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Challenge Objective Strategies Persons involved Time Success indicators

1. Participation in the A. Disseminate the service of  Discuss the medical-dental Medical Staff June  98% of the participants
orientation program the medical and dental unit services in the orientation Dental Staff were present during the
to the students in all program for freshmen and SAS Coordinator orientation
colleges transferees Campus Director
 98% of the information
 Constantly update bulletin boards dissemination thru
for easy dissemination posters/bulletin boards
was updated accordingly.
2. Establishing rapport A. To establish a clinical  Communicate often and well with Medical Staff Quarterly  90% of the patients were
with the members of impression on the students and other members of Dental Staff given consultation
the institution underlying medical and oral the institution to establish rapport services, first aid
condition of patients treatments and were
referred to higher medical
3. Physical and oral A. To be able to give palliative,  Physical and oral examinations of Medical Staff Year  90% of the students,
examination, curative and preventive students and staffs Dental Staff Round employees and faculty
consultations and treatment of diseases and  First aid treatment as the need members should have an
referrals of students refer such as warranted by arises updated medical-dental
and other members of condition  Give proper referrals in order to information
the institution address the clinical problem if the
4. Filing of individual A. To have software intended  Apply/Use the recording, filing Campus Director Annually  90% of the students,
records of students for organized filing of and inventory system developed SAS Coordinator employees and faculty
and other members of medical records and by the IT students IT Students members should have an
the institution and inventory reports Medical Staff updated medical-dental
inventory reports Dental Staff information
5. Organized A. To have a software  Application of software developed Campus Director Year  90% of the students,
dissemination of intended for organized by IT students SAS Coordinator Round employees and faculty
medical certificates dissemination of medical IT Students members should have an
and other related certificates and other Medical Staff updated medical-dental
medical documents related documents Dental Staff information
6. Information A. To extend health and dental  Coordination with the Local Medical Staff Year  95% of the objective
Dissemination in awareness to the other Government Units and Rural Dental Staff Round would have been
coordination with members of the Health Unit and other agencies accomplished on target
other medical and society/community dates
dental organizations
7. Accreditation A. To keep accomplishment  Collate evidence and documents Medical Staff Year  95% of the objective
reports, medical and dental to support accomplishments Dental Staff Round would have been
records of patients and accomplished on target
other related documents dates
8. Purchase of the A. To be able to provide  Request medicines, medical and College President Year  95% of the objective
different medicines, quality medical and dental dental supplies regularly/as need VPAAFS Round would have been
supplies and assistance to students and arises Supply Officer accomplished on target
equipments other members of the Campus Director dates
institution SAS Coordinator
Medical Staff
Dental Staff

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