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name: Kun, Pru period A

Incident Action Plan

executive summary

Echinostamatidae belongs to the family Echinostomatidae which widely spreads in Asia,

especially in the northern part of Thailand. People mostly infected by this Echinostamatidae from eating
uncooked food and drinking water from lake and river. Furthermore, walking with bare foot is also one of
the main reasons that why these people were infected. Symptoms of infected by Echinostamatidea are
abdominal pain, diarrhoea, tiredness and weight loss. If symptoms were ignored, this can lead to death.
Therefore, finding the solution for this issue in Asia is very crucial. Thus we come up with solutions and

Unstained Echinostoma egg.

life cycle
name: Kun, Pru period A


- outbreak of Echinostomatidae
- not enough healthcare services.
- 10,000 people, death 34, infect 202
- Echinostomatidae live in fresh water where most people drink.d
- infected meat was transfer to other places causing increase in the number of people who infected

This organism is a fluke, which will grow inside other organism as a parasite. The eggs will develop in the
organism and then it will move into the water and grow for a while. When it ready, it will find a host which
is mollusk and snail to develop into other stages. This host will be eaten by animal and human, then the
cycle go over and over again

people from infecting
- stop using water from the lake and river
- Control the exportation about meat in and out of the town
- Encourage people to eat food that is well cooked.
- Destroy the habitate of snail or any host organism of Echinostamatidae.
- Ecourage people to wear shoes
- Demolish an uncirculated water in the society
- Educate those people about this specific type of infection. We may teach them about this infection
such as what is the symptoms, effects, and preventions. We may show how dangerous it is when
the parasite is inside your body so that these people would start protecting themselves.
- government should provide the financial support to these people or things that they needed to live
- Interrupting the life cycle of this organism, picture below
- separate from non infected people
name: Kun, Pru period A

Prevent and treatments

To prevent people from the infection of Echinostamatidae, Government really need to support
these people with both money and sanitation. Firstly government should provide them knowledge about
the specific type of infection. They may show them how can they get infected, what is the symptom and
what is the effect of the infection, for instance. Once they know these basic things, they would scare of the
infection and try to protect themselves. Then the government can teach these people how to prevent this
infection and they would certainly follow the instruction. Government may teach them to drink only clean
water, eat an cooked food and wear shoes to cover their foot. However only the action of people would not
be enough to prevent the infection, government should also built more hospital or expand the hospital in
the area and provide more docter. In consequence, if these people are infected, they could get cure in time.
In addition, people who got infected by this disease can be treated by the anthelmintic drug praziquantel, as
for other intestinal trematode infections, the side effect of this drug is abdominal pain and some kind of

Response Procedures
- build a tank of water and water filter for better quality of water.
- build more hospital
- enforcement to control the river/lake not to let people go near
- build fence to prevent animal go near the river/lake to stop producing more eggs
- bring water and food for them
- build additional toilet (latrine) to stop the eggs to gorw in the river
name: Kun, Pru period A

Constraint and restraint

- Can not kill a person who is infected
- Restrict those people in a specific area such as hospital, and cure them until they get rid of those
- Not allow people to go to drink from the any nature water sources such as river, preventing from
getting infection.
- Only allow people to drink a clean water
- Restrict the area where most infection take place and do not allow people to go in and out there

In conclusion, after all the actions are put in to work, both the number of new case and total case
are going to gradually decrease with in 3 month. The faster the government take the action, the lower the
number of infected people. If we start to cure the disease now, it will cost use 250,000 bath. While if we
wait for three month, it will cost us 1,200,00 bath which is approximately 5 times greater than the original
wait for 3 month = 1,200,000 baht
treatment now = 250,000 baht

What has already happened and what might happen in the future
name: Kun, Pru period A

month new case total

september 1 1

october 3 4

november 10 14

december 25 39

january 29 68

february 35 103

march 52 155

april 47 202

this graph show the information we have right now and predict the future of infected and infecting
name: Kun, Pru period A

if we start to treatment now the total cases will stop at about 250 people infected

if we wait for 3 month the new cases will decrease by 10, but the total cases will reach approximately
1200 people infected.
name: Kun, Pru period A

So, they best way to stop this disease, is to start intervene now and slow down the new cases. unless,
there will be a lot more work to do in the future.

wait for 3 month = 1,200,000 baht

treatment now = 250,000 baht
name: Kun, Pru period A