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Caesar’s English

Stem Choice Board Descriptions

Super Powers - Divide your page into quadrants. Choose 4 stems from the
lesson and develop 4 different super heroes or super villains around each stem’s
characteristic. Make sure that you write the stem and its meaning beside your
superhero. Ideas to include are: a special name, a costume, transportation,
power, personality. If you want your super hero or super villain to have a sidekick,
choose a sidekick from the stem that is left over.

Headlines – Write a least three “headlines” for pretend breaking news stories.
Use as many of the lesson’s advanced words or modern vocabulary as possible.
Your headlines must make sense! They can be funny, sad, serious, etc. but they
must be short phrases – no sentences. You may combine two or three words into
one headline but it should still make sense.

Math Magician - First, write all of the lesson’s stems from the left column and
modern words from right column on the lesson page into the margin of your
notebook page. Second, count the number of letters in each word/stem. Third,
use the words/stems in equations, number sentences, fractions, time, geometry,
measurement as if they were numbers. Fourth, write the number of letters
represented above each word. Be creative with math! Make up at least 3
different problems.
(3) + (3) = 6

Illustrations - Illustrate the meaning of the lesson’s 5 stems by drawing original
artwork or by gluing in appropriate images you find. Divide your page into 5
parts for 5 separate illustrations or create a collage, landscape, or scene
including all 5. Frame it if you wish. Write each stem and its meaning by the
appropriate illustrations.

ABC Rainbows -First, use a pencil to write all of the lesson’s stems/modern
words from the left and right hand columns in alphabetical order. Second, use 5
different colored pencils to trace over the alphabetical list. Say the spellings to


Metaphors are comparisons which use IS. Synthesis Story . diary entry or news article that includes as many of your modern vocabulary or advanced words as possible. movement/gestures. personality. write a short story about an adventure that your 4 stem people had together. Please do not include any dialogue. 2 . transportation. familiar/unfamiliar.Write a cohesive story. emotions/images.To classify means to sort. You may also include words from previous lessons. You may do a reverse ABC order if you wish. etc.yourself as you write each stem/modern words. voice. Classify the lesson modern words. Please do not use stems with this activity. Classification . Describe and illustrate your stem person in detail. You may use them more than once if needed and you may use them in different tenses. Ideas for classification are part of speech. advanced words and stems in any logical way that you choose. Instead.Personification is giving human characteristics to something not human. attitude. number of syllables. Similes/Metaphors . Underline or circle each word used.Similes are comparisons which use LIKE/AS. positive/negative definitions. If you want to do this activity with a stem lesson.Divide your page into quadrants and write in 4 of the lesson’s stems. Choice 2 . Fill your page with as many different classifications as possible. housing. Personification . Imagine that each stem is a person whose entire life is dictated by his/her stem name.Follow all of the directions for Choice 1 but do not divide your page in to quadrants. Examples are appearance. Choice 1 . choose 5 of the lesson’s modern vocabulary words instead. order or organize. clothing style. likes/dislikes. odd/even number of letters. happy/sad words. journal.

Comics – Create a comic panel or strip using as many of your stems. draw a small picture or symbol to represent each stem. S. In the 4 corners of each “card”. Connect all of them by finding one matching letter that two words share. Write the stem’s definition under it. V. Write your five stems in the middle of each “card”. T = total letters. write T. advanced words or modern vocabulary as you can. In the middle of each card. 3 .Banana-Grams – Use all of your left-hand and right-hand column stems/modern words. Cards – Divide your page into five rectangles resembling playing cards. and C. Cover your page and keep content appropriate. You may use words/stems more than once but do not write them backwards. V = total vowels. Use as many words as you can. S = total syllables. C = total consonants. Fill up your page.