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Tareas Básicas

1. Never let a day pass without engaging in at least one real estate marketing activity. 2. Start every day with two cold calls. 3. Carry business cards with you (all day, every day).ok 4. Set specific marketing goals every year; review and adjust quarterly. 5. Maintain a tickler file of ideas for later use.

Estrategias de Marketing
1. Identify a new market. ***locales comerciales--- Mercado chino. 2. Give your sales literature to your OK lawyer, accountant, printer, banker,

temp agency, office supply salesperson, advertising agency, etc. (Expand your sales force for free!)

1. Trying to generate sales with the one-step marketing strategy 2. Not knowing for sure which of your marketing efforts are Producing results and which are big money-wasters. 3. Expecting your prospects to call for more information. Does This mean that the real estate agent doesn’t have a brochure or any other literature? Are they Few prospects, if any, respond to the call for more information fatal marketing mistake. 4. Focusing your marketing efforts on you or your company. It seems natural to tell your prospects about you and your company Who cares? Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that your marketing materials shouldn’t include Background information about you and your company and/or specifications about your Product/service. I’m saying that this should be supportive information, not your primary marketing message. 5.It’s a fatal marketing mistake to think that prospects care about the same things you care about. Profitability of your marketing efforts. 7. Directing your marketing to everyone but to no one in particular Many real estate proffesionals have failed to determine who their best prospects are, where those Prospects live or how to reach them effectively and efficiently. This is a critical first step in 8. Wasting your money on image marketing A major marketing mistake made by real estate agents is that they pour their marketing dollars into Image marketing Obviously your image and name recognition are important to the success of your small business. But Even more important are immediate and steadily growing sales. 10. giving up on your prospects after just one or two follow-ups

When your prospects are ready to buy. 1. never follow-up with them at all. Your prospects have many reasons for not buying from you immediately. recognize that there is more to networking than greeting people. Hacer carpeta de propiedades . since few of Them will follow up more than once. Return phone calls promptly. Develop a step-by-step plan for how you'll build relationships and how you can effectively tell your Story. which could be one week From now. or trust you enough to buy right now. Don't forget your 30 second commercial to tell your story.effective marketers know that persistence and repetition are vital for success. Or. They may not be ready to make a decision. Networking opportunities are everywhere. They may have more pressing things on their minds. or six months from now. They may not feel comfortable enough with you. you will have a dramatic advantage over your competitors. By following up repeatedly. They may have information from you and 2-3 of your competitors and are trying to determine which Company would be their best choice. you will have a better chance of getting the sale if you are Uppermost in their minds. that haven’t been answered. as incredible as it may sound. Photocopy interesting articles and send them to clients and prospects with a handwritten "FYI" note and your business card.” But too many real estate agents spend a great deal of Time and money attracting prospects to their businesses and then either follow-up with them just once. Successful people in sales know that most of the sales are made after the seventh or eighth call. Don't let them pass you by. The sale begins when the customer says “no. Few Are made after just one follow-up call. You can only do that by consistently following up. don't let them pass you by. Mejorando la relación con tus clientes Ask your clients to come back again. . They may have more questions about your services.Tshirt con el logo de la empresa Network marketing networking opportunities are everywhere.

