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School MAKAPUYAT NHSHIGH SCHOOL Grade Level Grade 11

DAILYLESSONLOG Teacher GLECERYN R. RONDINA LearningArea Empowerment Technologies
TeachingDatesandTime JUNE 04, 2018 Quarter 1st Quarter

Session 1
Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
I. OBJECTIVES The learners demonstrate an understanding of ICT in the context of global communication
for specific professional track.
A.A. Content
B. Performance Standards
The learners shall be able to independently compose an insightful reflection paper on the
nature of ICT in the context of their lives, society, and professional tracks - Accountancy,
B. Performance Standard Business and Management.

C. Learning Competencies / Objectives The learners compare and contrast the nuances of varied online platforms, sites, and
Write the LC code for each content to best achieve specific class objectives or address situational challenges. LC
Code: CS_ICT11/12-ICTPT-Ia-b-1

C. Learning At the end of the session, learners are expected to:

Competencies/Objectives Improve their knowledge on how ICT affects their everyday lives and the state of the nation.

A. References
Information and Communication Technology covering the topics of:
II. 1. Teacher’s
CONTENT Guide pages
1. The current state of ICT technologies, social, mobile and assistive media
2. Learner’s Materials pages
3. Textbook pages
III. 4. Additional
Materials from Learning
Resource (LR) portal
Empowerment Technologies by: Innovative Training Works, Inc. pp. 5-6
Textbook pages
Learning Resources
B. Other Learning Resources PowerPoint presentation, Laptop

A. Reviewing previous lesson or Ask: How many times have you checked your phone this morning?
presenting the new lesson
A. Reviewing previous lesson or
a purpose for the Ask: Did you use the internet after you woke up this morning?
presenting the new lesson
B. Establishing
The teacher asks the students how information and communication technology affects our
C. Presenting examples/ daily lives?
instances of the new lesson
B. Establishing a purpose for the lesson
D. Discussing new concepts and The teacher gives a brief discussion on information and communication technology.
practicing new skills #1

E. Discussing new concepts and Discuss how ICT evolve in the Philippines
practicing new skills #2
Group the class into 4. A leader and a secretary will be assigned in each group. One of the
following will be given to each group and they will be asked to list down things that they can
do using it;
• Facebook
F. Developing Mastery • Instagram
• Cellphone
• Internet Explorer
Allow the students to collaborate with its group and make brainstorming
G. Finding practical application of
concepts and skills in daily living

When all groups have completed their work and , display it on the board. The teacher will
H. Making generalizations and ask the students what are they ussually doing using facebook, internet and cellphone
abstractions about the lesson

Answer the following questions;

1. What are the different applications that you are using in your mobile phone and in a
computer (personal or commercial)?
I. Evaluating learning 2. In what ways that it affects you and the community as a whole?

J. Assignment
As a group, conduct a short interview to any of the business that
you can see around using the following guide;

1. What are the different ways for the customers and/or suppliers to contact you?
2. How often do you use a phone for business? Estimate only.
3. Does your establishment have internet connection? If yes, what is its purpose? If no,
would you consider having it in the future? Why or why not?
4. Does your business have a website? If yes, how does it help the company? If no, would
you consider having one in the future? Why or why not?
5. (If applicable) Would you consider giving free Wi-Fi access in the future? If you already
have it, does it help boost sales?

Session 1


A. No. of learners who earned

80% on the formative

B. No. of learners require

additional activities for

C. Did the remedial lessons

work? No. of learners who have
caught up with the lesson

D. No. of learners who continue

to require remediation
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well? Why did
these work?

F. What difficulties did I

encounter which my principal or
supervisor can help me solve?

G. What innovation or localized

materials did I use/discover
which I wish to share with other

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GLECERYN R. RONDINA Sec.School Principal II
Teacher II