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What follows is the game script for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

It is the ENTIRE game script, thus it is loaded with unmarked spoilers. All game text (and everything in here, really) is (c) 2008 Capcom. Script transcribed in its entirety by svedka. Please feel free to pass along to anyone you want, just don't do something illegal or stupid like charge for the content. This is a first draft, completed 17 July 2008. If any omissions or other mistakes jump out at you, please email them to svedka9(at) and you will be credited. Suggestions for formatting or whatever can also be sent there. DO NOT email for any other reason. To jump to a specific part of the script, use the five-digit number between hyphens in the Table of Contents. [sic] indicates typos made in the game that I have retained.

============================ TABLE OF CONTENTS ============================ EPISODE 1 TURNABOUT TRUMP -10101- Day 1: Trial Former -10102- Day 1: Trial Latter EPISODE 2 TURNABOUT CORNER -20101-20201-20202-20203-20301-

Day Day Day Day Day

1: 2: 2: 2: 3:

Investigation Trial Former Trial Latter Investigation Trial

EPISODE 3 TURNABOUT SERENADE -30101- Day -30201- Day -30202- Day -30301- Day -30302- Day

1: 2: 2: 3: 3:

Investigation Trial Investigation Trial Former Trial Latter

EPISODE 4 TURNABOUT SUCCESSION -40101- Day 1: Investigation -40201- Day 2: Trial Former -40202- Day 2: Trial Latter -40701- 7 Years Ago: Trial Former -40702- 7 Years Ago: Trial Latter -40M01- MASON System -40301- Day 3: Trial



============================ Episode 1 Turnabout Trump Day 1: Trial Former -10101============================ Showdown time. ... You lose. Auuuuuuuugh! Eeeeeeeeeek! ...I seem to be in a bit of trouble. Something like that. ...Dead. Hard. Someone hit him.

Me? Please. The cops should be here any minute. I'm in your hands... Should it come to that. --April 20, 9:37 AM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 3 --Apollo: (Panicked... Palms sweaty... I can admit it. I'm nervous.) ???: Ah, good morning! Apollo: G-Good morning, sir! Kristoph: You look tense, Justice. Wound up tight. Apollo: W-Wound up, sir? No! I'm loose! I'm fine!

Kristoph: That screeching noise... Is that your voice? I suppose it's to be expected... Kristoph: Your first trial, and it's a homicide. I guess "Justice" doesn't start small, eh? Apollo: I-I'm fine! Apollo: I got up at 5 AM to do my "Chords of Steel" voice workout! I'm fine! Kristoph: Ah, that explains it. Kristoph: I did detect a certain rasping quality to your screech. Apollo: ...*cough* (I overdid it again...) Kristoph: As you know, your client today is a good friend of mine. Kristoph: I wouldn't want to let him down... if you get my drift. Apollo: Drift gotten, sir! over that drift! I-I'm all

Kristoph: As it happens, I dined with him the night of the murder. Kristoph: We can't let this case fall through. Apollo: Yes. Yes! I'm fine, sir! Kristoph: One more thing. Kristoph:

Don't say you're fine quite so much. Kristoph: People might take you the wrong way. Apollo: *gulp* Kristoph: I'll be preparing our case. Kristoph: You might want to introduce yourself to the client. Apollo: My name is Apollo Justice. Apollo: If it isn't clear already, I'm a new attorney. Apollo: And today is my first trial. Apollo: N-Not that I'm worried or anything! Apollo: The defendant has been accused of... murder. Apollo: My boss wants to help him out, of course... and so do I! Apollo: I mean, there's no way he did it. Not him! No way! ???: ... Apollo: Whoa! ???: ... Apollo: Good uh, morning! ???: ...

???: Morning. today.

It's all up to you

Apollo: (First trial: nervous. Meeting him: cardiac arrest.) ???: ... Apollo: ... (I think I'm supposed to say something... Uh... help?) ???: So, you're... Apollo: Fine! I-I'm fine! ???: Ah... Mr. Fine, is it? Apollo: Uh. ???: I did remember you having an odd name. Apollo: (Well, we're off to a great start.) Apollo: Um... Are you sure you're OK, I mean, with me? ???: ... Apollo: Mr. Gavin is a top-notch defense attorney. Apollo: And he's your friend! So why... ???: ... You'll see.

Apollo: Uh? ???: You can do it. Be confident. Apollo: Um, I... Apollo: I'm really sorry this happened to you. I mean... Apollo: I mean, I... ???: It's time. Shall we? Apollo: Y-Yes, sir! Apollo: (... OK. I need to focus.) Apollo: (First trial, here comes Justice!) --April 20, 10:00 AM District Court Courtroom No. 2 ----------Evidence \ ---------------------------Attorney's Badge Type: Other One of my possessions. How long did I yearn for one of these? Just putting it on makes me feel... ready. =Check -> Examine Back= Apollo: There's a number inscribed on the back of the badge. Apollo: There are many numbers like

it, but this one is mine. Proof that I'm an attorney. Apollo: To tell the truth, I get a happy feeling inside just looking at it. ---------------------------Smith's Autopsy Report Type: Reports Received during the preliminary hearing. The time of death was around 2 AM, April 17. Death caused by single blow to forehead. =Check= * Victim's Name Shadi Smith (Age: ??), Male * Estimated Time of Death April 17 Between 1:45 AM and 2:15 AM. * Cause of Death Cerebral hemorrhaging resulting from blunt trauma to forehead. ---------------------------Crime Photo 1 Type: Photographs Received during the preliminary hearing. The sub-basement at the Borscht Bowl Club. Touch the Check Button for details. -----------------------------------Profiles \ ---------------------------Kristoph Gavin Age: 32 Gender: Male Boss at Gavin Law Offices. A first-rate defense attorney, and my trusted mentor. ---------------------------??? Age: ?? Gender: Male My first client. Just standing in front of this guy makes me nervous... ----------------------------

Shadi Smith Age: ?? Gender: Male The victim in this case. A traveler, only recently back in-country. ---------------------------Winston Payne Age: 61 Gender: Male The prosecuting attorney. For all his experience, he lacks a certain presence... ---------------------------Judge: The court is now in session. Payne: The prosecution is ready, Your Honor. Apollo: Uh, the defense is, uh, fine! I mean ready, Your Honor! Apollo: (Mind going blank... Don't panic... Ack, too late!) Judge: Your name was... Mr. Justice? Judge: And this is your first trial? Apollo: Y-Yes, Your Honor! But I'm fine! Really! Judge: Are you quite sure? Your voice sounds a bit strained. Apollo: ...*cough* Judge: Ahem. Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: ...Yes, Your Honor? Judge: I was under the impression that you would be heading

up this case...? Kristoph: That was my intention, yes. Kristoph: However... Kristoph: A defense attorney must always cede to his client's wishes. Kristoph: And my client specifically requested Mr. Justice. Judge: Well, of course he wants justice! Judge: But to entrust his case to this greenhorn... Why? Judge: I do not exaggerate when I say that you're the best defense attorney in town, Mr. Gavin. Apollo: (OK, so Gavin's got trial experience, fine. But does he have Chords of Steel!?) Judge: Then let's begin. The defendant may enter the courtroom. ???: ... Judge: This is truly an unfortunate turn of events. Judge: I'm sorry we had to meet again under these circumstances. Judge: Long time no see, Mr. Wright. Phoenix: Let's put the past behind us, shall we?

Phoenix: These days, I'm merely Phoenix Wright, piano player. ---------------------------Phoenix Wright Age: 33 Gender: Male Pianist at the Borscht Bowl Club. Formerly an ace defense attorney of some renown. ---------------------------Apollo: (Mr. Wright... How could this have happened?) Judge: I won't speak of it further then. Judge: If the prosecution would be so kind as to explain the charges. Mr. Payne? Payne: To think, I saw you enter this room a fresh attorney, and now I'll see you leave in chains. Phoenix: Ah, Winston Payne. ever, I see. Payne: Ahem. Payne: The crime occurred at the Borscht Bowl Club... a Russian restaurant. Payne: The defendant, Phoenix Wright, took the victim, a customer... Payne: ...and he hit him! Wham! On the head! Smack! Killed him cold. Judge: Hmm... A customer at the restaurant, you say? Judge: Subtle as

And the defendant, you say he was...? Payne: The pianist for the club, it seems. Judge: Phoenix Wright... A pianist? Payne: This is the weapon that took the victim's life. A bottle of grape juice. Payne: Grape juice is apparently our defendant's drink of choice. Judge: The court accepts the deadly bottle as evidence. ** Deadly Bottle added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Deadly Bottle Type: Weapons Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Payne Grape juice bottle used as the murder weapon. Bears the defendant Mr. Wright's prints. =Check -> Examine Label= Apollo: Grape juice... How long has it been since I drank grape juice? Apollo: Apparently, it's Mr. Wright's favorite drink. I wonder how well it goes with borscht? =Check -> Examine Back or Bottom= Apollo: The bottle is completely empty. ---------------------------Kristoph:

Something to note, Jusice. Kristoph: All evidence is filed in the Court Record. Kristoph: Make a practice of checking it frequently. Apollo: The Court Record... Right! I've heard of that! Kristoph: Use the Court Record Button to look at the evidence so far. Kristoph: I'm confident in your ability to handle this. Apollo: (Right, the Court Record Button. Sounds like it's time for some hands-on action!) Judge: So, the victim was a customer at this restaurant. Judge: But just who was this, erm, "Shadi Smith" fellow? Payne: We believe he was a traveler, Your Honor. Judge: A... traveler? Payne: According to his passport, he had been out of the country for a number of years. Payne: He had only returned to this country recently, though his place of residence is unclear. Judge: And he had some sort of connection with the defendant? Payne:

...That, too, is unclear at present, Your Honor. Payne: We believe they first met at the Borscht Bowl Club on the night of the crime. Judge: If they had only just met, then why murder? Judge: Perhaps the victim slighted the defendant's piano playing? Payne: That doesn't appear to have been the case. Payne: No, the motive had nothing to do with the defendant's lack of playing skill. Payne: At least not piano playing. I'll let this photo explain what I mean. Payne: As we can see, a game of poker was in progress at the scene of the crime. Judge: Wait a second! Judge: Isn't poker gambling? Judge: That's a crime in and of itself! Payne: Indeed. It appears our defendant... Payne: ...has fallen to become the basest sort of criminal! Kristoph: *OBJECTION!* Kristoph:

It is true that the defendant was engaged in a game of poker with the victim. Kristoph: Yet it was only that: a game, in the purest sense. A competition, Your Honor. Payne: A... competition? Kristoph: Yes, a test of wits, a silent clash of passions... Kristoph: Only the cards, their backs wreathed in blue flame, know its final outcome. Judge: ... Er, come again? Payne: The cards on the table had blue backs, Your Honor. Payne: I believe the defense was waxing poetic in an attempt to mystify those present... Payne: ...and impress women. Judge: That will be our first order of business here then: Judge: To find out more about this fatal game of cards. Phoenix: ... Judge: Very well, Defendant. Judge: You will testify to the court about the poker competition held the night of the crime. Phoenix:

...My pleasure. Apollo: (This is it, my first trial! Here goes nothing!) ** Witness Testimony ** -- The Competition -Phoenix: I am a pianist by trade... yet I can hardly play at all. Phoenix: My real job is to take on interested customers over at the poker table. Phoenix: The room where we play and the competition in there are the club's main attractions. Phoenix: The rules are simple: we play a game of poker using two decks of cards. Phoenix: That's all it is... a game. And our customers are happy. Judge: ...Hmm. Judge: A pianist who can't play piano? Payne: Better than a defense attorney who can't defend. Judge: ... Judge: Very well. The defense may begin the cross-examination. Apollo: R-Right, Your Honor! Apollo: (My first cross-examination! Don't blow it!)

Kristoph: Are you alright? You're sweating bullets. Apollo: Bullets...!? Where!?

Kristoph: It's a figure of speech, Justice. Your voice sounds strained and raspy, too. Apollo: My brain feels strained and raspy, sir. Kristoph: You've watched me perform cross-examinations many times. Kristoph: Though you've never done one yourself, have you? Care for a refresher? Apollo: (What to do? Should I ask Mr. Gavin for a refresher course in cross-examination?) [ Refresher course, please! ] Apollo: (Better safe than sorry, especially this early in the game!) Apollo: Yes, teach me! I know nothing! Kristoph: Indeed. Your job, Justice, is to be mindful of the Court Record and the testimony. Kristoph: Look for inconsistencies in the testimony with what the Court Record tells you. Kristoph: When you've found an inconsistency...

Kristoph: That's when you present the conflicting evidence from the Court Record! Apollo: But I didn't hear anything strange at all in the testimony just now... Kristoph: A good sign that you need to press the witness for more information. Apollo: Press... him? Kristoph: Don't let the fact that he's a remarkable man hold you back. Get more information! Apollo: (Uh... But isn't Mr. Wright my client?) Kristoph: Well? Think you can do it? Apollo: Yes! Thank you, sir! Apollo: I think I can do it! Kristoph: I think you'd better, or we're going to have a problem. Kristoph: Just remember... [ No thanks ] Apollo: No need for help here, sir! I think I've got this one covered! Kristoph: I think you'd better do more than think. You know it, or you do not. Apollo:

(I'm fine! The Chords of Steel are ready for battle!) Apollo: (My weapons: press and present...) Kristoph: Find any inconsistencies, any lies in the testimony, and reveal them to the court. Kristoph: That is cross-examination. Learn it. Know it. Do it. Apollo: ("Inconsistencies"? Phoenix Wright...?) "Lies"?

Apollo: (As if! Phoenix Wright would never lie, and it's up to me to prove it.) Judge: The defense may begin the cross-examination. ** Cross-Examination ** -- The Competition -((Present Wrong, v.1)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: This evidence clearly reveals a contradiction in that statement, Your Honor! Judge: How exactly are the evidence and the statement just now related? Apollo: They aren't, are they...? Judge: Not at all. Judge: Mr. Justice, please think

the facts over before making accusations. Apollo: (I don't think that won me any points with the judge...) ((Present Wrong, v.2)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Your Honor! That statement contradicts the evidence! Judge: ...? Judge: It does? I don't see anything contradictory... Apollo: ...Um... You sure about that? Judge: Objection overruled. Judge: Try to think before you make accusations, Mr. Justice! Apollo: (Ack! That didn't go so well.) ((Present Wrong, v.3)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Your Honor! What do you think about the witness's statement? Judge: Uh... I'm not sure I follow you. Apollo: It clearly, er, contradicts the... um... I thought... Judge:

...You don't sound very sure, Mr. Justice. Judge: Objection overruled. Apollo: (I don't think that won me any points with the judge...) ((Life Bar Depleted)) Judge: That's enough! Judge: I see no need to further prolong this trial. Judge: The defense's case is insufficient to overturn the prosecution's claims! Judge: This court finds the defendant, Phoenix Wright... G-u-i-l-t-y Judge: The defendant will surrender himself to the court's care... Judge: undergo a regular trial at the High Court within a month's time. Judge: Court is adjourned! Phoenix: I am a pianist by trade... yet I can hardly play at all. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You can hardly play...? Phoenix: Oh, I play sometimes. customers demand it. When

Phoenix: So I play them one song. That's usually all they want. Apollo: (Was that supposed to be a boast just now...) Phoenix: The title of "pianist" is a mask -- a respectable face I wear for the world at large. Judge: Then why are you really at the Borscht Bowl Club? Phoenix: My real job is to take on interested customers over at the poker table. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: They pay you just to play poker? Phoenix: That would seem to be the case. I am a professional, after all. Payne: Bah! Do I detect pride in that statement? Payne: It's just hard for an honest, hard-working member of society like me to imagine... Phoenix: Yes. Your imagination was always a bit limited, Winston. Payne: Wh-What!? Phoenix: I've played poker for seven years in that little room. Phoenix: And I've never.

Lost. Once. Apollo: Wha--? Phoenix: You see why the customers come now? Phoenix: "Defeat the undefeated poker champion"... Phoenix: It's quite a draw. Phoenix: That is, I'm quite a draw. Apollo: Wait, you've never lost once? Not even one time!? Phoenix: As I said, I'm a professional. Apollo: (He's played poker for seven years and not lost once...) Apollo: (Is that even possible!?) Phoenix: The room where we play and the competition in there are the club's main attractions. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: The room in the crime scene photo... is an attraction? Phoenix: It has quite a history, actually. Phoenix: The Borscht Bowl Club used to be a gathering spot for black market types back in the day. Apollo: B-Black market?

Phoenix: All in the past. Things like the black market are only on the silver screen nowadays. Phoenix: Suffice it to say that there were a lot of deals being made under the table. Phoenix: Right there in that room. Judge: A smoky room, gambling hoods. You know... Judge: Just looking at this picture makes me feel "bad"! Phoenix: The bosses gather around the table, cutting deals, safe from the eyes of the law... Phoenix: Meanwhile, a goon keeps watch through the small window... Phoenix: I can practically picture it now. Apollo: (That window does look like it would be good for keeping a look-out but little else.) Phoenix: The room had a few other tricks to it... Phoenix: Though it was common knowledge to our regulars. Phoenix: At any rate, they come to play poker in a room steeped in history. Phoenix: Despite the dark past, it was all just good, clean fun.

Phoenix: The rules are simple: we play a game of poker using two decks of cards. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Two decks of cards? Phoenix: A simple measure to prevent cheating. Phoenix: If you alternate two decks, no one can slip in cards. Judge: There's something else I noticed... Judge: In addition to the cards on the table, there are some lying scattered on the floor. Kristoph: Precisely. Cards on the table, cards upon the floor... Kristoph: Each one forming a complete deck. Kristoph: A crime scene painted blue by a sad sweep of cards... Kristoph: It's poetic, really. Phoenix: Incidentally, we used two types of cards at the club. Phoenix: One deck of cards was red. The other blue. Judge: Hmm... Judge: As I recall, in poker you make five-card "hands".

Judge: I can see how it would be easy to cheat. Phoenix: Heh... Yes. A game of "hands". Apollo: ...? Phoenix: That's all it is... a game. And our customers are happy. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So, you claim you weren't gambling? Phoenix: That's right. a game. It was simply

Apollo: You didn't bet any money? Not even a little? Phoenix: The only thing at stake in our game... was pride itself. Judge: Ho ho! Well put, Mr. Wright. Judge: I've got a mind to play a hand of poker myself... Judge: The stakes: your fate! Apollo: (Um... Can we get back to the trial now?) Apollo: (I can't imagine Mr. Wright lying in a testimony...) Kristoph: Isn't it a little early to be jumping to conclusions?

Kristoph: This is your first cross-examination. Take it slow. Kristoph: If you need more information, don't forget to press. Apollo: R-Right! I got it! I'm fine! (Time to listen to that testimony again.) ((Pressed 2, 3, and 4)) Judge: This competition you're talking about... Judge: I believe the court understands the nature of the game sufficiently. Apollo: Th-That's right! Apollo: It was a simple game, after all! Judge: Are you sure? Apollo: Huh? Judge: People are not murdered over "simple games", Mr. Justice. Judge: Defendant. You were in the room the very moment that the crime occurred... Judge: Yet you claim no connection to the crime? Phoenix: ... Now that's strange. Judge:

What's strange? Phoenix: I was testifying about the competition that night. Phoenix: Asking me about the crime at this point is against the rules, Your Honor. Phoenix: Of course, I expected to hear a cry of "Objection!" from the defense... Apollo: Ack! Apollo (Argh! I completely let that one slip by!) Kristoph: Don't despair yet, Justice. Apollo: S-Sir? Kristoph: Wright. There's something I'd like made clear. Kristoph: Namely, your connection to the case at hand. And I'd like to hear it from you. Phoenix: ... Sure, why not? Judge: Very well. The defendant will amend his testimony. Apollo: (Just one little press...) Apollo: (...and I've got myself a whole new testimony!) Phoenix: I plead silence regarding the murder. But I will say I never touched the murder weapon.

Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: S-Silence? Phoenix: The defendant has the right to refuse to testify. Phoenix: ...I haven't forgotten everything about the law. Apollo: But why? That clearly puts you at a disadvantage... Phoenix: And it's your job to turn that around in our favor, yes? Apollo: (Great. Like I didn't have enough to do already...) Kristoph: Justice. Didn't you detect anything odd about that testimony? Apollo: Huh...? Apollo: (Wait... Something he said did ring a little strangely.) Apollo: (Just one thing... Now what was it!?) Kristoph: When you figure it out, I'd suggest presenting evidence. Kristoph: Evidence that contradicts the testimony. Apollo: (A contradiction in Mr. Wright's testimony? But why!?)

Apollo: (I'd better check the Court Record.) ((Present Deadly Bottle)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: So you say you didn't touch the murder weapon... this grape juice bottle? Apollo: ...Right? Phoenix: So I said. Apollo: ... Judge: Something the matter, Mr. Justice? Payne: Hee hee hee... Payne: Too bad our new defense attorney never learned how to play dumb! Judge: What's this, Mr. Payne? Payne: I examined the bottle in question, you see. Payne: And it was covered with the defendant's fingerprints! Apollo: O b j e c t i o n! Judge: No need to shout, Mr. Justice! I can hear you just fine! Apollo: Aha ha ha...

Kristoph: Excess yelling can damage the judge's ears... and our case. Apollo: (B-But what about my Chords of Steel...?) Apollo: Any... Anyway! Apollo: What's so strange about fingerprints on a bottle in a restaurant? Judge: Well, that's true. The prints alone don't prove he did it-Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: Oh, they wouldn't prove a thing... if they were normal fingerprints! Apollo: ...Huh!? Payne: But the fingerprints on the murder weapon were upsidedown! Judge: "Upside-down"? mean? What does that

Payne: It means he was holding the bottle inverted! And there can be only one reason for that! Payne: ...Yes. To brain someone with the bottle! Apollo: Auuuuuuuuuuuuuugh! ---------------------------Deadly Bottle Type: Weapons Submitted as evidence

by Prosecutor Payne Grape juice bottle used as the murder weapon. Mr. Wright's prints on it are upside-down. ---------------------------Apollo: M-Mr. Gavin! I think things just took a turn for the worse! Kristoph: ...Oh? I see no problem, Justice. Apollo: Huh? Kristoph: The only thing that matters is the truth. Kristoph: There's a good reason for everything. You'll see. Judge: Defendant! Can you explain your fingerprints on this bottle to the court!? Phoenix: ... Phoenix: I stand by my plea of silence regarding the murder. Phoenix: ...For now. Judge: Hmm... Not very cooperative, are you? Judge: This could hurt your case. Payne: I'm sure he's uncooperative because he's hiding something! There must be some reason... Kristoph: *OBJECTION!* Kristoph:

...Your Honor. You seem to have forgotten something. Judge: And what might that be, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: On the night of the crime, who was it who reported the murder to the police? Judge: Reported...? Payne: Well, that was the defendant, Mr. Wright. But still, that... Judge: R-Really!? Payne: Erm, yes, well. According to the case file... Payne: The murder was reported from near the scene, by a call from the defendant's cell phone. Apollo: "Near" the scene...? Payne: Let's take a look at a diagram of the murder scene, shall we? Payne: The victim was murdered in a small room in a basement two floors down from ground level. Payne: Of course, cell phones can't get reception so far down. Payne: The defendant used the stairs in this hallway to go above ground... Payne: The call came from the first floor of the restaurant. Judge:

I see... And this is the phone that made the call? ** Wright's Cell Phone added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Wright's Cell Phone Type: Other Submitted as evidence during the trial. Used by the defendant to notify the police from the restaurant's first floor. =Check -> Examine Tape= Apollo: Wow. The batteries are held in with a piece of tape... Apollo: He should just buy a new one. Maybe he can't afford it... or he just doesn't care. ---------------------------Kristoph: The defendant could have just fled the scene of the crime if he so chose. Kristoph: Yet, he fulfilled his duty as a citizen and reported it to the authorities. Kristoph: And you claim he is being "uncooperative"...? Payne: Urk. Apollo: (Nice save, Mr. Gavin! I'd better not waste this!) Kristoph: ...I think the prosecution has toyed with our client enough for the time being. Payne: T-Toyed? I assure you, no one is more serious about...

Kristoph: What was it you said? Kristoph: The defendant was "in the room the very moment that the crime occurred". Kristoph: How can you possibly know this? Judge: That's a good question! How indeed! Kristoph: The answer is simple, Your Honor. The prosecution has a decisive witness. Payne: Hee hee hee. You're as good as they say you are. Apollo: (So someone else was in the room the night of the crime!) Apollo: (That must mean they witnessed the crime...) Kristoph: Everything up till now has been a warm-up, Justice. Kristoph: Are you ready? Judge: Very well. The prosecution may call its first witness to the stand! Payne: The witness will state her name and profession. Judge: H-Hold on just a moment! Judge: Where's the witness? Payne:

I surmise that she has been frightened by the defense's demonic-looking horns. Apollo: (So I used a little hair gel! Relax, people!) Judge: Have no fear! If any horns point in your direction this court will cut them off. ???: ... You... are sure? Judge: I swear it on my gavel! Please, come out. Apollo: Isn't violence against hair a crime, Your Honor? ???: Well, if you are sure it is OK... Judge: Ahem. Now, the prosecution... Judge: W-W-Wait a minute! Judge: Would the prosecution care to explain the witness's... erm... paraphernalia? Payne: Er... yes. Payne: She is a professional, Your Honor. Those are merely the tools of her trade. Judge: And that would be...? Olga: My name... is Olga Orly. Olga: I am employed as waitress in Borscht Bowl Club restaurant.

---------------------------Olga Orly Age: 21 Gender: Female The witness in this case. A Russian waitress at the Borscht Bowl Club. ---------------------------Judge: Then... why the camera? Olga: Of course, it is my pride to serve borscht that is naming restaurant. Olga: But I also perform -- how it is said? Other service. Judge: I take it one of these other services is taking the customers' pictures? Olga: Dah, dah. Like, for example... this one. Judge: Th-That's... the defendant!? Payne: Indeed. On the night of the murder. Olga: Man in white hat... is one who has gone kaput. Judge: Indeed... That is the victim. Judge: Order! Order!

Judge: This is quite a piece of evidence to casually drop into our laps! Olga:

It is same way as I drop cold bowls of borscht on laps of customers... casually. Judge: Hmm... Then the court will casually accept this new evidence. ** Olga's Photo added to the Court Record ** ---------------------------Olga's Photo Type: Photographs Submitted as evidence by Olga Orly. The defendant & Mr. Smith at the Borscht Bowl Club. Touch the Check Button for details. ---------------------------Payne: Now, witness. Where were you at the time of the murder? Olga: I was in room. The Hydeout, we call it. Apollo: Excuse me? The Hydeout?

Olga: It is room where famous gangster "Badgai" was arrested. Olga: Is room where murder took place. Apollo: Whaaaaat!? Olga: Your look of utter surprise... It is lovely. Olga: I will post by courtroom door later for you! Olga: Dah, dah, photos will be numbered, and you will write which ones you want copy of.

Apollo: (So there were three people in the room at the time of the crime...) Apollo: (The victim, Shadi Smith, Mr. Wright, and...) Apollo: (...Olga Orly, our witness!) Apollo: (...And if Mr. Wright isn't the killer, that means...!) Judge: Very well, Witness! Judge: You will testify to the court about that night's events! ** Witness Testimony ** -- That Fateful Night -Olga: That night, customer asked me to deal cards for game. Olga: It was cold... Both players played with hats on, dah. Olga: The victim, he plays whole time with his hand on locket at his neck. Olga: Then, last hand is done! But something terrible has happened, dah! Olga: That man flew at victim, and is strangling him to death! Judge: Hmm... Judge: Incidentally, who won the game?

Payne: Isn't it obvious? The winner was the victim... Mr. Smith! Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: That's ridiculous! Um, because... Apollo: Because Mr. Wright can't lose! Kristoph: Ahem. Justice? Kristoph: Maybe you can come up with a more legitimate objection? Apollo: But! He hadn't lost in seven years! Payne: Take it from me kid. It happens. Payne: I didn't lose a case my first seven years as prosecutor, either. Payne: Incidentally. I have some evidence here. Payne: These are the poker chips as they lay the very moment of the crime. Payne: The hand and chips on this side belong to the defendant, Mr. Wright. Payne: Those on the far side belonged to the victim, Mr. Smith. Judge: Chips... you say? Payne:

Dah. I mean yes! poker is war...

Imagine that

Payne: Your hand is your army, and the chips are the spoils. Judge: I-I know that. After all, in my youth I was known as... Judge: ...the "Poker Head of Courtroom No. 3"! Apollo: (I think he means "poker face"...) Judge: Hmm... Looking at this picture... Judge: does seem that most of the chips are on the victim's side of the table. ** Chip Photo added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Chip Photo Type: Photographs Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Payne Defendant & victim's chips when crime took place. Touch the Check Button for details. ---------------------------Judge: Very well. The defense may cross-examine the witness. ** Cross-Examination ** -- That Fateful Night -Olga: That night, customer asked me to deal cards for game. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You were dealing cards...

Do you do this often? Olga: Dah, I am doing this. Olga: If customer wishes it, I serve anything. Borscht, cards, more borscht... Olga: It is my work. Judge: It's good to hear of a place that hasn't forgotten the meaning of service! Olga: Welcome you to Borscht Bowl Club, where borscht is as warm as the waitresses! Apollo: Thank you for NOT handing out flyers during the crossexamination. Olga: It was cold... Both players played with hats on, dah. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: It's already April. it be cold? How could

Olga: At Borscht Bowl Club we have pride on authentic rustic Russian restaurant theme. Olga: Outside it is city in Spring, but inside it is always as cold as Mother Russia! Apollo: (No way am I going there.) Olga: When it comes to hot borscht, cold is best seasoning, dah? Olga:

The victim, he plays whole time with his hand on locket at his neck. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: His "locket"...? Olga: I believe it was good-luck charm, dah? Olga: He gripped it many times as he played that night. Judge: Yes, he must have felt as though it might carry him to the moon and the stars! Judge: Though if it were small enough to fit around his neck, it wouldn't have much lift... Apollo: Um... The defense would like a clarification: this is a locket we're talking about? Apollo: I mean, a pendant with a picture in it, right? Not a "rocket"? Judge: Of course! I knew that!

Judge: It was probably a pendant shaped like a rocket. That's why she called it that. Apollo: No, a locket's a locket! It doesn't matter what shape it is Kristoph: It's considered bad form to poke fun at the hard-ofhearing in our society. Apollo:

(Hard of hearing, or hard of understanding?) Payne: So, what happened next? Olga: Then, last hand is done! But something terrible has happened, dah! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Something terrible!?!? Olga: Eeeeeeeeeeeek! Judge: The defense will refrain from needless shouting! Apollo: Er, sorry. (I need to seriously reconsider this vocal training thing...) Payne: Now, Ms. Orly, can you tell us what happened? Olga: Oh, I was so frightened! Dah, I trembled with fear! Olga: That man flew at victim, and is strangling him to death! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: But the defendant would never do such a thing! Olga: Eeeeeeeek! Judge: Well now, I can't say I've ever heard the defense try this tactic. Kristoph:

If possible... Please... Refrain from embarrassing me. Judge: Still... Why would anyone do something like this over a game of poker? Olga: Perhaps it is because defendant has lost game? Payne: Yes! A crushing defeat for a man undefeated! Payne: So it always is with men like him. Winners make sore losers. Oh, how the mighty fall! ((Present Smith's Autopsy Report)) Apollo: Oh really? "Strangled", you say? That's odd. Olga: Dah, normal customers only choke on borscht. Apollo: No, I mean this report shows that the victim died of a blow to the head! Olga: Aaack! Apollo: Ms. Orly! Really now... Did you witness the crime!? Olga: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Judge: Hmm... Judge: Looking at the picture, it doesn't seem like he was hit. Judge:

He's still wearing his hat and everything. Payne: Yet, it is a fact that he was hit, Your Honor. Payne: Here's a photo we took of the victim with his hat off during our investigation. Judge: Well, that's quite shocking, isn't it? Judge: This head certainly was hit. ** Crime Photo 2 added to the Court Record ** ---------------------------Crime Photo 2 Type: Photographs Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Payne. Photo of forehead. Hat removed during investigation. Touch the Check Button for details. ---------------------------Olga: B-But...! I have seen it happen! Olga: The defendant, he lunge at victim, his neck... Apollo: (Oh really, Ms. Orly? I think I've caught you in your own lie this time!) Kristoph: ...Justice. Kristoph: I admire your enthusiasm, but perhaps you should think this through once more. Apollo: WhWhat do you mean? I found a contradiction!

Kristoph: There's one thing in her testimony that... troubles me. Judge: Very well. Judge: It seems we should continue the cross-examination. Apollo: (There's such a thing as thinking too much...) Apollo: (This horse is dead, let's stop beating it!) Kristoph: There's such a thing as thinking aloud too much, too. Kristoph: Go ahead. I believe you know what it is you need to do. Apollo: Right, sir! Leave it to me!

Apollo: (There were only three people in the room at the time of the murder.) Apollo: (The victim, Shadi Smith, Mr. Wright, and...) Apollo: (And if Mr. Wright isn't the killer...) Apollo: (I've got you now, Orly!) ((Present Crime Photo 2)) Apollo: (You know, there was one curious part in her testimony just like Mr. Gavin said.) Apollo:

(But what does it mean?) Judge: Mr. Justice, would you care to explain what it is you're thinking so intensely about? Apollo: Recall the testimony, Your Honor... Apollo: The victim played with "his hand on locket at his neck", I believe she said? Payne: I hope you aren't about to raise an objection to the witness's grammar! Apollo: No, but look at this photograph. Apollo: Do you see a locket on the victim's neck? Kristoph: Well done, Justice. I'm impressed. Kristoph: I knew you'd be able to handle this. Apollo: B-But what does it mean? Judge: If we are to believe this witness's testimony as-is... Judge: Then the locket "disappeared" following the victim's death. Apollo: Lockets don't just "disappear", Your Honor! Kristoph: It's quite simple when you think about it. Kristoph:

If the locket is gone, someone must have taken it off, no? Apollo: Taken it off... Wait, you dont mean...! Kristoph: The defendant wasn't strangling the victim at all. Kristoph: He was taking off his locket! ...Wouldn't that explain it? Judge: Ah...! Payne: Urk...? Judge: D-Defendant! What do you have to say to this? Phoenix: ... Judge: ... Say. Phoenix: Yes? Judge: I just noticed this, but... Judge: You have something hanging around your neck, don't you. Phoenix: Oh? You mean this? Phoenix: Yes, it's a locket... with a photograph inside. Phoenix: A photo... of my daughter. Apollo: C-Come again?

Judge: Mr. Wright! daughter!?

You have a

Payne: We confirmed it at the time of the arrest. Payne: The picture in the locket is indeed Mr. Wright's daughter. Phoenix: ... Apollo: (So Mr. Wright has a locket, too...?) Apollo: (Why don't I buy that this is just a coincidence...?) Judge: Well now, if the results of this poker game led to the murder... Judge: Perhaps we should hear a bit more about the outcome of the game? Payne: Further testimony won't really be necessary. Payne: It's clear the defendant lost. Badly. Olga: ... Judge: Ms. Orly! Judge: You will testify to the court about the game played between the victim and the defendant! Olga: D-Dah... ** Witness Testimony ** -- Serious Competition --

Olga: The game began with 3,500 point in chips for each man. Olga: House chips come in two size: small and large. Olga: The one who was winning... dah, it was victim! Olga: For last hand, defendant play with all chips on table and lose. Olga: The moment loss was decided, defendant grabs bottle from table and... Judge: Indeed... Looking at this picture... Judge: It does seem to be a one-sided game. Payne: As the court knows, poker was the defendant's life! Payne: Failure must have been a bitter pill to swallow! Judge: Ah, how many times have I heard these words: Judge: "I done it in a fit of anger, Yer Honor, and now I regret what I done". Judge: ...A common tale, but true. Apollo: (Methinks the judge watches too many old court movies.) Apollo: (Mr. Wright said he hasn't

lost in seven years, so this testimony must be wrong!) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Serious Competition -Olga: The game began with 3,500 point in chips for each man. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Are those the usual starting points? Were any special rules used...? Olga: No, not special. usual rules. Usual game,

Judge: If each man began with 3,500 points, then the total would be... Judge: Um... Exactly six, no, 7,000 points! Apollo: (Please, this isn't calculus. It's not even long division!) Kristoph: ... Olga: House chips come in two size: small and large. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Are the chips in this photo all the chips that were used? Olga: Da... Dah! Of course. Apollo: ...? Apollo:

(Something's fishy with these chips. Should I press harder?) [ No need ] Apollo: (...Nah.) Apollo: (...It's her nature to be jumpy and suspicious-looking.) [ Press harder ] Apollo: Maybe you could explain a bit about these "chips"? Olga: E-Explain? What is there to be explained? Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: Poker chips are poker chips. Payne: They're not fish and chips, not a chip off the old block, not a motorcycle cop, not a... Apollo: ...Thanks. Apollo: (Now that I've pressed her I'd better ask something...) Apollo: What are these chips worth? Are they in dollars? Or rubles, even? Olga: ...Nyet. As I have been saying before, it was game, not gambling. Olga: Hard perhaps for capitalist to understand.

Olga: Two types of chip: 100 points chip and 1,000 points chip. Olga: It is not money, dah. Kristoph: ...Justice. Apollo: Sir! Kristoph: Don't you find her comment... interesting? Apollo: In more ways than one, sir. Kristoph: I'd have it added to her testimony, myself. Judge: Well? Does the defense want the witness to add to her testimony? [ No need ] Kristoph: Very well... It's your trial, after all. Apollo: (Way to fill me with confidence...) Judge: Very well. The witness will resume her testimony! Olga: Dah, Your Honor. [ Add to testimony ] Apollo: Yes, I do think this deserves further scrutiny. Apollo: Add it to the testimony!