3. 4. Read it overnAnd over again. Networking is not sales. Have some prepared topics in mind—current events. too. vacation plans. sports. 1. that having a good conversation depends greatly on being an Active. If you approach a networking meeting with a “what’s in it for me?” Attitude. your “get” is always bigger.2. This is a very important point. THEN GET. 5. card and letter. What goes around comes around. polite and friendly to people. develop a few types of follow-up methods. don't look at networking as a real estate sales opportunity. such as phone. Use your networking resources to hook up People you know with others. work on your ability to make small talk. look for partners. 6. you will be just like all Those sharks that have kept you away from networking to begin with. Go to a networking event Looking for opportunities to help others. The Top Ten Rules of Effective Networking For Real Estate Professionals .As in marketing. but mediocre marketing with Commitment works better than brilliant marketing without commitment 3. And be sure to ask openended Questions of the other person like "What is it you enjoy most about your work. . There is a proper time and place for sales calls. 2.BE CONSISTENT . Instead. look at it as a reconnaissance mission—a chance for you to learn something and enjoy thenScenery. When you give this way.BE A POWERFUL RESOURCE & ADVOCATE FOR OTHERS . make a habit of being patient. Specifically. fax. GIVE. Again. do something constructive with the names and information you've gathered. look for other businesses that complement what you do and might be a good source of Referrals. or where you Live or your free time?" Remember. And let's emphasize again Being a good and courteous listener. newsletter. “I hate to admit this. stay in touch with the most meaningful contacts. finally.Expand your network and be an advocate for others. brochure.GET INVOLVED .Getting involved puts you in a consistent position of visibility. courteous listener. your thirty second commercial is a must. the more consistent your networking efforts the more productive they become. 4.

LIKE.IT’S MORE IMPORTANT TO RECEIVE BUSINESS CARDS THAN HAND THEM OUT . 12. Follow up and continue developing your relationships and Network. DRESS PROFESSIONALLY. Have you ever met someone at a networking event. the people you meet will Remember you not for all the great things you had to offer. Don’t be that person who offers a cold. write information about them down on their business cards. PLEASE. Don’t ever stare at someone. Loosen it up Just a little for shaking a woman’s hand. 6. The old adage about making a first impression is still true. Offer Incentives for referrals or provide great benefits. Remember to state Clearly what it is that you do and who are looking to work with.It's not enough to have a network. and left without knowing what in the world they do? It happens all the time. It’s virtually Impossible to remember all those little details about the people you meet. Think quality vs. 10. 8.5. 7. talked to them about their business the whole Night.BUILD THE KNOW. dress one step above What you think everyone else will be wearing.Building relationships is more important than collecting lots of leads.Build relationships with Centers of Influence who connect with your ideal client or customer. resources.The 6 Degrees of Separation Theory states that we are only 6 people away from finding out Anything we need to know.This puts you in a position to be able to follow up. 14. It can never hurt you to look as good as the next best Dressed person in the room. and no one will mind if you Are so interested in what they have to say that you are taking the time to write it down.CONSISTENTLY FOLLOW-UP . and Information are at your finger tips. Otherwise. HAVE A 30 SECOND COMMERCIAL. .DEVELOP ADVOCATES . 9. WRITE ON BUSINESS CARDS. limp fish as a handshake instead of a firm grip. Connect deeper vs. 11. As a rule of thumb. DIRECT EYE CONTACT. Be curious and you will be surprised at what people.BE CURIOUS .TRUST FACTOR . Have a good reason to follow up or ask "how can I help you?" 13. but for your weak handshake. Quantity. but always make sure to meet his or her gaze. A person who Continuously averts his will be seen as someone with something to hide. As you meet people. but never go soft. NO FISHING. On the surface.

This always places you in a better position with them. as he Looked again at his name on the card.DEVELOP YOU . Not your bank account. Don’t let vanity stop you from Giving out your last business card or giving 2 at a time to each person. ask for a business card. I have met many people who Have totally missed the purpose of a business card. When giving a business card. Hoarding your business cards only makes your wallet feel full. Then try on another and so on. if you know anyone that could use my services”. When given a business card. Give them 2 cards. . Saying “could you do me a favor by referring my services to Someone”. So I could refer his services. Before you know it your networking efforts will be paving your way To success. These comments will prove valuable when Following up with that person. Whenever you give a business card. “is your company hiring?” People Naturally like to do favors for people. “I would appreciate a Referral.15. Give business cards out to everyone. This approach disarms people much better than asking them. including family and friends. don’t just Take it and place it in your pocket. This also demonstrates a sincere interest in the other person. Then BE GENEROUS.You can grow your business as big as you can grow yourself. Starting Now! 10 Powerful Networking Tips Using Business Cards USE PROPER BUSINESS CARD ETIQUETTE. His response was "I only have a few cards left and I need them". people feel more comfortable when you ask. ASK FOR REFERRALS. I once asked a person for a second business card. Make the person feel important by looking at their card for a few Seconds. They will feel better about helping You. You might see something that could be a topic of discussion. Write comments on the card Such as date. Don’t make people feel like they are on the Spot. location and common points of interest. Start there! To shift into action choose one tip to focus on for a week and see what new results come your way.

