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The parts' name of DX1160

The front coping

Emergency power

Display screen
Left front plate
Right front plate

Front plate

Insertion table

Right gas spring Left gas spring
Left guard board
Ejection table

Right guard board

Staff gauge

Unlock button


The back coping

The left coping

The right coping

Left back plate

Punch debris receptacle
Right back plate

The back plate

Left-side cove


Right-side cover RIP connector Pump cord Power cord Gas suction connector Vacuum connector Blower control connector 3 .

Left balancer drive Right balancer drive Fiber dense array Drum Towline Foundation bolt Mount pad Optics unit Drum lead rail Unfixed plate clamps Insertion table position bolt (left) Servo strap Left opto-coupler for plate fly off Silicon photocell pedestal Optical glass 4 .

Insertion table position bolt (right) Encoder mounting plate Right electrical cabinet Encoder Right shaft block Right opto-coupler for plate fly off Encoder coupling Suction pump sleeve Drum balancer Left electrical cabinet Suction pump(inside) Servo-actuator drive Servo-actuator 5 .

Balancer opto-coupler Balancer drive motor Indicating needle Balance Structure Lead rail Main screw coupling Brake Main screw Marble plain stage Stepping motor 6 .

Left surface of insertion table Right surface of insertion table Middle surface of insertion table Straining beam Front beam Back beam Transmit strap Auxiliary roller Back opto-coupler sliding axle Steel groove Back opto-coupler Stepping motor for back opto-coupler Back opto-coupler coupling Back opto-coupler beam Transmit roller 7 .

Drive strap for back opto-coupler Limit switch for back opto-coupler Plate-ejected drive gear Guide plate drive gear 8 .

Edge clamp drive axle Left wallboard Right wallboard Squeeze roller Edge clamp drive motor Squeeze roller drive axle drive motor Clamp arm drive axle Clamp arm drive motor Leading edge right opto-coupler Leading edge left opto-coupler Edge clamp(fixed) Location pin The supporting shoe of edge clamp Edge clamp groove Reflecting area Wind block 9 .

Upper opto-coupler for squeeze roller Down opto-coupler for squeeze roller Upper opto-coupler for clamp arm Down opto-coupler for clamp arm Middle protecting cap Right protecting cap Left protecting cap 10 .

Guard board Clamp arm crank Squeeze roller spring Guard board Squeeze roller spring Clamp arm crank 11 .

Clamp arm frame Squeeze roller Squeeze bar Edge clamp block Mushroom head Back block Side block Finger sliding bush Rubber block Front block 12 .

Transverse Transverse pull screw nut pull coupling Transverse pull motor Transverse pull screw Back output roller(upper) Right side guide Back output roller(down) Left side guide Punch 13 .

Bearing cap Side guide coupling Bushings Side guide opto-coupler Centering motor Side guide Locknut Side guide screw Side guide Opto-coupler Punch cam pedestal Indicating needle Punch motor Punch block Cavity die Formed punch 14 .

Locking screw (slope) Slope micrometer Dust-proof sleeve Locking screw (object distance) Air suction pipe for lens Object distance micrometer Gas blow pipe for lens Fiber dense array Focus coupling Focus motor 15 .

Power filter On-load isolator Circuit breaker Servo circuit breaker AC contactor PLC servo motor control input Servo encoder input Servo drive screen Servo encoder output Servo motor power input 16 .

PLC power PLC screen PLC communication communication interface interface interface RUN/PROM switcher PLC interface cable The first level of left electrical cabinet Back opto-coupler motor Right side guide motor Left side guide motor L2:power input DF20-4B Stepper motor output Control signal input Stepper drive power input The second level of right electrical cabinet 17 .

Pin wafer power DF20-3B L2:power DF20-4B L4:power DF20-4B L3:power DF20-4B Focus drive power R2 DF20-4B AC220V signal power input DF16-4B AC220V motor power input DF16-4B Sensor signal power filter Sensor signal power UP Drive motor power UM The fifth level of left electrical cabinet Data wafer power input interface Power R1 DF16-6B Sensor signal input Lasers signal cable Encoder signal input Communicate with PLC input RIP signal input Communicate with serial port 1 of PLC The first level of right electrical cabinet 18 .

Screw stepper motor DF25-5B Focus stepper motor DF20-5B Screw power drive input DF20-4B Focus power drive input DF16-3B Focus stepper motor drive Screw stepper motor drive The second level of right electrical cabinet 5V signal output Data wafer power of lasers DF20-5B output DF16-6B Lasers 24V output DF16-3B Lasers power output DF30-8B Circuit wafer signal power Signal switch Lasers switch AC220V input AC220V input DF16-4B DF16-2B Circuit wafer signal filter Lasers power Lasers power filter The third level of right electrical cabinet 19 .

Refrigeration power output DF25-6B Screw power output DF20-4B Refrigeration and screw AC220V power input Refrigeration power switch Screw power switch The fourth level of right electrical cabinet 20 .

Power input level 2 DC24V DF20-4B Power input level 3 DC24V DF20-4B Power input level 4 DC24V DF20-4B Pin wafer power output DC24V DF20-4B Power output level 2 DC24V DF20-4B Power output level 3 DC24V DF20-4B Focus power output R2 DC24V DF20-4B Power output level 4 DC24V DF20-4B The back view of left electrical cabinet 21 .

R1:data wafer power input DF16-6B R2:focus stepper motor output DF20-5B R2:screw stepper motor output DF25-5B R2:screw drive power input DF20-4B R2:focus drive power input DF16-3B R3:5V lasers signal output DF20-5B R3:lasers power output DF30-8B R3:lasers switch power input DF16-4B R3:signal switch power input DF16-2B R4:screw drive power output DF20-4B R3:data wafer power output DF16-6B R3:24V lasers power output DF16-3B R4:refrigeration power output DF25-6B The back view of right electrical cabinet 22 .

DB5:servo power interface P1-P10:PLC data line interface JS5:emergency power and punch sensor signal JS4:vacuum switch to detect sensor signal JS1:insertion table sensor signal JS2:wallboard line sensor signal JS3-1:punch sensor signal JW3:clamp arm component JW1:position component of insertion table JS3-2:side guide sensor signal JW2:shaft block component JW6:pump component JW5:reserve B1:solenoid brake signal JP3:screen power interface JP2:PLC power interface T1:side guide and back opto-coupler stepper motor signal wire DB1:DC electromotor signal of the first group DB2:DC electromotor signal of the second group DB3:DC electromotor signal of the third group DB4:DC electromotor signal of the fourth group MT3:right side guide stepper motor MT2:left side guide stepper motor MT4:reserve MT1: back opto-coupler stepper motor MI3:DC electromotor output of the third group MI4:DC electromotor output of the fourth group MI2:DC electromotor output of the second group JM1:insertion table motor JW4:position punch motor and little pump MI1:DC electromotor output of the first group B2:reserve JM2:wallboard motor JM3:punch and side guide motor DB6:servo signal interface Pin wafer interface illustration 23 .