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Title: Water Pollution

Name: Pok Pei Jia No. K/P: 960318-14-6148 Class: 2 RK CEKAL Teacher: Cikgu Nani

domestic waste. siltation. The unwanted and harmful substances in water are called water pollutants. and oil spillage from tankers. agricultural activities. mining activities. Introduction of water pollution Water pollutants come from industrial waste. As the amount of fresh water around us is limited. Water become polluted when it contains unwanted and harmful substances. We will die if lack of water. .Aim: To create awareness among students the need to conserve water quality. we should save our water. chemical. Water is needed to keep living things alive.

Factory waste includes inorganic solids and toxic chemicals. polluting the water and poisoning aquatic . lead . 2.Types of water pollution 1. cyanide and radioactive substances. Examples of such chemicals are alkalis . Factory waste is discharged into rivers and seas . Industrial waste 1. mercury . acids .

Sewage is waste matter that is dissolved or suspended in water.2. . 3. ponds and lakes.Domestic waste a) b) c) d) e) Domestic waste which is thrown into drains results in water pollution. plastic . Domestic rubbish includes left over food and waste such as paper. b) These substances leach into the ground and enter the water source in the soil which later flows into rivers . pesticides . They are harmful to plants and small animals. the mud and silt flow into rivers and lakes. 4. untreated sewage and detergents. Polutants from homes include garbage . plastic bags and Styrofoam articles which cannot be broken down into harmless substances can pollute water for many years. Agricultural waste a) In agriculture . It has a high content of human excreta and urine. glass and metal. insecticides . the use of chemical fertilisers . Non-biodegradeble detergents . herbicides and fungicides can pollute water. Siltation a) When forests are cut down and construction activities are carried out .