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**** Akamai NetSession Interface **** Copyright (c) 2009 Akamai Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

----------Overview ----------This file describes the Akamai NetSession Interface. The Akamai NetSession Interface runs as a service to manage downloads and to let you manage the download process. It was installed on your computer when you downloaded content that uses the service to provide secure, high integrity downloads of large files. The NetSession Interface supports downloading from a central source and between peers. When peer-downloading is enabled, your computer can serve as an upload source for other computers -- without adverse impacts to your computing. Peer-to-peer downloading can provide faster, more effective downloads. The NetSession Interface contains no adware or spyware, is safe and secure, uses minimal resources, and provides you the ability to manage and control its actions, including the ability to uninstall it if you do not want it on your computer. ----------------How It Works ----------------The NetSession Interface does not have a noticeable desktop presence during downloads, since its work is integrated into the sites or applications that use the service. However, there are two interfaces you can use to manage downloads and the interface itself: AdminTool and a Control Panel extension. ------------------------------------------------------------------AdminTool and the NetSession Installation Folder ------------------------------------------------------------------AdminTool is a command-line utility used to get information about the current NetSession download activities, to stop or start download sessions, clear the download cache of all downloads, and uninstall the NetSession Interface. To see all the commands available to you with AdminTool: 1) Go to the command line of your computer. You can do this as follows: On Windows, select Command Prompt from the Start menu, OR... Run on the Start menu, type "cmd" into the Open text box, then click OK. On Macintosh, in the Application -> Utilities folder, double-left click Terminal. 2) Go to the Akamai NetSession Interface installation folder. The installation folder location depends on your configuration. The normal location for the directory is: On Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Akamai\

to see a list of applications using NetSession Interface.On Macintosh: /Applications/Akamai/ 3) Type the command AdminTool help 4) Press the Enter (Return) key All AdminTool commands are run in the same way as AdminTool help in steps 3) and 4). since other downloads may require NetSession later. turn on or off hours. For that reason. You can use the "AdminTool listapps" command described above to see a list of applications using the service. For example. it may be better not to. Other applications may not perform correctly if they look for but do not find the NetSession Interface. If you do not have a serious need to uninstall the service. On the Mac. Also. you should not simply delete the NetSession files. It allows you to your upload file sharing. the extensions are available: On the Windows Control Panel: Akamai NetSession Interface Control Panel. the extensions are not installed. you will delete files downloaded to the cache folders under the installation folders. type this command and follow it by pressing the Enter or Return key: AdminTool listapps ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Windows Control Panel / Macintosh System Preferences Extension ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------This extension is available ONLY IF you agreed through an end agreement to use your computer for NetSession uploads as well Otherwise. the Akamai NetSession Interface is a shared network library that may be used by multiple applications. copy or move them to a different folder. It will uninstall correctly only when other applications using the interface are uninstalled. If you don't want to delete those files. on the System Preferences pane: under Other --> Akamai --------------Uninstalling --------------Before you uninstall. user license as downloads. or to pause sharing for a number of When installed. please note: If you uninstall the service. . Windows Uninstall ----------------------The simplest and preferred method is to use the Add or Remove Programs application.

the automatic startup script. but the methods listed in th e Windows section are simpler and are preferred for that system. for example. 2) Select Akamai NetSession Interface 3) Click Change/Remove. and the preferences panel. then double-click the uninstaller app.client.client. Confirm your deci sion. then click Yes to confirm your choice. 1) As described in the "AdminTool" section above. go to the command line. Windows Alternate Method ---------------------------------Alternatively. then removing the installation directory. and after typing each line. press the Enter (Return) key to complete the command: launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com. go to the command line. 2) Type the following lines. if you deleted AdminTool without running the AdminTool uninstall steps described just above.plist rm -rf /Applications/Akamai rm -rf ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.prefPane 3) If the NetSession client isn't stopped when you have gone through these steps.akamai. This uninstall involves required steps of manually stopping the client. you may open Windows Explorer. run Add or Remove Programs. The Launch Unload Macintosh Alternative ---------------------------------------This alternative method may be used.1) In the Windows Control Panel.exe. restart your computer to complete the operation. and then go to the NetSession installation folder. 1) As described in the "AdminTool" section above. Macintosh Uninstall -----------------------The simplest and preferred method is to use the Finder to go to the NetSession i nstallation folder described above.plist rm -rf ~/Library/PreferencePanes/AkamaiNetSession. The first alternative method also works in Windows. Macintosh Alternative Methods ----------------------------------There are two alternative uninstall methods. go to the installation folder. 2) Type the command: AdminTool uninstall -force 3) Press the Enter (Return) key to complete the command. .akamai. then double-click uninstall.

as well as technical overview and design principles. http://www.akamai. Akamai Technologies. visit our Web site at: http://www. Inc.-------------------------------------Further Support & Information -------------------------------------For a **** .com/client Thank you for using Akamai NetSession Interface. a user "Bill of Rights" and privacy policy.akamai.