(I wish I knew where I was going with this...) Judge: Very well. Witness, if you would be so kind? Olga: D-Dah, Your Honor. ((Testimony 2 changes)) Olga: One kind of chip is worth 100 points, other kind is worth 1,000. Two kinds in all. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: (Mr. Gavin said this testimony is important!) Apollo: (...To be honest, I have no idea why.) Judge: ...Mr. Justice? Judge: Do the court a favor and think of what you want to say before raising your hand. Judge: We are not in kindergarten. Apollo: Ack! Sorry! I'm fine!

Apollo: (I'd better think of something to ask... and quick!) Apollo: Um... The two types of chips... Olga: Dah...? Apollo: Um. The small ones are 100, and the big ones 1,000...

Apollo: Uh? Right?


Of course.

Payne: Hah! Don't waste our time! Apollo: *sigh* Apollo: ... Judge: Is that all? Apollo: Um... Yeah. *gulp* Apollo: (Great. Mr. Gavin made me stop her, and now I'm the one who looks dumb.) Kristoph: Oh, Justice? Kristoph: Please try not to embarrass me like that. Apollo: Huh? Who? Me!?

Kristoph: There's a clear contradiction in the information you have in your hands. Apollo: (What...!?) Kristoph: It's a simple matter of calculation. Go on, try it. Kristoph: We're not in kindergarten, after all. Apollo: ("Calculation"...?) Olga: The one who was winning...

dah, it was victim! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You're telling me that Mr. Wright, undefeated for seven whole years, was losing? Olga: Dah. It must have been most unlucky day for him. Olga: I am glad I did not take other picture of him. It would break camera, certainly. Olga: The chips, they went always to victim's side of table. Payne: So you're telling us it was a one-sided game? Olga: Dah. One-sided, and... Olga: For last hand, defendant play with all chips on table and lose. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: "Last hand"? Olga: It was largest points of any hand. Olga: The defendant's hand, it was excellent. Olga: He try to use it to take victory from behind. Judge: It appears that both the defendant and the victim's hands are in this picture.

Judge: That is truly an excellent hand. However, so is the victim's... Olga: One with highest number wins, so defendant loses. Payne: The victim, Mr. Smith, had a stronger hand than the defendant and crushed him. Payne: I believe that explains what occurred next. Olga: Once cards laid down on table, it happened... Olga: The moment loss was decided, defendant grabs bottle from table and... Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: And...? What happened next!?

Olga: ...Even to think of it now, I shake and tremble, dah! Olga: I did not believe such thing would happen! Apollo: What "such thing"!? Olga: Please, you must believe! I had no idea... Olga: How could such thing occur!? Apollo: What "such thing"!? Olga: ...Ny-Nyet!

...Nyet, nyet, nyet! Olga: The defendant had been hitting v-victim!!! Olga: Dah, I saw it all happen, right before me... Olga: I saw bottle coming down on victim's head! Payne: Decisive, isn't it, Your Honor? Payne: My witness saw the very moment of the crime! Judge: Hmm... Kristoph: Remember, your first goal is to gather information! Apollo: Yes, sir! Apollo: (Look out contradiction, here comes Justice!) ((Present Chip Photo)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: You're sure it was the victim who won? Apollo: Absolutely sure? Olga: ...! Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: It seems our new attorney is

a bit confused... Payne: A glance at the picture is enough to tell you who won! If you're not in kindergarten. Judge: Um... Just for safety's sake, could you explain the problem to the court? Apollo: Of course, Your Honor. Apollo: In this photo I see small chips and I see large chips. Apollo: Tell me.. which were worth 1,000 points? Payne: Why, the big ones of course! Duh! Apollo: Oh, I thought so too... but then the totals don't add up. Payne: Th-The totals...? Apollo: Let's review what the witness told us: Apollo: Each man started with 3,500 points in chips. Apollo: And the combined total value of the chips was 7,000 points. Judge: Yes... if my calculations are correct! Let's see, three plus one, carry the five... Apollo: Um, they are, Your Honor. Now! Apollo: Look at this photo that

allegedly shows all the chips. Apollo: If the big chips are worth 1,000 points, and the small chips are worth 100... Apollo: And you add them up... Payne: How much is it!? Apollo: (Do it yourself... You aren't in kindergarten, are you?) Apollo: ...10,600 points. The chips don't add up! Apollo: This clearly contradicts the witness's testimony! Payne: B-But why!? How could this be!? Kristoph: Exactly... Justice. Kristoph: Now that you know the "what", you must determine the "why". Apollo: (Right... There's only one possible way to explain this contradiction!) [ Starting points were wrong ] Apollo: This calculation makes the answer clear! Apollo: If the total combined points at the table was 10,600... Apollo: Then each man started the night with 5,300 points! Judge:

Five thousand three hundred... Judge: That's a rather half-baked score at which to start a game. Kristoph: Justice... Would different starting points really change anything? Apollo: Eh? Judge: It seems the defense's objection was even more half-baked than the score! Apollo: (Uh oh... Time to head back into the kitchen!) [ Chip count was wrong ] Apollo: The odd thing here is the number of chips... Right, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: ...Why are you asking me? Apollo: Uh... Just in case? Kristoph: Justice... It's your case I'm concerned about. Kristoph: If you're wondering about the chips, just look at the photograph. It's all there. Kristoph: Even our judge with his failing eyesight could count them. Apollo: (That's not the only thing failing the judge.)

Judge: ...Let me ask you again. [ Both were right ] Apollo: Each man began the game with 3,500 points. Apollo: If all the chips are indeed shown in this photograph... Apollo: Then there can be only one answer. Judge: Well, what is it? Apollo: The value of the chips... was the other way around! Payne: Wh-What!? Apollo: Want to know what I think? Apollo: The small chips were worth 1,000 points, not the big ones! Payne: Madness! Utter madness!

Judge: Show me that photograph of the chips again! Judge: ...There are six small chips, and ten large chips... Judge: Why, that does make 7,000 points when you add them up! Kristoph: Excellent work, Justice. Kristoph: It's almost as though you

figured it out by yourself. Apollo: Well... I'm just glad I was the one who said it. Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: B-But wait! Payne: The value of the chips may be different, but that changes nothing!!! Judge: Indeed.. The victim did have the larger number of chips still. Judge: ... Ah! Apollo: ...Exactly. Apollo: If the small chips are 1,000 points, and the large chips are 100... Apollo: Let's do a little math. Add up the points for each side of the table! Payne: Ah... Auuuuuuuuuuuuugh! Judge: The victim, Mr. Smith, had 2,900 points, and the defendant had... Judge: 4,100 points! Apollo: Well now... Apollo: It seems that Mr. Wright was winning that night after all!

Payne: That's... impossible! Apollo: My client had even less reason to kill the victim! Apollo: After all... he was winning! Payne: Yeeeaaaargh! Apollo: Now... Ms. Orly. Apollo: You must have known the true value of the chips. Apollo: Since you were there at the scene of the crime... weren't you? Orly: Ah... Eeeeeeeeeek! Judge: Order! Order!!!

Judge: It appears our defendant has lost his "motive". Judge: And Mr. Wright's supposed defeat... never happened. Payne: Nnn... nunngk! Judge: We must now ask ourselves whether we can trust the witness's testimony at-???: *HOLD IT!* Judge: E-Excuse me? Ms. Orly? Olga: What is it,

I... I did not want to be saying this, but... Olga: Actually, you see, erm... Payne: See what, Ms. Orly!? do we see!? What

Olga: In the last hand, there was cheat! Payne: A ch-cheat? You... You don't mean... Payne: ...a trick!? Judge: Wait, or do you mean... Judge: ..a scam!? Apollo: (They're all the same thing!) Olga: Yes, there was cheat in last hand... Olga: That is why game ends with chips as they are! Apollo: (Great... Just great...) Apollo: (First we have lying... now cheating...) Kristoph: Well, this case certainly has taken a turn... Kristoph: ...for the interesting! Judge: Witness! You will please testify to the court! Judge:

Tell us about this cheating in the final hand! ** Witness Testimony ** -- The Final Hand -Olga: The last hand... both men had "full house". Olga: There is four of each card in deck, from ace to king. Olga: If you look at both men's hands, cheat is more obvious! Olga: The next moment, game becomes argument, dah! The defendant's trick was exposed! Olga: He took bottle in his hand... Poor Mr. Smith! Apollo: Ms. Orly! Apollo: Why did you not tell the court about this from the very beginning!? Olga: ... Apollo: (I thought I smelled a cover-up here...) Apollo: (Well folks, it's time to throw back the covers!) Judge: Hmm... Judge: A full house is a very high-scoring hand. Judge: Not easy to make, in my experience.

Payne: That alone is enough to suspect less-than-scrupulous tactics. Apollo: Um... Mr. Gavin? Apollo: What's a full house? Payne: Lawyers these days... You don't know your poker? Judge: I can't say this bodes well for your case... or career. Apollo: (What is this, some kind of secret court poker ring!?) Kristoph: ...Justice. Kristoph: You know the terms "one pair", "two pair", and "three of a kind", yes? Apollo: Uh, yeah! No problem!

Apollo: Two cards with the same number makes a pair, and three makes a three of a kind! Kristoph: Good. Now picture a hand with one pair, and one three of a kind. Kristoph: That's a full house. Apollo: (Hmm... That doesn't sound very easy to make, does it.) Payne: You can see each player's hand in this photo. Apollo: (Wow... They both have full

houses!) Payne: We forget, there's an easy way to make a full house... and go undefeated for seven years. Payne: You cheat. Judge: Ahem. The defense may cross-examine the witness. Apollo: (If he did cheat in the last hand, that still leaves one important question...) Apollo: (Mr. Wright lost that hand.) Apollo: (Who's ever heard of a professional con man losing when they cheat!?) ** Cross-Examination ** -- The Final Hand -Olga: The last hand... both men had "full house". Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Just how hard is it to make a full house, anyway? Olga: It is quite hard, dah. Olga: It is making a pair and a three of kind at same time! Apollo: ... Apollo: I guess that's right. Judge: Very difficult, to be sure.

Judge: You can take my word as the "Poker Head of Courtroom No. 3"! Olga: Very difficult, dah. not impossible. But is

Apollo: (OK. Full house: Hard. This line of questioning: A waste of time.) Olga: There is four of each card in deck, from ace to king. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Four of each card, you say? Olga: Dah. There is one spade, one diamond, one heart, and one club for each card. Olga: It is interesting fact that this number "four" comes from number of seasons! Apollo: Huh, you don't say. Judge: Ah, and did you know that the cards are numbered 1-13? Judge: Add all the cards in a deck and you get 364... a year! Apollo: Huh, you don't say. (Isn't that one day short?) Payne: That's why each deck has two jokers. Payne: They say the second joker stands for the leap year.

Payne: Thus you have a perfect representation of the year... all in a deck of cards! Apollo: Huh, you don't say. Apollo: (We're going to be in this courtroom for a year if it keeps going like this!) Olga: If you look at both men's hands, cheat is more obvious! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: How was it "clear"? Olga: Dah, well... the defendant... Olga: ...he played a fifth ace! Apollo: A f-fifth ace!? Olga: I still remember both hands very well. Olga: Mr. Smith's hand has three aces... Olga: ...and Mr. Wright's two. Payne: Obviously, cheating was afoot! Or perhaps I should say... a hand! Kristoph: Your Honor... perhaps this can be added to the testimony? Without Mr. Payne's joke. Judge: Very well. The witness will add this detail to her testimony, please.

((Testimony 3 changes)) Olga: Mr. Smith's hand has three aces, and Mr. Wright's two. ...It is five aces in all. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: A fifth ace...? Olga: Dah! It should not exist, no? Olga: I still remember both hands very well. Olga: Mr. Smith's hand has three aces... Olga: ...and Mr. Wright's two. Judge: Well, where did this card come from then? Payne: ...Perhaps we should ask the defendant that very question! Payne: Adding cards to a deck is no less serious a taboo than... Payne: Than forging evidence in a court of law! Apollo: Nnnk...! Kristoph: Now... Perhaps it's time for you to say something, Justice? Apollo: You bet! I've no intention of staying quiet! Not me! No sir! Apollo: (...I'd better find some

contradicting evidence fast!) Olga: The next moment, game becomes argument, dah! The defendant's trick was exposed! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Do you recall what the men were arguing about? Olga: Dah, I believe so... Olga: The victim, he shouts, "you are cheater!" and then... Olga: ...the defendant shouts something like, "I have objection!" Payne: Shouting objection, eh? Old habits are hard to break! Payne: First he bluffed his way through the courtroom, now he bluffs his way through life! Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: However! Mr. Wright lost the hand! Apollo: That seems to cast the shadow of doubt on Mr. Smith! Olga: Humiliation from losing even when cheating... Olga: That is what set fire to defendant's heart! Judge: So what did the flaming

defendant do next? Olga: He took bottle in his hand... Poor Mr. Smith! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: By bottle, are you referring to... this? Olga: ...Dah. The defendant uses this bottle to... to... *sob* Payne: This behavior is an admission of cheating by the defendant. Judge: Hmm... But why use a grape juice bottle? Payne: You'd be surprised at what can be used as a weapon. Olga: This juice is recommended drink of Borscht Bowl Club, dah. Olga: This year's vintage is remarkable for its hefty flavor. Apollo: (Hefty enough to brain a grown man, apparently.) Apollo: (First she says it was a serious competition, now she says there was cheating...) Kristoph: Justice... Notice anything odd? Kristoph: Her testimony keeps changing. Now she says the defendant cheated.

Apollo: Actually, yes! I had noticed that! Kristoph: Let's get the truth about this "cheating" first, shall we? Apollo: Right! Leave it to me! ((Present Chip Photo)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: It appears the witness is mistaken... Olga: Miss... Taken? But my name...

Apollo: Look, this piece of evidence clearly contradicts what you said in your testimony! Judge: That's... the photo of the chips, is it not? Kristoph: Justice. Kristoph: Perhaps you ought to explain your point in a way that the judge can comprehend... Kristoph: In other words, use your finger to "point" out your point! Judge: Yes... Please point out the contradiction in this photo. Judge: What particular "point" contradicts the witness's testimony? ((Present Anywhere))

Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Why, it's here, of course! Judge: It's... where? Kristoph: Where is that you're pointing? Apollo: Where... Uhm... Good question! Judge: We've already heard today on the dangers of bluffing. Apollo: Er, sorry, Your Honor. (I'd better rethink this.) Judge: I think you'd best point out your point again. ((Present Victim's Cards)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Ms. Orly, in your testimony, you made the following claim: Apollo: "Mr. Smith's hand has three aces"... Apollo: But as you can clearly see, the victim's hand only held two aces! Olga: Eeeeeeeek! Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: Well... Well maybe the witness was

simply confused! Payne: Perhaps it was the defendant's hand that held the third ace in question... Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Take another look at the evidence! Apollo: As you can see, the defendant also had two aces in his hand. Apollo: Where's this fifth ace? Apollo: I see cheating alright, and it's going on right here in this courtroom! Judge: Two aces in each player's hand does make four aces total. Judge: Hardly proof of cheating... Olga: Wait! Please!

Olga: It is true... I have seen it! The fifth ace! Olga: There was cheating, I swear to you. Apollo: (That's odd...) Apollo: (She must be lying, yet she's the most sincere I've seen her all day.) Kristoph: You're right to trust your instincts...

Apollo: Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: Who knows what lies in store for us in the trial ahead... Kristoph: Your Honor, if I may. I have a suggestion... Judge: What might that be, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: If you don't mind... Kristoph: ...perhaps we might examine the actual cards? Judge: The cards...? Kristoph: Mr. Payne. Payne: Urk. Yes? Kristoph: The players' hands that night were set aside as evidence, were they not? Kristoph: The defense would like to request that the cards be shown to the court. Judge: Very well, the prosecution will submit this evidence! Judge: Which will you examine? Judge: The victim's cards... or the defendant's cards? Apollo: (If these cards don't prove cheating was going on, nothing will!) Apollo:

(Now... which of these hands is more suspicious?) [ View defendant's hand ] Apollo: (Let's start with Mr. Wright's hand.) Apollo: The defense would like to view the defendant's hand. Judge: Very well. Mr. Payne!

Your evidence.

Payne: Y-Yes, Your Honor! ** Received evidence: Wright's Hand. ** ---------------------------Wright's Hand Type: Evidence Submitted as evidence during the trial. Defendant Wright's hand. Was left at the scene. A full house. ---------------------------Kristoph: Well now... Let's see what we have here. Apollo: Right... Right, sir! Kristoph: When examining evidence, be sure to view it from all sides and angles. Kristoph: Try using the dials on the evidence viewer. Kristoph: That should give you a better perspective on the case. Apollo: (OK... Let's do this!)

=Examine Card Backs= Apollo: The card backs are red... Apollo: For some reason I thought that they were using blue cards in that final hand... Apollo: Didn't you, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: Huh? Oh, hmm. Which was it now... Judge: Well, has the defense found anything they would like to share with the court? Apollo: (Uh... Not unless you count utter confusion.) Kristoph: Perhaps you'd best examine the victim's cards next? Kristoph: Of course, you can always give these cards another look. Apollo: (Well? Do I examine the other hand of cards?) [ Examine this hand again ] Apollo: (Maybe I missed something the first time...) Apollo (Better check them again.) [ Examine the other hand ] Apollo (Guess I'll examine the victim's cards...) Apollo:

Your Honor! The defense requests time to examine Mr. Smith's hand! Judge: Granted, but make it quick, Mr. Justice. ** Received evidence: Victim's Hand ** ---------------------------Victim's Hand Type: Evidence Submitted as evidence during the trial. Victim Smith's hand. Was left at the scene. A full house. ---------------------------Apollo: (Don't worry, Justice is always swift!) =Examine Red Card Backs= Apollo: The card backs are red... Apollo: For some reason I thought that they were using blue cards in that final hand... Apollo: Didn't you, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: Huh? Oh, hmm. Which was it now... =Examine Blue Card= Apollo: (Wh-What..!?) [ View victim's hand ] Apollo: (It was the victim's hand that "changed" over the course of the witness's testimony...)

Apollo: The defense requests time to examine Mr. Smith's cards. Judge: Very well. Mr. Payne, if you would... Payne: ...Very well. ** Received evidence: Victim's Hand. ** =Check -> Examine Red Card Backs= Apollo: The card backs are red.. Apollo: For some reason I thought they were using blue-backed cards in the final hand... =Check -> Examine Blue Card= Apollo: Only one of the cards has a blue back... Apollo: I'm much more of a red guy myself. Blue is so... not red, you know? Kristoph: Well, time's a wasting. Get to it, Justice. Apollo: Y-Yes, sir! Kristoph: When examining evidence, be sure to view it from all sides and angles. Kristoph: Try using the dials on the evidence viewer. Kristoph: That should give you a better perspective on the case.

Apollo: (OK... Let's do this!) =Examine Red Card Backs= Apollo: The card backs are red... Apollo: For some reason I thought that they were using blue cards in that final hand... Apollo: Didn't you, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: Huh? Oh, hmm. Which was it now... =Examine Blue Card= Apollo: (Wh-What..!?) Apollo: Your Honor! Look at this! One of the victim's cards... Apollo: The back is a different color! Payne: Eh...? Ehhhhhh!? Olga: Th-That's impossible! Olga: But I put that card in Wright's hand... Olga: Ack! Kristoph: ...What was that, Ms. Orly? Olga: No... Ny-Nyet! Er, I merely said, eh... Dah, I have, eek!

Kristoph: Your Honor? Judge: M-Mr. Gavin, yes? Kristoph: Tell me, what is the easiest way to cheat at poker? Judge: To... cheat? Kristoph: I'll tell you. Kristoph: One merely needs a friend, a "comrade", shall we say... Kristoph: The dealer! Judge: Ah... Ah! Apollo: Wait, so you mean... Apollo: This witness... Ms. Orly... Kristoph: She's the cheater. A professional, I'd wager. Olga: Nyeeeeeeaaaaargh! Judge: Order! Order!!!

Apollo: (Focus, Justice! Time to take advantage of her! ...I mean, of her mistake!) Apollo: Your Honor! Apollo: Please recall the testimony we just heard! Olga: Th-That's impossible!

Olga: But I put that card in Wright's hand... Apollo: ...Ergo! Ms. Olga Orly conspired to cheat, not with my client... Apollo: ...but with the victim, Mr. Shadi Smith! Olga: Ooooooogh! Apollo: Not only did she cheat, she cheated poorly! Apollo: Therefore! It's not hard to imagine an altercation between her and the victim... Payne: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Judge: Wait, you don't mean... Judge: The defense isn't accusing the witness, Ms. Olga Orly... are you? Apollo: (Time for Justice!) Apollo: (There were three people in the room at the time of the incident.) Apollo: (And if Mr. Wright isn't guilty, that means...) Apollo: ...I am! Apollo: The defense accuses the witness, Ms. Olga Orly, of murder!

Olga: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Judge: ...Mr. Payne. Where is your witness, Ms. Olga Orly? Payne: Erm, it appears she has lost, eh, consciousness, Your Honor. Judge: Hmm... Mr. Justice? Apollo: Your Honor! Judge: It seems you've presented a new possibility to the court. Judge: One suggesting a connection between the witness and the victim, Mr. Smith. Apollo: And that means...!? Judge: The court cannot pronounce a verdict for the defendant at this time! Payne: Nnk...! What!? Apollo: (I did it! I held out!) Judge: I see no point in prolonging the trial this day. Judge: The prosecution will need to make further inquiries... Phoenix: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: M-Mr. Wright...

Phoenix: ...You can't end the trial here, Your Honor. Phoenix: Not yet. Payne: What nonsense is the defendant spewing now!? Phoenix: Think. One of the cards had a different colored back. Phoenix: Don't you wonder what it means? Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: Wh-What are you doing, Mr. Wright!? Payne: Raising objections right when you're about to get off the hook!? Ridiculous! Judge: Mr. Payne, you of all people should know... Judge: Mr. Wright has a talent... Judge: for the ridiculous! Judge: Perhaps we should get to the bottom of things. Judge: Let's clear up the facts about the game that fateful night. Phoenix: As was said before... Phoenix: We alternated between two decks of cards that night. Payne:

That was said before! Phoenix: The two decks at the club have different colored backs: Blue... and red. Phoenix: One color per deck. Apollo: Why use different colored backs? Phoenix: If we used the same color, the two decks might get mixed. Apollo: (Um, you used different colors and they STILL got mixed up.) Phoenix: We used the red deck for the last game. Judge: Hmm... I see. But... that's odd. Judge: For some reason... I have this impression that you were using the blue cards! Apollo: (Yeah, me too...) Apollo: (I'm sure someone said something about blue cards...) Payne: Whatever. In the end one card of the wrong color got into the mix... Payne: Which means there was cheating. Phoenix: Yes, a card slipped into the deck would seem to indicate cheating...

Phoenix: Yet... this card raises two serious questions. Phoenix: ...Apollo? Apollo: Y-Yes? Phoenix: Let's consider the first question, shall we? Phoenix: Think. In the last game... when was the card swapped? Apollo: ("When...?) Phoenix: There are three broad possibilities here. Phoenix: It could have been swapped before the murder, during the murder... Phoenix: or after the murder. Payne: Well, yeah! Thanks for the news bulletin, Mr. Wright! Payne: Of course it was swapp-Phoenix: Oh? Phoenix: It might be as simple as you think, Mr. Payne. Or it might not be. Payne: Nnnk! Phoenix: I'd like to hear what Apollo thinks first... Phoenix: When do you think the cards

were swapped? Apollo: (When was the card swapped into the deck?) [ Before the murder ] Apollo: Well, it must have happened before the murder. Judge: You mean, during the game? Phoenix: I wonder... Apollo: Huh? Why? Phoenix: Think. When you're playing poker... Phoenix: ...which side of the cards face your opponent? Apollo: Ack! The back... Judge: Not something the "Poker Head of Courtroom No. 3" would be likely to miss! Apollo: Sorry, let me think about this some more... [ During the murder ] Apollo: Well... weren't they swapped during the murder? Judge: "During" the murder? Judge: Tell me, exactly when is that? Apollo:

Huh? Well, the very moment of the act, I guess... Phoenix: Would that be the moment the cards were shown? Kristoph: Or perhaps the moment when the cheater was revealed? Judge: Or maybe the very moment the bottle came down on Mr. Smith's head? Apollo: ... Apollo: Uh... could I have a moment? Judge: That "moment" could cost you this case! Apollo: Sorry... Let me rethink this. [ After the murder ] Apollo: Perhaps it happened... after the murder? Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: Wh-What's that? Ridiculous!

Payne: What's the point of cheating after the hands have been shown? That's silly! Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Yes! But tell me... Apollo: How do you swap cards during

the game!? I'll take "silly" over "impossible". Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: Take it from me, son. There's a lot of silly in this world, but very little impossible. Apollo: Oh? Even when the backs of the cards are a different color!? Apollo: If you pulled that during the game, you'd be caught in no time! Judge: Ah... Phoenix: Quite true. Phoenix: That would mean that the blue card in question.. Phoenix: ...was swapped after the hands were shown, after the murder! Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: OK, this is going past silly and straight on to crazy. Payne: I ask again: what's the point of cheating after the game's over!? Payne: Who would do that!? Phoenix: Who indeed. That's one of the mysteries before us. Judge: Th-There's another?

Phoenix: Yes. A simple, yet decisive question must be asked: Phoenix: Who swapped the red card for a blue card? Apollo: Wh-Who? Kristoph: The game, and murder, is done. The victim is dead. Kristoph: Only two remain in the room. Alive, that is. Kristoph: The defendant, Phoenix Wright, and our witness, Olga Orly. Apollo: (OK, so who was it that swapped the red card for a blue?) [ Phoenix Wright ] Apollo: The one who swapped the cards was... Mr. Wright! It was you, wasn't it? Phoenix: And why would I do such a thing? Apollo: Ack! Uh, well, because, uh... Apollo: ...maybe you were trying to hide the fact that you'd cheated? Judge: That would make sense... but the swapped card was in the victim's hand! Apollo: Oh.

Phoenix: Sorry... Phoenix: I'm a nice guy, but I'm not that nice. Apollo: (Come to think of it, he would lack a motive for helping his opponent to win...) [ Olga Orly ] Apollo: Why, it must have been Olga Orly who swapped the cards! Apollo: She was trying to cover up evidence of the cheating. Judge: That.. does make some sense. Phoenix: *HOLD IT!* Phoenix: Sorry... Phoenix: But there's a problem with that explanation. Apollo: Huh? Phoenix: The swapped card was from the wrong deck. Judge: Yes, a blue card was stuck into a red hand. Phoenix: Mixing a card from the wrong deck... when the backs are different colors? Phoenix: Remember that you're talking about Olga Orly... She was the dealer.

Phoenix: Do you really think she would make such a novice mistake? Apollo: (Actually, I have trouble imagining even the judge making that mistake.) Phoenix: Give it a little more thought, Apollo. Apollo: R-Right! [ Someone else ] Apollo: The one who swapped the cards wasn't Mr. Wright, of course. Apollo: And, well, it doesn't seem like it could have been Olga Orly, either... Judge: WhWhat are you suggesting!? Kristoph: That's hardly a logical conclusion, I'll admit. Kristoph: As the defense, I think it only makes sense for you to name Ms. Orly at this point. Apollo: Yes, yes, I know! Apollo: But... But she was the one who dealt the cards, right? Apollo: I... I just can't believe she would make the mistake of swapping the wrong color card! Judge: And if the card was swapped during the game, it'd be

obvious... Phoenix: Heh. Heh heh heh heh. Judge: Something you'd like to share with the court, Mr. Wright? Phoenix: Oh, my apologies, Your Honor. I was just thinking how much fun all this is. Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: Fun!? How about confusing!? I've no idea what the defense is claiming, Your Honor. Payne: If the one who swapped the card wasn't the defendant, and it wasn't Ms. Orly... Payne: Then who was it!? Apollo: Er, yeah, well, that is the question, isn't it? Phoenix: Precisely. Apollo: Huh? Phoenix: I believe we're about to see this case take... a new direction. Judge: A new direction? Phoenix: We'll find that, indeed, after the murder... Phoenix: ...someone swapped one of the cards in the victim's hand.

Phoenix: And that someone made two critical mistakes. Kristoph: I'm sure you're going to tell us that the first was swapping the wrong color card. Phoenix: Because the one who did the swap didn't know two colors of cards were being used. Phoenix: The other mistake... was the number on the card. Apollo: Right... The person replaced the fifth ace with a king. Phoenix: I'm sure whoever swapped it wasn't expecting there to be a fifth ace, after all. Phoenix: All they knew was that hte game had been won with a full house. Phoenix: So they picked up a king from the table, and swapped it in. Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: B-But! There's one problem... Payne: According to our case record this person doesn't exist!!! Phoenix: True, not until now. But you have to admit the possibility of a fourth person. Phoenix: Though it's more than a possibility.

Phoenix: There was someone else there that night at the scene of the crime. Payne: Wh-Whaaaaaaaaaat!? Kristoph: I believe the judge spoke truthfully earlier. Kristoph: You do make trials... ridiculous, Mr. Wright. Judge: This trial has proceeded on one central assumption: Judge: namely, that, at the time of the incident, there were only three people in that room. Phoenix: I believe this new evidence, shall we say... overturns that assumption? Judge: The problem is that you chose to conceal this information from the court! Phoenix: ...I suppose that is a problem, yes. Judge: Court is adjourned for a brief recess! Judge: Mr. Gavin, I'll see you in my chambers during this recess. Kristoph: ...Certainly, Your Honor. Judge: Very well! The trial will resume in twenty minutes! ---

April 20, 11:52 AM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 3 --Kristoph: That was quite... unexpected, Mr. Wright. Kristoph: To suddenly claim there was another person at the scene of the crime like that... Kristoph: I must ask... is it the truth? Phoenix: Well now... I'd think you would know the answer to that? Kristoph: Ah, being mysterious, are we? Sadly, I've no time for mysteries. Kristoph: I'd only ask that you leave the defending to your defense, in the future. Kristoph: Otherwise... I cannot guarantee the outcome. Phoenix: I see you haven't mellowed out one bit, Kristoph. Kristoph: Justice. Apollo: Y-Yes, sir! Kristoph: The judge has summoned me to his chambers, so carry on without me. Phoenix: You did well, Apollo. Apollo: Um.. Can I ask you something? Phoenix:

Sure. Apollo: That locket you wear... Apollo: Is that really yours, Mr. Wright? Phoenix: Ah, you're wondering about the victim's disappearing locket? Phoenix: Here, you can take a look at it. That's a picture of my daughter in there. Apollo: I'm... just surprised to hear you had a daughter. Phoenix: Most people are. Perhaps you'll meet her one of these days. Apollo: One more question. Apollo: The one who cheated that night... Was it you? Phoenix: ... Phoenix: What do you think? Apollo: Huh? Phoenix: You know what happened seven years ago... What I did. Phoenix: It's not unreasonable for you to think I might cheat. Apollo: I-I never! But... Honest!

Apollo: (It IS odd that he managed to

go undefeated for seven whole years...) Phoenix: Want to know something? Phoenix: There's only one game where you can be dealt bad cards all night and still win. Phoenix: Poker. Apollo: Eh...? Phoenix: You see, poker is all about reading your opponent. Phoenix: In that way, it's a lot like a court case. Apollo: Poker.. is like trial law!? Phoenix: Figure out what your opponent is thinking, and you win. Apollo: Well, yeah, but that's harder than it sounds. Phoenix: I think not. Apollo: ...! Phoenix: Try as they might to conceal it, everyone reveals their true thoughts in the end. Phoenix: Their body language can become a valuable source of information. Apollo: You're kidding! Phoenix: That witness, for instance,

Ms. Orly. Phoenix: She would touch the back of her neck during certain parts of her testimony. Phoenix: Did you notice? Apollo: Uh... No. (C'mon, who'd notice that!?) Phoenix: Words, habits, twitches... It's all information for the reading. Phoenix: That's the secret to winning, Apollo. Phoenix: Someone taught me, and now, I pass the secret on to you. Apollo: B-But, I'm not worthy! I mean, there's no way I'll pick up on these "signals". Phoenix: No. You can do it. Apollo: Huh? Phoenix: You just don't know it yet. Apollo: (What's he talking about...?) Phoenix: But you will. Soon.

Phoenix: Ah, almost forgot. One more thing. About this case... Phoenix: You should know, I haven't told the truth to anyone yet. Apollo:

Whaaaaaaaa--!? (I knew it!) Phoenix: I have my reasons, of course. All shall be revealed. Phoenix: And Apollo... I need you to be there, defending me. Phoenix: I need your power. Apollo: My, um, power? (I had no idea my Chords of Steel were that special...) Phoenix: ...It's time. Phoenix: The real trial begins now. Do your best. To be continued. ============================ Episode 1 Turnabout Trump Day 1: Trial Latter -10102============================ --April 20, 12:14 PM District Court Courtroom No. 2 --Judge: Cout [sic] will now reconvene. Judge: Has our witness, Ms. Olga Orly, recovered? Payne: Y-Yes, Your Honor! Er, well, she's regained consciousness. Kristoph: Perhaps we can hear her version of the events again? Payne: That's the thing... You see,

she's quite fatigued. Judge: You're looking a bit fatigued yourself, Mr. Payne. Kristoph: Sadly, fatigue is insufficient grounds for refusing to testify... or prosecute. Kristoph: The defense would like to request that Ms. Orly take the stand. Judge: Very well. The witness will take the stand! Kristoph: Perhaps you could repeat your name and profession? Olga: ... Kristoph: Or perhaps you'd rather admit that you're a poor liar, and a poorer loser. Olga: Ny-Ny-Nye-! ... Not. Olga: Name's Olga Orly. That's the truth. I'm a pro dealer. ---------------------------Olga Orly Age: 21 Gender: Female A professional swindler. Hired by the victim to destroy Phoenix Wright's reputation. ---------------------------Olga: People call me... Olga "Quick-Fingers" Orly! Judge: Oh...

Oh really? Olga: Want to know something else? Olga: I'm not really Russian! And my last name sounds like "Oh really"! Olga: There, that's the truth! I hope you're satisfied. Apollo: Witness! You will tell the court what you were really up to that night! Olga: Fine, I'll talk. We had a plan, see. Judge: Let me remind you that you are currently under oath. Judge: Any further fabrications will have serious consequences. Olga: ... Fine. Olga: Like I said, I'm a pro. That guy, Smith, hired me to do what I do best. Olga: I was planted at the Borscht Bowl Club several days prior to the night of the game. Olga: As a waitress. Apollo: So you were in cahoots with the victim! Olga: Not that he needed my help. Smith is a well-known poker player in some circles.

Olga: But winning wasn't the main purpose of this game. Olga: It was about destroying a legend: the unbeatable Phoenix Wright! Olga: The plan was simple. Elegant, really. You see, we set up a trap of sorts... Olga: I was to plant a card in Wright's pocket beforehand... Olga: ...and then deal five aces during one of their games. Olga: When their hands were revealed, Smith would call him out and search Wright. Olga: He would then pull out the planted card and the trap would snap shut! You swapped the cards! Olga: Exposed as a cheater and losing on top of it! It would have made a great double play. Olga: Just like that, the legend would be dashed to pieces. Judge: Indeed... Judge: Getting caught red-handed at cheating would cast doubt on all his prior wins... Olga: A seven-year legend, destroyed by one little card... Olga: That was the plan!

Kristoph: "Oh really, Orly"? How droll. Kristoph: But... it appears you made quite the mistake. Judge: A mistake? Kristoph: I agree, the trap was elegant. Kristoph: Yet, what happened to that planted card? Apollo: Hey, that's right! Olga: He's lucky, I'll give him that. Olga: You'd have to be to slip free from a trap laid by Olga "Quick-Fingers" Orly! Judge: Oh really? Judge: The witness would me much cuter if she dispensed with the evil mastermind shtick. Olga: Cute...? Who wants to be cute?

Olga: I'm not cute! I'm bad! You hear me? Bad!!! Judge: When you're through being bad, perhaps you could testify to the court? Judge: Tell us about this "trap"... and how it was sprung. ** Witness Testimony ** -- The Best Laid Traps --

Olga: That night, I planted the card like I was supposed to. Olga: And Wright lost the last hand, just like he was supposed to. Then Smith searched him! Olga: But the planted card was gone! The trap failed. Olga: The next moment, Wright picked up a bottle and swung it! Olga: It wasn't me who hit Smith! It was that no-good, cheating defendant! Judge: Hmm... A surprisingly frank testimony that stil leaves us mostly in the dark. Olga: The trap was perfect I tell you, perfect! If that rotten cheater hadn't messed it up. Apollo: Look who's talking! Judge: Well, the testimony, for what it's worth, is all yours, Mr. Justice. Apollo: (With witnesses like her, who needs criminals?) Apollo: (...And with defendants like Mr. Wright, who needs prosecutors?) ** Cross-Examination ** -- The Best Laid Traps -Olga: That night, I planted the card like I was supposed to.

Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: This planted card... which card was it, exactly? Olga: The trump card... the Five of Hearts. Judge: Let me guess. Mr. Wright was to have switched the Five with the Ace to make a full house. Judge: At least, that's what you were going to accuse him of doing, thereby ruining his legend. Olga: I slid it into Wright's pocket. Apollo: When was this...? Olga: Why, before the match, of course. While he was eating. Olga: At the Borscht Bowl Club, we serve borscht... and suckers. Judge: Remind me never to go there. Olga: Of course, the card was to make its grand debut during the game... Olga: Like a good borscht, a good plot must be cooked up early and allowed to thicken. Olga: And Wright lost the last hand, just like he was supposed to. Then Smith searched him! Apollo: *HOLD IT!*

Apollo: So, everything went according to plan... Olga: Exactly. Olga: The fifth ace came up, so it's obvious the switch went off without a hitch. Olga: Once the extra card was found in his pocket... Olga: ...Wright would be forever known as a cheat and a fraud. Judge: There are worse things to be known as I suppose. Apollo: Tell us what happened with the search. Olga: But the planted card was gone! The trap failed. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: The card... disappeared? Olga: Yeah! My trump card, the Five of Hearts! Olga: Gone! Poof! Without a trace! Zippo!

