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Install OEM on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows Vista (Doc ID 951974.1)
Modified 13-OCT-2009
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Enterprise Manager Grid Control - Version: Information in this document applies to any platform.

Installing on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista requires the use of an existing database. The default database install for OEM grid ( is not supported on these platforms. It also requires the use of the new OUI (Oracle Universal Installer), patch 6640752, to successfully install on these platforms. This note is the step by step process required to successfully install Enterprise Manager Grid Control using an existing database on Microsoft Windows 2008 and Microsoft Windows Vista.

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Refer to the Installation guide for complete details. Oracle® Enterprise Manager Grid Control Installation and Configuration Guide 10g Release 5 ( Part Number E10953-11 1. Install a or higher database 2. Create a database 'emrep' for the grid control repository. Make sure that it has the following initialization parameters job_queue_processes db_block_size timed_statistics open_cursors = 300 = 10 = 8192 = TRUE


that is. Remove the DBConsole from the database <oracle_home>\bin\emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop 4.0. For example: FROM_LOCATION="C:\Base_Download\Disk1\oms\Disk1 \stage\products.2. Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 2 (10.1 3/31/2010 .4). For the FROM_LOCATION parameter. Download patch# 6640752 for Microsoft Windows (32-Bit) from My Oracle Support.0. specify the full path to the products.rsp Make the following changes: a. Make the following changes in the response For example: https://support. For the ORACLE_HOME parameter. For example.xml" b.jspx? TEMP space (Tablespace) = 50 MB (extending to 100 MB) pga_aggregate_target Redo logs db_cache_size shared_pool_size sga_target = 256 MB = 100 MB = 384 MB (or more) = 128 MB = 512 MB (or more) 3. 9.xml 951974. The response file is available at: C:\Base_Download\Disk1\install\response\emnoseed. 7.3 or 10. Download the base Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10. specify the full path to the Oracle home directory of the OMS. Extract the contents of the downloaded base release to a location on your system. For example: C:\Patch_Download 6. For example.0. You can access My Oracle Support at: http://metalink. C:\Base_Download 8.2.1 Page 2 of 5 session_cached_cursors = 200 aq_tm_processes =1 compatible = <currently installed Oracle Database release> (default) undo_management = AUTO undo_retention = 10800 undo_tablespace = <any acceptable name> processes = 150 log_buffer = 1048576 statistics_level = TYPICAL (Note that this value is specific only to Enterprise Manager 10g Repository Database release and later. Ensure that your existing database is a database that is supported on Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 2008. Extract the contents of the downloaded patch to a location on your system.0) for Microsoft 5. Edit the response file and make changes as described in this step.

0. For the s_agentHome parameter. For example: ORACLE_HOME_NAME="oms10g2" d.5. specify the home name for Management release. To fix this failure.exe A Common failure during the upgrade is on the OC4J Configuration Assistant. then reset the time zone on the host where the Management Agent is installed using the following command. If the Management Agent does not restart.2. Patch 3731593 <stage directory>\3731593\Disk1\setup. For the s_agentHomeName parameter.exe -ignoreDiskLabel responseFile C:\Base_Download\Disk1\install\response\emnoseed. and if the value of agentTZRegion in the emd.Document 951974. see the Release Notes provided with the 10.exe file: C:\Patch_Download\cd\Disk1\install\setup. Oracle_Home is the Oracle home directory of the Management https://support. For the ORACLE_HOME_NAME parameter. 10. For patching instructions. specify the Oracle home name for Patch OMS to 10.rsp 11.1 3/31/2010 . For example: s_agentHomeName="agent10g2" Note: Ensure that the Oracle home location and the name you specify are not already existing. Here. <Oracle_Home>\BIN>emctl resetTZ agent 12. Run the setup.2.0. For example: s_agentHome="C:\OH102020\agent10g" e. specify the full path to the Oracle home directory of the Management Agent.1 Page 3 of 5 ORACLE_HOME="C:\OH102020\oms10g" file is GMT.5 patch set.

0. 3) Copy the ssl.0 release.OUI CD PLACE HOLDER ON ARU FOR 10205 PATCH:3731593 .com Status REVIEW_READY https://support.conf.exe References NOTE:788749. Packs.0.conf file (verify it is only 2kB in size.. Patch Management Agent to Upgrade on Windows 2003 Server Fails for ssl.2.5. 4) Select "Retry" in the failed installer session.CONF GRID CONTROL ▼Document Attributes Author don. 13. see the Release Notes provided with the 10.5.Document 951974./oms10g/Apache/Apache/conf/ and archive the existing ssl.0 patchset installation complete successfully.Installation (Primary) Keywords SSL.1 Problem: 10.jspx?id=951974.5 patch set.Problem: 10. Stop.5.2.0. 2) Navigate to .us.0.smibak (should be about 7kb in size) to ssl. For patching instructions. and Plugins > Enterprise Manager Grid Control > Enterprise Manager Grid Control > Enterprise Manager Core Framework Components > Agent Process Control (Start.schoenecker@oracle.1 Page 4 of 5 Note 788749. Patch 3731593 <stage directory>\3731593\Disk1\ Upgrade on Windows 2003 Server Fails for ssl.conf. Status) Knowledge Categories GCS > ST > EM > Installation > Generic .PATCHSETS FOR ENTERPRISE MANAGER GRID CONTROL ▼Related Products Enterprise Management > Enterprise Manager Consoles.1 3/31/2010 .1 .5.conf Solution 1) Keep the installer session active at the failure point. 5) Watch the 10.2.2.conf PATCH:6640752 . exemplary of the problem).oracle..

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