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Fourth Edition | July 09
Future Leaders of the Industry


are UTP graduates really shaping and engineering the future of the industry?


Exclusive Interview | The Observer | Aspiration | Highlights | Reflection | Quickies | Introspective Published by the Counseling and Development Unit, SSSD Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Editor’s Note
The theme for this edition of the Inspirer is Leadership. We at the magazine felt that it was appropriate to dissect this theme in this edition of the university’s magazine. UTP’s vision that is to become a Leader in Technology Education and Centre for Creativity and Innovation and also one of the university’s mission in line with it’s objective is to produce well-rounded graduates who are creative and innovative with the potential to become leaders of the industry and the nation. When one talks about leadership, a hadith that manages to embody the essence and meaning of leadership comes to my mind. Allow me to share the hadith so that we may contemplate on it for our own benefit. Narrated on the authority of Ibn’ Umar that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: Beware, every one of you is a leader (sheperd) and every one is answerable with regard to his followers (flock). The caliph is a leader (sheperd) over the people and shall be questioned about his subjects (as to how he conducted their affairs). A man is a guardian over the members of his family and shall be questioned about them (as to how he looked after their physical and moral well-being). A woman is a guardian over the household of her husband and his children and shall be questioned about them (as to how she managed the household and brought up the children). A slave is a guardian over the property of his master and shall be questioned about it (as to how he safeguarded his trust). Beware, every one of you is a guardian (leader) and every one of you shall be questioned with regard to his trust (leadership). (Narrated by Muslim) The common and general thought when we speak of leadership or leaders, it comes with the package of a title, the respective position and ultimately power. Staying true to the popular quote from the movie franchise of Spiderman; “With great power, comes great responsibilty”. Leaders are responsible not only for his own actions but also for the actions of his followers. Not only is he accounted for his leadership in this world but also in the hereafter. In the end, each one of us is a leader, first and foremost you are a leader of yourself. Being the future leaders of the industry and the nation, we hope that you will not only be great leaders but ultimately you have fulfilled your responsibility of the amanah you were entrusted with. Wassalam

ADVISOR Tn. Haji Abdul Jalil Abdullah EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Nawal Shamsuddin EDITORS Siti Sara Lyana Badly Sham Mohd Ashraf bin Nor Azrol Muhammad Abdul Hadi TECHNICAL Mohammad Sufiyan bin Rani ARTICLE CONTRIBUTORS Hounu Sougar GRAPHIC DESIGNER Nurul Najat binti Ahmad

Nawal Shamsuddin

Future Leaders: Are we ready for it? Page 2-3

Nurturing Corporate Leadership Page 4

UTP: From the eyes of a Chad student Page 5-6

A Great Leader Page 7

Position is an Amanah Page 8

Scholarly Thoughts Page 10-11

1 TheInspirer | July 09

Exclusive Interview

FUTURE LEADERS: Are we ready for it?
Interview by Muhd Sufiyan bin Rani 2nd Year 2nd Semester Student - EE


TI: Who in your opinion is a leader and a future leader? AAO: A leader is a person who is able to take his group with him to achieve the goal or objective of the organization or company without having internal conflicts. A future leader should also be a very open person. Leaders are individuals who are versatile and can adapt very fast to change. He is able to lead change through the challenges. TI: What does the mind of a future leader looks like to you? AAO: The mind of a future leader should be open. Our minds have to be open to be a future leader. A future leader should also look at all angles. He or she should not be highly opinionated and must be able to adapt with the environmental impact upon him or her.

he personality that we decided to interview for this edition of the magazine is Associate Prof Ir Abdul Aziz bin Omar. He is the Head Programme for the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering. Being a relatively newly established and upcoming department in UTP, we realized the importance of it being spearheaded by a competent and good leader. Therefore, it came naturally to us, to interview this personality for our theme of leadership. His educational background includes a Masters of Science and Bachelor of Science both from Ohio University. He specializes in Environmental Engineering, Plant Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering. The following is the interview that took place between TI and Associate Prof Ir Abdul Aziz bin Omar.

the industry? AAO: UTP students have been exposed with basic training in UTP but in order to become future leaders they need to train themselves. All I can say all UTP students have great potential, but it is in their own interest to polish their potential. There are a lot more platforms to train the students to become future leaders.

IR say that future leaders should practice being open minded. But there should be something that holds the open mind such as principles that we will not cross. To put it simply, a guiding principle must be there to guide us, so that we would not face major problems in the future.

