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10/5/2016 Gmail - Inquiry

M Gmail

Kurt Fraser <> Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 2:27 PM
To: Tom Grant <>

Hi Tom - I've received an email from someone that appears to have traveled in the same circles as Kurt and who
also appears to have relevant information bearing on Kurt's desire to dil,orce Courtney. I wanted to ask you .. to
the extent you're able to tell me - what you think the best way is to handle such communications?

Thanks Tom.

Tom Grant <> Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 4:26 PM
Reply-To: Tom Grant <>
To: Kurt Fraser <>

Hi Kurt,

I get several of these types of e-mails every week. It goes with the territory. tf you've been
perceived as "filling in for me" it's natural that you will begin getting them on a regular basis

This is specifically why I've withheld a sufficient amount of information on this case. It has
me weed out the phonies, whether they're working under Courtney's tutelage or just trying to
attention for themselves-I can get to the truth with just a few questions based on what they're
to tell me.

That's how I weeded out "Allen Wrench," "Bradley Barnett" and hundreds of others over the
99% are fake, but I have made legitimate contact and gained some interesting information
a former employee of Danny Goldberg and Rosemary Carroll's and a former next door
neighbor to
Kurt and Courtney at their Lake Washington house along with a handful of others that I've never
about before. So this is off the record please!

Rather than wasting your time engaging with someone who may be scamming you, just forward
my e-mail
address to them. Since I'm the only so-called "investigator" on this case right now, let them
know they should

https://mail.g oog 14535397f0&1.1ew=pt&q=tom%20g rant&q s = true&search=q uery&th= 14eb283537d9ef7c&siml= 14eb283537d9ef7c&!;i...
10/5/2016 Gmail - Inquiry

talk to me, not you.

I did leave social media but rm still doing work on this case. And now there are some new
developments that
may help us accomplish our goal somewhere down the road.

I hope that helps.

Thanks again Kurt,


Kurt Fraser <> Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 6 58 PM
To: Tom Grant <>

Thanks, Tom. I'll forward along your email to this individual and let them know to speak to you.

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I automatically keep any information you share with me in strict
confidence; I don't share it w/ others and nor would I write about anything you tell me on my blog or elsewhere -
it's all private.

Thanks again Tom for your help, and I'm glad there are some new de1.elopments as you mention that should nelp
the case along!


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Kurt Fraser <> Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 3: 13 PM
https://mail.g cog'mail/u/O/?ui=2&i � 14535397f0&1.4ew=pt&q =tom%20g rant&q s=true&search=q uery&th= 14eb283537d9et7c&sirnl= 14eb283537d9ef7c8,si .. ,

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10/5/2016 Grnail - Inquiry

To: Tom Grant <>

Hi Tom

A couple thoughts.

I was thinking about it a bit more, and I think it would make sense for people to be able to come to mewl case
information if they feel comfortable in doing so; I'm another knowledgeable person they can rely on to speak to in
confidence about matters that could help the case, and so after thinking about it a bit more I'm concerned that
cutting myself off in that regard and instantly forwarding them along would not be the best mo\€. I was also
thinking that some people may simply feel more comfortable consulting with me specifically, so I think it ma,�es
strategic sense to allow them that option.

Do you ha\€ any thoughts on this?

I also wanted to say that I appreciated you sharing that info w/ me yesterday regarding the Goldberg and Carroll
employee; truth be told, Goldberg has always troubled me - not because I think he was in\Ol\€d in Kurt's death
(I'\€ seen no evidence to support that) - but rather b/c he just seems so primarily motivated by self-serving
business and reputation interests (I'm not terribly surprised by this, but gi�n his apparent closeness to Kurt it is
especially stomach turning).

I wanted to also mention - and I would imagine you would be aware of this - but the Hollywood Reporter is to ::,e
doing a BIG piece on the Cobain case and SIB; I was interviewed by the reporter last week and we are supposed
to speak again this week here in Seattle.


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Tom Grant <> Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 7: ' 1 5 PM
Reply-To: Tom Grant <>
To: Kurt Fraser <>

I think it's great that the Hollywood Reporter is interviewing you. I'm sure you're doing a very
good job and I look forward to reading the article.

As for the first paragraph just above where you wrote, "Do you have any thoughts on this?"-
1'11 wait until the Hollywood Reporter interview gets published to answer that ... again.


https://mail .g oog'mail/u/O/?ui=2&ik= 14535397!0&1.iew=pt&q =tom%20g rant&q s = true&search=q uery&th= 14eb283537d9ef7c&siml= 14eb283537d9ef7c&si...

