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Where all sugars Unite!






MARCH 2018
Chapter 1: Introduction & Background


For some of us with a sweet tooth, a meal is incomplete if it does not end with a dessert.

However, the problem is that many desserts are not just high in sugar but also high in fat. The

other problem with desserts and sweets in general is that if you enjoy them today there is a high

likelihood you will crave them the next day and the following day, thus creating a daily habit.

is especially true if you know there is a large tub of ice cream waiting for you in the freezer and

all you have to do is to grab a spoon!

The good news is that you can enjoy desserts as long as you make healthy choices and

practice moderation. Sugar are a great way to satisfy a craving for something sweet, but

there's a sweet foods are healthy to eat and to try. The combination of fruits to the sweet

candies, cream , and etc.


We're planning to establish our first branch in

ulingao San Rafael Bulacan . This will be an
To be popular among the people of any age.To
awesome branch that will make the costumers
be able to satisfy their sweet cravings with our
smile by eating our specialties which is
product and to expand our branches in Luzon
within the next 10 years
We want to see our costumer satisfied to our
sweets and to our customers service so were
looking for a good/kind hearted applicant that
will assure our good costumers service

1.To be the leading dessert shop among people of any age

2.To be able to expand our branches throughout country.

3.To satisfy the customers with good service as always.

4.To gain the customer's trust.


1.To be the leading dessert shop in Bulacan.

2.To be able to put up stalls in the big food parks around Bulacan.

3.To establish our shop in the big malls in the country

4.To earn good financial returns.

5.To make our customers and workers happy whenever they are in the shop.

1. To be the leading dessert shop in Bulacan.

2. To be able to put up stalls in the big food parks around the city.

3. To establish our shop in the big malls in the country.

4. To earn good financial returns.

5. To make our customers and workers happy whenever they are in the shop.
Chapter 2 Executive Summary

Sugar Land is a shop of sweet products owned by Allan Camarines and managed by

Joven Arboso. It intend to satisfy the sweet cravings of the costumer. Some of the people has

incomplete meals without desserts that is why we build this business of sweets. Our company

plans to expand and become the leading dessert shop after 10 years with earning good financial

returns. We also want to be popular to the people with any years of age and to have stalls in large

malls and parks where we satisfy your sweet cravings by the help of our employees of the


The business is not complete without its employees who runs, protect and innovate the

company.The business is running by the owner named Allan Camarines, He was born in august

20, 1998 in Bulacan and is currently studying as a Grade 12 Senior High School in Lydia D.

Villangca Trade School, and a successful Engineer in future. The general manager Joven Arboso

was born on 28th of September 1999 in Manila and also currently studying in Lydia D. Villangca

Trade School and a successful Graphic Artist in future. Sara Ramos, our office manager.Persie

Mae Mallari, the director of marketing. Maricris Sulit, our manager trainee.
Chapter 3: The Proponents

He was born in august 20, 1998 in Bulacan District Hospital. His
parents are Ernesto Camarines and Corazon Camarines. He is currently
studying as a Grade 12 Senior High School in Lydia D. Villangca Trade
School. In the future , he will be successful Engineer.

Persie Mae B. Mallari she was born in May 17 2000 in Baliuag
districts hospital. Her parents are Perlina Mallari and Zosimo Mallari. She
currently studying as a grade 12 students in lydia d villangca trade school. In
the future she will be a successful teacher in the major of MAPEH.

He was born on 28th of September 1999 in Manila, Pabella Hospital
his parents are Patrocinio Arboso and Clarita Arboso. He is currently
studying in Lydia D. Villangca Trade School.
Her birthdate is March 18,2000.Born in Manila but she is currently living in
Bulacan with her parents.She is a senior high student at Lydia D.Villangca
Trade School.She is in the GAS strand.

She was born in march 02 2000 in Sto Domingo Nueva Ecija. Her parents are
Pedro Sulit and Cristina Sulit and she currently studying as a grade 12 student
in Lydia D. Villangca trade school. In future she will become a flight


He graduated with a degree of Bachelor in Science of Nursing in
Bulacan State University in year 2012, a registered nurse since 2012 and a
licensed professional teacher. He is now currently belong to the faculty of
Senior High School at Lydia D. Villangca Trade School ,where he teaches
Entrepreneurship , Mathematics and Philosophy.
Chapter 4: The target customer and main value proposition to the customer

Costumer profile needs and wants

The land of creamy cookies is the best and perfect dessert in our product especially for

those who wants to eating cold, and many people wants to eat cold for relieve their stress and

moslty the kids is wants to eat ice cream. our ice cream its a combination of cookies and ice

cream per serving. if you taste, im sure you will satisfied. and we have more sweet candys that

very perfect combination to our ice cream.

