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Friendly and confident manner. Skilled on chemistry, science and
math. Good classroom management, flexible and an adaptable
teaching style. Use technology and software to make more didactic
lessons. Enjoy working with children and young people.

Class management
 Knowledge of teaching styles
 Capable to meet needs of diverse learners
 Team Groups leading

CONTACT ID 79909388 - Age: 41

Carrera 50 No. 181 - 59 Phone Number: 9204159 - Cell phone: 3006944684
Marital status: married (Leave a voice message please)

I have Chemistry degree. I was working as a teacher through four years in elementary, mid and high school,
teaching natural science (chemistry and physics) and maths. I also have six and a half year’s experience in
thermodynamic analysis for reservoir fluids in the petroleum industry; currently I am working as math and
chemistry teacher from sixth to tenth grade. I am an honest and responsible person, with an excellent
interpersonal relationships level, which make me able to be a good leader. I am always ready to assume new
challenges and to learn the knowledge I need to learn in order to do my best on my activities.


Gimnasio Campestre Oxford Chia. During the time I have been working in this institution
I have learned a lot of new things. This was my first
Position: Chemistry and math teacher for high school. time as bilingual teacher in a school and with
Place: Chia Cundinamarca different kind of responsibilities that go beyond
Immediate Manager: Jair Granados
Dates: Jan 2017 – Currently working.
Personal teacher I have been working as personal teacher of math,
chemistry and science for primary and high school . This
(Primary and high school) activity has allowed me to strengthen my knowledge, as
well as to learn about various problems related to
Dates: August 2000 – Currently working. learning.
Position: Personal teacher.
Place: Bogota, Colombia

Felcar Editores e Impresores Commercial advisor and pedagogical reviewer.

Dates: March 2015 – January 2016.


Place: Bogota, Colombia

Immediate Manager: Carlos Jimenez
Phone: 2400573

SGS Colombia I was working in SGS as PVT lab supervisor; my

principal functions in there were create work orders
Dates: April 2013 – October 2014. to perform analysis for different kind of samples,
Place: Bogota, Colombia prepare the final reports and clients support.
Immediate Manager: Mauricio Baena
Phone: 6069292
Core Laboratories I started to work on 2008 as lab technician, and two years
later I started to work as project coordinator, having as
Dates: January 2008 – March 2013. functions to analyse the data from the lab in order to
Position: Project Coordinator prepare the final report, and give technical support for
Place: Bogota, Colombia clients.
New Manager: Uriel Sanchez
Phone: 6740400

Colegio PAE Math teacher from fourth to sixth grade; physics on tenth
Dates: February 2006 – December 2007.
Position: Teacher
Place: Bogota, Colombia
New Manager: Betty Roa
Phone: 4358740

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry RIG PASS

Training Consultors
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional
July 2014
2017 – Bogota, Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia

Project Management Leadership Course

SGS Colombia Development Dimensions International.

August 2013 September 2012
Bogotá, Colombia Bogota, Colombia.

Volatile oil and gas condensate PVT data Gas and Oil GC Analysis
Core laboratories
Core laboratories, Advanced Technology Center September 2011
August 2012 Bogotá, Colombia
Houston – TX (USA)

Project Coordinator and PVT data PVT data evaluation and final reports
Core laboratories
Core laboratories By David McEvoy (PENCOR ADVANCED FLUIDS
September 2010 STUDIES DIVISION, U.S.A)
Abu – Dhabi (United Arabs Emirates) March 2011
Bogotá, Colombia
PVT data evaluation and final reports PVT gas condensate analysis

Core laboratories Core laboratories, Advanced Technology Center.

By Walter Dsouza (Sr. Supervisor, Reservoir Fluids, Abu May 2009
– Dhabi) Houston – TX (USA)
February 2011
Bogotá, Colombia


Janeth Rodriguez  3217616803  Lawyer

Carolina Rojas  3118562867  Microbiologist

Nydia Castro  3005034451  Journalist

Marlén Castro  3143840225  Teacher

Carlos Augusto Castro Mendoza
C.C. 79909388