2 TheInspirer | July 09

Exclusive Interview
TI: What are the challenges that are faced to become future leaders? AAO: In my opinion the challenges to become a future leader is a person should not give up easily, be disciplined and have a heart for others. As I said have before, you live in this world with others, knowing each one of those in your circle uniquely, communicating with them and ultimately learn how to deal with your environment. TI: What are the critical factors to be a future leader of the industry? AAO: The critical factor to be a future leader is able to detect changes. He or she should be able to be ahead of the changes. TI: How do students prepare themselves to be a future leader? AAO: To become a future leader, students should get involved in many activities. They should get to know people. Living in a community teaches you how to deal with the environment. If you do not have the skill to communicate with people then your life would be miserable. Students should strive to develop their soft skills such as communication skills, analytical thinking having the seven attributes that makes the individual a well-rounded person. Students should also ask questions in class. Besides, student should also pay attention about the global changes such as economical, social and technology.

Students should strive to develop their soft skills such as communication skills and analytical thinking as UTP drives

the seven attributes that develop
well roundedness
TI: What is your hope for UTP students? AAO: My hope for UTP student is that they will really utilize their time in UTP. As a matter of fact a university is a place where you train yourself on how to think and make decisions by yourself. They should get involved in extra curricular activities, explore new things that they never did before. This is the students chance , as you would not have the time and the opportunity as you have now being a university student.

leaders DON’T always s e e k



3 TheInspirer | July 09

The Observer

Are we living THE VALUES that we need for OUR FUTURE?
By: Mohd Ashraf Bin Nor
ave you ever imagined that one day you will be working for a big company with millions in revenue? Perhaps you are in one of its best team of engineers or technocrats who are deeply valued by the company. You have bountiful paycheques along with other lavish benefits and high-priced retirement schemes. However, all this requires a respectable effort from your work. Thus, you must perform well in your position so the company sees you as an asset worth pampering.


enhances mastery in specific fields. A sound grab of all the basic and specific knowledge in a certain field lifts up the

Career in any company requires one of the most sought after values among employees; leadership. Leadership has many shapes and forms depending on the situation and people. When we talk about leadership in a company we are talking about corporate leadership. It is different than, lets say interconnected with many basic fundamentals of leadership but the challenge is definitely diverse. Actually, the principles of corporate leadership can be implemented in our everyday lives. The remaining part of this article will tackle the practical steps that we can take as students to inculcate corporate leadership as our own personal training for our future. There are two fundamental elements in corporate leadership which are professionalism and management.

Proactive means to be able to do more than that is required of you, adding the value to any task given. The desire to learn independently greatly enhances mastery in specific fields.
The second crucial element in corporate leadership is management. This includes time management, work prioritization and delegation skills. A good corporate leader must possess management capability to materialise the never ending to-do list. Talking about time management, it is beyond doubt, important to both students and corporate leaders. As students, spend time well on study and social activities and spirituality. It is not wrong to be participative in social activities but at the same time do not let go of your academic responsibilities. Students need to wisely balance the two to be successful in both endeavours. Work prioritization is another management technique practiced by professionals that can be used by students. Students often are cramped with tremendous amount of academic tasks and social obligations. What we can do is to arrange those tasks according to its importance and urgency. This might give us somewhere to start. Prioritizing enables us to fully utilize our time according to the workload that we have. If things get too messy, you can delegate your tasks to your subordinates in the case of organizing events or club activities. This will help to distribute the job to different shareholders of the club or event. However, to delegate tasks, students need to consider the capabilities of your subordinates so that the job would not remain hanging in the air later. Through consistent practice of these elements, students can expand the corporate values within and by the time you graduate, you are ready for the corporate challenges as corporate leaders.

corporate world. More and more companies are looking forward to train their employees in professionalism. They know that professional employees can be more productive, independent, and reliable. Professionalism asks one to be ethical in assignments, quizzes and even examinations. Despise copying or plagiarizing and value discussion and research. The notion that you will get low coursework marks is not true because it is proven that students with more integrity is more likely to consistently improve compared to those who simply cheat. You just need to be confident that the value of integrity that you are practising today will benefit you very much in your future as corporate leaders. Being proactive too is a part of professionalism. Proactive here means to be able to do more than what is required of you, adding your value to any task given. This will our assignments, projects, lab reports and group activities. For example, in a lab report, you can include historical remarks or professional reviews, any sources about the experiment instead of reporting the results only. Consulting lecturers is considered a proactive step too. It shows that one is determine to improve, which is another winning quality in the corporate world. Desire to learn independently greatly


