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Using raw materials such as gravels,

cement and newspaper to create a
certain texture on the surface that is
related to Aesop.

Key elements of Metabolism are all

about Changeability and Flexibility.
In this movement, the traditional
laws of fixed form and function were
obsolete. It is about the flexible and
expandable structure that evoked
the processes of organic growth.

Therefore, I will adopt the Metabolisim
movement and also to make use of
newspapers to create the window
display for Aesop. Small cutouts
of newspaper will be folded into
strips to form different layers of
curves and also extrusions from
the surface.

Every single newspaper strip connects

to one another, it reprensents the
interconnections of how the body
functions, and also the curves represent
the flexibility in human body, like
how Aesop is able to respond to
genuine needs expressed by their
Done By: Tay Ji Dong Joe