Olga: We searched every nook and cranny... Olga: Even inside his cute little hat! Apollo: But the card was nowhere to

be found, is this correct? Olga: Never in my long, storied career... Olga: Never has "Quick-Fingers" Orly been so readily duped! Judge: Oh really. So, what did happen to that Five of Hearts? Olga: Don't look at me. Why don't you ask that cheating, lying, two-faced defendant? Apollo: (So the Five of Hearts is still missing in action...) Olga: The next moment, Wright picked up a bottle and swung it! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Wait... Isn't that a little odd? Olga: Wh-What's odd!? Apollo: You searched Mr. Wright, er, thoroughly, and found nothing? Apollo: Which means he didn't cheat... Which means he had no reason to strike the victim! Olga: W-Well... Apollo: (Wh-What was that just now!? I... sensed someting...) Judge: Something wrong, Mr. Justice?

Apollo: No... nothing, Your Honor. Apollo: (What to do? Should I press her a little harder?) [ No need ] Apollo: (Nah... I'm just seeing things.) Apollo: Sorry, it's nothing. Please continue the testimony. Apollo: (What was that? A dizzy spell? I gotta relax...) [ Press harder ] Apollo: Ms. Orly...! You're hiding something! Olga: Wh-What are you talking about!? Y-Y-You! Olga: M-M-M-Me? "Quick-Fingers" Orly, hi-hi-hide something? Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: The defense will refrain from baseless accusations! Apollo: I have one question for the witness then. Apollo: You say you saw the moment the defendant hit the victim. ...Is this true? Olga: O-Of course it's true! Olga:

I d-did see it, honest! Olga: I saw it when Wright hit him. With my own eyes, I saw it! Apollo: (What's this weird vibe I'm getting!?) Phoenix: That witness, for instance, Ms. Orly. Phoenix: She would touch the back of her neck during certain parts of her testimony. Phoenix: Did you notice? Apollo: (Touching her neck, was it?) Apollo: (Whoa! What's going on?) Apollo: (This sensation... It's coming into focus!) Apollo: (There! That twitch! It's so clear!) Apollo: (It's like I could perceive her habit like I couldn't before!) ((Perceive Twitch)) Apollo: Ms. Orly... Perhaps you are unaware of this yourself... Olga: Un-Unaware of what? Apollo: Whenever you get to a certain part of your testimony... Apollo: touch the back of your

neck with your left hand! Olga: ...! My... My neck? Olga: So... So what!? Kristoph: What indeed, Justice? Kristoph: I hadn't noticed anything of the sort... Apollo: When she says that part of the testimony... Apollo: She's subconsciously recalling something... Apollo: Her body reacts to the memory, and she touches her neck! Apollo: I'm sure of it! Payne: A memory? Would someone care to explain what he's babbling about? Judge: This is highly unusual... but let's ask the defense. Judge: You claim the witness is remembering something. Judge: Maybe you have evidence of this "memory" to show us? Apollo: (Her habit is scratching her neck whenever she talks about the moment of the crime...) Apollo: (So, what would remind her most of the moment of the

crime!?) Apollo: Ms. Orly. Whenever you recall the crime that night, you scratch your neck. Apollo: I've noticed it happens when you think about the moment of the crime. Apollo: There must be some reason behind this "habit" of yours. Apollo: I believe the weapon that left an inerasable "impression" on your neck is this! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Olga: ... Olga: Sorry to disappoint, but I don't have any particular memories of that! Apollo: (Uh oh... That must not have been it!) Payne: Hmph! Of course not! Payne: You want a habit, Mr. Justice? I'll show you a habit!!! Ah ha ha hah! Apollo: (I'd better get this sorted out before I develop a habit of my own...) ((Present Deadly Bottle)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!*

Apollo: Whenever she talks about the moment of the crime, she touches her neck... Apollo: And what reminds us more of that moment than this bottle, the murder weapon! Olga: ...! Apollo: But... something doesn't fit. Apollo: If you were only the witness to the crime... Apollo: ...why would that make you touch your neck like you're in pain? Payne: What's he talking about now!? Apollo: It was Mr. Smith, the victim who was hit... not you! Olga: Uh... Uhmmm... Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: This is a cross-examination, not a cross-wild-conjecture! Payne: Th-The witness's... "habits"!? They're completely irrelevant! Kristoph: Justice... I'll admit, I'm a bit confused myself. Kristoph: This is certainly a... unique cross-examination. Apollo: I'll explain later! Just,

trust me. Now's our only chance to break her! Apollo: Ms. Orly! Please testify, in detail, about the moment of the crime. The very moment! Olga: Ny-Nyet. Payne: ... Judge: ... Apollo: ... Apollo: Um, we know you're not Russian. Judge: The witness will testify, please. Now. Olga: Bah. Fine! ((Press again after perceiving twitch)) Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You're hiding something, and that habit of yours proves it! Olga: Hah! Ludicrous! I'm not h-hiding anything! Apollo: You touched your neck again. Olga: Ack! Apollo: It's no use trying to hide it. I can see right through you. Olga: I am knowing nothing.

... Olga: It wasn't me who hit Smith! It was that no-good, cheating defendant! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Let me ask, how's your eyesight? Olga: Just who do you think you're talking to? Olga: They don't call me "QuickFingers" for nothing. Olga: I'm a pro. Which means my dealing's pro, and my eyesight... is pro! Payne: Honestly, she'd have to be blind as a bat to miss something in that small room. Apollo: (Yeah, but Mr. Wright didn't have a motive to hit the victim! Hmm...) Olga: He's the one who did it! I didn't let him out of my sight until the cops got there! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You seem... uneasy. Olga: You try sitting up here! Apollo: (Her eyes are darting all over the place... I must be getting warm!) Apollo:

Tell me... After the crime, what was the defendant like? Olga: Uh. Well... He must have been stunned by the weight of his crime! Olga: He sat in a daze at that table ...until the cops came. Kristoph: Intriguing... Kristoph: I believe you've gotten all the testimony you're going to get out of this witness. Kristoph: So, what do you think about her testimony? Apollo: I'll tell you what I think! Her testimony is... [ Fine ] Apollo: ...pretty good, really. Apollo: I'd be upset too at the scene of a crime like that. Apollo: Yeah, I can picture my mind going blank, staring listlessly... Kristoph: Yes, I am picturing you doing that right now. Kristoph: As for our defendant, he is an experienced trial lawyer... He's seen a lot in his day. [ Flawed ] Apollo: basically bogus.

It contradicts the evidence! Payne: Wh-What's that!? Judge: Well... Judge: Show us this evidence, Mr. Justice! Judge: This evidence that you claim contradicts the testimony! Apollo: (She didn't let him out of her sight until the cops got there...) Apollo: (I know there's some evidence that contradicts that!) ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This, Your Honor, is the evidence that contradicts her testimony! Judge: ... Well, Mr. Payne? Payne: Tsk. Who would have thought that Justice could be so wrong! He's the guilty one! Apollo: (Gah! Me!?) Judge: ...Mr. Justice. You might want to thik about your future before doing that again. Apollo: (Ouch. That one hurt...)

Apollo: (Different personality... but the same testimony.) Kristoph: I believe you have her where you want her, Justice. Kristoph: The circumstances have changed yet her testimony has not. That means... Apollo: There's got to be a contradiction in there! Kristoph: Quite. ((Present Wright's Cell Phone)) ((Present during witness testimony)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* ((Present after Kristoph's prompt)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Ms. Orly! We have a record here that clearly contradicts what you said! Apollo: It states that the police were alerted by a report from the defendant! Olga: Eh... Apollo: And we know that the defendant left the room, climbed the stairs... Apollo: ...and made that phone call from the first floor of the Borscht Bowl Club! Olga:

Ack! Apollo: So, explain how you kept your eyes on the defendant... Apollo: ...when he left the room entirely! Olga: Eeeeeeeeek! Olga: ...The man who picked up a bottle and swung it that night... wasn't the defendant. Showdown time. ...You dirty cheat! Check his pockets, now! I-It's gone! The card's gone! ...You lose. Auuuuuuuuuugh! Olga: Just then, Smith grabbed the bottle from next to Wright... Olga: ...and he hit me! Y-You--! Some master of cheating you turned out to be!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeek! Olga: When I came to... Judge: The victim was already dead... Is that it? Olga: That's why I couldn't reveal who I really was. Olga: If it came out that I was in

league with Smith, I'd be a suspect for sure! Judge: ... Apollo: ... Payne: ... Judge: Well. Where does this leave us? Payne: M-Madness. Th-This is madness! I'm dreaming! Payne: It must have been me who was hit with a bottle and I'm imagining all of this! Judge: It appears our prosecution is at his wit's end, and frankly, I can't blame him. Judge: Mr. Gavin, what do you think about this turn of events? Kristoph: ... Apollo: M-Mr. Gavin? Sir?

Kristoph: I believe that, as the defense in this case... Kristoph: ...we are compelled to call Ms. Orly a "big, fat liar". Orly: Wh-Whaaaaat!? Kristoph: Three were in that room the night of the murder: the defendant, victim, and her. Kristoph:

...And she has a motive. Apollo: A motive? Kristoph: Her plot foiled, the witness got into an argument with her client, Mr. Smith. Kristoph: And the denouement of that argument... was murder! Olga: What!? I didn't... I'm no killer! Olga: It's a trap! to frame me! Phoenix: Heh heh heh... Phoenix: What tangled webs we weave when we practice to deceive. Phoenix: So tangled, we catch ourselves in the process. Judge: M-Mr. Wright? Phoenix: Such a hasty conclusion... Phoenix: It's not like you, Kristoph Gavin. Kristoph: What are you saying? Phoenix: Why not consider the other possibility? Phoenix: ...That there was another person in the room at the time of the murder? Apollo: Someone's trying

(Right, like Mr. Wright was saying before recess!) Phoenix: A single card was swapped into the victim's hand after the murder. Phoenix: And the one who swapped the card didn't know two colors of cards were being used. Phoenix: ...A fourth person. Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: Hah, this theory again! Your "fourth person" doesn't exist! Phoenix: Indeed. Phoenix: That's why I decided to bring this case to court. Phoenix: Here, where there's no escape, and no chance for deception... Phoenix: The perfect place to catch the real criminal. Judge: The r-real criminal? Phoenix: And, we're in luck. A clue to the real criminal's identity was kindly provided for us. Phoenix: And right at the beginning of the trial, no less. Payne: Wh-Whaaaat!? Phoenix: Apollo... perhaps you know what I'm talking about?

Apollo: Um... sorry. Phoenix: Remember what I said. Phoenix: The fourth person who swapped the cards made one critical error. Apollo: He or she wasn't considering the color on the backs of the cards... Phoenix: Right. But how could such an obvious mistake occur? Phoenix: The cards used for the last game were red. Phoenix: Yet, there is one person, here, in our court... Phoenix: ...who thought those cards were blue. Apollo: (Yeah, I had that impression, too... But why?) Phoenix: Well, Apollo? Think you can figure out who it was? Payne: I-It's not me, I swear! Judge: Who is this fourth person!? Apollo: (Why do I always get put on the spot like this!?) Phoenix: Let's hear what the defense has to say. Who was it? Phoenix: Who thought the cards used

in the final game were blue? ((Present Kristoph Gavin)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Phoenix: ... As I expected. Phoenix: Your eyes and ears are as sharp as your hair. Apollo: I-I was right? ((Present Other)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Phoenix: ... Apollo, do you seriously think that? Judge: I think I'm seriously confused. Apollo: I... I'm seriously sorry. (*gulp* That didn't go well.) Phoenix: Well, it can't be helped. I almost missed it myself... Phoenix: But it doesn't do anyone any good to turn their eyes away from the truth. Phoenix: Does it... Kristoph? Kristoph: ... Judge: Eh? Mr. Gavin?

Apollo: You... You don't mean... Phoenix: Kristoph Gavin. You were the fourth person that night. Apollo: B-But of course Mr. Gavin knows the color of the cards! Phoenix: ...How would he? Phoenix: As you can see, the photo of the crime scene is black and white. Phoenix: You can't tell which of the cards are blue: the ones on the floor, or the table. Apollo: B-But look! Apollo: You can see the colors in this photo! Phoenix: Yes, but when he said the cards were "blue"... Phoenix: was well before this evidence came to light! Kristoph: It is true that the defendant was engaged in a game of poker with the victim. Kristoph: Yet it was only that: a game, in the purest sense. A competition, Your Honor. Payne: A... competition? Kristoph: Yes, a test of wits, a silent clash of passions...

Kristoph: Only the cards, their backs wreathed in blue flame, know its final outcome. Phoenix: Well, Kristoph? Kristoph: ... Apollo: Mr.... Gavin? Judge: Mr. Gavin! I-Is something the matter? Kristoph: Hmm? N-No, nothing. Excuse me, it was just so... sudden. Kristoph: Wright. You aren't seriously accusing me... are you? Phoenix: Oh, Kristoph? Phoenix: You know even I'd never take a joke this far. Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: This has gone beyond ridiculous, beyond dumb... This is insanity! Payne: The defendant accusing his own defense attorney of murder? Phoenix: I assure you, I'm quite sane. Payne: But what possible connection could Mr. Gavin have to the victim!? Phoenix: I wasn't aware that I had a connection to Mr. Smith,

either. Payne: Yes, but Mr. Gavin and the victim have never even met! Phoenix: Well... What if they have? Payne: Huh...? Phoenix: There is a possibility, after all. Phoenix: They may have met that night, before the game started. Judge: What are you suggesting!? Apollo: (Is this the truth Mr. Wright was staying silent about!? Well, only one thing to do!) Apollo: Mr. Wright! The defense would like to request that you testify to the court! Kristoph: *OBJECTION!* Kristoph: The defense would like to request no such thing. Apollo: Mr. Gavin...? Kristoph: Testimonies must relate to the case. Kristoph: How could anything happening before that game of poker be related? Judge: I'm not sure I follow, Mr. Gavin.

Kristoph: As I explained before, the defense believes that Ms. Orly... Judge: ...Am I to assume you speak for Mr. Justice in this? He is the defense, not you. Kristoph: ...! Judge: Mr. Justice. The matter of Mr. Wright's testimony is up to you. Apollo: Oh... OK. *gulp* Judge: Does the court, in your opinion, need to hear Mr. Wright's testimony? [ No need ] Apollo: (As much as I'd like it to, I guess the testimony isn't related to the case, per se.) Phoenix: You heard what the judge said, Apollo? Apollo: ...! Phoenix: It's your decision. Yours. Kristoph: Justice! You aren't seriously considering... Apollo: I'm sorry, Mr. Gavin... Apollo: (But now that we've gone this far, we might as well go all the way!)

Apollo: The defense would like to request that Mr. Wright testify to the court! [ Hear the testimony ] Apollo: (This was Mr. Wright's strategy! He was planning this all along!) Apollo: (And I intend to see it through.) Apollo: ...The defense would like to request that Mr. Wright testify to the court! Kristoph: Et tu, Justice? You would betray me, your teacher? Apollo: I'm sorry, Mr. Gavin. This isn't about loyalty... This is about the truth! Kristoph: ... Judge: Very well. The defendant... Mr. Wright will take the stand, please. ** Witness Testimony ** -- Appetite Before Murder -Phoenix: That evening, Kristoph and I had dinner. We sat at the table in the photograph. Phoenix: Shadi Smith walked in five minutes after Kristoph left. Phoenix: When the "trap" failed, Smith hit the waitress.

Phoenix: The girl was knocked out cold, and Smith was uncontrollable. I left to call the police. Phoenix: When I returned, he was dead, blood streaming from a cut on his forehead. Phoenix: That's when I made another phone call... To Defense Attorney Gavin. Judge: Mr. Gavin! Judge: You were at the Borscht Bowl Club the night of the murder!? Phoenix: I dine with him rather frequently. Payne: A-And he talked to the defendant on the phone directly after the murder!? Phoenix: Quite against my will, I had become involved in a murder. Phoenix: I thought I might be in need of a lawyer, so I called him. Kristoph: You were planning this all along, weren't you, Wright? Kristoph: Just because you wanted to drag me into your little murder trial... Phoenix: The only thing I want... is the truth. Phoenix: As I did back then... and now. Kristoph: I thought my office was doing

you a favor when we took on your defense. Kristoph: It appears that I was wrong. Judge: ...Very well. The defense may cross-examine the witness. Kristoph: Justice. Apollo: S-Sir! Kristoph: He's lying, and you're going to expose him. Apollo: Uh... Understood, sir. Apollo: (Mr. Gavin vs. Mr. Wright... This can't end well.) Apollo: (Why can't I have a normal trial!?) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Appetite Before Murder -Phoenix: That evening, Kristoph and I had dinner. We sat at the table in the photograph. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You had dinner with Mr. Gavin? Phoenix: Yes, he dines with me at the Borscht Bowl Club quite frequently. Phoenix: We were enjoying a usual dinner at our usual spot... as usual. Apollo: "Usual"...?

Phoenix: I always eat at the table closest to the piano. Judge: I see... Where Mr. Smith was sitting! Payne: So, the plates and such on the table were from your dinner? Phoenix: ...Indeed. The remnants of my meal with Kristoph. Phoenix: We dined for two hours, then Kristoph left. After that... Phoenix: Shadi Smith walked in five minutes after Kristoph left. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Five minutes? Apollo: So, the two of them could have passed in the restaurant during that time? Phoenix: That would have been a "fateful encounter" to be sure. Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: Hee hee hee... Payne: Oh, Mr. Wright... What was it you said? Payne: Kristoph Gavin and Shadi Smith "may have met"...? Phoenix: I believe I did say that.

Payne: Here I was all nervous about this "meeting"... Payne: And now we hear they just passed in the hall? Judge: Hmm... Judge: That does seem a little weak as a pretense for murder. Phoenix: Oh it would be. If that was all that really happened. Apollo: (C'mon, Mr. Wright... What are you hiding this time!?) Phoenix: When the "trap" failed, Smith hit the waitress. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: About this failed "trap"... Apollo: This is the same "trap" that Ms. Olga Orly mentioned? Olga: The plan was simple. Elegant, really. You see, we set up a trap of sorts... Olga: I was to plant a card in Wright's pocket beforehand... Olga: ...and then deal five aces during one of their games. Olga: When their hands were revealed, Smith would call him out and search Wright. Olga:

He would then pull out the planted card and the trap would snap shut! You swapped the cards! Olga: Just like that, the legend would be dashed to pieces. Phoenix: Yes... A harmless prank, in essence. Phoenix: It was by a quirk of fate that I happened to discover it... Payne: A "quirk"...? Phoenix: I happened to put a hand in my pocket... and found a card. Apollo: The card she planted! Phoenix: Yes, I snuck a peek at it and found it was the Five of Hearts. Phoenix: I had a feeling something might happen so I disposed of the card... before the game. Judge: Disposed... Where!? Phoenix: There was an empty bottle of grape juice I had been drinking right beside me. Phoenix: I threw the card inside the bottle. Payne: An empty bottle of grape juice... Apollo: The murder weapon!?

Phoenix: Yes. I rolled it up and shoved it in. The colored glass makes it hard to see. Judge: Hmm... A battle of wits between the deceiver and the would-be deceived! Judge: That sounds like terrific drama... Apollo: (A card inside the murder weapon? That's strange...) Apollo: (Did the police miss it in their investigation? Maybe I'll take a look...) Judge: Mr. Wright! The "Poker Head of Courtroom No. 3" approves of this battle of wits! Judge: Please revise your testimony with this new information. Phoenix: I discovered the "trap" during the game, and disposed of the card in the bottle. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Why in the bottle? Phoenix: I perceived my opponent's intent immediately. Phoenix: I'm used to entrapment, you see. I knew what was coming. Judge: Hoh hoh... So you struck first! I like that. Phoenix:

I know every trick in the book. They don't work on me. Apollo: (At least, when you get lucky and stick your hand in your pocket they don't..) Phoenix: The girl was knocked out cold, and Smith was uncontrollable. I left to call the police. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You made the call to the police from the first floor of the restaurant, correct? Phoenix: Exactly. Cell phones don't get a signal down in the Hydeout. Apollo: Was anyone else on the first floor at that time? Phoenix: Not a soul. It was the middle of the night, after all. Phoenix: So there, in the darkened restaurant, I called the cops. Phoenix: After making the call, I returned to the Hydeout. Phoenix: It didn't seem right to leave the injured waitress alone. Phoenix: When I returned, he was dead, blood streaming from a cut on his forehead. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: And when you returned, the victim was already...

Phoenix: Dead, yes. Phoenix: I'll admit, I was a little startled when I walked in. Judge: A... "little"? Phoenix: He was bleeding from his forehead, after all. Apollo: (I guess I'd be startled, too, if I walked in on a scene like that.) ((Present Crime Photo 1)) Apollo: Mr. Wright, if I may. Phoenix: Yes? Apollo: Take a look at this photograph of the crime scene. Apollo: See the victim here? He's wearing a hat. Apollo: ...I wouldn't think you could see blood on his forehead. Phoenix: ... Good point. Kristoph: Justice! Kristoph: Next time you point out an inconsistency, put a little more "oomph" into it. Judge: Mr. Wright. Can you explain this to the court? Phoenix:

Ah... I forgot to mention something. Phoenix: I was the one who put that hat on his head. Apollo: Eh...? Payne: You...? Judge: You put the hat on the dead man's head? Phoenix: He wore it through our entire poker game. Phoenix: After calling the police, when I returned to the scene, his head was in full view. Phoenix: Shining bright... Just like in this photograph. Judge: And...? Phoenix: I picked his hat up off the floor and put it on his head. Payne: Wh-Wh-Why'd you do a thing like that!? Phoenix: All I can say is... I'm sorry. Phoenix: But that's the only thing I touched at the crime scene. Apollo: So... Ms. Orly didn't see it? Apollo: "It" being the victim's... er, his head. Phoenix: I'd think not.

She was out cold. Phoenix: I believe I was the only one who witnessed his head. Kristoph: Ah, here we go again... Apollo: Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: Ahem. Pardon. Kristoph: It just seems that our client is determined to lie his way through this case. Judge: Hmm... Apollo: (H-Hey, he's still our client! ...Isn't he?) Judge: In any case, please continue the cross-examination. Judge: I'm afraid decisive contradictions call for decisive evidence. Apollo: Oh. Kristoph: Push him harder, Justice. Break him! Kristoph: It's just you and the witness in the ring. Go for the KO! Apollo: (Ugh. Why do I get the feeling we're not on our client's side anymore?) Phoenix: That's when I made another phone call... To Defense Attorney Gavin.

Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Could you explain why you called Mr. Gavin...? Phoenix: I'd obviously gotten involved in a rather... sticky affair. Phoenix: And I figured Kristoph's law offices would give me a friend rate for my defense fees... Kristoph: Ah, glad to hear you intend to pay. Phoenix: Oh, I'll pay in full, Kristoph. It was I who got you involved, after all. Kristoph: ...You may find the price of your defense quite high, my good friend. Quite high. Apollo: (Is this the "truth" that Mr. Wright was talking about?) Kristoph: Justice, you know what you have to do. Kristoph: He's lying. Now. Apollo: Y-Yes, sir... Apollo: (I have to think! What's Mr. Wright trying to tell me with this testimony?) Apollo: (The truth has to be in there somewhere!) Expose him.

((Present Deadly Bottle)) Apollo: Um, Mr. Wright, if I may? Phoenix: Yes? Apollo: I've examined the bottle, and I don't see any card in here. Phoenix: Hmm? No? Phoenix: ... Judge: What, Mr. Wright? Surely "..." isn't all you have to say for yourself!? Phoenix: I can't say that I know what happened to the card. Phoenix: I did put it in that bottle, however. Apollo: Huh...? Kristoph: Perhaps a fifth person came and took it out? Oh, and a sixth person could've helped! Judge: Mr. Gavin... Mr. Wright is your client! Kristoph: ...My apologies, Your Honor. Payne: I won't have you disparaging our investigation, either! Payne: We looked inside that bottle. There was nothing! Apollo: (...So what's going on?)

Apollo: (Is Mr. Wright hoodwinking us again?) Apollo: (Or did the card just... disappear?) Kristoph: I believe that's enough of that. Apollo: Uh, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: This witness's "testimony" is more like a "travesty". It's riddled with lies. Kristoph: I'm beginning to see how you came to lose your attorney's badge seven years ago... Phoenix: Well. Phoenix: You certainly have a unique way of treating your clients, Kristoph. I never knew. Kristoph: I believe it was you who threw the first stone...? Apollo: Mr. Wright! If you intend to ever tell the truth about this case... It's now or never! Phoenix: Don't be misled... I haven't told a single lie here. Apollo: Eh...? Phoenix: When I noticed the "trap"... I put the card in the bottle to dispose of it. Phoenix: And when I put the hat on the victim's head...

Phoenix: Let's just say I had a reason for doing that as well. Judge: A... reason? Phoenix: That reason... is right here. Apollo: Your... cell phone? Phoenix: That night... Phoenix: Recall that I spoke with Defense Attorney Gavin after calling the police. Phoenix: Just in case, I recorded our conversation. Kristoph: What's this...? Phoenix: Now that we're all here, I see no reason why I shouldn't play it back for the court. Phoenix: Kristoph. I seem to be in a bit of trouble. Kristoph: What's this? Game not going well? Phoenix: Something like that. Kristoph: That gentleman who challenged you... He turn out to be good? Phoenix: He turned out to be dead. Someone hit him. Hard. Kristoph: You mean someone cracked that flawless bone china pate?

Kristoph: It... wasn't you, was it? Phoenix: Me? Please. The cops should be here any minute. Phoenix: I'm in your hands... Should it come to that. Apollo: "Bone china plate"...? Phoenix: A kind of porcelain, very smooth and shiny. And not "plate", but "pate". Phoenix: I believe he was referring to a certain gentleman's balding forehead. Judge: Hmm... Judge: The court appreciates the defendant's discretion in not indicating my forehead. Apollo: (Wait a second... Something's not right about that phone call!) Apollo: So, after Mr. Gavin ate dinner with you... Apollo: ...he left the Borscht Bowl Club? Phoenix: Most certainly. Apollo: Then... Then how did he know? Apollo: When did he see this "bone china pate"?

Judge: Oh... That's right! Phoenix: Yes... Phoenix: That was when I began to see my good friend in a different light. Kristoph: ... Phoenix: Troubled, I returned to the crime scene. Phoenix: And when I spotted Mr. Smith's head again, I realized exactly what was wrong. Phoenix: Well, Mr. Gavin. The stage has been set. Phoenix: Perhaps you would like to explain this to the court? Phoenix: Exactly how did you come by your privileged knowledge of the victim's head? Kristoph: ... Kristoph: So, this is your "reason". Kristoph: The reason why you put the victim's hat back on. Phoenix: Your point, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: ...It's come down to this, has it... Phoenix Wright. Judge: Order! I will have order!!! Mr. Payne!

Payne: Y-Yes, Your Honor! Judge: I believe this court has been left with no other choice... Judge: Are you prepared to hear Defense Attorney Gavin's testimony? Payne: Eh? Ah... Urk? Ahem! Well, as the prosecutor, I... Judge: ...Very well! We'll break for ten minutes. Judge: After which Mr. Gavin will take the stand for a cross-examination! Judge: ...Are we all clear on that? Kristoph: Crystal clear, Your Honor. Judge: Very well! This will be the final recess for the day. --April 20, 2:32 PM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 3 --Apollo: (Mr. Gavin and Mr. Wright are both in the judge's chamber!) Apollo: (Who'd have thought today would turn out like this!?) ???: ...May I? Apollo: Huh? What? ???: Hello, sir.

Please, pick a card. Apollo: (Wh-What's all this about?) Apollo: Uh... Is this one OK? ???: ...Excellent. I have a message for you. ???: "The last hand is about to be played. You'll need a trump card to make it." Apollo: A trump card...? ???: "The card you have chosen is magical." ???: "Use it wisely, and the game is yours." ???: That's all. Apollo: (An ace... Where do I remember that card from?) Olga: Mr. Smith's hand has three aces, and Mr. Wright's two. ...It is five aces in all. Olga: It is true... I have seen it! The fifth ace! Olga: There was cheating, I swear to you. Apollo: (The missing fifth ace!) Apollo: (Wait... This blotch of red... Is this blood?) ???:

You have your trump card. Now it's up to you to cut the deck and draw... the truth. ???: My father's fate is in your hands. I know you can do it! Apollo: This blood-stained card... is my trump card for finding the truth? Apollo: (I fell deep into thought as my mind raced to understand what this all meant.) Apollo: (That girl... I'd seen her recently... But where?) Apollo: (That's when I made the connection...) ** Bloody Ace added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Bloody Ace Type: Evidence Received from a mysterious girl. Received from a mysterious girl. Could this be the missing "fifth ace"? =Check -> Blood Spot= Apollo: A single drop of blood marks the front of the card. -----------------------------April 20, 2:45 PM District Court Courtroom No. 2 --Judge: Court will now reconvene. Judge: Defense Attorney Kristoph

Gavin, will you please take the stand. Judge: Now then, if you would, Mr. Payne. Payne: Y-Y-Yes, Your Honor! Erm, will Mr.... er, the witness state his name and occupation? Kristoph: Is this farce necessary, Your Honor? Judge: Believe me, far stranger things have gone on in this courtroom. Kristoph: ...Fine, I'll play along. Judge: First, there's one thing we need to have made clear. Judge: How did you know about the "secret" beneath the victim's hat? Apollo: (By "secret", I'm guessing he means the fact that Mr. Smith was bald.) Kristoph: Forgive my curiosity, but what is it about this fellow's head? Kristoph: Your Honor seems to have an inordinate interest in it. Phoenix: *OBJECTION!* Phoenix: I wouldn't call it inordinate, Mr. Gavin. Apollo: M-Mr. Wright!

Kristoph: What do you think you're doing, Wright? Phoenix: Wow, things sure look different from the other side. You know what I mean, Apollo? Phoenix: Speaking of "looking from the other side", let's consider something for a second. Phoenix: The victim wore that hat all night, never once taking it off, except for that one time. Apollo: That one time... being the instant he was hit! Judge: Oh...! Apollo: When Mr. Wright returned from reporting the crime, the hat was lying on the floor. Apollo: Mr. Wright picked it up, and placed it on the victim's head... Apollo: In other words, in order to have seen Mr. Smith's bald head... Apollo: would have had to be at the scene of the crime... at the time of the crime! Kristoph: In other words, you'd have to be the real killer... is what you're trying to say. Phoenix: ... Phoenix: Not bad, Apollo.

Kristoph: Eh heh heh... Judge: Mr. Gavin...? Kristoph: ...I'm afraid that I haven't been entirely honest with the court. Payne: Wh-What!? Kristoph: ...Oh, I assure you, I had the noblest of intentions. Kristoph: I did it all... to protect my client, Mr. Wright. Apollo: ...! Kristoph: Yet, I'm afraid in the current situation I see little reason to hide anything. Kristoph: ...Very well. Allow me to tell you the truth of what happened that night. Judge: Finally! You may begin your testimony. Judge: Tell us... How were you involved in the events of that fateful night? ** Witness Testimony ** -- That Fateful Night -Kristoph: The rage I sensed in that man that night troubled me... So I returned to the club. Kristoph: I went down to the basement and peeked in through the little window to the Hydeout.

Kristoph: It must have been right after the murder took place. Kristoph: The victim was dead, as he appears in the photo. Kristoph: A bald head, an unconscious girl... and Wright, holding a bottle in his hand. Kristoph: I sensed that was not the best place for me to be at the time and so I left. Kristoph: That's when the call came from Wright. Payne: So... you witnessed the murder!? Kristoph: For better or worse, I missed the actual moment of the deed. Judge: Mr. Gavin, may I remind you that you are on Mr. Wright's defense team... Judge: Your testimony is clearly disadvantageous to your client! Kristoph: What else could I say? Kristoph: I'm standing on the witness stand, after all. Phoenix: ...So you are, Mr. Gavin. Kristoph: ...? Phoenix: And you had to testify as you just did...

Phoenix: You had to tell them you saw the scene of the crime through that little window... Apollo: Uh, Mr. Wright? Phoenix: You had to say that... Phoenix: ...because that was the only probable window of opportunity. Right, Apollo? Apollo: Oh... Judge: Mr. Wright, the defense should do the cross-examination, not the defendant! Judge: Mr. Justice, are you prepared? Apollo: Yes, Your Honor... Apollo: (I can't believe I'm going up against Mr. Gavin...) Apollo: (This trial is getting weirder and weirder!) ** Cross-Examination ** -- That Fateful Night -Kristoph: The rage I sensed in that man that night troubled me... So I returned to the club. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: "That man"... You mean Mr. Smith? Kristoph: He was different from the other customers... His aura, shall we say.

Kristoph: I knew he was a serious poker player... but it was more than that. Payne: So then, you knew the true nature of your client's job!? Kristoph: Of course. But I also knew he wasn't engaged in gambling, which would be illegal. Apollo: (Well, it makes sense that he'd know. They were friends, after all.) Kristoph: Worried for my friend, I returned to the club. Kristoph: You see, I feared this Mr. Smith might be someone coming to settle an old score. Judge: I see. What happened then?

Kristoph: I went down to the basement and peeked in through the little window to the Hydeout. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: The little window... Apollo: You mean the one used to keep watch up the stairs? Kristoph: Yes, a relic of the ancient past. The black marketeers used it, I believe. Apollo: Why did you go through the trouble of peeking in through the window?

Apollo: Wouldn't it have been easier to just open the door and go into the room? Kristoph: ... Kristoph: I didn't want to upset Wright, you see. Apollo: Upset Mr. Wright? Kristoph: Yes. What if my fears had been unfounded? Kristoph: I'd be walking in on their match! Bad form, to say the least. Apollo: (Hmm... So far, everything he's saying makes sense.) Kristoph: It must have been right after the murder took place. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: How do you know it was "right after" the murder!? Kristoph: Really, no need to shout, Justice. Apollo: Urk... Kristoph: I was just getting to that part in my testimony. Phoenix: Ah, there he is! The "Coolest Defense in the West" we know and love. Phoenix:

Even when you're standing up there on the witness stand... Some things never change. Kristoph: I was afraid you'd changed, too, Wright, but you haven't. Kristoph: You and that overbearing personality of yours... Apollo: (With friends like these, who needs enemies...) Kristoph: The victim was dead, as he appears in the photo. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: By "photo" you mean the second photograph of the crime scene? Kristoph: Precisely. You see, he wasn't wearing his hat then. Kristoph: I saw his head... when he was dead. Apollo: (And then Mr. Wright came along and replaced his hat.) Payne: Can you describe the scene of the crime for us? Kristoph: A bald head, an unconscious girl... and Wright, holding a bottle in his hand. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Those were the only three at the scene of the crime? Kristoph: Yes...

As far as I saw, at least. Payne: ...Then we're back where we started. Payne: The killer was the defendant, Phoenix Wright! Who else could it have been? Payne: But... why didn't you talk to the police? Kristoph: Two reasons. Kristoph: First, I didn't actually witness the very moment of the crime... Kristoph: Second... Kristoph: My office was asked to defend Wright. Kristoph: Even after seeing what I had seen... I couldn't abandon my friend. Judge: Hmm... Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: There must have been someone else there at the moment of the crime! Kristoph: Justice... I just said I saw no one. Not a soul. Apollo: B-But, that goes against what Mr. Wright said! Kristoph: Ah yes, this mysterious "fourth person"...

Kristoph: ...who would conveniently be the "real killer", I suppose. Phoenix: Glad to see we agree, Mr. Gavin. Kristoph: Let me pose a question, then. Kristoph: Tell me. Kristoph: What possible reason did the "real killer" have to swap cards in the victim's hand? Apollo: ...! Kristoph: Hmm? Perhaps you can show us a reason why such a thing would be necessary? Apollo: (How can I show something I can't find myself!?) Phoenix: Remember, Apollo. The card that was swapped out was the fifth ace... Apollo: The fifth ace... right. Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: The question of why the killer would swap out a card has been raised. Judge: Can you point to a reason? [ Not yet ] Apollo: ...No. Not yet, Your Honor.

Payne: "Not yet"!? Hah! Pathetic! Payne: Not yet? Judge: Hmm... Judge: Well, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: Oh, I'm willing to wait for as long as it takes. Apollo: (Great! I don't even know what the heck I'm looking for...) Phoenix: ...Apollo. Apollo: Y-Yes, sir! Phoenix: Don't forget... You already know the answer. Phoenix: You just don't realize it yet. Apollo: I... already know the answer? Phoenix: Take a moment to think it over again... OK? [ Show evidence ] Apollo: (...It's now or never!) Apollo: The defense would like to present evidence to the court... Apollo: Evidence showing the reason why a card was swapped out! Try not ever!

Kristoph: ... Judge: Then go ahead and point out your reason, Mr. Justice. Judge: Why did the killer take the fifth ace!? ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The reason is made clear by... this piece of evidence! Judge: ...I'm not sure how that piece of evidence makes anything clear, Mr. Justice. Kristoph: I see now it was wrong of me to field you in a trial so soon, Justice. Kristoph: Wild bluffing, and even wilder accusations... Kristoph: You're almost as bad as another defense attorney I know... Phoenix: ... Kristoph: Oh, I'm sure my office's reputation will recover, given time. Kristoph: Once you learn you can't bluff your way through life. Or court. Apollo: Unnngh... Judge:

Would you... like to continue, Mr. Justice? Apollo: Yes, Your Honor! (I sure can't let my first trial end like this!) Kristoph: I sensed that was not the best place for me to be at the time and so I left. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Wouldn't it have been better to wait for the police to arrive? Kristoph: Remember though. By that time, I was already Wright's defense attorney. Kristoph: It wouldn't do for me to become part of the investigation. Apollo: (That makes sense... or does it? ...I'm confused.) Payne: Well, what happened next? Kristoph: That's when the call came from Wright. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Where were you when the phone call came? Kristoph: I had already left the Borscht Bowl Club by that time. Kristoph: On the phone he asked me to defend him. Naturally, I was

surprised. Kristoph: I accepted, however. I couldn't abandon him. Phoenix: So kind of you. Apollo: (Hmm... So far, everything jives with Mr. Wright's testimony... I think.) Phoenix: Is it going to be a problem for you to cross-examine your own boss? Apollo: I... I'm fine! Apollo: (Who was it that taught me never to pull punches in cross-examination?) Apollo: (It was you, Mr. Gavin! I learned it from watching you!) ((Present Bloody Ace)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: My reason is... uh... This! Payne: Is that an... ace? Judge: Why... Why, it's got blood on it! Judge: Right next to the spade! Kristoph: WhWhaaaaat!?