You never know when you might meet someone who can help you.6. If you keep Your patience and sense of humor you will keep your clients too. Frustrated and angry but your clients should never sense these things in you. MAXIMIZE EVERY "PER CHANCE" MEETING. I met someone that has been instrumental in developing our business this year. If a difficult situation arises. HUMOR IS EVERYTHING Have you ever met a person with no sense of humor? Did you find their company enjoyable or did You spend your time looking for the exit sign? Life is difficult on its best days and we all get tired. Family or friends social events Could produce unexpected encounters with people. .. Here are some tips to help fill the gap between Personal Marketing Be a Real Estate Agent with Curb Appeal(fachada??) Curb appeal and then watch your business grow! IMAGE IS EVERYTHING Like it or not your competence on the job will be judged by the first impression you give your new or Prospective customers.Who would have thought this could happen by giving him a simple business card. You never know who you might meet. DRESS FOR SUCCESS . Never – ever – offer Complaints to your clients. So you’re going to a Birthday party for your friend’s kid. Don’t discount those events. At a family holiday Gathering last year. solve it as quickly as possible. 12 Tips to Network Your Way to Success -by Beth Tabak Lots of people network but few reap the rewards of zeroing in on their potential When it comes to networking.

Top 10 Time Management Rules Of Successful Real Estate Salespeople 1. It is easy to have confidence in a salesperson who looks Confident and professional. and Last. By offering your clients a clean. WINNING COPY – WINS! LAST.make sure you are a real estate agent with curb appeal. remember the three-footRule. Make sure everything has A sparkling clean look. Remember the client after the sale – and they will remember you To their friends. It really doesn’t matter if sales are Booming or depressed. they will feel encouraged to stay longer. after the sale. Small. Few businesses have the Keen competition that is ever present in the real estate market. a real estate agent must be on top of his or her game at all times. 20% of a professional salesperson's success Is a result of complete product knowledge. smell and feel. I’m sure you want to be remembered for your client-centered professionalism and not your unbridled Use of the cologne bottle. right downTo your shoes. relaxing atmosphere. impression you leave will be lasting -make sure you are spit shined. If Growing your business is important to you . If you’re inclined to wear a personal scent. NEVER LEAST The last tip here is an important one. Each property showing is a new job interview so dress for it. . be it perfume or men’s cologne. No one outside of three feet from your person should be able to tell you’re wearing fragrance. The first. PERFECTLY POLISHED SPACE From your office space to your car’s floor mats you want to project yourself as a sales person with an Eye for detail and quality. THE 80/20 RULE ALWAYS APPLIES. It is estimated that 80% of a professional salesperson's selling success is a result of selling skills Obtained from willing participation in training programs.Successful people dress for success. polished and ready to sell. look Harder and ask the questions they need answered to feel most comfortable with buying or listing theirProperty with you. thank-you Cards and 1st cards. Prepare informational postcards. relatives and neighbors for years to come. house-warming baskets with fruit or condiments is a Memorable gift as are coupons to local restaurants and family attractions.

