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Teaching Scheme Examination Scheme Theory Practical Sem End Int. Int. Sem Total Total Assess. Marks Hrs Assess. End 30 70 3 100 25 25 50

Lect. 3

Pract. 2

Total 5

Grand Total 150

1. Basic antenna concepts: Various definitions, Antenna parameters, Transmission formulas, Sources of radiation, Comparison between antenna and transmission lines. 2. Point sources: Power patterns of various sources, radiation intensity directivity, sources width, pattern of arbitrary shape, gain, field and phase pattern. 3. Arrays of point sources: Arrays of two isotropic point sources, non isotropic point sources, principle of pattern multiplication, linear arrays of N-isotropic point sources of equal amplitude and spacing broadside vs. end fire array, radiation pattern determination of linear arrays, schelkunoff theorem for linear arrays, dolph- tchebyscheff distribution for linear arrays. 4. Electric dipole and thin linear antennas: Short electric dipole, radiation of a short dipole, various field components, radiation resistance, radiation pattern, thin linear antenna, radiation resistance of half wave dipole, quarter wave resistance. 5. Loop antenna: Small loop, short magnetic dipole, comparison of far field of small loop and short dipole, loop antennas, field pattern of circular loop antenna and its radiation resistance, effective loop as a receiving antenna, effective height, radiation resistance. 6. Helical antenna: Helical geometry, transmission, radiation modes, practical design considerations, wide band characteristic of helical antenna. 7. Arrays of dipole and apertures: Horizontal antenna and vertical antennas above a ground plane, arrays with parasitic elements, frequency scanning arrays, retro arrays, adaptive arrays and smart antennas, long wire antennas, location method of feeding antennas, folded dipole antennas. 8. Reflector antennas and feed systems: Plane sheet reflection and diffraction, corner reflectors parabola, paraboloid reflectors, apertures distribution, and efficiencies, off axis operation of parabolic reflectors, cassegrain feed and other reflector antennas. 9. Slot horn and complementary antennas:

Antenna measurement: Measurement of pattern. various types of horn antennas. and S. corner log periodic array. high gain omni. Broadband and frequency independent antennas: Broadband antenna. Radio wave propagation: Modes of propagation.uda. definitions. Lens antennas: Dielectric lens antennas.. matching arrangements.Markiv (Progress publishers).W.W. super turnstile antennas. frequency independent antennas. Reference Books: 1. 11. Antennas By John D Kraus & R J Marhefka 3rd Edition. 14. submerged antennas. yagi. antennas. Antennas By G. antenna design consideration for satellite communications. horizontal. L. log periodic antenna. 5. Electromagnetic waves and radiating systems By Jordan and Balmain (PHI) 3. 12. impedance of slot antennas. phases polarization and terminal impedance. Raju 2005 (Pearson Education) . Antenna Theory By C A Balanis. 2002 (TMH) 2. babinets principles and complementary antennas. 10.N. Polaroid.S. 2nd Edition (John Wiley Publishers). 4. multi hope propagations. L & T mast. M. reflector lens antennas. micro strip antennas. turnstile. 13. gain. Antenna for special applications: Sleeve. Antenna and wave propagation By G.W.Slot antennas. its patterns.