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M..D.C, 5 de junio 2010.

Your Excellency: am honored to greet Your E.xoellency on the occas on o eferring to the: manifest openness of the , presiced by MiSier Porfirio Lobe Sosa, regarding the return of e.x-Presi& Honduras Manuel Zelaya Rosales to our country. In the first place I, must refer that President Lobe Sosa, in an act. of profourr, respect, on the same day of his inauguration as the Coat tutionai President of the Repit.ib ic, negotiatedttie issuance of a safe passage by which ex-Pre_ e , 7.elaya, his family and close supporters were oh e to end an •stay. o. rnoths. in the Embassy of Brsz 1 , alpa. unfortunatc:. closf,?iy-guarded a (lee, appreciation nation for which we h country for the ....‘torninican His leaving itS President, Mister Leonel Fern,-',Indez, represented the end of a because of the role aSSUITed This act of period of resYotiorts and gre ,,1 limltations for ex-President. Lelaya and his fami -;.%- President openness on the part of President Lobo Sosa was, at that time, publicly appreciated Write: 2. th.e presentation of a r-Altical crisis :,, erioncc: ,',1 by Honduras., resulted As you :m-e initiat:on of la proceed ::,fit:o Y;civil and penal character tc.) series of detiVICJ:. These proceedings : presented in against. ex-President Manttel Zelaya end some of are stilt in effect and have derivel l",,jtealter Genill of the F throuqh Honduran 1: and officials who accompanied him iv: the. arret. warrants against. ex-President of Itt Presidericv .,„ a have be.gun who accornpant:t. ,,,x-Presided Let ilia emphasize that most of those treatmerlt, None of return. to Honclittas. and have receNed, with no exception, just, correct and " Ditzlventive and them have been indicied; all are ;:Monding their causit-t-s under the. proteutio.ri 'rove ra.c.eived a fm el acquittal. : thr.iir trio s aubstNEthR 0.,:irores.5 is *0 transcenderu conroution. the search ' pe. , ice and justice in the country, The. aritinstv provIdes titkis possibility of El .p.;:riltion for t.._cris:s and, in fact alleged. politica: and incidental crimes 1c.n Those Hon:dui -an cirizen$ trwolved cifficial [Ti the Goverrrnent eX-Minister of: Finanoe, s.ervati to protect Maclaine Rebeca of Manuel Zolava Rosales, Your -ellency Mr. JOSE MIGUEL INSULZA Secretary C.::ienera of Organization of American Was . ,C, United SttleS Of Affietin
The iSSUarICe Of a Political .A.mriesty by the pp ate


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