per week D) number of proposals. They have complete property knowledge. When Either telephoning or meeting with potential customers. 8. CONFIRM ALL APPOINTMENTS. follow up calls 3. which includes: A) establishing trust and rapport B) thorough needs analysis C) presentation D) close Furthermore when with customers. instead.. THOROUGHLY PREPARE YOUR WORK AND PRESENTATIONS IN ADVANCE. Avoid this potential time-waster by confirming appointments before you leave the office. 4. Not having answers readily available can waste a lot of precious time in the selling process. KNOW WHAT ACTIVITIES ARE REQUIRED TO ACHIEVE YOUR ANNUAL. are aware of competitor's offers. . professional salespeople are prepared for just About all eventualities. Although they work with a sense of urgency. DAILY.80% of a professional salesperson's time should be spent Prospecting and 20% spent in presenting products and services and following up. MONTHLY. 6. Nothing is more annoying than to turn up at an appointment to discover that the other party cannot Make it. These include: A) number of prospecting calls per day B) number of presentations per day C) number of sales per day. THINK GEOGRAPHICALLY. Avoid lengthy journeys between clients located miles apart. etc. THINK STRATEGICALLY. HOURLY INCOME GOALS. these real estate salespeople know at any time where they are Within that process. 5. WEEKLY. top salespeople also work to a strategic selling Plan to maximise use of their valuable time. Advance written planning of daily activities provides professional real estate salespeople with a "jump start" each day. Possess excellent presentation skills complete with testimonials from previous satisfied clients. 2. make use of this time by listening to sales Programs on tapes and cds. start to group sales calls in the Same geographic area. PLAN EVERY DAY IN ADVANCE. They understand the importance of always being in Charge of the selling process and that there are few shortcuts to this process. The word "procrastination" is not in a professional salesperson's dictionary when asking for a Meeting. The best time to plan is either at the close of Day before leaving the office or at home in some quiet time. over competition that fails to plan. If long journeys are unavoidable.

Professional productive salespeople are in sales because they WANT to be in sales. Ten Tips To Becoming A Confident Presenter TIP #1: . PEOPLE DON'T BUY LISTINGS THEY BUY SALESPEOPLE! It's a competitive world out there. Real Estate salespeople who continually perform to the highest levels. 3 .7. They are more optimistic with high levels of self-esteem via selfknowledge. Have your buyers sign a Buyer agency agreement with you to insure your work can and will pay off when the right property Comes along for your customer. Be savvy with your time. Customer acquisition and retention . Real Estate sales success today largely depends upon a customer's perception of a Salesperson's personality and attitude. be certain your Customer understands the investment of your time. Customer allegiance to products and services is fast becoming a Thing of the past. energy and resources. but saying they are not. Energy and expertise.BE SMART ABOUT YOUR TIME INVESTMENT With information about property more readily available across many channels. via higher quality prospects achieved from greater understanding of their needs and The world which surrounds them. These are people who have taken time to plan their lives and who see their current situation as a Planned stepping stone towards achieving their life goals. The number one complaint in many association and board offices is That buyers are working with more than one agent. The learning and application of new skills provides the ability to sell More effectively. LEARN ADDITIONAL SKILLS. 8. and get your buyer to commit in writing. recognise the importance of Ongoing skill development.

and put extraneous verbiage aside. And connects you with your audience. This simple statement alone immediately establishes you as a confident speaker.Do not begin speaking until you appear confident. TIP #3: Use a tone that exudes authority. TIP #4: Use excellent posture. Arrive at your key points quicker. stand or sit up straight. TIP #3: Speak at an appropriate pace. Preparing a speech should be like Cooking a good stew-boil it down and serve only the meat. Words run Together so that they're difficult to understand. Many presenters speak too fast when they are nervous. and raising your volume. just ask the back row of the audience if They can hear you. Your audience Will appreciate your straightforwardness. Excellent posture suggests power. It makes you sound unsure of yourself. "Chop out deadwood. you should meet eyes with individual members of your Audience for 5 to 7 seconds -as if you are talking to this person. Peter Lowe says. Stooped or bowed shoulders usually Translate something negative to your audience. and no one else in the room. Women often have higher or softer voices. TIP #5: Don't babble. As Professional speaker. It shows you care about the audience and believe what you Have to say is important." TIP #6: Make meaningful eye contact. For eye contact to be effective. And. On the other hand. if speaking In front of an audience adjust the microphone. grating and Irritating to listeners. if you speak too loudly it's overbearing. TIP #2: Speak to be heard. so if you fall into one of These categories. Speaking more directly gives the perception of authority. Most speakers do not hold eye contact with their audience long Enough. You are not just scanning the audience. Eye contact personalizes your presentation and keeps you and . practice lowering your pitch. Plant your feet. and scan the entire audience before you begin. be careful not to raise The pitch at the end of sentences. but not too loudly: If you are addressing an audience and have not had the Opportunity to check the acoustics of the room before hand.