Payne: This is insane! Why wasn't I told about this!? Why!? Judge: Could... this be...!? Judge: Could this be the missing fifth ace!? Kristoph: In-Inconceivable! How could you... Kristoph: What are you doing with that card!? Apollo: Um, well, that's the thing... (Why's Mr. Gavin so upset?) Apollo: (It's just a fishy card from some fishy girl...) Phoenix: Oh, that card? It's mine. Phoenix: That is, I picked it up at the Borscht Bowl Club that night after the murder had occurred. Phoenix: I gave it to my daughter. Cards are her stock and trade, after all. Kristoph: *OBJECTION!* Kristoph: N... No! Impossible! Unacceptable! Kristoph: The court can't accept this evidence! It's a fraud! Phoenix: A fraud? sure? How can you be so

Kristoph: Wh-What...? Phoenix: I would think the only person who could claim it was a fraud... Phoenix: ...would be the one who took the real card from the crime scene... The real killer! Kristoph: ...! Phoenix: Allow me to elaborate. Phoenix: What if this trace of blood was the reason? Payne: The reason for...? Phoenix: For the killer to take the card from the scene of the crime. Judge: Where are you going with this? Phoenix: Take another look at the photo... and at the victim's head. Phoenix: At the moment of the crime, his hat fell to the floor... Phoenix: ...and a trickle of blood ran from his forehead down the back of his head. Phoenix: Couldn't a drop of that blood have fallen on one of the cards? Apollo: I suppose...

Phoenix: The killer then took the card to hide the blood. Kristoph: *OBJECTION!* Kristoph: R-Regardless! That evidence is non-permissible! Phoenix: Oh? Kristoph: Wright! Regardless of how you wasted the last seven years, you used to be a lawyer! Kristoph: You know what a serious crime it is to conceal evidence! Phoenix: Oh, we can discuss the finer points of our legal system later... Phoenix: What's important now is that I've answered your question. Kristoph: Wh-What are you talking about? Phoenix: You wanted to know why the killer would have taken a card from the crime scene. Phoenix: And now, I've told you. Phoenix: That one drop of blood would have been decisive evidence, you see. Kristoph: *OBJECTION!* Kristoph: Th-This is... baseless conjecture! Baseless! Phoenix:

*OBJECTION!* Phoenix: Oh, I assure you it's quite based. Kristoph: Wh-What!? Phoenix: It's amazing, really. Phoenix: How a single drop of blood on a single card can lead us... to the truth. Phoenix: It's quite simple. Phoenix: Well, Apollo? Apollo: Y-Yes!? Phoenix: Try picturing the scene of the crime in your head. Phoenix: The murder took place in the Hydeout... Phoenix: The body of the luckless victim was found at the poker table. Phoenix: And, before the killer swapped a card out... Phoenix: ...there was a single card with a drop of blood on it in the victim's hand. Phoenix: Given this... Phoenix: ...there is one, decisive problem with this scene. Judge: Well, what is it!?

Phoenix: Let's keep it simple, shall we? Given that there was a drop of blood on a card... Phoenix: ...whose position in this diagram doesn't fit? Phoenix: The vicim's? The killer's? The witness's? The second witness's? Phoenix: Whose position doesn't fit with the bloody card? ((Present Anywhere)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The problem with this picture is... here! Judge: ...Um, what exactly is supposed to be "here"? Apollo: ... Er, ack! slipped.

My h-hand must have Sweaty, you know.

Judge: Oops! I just gave you a penalty. Hand must've slipped. Kristoph: Please tell me this farce has a time limit. Judge: It will soon if the defense cannot come up with something of substance. Judge: So, please wipe the cold sweat from your hands, and show us again. Apollo:

Y-Yes, Your Honor! (I'm going to need a beach towel.) ((Present Killer)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Well, for one thing, the killer's in the wrong place. I think. Judge: You "think"...? Judge: Mr. Justice, your job here is not to think, but to know. Phoenix: Ah, just looking at you reminds me of the old days. Not the good old days, per se. Judge: How does a good old penalty sound? Judge: Let's try that one more time. Judge: And, Mr. Justice, think before you sink. ((Present Witness)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The witness's location is clearly at odds with... something! Judge: By witness, you mean Ms. Olga Orly, correct? Apollo: That's right. When it comes to cards, it's "Quick-Fingers" Orly or no one!

Judge: Hmm, I see. And...? Apollo: ... Uh, was I supposed to say something else? Judge: ... Judge: A meaningful observation would help your case considerably. Phoenix: Yet, do you not sense a great feeling of "potential" in his silence? Judge: Potential for a whopping penalty, yes! Apollo: Your Honor! Please, give me another chance! Judge: *sigh* Very well. Judge: Give it some thought, this time. ((Present Second Witness)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The second witness's position is the problem! Judge: The second witness... That would be Mr. Gavin, yes? Kristoph: The second witness's position is far less problematic than yours right now, Justice.

Kristoph: Or perhaps "perilous" is a better word. Apollo: (Uggh...) Judge: I cannot see what the bloodstained card has to do with the second witness's location. Judge: I'm afraid you're more than in peril of a penalty this time. Apollo: Your Honor! One more chance! Judge: I suppose. Judge: Do think it over, Mr. Justice. ((Present Victim)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Well, isn't it the victim's position that's the problem? Judge: I don't follow your logic here, Mr. Justice. Apollo: Well... Look, the victim was struck on the head, sending him back in his chair. Apollo: You'd think any blood would fall behind the body, not onto the table in front of him. Judge: Ah...! Apollo: Take a look at the photo again.


Apollo: If he bled in this position... Apollo: The blood would fall on the floor, not on the cards. Judge: Why, that's right! So... what does this mean? Phoenix: Incidentally, we were sitting in swivel chairs. Apollo: S-Swivel chairs!? Oh man... Phoenix: Apollo, try turning the chair around. Judge: The chair was facing the other way!? Apollo: It would have to be. Apollo: So, we have to assume that at the time of the murder... Apollo: ...the victim's chair was facing away from the table! Judge: When Mr. Wright returned from informing the police, which way was the chair facing? Phoenix: When I came back to the room, the body was facing as seen in this photo. Apollo: That would mean... the killer turned the chair back around. Kristoph: ... Phoenix:

Let's take the next step. Look at the diagram once more. Phoenix: We know now the victim was facing away from the table at the time of the murder. Phoenix: But... this creates another significant contradiction. Payne: A-Again!? Phoenix: Let's test your reasoning skills again, shall we? Phoenix: Apollo, whose location on this diagram contradicts our new understanding of the crime? Phoenix: The victim's? The killer's? The witness's? The second witness's? Phoenix: Whose location creates a contradiction if the victim was facing away? ((Present Anywhere)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The problem with this picture is... Here! Judge: ...Um, what exactly is supposed to be "here"? Apollo: ... Ack! Darn sweaty hands! My finger must've slipped! Judge: I hope you didn't do that on purpose... For your sake.

Judge: This court does not look favorably upon those who waste the court's time! Apollo: (Eek!) Phoenix: Alright, Apollo. One more time, OK? ((Present Victim)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Well, the contradicting position here is the victim's! Judge: Again? How many contradictions can one man have!? Phoenix: Though you're certainly giving him a run for his money. Apollo: (Uh oh, I missed again.) Judge: The defense will refrain from contradicting itself out of a case. Phoenix: Oh, give him another chance, Your Honor. Phoenix: As you can see... Phoenix: ...he quite clearly regrets his mistakes. Judge: ... I'm not sure I see that, but, very well. Judge: One more time, please.

((Present Witness)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The contradicting point is the location of the witness! Judge: Exactly what does the witness's location contradict? Apollo: That is unclear, even to me! Judge: ... Judge: Generally, one does not announce one's own ignorance with such... aplomb. Apollo: (I have to take pride in something...) Judge: Perhaps you would be kind enough to try again? ((Present Second Witness)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: What doesn't make sense... is the second witness! Kristoph: You mean to say I don't make sense? Apollo: Oh! Um, no, of course you do, er, sir. Kristoph: As I thought. Apollo: (Help...!)

Judge: Mr. Justice, I'm a little hard of hearing... Did you just say something? Judge: Would you be kind enough to show the court one more time what you mean? ((Present Killer)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The victim was struck from the front, correct? Phoenix: Indeed. Apollo: Well, wouldn't it be hard for the killer to hit him from the front? Apollo: Sitting where his indicator currently is? Phoenix: I would think it'd be quite hard, yes. Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: Yes, but what you're saying makes no sense! Payne: Why would the victim suddenly turn to face the wall... in the middle of a game! Phoenix: I believe a sufficient reason will soon come to light. Payne: WhWhat!? Phoenix:

There's something in this diagram that makes far less sense, actually. Phoenix: Look again at the diagram. Phoenix: Apollo, if the victim was struck while he was sitting as shown here... Phoenix: ...where would his assailant be standing? Phoenix: Try marking it on the diagram. Apollo: Wha--!? B-But...!

Apollo: (There's no room to put a mark where the killer should be!) Phoenix: Don't worry... Let's think it through and see what we find. Phoenix: We know the victim was facing toward the wall at the time of the crime. Phoenix: That's the only thing we know for sure. Try to forget about everything else... Phoenix: Where would the killer have to be standing to strike our victim from the front? ((Present Anywhere)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Well, I guess the killer would have to be, uh... Here? Judge:

... Payne: ... Kristoph: ... Judge: Anything to say, Mr. Justice? Apollo: ... Um... Sorry? Judge: A little late for that, I'm afraid. Penalty! Apollo: (C'mon, give me a little hint!) Phoenix: Try not to overthink things, Apollo. What does your instinct tell you? ((Present front of Victim)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The killer had to be standing, well... uh... Here! Payne: *OBJECTION!* Payne: You get points for flair, but that's about all you get. Apollo: Ack... (I thought I was on to something there, too!) Payne: I hardly need to point out that standing there would be impossible. Payne: The victim is facing a solid

cupboard! Payne: Or are you claiming the killer climbed the cupboard and hit him from above? Hah! Phoenix: It's simple logic, really... Phoenix: If this was the only place the killer could have been standing... Phoenix: ...then that means that, at the very moment of the crime... Apollo: Wait! I know! Apollo: At the moment of the crime, the cupboard... wasn't there! Judge: What's this now!? Phoenix: I mean, that's the only explanation! Right, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: ... Phoenix: Your Honor! I have a suggestion for the defense. Phoenix: We should arrange to examine the cupboard in the Hydeout immediately! Judge: Bailiff! Send a team to the crime scene immediately! Judge: Have them try to move the cupboard! Phoenix: Ah, Your Honor?

Judge: What? Phoenix: There's one more thing your men should look for. Phoenix: Please give this to the bailiff. Judge: Hmm...? Mmm, yes... I see.

Judge: You do belong in the courtroom after all, Mr. Wright. Phoenix: I do my best. Phoenix: But let's forge ahead here while we wait. Phoenix: Look at the diagram once again. It's been changed. Phoenix: If the killer was standing here at the time of the crime... Phoenix: ...then this cupboard wasn't here. Which means... Phoenix: Apollo, try moving the cupboard. Phoenix: Thank you. Phoenix: As you can see, the cupboard was the problem. Phoenix: At the time of the murder, it has to have been as shown here. Phoenix: Now everything is in place to reconstruct the moment of

the crime... Oh, my! Phoenix: What's this...? Judge: Wh-What is it now!? Phoenix: Look at the diagram of the crime scene once more. Phoenix: It appears we've found yet another contradiction... Phoenix: What I believe to be the final contradiction, in fact. Apollo: (Huh? Oh dang!) Phoenix: Notice something, Apollo? Phoenix: Our line of deduction is rapidly approaching its logical conclusion. Judge: Now then. Mr. Justice, please point to the new contradicting indicator! Judge: Is it the victim? The killer? The witness? The second witness? Judge: Which indicator in this diagram contradicts what we know about the crime? ((Present Anywhere)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This indicator has to be wrong! Judge:

Which indicator is that? I'm not sure I see anything there. Apollo: ... Um... Look closer? Judge: Oh yes, I see something there now... Why, it's a penalty! Judge: Mr. Justice, once more with feeling, please. Apollo: Yes, Your Honor. ((Present Killer)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The indicator that doesn't make sense here is the killer! Judge: Oh really!? Apollo: Y-Yeah really! really... Well, maybe

Judge: It would behoove the defense to be really sure before wasting our valuable time! Judge: Penalty! Apollo: (Maybe if I just came clean and admitted that I'm totally lost he'd go easy on me...) Judge: Mr. Justice! The court will have your answer one more time! Judge: And for the love of all that

is right and good, please think before you point. ((Present Victim)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The indicator in question is... the victim's! Judge: I... see no particular problem with the victim's location. Apollo: Ah, good. That's good to know.

Judge: No, it's not! Penalty! Judge: Once more, if you would. Correctly, this time. ((Present Witness)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: What doesn't make sense is the witness! Judge: Ms. Olga Orly? Wasn't she unconscious at the time? Apollo: ... Erm, yes, I suppose she was. Judge: I fail to see how an unconscious witness could contradict anything. Judge: Yet this conscious judge can penalize you, and he just did. Apollo:

Your Honor! One more chance, please! Judge: I suppose. Do give it some thought this time. ((Present Second Witness)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Um, about this cupboard... Apollo: Are we all OK with assuming it was moved? Phoenix: Sure, why not? Apollo: Well, if it was... something really doesn't fit. Apollo: The cupboard would completely cover up the window to the stairs! Judge: Aaah!!! Apollo: That's right! Someone standing outside wouldn't be able to see in. Apollo: Someone... like Mr. Gavin! Kristoph: What... What did you say? Phoenix: Oh? Is the "Coolest Defense in the West" losing his cool? Kristoph: Nnk...! Don't expect me to play along with your little game, Wright. Phoenix:

It's only a game until someone gets killed, Mr. Gavin. Phoenix: And someone was... while the window to that room was blocked by a cupboard. Kristoph: ... Phoenix: So, Mr. Gavin. Perhaps you'd like to explain to the court. Phoenix: Exactly where did you witness the crime scene from? Kristoph: Nnn... Nnnk! Bailiff: Excuse me, Your Honor! Judge: Order!!! This is a court of law and I will have order! Bailiff: We... We just now received word from our investigative team at the Borscht Bowl Club! Bailiff: They've examined the cupboard in the Hydeout, Your Honor! Judge: Oh...? And what did they find?

Bailiff: Well, Your Honor... Bailiff: It turns out there is a secret passage behind it! Judge: Whaaaaat!? Phoenix: Ah yes. I believe I mentioned something of the sort before. Phoenix: This is one of the tricks to

the room many of our regulars know about... Apollo: (I do remember him saying something about that, now that he mentions it.) Phoenix: A secret passage is a handy thing to have when you're engaged in illegal goings-on. Phoenix: Never know when you might need to duck away from the eyes of the law. Apollo: So the room has a secret passage. Where does it go? Phoenix: The other side connects to the restaurant above. Phoenix: The underworld bosses could get away from the cops... Phoenix: And enjoy a cold bowl of borscht, no doubt. Phoenix: Just like our killer. Phoenix: You see where our line of simple deductive reasoning has led us, Apollo? Apollo: (I see it, but I don't believe it.) Apollo: (That girl wasn't kidding when she said I needed this trump card for the last hand.) Apollo: At the time of the murder, the window was blocked, and the victim's hat... Apollo:

...was only off his head for the few minutes between Mr. Smith's murder... Apollo: ...and Mr. Wright's return from calling the cops. Apollo: In other words, the only place anyone could've seen the victim's bald head... Apollo: ...was from inside the Hydeout! Apollo: ...Well, Mr. Gavin? (Come on, say something!) Kristoph: ... Judge: Hmm... Judge: Dare I ask what really happened that night? Apollo: Actually, I think we can probably figure it out ourselves at this point. Apollo: That night, for whatever reason... Apollo: Our killer had a date with Mr. Smith... A date with destiny. Apollo: There he crouched, hidden in the secret passageway behind the cupboard... Apollo: Holding his breath, waiting for just the right moment... Apollo: Then the chance came... and he took it!

Auuuuuuuugh! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! What... Why did you do that!? Wait here, I'll get help. Apollo: Ms. Olga Orly was out cold, struck by Mr. Smith... Apollo: But his time was soon to come. Mr. Wright went upstairs to call the cops. Apollo: Leaving Mr. Shadi Smith alone in the Hydeout with the unconscious dealer. Apollo: Then our killer stepped out from the secret passage and into the Hydeout. Phoenix: The victim must have heard the cupboard sliding aside. Apollo: He wheeled his chair around to look, and... Phoenix: ...After the deed was done, the criminal must have seen the blood on the card. Phoenix: He would have, of course, realized the need to destroy the evidence. Phoenix: That single spot of blood told the whole story of the crime. Apollo: Too bad for him he didn't linger any longer in the Hydeout that night. Apollo: If he had, he might have

noticed the cards on the floor... Apollo: And the fact that they were all red! Kristoph: Nnnrgk! Judge: Well, it seems this trial... Judge: ...has taken yet another turn. Judge: I'm truly, truly sorry I had to see this day come, Mr. Gavin. Kristoph: ... Apollo: Mr. Gavin...? Judge: Mr. Payne!!! Payne: Yeeeearrrk!? Ahem. Yes, Your Honor? Judge: The prosecution will continue its investigation! Judge: As for Mr. Phoenix Wright, the defendant, he his hereby cleared of all suspicion. Payne: Gwwaaaarrk!? Judge: Believe me when I say that I don't believe this is happening, Mr. Gavin. Judge: But, I'm afraid circumstances call for me to issue a warrant for your arrest. Immediately. Kristoph:

*OBJECTION!* Kristoph: Oh, no need to apologize. I rather enjoyed myself. Kristoph: It's not every day you get to witness a legendary attorney's dirty tactics first hand... Phoenix: Your point, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: Frankly, Your Honor, I'm shocked. Kristoph: That a person of your caliber would be taken in by such a low-grade parlor trick... Judge: Erm... Excuse me? Kristoph: The defendant is "cleared of all suspicion"...? Kristoph: This is hardly the time for jokes, Your Honor. Kristoph: Mr. Wright hasn't proven anyone's guilt or innocence here. Kristoph: What he has done is use illegal evidence to put the blame on someone else! Kristoph: And not just anyone else, but me, his own defense attorney! Judge: I-Illegal evidence? Phoenix: *OBJECTION!* Phoenix: Let me ask you, Mr. Gavin...

Phoenix: Is there still any reason, at present, to suspect me of wrongdoing? Kristoph: ...Of course. for instance. This bottle,

Apollo: The bottle of grape juice Mr. Wright was drinking... Kristoph: How do you intend to explain away the fingerprints on the murder weapon? Kristoph: And not just any fingerprints, am I right, Mr. Payne? Payne: Er, a-actually, yes. The fingerprints on the bottle were, erm, upside-down. Apollo: ...! Apollo: (I seem to recall this being an issue earlier...) Kristoph: The court, and this case, demand an explanation. Kristoph: I can think of only one reason why one would hold a bottle upside-down. Kristoph: ...And that is to hit someone with the bottom of the bottle. Well, Your Honor? Judge: Hmm...! Phoenix: Ah, see how the caught fish squirms to the last... Well, Apollo?

Apollo: Y-Yes!? Phoenix: Your boss seems awfully concerned about this bottle still... Phoenix: But I'm sure you can come up with a suitable explanation... Just like that. Apollo: Um... Yeah. (Just like what!?) Apollo: (Why would anyone grab a bottle upside-down, other than to... *gulp*) Phoenix: Don't let him trick you into thinking his explanation is the only legitimate one. Apollo: Um... Is there really another? Phoenix: Take another look at the Court Record. Phoenix: I believe you'll find a simple answer there... In plain sight. Apollo: (Um, how about you just say the answer in plain words?) Judge: It... would be hasty to deliver a verdict with unanswered questions, indeed. Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? Apollo: (Mr. Gavin said that the court, and this case, demand an explanation...) Apollo:

(Don't worry. Justice won't leave until justice is done.) Judge: Perhaps the defense would care to enlighten the court? Judge: What evidence do you have to explain why the fingerprints on the bottle are upside-down? ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ... Payne: ... Kristoph: ... Apollo: ... Judge: Now seems like the perfect time... for a penalty. Apollo: (What do they expect!? I have no idea how to explain it.) Phoenix: ...You're thinking too hard, Apollo. Phoenix: The answer's right in front of you. Just reach down and pick it up. Phoenix: ...Or try picturing situations in which one might grab a bottle upside-down. ((Present Olga's Photo)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!*

Apollo: It's actually easier to show you than explain, Your Honor. Apollo: Place that bottle on the floor, next to your chair. Judge: Excuse me? On the floor?

Apollo: Yes. Now, reach down and pick it up. Apollo: ...Without getting out of your chair. Payne: Ah...! Apollo: See? You naturally go to pick up the bottle by its neck... Apollo: ...with your fingers upside-down! Apollo: Look at this photograph taken on the night of the murder. Apollo: The defendant, Mr. Wright, sat here... Apollo: ...playing piano, bottles of grape juice on the floor to the side of his piano bench. Apollo: He would have naturally picked up the bottles upside-down several times. Judge: Wow! I can't believe it was that simple! Phoenix: Recall our dinner that evening, Kristoph.

Kristoph: ... Phoenix: I was drinking my usual juice then, too. Apollo: Basically... you used the bottle on the table to do the deed... Apollo: But then you must have remembered! Apollo: So you went and picked up one of the bottles from under the piano... Apollo: And you switched the bottles! Apollo: You took one of Mr. Wright's bottles and made it look like the murder weapon! Judge: Order! Order! Order! What do you have to say to these charges, Mr. Gavin? Kristoph: Fascinating... Kristoph: So this is the legendary attorney's famed tactic of misdirection... Apollo: Wh-What!? Kristoph: You claim that I switched the bottle? Kristoph: Where is your proof? Apollo: P-Proof!? Well, that's, uh...

Kristoph: As I thought. conjecture.

More baseless

Kristoph: I'm afraid your "bottle" of proof is quite empty... Phoenix: *OBJECTION!* Phoenix: I wouldn't be so sure about that. Kristoph: ...! Phoenix: ...Your Honor. Phoenix: When you initiated the investigation of the Hydeout earlier... Phoenix: you recall I requested an additional investigation? Judge: Ah, yes, I have your memo about that here. Judge: "Retrieve the bottles from under the piano at the Borscht Bowl Club." Judge: And here's one of the bottles in question. Kristoph: Hmph! What, are you going to dust that for fingerprints, too? Kristoph: I would be surprised if any were on that but his. Apollo: (Mr. Gavin probably wouldn't make such a novice mistake, true...)

Apollo: (That bottle won't bear a trace of anything!) Phoenix: Say, Apollo... Apollo: Y-Yes! Phoenix: Why don't you go ahead and examine that bottle. Apollo: B-But why? Phoenix: Just humor me. Apollo: Mr. Wright... Phoenix: That bottle will solve this case once and for all. Apollo: What!? Apollo: (That's some bottle!) =Examine Label= Apollo: Grape juice... How long has it been since I drank grape juice? Apollo: Apparently, it's Mr. Wright's favorite drink. I wonder how well it goes with borscht? =Examine Card Inside Bottle= Apollo: ...! There's something inside the bottle! Apollo: Wh-What's this?

Kristoph: Th-That card...! It can't be...! Phoenix: Recall that unpleasant woman's testimony for a moment... Apollo: Er, Ms. Olga Orly? Phoenix: Yes, our little swindling devotchka. Olga: That night, I planted the card like I was supposed to. Olga: And Wright lost the last hand, just like he was supposed to. Then Smith searched him! Olga: But the planted card was gone! The trap failed. Apollo: W-Wait, this isn't...! Apollo: You're telling me that this is the planted card you "disposed of"? Apollo: The one you mentioned in this piece of testimony? Phoenix: I happened to put my hand in my pocket... and found a card. Phoenix: Yes, I snuck a peek at it and found it was the Five of Hearts. Phoenix: I had a feeling something might happen so I disposed of the card... before the game. Judge:

Disposed... Where!? Phoenix: There was an empty bottle of grape juice I had been drinking right beside me. Phoenix: I threw the card inside the bottle. Phoenix: The Five of Hearts... This is the card! Phoenix: The bottles were swapped. Phoenix: And the only one who could have done that was the fourth person in the club that night. Phoenix: You, Mr. Kristoph Gavin. Payne: ... Judge: ... Phoenix: ...That is all. Kristoph: Is... this your idea of revenge, Phoenix Wright? Judge: Revenge...? Kristoph: Revenge for the events that took away your attorney's badge seven years ago! Phoenix: ... Phoenix: My past is like my logic, straight and true. Phoenix: Nothing's changed.

Phoenix: All I did was point the finger of justice in the proper direction. Kristoph: ... Fine. Kristoph: I'm glad we could have this little tête-à-tête, Wright. Phoenix: ... Payne: This... This is insane! What about me!? Don't I get to prosecute anyone!? Judge: I believe this time we've finally come to the end of our trial. Judge: Mr. Payne... do you have a report for us on Kristoph Gavin? Payne: ...He's admitted everything. We're processing his arrest now. Judge: I see. Still, one has to wonder why he would do such a thing... Judge: He didn't even have a connection to the victim... did he? Payne: Er... None that we know of. Judge: Mr. Wright, have you anything to add? Phoenix: ...

Phoenix: I'm afraid I can't shed any more light on the matter. Judge: About this victim, Mr. Shadi Smith... Judge: His occupation was listed as "traveler"... Judge: An odd profession to be sure, and that's all we know about him! Payne: ...I'll arrange a follow-up investigation, Your Honor. Judge: Good. Mr. Wright? Phoenix: Yes? Judge: Seven years... and you still haven't lost your touch. Phoenix: Kristoph Gavin... Phoenix: ...was a man with much significance for me. Phoenix: Both as a friend... and a lawyer. Judge: He was extremely talented, to be sure. Phoenix: I needed two things before I could confront him: Phoenix: The first was a place where no injustice would be tolerated... This courtroom.

Phoenix: The second was a man who would tolerate no injustice... Phoenix: In other words, a defense attorney. You, Apollo. Apollo: Me...? Phoenix: A dark time is coming for our legal system... Phoenix: A twisting of justice brought on by our very own court system. Phoenix: We have to set it right. Apollo: Mr. Wright... Phoenix: Our work lies ahead of us... and I, for one, am looking forward to it. Judge: Well, this seems like a good time to announce a verdict. Judge: This court finds the defendant, Mr. Phoenix Wright... Not Guilty Judge: Court is adjourned! --April 20, 4:28 PM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 3 --Phoenix: Thanks, Apollo. Phoenix: You came through, just like I thought you would.

Apollo: I'm pretty sure I didn't do a thing in there! Apollo: It was you who cornered Mr. Gav... the killer. Phoenix: I couldn't have done it by myself. Phoenix: You sensed it too, today, didn't you? Your... ability. Apollo: ...Ability? Phoenix: Yes... a sensitivity I lack. You'll come to understand it soon enough. Apollo: (Wait, I wonder if he means...) Apollo: I have one question for the witness then. Apollo: You say you saw the moment the defendant hit the victim. ...Is this true? Olga: O-Of course it's true! Apollo: (What's this weird vibe I'm getting!?) Apollo: What... What was that, Mr. Wright? Phoenix: You'll have to find the answer to that question yourself. Apollo: The answer... Right... Apollo:

Today was full of questions without answers... Most of them about Mr. Gavin. Phoenix: What possible reason could he have had to commit murder? Phoenix: Perhaps you'll learn that in the days to come... Apollo: Huh? Wait... You don't know, do you? Phoenix: This locket is the key... Apollo: Huh? Oh, that reminds me, I met the girl whose picture is in your locket. Apollo: Your... daughter, right? Phoenix: That's right. daughter. She's my

Phoenix: You know, you were right about this locket. Apollo: Eh...? Phoenix: I took this off his neck the night he died. Phoenix: ...But it looks like our dear "Russian" scam artist saw me. Phoenix: So the truth is, this locket really did belong to him. Apollo: Wait! But that's perjury!!! Apollo: You testified! You said that locket was yours!

Phoenix: I said no such thing, actually. Apollo Huh? Phoenix: I merely said that it was "a locket" with my daughter's picture inside. Phoenix: A subtle distinction, but a distinction none the less. Phoenix: And it's the truth. Apollo: Wait, but then... why!? Apollo: Why was the victim wearing a locket with a picture of your daughter inside it!? Phoenix: Sometimes the straightest path to the truth isn't the best one... Give it time. Phoenix: You're still just getting started with your career. Apollo: ...Speaking of which, I may be out of a job. I work for Gavin Law Offices, after all. Apollo: (I still can't believe I just saw Mr. Gavin get led away in handcuffs...) Phoenix: ... Apollo. Apollo: Yes? Phoenix: How about coming to work for me?

Apollo: Eh!? You mean... at the Wright & Co. Law Offices!? Apollo: I mean... there's not a single attorney in my generation that doesn't know it! Phoenix: I can't imagine that to be true, but... Apollo: Wait.. but didn't you... You're not a... Phoenix: Oh, I turned in my badge, yes. I'm not an attorney anymore. Apollo: (That incident seven years ago...) Apollo: (That legendary trial...) Apollo: (And at the middle of it all was one man... Phoenix Wright!) Apollo: (The case reached its sad conclusion.. and he left law for good.) Apollo: Have you ever thought about coming back to the courts? Phoenix: I'm... not qualified to stand in a court of law, I'm afraid. Phoenix: Didn't you notice in today's trial? Phoenix: There was a single piece of forged evidence. Apollo: Forged evidence!?

Wh-What are you talking about!? Phoenix: I'm talking about evidence that shouldn't have existed. A naughty magician's trick... Apollo: (Hmm... One piece of evidence struck me as odd, it's true.) Apollo: (It just seemed, well, too perfect.) Apollo: (I'll bet this was the forged evidence.) ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Phoenix: ... Or maybe you didn't notice. Apollo: (Hmm, guess that wasn't it.) Phoenix: No matter, I'll tell you. It was this. Apollo: ...Ah. (The card that girl gave me!) Phoenix: Frankly, this couldn't have been found at the scene of the crime. ((Present Bloody Ace)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: You mean this, don't you? Apollo: I got this from your, erm,

your daughter, Mr. Wright. Phoenix: Yes... That card couldn't have been found at the crime scene. Phoenix: Why? Because the killer took it with him when he left. Phoenix: Leaving the wrong card in its place... luckily for us. Kristoph: The court can't accept this evidence! It's a fraud! Phoenix: A fraud? sure? How can you be so

Phoenix: I would think the only person who could claim it was a fraud... Phoenix: ...would be the one who took the real card from the crime scene... The real killer! Kristoph: ...! Phoenix: My verdict was already handed down... seven years ago. Apollo: Then... You really...? Phoenix: Yes. I forged this card. Phoenix: One look at the crime scene should've told you it wasn't real. Apollo: But... But you can't do something like that and call yourself an attorney!

Phoenix: Who's calling themselves an attorney, Apollo? Apollo: So it's true... Apollo: The rumor is true! Apollo: Seven years ago... Phoenix: ... Phoenix: None of that matters much now, does it? Apollo: ...! Nnngh... Grrrraarrrgh! Phoenix: ... Apollo: (I... I punched him...) Phoenix: ... Phoenix: ...It's your story from here on out, Apollo. Phoenix: Perhaps I can help you turn the next page... Phoenix: My office's address. Drop in, if you like. Apollo: Mr. Wright... Phoenix: Oh, about your uppercut... Phoenix: Try yelling, "Take that!" next time. I find it packs a little more punch.

Phoenix: And Apollo, thanks for today. I had a good time. Apollo: And with that, Mr. Wright walked out the door. Apollo: ...And that's how my first trial ended. Apollo: A lot of mysteries went unsolved... Apollo: And, at the time, I had no idea they were all related. Apollo: Every mystery that day... Apollo: ...connected by a single thread of logic... Apollo: I'd find that out soon enough. Apollo: My name is Apollo Justice, attorney at law. And this is how my story begins... THE END ============================ Episode 2 Turnabout Corner Day 1: Investigation -20101============================ As long as we draw breath, the Wheel of Fate turns... Spining big crimes and little crimes together. And when the Wheel stops... You die. --June 15, 9:12 AM

Wright & Co. Law Offices ----------Profiles \ ---------------------------Phoenix Wright Age: 33 Gender: Male A pianist who can't play a lick. Formerly an ace defense attorney of some renown. ---------------------------Apollo: (Two months have passed since Mr. Gavin's arrest.) Apollo: (My first trial, and I lost both my mentor and my job.) Apollo: (Yeah, I'll admit it. I was screwed.) Apollo: (But even when I hit bottom, I told myself I'd never come here. Honest.) Apollo: (Here being the legendary Wright & Co. Law Offices.) Apollo: (OK, Justice, time to stop trembling.) ???: Ah! You must be here for the interview. Right this way. Apollo: Huh? ???: Hello there! You've found the Wright place! Welcome! Apollo: Uh... Ah... (What's with this girl!?) ???: Well now, shall we begin?

Apollo: Begin... what? ???: Right, first things first... Any special talents? Apollo: Erm, talents? ???: Yes, well, you must have at least one! Apollo: Well... Uh... I guess... Defending? ???: "Defending"... An unusual talent, but it'll do. ???: With a little jazzing up, of course. Apollo: Y-You think so...? ???: Let's give it a go, shall we? Apollo: Huh? ???: Go ahead! Show me! Defend!

???: Just give it all you've got. Don't hold back now! Apollo: Wh-What are you talking about? I can't just "defend" here! ???: First lesson: A professional can perform anywhere! Apollo: ...Thanks. ???: We want people to be laughing with us...

???: ...not at us! Apollo: ...Thanks. Apollo: But I'm not sure why they should be laughing at all. ???: What...? ???: What exactly do you think you came here to do? Apollo: What? Um, defend... No? ???: ... ???: Excuse me, but do you know where you are? Apollo: Huh!? The Wright & Co. Law Offices, right? ???: ...Oh. ???: I was afraid of that. Don't worry, you're not the first. Apollo: Look, what's going on here? Who are you? Apollo: I came here to meet with the person in charge... ???: Well, you've apparently made no fewer than two mistakes. Apollo: Mistakes? But I got a call from Mr. Wright this morning! ???: Perhaps you should go read

the sign out front again? Apollo: What's there to read!? Look, it says right there... Apollo: ...Oh. Apollo: Why does it say "Wright Talent Agency"...? ???: Welcome to the Wright Talent Agency, where you've "always come to the Wright place!" Trucy: I'm Trucy Wright, CEO. I'm a magician. ---------------------------Trucy Wright Age: 15 Gender: Female Future stage magician in training. Apparently, the daughter of Phoenix Wright. ---------------------------Apollo: (It all came flooding back... The trial... That girl...) ???: Hello, sir. Please, pick a card. Phoenix: That's right. daughter. She's my

Apollo: Trucy... Wright. Trucy: Here, check out our flyer! Trucy: So... what's your name? Apollo: Apollo... Apollo Justice, attorney at law.

=Present Badge= Trucy: Oh, I've seen one of those before! That's an attorney's badge. Trucy: It looks just like the one Daddy used to have. Trucy: Now if I take this badge... And do this, and this... See! It's gone! Apollo: H-Hey! My badge! What'd you do with my badge!? Trucy: No need to worry! Trucy: Just look in your pocket! Apollo: Huh! No way... My pocket? (Wait a second... There's something in there!) Apollo: ... It's a flyer for your agency! Trucy: And here's your badge. can have it back now. You

Apollo: (That's the last time I let her touch anything of mine. Period.) =Examine Spaghetti= Apollo: Whoa! That fork is floating! ...Not. Apollo: Why do you have a plate of plastic spaghetti here? Trucy: That right there is the whole

reason I became a magician! Apollo: Do tell. Trucy: I saw a plate just like that in a restaurant once. Trucy: The floating fork looked so real! That's when I knew... Trucy: Someday, I'd make magic more amazing than that spaghetti! =Examine Hula Hoop= Apollo: That's one of those hula hoop things everyone was crazy about way back when. Trucy: Really? I had no idea these were that popular! Apollo: I'm not so bad with one myself, actually. Trucy: Eh!? I-I'm still learning... Trucy: So you can really make someone levitate with it? Show me! Apollo: Huh!? I-I have no idea how! (It's just a normal hula hoop, isn't it?) =Examine Piano= Apollo: There are all sorts of strange paraphernalia sitting on top of the piano. Trucy: Those are my magic props! Practice, practice, practice!

Trucy: A professional never leaves their weapons far from reach! Apollo: But you can't play the piano with all this junk on it. Trucy: Oh, no one plays here anyway. And the neighbors complain. Apollo: (I guess Mr. Wright really can't play...) =Examine Photo= Apollo: An old, sepia-tinted photo of a man in a silk top hat. Trucy: That's my favorite magician! I want to be just like him someday! Apollo: (Sure, nice... Guess it's good to have a role model. Even if he's gotta be well over 100.) Trucy: How rude! =Examine Split Box= Apollo: A strange, split box leers at me from the wall. Apollo: Um, is this one of those boxes for cutting people in half? Trucy: That's right! This cabinet is used for an illusion called the "Zig-Zag"! Apollo: I've seen one on TV... But why is one just sitting here in your office?

