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AdzZoo’s Mobile Engage

For years businesses have relied on exposure through traditional mediums like Newspapers,
Radio Ads, Magazines, Word of Mouth and more recently Web Sites for their very survival.
Most of these mediums create “Static Impressions” regarding their business or service.
While this is important and beneficial, moving from “Static Impressions” to “Active engage-
ments” will undoubtedly be the key to continued success in this changing environment.
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We have become a mobile society. All you need to do is observe your customers and Reach Me Here
you’ll quickly realize why mobile marketing needs to be an intricate part of your marketing
strategy. As of December 2009, there were 286 Million active cell phone subscribers in the
Reach Me Now
US. With a population of 308 Million Americans, it’s not hard to understand how reliant on
mobile phones we’ve become. Mobile phones are becoming people’s primary connection to
the world around them. Where is your phone now? Chances are it’s within 3 feet of you, if
not actually on you.

Google’s Chief Executive, Erich Schmidt, warned that organizations should think of their
Mobile Strategy ahead of their Internet strategy – but that the two were intertwined so
deeply that it was hard to think about one without the other. “Mobile is the hottest area
of computer technology.” (July 2010, Guardian Activate)

Why is AdzZoo Mobile Engage So Critical?

Mobile text advertising sounds so simple and appealing in theory. What’s the reality? The reality is that regulators do not want to
see text advertising take the same dismal path as email marketing. Email marketing is associated with spam and relentless unwanted
advertisements. As a consequence, text advertising has a well regulated “opt-in” component. The key to a successful text advertis-
ing strategy is to capture local “opt-in” customers in a focused and consistent manner. This is a key feature that AdzZoo provides
through its ‘campaign coaches.’

The Growth of SMS

Number of Text Messages Sent
in US Every Month

Source: Compiled from the CTIA

The Statistics are Overwhelming!

Text Vs Email
Email Text
Receipt Rate  1
Response Rate 1 17%-28%3

Out of 100 marketing emails sent only 22 are actually received and less than 2 respond.

“Campaign Coaching” Who’s Incorporating

AdzZoo Mobile Engagement combines the latest and most effective Texting in Their
trends in Mobile technology with good old fashion customer support.
AdzZoo Mobile Engagement provides each customer with a “Campaign
Marketing Strategies?
Coach” that will be with you step by step in the development of your
Coca Cola
own Mobile Marketing Program. Creating strategies for building a database
Papa Johns
of local consumers that will want to quickly receive your offerings. AdzZoo
understands that your primary responsibility is to run your business, not
Best Buy
spend countless hours trying to understand mobile communicative methods.
Obama’s Presidential Campaign
will have a mobile marketing program.

Are you going to watch the largest shift in communicative history,

or take advantage of it?

Direct Marketing Association/DMA 2010
Frost & Sullivan
Data Dynamix Inc
Benefits of AdzZoo’s Mobile Engagement Program
sDevelop New Clientele sIncrease Customer Loyalty
sMaximize Revenue From Existing Clientele sCreate Immediate Results
sPromote Specials sCreate Quantifiable Results
sPromote Events sPromote Your Business Virally
sRaise Brand Awareness sMove Excess Inventory
sEngage Relevant Clients sIncrease Traffic in Off Peak Hours
sPermission Based Marketing

can be integrated with your website, email campaign, print ads, radio ads, direct mailers and Social Networking Sites.
Imagine the possibilities of instant communication with your entire client base or membership.

Retail Example:
Let’s use a restaurant as an example.
You go into the restaurant and are informed either by something on the table, or by the waiter, that if you text ADZ BBQ
to 99134, you will receive a free drink with your meal. (In this example, “ADZ BBQ” is a keyword, and “99134” is the short
code.) You take out your cell phone, send the text, and a few seconds later receive a text message back that you will receive
the free drink by showing the message to the cashier.

Forward two weeks. It’s Thursday morning, and you are wondering what you are going to do for lunch.Your phone beeps and
you see you have a new message. It says, “Between 11 and 1 TODAY, get a free dessert with any entree at Texas BBQ. Show
this message to cashier to redeem.” Decision made.

AdzZoo’s Mobile Engagement Program

Standard Advantage Ultimate
Plan Plan Plan

3 Key Words ✓
+EY7ORDS ✓ Rob Lowe
+EY7ORDS ✓ Regional Director
1000 messages ✓ 510/725-7671
2000 messages ✓
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