only a hand full are making a fortune selling real estate? Regardless of Who these Real Estate agents work for. be sincere. How Do I Attract Listings? -by Barrett Niehus Have you ever noticed that despite the massive number of Real Estate agents in Your area. but are basic essentials to becoming an effective presenter. Connect your Conclusion to your introduction to give a feeling of closure. "Be brief. you will be more persuasive. If you are giving a persuasive Presentation.Your audience connected to each other. TIP#8: Keep it simple and brief. TIP #10: End with a clear message. Start incorporating some of these tips into your everyday real estate presentations today. You should always have the last word! The above tips are by no means complete. they are extremely successful where others . The old Saying "practice makes perfect" is the most important tip of all in public speaking! As a Real Estate agent. Step back from the details and give the big picture. simple anecdote that humanizes and Dramatizes your main point. If you try to say everything. If you need to answer questions." Your Audience want more! TIP #9: Be enthusiastic and speak with conviction. Franklin Roosevelt gave this advice about public speaking. TIP #7: Shake hands with your audience. Involve the audience in the first 30 seconds . Make your meaning clear and your message simple. be seated. keep your answers brief and give a brief Second close after all the questions are answered. If you get excited about your subject your audience will Too. Concentrate your Presentation on one central idea.and also in the last 30 seconds. Make your first impression count. Use a short. your audience will remember nothing. If you show a sense of conviction about your subject. request action.

she includes a List of properties in my neighborhood that are listed or for sale. it is their approach to marketing themselves and their customers. Looking at the sales price of other Properties is a good motivator for me to list my own home and take advantage of the capital gains. you can increase your market presence so that you Are the first phone call if a target client decides to sell their property. By focusing Your promotional efforts on a specific geography. or through the yellow/white pages and internet. and motivate them to take action. This is Where she is really making her money. 2) GEOGRAPHIC SPECIALIZATION: When a person decides to sell his/her house. they will find a Real Estate agent either through referral. while the rest of us are placing door hangers and mailing out notepads. Recognition of a local representative. if you specialize in a specific area. These super sales people have perfected marketing techniques that attract Motivated buyers and sellers. people will recognize your Name and be more inclined to trust you with their listing and to negotiate their deal. In addition.In their office are barely scraping by. begin promoting. So What techniques do they use to attract listings? Well. then you will do very well. and the neighborhoods to cultivate Listings. For the person in my area. The most successful Real Estate Agent in my area papers my door with her picture every Monday afternoon. If your Area has a high rate of property turnover. An example of One of the strategies that the best seller in my city uses is as follows: 1) SPECIALIZE: Despite the policy of never turning down a listing or qualified candidate. single family Attached homes provide the greatest return on investment and are turning over the fastest. I am a big fan of postcards that are sent to target . as well as first on the list if they Ask a neighbor for referral. 4) CREATE A CONTINUAL PRESENCE: 56 Once you have chosen the type of property to specialize in. What is the secret to their success? First and Foremost. focus on specializing on the Type of property that will best suit your performance goals. In addition. 3) GROW AND HARVEST YOUR AREA OF GEOGRAPHIC SPECIALIZATION: Focus your marketing message on the area of geographic specialization that you have chosen. As a marketing manager.