4 TheInspirer | July 09

Interview by

UTP: From
the eyes of a Chad Student
Hounu Sougar
By: Nawal Shamsuddin 2nd Year 2nd Semester student ME


Throughout my stint as being a He is very proud to be in this facilitator along with Sugar, I spent a university that produces well rounded Minggu Aluan Siswa (MAS July 09) lot of time with him as he was the students who are not only academically which is the orientation week for Head of the International Student good but are also an example in terms of the new intake of students. I am ethics and good discipline. He sincerely always looking forward to be a facilitator for that practically EVERYBODY in UTP believes that UTP is one of the best MAS as it is a good platform to meet and knew him. The guards at the bank learning universities in terms of make new friends, especially meeting new apparently know him, the people at technology and engineering courses not people from various other countries. This time the cafés were on friendly terms with only in Asia but in the world. It is a dream around was memorable as I have made a him and literally all the people that he university in Malaysia with a unique friend for life and I am glad to share this new bumped into knew his name and gave architectural design of the university, one friend of mine and the rest that know him ( I their respective greetings to this quite example is our chancellor hall. UTP is think almost all of the UTP community know popular Chad student. equipped with excellent and latest him and this is not an exaggeration) in this technology facilities and spearheaded by edition of the Inspirer. His name is Houno expert and competent lecturers. Sougar but all of his friends call him SUGAR, He describes his life here in UTP as would describe him as being as sweet as a charmed one, he is the second batch of sugar. Chad students to pursue their studies in Malaysia. Being among the pioneering He is from the republic of Chad where students from Chad in UTP they he describes it as being as multicultural as inevitably had to face challenges in terms Malaysia is. He is a Chemical Engineering of different and alien cultures as well as student and this will be his first semester of the people in comparison to what he was his final year in UTP. A brief background of his used to back home. When asked how did bio data, he was born on 11th December 1985 he learn to adapt and cope with the new in a small village called Etou which is in the After spending a week with him environment, he simply said that he east of Chad; he is the number five among during MAS it became clear to me why accepted people unconditionally and the seven siblings. He grew up in the capital city he was so popular. He had an open importance of humility. The secret of Chad and attended boarding school during heart and genuinely enjoyed spending proved to be successful for him, as now his high school years. He is multilingual, to time with people. The following are he has an abundance of friends both name some languages that he can speak what I have learned about himself and locals and other international students. fluently are Arabic, French, English, two others what is his view of UTP as an Having stayed in Malaysia for almost four languages in his country and a bit of Bahasa international student. years, he understands Bahasa Melayu Melayu. and speaks the language fluently.






When adapting to a new environment and people, one must accept people unconditionally and have humility

5 TheInspirer | July 09

He is delighted to share with us some of his own culture that we will surprisingly find that some are as different from day and night from our own culture and yet some of separated by a thin line. In Chad the people. If a member of the family has a job, he will selflessly be responsible of the family and support all of his relatives. The wealth of the family is extended to each and every member. Relatives dropping in unannounced with the intent to stay with you in your home is common and a normal practice. We can clearly see that the ties and bonds between family members in Chad his outstanding leadership and together with expert managers and lecturers, our beloved university has gained prestige and become one of the recognized universities in the region. I would like to acknowledge all the UTP staffs, lecturers, technicians and students for their excellent contributions towards the success of UTP and especially Lastly I would like to thank and my father, my mother , my brothers ,my sisters, my lectures, my friends, to everyone who assisted, guided, and supported me morally, or financially till today and continue to support me in my life. You really have indeed made a difference in my life and I must treasure all the fond memories. May ALLAH bless you. I would like to apologize for any mistakes or shortcomings that I have done throughout my life and I wish you all the best in your life, with joy. To all my beloved friends I wish you all the best and luck in your studies, whatever you believe and if you believe it to be truthful you can achieve it . I LOVE YOU ALL.