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10/5/2016 Gmail - Inquiry

Kurt Fraser <> Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 9: 13 PM
To: Tom Grant <>

Hi Tom -
I think you might have various assumptions about me that are off, and that could be clarified instantly if you
merely asked me. I'm sensing some sort of distrust that I don1 believe is justified.

Would you like to have a discussion about this so we can get on the same page?

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Tom Grant <> Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 1123 PM
Reply-To: Tom Grant <>
To: Kurt Fraser <>

It's not a matter of me not trusting you Kurt. In fact you're right, that would not be justified.

It's that you don't seem to respect my judgment when I advised that you refer people to me
when they claim to have "information."

So I'll want to discuss this with more you after the HR article is published. Then we can talk
freely on
the phone and I can explain myself better. I'll also explain why I needed to wait until after the
article is

It has nothing to do with what you say or do not say to Scott. I have complete faith in you when
it comes to dealing with the press.

Looking forward to talking to you my friend!


Kurt Fraser <> Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 6: 05 PM
To: Tom Grant <>

https ://mail.g oog le.comtrnail/u/O/?ui=2&ik= 14535397f0&1.iew= pt&q =tom%20g rant&q s = true&search=q uery&th=14eb283537d9ef7c&siml= 14eb283537d9ef7c&!;i...
10/5/2016 Gmail - Inquiry
Hi Tom

I wanted to respond regarding our recent exchange as to dealing with case information that may come my way.
First off, I was not disrespecting your opinion, but was rather having a difference of opinion w/ you. I'm under no
obligation to agree with you; I sought your opinion b/c I belie'l.ed it was courteous and wise to seek it, but I'll
exercise my own independent judgement ultimately. That said - in terms of case information potentially coming
my way, I dont need permission from anyone in terms of how I handle such encounters - I'm an adult - and an
attorney - and will deal with such information and people in a manner that my judgment dictates, rather than
merely forwarding such sources onto you by default. I do not appreciate the belittling nature of how this was
handled (and there certainly was no need to snarkily say " ... again.")

I also am upset by the fact that you aren't willing to ha\A9 a con\.ersation with me until after the HR piece is
published: we've been interacting for some time now and I've always been truthful and fair dealing with you; 1his,
along with some other instances, indicates to me that there is some trust issue you ha\A9 with me. In this re:gard,
I don't need to and nor will I attempt to pro\A9 myself to you anymore.

I ha\A9 contributed extensi'l.ely to the Cobain case and am an asset to it, and I ought not to be treated this wc.1y.

Aside from these issues that ha\A9 cropped up, I ha\A9 very much appreciated our interactions and your
kindnesses, and I hope we can interact professionally and cordially in the future should the need arise.

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Tom Grant <> Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 6:46 PM
Reply-To: Tom Grant <>
To: Kurt Fraser <>

You got it Kurt. Do you own thing.

https://mail .g oog le.comlmail/u/0/?ui= 2&ik= 14535397f0&\iew= pt&q =torn%20g rant&q s= true&search= q uery&th= 14eb283537d9ef7c&siml= 14eb283537d9ef7c&si . . .
10/5/2016 Gmail - Site

M Gmail

Kurt Fraser <> Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at �,:08 PM
To: Tom Grant <>

Tom - I noticed you remm.ed my site from your website and have unfollowed me on twitter: what possible re,3son
would you have to do this? You are misreading things DRASTICALLY and are sowing division where it does not
need to be sowed - this does not help the case.


Tom Grant <> Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at e:06 PM
Reply-To: Tom Grant <>
To: Kurt Fraser <>

Thank you for your opinion Kurt but I disagree.

Kurt Fraser <kfraser51> Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 6 58 PM
To: Tom Grant <>

Our association is NOW
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Kurt Fraser <> Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 7 06 PM
To: Tom Grant <>

(That last message was sent accidentally).

Your behavior of late is both disrespectful and even abusive, and I have lost a great deal of respect for you.

I encourage you to watch how you treat my name and do not attempt to sully my reputation - I am astonished at
how you've treated me of late.

Our association is NOW at an end.


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https://mail .g oog k= 14535397f0&\iew= pt&q =tom%20g rant&q s=true&search=q uery&th= 14edbdbd7facd7ad&siml= 14edbdbd7facd7adl�i..

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