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01 Tokujin Yoshioka 04 SarahFinkle 07 James
Welling 10 Ross Bleckner 13 Jun Aoki 16 Olafur Eliasson 19 Carlo Bernardini
The Gate (2014) Untitled work of the Choreograph (2015) Lights (1988) Fibre (2004) Moss Wall (1994) Vacuum (2011)
Site-specific Installation “TAC” series Inkjet Print Art Installation Art Installation Sculpture Installation Site-specific Installation
Size Variable Sculpture Installation 106.7 X 160 cm Paintings, Oil on paper 1800 X 600 cm Size Variable Size Variable
Size Variable 40.6 x 30.5 cm
Layers of transparent fibers alter By mixing architecture and dance, he Layers of transparent nylon fibres When it is watered, the lichen Transforming dark spaces into
the whole room to a lens and allude Let the material, in a way, inform was creating a hybrid, objects and The works often employ recurring used for fishing nets with lightings expands and emits a pungent odor. abstract light environments. The

MATERIALITY OF LIGHT image that transcends dimensions.

Transparent fibers are affected by
how the piece develops. movements first drawn by light (in
his photographs), and then combined
symbolic imagery, rendered with a
blurred, glowing sense of light.
programmed to change in intensity
over time, altering the viewers
Bringing natural phenomena into the
constructed space of the museum,
site-specific installations are based
on triangular forms, where lines pass
the light and the enormous lens take together to create surreal new land- perception of transparencies and the where one becomes more aware that through walls, floors, façades and
people to the gate of the future. scapes. depth of the overall space. nature is also a construction even between buildings.
My interpretaion of ‘Atmosphere’ in terms of materiality of light is about the translation
of light through various mediums and how light is being expressed through various methods,
and at the same time, affecting the overall atmosphere in the environment. The exhibition 02 Miya Ando 05 Jun
Aoki 08 Christiane
Baumgartner 11 Davide Balula 14 Andreas Gursky 17 Hannes Zweifel & Zimoun 20 Olafur Eliasson
aims to raise awareness of the importance of light as people tend to neglect its existence Mokume Gane Grid(2016) Taro Nasu Bambi (2006) Pfad (2003) Burnt Painting (2015) Paris, Montparnasse Untitled (2013) Rainbow Assembly
Silver Nitrate, Dye on wood panels Sculpture Installation Woodcut on Japanese Misumi Paper Art Installation (1993) Video Screening (2016)
as it has become a part of our daily life. In addition, it is also important to understand the Size Variable Size Variable 36 X 56 cm Charred wood, coal dust on linen Duration: 00:55 minutes
Photography Installation Site-specific Installation
capabilities of light in different intensities that created the overall ambient. 217.2 x 125.7 cm c-print Size Variable
An exploration into the duality The boards were considered as cells A central aspect of the work is the 149 x 354 cm The light transmits and visually
of metal and its ability to convey that composed the space, and by relation between materiality and Harnesses all forms of natural matter, amplifies the movements of the
In this collection, 21 objects from various artists, curators and designers are put together strength and permanence, yet in the mutating these cells Aoki intended to immateriality. Through the selection as well as manmade structures and suspended boxes onto the floor. The
Rays of light illuminate a circle of
Colorful, bold, large-format mist in a darkened room, creating
and have been selected in among categories from science, nature and technology. These same instance, to absorb shifting change the very qualities of the space and transformation of a video still, systems to generate paintings, depictions of contemporary life. result is an atmosphere based on rainbows. Approaching the rainbows,
practitioners were able to subtract, reduce and distill their concept and were also deliberate color and capture the fleetingness of itself. a unique woodcut was created that sculptures, photographs, Focusing on scenes and places sound, light and material, originating you discover the machinery that
light. brings experience and weight to an performances, and site–specific representing the international from a very simple mechanical system produces them: rings of sprinklers
without interfering its constraint. otherwise unexperienced moment. interventions. and commonplace materials.
sentiment of contemporary society. and spotlights on the ceiling.

03 Sabine Reckewell 06 Yunjung

Kang 09 RodneyEwing 12 Carol Bove 15 Catherine Yaas 18 Zimoun 21 Pablo Valbuena
Black String (2011) Rubber bands (2011) Time and Place (2016) Herma (2013) Lock (2006) Untitled (2017) Quadratula (2010)
Sculpture Installation Sculpture Installation Art Installation Sculpture Installation Video Screening Sculpture Installation Site-specific Installation
121.9 x 243.8 x 243.8 cm Size Variable Silkscreen and Dry pigment on paper 304.8 x 38.1 x 38.1 cm Duration: 09:42 minutes 255 prepared ac-motors, Size Variable
152.4 x 101.6 cm 328kg roof lath, 1.8km rope
Using linear materials, repetition and Making abstract creations that shrink Combining found and made elements Exploring the relationship between Size Variable The space is manipulated by means of
geometry to create volumes. They and expand, exhibiting the positive Creating an intersection where body while incorporating a wide range of physical and psychological space, projected light. The main axis of the
dissolve into linear patterns that shift and negative space. These organic, and place, memory and fact are domestic, industrial, and natural namely how environments are Transforming everyday materials, room is extended and the limits of the
and change as the viewer’s position sensual, and universal forms evoke merged to re-examine human objects, the sculptures reveal the constructed and experienced by their devices and objects, invisibly present physical space is dissolved.
shifts. Shadows from light sources presence and absence, the emotion of interactions and cultural conditions poetry of their materials. inhabitants, through an emphasis on around us, in aesthetic environments,
can create additional visual patterns. fullness and emptiness as well as the to create a narrative that requires us temporal duration. defining the space, sound and
qualities of solidity and fragility. to be present and profound. atmosphere of the beholder’s