remarkable and touching. In terms of the food, he admits that compared to Malaysia they prefer less spicy food. Rice is uncommon and rarely eaten there. Instead they eat a lot of meat and drink a generous amount of milk. Some of the culture that we share in common are the practice of open houses during the celebration of Hari Raya and love for food. From my own experience of getting to know Sugar and his country and culture it strikes me that despite our differences and similarities people are ultimately the same. We experience the same emotions, face the same challenges and ultimately live on the same earth and breath the same air. An interesting experience that he had in Malaysia is he had the opportunity to live with a Malay family in Malacca for more than two weeks. He cheekily admits that he is one of the most popular students in UTP, he received a medal for being the most outstanding overseas student. When asked by his international friends how he manages to get along so well with the locals. He answers by explaining first that there is this general perception that the locals are shy when they interact with international students. Sugar tries to change the mind setting of his fellow international friends that this is not true. From his own experience the locals never reject you when you approach them. From his story I believe that it is an effort from both parts. All of us are willing to receive each other with open arms. The key lies in who will make the first move. Both parties are quite shy and unsure how the other party would receive their extended friendship but Sugar is a good example of how relationships are built and cherished.

He calls most of his lecturers bond with them. This just goes to show how he respects his lecturers and appreciates them, something that we the locals could learn from. He believes that we all need to have respect in our relationships with others in order to maximize our potential. He has enjoyed his four years stay in UTP. He has acquired many good friends and equipped himself with numerous skills from his activities regardless be it leadership skills or teamwork. He sincerely feels that UTP has equipped and prepared him for his life after university. . Below are his own words of what UTP means to him:

in GOD and pray that all our efforts will bear a good fruit and I have grateful memories and it is very tough for me to leave UTP soon. This is the place that I admire where I learned knowledge and developed my skills to be a well rounded person.

Thank GOD we have a great leader, our honourable Rector, Datuk,DR.Zainal Abidin Hj. Kasim with

George S. Patton's "Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results." Great leaders don't just lead; they bring out the best in everybody else too.

6 TheInspirer | July 09


A Great Leader to Be? Read Up!
By: Siti Sara Lyana binti Badly Sham 2nd Year 2nd Semester student-CVE

biggest n o d bt is a faith an Self dou rs. Have ng tro ip kille aving a s leadersh urself. H llow you to yo believe in ourself will a e y nd inspir belief in dence a up to e confi exhibit th ould you look ? W onfidence others. at lacks c th someone

bt? Self-dou -No A big Noof the e

ar Visio It is like n firing a g un wher and you ey s you fail. hoot. If you mis ou aim se It leader to is a must fo d, then r a grea have a t must loo vivid vis io k than oth deep into matt n. You er e you will rs would. If yo s more u do so b , needs w e able to see hich sh ould be today's’ order to have the d desired one in future.
Share with Others

Have C


A great leader will constantly aim towards se lf improving daily. Seek kn owledge and wisdom in ever y challenges and trials yo u are going through. As the saying goes, e xp e ri e n ce is th e b e st teacher.

Open Towards Learning

t you know. Teach people wha gain more You will actually you teach knowledge when eat mentor others about it. A gr uce a great will absolutely prod leader.

re t they a feel tha s to her dy want Make ot Everybo t. ect and importan ith resp iated. ted w ec be trea be appr ant to nuine they w o w ge s uld sh o plement You s h & com retion . Show apprecia r people the toward o respect! t to gain spec

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by Ex Lets ample be th e init leade iator! r A first s is willing tep in to ta great to bat ke th urge tle in e other order s to Neve do th to r ex e p other s th e c t m o r e same. an willing f to do what you r o m leade yours are r e is Pro who has p lf. A grea t phet r Muha acticed th and i mmad is t (pbuh effect is proven ive. ) to be very


“Leaders are born” is such a dangerous myth. Believe me, no body is born to be a leader, but a great leader is made! Start today and make a difference in your life. Rather than standing still and doing nothing, take baby steps to achieve your aims. Well, you have to paddle your own canoe. So, I’ll live it to you to bring out the great leader in you.

7 TheInspirer| July 09



POSITION is an Leadership Development: Past, Present and Future AMANAH
By: Muhammad Abdul Hadi Let us begin with a question, are you tired of corruption? At home, workplace, lectures, besides the street, among friends and peers to the extent we can hardly trust anyone. Instead of looking at others, look at yourself first. Corruption begins from people who rarely contemplate about themselves. Remember, my friends, you were not created in vain, nor will you be left to yourselves. Rather, you will return to a place in which Allah will judge among you and distinguish between you. Realize that you are the descendants of those who have perished, that those who remain will take their place after you and that this will continue until you are all returned to Allah. Protection hereafter will be limited only to those who fear Allah today.