Demographic Profile

-Our product is good for all dont have any issue for age because its healthy

-Our product are open in all aspect of religion.

-Everyone can buy of this product because very appordable prize even students and other


- Our products are affordable to everyone that's why can anyone can buy, even they has a low

salary then can try our product and relax them with a low price of product.

Preference lifestyle

-Many people has s different life style in sense of taste, example the other one is like very sweet

and the other one is not, but our product has a balance of sweet and you will satisfied.

Main Value Peposition

1. Captive market

-community of buyers who desires/buy the products. We are accepting a credit card but we

highly recommend to pay in cash. We're going to give an advantage/or suki card, that's a way of

capturing a market to buy again.

3. Uniqueness and Differentiation

-The product is perfect fit to costumers wants and needs. It could not ask for more. The costumer

will be satisfied to products benefits and to the costumer s service.


-the right price for the right quality. The price is competitive versus competitive product.

Because it is affordable the costumer has no choice except to buy the product.

4.Uniqueness and differentiate

-the product is a stand out! The quality and services are flawless. It can be unlimited. fresh and

new products, balanced taste of sweet, heavenly ambiance. It pampers the costumers.

Chapter 5: The product

Description of product

Wide variety of homemade sugar based products that are suitable for any age. Discover

new combination of flavors from our sweet treats. We offer candies, ice creams, cupcakes and

shakes that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Where all sugars Unite!
Product Ingredients for Ice Cream (Cookies &Cream flavor)

3 cup all purpose cream

1 cup condensed milk

1 cup crushed cookies

Step 1.

Prepare all the ingredients and tools. (this are the example of brand we use in making ice

Step 2.

Mix the first two cups of all purpose cream and the condensed milk.

Step 3.

Put the another one all purpose cream to the mixtures.

Step 4.

After the mixtures of cream and condensed milk, you can put your toppings or your own flavor

But in this time we use crush cookies to make cookies and cream.

Step 5.

Put it in good container and freeze in 4-6 hours.

Finish product
Tools and Equipment

Tools and Classification Quantity Price


For mixing the

ingredients. It has 3
Electric mixer different button
speed to mix the 1 1500

For the liquid

ingredients to
Liquid measuring beeasured before
cup mixing. It has
measurements to 2 100
measure the

This is where the

ingredients are
Mixing bowl mixed. It can make
20 servings of ice 1 150

For the ice cream to

be freeze and get
Freezer the perfect texture
and coldness 1 5000

Ingredients Quantity cost

All Purpose Cream 1 cup Php 47.00

Condensed Milk 1 cup Php 37.00

Crushed Cookies 1 cup Php 32.00

Heavy Cream( 2 cups Php 100.00

Total Php 216.00

No. of Capital Cost per Total cost Capital income Total
Servings Servings per per Income
servings servings

12 Php 216.00 Php 35.00 Php 420.00 Php 18.00 Php 17.00 Php 204.00
Nutrition Summary
Health Benefits

Benefits of Ice Cream

There is no denying that ice cream isn't exactly a health food. Its main ingredients are

cream, milk, sugar and flavoring. That being said, ice cream does provide your body with a

handful of key nutrients, including bone-strengthening calcium and phosphorus, blood-pressure-

lowering potassium and energizing B vitamins

Benefits of Candy

Sugar can restore willpower. For difficult tasks, a shot of sugar makes people persevere

longer and keeps them focused. A few pieces of candy while taking on a big project — from
yard work to homework — might go a long way.
Chapter 6: Enterprise strategy and Delivery System

A. Strategy

The information stated below are the following strategies that we are going to conduct.

•Seasonal Themes

We will decor the shop to match the season (ex. Christmas, summer, etc.) and the design of the

products too.


Promos such as buy one take one or the customers can get freebies if they buy certain amount of



We will give discount coupons for every big amount of purchase or have products that are
discounted for a

limited time only.

B. Programs to Achieve Strategic Objectives

We will use ads (ex. Newspaper, etc.) and social media to let people know what our business can

offer and to persuade them to buy our products too.

C. Activities

For the shop's opening the customers will be able to buy our products with big discount.

Customers can suggest products or product design that they want to see in our shop and the

chosen customer can receive discount coupons.

Have big sale at least three times a year

D. Competitors

In our business there a lot of competitors can surround to the area of business , because of the

some trends and popular are sweet foods and social foods. The example of our competitors are

the small business of ice cream or candies , the branded or imported brand of products, but we

can do our best to manage and stand the business even there's a lot of competitors
Vicinity Map
Floor Plan