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This system consists of an electrically heated chamber and control unit, suitable to test self-ballasted CFL under abnormal condition such as at higher temperature upto 70°C and also at higher voltage up to 270V.

Electrically heated chamber/cabinet: The unit is constructed of double walled, with 4 compartments, inner and outer part of the chamber is made out of CRCA sheet, in-between gap is filled with good quality insulation materials. Front and rear sides are provided with sliding type clear glass doors for each compartment. In each compartment 40 CFL holders are provided, which are divided in 4 rows with 10 holders on each row (totally 160 holders are provided in this cabinet) and every compartment consists of separate switches and control. Each compartment has got a temperature controlling system, aircirculating fan, air ventilation system on either side and overshoot thermostat etc are provided along with ON/OFF switch, load indicator lamp etc. The interior of the cabinet is finished with silver paint and exterior part is given with powder coat finish. The overall size of the cabinet is: 48″ (length) × 24″ (width) × 58″ (height). Size of each compartment is: 48″ (L) × 24″ (W) × 12″ (H). The holders used are suitable for B22 d2 type lamp caps, which are ceramic type with plunger contacts. All holders are mounted in CRCA channels with concealed wiring using heat resistant fiberglass wires. Control unit: The control unit for the above electrically heated chamber consists of Digital Voltmeter, Time totaliser, Digital Cyclic Timer to set ON time and OFF time, Contactors, Autotransformer to set the test volt, Isolator ON/OFF switch, MCB, HRC fuse etc. All these controls are used four numbers each to enable to control and test lamps in each compartment separately and independently. The system is three phase-neutral operating type. The specifications of the items incorporated are as follows: 1. Digital Voltmeter – AC Range Sensitivity Resolution Accuracy Display Quantity Aux. Supply - 0 – 750 V AC -1V -1V - ± 0.5% ± 5 digit - 3½ digit - 4 Nos - 230V, 50Hz mains

Abnormal Test

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0 – 999 mts ‘ON’ time and 0 – 99 mts ‘OFF’ time .settable .99 Hours . 50 Hz mains .0 – 270 V .5% . 6. HRC fuse is also provided in the input side of suitable rating.2.better than ± 0.230V.15A .better than ± 0.4 Nos . Time Totalizer Range Resolution Accuracy Type Quantity Aux. Isolation transformer Additional two isolation transformer are used for two compartments so as to get the output voltage maximum upto 400V in two compartment.Non re-settable .230V.0 – 99999.16 Amps on each line . 50 Hz AC ± 5% .Re.36 seconds . Supply Contactors Type Rating Coil volt Quantity Autotransformer Output Range Rated Current Type Quantity . 4.3 phase with 3 ‘NO’ . Abnormal Test Page 2 of 2 .Air-cooled type to set the required test voltage .4 Nos 3.2% . Supply Digital Cyclic Timer Range Resolution Accuracy Type Quantity Aux.4 Nos .4 Nos .220 – 240 V 50Hz . MCB (miniature circuit breaker) is provided in the input side and also in the output side for every 10 lamps. 5. Master main ON/OFF switch is also there in the main input of suitable rating.1 mts .