If you find your love for God equal to your love for this world, then be afraid, for you have deceive yourself. Ponder what God has said: For those who hold positions, follow the example of 'Umar ibn Abd al Aziz who always feared God and felt restless for the Muslims. When asked why he replied: its black sheep and its white sheep, and I remembered the stranger, beggared and straying, and the poor and the needy, and the prisoners in Traits of a Leader captivity, and all like them in the far places of the earth, and I realized that God most high would ask me about all of them, and Muhammad would Emotional stability. Good leaders must be able to tolerate testify about them, and I feared that I should find no excuse when I was with frustration and stress. Overall, they must be well-adjusted
and have the psychological maturity to deal with anything

Beware of retributions in the Hereafter. Fear and hope to God only. Beware of they are required to face. deceptions from this world.
Dominance. Leaders are often times competitive and

Observe your intentions. Power is a means like riches to achieve an decisive and usually enjoy overcoming obstacles. Overall, they are assertive in their thinking style as well as their ultimate goal. This love is not for itself but of achieving the goal. If attitude in dealing with others. abused, instead of pleasure, in the end, torment in Hell is what awaits the corrupted. Enthusiasm. Leaders are usually seen as active, expressive,
and energetic. They are often very optimistic and open to change. Overall, they are generally quick and alert and tend to be uninhibited.

of game well within reach of your hands and your lances, that He may test who feareth him unseen: any who transgress thereafter, will have Therefore ask yourself. Ask whether you have forgotten any responsibility. Remember that Allah does not forget anything and in the hereafter, you will be judge and then rewarded or punished depending on your deeds. Beware of corruption, it is a trait of the hypocrite! The Prophet said: "Four traits whoever possesses them is a hypocrite and whoever possesses some of them has an element of hypocrisy until he leaves it: the one who when he speaks he lies, when he promises he breaks his promise, when he disputes he transgresses and when he makes an

Conscientiousness. Leaders are often dominated by a sense of duty and tend to be very exacting in character. They usually have a very high standard of excellence and an inward desire to do one's best. They also have a need for order and tend to be very self disciplined. Social boldness. Leaders tend to be spontaneous risk-takers. They are usually socially aggressive and generally thick-skinned. Overall, they are responsive to others and tend to be high in emotional stamina. Self-assurance. Self-confidence and resiliency are common traits among leaders. They tend to be free of guilt and have little or no need for approval. They are generally secure and free from guilt and are usually unaffected by prior mistakes or failures.


TheInspirer | July 09



Leadership Game:


NOTE When the players are done, the facilitator will collect back all the newspapers and ask the players with regard to the content of the newspapers. Possible Variation After reaching point B, the whole team repeats the same process to get back to A. Process

newspapers? age to catch your attention? Practical Application fairs? our lives? confidence? Key Leadership Understanding and careful in the things Leaders are life long learners. They stay current in the news. They look for trends and are open to new approaches. Math/Science Concepts Applicable Distance Equipment/Logistics Newspapers (preferably with pictures) Time Required 10 minutes Game Objective Be the first group to cross the finishing line Group Size Six to eight Procedure The goal of this game is to get from point A to point B, stepping on newspaper. Divide the group into two teams. Each player is given two pieces of newspaper to move from a starting point A to the finishing line B. To move from A to B, the player has to use the two pieces of newspaper. He or she places one piece on the ground, steps on it, places the other piece before he or she makes the next step. Basically all movements have to be made on the pieces of newspaper. The process continues until the player reaches point B after which the next player from the team will repeat the whole process. The team with all the players at point B in the shortest period of time wins!


