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Scientix European

4-6 May 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Inspire students to study STEM by using of COMPASS project
Senior teacher of physics Tsetsa Tsolova Hristova, NPG po KTS, Pravets, Bulgaria, e-mail:

COMPASS ( is ЕРАЗЪМ KA2 project, which includes the departments of education at Bayreuth (Germany) and Maribor (Slovenia), four European schools (Spain,
Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania) and the non-governmental organization BonNouEdu SL.
The COMPASS project has a dual task: to develop materials on the STEM objects of the Moodle platform and to educate interested teachers in the classroom on the creation and use of
such materials. The project uses the Moodle e-learning platform and the dynamic software JSXGraph.

MOODLE: The materials consist mainly of Moodle tests, which are free software, easy to use and administer. It allows for tests, forum discussions, allows plugins to be added, which
facilitates the translation of the participants' languages. It also includes questions like "formulas" that allow the use of interactive animations in JavaScript, and there is a very powerful
statistical analysis of the questionnaire.

JSXGraph: This is a dynamic math cross-brouser library created by the Center for Mobile Education and Digital Technology at the University of Bayreuth (Gerhauser, 2011). JSXGraph and
implemented completely in Java Scrip, supports multi-touch devices and works on all operating systemand on all types of devices, such as desktops and mobile phones.

The body of mass 2 kg falls from a height 20 m 1. DRAWING THE GRAPHS POSITION-TIME AND SPEED-TIME
We have installed a radar that measures every second the position and speed of a toy car.
Illustrate graphically the values of the kinetic energy, potential gravity and the total mechanical energy of the body at the initial moment. It is in the position 1 m in t=0s and it travels at a speed of 2 m/s
Do this by dragging up the points on the horizontal axis. From this information complete the table and draw the graphs p-t and v-t.

Moodle type "formulas" questions Animation with JSXGraph

Illustrate graphically the values of the kinetic energy, potential gravity and the total mechanical energy of the body at the time it reaches the 2. Motion Graphics
ground. Assume that there is no friction with air. Do this by dragging up the points on the horizontal axis. Drag the colored dots to display the graphs

RESULTS: of the evaluation with students from IES Marcos Zaragoza, (Spain) - blue and National Vocational Secondary School of Computer Technologies and Systems, Bulgaria - brown The results of the
students' assessment of the project materials are positive and are available at and This is results of the evaluation with Bulgarian teachers and teachers from Turkey
are also positive: and

Online Student Assessment Self-assessment by students

Gerhäuser, M., Valentin, B., Wassermann, A. and Wilfahrt, P. (2011). JSXGraph - Dynamic Mathematics Scientix has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme –
Running on (nearly) Every Device, Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology 5, February. project Scientix 3 (Grant agreement N. 730009), coordinated by European Schoolnet (EUN). The content of the presentation is the sole responsibility of the presenter and it does not represent the opinion of the
Mourat Tchoshanov, 2013. Engineering of Learning: Conceptualizing e-Didactics Moscow. European Commission (EC) nor European Schoolnet (EUN) and neither the EC nor EUN are responsible for any use that might be made of information contained.

Note: COMPASS (Creating Online Materials & Products At STEM Subjects) is ERASMUS KA2 School
Education project from September 2016 to August 2018, Reference: 2016-1-ES01-KA201-025485