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ual: x3" Candidate Authentication form ‘This declaration must be completed and signed by the student and countersigned by the tutor or assessor. Guidance for candidate ‘You have been asked to sign this Candidate Authentication form and place ita the font of your porto. tconfims that the work you have submited fer assessment is our own end that you have ‘et copied i from someone else oF allowed another candidate to copy from you Candidate declaration | contr that the ettached portfolio isa my own work" and does not include any work completed by anyone ists ‘Gualifeation te: 22 -C reserve mecha parectset roy rc Techy a ee Fagerans vie aniaiaswignatara: DP Beiesrie_| | aie “unless cthonwise stated, candles can work ogether but should show sections vitich are ther own work. LAL Awarding Body is collecting images of students’ work forts online gallery and fer use in materials to help teach this quatcstion to other students. This wil argely heppen va our website but we may aleo Use ‘some images in our printed publications such as the course specication for this qualfation. Approval for use of own work Should we identity your work for use in this way, we would be very grateful you woud alow us to photograph i [lfyeitae happy Yor ws to use images of your work a this way, then please sign below: ~~] Pant name Candidate senate Contre contiemation of authenticity On bohafaf (insert centre namo) | conf thatthe above mentioned ‘candidate, tothe best of my knowiedge, isthe le author ofthe completed assignmentportioio attached and the assessments have bean completed under the required conditions. ‘Tutor of assessor declaration | confirm tha, in line with the requirements ofthe course and the quality procedures operated by the centre, all easonable steps have been taken to monitor the authentic of etudents work fortis, ‘ascesement escion, eee NICO Dew [Signatures Date: culos LUAL awarding Body candidate authentication frm V2.