Clients on a weekly basis. you will literally have the blueprint on marketing Systems and strategies that will please and delight this seller. QUESTION #1: WHAT. you will get the concept that they are Inflexible on their idea of value. QUESTION #2: DID YOU HAVE ANY OFFERS DURING YOUR LISTING PERIOD? If the property owner tells you they turned down several. Find out what the offers were. you will be better equipped to design a marketing Plan that positions this property to sell quickly.ARE YOU AS THE PROPERTY OWNER. SELLER. QUESTION #3: HOW MANY BUYER SHOWINGS DID YOU HAVE DURING THE LISTING PERIOD AND WHAT WAS THE FEEDBACK FROM YOUR AGENT? QUESTION #4 . you will be the first phone call. OPEN TO HELPING TO MARKET AND SHOW THE PROPERTY THROUGH A BETTER PRESENTATION OF THE PREMISES? QUESTION #5. or are not truly motivated to sell. --------------- Six easy Questions to Ask an Expired Listing to make it Yours The expired listing is one of the EASIEST sources of inventory for a savvy agent.WHAT KIND OF MARKETING STRATEGIES WERE INITIATED WITH YOUR PREVIOUS LISTING COMPANY. as the listing agent. MR. COMMUNICATION AND WORK INVESTMENT? . The overall goal is to attract as many viable listings as possible. By focusing your time On marketing yourself to your most promising targets. you get to take advantage of the commission. it will take about fifteen pieces of promotion before a client will Remember your name. but when they decide to list. AND WHAT WERE THE RESULTS? QUESTION #6. IF YOU WERE HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE.ARE YOU WILLING TO MAKE THE CHANGES TO HAVE THE HOME SELL. IN YOUR OPINION WAS THE REASON YOUR HOME DID NOT SELL? If you let the homeowner describe the challenges.. Regardless of who eventually buys The property. Generally. and How they were structured. you will save time and increase your listings Substantially. With new information.

These variations are known as inflection. Know what you want to say before making an important call. When you focus on them rather than on What you're going to say next. Practice the words out loud until they Feel comfortable. Keep in mind that when you are under emotional stress. the more interesting your tone Of voice is. Watch it! The pitch of your voice is an index of confidence and . When you're doing a lot of telephone work. pitch varies.Telemarketing & Direct Mailing 61 Marketing Yourself: Telephone Skills For the Real Estate Professional THE FOLLOWING TIPS WILL HELP YOU USE YOUR "TELEPHONE TOOL" TO ITS FULLEST: Smile when you're on the phone. EVALUATE YOUR TELEPHONE VOICE PITCH Is your voice too shrill or strained? Do you speak in a monotone? In normal speech. Don't read from a script during a call. Don't do things such as open mail. The person you're talking with will know you're distracted. The more inflection you use. Instead either memorize your script as an actor would or use "thought starters" such as a word or two on index cards to guide you from one idea to another. energize yourself after every hour. longer (15 or more minutes) Conversation with someone who is normally busy. Listen and respond to the person on the other end of the line. Never answer the phone with food in your mouth or try to eat quietly while talking. the phone call becomes much more conversational. Drinking. Chewing gum or sucking on a mint are amplified over telephone lines. When you place a call that you know might be lengthy. flip through the newspaper or do paperwork while on the phone. ask if it's a good time to talk before you dive Into your spiel. the pitch of your voice will tend To rise and become shrill or strained. your customers will hear it! Answer the phone pleasantly and maintain a pleasant demeanor while on the phone. Return all phone calls within 48 hours. Make a telephone appointment when you want to have a focused.