Trucy: Oh, it's a little big for me, you see. Trucy: So I'm using it as furniture. Trucy: Hats in the top, shirts in the middle, and pants down below! Trucy: I think it's a nice touch... don't you? Apollo: (It's not exactly what I'd call a "welcoming" decor.) =Examine Hat= Apollo: A blue silk hat, just like the one Trucy is wearing. Trucy: Oh, that's just for show. Don't wear it, please! Apollo: (Last thought from my mind, honest.) Trucy: I put it there so clients can see it and know who I am. Trucy: Nothing says "magician" like a silk top hat! =Examine Plant= Trucy: Ack! Don't touch Mr. Charley! Apollo: "Mister" Charley...? Trucy: He's been in this office much longer than I have! Trucy: Daddy's mentor had a great

fondness for Mr. Charley. Trucy: He's lived here since Daddy was a rookie attorney! Apollo: Huh. (Mr. Charley... riiight.) Trucy: Now I take care of him! =Examine Bookshelf= Apollo: All these legal books must be Mr. Wright's leftovers... Apollo: ...There's a lot of unrelated books in here, too. Apollo: "One Trick a Day"... "Magic for Idiots"... Apollo: You'd think a pro magician would aim a bit higher. =Examine Teapot= Apollo: That table... doesn't look very sturdy. Trucy: You've never seen one of these? It's a magic table! Apollo: So, like, you make this teapot disappear? Trucy: So you might think! But that's not it... Trucy: Before your very eyes, the contents of the pot change! Trucy: ...From Earl Grey to

Darjeeling! Apollo: Kinda hard to see the difference, I'd think... =Examine Other= Apollo: No clues here. =Move= Apollo: (What's up with this "Wright Talent Agency"?) Apollo: (Guess I'll talk to her and find out what I can.) =Talk -> Wright Talent Agency= Apollo: So... Is this really a talent agency? Trucy: You bet! Trucy: Daddy started it seven years ago, when he quit law. Trucy: Of course, we only have two people signed up right now. Apollo: Two people... Does that include you? Trucy: Trucy Wright, Magician Extraordinaire! Trucy: I've done a lot of stage shows! Paid, too! Trucy: I am a professional, you know. Apollo:

Er... right. Trucy: Promise you'll come to one of my shows, OK? Trucy: Let's see... Oh, and the other person our agency represents is... Trucy: Phoenix Wright, Pianist Extra Ordinaire! Apollo: Your dad, in other words. Apollo: Didn't he say he couldn't play the piano? Trucy: Our agency doesn't see that as a problem. Trucy: Why, there are many magicians who can't do magic! Apollo: At least you're optimistic, I'll give you that. =Talk -> Trucy Wright= Apollo: So you're his, er... you're Phoenix Wright's daughter? Trucy: That's right! After Daddy quit law seven years ago... Trucy: ...I promised I would keep him fed! Trucy: So I'm kind of his sugar daddy! Get it? Apollo: No. Trucy:

I'm in charge of this whole office, too. Trucy: Pretty amazing for a young lass of fifteen, wouldn't you agree!? Apollo: F-Fifteen? Uh, how old is Mr. Wright? Trucy: Daddy? year. Oh... he's 33 this

Apollo: ...I'm sure there's a good explanation. (I hope...) Trucy: ? =Talk -> Phoenix Wright= Apollo: Um, about Mr. Wright giving up law... Apollo: It was because of that incident seven years ago, wasn't it...? Trucy: Eh? You know about that!? Apollo: Not the details. Apollo: I remember the news, though. It was a big deal. Trucy: So I hear. Trucy: I was too young to understand what was going on. Trucy: I'll ask Daddy about it next time I get a chance.

Apollo: Daddy, right... That reminds me. About Mr. Wright... Apollo: He gave me a call this morning to come in. Trucy: Daddy's not here right now. Trucy: He's in the hospital. Apollo: The hospital!? Trucy: Yeah. He's on strict bed rest until he gets better. Apollo: Wh... What!? Apollo: OK... Apollo: Which hospital is Mr. Wright in? I'll pay him a visit. Trucy: Oh, the Hickfield Clinic. It's quite close. Apollo: Right. Well, I'll be going now. And I'll, uh... give this showbiz gig some thought, OK? Trucy: Wait! I'll go with you! --June 15, 9:45 AM Hickfield Clinic --Apollo: (So... this is Mr. Wright's hospital...) ???: Eh? Visitors are ya? Hrmm?

Apollo: Uh, yeah. doctor?

Are you the...

Hickfield: Ayup. Dr. Hickfield's the name. Eh he he. ---------------------------Dr. Hickfield Age: ?? Gender: Male A suspicious-looking fellow, though he apparently is Mr. Wright's physician. ---------------------------Trucy: Good morning, Doctor! Hickfield: Oh, hiya there, Trucy. Cute as ever! Eh he he. Trucy: Is... this Daddy's room? Hickfield: Oh yah. 'Cept he's gone for a mornin' checkup. Be back soon. Hickfield: How're you, Miss Trucy? Got any places you'd like... examined? Eh heh... Phoenix: Doctor... the nurse was looking for you. Hickfield: Why, if it isn't the Daddy o' the cutest lil' thing in town! Hickfield: Hrm. Hrmm. Guess I'll be off then. Eh he? Later, Trucy. Apollo: Wow, what an odd bird that guy was. Phoenix: Good morning. Didn't expect you so soon, Apollo. Apollo:

Mr. Wright... =Present Badge= Phoenix: What's that? familiar... Looks strangely

Apollo: How could you not recognize an attorney's badge!? Phoenix: It's been seven years. I've forgotten... a lot of things. Apollo: (I guess some seven years are longer than others.) =Examine Bottle= Trucy: Aaaah! Daddy! You snuck some grape juice in again!? Trucy: The doctor said you weren't supposed to drink that here! Phoenix: Trucy. Look at the label. Trucy: ... Oh. Trucy: "Deep Sea Mineral Water". That's fine, I guess. Phoenix: I switched the labels. tell Trucy, 'kay? Apollo: (What can I say, the man loves his grape juice.) =Examine Piano= Apollo: This looks like a child's toy Don't

piano. Phoenix: Gotta practice. Wouldn't want my fingers to get stiff. Phoenix: A pro always keeps his weapon close at hand. Phoenix: Shall I play you a tune? Apollo: Uh... no thanks. Phoenix: Ah, how unfortunate. I so rarely get a chance to play. =Examine DVD Stack= Apollo: A swaying, spiraling stack of DVD cases. Apollo: "The Steel Samurai", "The Nickel Samurai"... Apollo: "The Pink Princess", "The Zappy Samurai: Electric Bugaboo"... Apollo: They're all children's action hero shows... Phoenix: This "kid" I know keeps sending them to me. Apollo: Huh. Like a niece or nephew? Phoenix: ...Something like that. Apollo: Quite the collection. This kid's parents must be really generous with their allowance. Apollo:

(Funny, Mr. Wright doesn't seem the type that kids would like.) =Examine Bed= Apollo: Mr. Wright's bed... It's really messy. Trucy: Look how messy this is! Trucy: You're just hopeless without me, aren't you, Daddy? Apollo: (Yikes! She's attempting to clean up! Look out!) Phoenix: Ah ha ha. You got me. What can I say? I was raised in a barn. Phoenix: Try not to let word get out, Apollo. If you don't mind. Apollo: (Yeah, it might ruin your illustrious career pretending to play the piano.) =Examine TV= Apollo: What's that on TV? Looks like some sort of action hero show... Trucy: Oh, I know that one! That's the Sniffling Samurai! Trucy: His "Booger Flick" attack is a big hit with the grade school crowd. Apollo: I had no idea you liked this kind of stuff, Mr. Wright. Phoenix:

Well, what else is there to do when you're stuck in bed? Phoenix: Besides, the episodes will just keep piling up if I don't keep up, you know? Apollo: Um... yeah. (Try not buying them.) Phoenix: Now's the only time I get to watch and write up my reports. Apollo: Your... reports? Phoenix: It's a long story. Like a lot of things, actually. =Talk -> What Happened= Apollo: So... what happened? Phoenix: ...Who could have imagined it? Phoenix: Me, victim of a hit and run... Apollo: A hit and... You were hit by a car!? Phoenix: Oh, he tried to swerve, I'll give him that. Phoenix: Picture me tossed thirty feet through the air... Phoenix: ...only stopping when my head hit that telephone pole. Apollo: You hit a telephone pole with your head!? Are you OK!? Phoenix:

Thankfully, my only injury was a sprained ankle. Apollo: (He really is as lucky as they say...) =Talk -> About Trucy...= Apollo: There's something that, well, it just doesn't sit right. Apollo: I just can't believe you have a daughter, Mr. Wright! Apollo: And... she's so big! Not fat, but, er, you know what I mean. Phoenix: Oh, Trucy's still a child. Trucy: Daddy! How many times do I have to remind you! Trucy: I'm not a child anymore! Phoenix: Ah ha ha! But you'll always be Daddy's little baby girl to me, Trucy. Apollo: (Ah ha ha, my foot. not buying it.) I'm

Phoenix: Oh, something you should know about Trucy... Apollo: She's a magician, right? She told me. Phoenix: Not a mere stage magician... She's a genius. Trucy: Tee hee! Aw, Daddy!

Phoenix: You'll soon come to appreciate her "talent". Apollo: You could just tell me things instead of insinuating them. =Talk -> Wright Talent Agency= Apollo: So, why did you contact me? Apollo: What could the Wright Talent Agency possibly want with me? Phoenix: No need to get prickly, now. Apollo: Hey, I didn't ask to be dragged in like this! Trucy: Huh? But didn't you come into the office of your own free will anyway? Apollo: Well, yeah, of course. Apollo: "Help! We're in big trouble here at the office! Big!" Apollo: ...I thought someone was dying. Phoenix: So you don't think this is big trouble? Phoenix: My talent agency represents only two people... and one of them is in the hospital. Trucy: That's right, Daddy! How are we going to pay this month's rent!? And the groceries!? Phoenix: Yeah... That's the problem

with such a tight operation. Phoenix: It's a symbiotic relationship. When one of us falls, the other, too, must fall... Apollo: Hey! This isn't exactly a suitable conversation to be having with a 15 year old kid! Phoenix: In any case, if Apollo here can't help you... Phoenix:'ll have to transfer to a new school. Again. Trucy: No! I can't! friends... I only just made

Trucy: How could you do this to me... to us!? Polly... Apollo: Huh? What? Now it's my fault?

Phoenix: On that note, how about you come work for us? Phoenix: I've got the perfect client for you already lined up. Apollo: A... A client? Apollo: (You mean I get to do my job? I get to defend in court!?) Apollo: ...Alright. I'll hear what you have to say. Trucy: You got him, Daddy! Hook, line, and sinker! Phoenix: Ah ha. Now it's time to reel him in!

Apollo: (It's official: I'm scared.) =Talk -> Our Client= Apollo: Alright, so who's the client? Phoenix: Ah, yes. Here, take a look at the map and I'll explain. Phoenix: Last night, I left the office just before nine o'clock... Phoenix: I was going to that Indochine pasta joint, Alden Tae's. Phoenix: I play piano there, of course. Phoenix: ...That's when it happened! Phoenix: The car sent me flying, nicked a telephone pole... Phoenix: ...and zoomed away. Creepy, huh? Apollo: Just a tad. Apollo: It's almost as creepy as hearing you tell the story like it was no big deal. Phoenix: The car sped off in this direction... Phoenix: ...So, good luck! Apollo: ...Huh? Phoenix: You wanted a client, didn't you? Well, I'm your client!

Phoenix: Find the guy who knocked me into that telephone pole! Apollo: Whoa, hold on! I'm a defense attorney, not a detective! Phoenix: Don't worry. Once you've found the guy, I intend to sue him. Phoenix: Then you can stick it to him in court! Apollo: ...I'm not a prosecutor either! Apollo: I'm sorry, but... this is crazy. I'm going home. Phoenix: Don't get so worked up. It was just a joke. Apollo: Huh? Trucy: Oh, Daddy. Sorry, Apollo. He just loves jokes, you know. Trucy: Even the ones that aren't very funny. Phoenix: Your real client should be stopping by the office any time now. Apollo: The office... You mean the talent agency? Apollo: (No harm in going. It's not like I have anything else to do.) Phoenix: ...One more thing.

Phoenix: Do look into my accident too, would you? Phoenix: I marked the scene of the tragedy on this map. Phoenix: It's right in front of this park. Should be easy to find. Apollo: (So, he's going to make me investigate this after all...) ** Map added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Map Type: Maps Received from Phoenix Wright Shows the area around Mr. Wright's office. Touch the Check Button for details. ---------------------------=Talk -> Our Client (again)= Same as above, stops at "I'm going home." =Present Map= Phoenix: I've marked the location of the accident on your map. Phoenix: Find the criminal who knocked me into that telephone pole! =Move -> Wright Talent Agency= --June 15, 10:05 AM Wright Talent Agency --???: Hey hey hey!

???: How long you planning on making me wait, eh!? Trucy: Ah! Good morning! ???: Hey there, Trucy-doll. ???: Sounds like your pops had a bit of a rough spot, eh? Trucy: All's well that ends well, I guess... Apollo: (This... is our client?) ???: Hey! So this is that Pollo fellow, eh? Apollo: Oh, uh, y-yes? (The name's "Apollo".) ???: Look at 'im there, arms all crossed-like. Ready to fight! Apollo: Yes, sir! ...You don't mean that literally, do you? ???: The boss told you what I need, right? Don't let me down now, Pollo! Apollo: Don't worry about your defense sir, I'm on it! ???: Defense...? ???: Your noodle half-cooked? too late for defense! It's

???: My castle's been stormed! My keep's been kept! My noodle stand's been stolen!

Apollo: N-Noodle...? Trucy: You know Mr. Eldoon from the noodle stand, don'cha, Polly? Apollo: No nicknames, please. And no, of course I don't know him! ???: You new in these parts? Apollo: Not really... ???: Then you know the best noodles in town: Eldoon's Noodles! Apollo: Uh, whose noodles? ???: My noodles! Er, help me out here, Trucy-doll. Trucy: This is Mr. Guy Eldoon... our client! Trucy: Maybe you can tell us what the problem is, Mr. Eldoon? Guy: Anything for you, Trucy-doll! ---------------------------Guy Eldoon Age: 46 Gender: Male Proprietor of the noodle stand "Eldoon's Noodles". ---------------------------=Present Badge= Guy: Yee haw! Attaboy! Way to flash 'em! Guy: Ol' Phoenix used to do that

to my pops all the time. Trucy: Your father...? Guy: Yup, he'd whip that bad boy out 'n' say "Put it on my tab, you know I'm good for it." Apollo: (A tab at a noodle joint?) =Present Other= Guy: Sorry, fellah, but the only business I'm concerned with is my business. Guy: You gotta help me out! Get my business back! =Talk -> Who's this guy?= Apollo: So... You run a noodle stand, Mr.... Guy: Eldoon. Guy Eldoon's the name! And noodles are my game. Guy: The secret's in the soup! I've been searching for the perfect soup for a year 'n' a half. Apollo: Oh. That's... not that long, really. Guy: My family's been noodle men for generations. Got a lot of expectation on my shoulders. Guy: Fifteen fathers passing the noodle to fifteen sons. Trucy: That's a pretty old noodle!

Guy: Aye, and fool that I was, I pushed it away. Guy: I rebelled against my pops, and picked another livelihood. Guy: But... that didn't turn out so well. Apollo: Oh. Guy: There was no denying it... Guy: Salty broth runs through these veins, boy! Trucy: So, it was like destiny that you became what you are. Guy: Right, destiny's the word! Oh, I fought it... Guy: ...but in the end I was bound by the twisted noodle of fate! Apollo: (Not a mental image I care to linger on.) Guy: So, last year, I started my noodle stand. Guy: The 15th generation of Eldoon's Noodles! =Talk -> Eldoon's Noodles= Apollo: Um... So tell me more about Eldoon's Noodles. Guy: You don't know the genius that are my noodles!?

Guy: I make 'em so salty, why, they're saltier than... salt! Apollo: (Now I really don't want to find out.) Trucy: Daddy's a regular at his noodle stand. Guy: He frequented my pops's stand back during his attorney days, too. Guy: Yep, him and his assistant. Apollo: I'm sorry... I'll be sure to drop by your stand soon. Guy: Wish you could, sonny! Apollo: Eh? Guy: Heck, I wish I could! I'd give anything for a bowl 'bout now. Trucy: What do you mean? Guy: It was stolen! My stand! Gone! Apollo: Stolen...? =Talk -> Stolen stand= Guy: It was last night... Guy: I was doing my rounds, blowin' my whistle. Trucy: It's like an ice-cream truck's bell but louder! He even gets

complaints! Guy: Eh heh, now you're just trying to butter me up. Apollo: (That souned more like the blues than a whistle...) Guy: I closed up my stand for the night and parked by the house. Guy: Then, this morning, dark 'n' early... Guy: It was gone! My keep! castle! Oooooh! My

Apollo: Maybe some bum carted it off? Apollo: ...Just guessing here. Guy: Well, I don't care who did it! Without that stand, I'm finished! Guy: All my noodle bowls were in there, too. Trucy: That's the saddest thing I've heard all day. Guy: You know it. Anyhows, that's the deal. Good luck! Apollo: Good... huh? Wait... What exactly is your request? Guy: My noodle stand! Find it!

Guy: And the day you bring my baby back is the day you feast on as many noodles as you want!

Guy: Course I make it so hot 'n' salty, two bowls'd kill a man. Then I'd really need defense! Apollo: Speaking of defense, that's what I do. I'm a lawyer. Not a detective... Guy: This is where I live, you drop by if you need any info, 'kay? Guy: Get it back today if you can, Pollo! I got noodles to make! Apollo: Things have certainly taken a turn for the bizarre. Apollo: Traffic accidents... and noodle stand thieves. Trucy: Um, actually... Trucy: There was something I wanted to ask you about, too, Apollo. Apollo: Huh? (I have a bad feeling about this.) Guy: Ah, listen to the lady's problem now. Don't be cruel! Trucy: I lost something last night. That is, something was stolen. Guy: Hey, what's this? More thieving and skullduggery!? Trucy: Well, um... Trucy: Someone stole a pair of my panties.

Apollo: ...Panties? =Talk -> Trucy's Request= Apollo: Erm, so they were, um, stolen, your, er... Trucy: My panties, yes. Apollo: Ah, er, right. Panties.

Guy: That's a cryin' shame, that is, Trucy-doll. Trucy: I was alone in the office last night. Trucy: I had hung my panties out the window there to dry... Trucy: ...when a thief came and took them! My favorite panties! Trucy: I ran after him. "Give those back!" I shouted. "Wait!" Apollo: Well, that was certainly brave of you. Trucy: ...But I lost him. Trucy: Without those panties, I don't know what I'll do... Guy: A darn cryin' shame, yup. Trucy: Well, at least the scene of the crime is convenient. Trucy: I'll mark it on your map!

Guy: I'll be headin' home now. Guy: Remember, find my stand or there's an empty bowl in yer future, Pollo! Apollo: Er, right. Guy: And you help out Trucy-doll here, too, y'hear? Trucy: Things have certainly picked up, haven't they! Trucy: We had no work yesterday, and now we have three cases! Apollo: I... I guess. Trucy: Let's see where we stand! Apollo: (Not in a courtroom, that's where.) Apollo: Well, the first item on our list... Trucy: Phoenix Wright... Daddy's hit and run accident. Trucy: We have to find the one who hit him! Apollo: ...Who's going to pay us for this again? Trucy: And the second item... Trucy: Mr. Eldoon's request.. to find his noodle stand.

Apollo: For which we stand to gain... a bowl of salty noodles... Trucy: And the last request is mine! Trucy: To find my stolen panties! Apollo: ...That bowl of noodles is looking better and better. Trucy: Let's go, Polly! To the streets! Apollo: Aren't you enthusiastic. Trucy: How could I not be!? Trucy: Let's crack these cases, you and me! Apollo: (*sigh* Guess we might as well get started...) Apollo: (Let's see. A hit and run... a stolen stand...) Apollo: (And last but not least... stolen panties.) =Present Anything (except the badge)= Trucy: What's that, Polly? Oh, I know! Trucy: You want to see a magic trick! Well, you've come to the right girl! Trucy: Watch as I make that evidence disappear, forever! Apollo:

Whoa! No, don't! Sorry, my bad! =Talk -> Panty-snatcher= Apollo: (Maybe I should as her more about her... uh...) Apollo: (This is going to be difficult--) Trucy: Apollo! Apollo: Yeah? Trucy: Your [sic] going to have to press me for information! Go ahead, do your worst! Apollo: Uh, no thanks, I pass. Trucy: You can't "pass"! job! This is your

Trucy: Look, I had hung them outside the window there to dry... Trucy: ...when a thief came and took them! My favorite panties! Trucy: I ran after him. "Give those back!" I shouted. "Wait!" Trucy: ...But I lost him. Trucy: I can't live without those panties! Please find them! =Talk -> Any leads?= Apollo: Well? Do we have any leads?

Trucy: Hmm... One moment... Trucy: ... Allakazam! Allakazing! Apollo: (Whoa! Where'd all this evidence come from?) Trucy: ... Apollo: Um... So what happens next? Trucy: That's it! Pretty neat, huh? Apollo: ...Yeah. (*sigh*) Neat.

=Move -> Hickfield Clinic= --June 15 Hickfield Clinic --Apollo: Huh? Mr. Wright's gone. Trucy: Maybe he's gone for an examination? Apollo: He'll probably be back soon. Let's wait. Trucy: I think it might take some time. Trucy: Daddy always loves his examinations! Apollo: (Don't ask, Justice. want to know.) You don't

Trucy: Why don't we come back later? Apollo: Yeah, I guess you're right. =Examine Bottle= Apollo: A bottle of Mr. Wright's favorite brand of grape juice. Apollo: After that trial, I'll never drink grape juice again. Apollo: Clearly not a problem for Mr. Wright, however. =Examine Piano= Apollo: A small, children's piano. Apollo: I guess the man likes pink. =Examine DVD Stack= Apollo: A swaying, spiraling stack of DVD cases. Apollo: It looks ready to collapse. Better keep my distance. =Examine Bed= Apollo: Mr. Wright's bed. Wow, what a mess. Apollo: Trucy must be in charge of cleaning at home. =Examine TV= Apollo:

The television's been left on... to an episode of the Steel Samurai. Apollo: That's the same episode as before. Must be his favorite. =Move -> Scene of the Stand Theft= --June 15 Scene of the Stand Theft --Apollo: So... what's this place? Trucy: This would be Mr. Eldoon's house, silly. Apollo: Oh, so this is where his stand was stolen from. Apollo: I can see a piece of evidence lying on the ground already. Trucy: ...Hey! Trucy: Look, there's a police car parked over there. Apollo: You're right... What's with the sparkly... entrance? What is this place? A hospital? Apollo: There's a sign... "Meraktis Clinic". Trucy: Hmm... Oh! That's where the thief went! Apollo: The thief...? Trucy: The one who snatcked my panties! He ran into this

clinic last night! Trucy: Wait, maybe that police car is here to find my panties! Apollo: I doubt it. Trucy: Well, there's only one way to be sure! Let's investigate! Guy: Ah, there you are, sonny! Guy: Well, you find anything yet!? Apollo: Er, um, no. Not yet.

Guy: The longer you loaf around here the saltier your victory bowl gets, just remember that! Apollo: (This bowl of noodles is sounding less like payment and more like punishment...) =Examine Dog= Trucy: Look! A doggy! Trucy: Good boy, good boy, Salty! Apollo: I'm sure the dog has a real name, Trucy. Guy: Yup, sure does! Name's Spoon. And it's a she, by the way. Trucy: Spoon doesn't seem so lively. Guy: She didn't get her bowl of salty broth this mornin', that's why.

Guy: Poor lil' thing. *sniff* Trucy: Apollo! Let's find that stand soon! For Spoon's sake! Apollo: (I'm pretty sure dogs aren't supposed to eat noodles...) =Examine Noo Sign= Apollo: ...That's quite a sign. I take it that's "NOO" as opposed to "OLD"? Guy: Ah, you like it? myself, I did. Made it

Guy: I meant to write "Noodles" but ran outta space. Trucy: Prior planning prevents poor performance! Guy: Lucky for me it spells a word all by itself! And spruces up my image, it does! Apollo: (It does have a certain power of willful denial thing going for it.) =Examine House= Trucy: This house is... well, it's old! Guy: It's been well-loved, that's for sure. I've lived here with my wife for many years now. Guy: It's got character, though, just like my soup!

Apollo: (I always thought character was a positive thing.) =Examine Oil Drum= Apollo: It looks like the oil drum is connected to that sink over there... Trucy: Collecting rainwater to do the dishes! How environmentally conscious! Apollo: You... don't think he uses rainwater to cook his noodles and to make the broth, do you? Trucy: Oh I'm sure he finds the best water money can buy! Taste is his business, you know. Trucy: Look, that sign over there! Trucy: "Eldoon's only uses water from all-natural sources!" Apollo: ... Apollo: (I think I'll take a rain check on eating here.) =Examine Tarp= Guy: That's the place! Right there!

Guy: That's where I kept my stand. Covered all nice 'n' purty with that blue tarp there! Apollo: So you used this plastic sheet to cover your stand at night? ...I see.

Trucy: You see? What? Did you figure out why it was stolen!? Apollo: Well no, but it does suggest that the thief knew what he or she was looking for. Apollo: They clearly knew what was under that sheet. Guy: So it wasn't one of those casual drive-by stand snatchers, you mean? Guy: Not bad, sonny-boy. Not bad at all! =Examine Sign Under Drum= Apollo: There's a hand-written sign here... "Save the light!" Trucy: "Save the light!" indeed! Mr. Eldoon's house is practically in the dark here! Apollo: I guess the hospital clinic next door blocks the sunlight. Guy: Everything's gone wrong since they built this monstrosity! Guy: Broth needs sun or it rots! What's a man to do? Guy: They just want my customers to get food poisoning so they can turn a pretty profit... Apollo: (That seems like a lot of trouble to go through for a few extra patients...)

=Examine Bowl= Apollo: Is this yours, Mr. Eldoon? Guy: Hey! That there's the heart and soul of Eldoon's Noodles! Guy: The bowl absorbs my salty soup... Pretty soon it's gonna taste just like noodles! Trucy: Wow! It does smell like noodles! Guy: All my other bowls got taken away with my stand! Guy: Get it back for me, sonny-boy, I'm beggin' ya! ** Bowl added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Bowl Type: Other Retrieved from Eldoon's House. Custom-made Eldoon's Noodles bowl. Decorated with the Eldoon's Noodles mascot. =Check -> Examine Face in Bowl= Trucy: It's the Eldoon's Noodles's mascot! Trucy: Mr. Salty! He's so cute! Apollo: It's not a very endearing mascot, is it? Trucy: You know... Come to think of it...

Trucy: ...It looks a lot like you, Apollo. Especially the red parts. Apollo: Can I help it if I like red? =Check -> Examine Face Under Bowl= Trucy: Ooh, look! I love these little personal touches! Apollo: Seems a shame to hide it on the bottom of the bowl. Apollo: ...Huh? When I touched it the paint flaked off. Trucy: He must have painted it on by hand with warm, professional care! Apollo: After buying the cheapest paint he could find with cold professional thrift. ---------------------------=Examine -> Clinic Door= Trucy: That doorway sure is sparkly! Apollo: The "Meraktis Clinic", huh. Looks more like a casino parlor than a hospital. Apollo: They must be quite profitable. Trucy: Funny, it looks closed. Maybe they're on vacation today? =Examine -> Green Sign= Apollo:

Looks like they have a special offer going on... Trucy: "Three shots for the price of one!" Ooh, now's our chance, Apollo! Apollo: Chance for what!? I don't need any shots, thank you. Apollo: Whoever runs this clinic, they seem pretty business-minded. =Examine -> Police Car= Apollo: I'd understand if there was an ambulance outside... But a police car? Trucy: Maybe they're tax evaders! Officer: Ah, sorry miss. No going into the clinic today. Trucy: Did something happen? Officer: Huh? Oh, no. Nothing to see here. Move along. Officer: You'll have to find someplace else to play doctor. Apollo: (Do we look like the right age to be playing doctor!?) Apollo: We need a little more info on this Meraktis Clinic. Trucy: We could ask Mr. Eldoon. their neighbor and all. He is

Trucy: And we should check out that garage!

Trucy: What if the thief who stole my panties is still in there!? Apollo: ...*sigh* =Present Bowl= Guy: You can tell my bowls by the Mr. Salty logo! Trucy: The mascot of Eldoon's Noodles! Guy: They come to the stand, they sit, they drink deep from that bowl... Guy: ...and when they see the bottom, their face looks jus' like Mr. Salty's! Genius, no!? Trucy: Very high-concept. Guy: You can't ply a trade if you don't love the tools. Remember that! Trucy: Yes sir! Apollo: (Trucy has a thing for professionals, clearly.) =Present Other= Guy: Sorry, sonny-boy. My interest is for my stand and precious little else. Guy: Get cracking on that case! Find my stand, I'm beggin' ya!

=Talk -> Eldoon's Noodles= Apollo: So, your stand... "Eldoon's Noodles", was it? Guy: Aye! Passed down from father to son. Guy: That stand's seen its share o' salt, mmm-hmm. Guy: Salt runs in the family, you might say. Apollo: (I bet high blood pressure does too.) Apollo: So... your stand, Eldoon's Noodles, was stolen... Guy: Oh, it wasn't just the stand that was stolen, sonny-boy! Guy: I lost those wobbly wheels, my salt-crusted stewpot, my stained sign... Guy: I didn't just lose a stand, I lost a legend! Trucy: No one steals a legend and gets away with it on my watch! Trucy: Let's find that legend, Apollo! Apollo: (Isn't it about time he bought a new one anyway?) =Talk -> Stolen stand= Apollo: Are there any more details you could give me about the stand?

Guy: You bet, sonny-boy! It happened last night... Guy: I was blowing my whistle like always, crying the town, I was. Guy: The smell of brother filled the streets... thick 'n' salty. Guy: I got home, well, right before 10 PM, I reckon. Apollo: (Guess he's not aiming for that late-night market.) Guy: I washed my bowls and gave the wheels a squirt of grease. Then I went inside. Apollo: When did you notice it had been stolen? Guy: Early this morning. Before the sun rose. Work starts early! Apollo: (Do that many people eat noodles for breakfast!?) Guy: I'm washed up on the salty shores of ruination! Guy: That stand had my whole life in it... nay, my whole being! Trucy: They took everything? Guy: All my soup stock, my noodles, my bowls... and my dreams! Trucy: At least they left one bowl. Look, there, on the ground.

Guy: If you don't find that stand today... Guy: Then I'll be forced to walk the streets, peddling that bowl... my last bowl. Apollo: Please, I'm under enough pressure here as it is. =Talk -> The garage= Trucy: That's it! That's where the thief who snatched my panties ran to! Guy: It's a crying shame, that is. Guy: If they have to steal, make it my loincloth! Not some pretty girl's panties! Apollo: The garage, right. You don't think the thief lives here, do you? Guy: Feh! I wouldn't put it past that good-for-nothing doctor! Apollo: (Hmm... Do I detect a little animosity here?) Trucy: Let's make sure to check out that garage thoroughly! =Talk -> Meraktis Clinic= Trucy: Hey, do you think something happened next door? There's a police car out front... Guy:

Feh! Probably gave someone food poisoning, I'll bet! Apollo: (If anyone's at risk of giving someone food poisoning...) Guy: That police car got here this mornin', actually. Guy: I asked what they were up to, but they wouldn't even tell me, the neighbor! Feh! Trucy: Hmm... Guy: Not that I was surprised much. That doctor works for the wrong crowd. Guy: It was just a matter of time 'fore he got what was coming to him. Feh! Apollo: The "wrong crowd"...? Guy: ...Never you mind about that. =Move to -> Accident Scene= --June 15 Accident Scene --Apollo: So this is where Mr. Wright got hit by that car? Trucy: According to the map, this is the place! Apollo: What a huge mansion... Feels like Chinatown. Trucy: Apollo! There's a nice-looking

lady over there. Trucy: Let's question her! Apollo: Um, OK. Apollo: (I'm a little curious about the park over there, too...) Trucy: Excuse me! Um, can we have a few words with you? ???: You want something? Apollo: (Whoa! That husky voice... Why am I suddenly sweating?) Trucy: That's quite a house you've got there! You must have a lot of money... ???: Whoooh. "Money" sounds like something my son would call his friends. ???: This is the Kitaki Family mansion, little girl. Apollo: Eh. ???: You, kid with the hair. You want something? Apollo: Urk! M-M-Me? Bye! No, not a thing!

Trucy: Apollo! We can't leave without questioning her! What if she knows something! Apollo: B-But th-the Kitaki Family...! Apollo:

(They're the biggest organized crime syndicate in town!) ???: If you're going to ask something, ask it. If you're man enough. Apollo: Waaaaugh! R-Right! Trucy: Yay! Way to whip him into shape, ma'am! Apollo: (Does she know no fear!?) Plum: I'm Plum. Plum Kitaki. Wife of the fourth head of the Kitaki Family business. ---------------------------Plum Kitaki Age: 42 Gender: Female Wife to the 4th Kitaki Family boss. Busy cleaning up paint spilled by her front gate. ---------------------------Plum: Friends call me Little Plum. Apollo: I-I'm l-little Apollo Justice, attorney at law. *gulp* Apollo: (If looks could kill, this woman would be a mass-murderer by now...) =Examine Gate= Trucy: Wow, what a big house! gate is so big... And the

Apollo: The Kitaki Family is pretty big around these parts. Trucy:

I like the fox!

It's so cute!

Plum: Ah, that. That's our family crest... from the old country. Trucy: Your family "crest"? Plum: We're clever as the fox... and our teeth are sharp. Trucy: So it's like a motto! Trucy: You need a crest, too, Apollo! Ooh! How about the scales of justice? Or a lunar lander! Apollo: (...I'll pass, thanks.) =Examine Wall= Apollo: A brightly painted dragon. Why do I get the feeling he's glaring at me? Apollo: Those paints must have been to repaint this wall. Plum: That's right. I called in an artist to do the job right. Plum: ...He's the third so far. Apollo: The... third? Plum: The first spilled paint all over the entrance here, the second on my kimono... Plum: So I... Apollo: N-No, don't tell me. It's better that I don't know.

=Examine Spilled Paint= Apollo: There's paint splashed all over this gate. Apollo: (What a mess...) Trucy: Was this paint knocked over by the car that hit my Daddy? Plum: That's right. Feh. And I'm left to clean up the mess. Plum: If you find whoever did this, bring the scoundrel by, would you? Trucy: Of course! Then you can make them clean up their own mess! Plum: Ah ha ha ha! You're cute. Naïve, but cute. Plum: When I find whoever did this, you can bet I'll be doing some "cleaning". Plum: There's nothing I dislike so much... as a mess. Trucy: Ooh! I wish I could say cool things like that! Plum: I'll bet you do! Wa ha ha ha ha!!! Apollo: (I'd laugh if my teeth weren't chattering so hard.) =Switch to Park View= Apollo:

Who's that!? She's looking at the park. Trucy: She's pretty. Trucy: I bet she has a story, you know? Apollo: (There is something about her... Too bad she seems to be in a bit of a rush.) ---------------------------??? Age: ?? Gender: Female Mysterious woman encountered outside People Park. She seemed concerned... ---------------------------=Examine Park= Apollo: Personally, I'm a little more interested in this park. Trucy: You know what I think? I bet they're filming a movie. Trucy: Let's go take a look! Maybe we'll see someone famous! Officer: Hey, Miss! park! Stay out of the

Trucy: ...He got mad at me. Apollo: Um, did something happen here, officer? Officer: Huh? Uh, no, move along, nothing to see. Officer: Why don't you kids go play someplace else?

Apollo: We're not kids and we're not playing! I'm an attorney! ???: ...Something wrong? Officer: Ah, Detective Skye! We're fine ma'am, nothing to report! Apollo: (Detective...?) Trucy: Why's she wearing a lab coat? Apollo: You're hardly one to comment on how people are dressed. ---------------------------??? Age: ?? Gender: Female Detective in a white lab coat. Apparently in an extremely touchy mood. ---------------------------???: And... these kids are? Officer: Curiosity seekers, ma'am. They claim to be "lawyers". ???: Ah. Why don't you kids run along and play someplace else? Apollo: Look, we're not... ???: Or I might spill something on that pretty face of yours. ???: Want a dose of experimental Hydroxyacelunodosetrase? Trucy: ...Come again? Trucy:

What's Hydroxy... stuff? Apollo: Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good. Let's go, Trucy! ???: Try to keep out the riff-raff, if you would. Officer: Yes ma'am! Apollo: Grr... How are we going to get more information like this? Trucy: Why don't we ask that nice woman across the street? Apollo: (Oh yes, that nice woman... *gulp*) =Examine Park Again= Apollo: I gotta say, I'd really like to know what happened here... Officer: Hey, I said no one goes in! Officer: Unless you want a face-full of hydroxyadayadawhatzit! Apollo: (Hmm... No dice.) =Examine Sign= Apollo: People Park... Huh, kind of an odd name for such an empty place. Trucy: I wonder why it's named that? Trucy: Hey! There's something written on the gate post...

Apollo: Huh? Oh yeah... It says, "Donated by Big Wins Kitaki". Trucy: You mean the Kitaki Family built this park? Trucy: It's so nice of them to give to the community like that! Apollo: ...Let's not get too friendly with them, shall we? Apollo: (A gangster building a park...? Odd move for a crime boss.) =Examine Old Lady= Apollo: ...Looks like there's some trouble by the park gate. Trucy: I smell an incident! Officer: Ma'am! There's no entry to the park! Old Lady: Now don't you tell me where I can't go, young fella! Old Lady: I always walk through this park on my way home! Officer: Please, get down from there! You'll hurt yourself, ma'am! Apollo: (That's quite the determined old lady.) =Examine Trash Can= Apollo: There's a big trash can on the way into the park.