9 TheInspirer| July 09


Scholarly Thoughts
nother UTP figure that we were fortunate enough to interview for this edition is Ustaz Maalik Bennet. He, who is relatively still new in UTP is quite popular among students. We took the advice of our fellow peers and decided to pick his brain for the theme of leadership. We were pleasantly surprised by our interview with him. The following are his background information as well as our interview with him. His legal name is Donald Bennett but he only uses that name for professional purposes. Normally, his friends call him Br. Maalik. Officially, at UTP, he is known as Donald Maalik Bennett. His first Islamic teacher gave him the name Maalik, after Imam Maalik. Some non-Maliki Muslims don't like the name, so he lets them call him Abdul Malik. He has a B.A. from Dartmouth College in Religion, and a Master's from UIA in Comparative Religion, focusing on Stephen Covey as a figure to contend with in the field of Comparative Religion. He has taught in 10 Islamic schools over the course of the last 24 years and for the past year at UTP. He enjoys jogging, mountain climbing rivers and attending dhikr meetings and in that order.
TI: What does leadership mean to you? DMB: Leaders are people who create or demonstrate a positive platform of unity, development or salvation for people at large, for humanity as a whole, or for a good portion of humanity. On a simpler level, everyone is a leader who feels accountable to those around him, in the sense that his good and bad behavior might be emulated. TI: What are the characteristics that a leader should possess? DMB: The chief characteristic of a leader should be selflessness in the sense that he/she sees mankind as more important than himself/herself, being acutely conscious of the contributions of his/her formal and informal teachers in providing examples and in creating ongoing opportunities. The greatest leaders have God, Our Creator, the Ultimate Source of Everything, as their ultimate point of reference. And compared to God we are close to nothing. Because of our very limited nature, God appointed Messengers of our own kind to ensure our confidence in approaching Him and in order to demonstrate various practical means of doing so. There is no total perfection except for the absolute perfection, Allah. The Admirable Muhammad is a liaison of that absolute perfection. We can never reach the exalted state, station or status of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him but we can affirm and accept the challenges and responsibilities which his life and teachings defined for us by saying We all belong to God and to God we must return. Selflessness here means that public status or lack thereof does not constitute a preprojects and efforts that will enhance society in profound and enduring ways. Actually, public status is the greatest barrier to spiritual growth although certainly not the only one. Ultimately, a great leader realize and remember that collectively we have greater power to defeat Satan, if we are truly united. And that's the real business of life. All this which God designed for us and making the best of it each moment, for creation as a whole, not for destruction or denigration. Every being and every place has a dignity assigned to it by its Creator. There is nothing without meaning or purpose. Life is a process of discovering those meanings and purposes and of understanding them deeply. But most people never go beneath the surface. We live in a superficial world. TI: Who is your idea of a figure that embodies the quintessence of a leader and why? DMB: various ways by jealous and lazy persons for as long as we can remember. But he is completely innocent in every around Fajr time, he goes to the highest location on the ground near the masjid and echoes the call to prayer. Then he repeats the call when the mu`adhdhin finishes and he cries. After Fajr, I can still see him crying, at the same spot. And he never misses a prayer. This individual is a chicken, literally, and I totally disagree with people who say that

prohibits such statements. Anyway, when this chicken flies to the top of the tree each morning, he reminds me and convinces me of the correctness of my duty as a Muslim, and that everything in Creation glorifies God in its own way.


TheInspirer | July 09

TI: Nowadays there are a lot of corrupted leaders; what is your opinion on this matter? DMB: On a simple level, the world would be a lot better place if people were sincere. No matter what a But sincere commitments come with a cost. One can be marginalized, ostracized and scandalized, unfairly as a result. But in the long run, the lessons one learns and the friends one makes as a result of sincerity, are the only ones that count. Until Muslims collectively become more sincere and courageous, they will continue to be persecuted without recourse. This is a divine punishment to wake them up. May God proworld for any given leader to overcome or subdue all the corruption around him. In English, we have a need to support leaders who are fighting corruption by moderate means and thus making headway, leaders who provide a vision for a new culture and civilization, based on truth and justice. And we cannot Today, Muslims often blame their leaders for their own problems at home.

ones leaders who establish due process and embrace diverse excellence. My small part in this big picture is to revive a matrix of Islamic excellence in the field of education, begin-

It describes 8 key Sahaba and their contributions to the Islamic milieu.

Uthman, the most judicious is Ali, the most dutiful is Zayd Ibn Thabit, the most expert in the lawful and unlawguardian of this Ummah is Abu Ubaydah Ibn al-Jarrah.(a paraphrased Hadith of Ibn Habban, Tirmidhi, & Ahmad). My interpretation of that Hadith is as follows:

................see Ubayy b. Ka`b

The beauty of this Hadith is that it defines excellence very broadly while allowing for diversity in civilization as a whole, and even defining the core or essence of our civilization.

summarizes itself in the following way:

good tidings to law-

39:62 My ultimate desire is to work for peace, to the best of my ability; what grace there is, is from God; upon Him I

I find the practical application of these principals in Surahs 86-100, and in Abdul-Qadir alcommentary on the Sunnah of Sacred Times in Ghunyat al-Talibin.

aakhir da`wa-naa an il-hamdu li-llaahi rabb il-`aalamiyn

Leaders are people who create or demonstrate a positive platform of unity, development or salvation for the people at large, for humanity as a whole or for a good portion of humanity.

11 TheInspirer | July 09