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EXPERTISE cod cs ra) a esd Join Our Mission Hazard Mitigation Cadre The Hazard Mi ation, prival insuranes loss of life and property, assist individuals in need of gation (HM) ca sector partnership, t About FEMA When disaster strikes, America looks to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency to support survivors and first responders in communities across the country. Reservist Program Reservists are on-call FEMA employees that travel and support survivors and first responders during disasters or emergencies. Reservists are appointed for a two-year period and work on an intermittent basis, due to the irregular nature of disasters. Py ary tec ni See ete tee Core Ls oe eee ly mn el FFEMAis an equal opportunity employer, For any questions, please email FEMA-Careers@fema.dhs.gv, More information ‘on joo opportunities can be found st eareersfema.gow re manages risk reduction activities from all natural hazards to include public nical assistance to lo coordination, and community planning, They work with partners to create safe! -covery Support, and lessen the fin | and State governments, grants management, communities by reducing the ial impact of disast Position Types + HM HPA Spei + Floodplain Management Specialist + Insurance Specialist + HM-406 Specialist ueiiesHons & Skills Construction and/or Project Management + Relationship building * Building Cod * General Contracting + Analyzing data and perform cost analysis of the information + The ability to be customer-centric during on-site Building appraisals, cost estimation and general contracting + Organizational skills and Planning ski + Reading blue prints and plans + Knowledgeable in building rules, regulations a Engineering processes 6 Inspection/Enforcement