Apollo: I guess we could check it out... Trucy: A detective's life sure is a hard one! Apollo: I'm an attorney, actua... Huh? Trucy: Hmm. Two pieces of garbage with paint on them. Apollo: These... are slippers. Apollo: They look like those slippers you get at the hospital... Trucy: Look at this, Apollo! Doesn't this go on a car...? Apollo: It's a side-view mirror! Apollo: Looks like it was torn off when it smacked into something... or someone. Trucy: Wait, you don't think... Apollo: I do. This could be from the car that hit Mr. Wright! Trucy: Wow, and he took off its mirror? I never knew Daddy was so strong. Trucy: I only have room in my pocket for one of these, though. Trucy: Which do you want to take? [ Slippers ]

** Slippers crammed into pocket. ** ---------------------------Slippers Type: Other Retrieved from the entrance to People Park. Slippers for patients at the Meraktis Clinic. Was found in front of Kitaki Mansion. =Check -> Examine Leaf Print= Trucy: The bottom is covered with paint! Apollo: Huh? What's this weird shape here? Trucy: It looks like a leaf was stuck to the bottom when the wearer stepped in some yellow paint. Apollo: So the outline was left when the leaf was removed! Apollo: Ack! I got paint on my hand! Trucy: ...... Apollo! Trucy: I saw you try to wipe your hand on my cape! =Check -> Examine Toe Print= Apollo: Huh? This spot here is black. Trucy: I wonder what that is...? Trucy: It doesn't look like paint... ---------------------------=Examine Trash Can Again=

Apollo: There's a side-view mirror with some paint on it in this trash can. Trucy: I can only carry one thing at a time in my pocket, you know. Apollo: (Should I swap the slippers for the mirror?) [ No need ] Apollo: ...On second thought, let's not and say we did. [ Swap ] Apollo: Sure, let's swap the evidence. Trucy, if you would. Trucy: I'm on it! ** Mirror slipped into pocket. ** ---------------------------Mirror Type: Other Retrieved from the entrance to People Park. Torn off the car that hit Mr. Wright. Was found in front of Kitaki Mansion. =Check -> Examine Wires= Trucy: It's cut clean off! what's in there...? I wonder

Apollo: Don't. There are bare wires hanging out. Trucy: Let's see.. Zzzzzzaaaaap! Apollo:


Wha--!? A-Are you OK!? Trucy: Hee hee! Just a little joke! Apollo: ...... Don't scare me like that! Trucy: You mean, don't "shock" you? Zzzzzzaaaaap! Hee hee! ---------------------------[ Mirror ] ** Mirror slipped into pocket. ** =Examine Trash Can Again= Apollo: There's some paint on the slippers in this trash can. Trucy: I can only carry one thing at a time in my pocket, you know. Apollo: (Should I swap the mirror for the slippers?) [ No need ] Apollo: Actually... let's not and say we did. [ Swap ] Apollo: Sure, let's swap the evidence. Trucy, if you would. Trucy: Right-o! ** Slippers crammed into pocket. ** =Talk -> The Kitakis=

Trucy: Little Plum? That's a really cute name for someone so... Plum: Yes...? Apollo: Wh-Whoa! Trucy: What is it, Apollo? Apollo: How about you go through me when talking to her, OK, Trucy? Trucy: Huh? That seems like a bit of a needless procedure. Apollo: I'm a lawyer. I live for needless procedures. Plum: Oh little girl, you should know... We're gangsters. Trucy: Gangst... Oh! That means you're the bad guys! Apollo: Trucy! Through me! Please! I'm begging you here! Plum: Wa ha ha ha ha!!! Plum: The bad guys... I like the sound of that! Apollo: (...I'm going to need some warm tea after this.) Plum: It takes a lot of hard work to protect a family fortune. Plum: Things aren't as easy as they used to be for us "bad guys".

Trucy: So, you're saying that business is in a slump? Apollo: (Let's not ask about "business if we can help it, please?) =Talk -> Last night's accident= Apollo: There was a car accident here last night? Plum: Last night... Apollo: Of c-course you wouldn't know about it! S-Sorry to bother you! Plum: Wait. Apollo: Y-Yes? Plum: You're talking about that man, aren't you? Plum: The one who flew thirty feet and just walked away? Trucy: That's my daddy! Plum: Ah ha ha! I should've known!

Plum: One of our Capos thought he'd make a great point man... Trucy: Capo? Point man...? Apollo: Um, could you avoid using too much, er, industry lingo? Plum: In any case, it's been nothing but trouble.

Plum: I've been cleaning up this mess since morning! Bah! Apollo: Cleaning up this... paint? =Talk -> Splattered paint= Apollo: Was this paint spilled at the time of the accident? Plum: It was around 9 last night. I heard a crashing noise... Plum: ...and found your father drowning in a sea of paint. Trucy: So you came to his rescue? Plum: You've my husband... the Boss to thank for that. Plum: The car that hit your father knocked over this paint... Plum: ...then turned the corner, and sped away. Plum: We're in the middle of repainting our wall, you see. Apollo: (I'm sure that dragon is glaring at me.) Trucy: But, why are you out here cleaning it up? Plum: What do you mean? Trucy: I mean, aren't you a gangster?

Trucy: Don't you have any "goons" to do your dirty work for you? Apollo: Please! Go through me when you want to... Plum: Wa ha ha ha ha!!! Don't be such a stiff, lawyer-boy. Plum: I suppose we gangsters do have a certain image... Apollo: Urm, yes. Plum: But we're community-oriented gangsters, you see. Plum: ...The Boss likes to give back to the people, see? Apollo: (How noble of him...) Plum: I availed myself of the public facilities to get rid of all the garbage... Plum: Now there's just the paint on the street to deal with. Apollo: (Public facilities...?) Apollo: (I wonder if she means that trash can...) =Talk -> People Park= Apollo: ...Can I ask you a question? Plum: What? Apollo: ...What happened in the park

across the street? Plum: Oh, yes, quite the commotion. "Chicago Lightning", as the Boss would say. Trucy: Chicago... huh? Plum: Gunfire. Someone was killed. Strange circumstances, too. Apollo: You're kidding! Plum: What a morning! Plum: Trouble everywhere. The park, the gate, even our house... Trucy: Did something happen at your house, too? Plum: A crime without honor! Without remorse! Plum: It's a private matter... Wanna hear about it? Trucy: Somehow I don't think "no" is an acceptable answer, Polly. =Talk -> A private matter= Apollo: So... what happened at your house? Plum: Bloomers. Last night.

Apollo: Eh. (I got a bad feeling about this...) Plum:

Me, Little Plum Kitaki, the victim of a panty-snatcher! Trucy: Whaaaaaaat? So it wasn't just my panties that were stolen!? Plum: Got you too, did they? Poor thing. Plum: Like I said, whoever did this is a hardened criminal. Plum: It wasn't you, was it!? Apollo: N-No! Of course not! Mercy!

Plum: I've heard word that panties have been disappearing lately. Plum: ...And the missing panties all have something in common. Apollo: (It's hard to imagine Trucy's and Mrs. Kitaki's panties having much in common...) Apollo: (I just imagined Mrs. Kitaki's panties... *gulp*) Trucy: I know! We'll find your bloomers, too! Plum: Great! Show me what you're made of. Apollo: (What have you gotten me into this time, Trucy?) ???: ... Apollo: (...That girl from before!) Plum:


Welcome home, sweetie.

???: Ah, uh... hello, m-mother. Apollo: (She's a Kitaki, too!?) Trucy: Uh, um, Miss! ???: ...? Trucy: Here, our flyer. ???: The... Wright Anything Agency? Apollo: A-Anything Agency? Trucy: Yeah! Do you like the new flyer? Trucy: So, um, this is our defense attorney, Mr. Apollo Justice! ???: Attorney...? Trucy: Drop by our office! waiting! ???: Ah... Good-bye. Apollo: Why did you give her our flyer? Trucy: I dunno. She seemed like she could use some help. Apollo: She's the heiress to a gangster dynasty! She doesn't need our help! Trucy: ...I wouldn't be so sure! We'll be Miss!

Apollo: ...? =Present Mirror= Apollo: Can you tell me anything about this mirror? Plum: That's probably from the car that knocked that fellow across the street. Apollo: (Right! That makes this a valuable clue!) Plum: Let me know if you find that car, would you? Plum: You splash Kitaki paint, you pay the price. =Present Anything Else= Plum: Sorry, kid. I got no idea what you're talking about. =Move -> Meraktis Clinic - Garage= --June 15 Meraktis Clinic Garage --Trucy: This is the place! This is where that panty-snatcher ran! Apollo: Are you sure? Trucy: Maybe! Let's look for clues! Trucy: Clues... to a panty-snatching!

Trucy: Clues... like a pair of panties! Apollo: ...Um, Trucy? Apollo: Could you try not saying "panties" so many times? =Examine Skeleton= Trucy: Eeeeeeek! Someone's there! Trucy: ... Trucy: Oh, it's just a gold-painted human skeleton. Apollo: (Just a human skeleton!? ...And painted gold?) Trucy: There's a mannequin hand waving to us from the box behind the skeleton. Trucy: This place just screams "hospital storage", don't you think? Apollo: It screams something, that's for sure. =Examine Cat= Trucy: Hey! A kitty-cat! kitty kitty. Meow. Trucy: ...It's not coming down. Apollo: Here, kitty

We do look kind of suspicious, you have to admit. Trucy: It's OK kitty-cat! won't hurt you! His hair

Apollo: It's OK kitty-cat! She won't make you disappear in her hat! =Examine Ladder= Apollo: Look, it's a folding ladder. Trucy: Polly! That's called a "stepladder"! C'mon! Apollo: ...A stepladder? How is that different from a regular ladder then? Trucy: It's a much more complex piece of machinery. It's like two ladders stuck together! Apollo: ...So you admit that basically it's a ladder, right? Trucy: Wait... Huh? Apollo: You have to look past the form... at the essence of the thing. Trucy: Er... Can we talk about something else? =Examine Car= Apollo: There's something about this car... Trucy: Let's take a closer look!

=Examine Phone= Apollo: Look... a cell phone. Trucy: Somoene dropped it beneath this tire! Trucy: If the car moved, it would be crushed for sure! Apollo: Hmm... I wonder if it belongs to the doctor here? Trucy: We should bring it to him later! ** Cell Phone added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Cell Phone Type: Other Retrieved from Meraktis Clinic - Garage Found in the Meraktis Clinic garage beneath a car. Who could have dropped it? =Check -> Examine Watch= Trucy: Look at this cute little watch-strap! I want one! Apollo: ...It's kind of odd, though. Trucy: What is? Apollo: I mean, if you wanted to know the time, you could just look at the phone itself. Trucy: Hey, you're right! Sharp, Apollo! Apollo: Th-Thanks.

(Finally, some respect!) Trucy: So, what does that tell you? Apollo: Well, the owner of this phone doesn't think through the details, for one. Trucy: They did drop their phone, after all. Trucy: I kinda figured they were a little spacey already. Apollo: Oh... good point. ---------------------------=Examine Tailpipe= Apollo: That reminds me... Apollo: I once read a record of a case that Mr. Wright worked on many years ago. Trucy: ...? Apollo: Apparently, there was this car with a piece of cloth shoved into the tailpipe! Apollo: That piece of cloth turned out to be a vital clue to solving the case! Trucy: Wow! Apollo: I remember that case record whenever I'm checking out a car... Apollo: And I always check the tailpipe!

Trucy: Everyone's gotta have a hobby, I guess. Apollo: Wouldn't it be funny if... ...Hey! There's something in here! Trucy: What!? Apollo: W-Wait a second... Are these your... Trucy: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My panties!!! Apollo: Whaaaat!? Already!?

Trucy: Wow, thank you, Apollo! You're a genius! Amazing! Apollo: No, no, really, don't mention it. Trucy: No, I'm serious, I'm really impressed! Trucy: You must have a nose for finding girls' panties! Apollo: ... Um, what are those? Trucy: My little panties, of course! They've come home to mama! I can't wait to use them! Apollo: Y-You're going to put them on? N-Now!? Trucy: Watch closely now...

Trucy: See? Nothing in the panties... Trucy: ...Ta-da!!! Apollo: Whoa! Wh-Where'd that come from!? Apollo: How did that bowl get in your panties!? Trucy: My panties are an extra-dimensional space... Anything can fit in there! Trucy: ...They're my Magic Panties! It's one of my best tricks. Apollo: Magic... panties? Trucy: They love them over at the Wonder Bar. I do shows there nightly. Apollo: ...You mean those panties are a prop!? You could have told me a little sooner! ** Trucy's Panties put discreetly away in Trucy's pocket. ** ---------------------------Trucy's Panties Type: Other Retrieved from Meraktis Clinic - Garage Prop for performing magic. Found in exhaust pipe of a car at the Meraktis Clinic. =Check -> Examine Bow= Apollo: ...... Trucy: Something the matter? Apollo:

Uh... I was just wondering if there was, like, a switch on these... Trucy: Of course not! Apollo: ...Huh. Mysterious.

Trucy: Oh? Do you want to know the secret of my panties? Apollo: Ack! N-No! No thanks! (Who uses magic panties in a stage show anyway...?) ---------------------------Apollo: Well, that's once case closed, at least. Trucy: What are you saying!? Trucy: We still have to catch the sly devil that ran off with the tool of my trade! Apollo: Oh, right. Apollo: (Something tells me we're not finished searching this garage, anyway...) =Examine Mirror= Trucy: Hey! Look at that! Apollo: The mirror's been broken off! (Now THIS is a clue!) Trucy: What!? You're smiling like you know something I don't... Trucy: You aren't keeping a clue

from me, are you, Polly? Apollo: (A clue? Let's see...)

[ No evidence ] Apollo: Hmm. Not that I can think of. Trucy: No? Then what were you smiling about? Apollo: Oh, I wasn't smiling. It was the dust in here. I thought I was going to sneeze... Apollo: Ah... ah... ah... WAACHOOO! Trucy: Well, don't make faces that ah... Trucy: AH-CHOO! ...are so misleading then. Apollo: (I know yawns are contagious, but sneezes...?) Trucy: Mmm. Well, I'm sure there's gotta be a clue somewhere! Trucy: Let's keep checking things out! [ Show evidence ] Apollo: I think I do have just the clue you've got in mind... =Present Wrong= Apollo: *TAKE THAT!*

Trucy: ... Trucy: That's your clue? Trucy: Sorry, but that leaves me feeling kind of... clueless. Apollo: (Like father like daughter with the humor, apparently.) Trucy: There's no need to bluff here, Apollo! Trucy: Save that for the court! Apollo: (Thanks for the advice...) =Present Mirror= Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: My clue is... this! Trucy: Whoa! It's the same color and size and everything! A perfect match! Apollo: I guess we could check it out... Trucy: Hmm. Two pieces of garbage with paint on them. Trucy: Look at this, Apollo! Doesn't this go on a car...? Apollo: It's a side-view mirror! Apollo: Looks like it was torn off when it smacked into something... or someone.

Apollo: Well... looks like we've just solved a case. Trucy: So the car that hit Daddy last night... Apollo: ...Is sitting right in front of us, yep. Trucy: Wow. You put the "pro" in "professional", Apollo! Apollo: Gee, thanks, Trucy. ---------------------------Mirror Type: Other Retrieved from the entrance to People Park. Torn off the car that hit Mr. Wright. Fits car at the Meraktis Clinic. ---------------------------Trucy: Apollo! Apollo: Huh? What is it? Trucy: Now that we've solved this case, we should go report to Daddy! Trucy: He'll mope if we leave him alone too long, knowing him. Apollo: Um, OK. ...He doesn't seem the type to mope, though. Apollo: (And this is hardly a case worth reporting...) =Move -> Hickfield Clinic=

--June 15 Hickfield Clinic --Phoenix: Yo! How goes it? Trucy: Daddy! How do you feel? Phoenix: Not bad, Trucy, not bad. Phoenix: It's good to have you young'uns on the case. Phoenix: Lets ol' Daddy-o get some well-deserved R&R. Trucy: The elderly need their rest! Apollo: (Uh... isn't he only 33?) Apollo: ...Um, we've cleared up most of the cases... Phoenix: I was right about you. Competent. Capable. Phoenix: Tell me what you found out. If you want to. Apollo: (Your enthusiasm is over-whelming...) =Move -> Kitaki Mansion= --June 15 Kitaki Mansion --Trucy: Little Plum's not here. She's not finished cleaning, huh.

Apollo: Maybe she went to get a paint scraper? Plum: OK! Who's the wise guy who spit gum out on the street!? Apollo: (Her voice carries all the way out to the street from inside the mansion...) Trucy: She's a neat freak! How cute! Plum: You there! It was you, wasn't it!? Fess up! Plum: I hope you've said your prayers. You're gonna need them... Apollo: Tr-Trucy? Now. Trucy: ...? =Examine Gate= Apollo: An impressive gate befitting the Kitaki Mansion. Trucy: Look at the name plate! "Kitaki"...! Trucy: That's so cool! Short and blunt, like any good gangster! Ooh! Let's change our name! Trucy: How about... "W. A. A."! Trucy: ... Maybe that's too short and blunt. What do you think? Let's leave.

Apollo: No comment. =Examine Wall= Apollo: A colorful dragon turns its baleful gaze in my direction. Apollo: As if to say, "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." Apollo: Don't worry, Mr. Dragon. Me and hope haven't been on speaking terms for a while. =Examine Paint= Apollo: Several colors of paint have been splashed across the gate. Apollo: It's almost all dry. This is going to be tough to clean. =Examine Old Lady= Apollo: It looks like that woman's still causing trouble... Officer: Look, no one goes in! means you! That

Old Lady: Oh, what's the difference? Let... me... go! Old Lady: Ow! Ow ow ow ow ow ow!!! Officer: Ah! S-Sorry! Old Lady: That's it, I'm suing! Old Lady: ...But I might change my mind

for five bucks... Apollo: (What is she, some kind of con artist?) =Examine Park= Apollo: They're not letting anyone into the crime scene. Apollo: The guard at the entrance is humming a song. Apollo: He's got rhythm, actually. Maybe he plays in a band. =Examine Sign= Apollo: Apparently, this park was the gift of the Kitaki Family. Apollo: The friendly "People Park", brought to you by organized crime... Apollo: A very naughty part of me is tempted to write "We Kill" on the left side of the sign. =Examine Trash Can= Apollo: There's a big waste basket by the park entrance. Trucy: ...? You aren't going to search through the trash? Apollo: I don't think we need to. Trucy: Oh, no, please, knock yourself out. Don't mind me, I'll be waiting over here.

Apollo: Just so we're clear, searching through trash isn't a hobby of mine, OK? =Move -> Hickfield Clinic= =Present Mirror= Phoenix: So this was the thing that led you to the car. Apollo: Yes, sir! The mirror you knocked off was just the clue we needed! Phoenix: Good work, Apollo. you might say... Of course

Phoenix: ...I was the one who made solving that case possible. Apollo: (...You don't get points for knocking off a car mirror.) =Present Panties= Trucy: Look! My panties! home to mama! Phoenix: Thanks, Apollo. Phoenix: I was worried about them, too. Trucy special ordered those... Apollo: (A startling display of parental concern!) Phoenix: I'd hate to have to buy a new pair... *shudder* Apollo: (Make that a not-so-startling display of cheapskatedness.) They came

=Present Other= Apollo: (It's actually a relief to be so thoroughly ignored.) =Talk -> Progress report= Phoenix: Well, I certainly didn't expect you back this early. Trucy: Polly's amazing! Trucy: He found my panties so quick! Trucy: Almost like he was the one who stole them! Apollo: ...You have an interesting concept of praise. Phoenix: ...And? Phoenix: Did you find the mad driver who gave me that 30-foot toss? Apollo: Apparently... it was a doctor. From the Meraktis Clinic. Phoenix: Hmm... Meraktis, eh? I've heard of him. Phoenix: Nothing good, mind you. Apollo: That reminds me, a police car was parked outside the clinic. Trucy: Maybe something happened? Apollo: What is this Meraktis Clinic anyway?

=Talk -> Meraktis Clinic= Phoenix: All I've heard are the rumors. Phoenix: That clinic's been making good money... in a bad way. Apollo: Bad...? Phoenix: Ties to organized crime... The Kentucky Family. Apollo: Um... the Kitaki Family? (He did that on purpose!) Phoenix: Some injuries you can't take to a public hospital, see. Phoenix: They use the Meraktis Clinic for their patch-up jobs. Apollo: Interesting... =Talk -> People Park= Trucy: It looked like something had happened in that park. Phoenix: Ah. A body was found there in unusual circumstances... Apollo: Something more unusual than being dead? Phoenix: ...It's not our concern, in any case. Trucy: Right! Let's ignore that and find that noodle stand! Apollo:

(What ever happened to professional curiosity?) Phoenix: ...Thanks, really. Phoenix: If I get tired of sleeping, maybe I'll head down to this Meraktis place. Phoenix: Maybe hit 'em up for some reparations... A little legal action would do me some good. Apollo: Um... I was wondering when I get paid? Apollo: We solved the case of your accident, and um, found a missing article of clothing. Trucy: My panties! Phoenix: That leaves the noodle stand. Apollo: Eh. Phoenix: Feel free to drop in if you get stuck. Phoenix: I'd be happy to help with anything not involving money. Apollo: (Good-bye, quid pro quo. Hello pro bono. *sigh*) Trucy: Right! Back to the office to plan our next move! =Move -> Wright Anything Agency= --June 15 Wright Anything Agency

--Apollo: You... You're the woman from the Kitaki place! ???: Y-Yes... Trucy: I knew it! Something's the matter and you want our help, right? Trucy: Well, you've come to the Wright place! This way, please... ???: Um... Thank you. Alita: My name is Alita Tiala. Alita: I... have a request. =Talk -> Your request= Apollo: Your request... let me guess, something's been stolen? Alita: Um, your flyer... Alita: It says "now defending" so I thought... Apollo: Whaaaat!? You mean, you mean you want me to defend you? Me? Trucy: Maybe you can tell us what happened? Trucy: Were you hit by a car? Did someone steal your stand? Or your panties? Alita:



Alita: I'm not the client, actually. Alita: The client would be my... well, my fiancé, I suppose you'd call him. Apollo: Fiancé...? him, then? What happened to

Alita: He was arrested this morning. The charge... was murder. Trucy: Murder... Alita: Have you heard about what happened at the park? ---------------------------Alita Tiala Age: 21 Gender: Female Woman who requested that I defend her fiancé. ---------------------------=Talk -> Tiala's story= Apollo: So, what's your story? You frequent the Kitaki Mansion, yes? Apollo: Are you a member of their, um, organization? Alita: No... Not yet. Trucy: Not yet? Alita: You see, I'm to be married next month. To the boss's son. Apollo:

The boss's son...? uh... *gulp* (A gangster...)

So he's a,

Alita: Yes, but the Kitakis are locally responsible gangsters. Alita: I thought it'd be nice for a change... Quit my boring job, live the good, gangster life. Trucy: I think you're on to something! Trucy: "Ms. Kitaki"... I like the sound of that! Apollo: (I'm not sure your daddy would care much for that...) =Talk -> Murder in the park= Apollo: Wh-What happened!? Alita: I haven't been told all the details. Alita: But I do know a body was found in the park. Near the Kitaki Mansion. Trucy: There were a lot of police cars there. Alita: Apparently, the victim was shot with a pistol... Alita: But I hear the circumstances of the shooting were... rather unusual. Apollo: And your fiancé was arrested for this?

Trucy: Um... what sort of person is your fiancé? =Talk -> Your fiancé= Apollo: Your fiancé is the Kitaki Family's only son, correct? Alita: His name's Wocky. Wocky Kitaki... I brought a photo. ---------------------------Wocky Kitaki Age: 19 Gender: Male The defendant. Heir to the Kitaki Family empire, and Alita Tiala's fiancé. ---------------------------Apollo: Well. That's... quite the photo. Alita: I know! Oh, he can be powerful and menacing, but so cute! Apollo: But, if he's the boss's only son... Alita: Yes, I'm sure he'll take his father's place some day. Trucy: Say, I'm a boss already! Of this agency! Alita: Please help my Wocky! Please! Apollo: (...Right! My first solo defense case!) Apollo: (Crime boss's son or not, I'll prove he's innocent!)

Alita: I... prepared a letter of request. I know you need those. ** Letter of Request added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Letter of Request Type: Documents Received from Alita Tiala. Letter of request from Alita Tiala for the legal defense of her fiancé, Wocky Kitaki. =Check -> Envelope Front= Trucy: Why does this envelope say "Hit Request"? Apollo: Um... it's a bit of lingo. Like "call in a hit", or a "hit man"... Trucy: Ooh, you mean gangster-talk!? Trucy: So, so, does "hit" mean "to defend" in gangster-ese? Well, "hit man"? Apollo: I certainly hope not... (Something tells me she used the wrong envelope...) ---------------------------Trucy: Right! Let's go check out the scene of the crime! =Present Badge= Alita: An attorney's badge... So you really are a defense attorney. Alita: Please, I'm counting on you.

Alita: I need your help. =Present Letter= Alita: I hope that's OK? I've never written a letter of request before. Apollo: Oh, it's fine. (I should hope it's your first...) Trucy: If we take this we'll be able to investigate the scene! =Present Other= Alita: I'm not sure I understand... I'm sorry. Apollo: No, no, it's me who's sorry, really! Sorry! =Move -> Hickfield Clinic= --June 15 Hickfield Clinic --Apollo: Huh...? Where's Mr. Wright?

Trucy: Maybe he's getting an examination again? Apollo: How many does he need!? (Wasn't it just a sprain?) Trucy: Too bad, Polly! Trucy: You wanted to show off your request to Daddy, didn't you!

Apollo: What? Me?


Trucy: Oh? That's a surprise. Apollo: L-Let's just come back later, shall we? =Move -> Detention Center= --June 15 Detention Center Visitor's Room --Trucy: Polly! You look as happy as a clam in its shell. Apollo: For a lawyer this is it, the place where the battle begins! Guard: ...Ahem. You need something? Apollo: Aaah! Yes, we're attorneys. Apollo: I was hoping we could see Mr. Wocky Kitaki? Guard: Sorry, he's in questioning right now. Could take a while. Trucy: Drat. Oh well, guess we'll have to come back later then. Apollo: So much for that battle... =Examine Guard= Apollo: A security guard. He stands here, watching this room. Apollo:

I have no idea if he's listening to us talk. Apollo: I'm not even sure he's breathing. =Examine Camera= Apollo: That security camera is looking at me. Apollo: I wonder if they tape all of this. =Move -> Kitaki Mansion= --June 15 Kitaki Mansion --Apollo: (So this is it... My first murder crime scene!) Officer: Ah, it's you kids again. Officer: Look can't you find some other place to play... Trucy: We're not playing! Trucy: We're um, "investigating"! Aren't we, Apollo? Apollo: Sir, I have a letter of request here. Officer: Letter of... huh? Officer: Why does it say "Hit Request" on it? Apollo: (Ms. Tiala must have used the

Kitaki's stationery...) ???: Excuse me, coming through. Officer: Ah! It's you! Mr. Gavin!

Apollo: ...! (Who's this guy...?) ???: I must say I'm used to being inspected by the ladies... ???: But this is the first time I've felt this way with a man. Apollo: Mr.... Gavin? ???: Ah, Fräulein. What is a sweet morsel like you doing in such a dismal place? Can I help? Trucy: ... Y-Yes! Trucy: The police man officer fellow here won't let us in! Trucy: We even have a letter of request! ???: You must be exhausted, standing out here! ???: I will take you to the scene of the crime. Trucy: Oooh! R-Really!? ???: ...By your leave, Officer. Officer: Ya... Yes sir!

Of course, sir! ???: Ah ha. Very well. Fräulein... Trucy: Whee! Apollo: ... Hey! What about me!? --June 15 People Park --???: ...On that note, enjoy your investigation! ---------------------------??? Age: ?? Gender: Male Spitting image of Mr. Gavin. Blew in like the wind and left like the wind. ---------------------------Trucy: Thank you! Will we see you again...? ???: Ask the wind, Fräulein. be riding on it! Apollo: ...Who was that? Trucy: Eeeeeeeeeek! Trucy: Apollo! Look! A c-corpse! I'll This way,

Apollo: Whaaaat!? ...Hey, it's just a mannequin. Trucy: Wow. It sure got me. ???:

Ahem. Might I ask exactly what it is you're doing here? ???: Oh, it's you. get in here? How did you kids

Trucy: Oh! This guy, well, he was more like a prince really. He let us in... ???: Him again. ???: That glimmerous fop, always getting in my way... ???: Anyway! This scene is off limits. Apollo: Excuse me? We have a letter of request! ???: ...Hmm. One moment.

Apollo: (Why is she holding that big magnifying glass...?) ???: .............................. I'd recognize that handwriting anywhere. ???: Scientific analysis says this was written by Alita Tiala. Apollo: ...Thanks. (It took you thirty minutes to figure that out!?) Apollo: So... what's up with the mannequin there? ???: It's taking the place of the body, preserving the scene of the crime as it was found.

Apollo: (The body... was pulling the stand!?) ???: So, you're a defense attorney, are you? Ema: Detective Ema Skye. I'm in charge of this crime scene. ---------------------------Ema Skye Age: 25 Gender: Female Head detective on the case, obsessed with forensic science. Mood: touchy. ---------------------------Trucy: She doesn't seem that happy about it. Apollo: ...She doesn't seem that happy about many things. Ema: I trust you know how to stay out of the way. Ema: I always carry two pairs of handcuffs... just in case. =Present Anything= Apollo: Um, if you could spare a moment to take a look at this? Ema: ...Can't you see that I am extremely, extremely busy? Apollo: (...Eating snacks, yes.) Trucy: Busy eating snacks, I'd say. Apollo: (This is going nowhere fast.)

=Examine Anything but the Stand= Ema: Hey there! No messing with the crime scene! Apollo: B-But we need to investigate! Ema: Investigations are to be carried out by professionals, scientifically! Apollo: (She's not going to let us check out the crime scene, is she...) Trucy: Hey, Apollo. Trucy: My very un-scientific analysis tells me something here is very suspicious... Apollo: ...I think I know what you mean. It's kind of hard not to notice. Apollo: (I'd better check out what we came here to find at least.) =Examine Noodle Stand= Ema: Hey there! No messing with the crime scene! Apollo: B-But we need to investigate! Trucy: Apollo! Look! That stand!

Trucy: ... It says "Eldoon"! Apollo: ...I've noticed.

Apollo: Well, we've solved the case of the missing stand at least. Apollo: ...Though the circumstances could stand to be better. =Talk (Any)= Apollo: Um, Detective Skye...? Ema: Quiet, please. It's snack time. Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Trucy: We're not making much progress here. Apollo: (She must not be very busy...) Ema: *sigh* I never seem to get a lucky break. Ema: Back after nine years, and they won't give me the position I requested... Ema: ...And then I hear he gave up the defense attorney life... Apollo: (He? Who's he? attorney...?) =Move -> Eldoon's House= An ex-defense

--June 15 Eldoon's House --Trucy: Oh, Mr. Eldoon...! Hello? Apollo: Looks like he left. Trucy: And we found his stand and everything! What about our free bowl!? Apollo: Oh, too bad, looks like we'll have to wait a little longer for that bowl. So sorry. Trucy: Aw, what a bummer. =Examine Dog= Apollo: Guy Eldoon's dog doesn't look too lively. Apollo: They say dogs and their owners resemble each other... Apollo: I guess there are exceptions. =Examine House= Apollo: Mr. Eldoon's house has seen better days. Apollo: And I'm betting I've eaten better noodles. =Examine Noo Sign= Apollo: This must be his business sign. It reads "NOO".

Apollo: Maybe that's how the kids are spelling "new" these days. Apollo: Another failed attempt at hipster marketing. =Examine Oil Drum= Apollo: An oil drum for catching rainwater. Apollo: ...Ack! A sparrow just flew over and... Aw man, that was just disgusting! Apollo: Something tells me this wasn't the first time. =Examine Sign Below Drum= Apollo: There's a hand-written sign here... "Save the light!" Apollo: It's hard to make out the sign in the shade from the clinic next door. =Examine Tarp= Apollo: The blue tarp Mr. Eldoon used to cover his noodle stand. Apollo: Robbed of its purpose, it blows in the wind... alone. =Examine Bowl= Apollo: A lone Eldoon's Noodles bowl lies on the ground. Apollo: The lone bowl, tipped on its

side... It's kind of surreal. =Examine Clinic Door= Apollo: The front entrance to the Meraktis Clinic. Apollo: The walls and posts are so highly polished I can see my face in them. Apollo: ... Hot dang, my hair looks good. =Examine Banner= Apollo: Looks like this is a banner for some campaign. Apollo: "Three shots for the price of one"... Somehow I don't see people lining up for that. =Examine Police Car= Apollo: A police car is parked in front of the Meraktis Clinic. Apollo: It's empty. The police must be inside investigating. =Move -> Meraktis Clinic - Garage= =Examine Side Mirror= Apollo: This car belongs to someone at the Meraktis Clinic... and it hit Mr. Wright. Apollo: Mr. Wright sprained his ankle, and the car lost a side-view mirror.

Apollo: This car vs. Mr. Wright... Not quite the match of the century. =Examine Tailpipe= Apollo: This is where we found your panties, isn't it, Trucy? Trucy: And I can't thank you enough, Apollo! Apollo: Well, thank you for saying thank you! Trucy: Oh, I'm always polite! It's part of being a performer. You know what Daddy says: Trucy: "It doesn't cost anything to be polite, and it could bring you more business." Apollo: ...Typical. Trucy: Just kidding! grateful! I really am

=Move -> Hickfield Clinic= --June 15 Hickfield Clinic --Phoenix: Ah, you're back! Run into some problems? Trucy: Oh, Polly, didn't you want to tell Daddy something? Apollo: Who? Me? I'm fine. No! Really.

Phoenix: What's this? a problem?

So there is

Apollo: No, no problem. Actually, I got a defense request. Phoenix: A defense request! a problem. Apollo: Huh...? Phoenix: I've given up the court. I'm not a lawyer anymore. Apollo: ... The request was for me! Phoenix: Oh, right. You're a lawyer, aren't you? Apollo: (He's doing that on purpose! I know it!) =Talk -> Murder= Phoenix: So, what about this defense request? Apollo: It's related to the murder in People Park, actually. Trucy: Guess what! We found Mr. Eldoon's noodle stand at the scene of the crime! Phoenix: Did you now. indeed. That's unusual That is

Phoenix: Never heard of a noodle stand being used as a murder weapon. Apollo: ...Uh, I think the murder

weapon was something else. Phoenix: You mean you don't know what the murder weapon was? Trucy: That funny detective lady won't let us on the scene! Trucy: What kind of detective wears a lab coat, anyway!? Phoenix: A lab coat? Hmm. Didn't think she'd be involved with this... Apollo: ...You know her? Phoenix: You could say that. =Talk -> Skye connection= Apollo: So... you know her, don't you? Phoenix: I met her on a case... this was about ten years ago. Phoenix: She was still a high school student at the time. Apollo: (That would make her about the same age as me!) Trucy: That's my daddy! He knows all the police types. Trucy: Oh, wait! Maybe you know that other guy, too! Apollo: That other guy...? Trucy: That shining prince on the motorcycle!

Phoenix: ...Prince? =Talk -> Mysterious Prince= Phoenix: Apollo. Tell me about this "prince" of Trucy's. Phoenix: Indulge a concerned father... Apollo: He was at the crime scene... He looked just like Mr. Gavin! Phoenix: ... Did he now. Apollo: ...You know him? Phoenix: My guess is he's Kristoph Gavin's younger brother... Apollo: His brother!? Phoenix: We're acquaintances, after a fashion. Phoenix: Klavier Gavin... rock 'n' roll god incarnate. Trucy: Klavier... What a lovely name! He's so dreamy! Apollo: (I didn't know Mr. Gavin had a brother!) Apollo: (And what was he doing out there?) Phoenix: I have a feeling you'll be crossing paths again soon. ---------------------------Klavier Gavin

Age: 24 Gender: Male Spitting image and younger brother of Mr. Gavin. An acquaintance of Mr. Wright. ---------------------------Phoenix: ...Now, what was the problem again? Phoenix: Having trouble investigating the crime scene in the park? Trucy: Yeah. That detective woman won't let us! Phoenix: ...Go to the office. Under the silk top hat you'll find a bottle of white powder. Phoenix: Try taking that to this detective. Apollo: "White powder"...? (I hope it's not what I think it is.) Phoenix: Just take it to her. fine, you'll see. It'll be

Phoenix: Oh, and tell her I said hi. =Move -> Wright Anything Agency= =Examine Hat= Apollo: So this must be the "silk top hat" Mr. Wright mentioned. Apollo: Let's take a closer look... Huh? Trucy: Whoa!

Apollo: You know what this is, Trucy? Trucy: I... remember finding some in Daddy's dresser when I was little. Trucy: I thought it was sugar, so I licked it... He got mad at me. Apollo: (This is getting more and more suspicious...) ** White powder placed gingerly into pocket. ** ---------------------------White Powder Type: Other Retrieved from Wright Anything Agency. Mysterious white powder with the alleged ability to improve Detective Skye's mood. =Check -> Label= Apollo: Hmm. The bottle has a label on it. Trucy: Can you read it? Apollo: Uh, not a word. I'm not sure I speak whatever language this is written in. Trucy: That's too bad. I guess we're stuck with this mysterious bottle of white powder... ---------------------------Trucy: Let's go talk to that detective! Trucy: She's sure to know what that white powder is!

