fae, dy EL era (G) nia, Rudy of the next = ociave pos i — souble- sve 1fFeIB. 7 tobe x ‘iad Se uoiua 20299 6) THe Magasine You Cam Piey_ $54 ———— ——_—_—_—————_4 Mary Had a Little Lamb pst awfie 622s Lary ha a : ‘ s jee _# « 2 = the Sanh Re ab es SH ta a ie pt Et = eee a rey 162 GUITAR ONE «wnauitaronememcom JANUARY 2002 Mo mm m8 Seah Mary Had a Little Lamb Qutrositar Solo bg: 4184 QUTTAR ONE wonigutaronemag 20m AKUAKY 2000