(You might want to get a friend to help you with this. VOLUME .Poise.) Is it too soft or too loud? Often when people are tired or upset their voices tend to fade. Being angry. careless and lack Knowledge. The second reason is one that is often overlooked and it is the psychological impact of listings. and they will Be asked to "speak up. 1. who would you be more likely to use for your next house transaction? 2. ARTICULATION . Think Of a visitor to your site. Smiling as you speak enhances Your vocal quality. You must enunciate or pronounce Your words very clearly or your listeners will misunderstand you.The quality of your voice is its most distinctive and individual characteristic. but not so loud that you sound Forced. QUALITY .The price of poor articulation is high. TESTIMONIALS The Golden Rule "if you can't say anything good don't say anything at all" applies to your site. it markets the properties that You represent. one with many listings on their site and one with one or none? Exactly. upset or in a hurry negatively affects your vocal quality. The first is the one that we all know. Think From the Users perspective for a second and you will see why. she has seen 10. Now." Be sure to speak loud enough to be heard. LISTINGS Listings accomplish two purposes. your listener won't Be able to follow you if you speak too rapidly.If you speak too slowly you'll likely lose the attention of the listener. Conversely. In either case. Now. particularly in business. how do you think She sorts through the masses? . you would expect That the one with all the listings was busy which then means that their service is good and their Contacts wide. This is always important because it lets your sellers know that you are doing Everything you can to represent them and it also can potential sell the home. maybe 20 sites for Realtors so far. RATE . your message won't get through. This is where the Essence of warmth. Faulty articulation and incorrect Word pronunciation give your listener the impression that you are sloppy. understanding and "likability" come into play.Check the volume or loudness of your voice. How would you feel about two Realtors.

So why do so many sites not have something as simple as An email address on them? A lot of sites revert to a contact form where users can fill in the information easily and then simply 69 Zip it off so that the real estate professional can answer the question. INFORMATION FORMS There is a difference between "contact forms" which I discussed above and "information forms". 3. give your User an out by also offering a clickable link to an email. Every time a client leaves your site the possibility increases That they will not return. In The latter case you give the User a new option to seek information from you. NON-FORM CONTACT INFORMATION This may seem absolutely obvious and it is. By ensuring that they don't have to leave your site you are negating this Possibility. Because of the industry you are in. MORTGAGE CALCULATORS The highest traffic generators of web sites are free services and tools that you offer to your clients. the simplest and most basic of these services is a mortgage Calculator. Through a contact form You force the User to use a method to contact you that they might not appreciate. If you have nothing at all for contact information then do something! 4. Providing this service while also presenting listings allows your clients to determine whether your Listing fits within their financial abilities.One of the easiest ways to ensure that you stay in the running to represent the client is to show that Your previous clients "loved" your service. It would be nice if it worked! Did you know that a majority of people refuse to fill in forms because they believe that their privacy May be compromised? Did you know that most forms ask for personal information that people aren't Willing to divulge? If you are planning to use a form. Remember what the impact will be if your visitor can't Find anyone to say anything good about you. An information form gives your User the option to seek specific information that you want to give Such as a relocation package or a list of homes available in the area. close the deal and Make money. 5. 6. get the work. ARTICLES AND INFORMATION .

Needless to say. new. The more times a User Comes to your site the more likely they are to use your services. Users love it too. First. progressive tools that can be added. The likelihood of you being selected for services is thereby increased. The only face you get to see is in the form of an IP address which doesn't Really tell you very much. The people visiting your site may know a lot about real estate or may know Very little. Adding new items and . 9. will be easier to service because of the knowledge you helped them obtain.Can you guess what search engines like the most when they index a site? It's relevant information Relating to the topic you want to be found for. When you provide links to complementary Services you save your User time and effort. GLOSSARY OF REAL ESTATE TERMS How long did it take you to understand the lingo of your industry? Do you know the educational level Of all of your clients? When you deal with clients face to face it is easy to get a feel for what your clients do or don't know. your User will likely return to your site to find more information or other services. These 10 items serve to create what would be a very complete web site for a real estate professional. The result is that your User will understand your services better and. by providing these links you leave the impression that you are professional and that you work Tirelessly for your clients. 10. The Internet changes this. Second. There will always be additional. Nothing accomplishes this quite like articles on real Estate topics. By providing a simply glossary of real estate terms (and links to it throughout your site) you help to Educate your User if needed. if They use your service. LINKS TO LOCAL REAL ESTATE SERVICES You are a real estate professional in an complex industry. This saving will be rewarded in two ways.