=Move -> People Park= =Present White Powder= Apollo: Um... Does this ring any bells? Ema: Ah! Is that--!? It couldn't!? Where'd you get that? Apollo: I brought it from the office. Ema: You... work at the Wright & Co. Law Offices, yes? Apollo: Er, yeah, sort of... Trucy: Detective Skye! know my daddy? How do you

Ema: D-D-Daddy!? I'm sorry, who did you say you were? Trucy: Trucy Wright. daughter. Phoenix Wright's

Ema: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Mr. Wright has a daughter!? Trucy: You seem shocked. Ema: W-Well, if you're Mr. Wright's daughter and you're his apprentice... Ema: ...then I'm available to help you in any way I can! Apollo: Oh, uh, thanks. (You can start by not calling me Mr. Wright's apprentice!)

Ema: This powder is used for detecting fingerprints. Apollo: Fingerprints...? Ema: I guess you might call it a memento... from the time I spent with Mr. Wright. Apollo: (White powder memories...) Ema: If you find any evidence with fingerprints on it, please let me know! Ema: We'll dust for prints! Apollo: (Well, she's quite the eager beaver all of a sudden...) ---------------------------Fingerprint Powder Type: Other Retrieved from Wright Anything Agency. A memento of Wright and Skye. Examine fingerprints to detect and match prints. =Check -> Label= Apollo: The label reads "Fingerprint Powder" in some strange language. Trucy: How do we know for sure? Trucy: What if this is really a jar for something else, like jam, or honey? Apollo: Why would anyone go through the trouble? Trucy:

Well, so the police don't find out, that's why! Apollo: I hardly think possessing fingerprint powder is a crime. Trucy: Oh, huh, I guess. That's boring. ---------------------------=Present Powder (again)= Ema: Fingerprint analysis is the very basis of modern forensic science! Ema: Doesn't just talking about it leave you breathless with excitement? Apollo: Oh yes. Breathless. (Actually, it does sound kinda interesting...) Ema: Let me know if you find any evidence that might have a print or two, alright? =Present Badge= Ema: Ah, an attorney's badge. It reminds me of when Mr. Wright was still defending. Ema: Everything I have now is thanks to him. Ema: Remember, help as many people as you can. That's your job! Trucy: She's right, Polly! Let's make a difference!

Trucy: ...Is something wrong? Apollo: Ah! Ah, no! N-Nothing. (I... I actually felt inspired for a moment there.) =Present Other= Ema: Sorry... I don't think I can help you with that. Ema: I think you need more than just scientific help. Ema: But ask me anything you like! ...Just ask scientifically. =Examine Stand= Apollo: ...And this is Mr. Eldoon's noodle stand, obviously. Trucy: It does say "Eldoon" in big letters, doesn't it! Apollo: And that mark on his paper lantern there looks familiar. Trucy: It's going to be a little weird telling him... what with the corpse and all... Apollo: Anyway, that wraps up three of our cases. Trucy: That's right! Apollo! Congratulations,

Apollo: (And leaves us with one case that's worse than all three put together... Murder.)

=Examine Mannequin= Apollo: This mannequin is dressed up to look like a police officer. I've seen one at the station. Apollo: (A mannequin in place of a body...) Ema: The body of the victim has already been removed. Trucy: Do you think the victim was the noodle stand thief? Apollo: What, you think someone killed him because he stole it? Trucy: Yeah! Taking care of business, Little Plum Kitaki style! Apollo: (Try not to sound too eager about that, please.) =Examine Tarps= Apollo: Blue tarps have been placed on the ground around the stand. Trucy: Apollo! I bet the victim was going to have a picnic here! Apollo: ...I guess he could have eaten all the noodles he wanted. Ema: Don't touch those! Those are preserving the crime scene! Apollo: (Oh, I guess the police put these tarps here after all.) =Examine Trash Can=

Apollo: (There's got to be a good clue or two around here...) Trucy: You and your trash cans! Go ahead, knock yourself out. Apollo: Please, can't you see I'm doing my... Huh? Apollo: L... Look! Another pair of underwear!? Trucy: Wow, Apollo! You're a genius at finding panties! Apollo: Stop saying that. aren't...? Wait, these

Trucy: Th-They're not mine! Apollo: (Could these have been stolen, too?) ** Bloomers added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Bloomers Type: Other Retrieved from People Park. Found in a trash can at People Park. Distinctive bloomers, to say the least. =Check -> Back= Trucy: These bloomers sure have a... distinct design! Apollo: You certainly know who they belong to at a glance. Trucy: That way, she doesn't have to write her name on them!

Trucy: Genius! Apollo: ...I would think writing your name would be easier than drawing a plum blossom. ---------------------------=Examine Trash Can (again)= Trucy: I'll always remember this trash can as "the place where Apollo found those bloomers"! Apollo: Don't you have more important things to remember? Apollo: Wait, these aren't...? Trucy: Th-They're not mine! Apollo: (Could these have been stolen, too?) =Examine Benches= Apollo: Benches line the river running through the park. Trucy: Ahh, a little urban oasis. Trucy: I bet children come here to splash around in the water. Apollo: That river's a little deep for splashing... and a little dirty. Trucy: Well, they could listen to the water and pretend they were playing.

=Examine Knife= Apollo: It's... a knife! Ema: A "shiv" to be precise. Trucy: Ooh... lingo! Ema: The defendant, Wocky Kitaki, is the son of known gangsters. Ema: The police are assuming this belongs to him. Apollo: (Wait, but wasn't the murder weapon a pistol...?) Apollo: Huh? Look at this, there's a handprint on this shiv... Ema: A handprint? Then there might be a fingerprint. Ema: Let's investigate! Ema: Right! First, choose the fingerprint you want to examine. Apollo: ...Choose a fingerprint? Ema: Look closely at the handle. Ema: See? There's more than one fingerprint there. Trucy: Those black spots? Ema: That's right. Pick the one you want to analyze. Ema:


Let's get detecting!

Apollo: (Wow, she's practically glowing with excitement...) Ema: First, sprinkle some aluminum powder over the print. Ema: Just touch the screen, like this. See? Ema: The oil left by the print absorbs the aluminum powder, so you just dust it on... Ema: ...and blow it off! Trucy: B-Blow? Ema: It's like whistling. You know how to whistle, don't you? Just put your lips together... Trucy: Wow! Amazing! Ema: Heh heh. It's like magic!

Isn't it though?

Apollo: (Right, let's give it a shot!) Ema: Incidentally, it's important that you cover the entire fingerprint with the powder. Ema: Hmm, good... clear... Quite impressive! Ema: Next, to match the print. Ema: The police office has samples so you can tell whose finer this print belongs to. Apollo:

Hmm... That doesn't sound like as much fun as actually finding the print. Ema: OK, pick the person whose print you think this is. Ema: You probably have a good idea whose knife this is already. =Compare Wrong= No match found =Compare Wocky Kitaki= Match found Apollo: So... the fingerprints do belong to the defendant. Ema: Yes! Isn't it amazing? power of science. It's my life. Ah, the

Trucy: Apollo, she's... sparkling. Apollo: And I'm dimming. Ema: Look sharp, spirits up. The real fight is yet to come! Trucy: Chin up, Polly! Apollo: (The trial hasn't even started and I'm already losing...) ** Knife added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Knife Type: Evidence

Retrieved from People Park. Also known as a "shiv". Found at the crime scene bearing Wocky's prints. =Check -> Prints= Trucy: So, the defendant's prints are on this knife... Apollo: That would mean he was here the night of the crime. Trucy: That's what I call irrefutable scientific evidence! Neat! Apollo: Not so neat when it happens to be evidence against our client... ---------------------------=Talk -> The case= Ema: The report came in late last night. The body was found much as you see it now. Ema: ...Except it was a real body. Apollo: But... why? Ema: Why was a body pulling a noodle stand? Ema: If I knew the answer to that, I wouldn't still be here. Apollo: Well, what was the cause of death...? Ema: A bullet wound, to the temple. ...He was shot by a pistol.

Trucy: A pistol? Ema: Not the easiest thing to come by in this day and age. Apollo: (Unless you're a cop... or a gangster.) Ema: Incidentally, the victim's name was Pal Meraktis. Ema: I just received the autopsy report, in fact. ** Meraktis's Autopsy Report added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Meraktis's Autopsy Report Type: Reports Received from Ema Skye. Time of death: June 14, after 10 PM. Cause of death: Single bullet to the right temple. =Check= -Victim's Name Pal Meraktis (Age:46), Male -Estimated Time of Death June 14 Between 10:15 PM and 10:45 PM -Cause of Death Damage to brain resulting from bullet wound. -Points of Interest Entry point: right temple. ---------------------------Ema: I mean, really! this case!? What's up with

Ema: It's enough to make me want to run off, pulling a mysterious noodle stand behind me... Trucy: Not so mysterious, actually...

Trucy: We should tell her, Apollo! Trucy: After all, we know where the stand came from! Ema: A likely story! I didn't come here to play games, you know. Apollo: Actually, we do know where the noodle stand came from. Apollo: The noodle stand's owner is... =Present Wrong= Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Ema: ... Look, I have better things to be doing. Ema: I'd make more progress eating snacks than listening to this drivel. Apollo: (You could try actually investigating, rather than just standing around.) =Present Guy Eldoon= Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Ema: ... Who's the old guy? Apollo: This is the proprietor of Eldoon's Noodles, Mr. Eldoon himself! Trucy: He's famous in this part of

town. Ema: Not bad. I guess Mr. Wright picked the right kids for the job. Ema: That saved me a lot of work. Thanks. ** Noodle Stand added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Noodle Stand Type: Other Retrieved from People Park. Mr. Eldoon's noodle stand. Victim died pulling it. =Check -> Reverse= Trucy: Huh? Look at this, Apollo! Mr. Eldoon spelled his name backwards on this side! Apollo: Um, I think that says "Noodle". Apollo: As in "Eldoon's Noodles". Trucy: Huh... Oh, I get it! Trucy: So the name of his store is the same whether you read it forward or backwards! Apollo: Yeah... I guess it would be. Well, except for the last "'s". Trucy: ...... Then, how about a store called "Team Meat"? Apollo: Uh, close, but that would be

"Taem Maet" backwards. And what kind of store is that? Trucy: Why, a store that sells meat! "It's not meat, unless it's Team Meat!" ---------------------------Trucy: What sort of person was the victim, anyway? Ema: You mean what did he do? He was a doctor. Apollo: A doctor...? (I'm starting to see a connection here...) =Present Autopsy Report= Ema: Why did Dr. Meraktis die like this...? Trucy: Pulling a noodle stand... Very strange. Ema: Inconceivable! I just don't get it! Ema: Some people just can't die normally! Apollo: (He's dead, give him a break.) ---------------------------Pal Meraktis Age: 46 Gender: Male The victim. Director of the Meraktis Clinic. Died pulling the noodle stand. ---------------------------=Talk -> Your story=

Ema: Who? Me? I'm just a supervisor for this crime scene. Apollo: (Detective Skye... Hmm.) Ema: I was out of the country for a while. I came back to be a forensic scientist. Trucy: Ooh! Were you studying abroad? Ema: Something like that. I was studying in Europe. Ema: Forensic sciences, mind you. Ema: But when I got back here, they threw me in criminal affairs! Just like that! Trucy: Why didn't you just become a forensics expert in Europe? Ema: Well, I suppose that was an option, but... Ema: I had a lot of favors to repay to people back here. Apollo: (Favors? Wasn't she in high school when she left?) Ema: What? What's that look for?

Ema: I was involved in an... incident before I left. Ema: But Mr. Wright and his people helped me out. I owed them. Trucy: Really? I had no idea...

Apollo: (If she's been out of the country for a while...) Apollo: (...she probably doesn't know about Mr. Wright's current, erm, "state of affairs".) =Talk -> The defendant= Apollo: Um... Could you tell us a bit about the defendant? Apollo: He's the only son of the Kitaki Family, yes...? Ema: Wocky Kitaki. Ema: I don't know if he is the boss's son, but he's certainly throwing his weight around... Ema: ...Violently. In the detention center. Trucy: I see. Apollo: Why was he arrested in the first place? Ema: ... Ema: You are a defense attorney, aren't you? You're not his, by any chance? Apollo: Er, a-actually, yes, I am. Ema: Well... We have a witness to the moment of the crime. Apollo: Eh...?

Ema: The witness called the police. They'll be testifying during the trial tomorrow. Trucy: Whaaaaaaaa--!? =Talk -> The victim= Apollo: Could you tell us a bit more about the victim? Ema: Well, let's see... Apparently he's the physician at a clinic in the area. Ema: Quite well off, too, from the sound of it. Ema: The clinic's name is... The Meraktis Clinic. Trucy: Hmm... Maybe that's why the cop car was parked there? Ema: What? You've been to the clinic? Apollo: Yeah... Though on a related issue. Apollo: (I told the detective about the case of the stolen noodle stand.) Ema: ...I see... So that means... Ema: ...Dr. Meraktis stole the stand and pulled it all the way here? Apollo: That would seem to be the case. (mistake?)

Ema: ... But why? Apollo: Don't ask me! Ema: So... have you met the defendant? Apollo: Ah. Uh... No. Ema: Visiting hours are almost over at the detention center. Ema: You might think about wrapping up here and heading over. Apollo: Good idea. Apollo: (I don't know what good it will do. We have a witness, and a knife with prints...) Apollo: (Have I mentioned I've got a bad feeling about this?) Ema: Don't worry, it's like a Wright tradition. Apollo: (Some traditions I can live without.) =Move -> Wright Anything Agency= =Talk -> The case= Trucy: Hmm... I think we should focus on finding more information about the case. Apollo: You seem to be having fun.

Trucy: Of course! This is my first criminal investigation! Trucy: And it's so mysterious! A noodle stand pushing a dead man along... Apollo: ...Uh, I think it was the otehr way around. The dead man was pulling the stand. Apollo: But you're right about it being mysterious. Trucy: I knew it! More information, that's what we need! =Present Panties= Trucy: I'm so glad we found my panties! Apollo: I had no idea they were so important to you. Trucy: And in time for tonight's show, too! Trucy: A lot of people come just to see my panties, you know! Apollo: You... might not want to advertise it like that. Trucy: ? =Move -> Detention Center= --June 15 Detention Center Visitor's Room ---

Guard: I'm sorry. Meeting hours for the day are all done. Apollo: B-But we still have three minutes! Guard: I'll put in your request, but don't expect anything. Guard: The father's talking in the private room with him. Trucy: The father? priest? You mean like a

Guard: I mean the suspect's father, Mr. Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki himself. Apollo: (Not someone I care to meet...) ???: ...Die you--!!! ???: ...You're the one on your way out, old--!!! Apollo: ...... Trucy: ......... Guard: Ah. They're here. Apollo: (Whoa! This guy radiates power!) Apollo: (Power.. with a cute apron?) ???: You Wocky's lawyer? Apollo:

Y-Yes, sir! Big Wins: Well, I'm Big Wins Kitaki, fourth head of the Kitaki family... capice? ---------------------------Winfred Kitaki Age: 56 Gender: Male 4th Boss of the Kitaki Family. Wocky's father. Wears an apron. (Don't ask.) ---------------------------Apollo: Er... Actually, I came to speak to your son. Big Wins: ... Mr. Justice. Apollo: Yes? Big Wins: My son's innocent. He killed no one. Big Wins: If he were found guilty... it wouldn't be good. Big Wins: ...Capice? Apollo: Y-Yes! I'm all about capicing! Capice'd loud and clear! Big Wins: You gotta do more than just understand to make it. Big Wins: You'll learn, though. Big Wins: Even if the lesson comes at the end of your short life. Apollo: (I don't feel so good...) ???:

What's the big idea, old man! Wocky: You can't treat me like a kid no more, not now! Wocky: You know I... I... Wocky: I wanted to go to the clink! I like it here! Apollo: You... must be Wocky? Wocky: A G's not a G till he does hard time! Bizzoooy! Wocky: You'll see. When I get out of here, things'll change! Big Wins: Silence! Big Wins: My apologies, Mr. Justice... He's usually such a nice boy. Apollo: (Forgive me if I have a hard time believing that.) Wocky: Ha! You can't take me under your wing this time, old man! Wocky: You heard me! I don't need no trial! I did it! Big Wins: ...I think that's enough for today, Mr. Justice. Big Wins: Don't let me down tomorrow. Apollo: So much for talking to our client. Trucy: But we made so much progress today!

Trucy: We even found my panties! I had fun, at least. Apollo: Of course, the biggest mystery of all remains... Apollo: (How am I supposed to build a case for the trial!?) Trucy: Oh, almost forgot, it's time for my show! Trucy: Tonight I'm performing at the Wonder Bar! You should come check it out. To be continued. ============================ Episode 2 Turnabout Corner Day 2: Trial Former -20201============================ --June 16, 9:46 AM Distict Court Defendant Lobby No. 2 --Apollo: Huh... Mr. Wright's not here today? Trucy: He said his old foot injury was acting up. Apollo: Old injury...!? He was all smiles yesterday! Trucy: Yes, he smiled when he said we'd be fine "as long as you're there, Trucy". Apollo: Yes... Fine... We'll be fine. Here comes Justice!!!

Apollo: I started my voice training at 5 this morning. Trucy: Oooh! Do some now! see! ...Er, hear! Apollo: Huh? Oh, OK. ...Ahem. Apollo: My name is Apollo Justice, and I'm fine!!! Trucy: ...... Trucy: That sounds more like a self-mantra than voice training. ???: ...I'm fine! I'm fine! You know what I'm saying!? Apollo: Ack! G-Good morning! Wocky: Yo, 'sup. Wocky: Hit me with the guilty verdict, G! See if I care. Wocky: You just hang loose and let things go with the flow. You know what I'm saying!? Apollo: Uh, not really. Big Wins: Wocky! Don't be running your mouth like that in here! Wocky: See, that's the difference between me and you, old man. I ain't afraid of no cops. Wocky: I want to

Real G's can't keep it real till they spend some hard time in the pen. Big Wins: You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Trucy: Sounds like they've both been voice training too, Apollo. Apollo: (My worst fears realized...) Apollo: (The trial's starting and I still haven't had a real talk with my client!) --June 16, 10:00 AM District Court Courtroom No. 4 --Judge: Court is now in session for the trial of Wocky Kitaki. Apollo: The defense is ready, Your Honor. Klavier: Ready to rock 'n' roll, Herr Judge. Trucy: Ah! It's him! The pri--guy from yesterday! He's a prosecutor? Apollo: (...It's Mr. Gavin's brother!) Klavier: ... Judge: Long time no see... Prosecutor Gavin. Were you taking a leave of absence? Klavier: You know that little band I started in my free time?

Thing is, we got real popular. Klavier: Hard to say "nein" to your fans when three of your singles go platinum, ja? ---------------------------Klavier Gavin Age: 24 Gender: Male Star prosecutor, lead in a gold-record-selling band, and Mr. Gavin's younger brother. ---------------------------Judge: ...I see. To be honest, I was a little concerned. Judge: I feared that you might still be distraught over that one trial... Klavier: Not to worry, Herr Judge. Klavier: I wouldn't miss this day in court for the world. Klavier: It's worth even more than VIP passes to one of my concerts, ja? Klavier: How could I pass up a chance to see the true strength... Klavier: ...of the little boy who bested my brother? Apollo: ...! Klavier: It was worth canceling a show or two. Judge: Understood. Judge: You may give your opening

statements to the court. Klavier: Before that, I was thinking... Klavier: Is the air in this courtroom not a bit... serious? Judge: It IS a court of law. Klavier: That's no way to get the crowd jumping, Herr Judge. Judge: They're not supposed to jump! This is a courtroom! Klavier: Achtung, baby! Today, we play it my way! Apollo: (What's that... noise?) Klavier: Sometimes you have to get on up in order to get down... to prosecuting! Apollo: (This is crazy...) Klavier: The victim... Pal Meraktis, director of the Meraktis Clinic. Klavier: The scene... People Park. He was found pulling a noodle stand. Judge: What in the world was a doctor doing pulling a noodle stand? Klavier: Yes, I believe... Klavier: will only find that out by asking the defendant, right here, right now.

Klavier: Because it's an undeniable truth that he shot the victim! Apollo: What do you mean, undeniable? Klavier: If you are to glare at anyone, Herr Justice, glare at the punk in the defendant's chair. Klavier: His crime was witnessed quite clearly, you see. Judge: ...Very well. Judge: Please admit this witness to the court. Klavier: ...Nein! Not yet!

Klavier: First, there is a little matter to be cleaned up... Apollo: (Could you talk without the accompaniment?) Trucy: I swear I could see the guitar for a second! Judge: What is it, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: The "motive", Herr Judge. Klavier: Why did the little punk do it? Klavier: Why did he kill the director of the Meraktis Clinic? Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Not so fast! The defendant

doesn't have to explain that! Klavier: Oh? But what if the defendant specifically requests to do so? As he did this morning? Klavier: I want to "give a shout out to all my homeys!" I believe he said. Judge: Whaaaaat!? Apollo: (What is right!) Trucy: They always say that, on stage, you should hit the crowd with speed and ferocity! Trucy: Sounds like he got you good, huh, Polly? Judge: Well, this is highly unusual. But... Judge: The court will now hear from the defendant concerning his motive in the crime! Judge: So... You, son, are the defendant... Wocky, are you? Wocky: I ain't your son, old man! Wocky: You step to a Kitaki, you best be prepared to step strong! Klavier: You "step" to a public official, you'd best be prepared to step into jail. Trucy: You got to hand it to him, Wocky sure has guts!

Apollo: (It's not his guts I'm worried about...) Judge: Well then, the court will now hear testimony on the defendant's motive... Judge: ...from the defendant himself! ** Witness Testimony ** -- Wocky Kitaki's "Truth" -Wocky: I'll tell you one thing, that doctor was a quacker! Wocky: Someone had to show him what's what! Wocky: I was in his clinic 'bout half a year ago. He messed up my op something bad. Wocky: And then he just lets me go, without a word. See ya later, bye! Wocky: So I gotta go in, get another doc to patch me up again! Wocky: That was the day I done figured it out. No O.G.'s gonna let that pass! Wocky: That's why I went to his pad that night, know what I'm saying!? Judge: You're saying you were one of the victim's patients...!? Wocky: Lotta stuff goes down when you're keeping it real on the street. Tru dat. Wocky:

I tell you one thing, that doc was wack! Judge: Hmm... Very well, the defense may begin the cross-examination. Apollo: (I can't believe this is the first time I'm hearing about all of this...) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Wocky Kitaki's "Truth" -Wocky: I'll tell you one thing, that doctor was a quacker! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: First of all, the word you're looking for is "quack". Apollo: And isn't that a little harsh? He's your family doctor... Wocky: Who asked you, pointy-locks!? Just who do you think you are? Apollo: (Uh... your lawyer?) Wocky: Look, I ain't trying to hear that. He was a quacker, plain and simple. Wocky: Someone had to show him what's what! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: By "someone" you mean...? Apollo: Was there anyone with a score to settle with this doctor? ...Besides you, I mean.

Wocky: You better ask somebody else, homes. What do I care? Wocky: I made up my own mind and did what had to be done. Straight gangsta-style! Judge: But... why were you so mad at this doctor? Wocky: Yo, sit back and listen while I drop it, J-man. Wocky: I was in his clinic 'bout half a year ago. He messed up my op something bad. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So you were a patient at the Meraktis Clinic half a year ago? For what reason? Wocky: I had what you might call a "mark of honor". Klavier: Can you explain precisely what was wrong? Wocky: We had a little run-in with the Rivales Family. Wocky: That's when I pulled a jack move... Wocky: ...and ran into an ambush. G busted a cap right in me. Klavier: According to my sources... you "couldn't stand the stress of waiting..." Klavier:

"...and ran in 15 minutes before the appointed time." ...By yourself. Wocky: Hey, I was more than a match for those guys! Judge: So you were carried to the Meraktis Clinic from there? Klavier: Apparently, he was shot in the heart. Apollo: (Shot in the heart and he's still alive!?) Trucy: I can catch bullets between my teeth! Trucy: But I never learned how to catch them with my heart! Wocky: The bullet stopped just short of my thumper, you know what I'm saying? Wocky: I woulda been golden if it weren't for that wack doc! Wocky: Can't even take out a stupid bullet! Klavier: ...So, as you say, the surgery was a failure. Wocky: That ain't all of it, homes! Wocky: And then he just lets me go, without a word. See ya later, bye! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo:

What do you mean, he just let you go without a word? Wocky: What do you think it means!? It's wack, that's what! Judge: I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds bad... Klavier: It sounds as though Herr Doktor wished to hide his mistake... Klavier: This is why he let the defendant go. Wocky: He's a liar, straight up! He's a badder G than me! Wocky: So I gotta go in, get another doc to patch me up again! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So, this bullet is still...? Wocky: You know it! feel it... I can still

Wocky: Right there in my chest, pressin' up against my heart! Klavier: "Your words are like a bullet shot straight into my heart." Klavier: ...or something to that effect? Incidentally, that's from one of our hit singles. Judge: Well, that sounds like a straightforward case of malpractice! Wocky:

Word, J-man. Weren't no accident, that's fo' shizzle. Wocky: That was the day I done figured it out. No O.G.'s gonna let that pass! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You figured it out that day? So you had no idea until then? Wocky: For half a year, I didn't notice a thing. Apollo: Whaaaat!? You had a bullet in your chest and you didn't know!? Wocky: Heh! Takes more than a bullet to bring me down, homes! Apollo: (How many bullets does it take!?) Wocky: That's why I went to his pad that night, know what I'm saying!? Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You "went to his pad"...? Apollo: Did you have an appointment to meet with the victim? In the park, perhaps? Wocky: You out of your mind!? Who makes an appointment to get the drop on someone!? Wocky: I came ready to fight my way into that clinic of his.

Wocky: Shortest way to the clinic from my place is through that park, know what I'm saying? Apollo: (...He's right. That does seem to be the shortest path.) Wocky: There I was, cold walking through the park... Wocky: ...when he comes popping up out of nowhere, right before my eyes! Wocky: I figured someone up on high was looking out for me, know what I'm saying? Apollo: (Unngh... This sounds bad right from the get-go.) Trucy: Well, there won't be any get-go if we don't get some more information! Apollo: (Right. First, gather the facts. Time enough for despair later!) Judge: Hmm... It seems that there were issues with this doctor. Wocky: Man, putting him down was like doing the world a favor! Apollo: Wocky! ...Please consult your lawyer before saying things like that... Trucy: Chin up, Apollo! Back straight! Judge: But, why did this mistake

only come to light that day? Klavier: It was found during the Family health check-up. Apollo: The F-Family check-up? Wocky: That was the wackest thing of all! All us G's lining up, taking eye exams 'n' all that. Wocky: Better to die young than fade away, bizzzoy! Klavier: ...A relief to hear. Wocky: Eh? Wh-What's a relief!? Klavier: Oh? Did your father not tell you? Klavier: That bullet you carry so close to your heart... if not attended to immediately... Klavier: ...It could kill you. Apollo: Wh-Whaaat!? Klavier: Yes, Herr Doktor Meraktis had knowledge concerning this ticking "time bomb" in you. Klavier: Knowledge... that could have saved your life. Wocky: No way! Th-That's wacked!

Klavier: There is proof. Your check-up report. ** Wocky's Check-Up Report added to the Court Record. **

---------------------------Wocky's Check-Up Report Type: Documents Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Gavin Results from a check-up performed in June. Metallic object found near heart. =Check= -Patient's Name Wocky Kitaki (Age: 19), Male -Report Filed June 14 -Notes Metallic object found near heart. Urgent exam needed. ---------------------------Klavier: ...How ironic that you would kill the one man capable of helping you. Klavier: You're almost as careless as he was! Klavier: ...Ah ha ha ha. Wocky: ...... Apollo: ...... Klavier: Well, now that the place is hopping... Klavier: Let's get this gig started! Judge: S-Started...? Klavier: We've had enough of a warm-up act, ja? Time to hear from the witness! Trucy: ...Wocky sure is quiet all of

a sudden. Apollo: I'm a little uneasy myself. Apollo: (Is this Gavin's strategy...?) Klavier: So. You will tell us your name and occupation. Stickler: My name... is Wesley Stickler. Stickler: By "occupation" I take it you refer to some labor that Stickler: "profits" society at large, and supports a livelihood Stickler: under which definition I must confess to being "unemployed" Stickler: however, we mush acknowledge the meaning of "identity" Stickler: which is commonly attached to this notion of "occupation", Stickler: and once we have accepted this reality, we see that our Stickler: confusion is not Gestalt, per se, but derives instead from Stickler: the "vagueness" inherent in all representations of thoug-Klavier: By which he means to say that he is a student. Klavier: A junior at Ivy University if I'm not mistaken?

Stickler: Yes, in the Department of Science and Engineering. ---------------------------Wesley Stickler Age: 22 Gender: Male Junior in Science at Ivy University. The witness. A man concerned with "truth". ---------------------------Stickler: Filled with curiosity for all things, I spend my days in pursuit of truth, honing my... Klavier: Herr Stickler, please direct said curiosity to the case at hand today. Judge: Very well, Mr. Stickler. Judge: Please testify to the court about what you saw on the night of the crime. Stickler: You ask, quite simplistically, "what I saw". However, we must Stickler: understand that homo sapiens possess two eyes, each of Stickler: these designed to receive and interpret data, sending images in the form of signals to the... ** Witness Testimony ** -- A Night in the Park -Stickler: That night, I passed through the park on my way home from shopping... when I saw them! Stickler: One man, pulling a stand. Another man, facing him. Stickler:

I saw them quite clearly. The man facing the victim was the defendant. Stickler: In his hand he held... yes, a pistol! It was pointed at the man pulling the stand. Stickler: A shot! The bullet hit the man pulling the stand from the front, square in the forehead! Judge: Hmm... Was there anyone else in the park at that time? Stickler: I can say with 100% accuracy that there was not. Klavier: The pistol our witness refers to... is this. Judge: The court accepts this into evidence. ** Pistol added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Pistol Type: Weapons Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Gavin. Weapon left at the crime scene. Two rounds were fired. Fingerprints were wiped. =Check -> Barrel= Apollo: Whoa! Don't point that thing at me! Trucy: Don't worry! I can handle myself around guns. Trucy: Magic guns, at least. The ones that pigeons come out of.

Apollo: ...Very reassuring. ---------------------------Judge: Very well. Mr. Justice, you may cross-examine the witness. Apollo: ...Yes, Your Honor. Trucy: ... Apollo: Uh... Trucy? Why are you staring like that at the witness? Trucy: That man... Trucy: I can't help but feel I've seen him somewhere before. Apollo: ...? ** Cross-Examination ** -- A Night in the Park -Stickler: That night, I passed through the park on my way home from shopping... when I saw them! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: On the way home from shopping, you say? Why go through the park? Stickler: Ah, a fascinating inquiry. Stickler: Revealing me culpable of being insufficiently verbose! Stickler: Let us consider the time saved by passing through the park on the way home from the store:

Stickler: In that time I am capable of solving two GMAT problem sets. Stickler: On average, it requires me 3 minutes, 24 seconds to complete one such set. Stickler: Ergo the time to complete two is, on average, 6 minutes 48 seconds. Stickler: However! In the case that the questions are in the verbal category, admittedly not m... Apollo: Th-That's enough! I get the idea. Enough.

Judge: Mr. Justice! The court hopes to finish cross-examination sometime this month. Klavier: Please. I've a recording booked after this trial. Trucy: And I've got a show to perform. Apollo: (Gee, sorry you're all so busy!) Stickler: One man, pulling a stand. Another man, facing him. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Were these men talking, by any chance? Stickler: Ah, now that you mention it, they were, though I cannot claim I heard them clearly.

Stickler: Only fragments... such as, "You lied to me!" Oh, and... Stickler: "I'm gonna give you a taste of your own medicine, pal." Klavier: Ah ha ha ha! It's just as our defendant claims! Klavier: I believe he wished to "teach" the victim what it felt like to take a bullet in the heart. Judge: If that's true, then this is a vital piece of testimony! Apollo: (Sounds like he heard them clearly enough to me!) ???: *HOLD IT!* Stickler: Might I be allowed to amend my testimony? Apollo: (Wh... What now!?) Stickler: To be precise, he did not say "pal" but "man". Stickler: Yes, that was the way of it. I swear it on my diploma! Apollo: (What's the difference!?) Klavier: And this other man, who was he? Stickler: I saw them quite clearly. The man facing the victim was the defendant. Apollo: *HOLD IT!*

Apollo: How can you be so sure it was the defendant!? Apollo: The crime took place at night! It would have been too dark! Stickler: ...Perhaps I was remiss in not mentioning this earlier. Apollo: Huh? Stickler: You see, in class, I always sit in the very backmost seat. Stickler: Do you know why? Apollo: (...Who cares!?) Stickler: Because I do not wish anyone to copy my perfect notes! Judge: ...And this relates to your testimony how? Stickler: I mention this to illustrate my predisposition to that which is "perfect". Stickler: It was dark, you say? Yet there are lights in the park. Stickler: If I say the defendant was in the park that night, then he was in the park that night. Stickler: It is a hard, immutable fact. Trucy: He sure is confident... Apollo: He seems to be telilng the truth, too. *sigh*

Stickler: In his hand he held... yes, a pistol! It was pointed at the man pulling the stand. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Are you sure the pistol you saw is the same as the one just submitted as evidence? Stickler: Am I "sure"? Surely... you jest! Stickler: ...Or so a common witness would be tempted to say. Apollo: ...Huh? Stickler: Yet I am no common witness. Stickler: I see not only events as they are, but the logical structure governing these events! Stickler: First, we must consider the fact that it was night in the park, which indeed restricted Stickler: my field of vision due to insufficient levels of illumination. Now if we Stickler: consider that he pistol, let us call it "Object A", was indeed shrouded in darkness it Stickler: becomes difficult to say with certainty that Object A was indeed Object A. Trucy: I think he means he couldn't see it that clearly.

Apollo: (My badge for a normal witness...) Stickler: Yet the fact that a pistol was fired before my eyes is indisputable. Stickler: I can still see it when I close my eyes. The defendant raised his weapon... Stickler: A shot! The bullet hit the man pulling the stand from the front, square in the forehead! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Are you absolutely certain only one shot was fired? Stickler: Yes. Of course it was one shot. Why do you ask? Apollo: (Ah ha! A contradiction! Finally!) Apollo: Mr. Stickler. According to the Court Record, the pistol was fired twice. Apollo: A clear contradiction! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: ...Good eyes, Herr Justice. You're cool. Real cool. Apollo: Eh? Y-You really think so? Klavier: Yet, there is no reason why this other shot had to have been fired that night.

Judge: Meaning...? Klavier: This pistol came from the Kitaki Family mansion, ja? Klavier: I think it's not unreasonable to assume the pistol had been fired once before that night. Klavier: During, perhaps... another altercation? Apollo: (Ugh... He's got a point.) Trucy: Judging from his smug expression... Trucy: ...I'd say Prosecutor Gavin had that answer ready before you even spotted the problem. Apollo: (He seems pretty confident in his testimony.) Trucy: We always make the biggest mistakes when we're our most confident! Trucy: He's got a weak point somewhere, Apollo! Find it! Apollo: (...Right! Better give that testimony another listen.) ((Present Autopsy Report)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: (Whew... If that's all of it, I think I have a chance.) Klavier: Is that you... relaxing,

I see, Herr Justice? Apollo: Huh? Oh, er... Ahem! Apollo: Objection!!! Judge: ...Once is quite enough, Mr. Justice. Trucy: Apollo! Pace yourself! trial's not over yet! Apollo: Urk! Eh, right! look at this! This

Ahem, um,

Judge: The... autopsy report? Is there a problem with the autopsy report? Apollo: Um, right, a problem... Problem... problem... Apollo: Yes!!! The problem is the location of the entry wound! Judge: The location...? Apollo: You testified that the killer shot the victim "square in the forehead", did you not? Stickler: Ah, I have already determined your "angle" of inquiry. Stickler: ...Allow me to explain. It is quite simple, really: Stickler: First understand that when I say "square", I speak not of geometrical absolute. Stickler: What do I mean by this? For

example, the defection of a "meter" is 1,650,763.73 times Stickler: the wavelength of the light emitted by a krypton particle, as we all know. In addition, Stickler: it is a well known fact that krypton particles are rare, and invisible to the naked Stickler: eye, which points to a basic fallacy in your line of reasoning, namely, that wh-Judge: Mr. Justice. Apollo: Yes? Judge: Was your objection to these, er, krypton particle things? Klavier: This is the big time, and you are obsessed with something so small? You disappoint me. Apollo: N-N-No! I'm obsessed with something big! Apollo: I mean, there's a bigger, less nitpicky problem here! Judge: Do tell... Apollo: Just look at the autopsy report! The location of the entry wound was... Apollo: ...the right temple! Stickler: T-Temple...? Apollo: Mr. Stickler, you said quite

clearly that the victim was shot "square in the forehead"! Apollo: That's a contradiction! ...Isn't it? Apollo: (It is, right? Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Herr Justice... Oh, Herr Justice... Apollo: Yes...? Klavier: Your tactics are outdated. Trying to shake the witness by objecting to trifles? Klavier: Surely you haven't forgotten the fatal wound your master suffered seven years ago? Klavier: Phoenix Wright... was it? Apollo: ...! Apollo: Look, I know the wound was in the wrong place according to this testimony! Stickler: Nyurk...! Klavier: Hey, Herr Forehead... Apollo: ...! (F... "Forehead"!?) Klavier: Let us imagine you are walking through the park. Klavier: You see two men facing each Finally!)

other. One with a pistol trained on the other. Klavier: ...What would you do, Herr Forehead? Apollo: Well, I... I guess... Apollo: I would try to stop them. I'd probably shout, "Stop!" Klavier: And you, Fräulein? Trucy: M-Me? Trucy: Well... I'd probably scream, "Eeeeeek!" Klavier: And you, Herr Stickler? What did you shout, I wonder? Apollo: Ack...! (If the victim turned his head at the last moment...*gulp*) Stickler: ...Ah yes. Thank you for jogging my memory. Judge: It sounds like an addendum to the testimony is required. ** Witness Testimony ** -- A Night in the Park 2 -Stickler: As soon as the killer raised his pistol, I took action. Stickler: "Cease this at once, you two!" I cried... with composure. Stickler: The victim turned in the direction of my voice... and a shot rang out.

Stickler: Whereupon our cowardly killer, the defendant, appeared to have become frightened. Stickler: Tossing the pistol aside, he fled from the scene. Judge: I see... So you attempted to stop the crime. Stickler: Indeed. ...With composure. Trucy: Well, maybe the criminal wouldn't have fired if he hadn't shouted like that. Apollo: Th-That doesn't really matter now, unfortunately. Klavier: Let us consider this new testimony, shall we? Klavier: ...Observe the diagram, if you would. Klavier: The witness... Mr. Stickler, was it? Stood here. Klavier: He shouted, "Oh stop! Please!" or something of this nature. Klavier: And the victim responded by looking in the witness's direction! Klavier: If the killer were to have fired at just that moment... Klavier: As we can see, the bullet would have struck the right temple, as in the report. Judge:

That does seem to be the case. Stickler: Witness the power of a Junior in Ivy University's Department of Science! Judge: Very well, Mr. Justice, you may cross-examine the witness. ** Cross-Examination ** -- A Night in the Park 2 -Stickler: As soon as the killer raised his pistol, I took action. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So you saw a raised pistol... Weren't you frightened? Stickler: It can be said we students of Ivy University know no fear. Stickler: The moment I saw that pistol, my inner sense of justice compelled me to take action! Judge: That was certainly brave of you. Judge: You might have gotten shot! Stickler: Eh!? Klavier: You certainly were lucky. Klavier: If I were in the killer's shoes, I certainly wouldn't have left a witness behind. Stickler: ......! Trucy:

He actually looks like he had no idea he was in danger. Stickler: R-Regardless, I attempted to halt the bloodshed! Stickler: "Cease this at once, you two!" I cried... with composure. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Are you sure both men were able to hear your voice? Stickler: They were, of course. Stickler: My high, exquisite voice echoed through the park. Klavier: And the victim responded to that clarion call... Stickler: Quite. Stickler: The victim turned in the direction of my voice... and a shot rang out. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Did you hear the gunshot at the same time as the victim turned? Stickler: Indeed. I would say "about" the same time, to be precise. Apollo: And the victim didn't ask you for help? Stickler: It can be said that he didn't have time to ask.

Stickler: He didn't even have time to take a single step. Trucy: I'm totally sure that the killer fired because Mr. Stickler startled him. Apollo: Don't say that too loud, Trucy, please... Stickler: Whereupon our cowardly killer, the defendant, appeared to have become frightened. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Can you describe the killer's actions more clearly? Stickler: He seemed quite surprised, especially considering that it was he who did the deed! Stickler: As we can see, human psychology is a tangled web, indeed. Klavier: He simply couldn't believe what he had done. Klavier: He shot, he panicked. A common tale, but true. Stickler: Unfortunately, before I could take further action... Stickler: Tossing the pistol aside, he fled from the scene. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You didn't try to apprehend the criminal?

Stickler: It all happened so fast, I'm afraid I hadn't the time. Trucy: Doesn't something about that strike you as odd, Apollo? Apollo: ...! What? Trucy: The killer was in a hurry, right? He fired the pistol, and tossed it right away... Apollo: According to the testimony, that's what happened, yes. Trucy: In that case, I'd expect to find something that we didn't find! Apollo: (Find "something"? Trucy: I liked that contradiction. Kinda sad to see it go. Apollo: Not as sad as I feel. do we do now? What Find what?)

Trucy: At least the testimony's getting a little clearer. Apollo: (She's right! Maybe I can find something to use in this new testimony.) ((Present Pistol)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Wait a second! Sticker: Tsk, tsk, another misleading request.

Stickler: Yet you're so beholden to your own mode of "discourse" you can't see how it affects you! Apollo: Um... come again? Stickler: Wait a "second", you say? A "second"? Sticker: Are we intended to wait just that, a single second, one sixtieth of a minute? Stickler: That's hardly enough time to draw a breath, let alone makea statement in court! Stickler: Now, had you asked for a longer period of time, say, 3 minutes, 35 seconds, th-Judge: Mr. Justice. Apollo: Yes, Your Honor? Judge: Am I to understand you are objecting to the length of a second? Apollo: Yes! I mean, no! Here, just look at the pistol! Apollo: It doesn't have a single fingerprint on it! Stickler: Ah, a common ploy, made all the more common, I fear, by the prevalence of television. Stickler: Criminals these days are loathe to leave fingerprints. Apollo:

Wait! But you said the killer tossed the gun and ran! Trucy: That's right! Trucy: He didn't have time to wipe the gun for prints! Stickler: ...! Klavier: Ah, the little girl sticking it to the university student. There's a song in there... Trucy: I'm not little! Klavier: A ha ha ha... Klavier: Then let's think like adults, shall we, Fräulein? Trucy: Eh...? Klavier: What if the killer... the defendant, was wearing gloves? Trucy: ... Trucy: Gotta admit, I didn't think of that, Apollo. Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? Apollo: (Could the killer have been wearing gloves...?) [ I guess... ] Apollo: (If he was wearing gloves, there wouldn't be prints...) Apollo:

... (C'mon Justice, you've gotta come up with something...!) Judge: Is there something you want to tell the court, Mr. Justice? Klavier: His silence speaks louder than words, Herr Judge. He can think of nothing... nein? Apollo: I g-guess he could have been wearing gloves. (...I guess.) Judge: Then let's continue with the testimony. If you would. Stickler: ...My pleasure, Your Honor. A small pleasure, but still. [ No way ] Apollo: The record of the murder weapon is very clear about one thing: Apollo: The fingerprints were "wiped" which means some trace of prints remained! Apollo: Which contradicts your testimony! Apollo: If everything happened as you say it did, he wouldn't have had time to wipe the pistol! Stickler: ...That may be. But it does not change what I saw. Stickler: The killer... the defendant... Stickler: He threw down the murderous

weapon from his hand and fled. Judge: Hmm... Stickler: And this pistol was found at the scene of the crime. Stickler: Strongly suggesting that this was the weapon he disposed of! Klavier: That sounds solid to me. Well, Herr Forehead? Any of your precious "objections"? Apollo: ... Trucy: What gives, Apollo!? Let's see that voice training go to work! Apollo: You know, I've only recently realized something. Apollo: No matter how much you train your voice, it doesn't matter if you have nothing to say. Trucy: What do you mean, "nothing to say"!? Trucy: Isn't it obvious from what the witness just said? Apollo: Huh? Isn't what obvious? Trucy: When he re-stated what he saw just now, he said he saw Wocky drop a "murderous weapon". Trucy: But that's not the same as being 100% sure of what Wocky threw away! Apollo:

You're right! Trucy: He's just confused because a pistol was found at the scene! Trucy: Poor Mr. Stickler... It must be hard to be so perfect, and yet so wrong. Stickler: W-Well! It can be said that I'm quite offended! Stickler: While it is, indeed, true that once, in my youth, I wrote a love letter in my own blood Stickler: that was seized by the teacher and posted on the blackboard for all to see, and for this Stickler: the appellation "poor" might as well be prefixed to my name, yet as for the issue at ha-Judge: What we can say for certain is that the witness saw the killer throw "something"... Judge: Does the defense have anything to say about this? Trucy: Well, if what he threw wasn't a pistol... Apollo: Then it had to be something else! Klavier: At least one person on the defense team seems to be thinking. Apollo: (Grr... I'll wipe that smile off your pretty face, Gavin!)

Judge: Perhaps you can inform the court as to the nature of this "something else"? Judge: What did the killer throw away before fleeing the scene? ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: What the witness really saw... was this! Or... something like it. Judge: ... Judge: Penalty. Apollo: (That didn't even warrant a wise-crack, did it.) Judge: Perhaps you'd like to try that again, Mr. Justice? ((Present Knife)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: Is that... a sword? Judge: I saw one of those on the late night movie last night! Apollo: (Great, a sleep-deprived judge...) Apollo: This knife was found at the scene of the crime... with the defendant's prints on it. Judge: His prints!

Apollo: This single piece of evidence proves two important things: Apollo: One, that what the defendant threw down wasn't a pistol. Apollo: Two, that the defendant wasn't wearing gloves! Judge: Hmm... Indeed! Klavier: Oh, Herr Forehead? Klavier: You're forgetting two other things you've just proven. Apollo: Huh? Klavier: One, that the man the witness saw was the defendant, Mr. Wocky Kitaki. Klavier: Two, that the defendant was holding a knife, with the intent of harming the victim! Apollo: Oh. Judge: Hmm... Indeed! Apollo: (Grr... Never underestimate a Gavin is the lesson here.) Judge: This court is of the opinion that our witness is fond of making assumptions. Judge: In that light, I believe it would behoove us to hear about what really occurred... Judge:

...with less assuming, please! Stickler: It is always the same with you people. Stickler: "Mark left the house on foot, and five minutes later, his brother left after him." Stickler: "How long would it take for Mark's brother to catch up to him..." Stickler: "...assuming that Mark never had to stop for a traffic light!" Stickler: "Assuming"... Yes, that's what I said. "Assuming"! Stickler: As if that were a probable situation at all! Stickler: Yet here you are "assuming" that my "assumption" is no better! Judge: Ahem. What this court "assumes"... Judge: that the witness will testify as to what happened after the shot was fired! ** Witness Testimony ** -- From Shot to Call -Stickler: I could not prevent the killer from leaving the scene. Stickler: Nor could I simply leave the scene in good conscience. Stickler: Ergo! I used my cell phone

to call the police. Stickler: Until the police arrived at the scene 10 minutes later, I saw no one else. Apollo: Why didn't you chase the killer? Stickler: He was, as you say, a killer. Stickler: Of course, I could have run him down, yet what would he have done when cornered? Stickler: Sadly, it takes more than an aptitude for solving quadratic equations to know that. Judge: Hmm... Klavier: Did the testimony earlier not prove the defendant's presence at the scene? Klavier: And do we not also now know that there was no one else there? Klavier: ...It seems clear that we have our killer. Klavier: Does it not? Judge: Does it not, Mr. Justice? Apollo: (I'd better find a way to take this testimony down quick!) ** Cross-Examination ** -- From Shot to Call -Stickler: I could not prevent the

killer from leaving the scene. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Which way did the killer run? Stickler: By that time, it was clear the killer had noticed me. Stickler: Naturally, he ran in the opposite direction. Apollo: (That would mean he ran in the opposite direction from the Kitaki mansion...) Klavier: Achtung! Don't even think about pointing out that he was going away from his home. Klavier: All he had to do was loop back once he was out of sight. Apollo: (Ugh... How did he know that's where I was going...?) Trucy: ... Stickler: Nor could I simply leave the scene in good conscience. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You were certainly composed for someone who had just witnessed a killing. Stickler: If one is to devote one's life to the pursuit of science... Stickler: must never flinch at the sight of a little blood.

Stickler: Nor be so moved by a chemical discovery that one drops one's flask upon the lab room floor. Klavier: Oooh, cool answer. Very cool. Apollo: (Hmm... So nothing strange about how he acted...) Trucy: ... Apollo: (Trucy looks like she has something to say...) Stickler: Ergo! I used my cell phone to call the police. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Wasn't your first thought to call an ambulance? Stickler: It can be said that I have dabbled in medicine... Stickler: The injury I witnessed, namely a single shot to the head, tends to result in death. Stickler: Ergo, there was no need for me to call an ambulance! Stickler: Oh... a perfect syllogism... A proof in three parts! Exquisite! Simly exquisite! Apollo: (...He actually looks like he's going to cry.) Trucy: ...

Stickler: Until the police arrived at the scene 10 minutes later, I saw no one else. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Can you tell us in detail about these 10 minutes? Stickler: I stood in a state of heightened awareness. Stickler: Anything could happen at any moment. Anyone could appear from any direction! Stickler: ... Apollo: Is... that all? Stickler: No one came. Nothing happened at all. I saw it all, which is to say... I saw nothing. Judge: It was late at night. It's not odd to think there would be few people around in the park. Apollo: (So he just stood there, watching? Hmm... Not much to go on there.) Trucy: ... Apollo: (... Trucy, if you've got something to say, by all means, say it!) Apollo: (This witness is way too self-assured!) Apollo: (There's got to be a weakness

somewhere in this testimony!) Trucy: ... ((Pressed all)) Apollo: (Argh! I can't find a single problem with that testimony!) Klavier: ...Had enough at last, Herr Forehead? Apollo: (Maybe it's time to back off a bit...?) [ No ] Apollo: The defense still has some questions that demand answers, Your Honor! Judge: Hmm... Your opinion, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: Oh, let him play attorney until he's satisfied, I say. Klavier: I will amuse myself by composing my next smash hit in my head... Judge: Very well. You may continue with the cross-examination. [ Yes ] Apollo: Nnk...! Apollo: (Argh! There's nothing fishy about that testimony at all!) ((Pressed all, chose "no" the first time))

Apollo: (Maybe there isn't anything left to unravel in this testimony after all...) Klavier: Some of us have glamorous careers we'd like to get back to this month, Herr Forehead. Apollo: (...They don't have enough to put Wocky away yet. Should I back off for now?) [ No ] Same as before [ Yes ] Same as before Judge: It appears there are no objections to the witness's current testimony. Klavier: There are any number of ways to explain the lack of prints on the pistol, I assure you. Klavier: Perhaps the killer really was wearing gloves which wiped the previous user's prints off. Klavier: Then, after the deed was done, this fell out of his pocket as he was throwing the gun away. Klavier: A mistake befitting of a small-time punk, in my opinion. Apollo: No... Nooooooooooo! Judge: It seems we've come to the

end of the line here. Apollo: (No... that can't be all!) Klavier: How unfortunate. It seems that you weren't cut out to stand on the same stage as me. Klavier: Were you, Herr Forehead? Judge: I believe this brings the cross-examination to a close. Judge: This court will now declare a verdict for the defendant, Wocky Kitaki. ???: *HOLD IT!* ???: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Apollo: T-Trucy!? ???: Nobody move! Judge: Wh-What's the meaning of this? Who are you!? Klavier: ... ???; There'll be no verdict in this court... Not yet! Apollo: Wait... Are you... one of the Kitakis!? Judge: The Kitakis!? You mean the notorious gangsters!? ???: If you don't want to see me give the pretty little girl a new smile, do as I say!

???: Adjourn the court for twenty minutes! Judge: Wh-Whaaat!? Judge: Th-This court will not bow to pressure from the likes of... Klavier: ...Herr Judge. Judge: ...! Klavier: I see little point in further aggravating this gentleman. Judge: Urk! Hmm... ???: Recess, twenty minutes. Or I promise you, you'll regret it. Apollo: W-Wait! (How'd he disappear so fast!?) Trucy: ...Come to the defendant lobby, Apollo!!!...

Judge; ...I suppose I have no choice but to adjourn for a twenty minute recess! Judge: Bailiff! man! Catch that mysterious To be continued. ============================ Episode 2 Turnabout Corner Day 2: Trial Latter -20202============================ ---

June 16, 11:17 AM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 2 --Apollo: Trucy! Trucy!? ???: ...You move quick, Apollo. Good show, good show! Apollo: T... Trucy! You're OK! I-I thought... Apollo: *sniff* *sob* *bawl* Trucy: D-Don't cry, Apollo! Apollo: Grr... Those good-for-nothing gangsters! Apollo: There are some things you just don't do! Apollo: I'm pressing charges! Trucy: Wait! Just calm down, Apollo! Trucy: Or else... Apollo: Aaaaaugh! Wh-Wh-What the heck is that!? Trucy: Surprised? Trucy: This is one of my best tricks! The Amazing Mr. Hat! Mr. Hat: You look mahvelous, dahling! Apollo: ...

Trucy: He's a big hit on stage at the Wonder Bar! Mr. Hat: Yes. I am a big hit. Ha ha ha.

Trucy: Well, what do you think? Do ya like it!? Apollo: You mean you... Trucy! There are some thigns you just don't do! Apollo: I... I'm pressing charges! Trucy: Apollo! Now is not the time to be threatening me! Trucy: It's you who's being threatened here! Apollo: Huh...? Trucy: Remember what you said to Wocky's father yesterday? Trucy: You promised you'd save his son! Apollo: B-But that testimony was rock solid! Apollo: What are you suggesting I do? Trucy: Look, once the judge declares a verdict, it's all over. Trucy: If I can use my talent to stop that from happening, I will! Apollo:

Trucy, no more staged abductions, please... Trucy: I'm not talking about magic, Apollo! Trucy: I know when the witness isn't confident... I can perceive what he's feeling! Trucy: It might not mean anything, but it's all we've got... Apollo: You can see... what he's "feeling"? Trucy: Think back, Apollo. Trucy: Think back to the times when there was a contradiction in his testimony! All the times! Apollo: All the times there was a contradiction...? [ I don't remember ] Apollo: Um... Actually, I don't remember them exactly. Trucy: Good thing I do! [ I remember ] Apollo: Well, I think I remember them, sure... Trucy: There were two times when he made statements he wasn't confident in. Trucy: And each time, there was a

contradiction. Stickler: In his hand he held.. yes, a pistol! It was pointed at the man pulling the stand. Stickler: Tossing the pistol aside, he fled from the scene. Trucy: He said the man tossed aside a pistol... Trucy: But it turned out he wasn't sure, and sure enough, there was a contradiction. Apollo: Well, that's true, but how does that help us? Trucy: Didn't you notice anything? Trucy: Whenever he made a statement he wasn't confident in... Trucy: ...he displayed a certain habit! Stickler: In his hand he held... yes, a pistol! It was pointed at the man pulling the stand. Trucy: Did you see it? The very moment he said the word "pistol"... Trucy: ...his fingers got all tense, and he fiddled with the corner of a page in his book! Apollo: How'm I supposed to see that!? Trucy: Well, I could see it. Trucy:

How else do you think Daddy went seven years without losing a game of poker? Apollo: Wha--!? Trucy: I always sat next to Daddy during big matches. Trucy: I could see what his opponents were feeling! Apollo: You mean that's how Mr. Wright won all those games? Trucy: It's not cheating, officially. I wasn't looking at their hands or anything. Trucy: And I wasn't there all the time, either. Trucy: Daddy's quite good at poker, after all. But not good enough to go undefeated that long! Apollo: Great, so he cheated. But what does that do for us? Apollo: (I don't believe this...) Trucy: You ahve to listen to his testimony one more time! No... scratch that! Trucy: You have to watch his testimony! Perceive the truth! Apollo: "Watch" a testimony? "Perceive" the truth? Apollo: The only thing I'm perceiving is that I'm going to lose.

Trucy: Not true! Apollo: ...! Trucy: Daddy said so. Trucy: He said you have the power, Apollo. Apollo: Mr. Wright said that? Apollo: (Watch the testimony... Perceive his true feelings... Is she serious!?) Trucy: Time's up! Sorry I can't think of any other way out of this one, Apollo. Apollo: (What was that she said before the trial started?) Apollo: Huh... Mr. Wright's not here today? Trucy: He said his old foot injury was acting up. Trucy: Yes, he smiled when he said we'd be fine "as long as you're there, Trucy". Apollo: (Is this what he meant by us being "fine"...?) Apollo: (Well... methods aside, she did avoid one guilty verdict already today.) Apollo: (Time to show this court what I'm made of! Get ready for Justice!)

Apollo: ...Let's do it. Trucy: Apollo... Apollo: You know, I'm starting to think I can do this. Trucy: ...I knew you could do it all along! Trucy: Oh, one more thing. Apollo: ? Trucy: Try to cover for Mr. Hat as best you can! Mr. Hat: I just flew in from the coast, and boy are my arms tired! Apollo: Right... (*sigh*) --June 16, 11:40 AM District Court Courtroom No. 4 --Judge: Court is now back in session. Apollo: Right! We're fine! Judge: ...... Ahem. Judge: I'd like to say to the young lady standing next to you, Mr. Justice... Trucy: Oh, you mean me?

Judge: Don't you have anything to report? Judge: Anything... concerning the mysterious phantom in the silk top hat? Apollo: Ah! Right! Him! Don't worry about him. I settled that. Judge: You "settled" that...? Apollo: Erm, yes, it was an... out of court settlement! Right. Klavier: Perhaps Fräulein would have us believe it was nothing more than a passing dream... Klavier: ...a fantastic illusion, now you see it, now you don't. Am I right? Trucy: ...I think he's on to me. Apollo: I wish he would stop being so... so cool. Klavier: Let us dispense with these niceties and get straight to the matter. Klavier: What are your plans for our gifted witness? Apollo: R-Right... The defense would like to request another cross-examination! Apollo: B-Because... Because I forgot to ask something.

Judge: There was no issue with the witness's previous testimony. Judge: I will grant your request, however. But this court will not permit stalling for time! Apollo: ...Understood, Your Honor. Trucy: Don't forget, Apollo! Trucy: When he isn't sure about something, he has a habit of fiddling with his book! ** Witness Testimony ** -- From Shot to Call -Stickler: I could not prevent the killer from leaving the scene. Stickler: Nor could I simply leave the scene in good conscience. Stickler: Ergo! I used my cell phone to call the police. Stickler: Until the police arrived at the scene 10 minutes later, I saw no one else. Apollo: (I'm not sure I'm qualified to "watch" testimonies after all...) Trucy: Focus, Apollo! weak spot! Find his

Apollo: (Focus... If only it were that easy!) Apollo: (My ears here what he says, my eyes see his expression.)

Apollo: (Do I have to do something more? What other senses do I have!?) Apollo: (W-What's this...? My bracelet...?) Apollo: (What's going on?) Apollo: (My bracelet feels different somehow...!) Trucy: I think Daddy was right! Trucy: You can see it, can't you, Apollo? Trucy: You're almost there! Find the weak spot in his testimony! Apollo: (I know this sounds crazy...) Apollo: (But my bracelet is trying to tell me something!) ** Cross-Examination ** -- From Shot to Call -Stickler: I could not prevent the killer from leaving the scene. (same press) Stickler: Nor could I simply leave the scene in good conscience. (same press) Stickler: Ergo! I used my cell phone to call the police. Apollo: *HOLD IT!*

Apollo: So, you called immediately after witnessing the murder? Stickler: The police undoubtedly have a record of the call. Why not check with them? Trucy: Wait, Apollo! Trucy: This has to be it! Apollo: Wait, you mean his habit? Trucy: Don't forget, Apollo! Trucy: When he isn't sure about something, he has a habit of fiddling with his book! Apollo: (The only time he even had the book open was here...) Apollo: (Which means this is the place to look for this "habit"!) Apollo: I... don't know how I know, but I know. Trucy: ...Know what? Apollo: It's my bracelet, it's different, somehow. Apollo: I can feel it reacting to something about the witness! Trucy: Your... bracelet? Apollo: I'm not sure I get this "focus" stuff you were talking about, Trucy.

Apollo: But... I have a feeling that trusting my bracelet is the way to go. Apollo: (OK, I just need to touch my bracelet as it reacts to the testimony...) ((Touch)) Apollo: Wh-What's going on!? Apollo: (I can see the witness's face, his expression so clearly! I-It's filling my mind!) Apollo: (I can see nothing else, hear nothing else!) Trucy: Apollo? Apollo: Trucy! What's happening to me!? Trucy: This is what I meant by "focusing". Apollo: Focusing... Trucy: In this state, you can see everything, Apollo! Everything the witness does! Apollo: Th-That's great, but this is kind of freaking me out! Trucy: Just look for Mr. Stickler's twitch -- his habit. You remember it, right? Apollo: Sure! When he says something he's not sure of, he fiddles with a page of his book.

Trucy: You got it! Right now, you're looking at the witness's face. Trucy: ...And your eyes are sort of bugging out. Apollo: (I'll bet they are.) Trucy: First, move your focus of attention down to Mr. Stickler's hand. Apollo: His hand...? Trucy: You know what to look for now, but you have to be looking at the right place. Apollo: (She's right. I can only se his face like this...) Apollo: (Time to try changing my viewpoint!) Trucy: Perfect! ready! Now you're really

Apollo: Ready... for what? Trucy: Ready to perceive the truth behind the twitch! Apollo: Perceive... Trucy: Try listening to the witness talk as you focus. Trucy: Then watch for his habit. Apollo: Right... You mean when he

fiddles with the page! Trucy: That's right! That's your signal to look closer, to perceive! Trucy: Find his weak spot and I guarantee we'll be able to give him the Royal Flush! Apollo: Spoken like a true poker head's daughter. Trucy: I'm a magician, thank you very much. Apollo: (So I have to pay attention to his words... and his fingers!) Trucy: Don't worry if you miss it, you can always try again! Apollo: (Right! Look out nervous twitch, here comes Justice!) ((Perceive Wrong)) Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Trucy: A-Apollo! That's not it!

Apollo: Huh? Oh... I guess I'm kind of lost here. Trucy: Remember his habit: He fiddles with the pages of his book! Trucy: The word he's saying right when you see his fingers twitch is the key! Apollo:

(OK, so I have to watch for his fingers to move. Got it.) Trucy: And don't worry about getting it perfect your first time. Trucy: You can always try again! Stickler: Until the police arrived at the scene 10 minutes later, I saw no one else. (same press) Trucy: Don't forget, Apollo. You have to focus to perceive the truth! Apollo: (I'm not sure I entirely understand this just yet.) Apollo: (But I have "perceived" one thing...) Apollo: (My bracelet is reacting to his testimony... this has to be the key!) ((Perceive Twitch)) Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo: ............ Apollo: (I... I saw it! Just now... I could see it!) Judge: M-Mr. Justice? Do you have something to say? Stickler: A-all this b-banging of desks! I-It's quite bad for my

circulation, you know. Apollo: Mr. Stickler... Allow me to ask you a simple question. Apollo: Why did you fiddle with the page of your book just now? Apollo: ...The very moment you mentioned your cell phone!? Sticker: Wh-Wh-What are you talking about!? Apollo: I'm curious now about this cell phone of yours... Apollo: Mind if I ask a few questions? Apollo: (Hmm... What to ask, What to ask...) [ Ask what model of phone ] Apollo: I was wondering... Can you tell me what model of cell phone you own? Stickler: Urk!? Wh-Why? Whatever for? Klavier: Why not tell him? It's not some matter of national security, I'm sure. Klavier: Nor does it have anything to do with this case! Take it to the lobby, gentlemen. Judge: Mr. Justice, our current market is flooded with generic-brand cell phones.

Judge: Please ask questions with a little regard for market trends, please. Trucy: ...Who would have guessed the judge was up on his cell phone industry trends? Apollo: Who would have guessed I'd get chewed out for asking a simple question...? [ Ask for his number ] Apollo: Mr. Stickler... Tell me your phone number! Stickler: Urk!? Wh-Why? Whatever for? Klavier: ...Why not? You have something against making friends? Judge: ...What does this witness's cell phone number have to do with the case? Stickler: Absolutely nothing! Stickler: This is a... an invasion of my privacy! Judge: Hmm... Judge; Seeing you grimace like that makes me wonder about your cell phone, too. Judge: The witness will present his cell phone number to the court. Stickler: Waaaugh!

Apollo: Trucy... Do you have your cell phone? Trucy: Sure do! Apollo: Try dialing the number that he gives us. Trucy: You want me to call Mr. Stickler's phone? Judge: This... is all highly irregular. Trucy: H-Hey! My pocket's ringing!

Trucy: Wait! This is the phone from yesterday! Apollo: Look... a cell phone. Trucy: Someone dropped it beneath this tire! Trucy: If the car moved, it would be crushed for sure! Apollo: Hmm... I wonder if it belongs to the doctor here? Apollo: How strange, Mr. Stickler. Stickler: ...! Apollo: Can you explain why your cell phone is sitting here in my assistant's hand!? [ Ask to see his phone ] Apollo:

Mr. Stickler, please show me your cell phone! Stickler: Urk!? Wh-Why? Whatever for? Apollo: Show me, and you'll find out. Stickler: W-Well I can't! it, you see. I don't have

Judge: You don't have it...? Apollo: ...Mr. Stickler. Apollo: Is this your cell phone? Stickler: Yeeeeow! Wh-Where did you get that!? Trucy: That's the phone from yesterday! Apollo: Look... a cell phone. Trucy: Someone dropped it beneath this tire! Trucy: If the car moved, it would be crushed for sure! Apollo: Hmm... I wonder if it belongs to the doctor here? Apollo: How strange, Mr. Stickler. Stickler: ...! Apollo: Can you explain why your cell phone is sitting here in my hand at this very moment?

Judge: Wait a minute! What is the meaning of this!? Apollo: This cell phone was found yesterday... Apollo: the Meraktis Clinic garage! ---------------------------Cell Phone Type: Other Retrieved from Meraktis Clinic - Garage Found in the Meraktis Clinic garage beneath a car. Property of Wesley Stickler. ---------------------------Judge: The Meraktis... Why, that's where the victim lived! Stickler: Yeeeeeerrgh! Th-That's impossible! Apollo: Mr. Stickler, you lied to the court, didn't you? Apollo: If your cell phone is here, how could you have called the police!? Stickler: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeouk! Stickler: It... It's true. I didn't have my cell phone that night. Stickler: That is why it can be said that I called the police from a public pay phone. Judge: A pay phone! So you didn't call on your cell phone after all...

Apollo: Just where was this pay phone located, Mr. Stickler!? Stickler: Well, to indicate it with a startlingly high degree of accuracy... Stickler: was right around here. Judge: That's... quite a ways from the park. Judge; But... But why did you lie? Apollo: There can be only one reason. Apollo: He didn't want the court to know he had lost his cell phone. Apollo: Because it was found... Apollo: the victim's garage! Stickler: Wh-Wh-What are you saying!? Apollo: Mr. Stickler... Apollo: You broke into the Meraktis Clinic garage on the night of the murder! Apollo: This cell phone tells all! Stickler: B-But that's ridiculous! That makes it sound like... Stickler: Like I snuck into this fellow's garage to commit some crime! Stickler:

As though I were trying to kill him! Judge: Well, Dr. Meraktis was killed that night. Stickler: W-Well y-yes, but no! This line of reasoning has to be against the rules! Stickler: Yes, it's true! cell phone! I lost my

Stickler: But you can't prove that I lost it that night! Judge: Hmm... Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: If that cell phone was dropped the night of the murder... Judge: does raise considerable suspicions as to a connection with the crime. Trucy: Now's your chance, Apollo! Connect Mr. Stickler to the crime! Apollo: Oh, he's already connected enough. I just have to prove it. Apollo: (Well... Do I have a piece of evidence that can do the job?) Apollo: (Can I prove the cell phone was dropped on the night of the murder?) [ No evidence ] Apollo:

(Evidence... If only I had some evidence, it'd make this whole thing a lot easier.) Judge: Care to explain the lack of confidence smeared across your face, Mr. Justice? Klavier: Oh, Herr Forehead... I think it should be clear by now. Klavier: "No evidence" means "no case". Apollo: (Ack! I guess this is it, then. Time to go for broke!) [ Show evidence ] Apollo: Of course I have evidence! Klavier: Ooh, I like your swagger, Herr Forehead. Hit it. Judge: The court will see this evidence. Mr. Justice, "hit it", as they say! Apollo: The evidence that proves the cell phone was dropped on the night of the murder is: ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: Hmm... Well, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: No comment, Herr Judge. Judge: No dice, Mr. Justice. Penalty.

Trucy: Apollo! Remember where we found that cell phone! Trucy: If it had fallen on the ground before that night... Apollo: (That's right! The cell phone would have been crushed!) Apollo: Your Honor! One more chance, please! Judge: Mr. Justice, keep this up and you'll run yourself out of a life's worth of chances! ((Present Mirror)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: That's... a side-view mirror? Apollo: As it so happens... Dr. Meraktis's car was in an accident... Apollo: ...that took place the night of the murder! Stickler: An accident!? Apollo: An accident. Apollo: It happened a little after 9 PM, just outside People Park... our murder scene. Apollo: Dr. Meraktis's car hit a pedestrian! Stickler: Wh-What are you trying to say?

Apollo: From the absence of a mirror, it's clear that the car was parked after the accident. Apollo: Which means it was parked there after 9 PM on the night of the murder. Apollo: If your cell phone had been dropped before the car was parked in that garage... Apollo: ...then it would have been crushed. Apollo: After all, it was lying on the ground, right under the wheel! Stickler: Urk... Apollo: Ergo, Mr. Stickler! Apollo: The only time you could have dropped this in that garage... Apollo: ...was after 9 PM the night of the murder in the park! Stickler: Weeeeeeeeeeeoooorrgh! Apollo: Mr. Stickler! this means? You know what

Apollo: You did break into the victim's garage that night. Judge; This is most unexpected! Mr. Justice... Judge: Are you naming the witness as a suspet in the murder of Pal Meraktis!?

Stickler: N-No, stop! This is too much! This can't be happening! Stickler: P-P-P-P-Prosecutor! Say something! Klavier: I suppose it is worth saying this: Klavier: No connection has been found between Wesley Stickler and Pal Meraktis. Klavier: That is, other than this. Judge: I believe our next testimony will be most... revelatory. Judge: Is the witness prepared? Stickler: Y-Y-Yes, Your Honor!!! Apollo: (I know that face... That's the face of guilt!) Trucy: ... ** Witness Testimony ** -- Stickler's "Truth" -Stickler: That night... Yes! I went to the supermarket. Stickler: I must have dropped my cell phone on my way back. Stickler: And when I was walking through the park, I happened to witness the crime! Stickler: ...I saw the killer, the victim, the stand... all

as clear as day! Stickler: It was him! I saw the defendant at the scene! Judge: Yes... but your cell phone was lying in a garage. Stickler: Ah, yes, well, as you can see my model of cell phone has a defect... Stickler: It is given to rolling! It's quite a pain when I drop it alongside the road, you know. Judge: ...Looks like a normal cell phone to me. Judge: In any case, Mr. Justice, the cross-examination, please. Apollo: (That's funny...) Apollo: (My bracelet didn't react at all during that testimony.) Trucy: His nervous habit must not be acting up... Trucy: I didn't sense anything either, actually. Trucy: Looks like you're on your own this time around! Apollo: (Right, no problem... I hope. Here comes Justice!) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Stickler's "Truth" -Stickler: That night... Yes! I went to the supermarket.

Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So you went shopping. Which means... Apollo: were holding a grocery bag when you witnessed the murder taking place? Stickler: Eh!? W-Well, yes, of course... Klavier: Incidentally, the prosecution has received no report of this domestic detail. Judge: ...Mr. Stickler? Can you explain yourself? Stickler: No! I mean, yes! shopping, really. I did go

Stickler: I walked around the supermarket, trying out the free samples... Stickler: It's... a deeply spiritual time for me. Judge: I'm sure the store clerks would disagree. Trucy: Do you think sampling free food counts as a religion? Stickler: In any case! That night...

Stickler: ...I sampled to my heart's content, and was on my way back home, yes. Stickler: I must have dropped my cell phone on my way back.

Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: That's when you passed in front of the Meraktis Clinic? Stickler: Why... yes. That's correct.

Trucy: That was a pretty suspicious pause there. Apollo: Mr. Stickler, do you think you could be a bit more specific? Apollo: Please show us the exact route you took on the night of the murder. Stickler: O-Of course. Stickler: The supermarket is here, along the main road. Stickler: My way home from there takes me past the Meraktis Clinic. Stickler: This is probably when I dropped my cell phone. Stickler: Yet, woe is I, I walked on, unaware of my loss! Stickler ...And walked right into that fateful park. Stickler: And when I was walking through the park, I happened to witness the crime! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo:

Which entrance did you enter the park from? Stickler: Well, to be exact... Stickler: One might say that I went in from the entrance closest to the Meraktis Clinic. Klavier: The same entrance our victim used. Apollo: Did you notice anything when you entered? Apollo: Wheel marks from a noodle stand, for instance? Stickler: ...I have no recollection of such a thing, no. Stickler: Yet, though I might have missed the tracks, I could not miss what happened next! Stickler: I can a keen observer... of the obvious, you might say. Stickler: ...I saw the killer, the victim, the stand... all as clear as day! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: (This part of the testimony is the key. I know it!) Apollo: (Should I press him about the killer, the victim, or the noodle stand?) [ The killer ] Apollo:

Are you sure you remember the killer clearly? Stickler: How many times must I repeat myself!? Stickler: It was him, that unscrupulous, fox-like fellow in the defendant's chair! Stickler: He was looking even more unscrupulous at the time, no less. Judge: Hmm... He does look a bit like one of those trickster foxes in legends of yore. Apollo: (I guess the victim's identity is already old territory... Time to ask something new.) [ The victim ] Apollo: You could see the victim quite clearly, too? Stickler: Oh, clear as clear can be, I assure you. Apollo: I see. So... Um... How'd he look? Stickler: How? How do you mean, "how"? Be specific. Apollo: Um, I mean, in general. Judge: The defense will refrain from straining to come up with questions. Judge: Find the question that lies in your heart and ask that!

Apollo: Y-Yes, Your Honor. (Great, a judge who moonlights as a self-help guru...) [ The noodle stand ] Apollo: Do you happen to remember the noodle stand? Stickler: Quite well, yes! Stickler: For a student of the sciences, keen observation and healthy curiosity are vital! Stickler: I remember everything! even read the sign! Stickler: I believe it said... Er... Stickler: "NOODLE". ......... Yes, that was it. Judge: For remembering something "quite well" it sure took you a while to tell us. Judge: And thank you for telling us that a noodle stand sells noodles. Very enlightening. Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? Apollo: (Hmm... What about that sign? Could that be important?) [ Not at all ] Apollo: (How could the sign matter at all? We know it's a noodle I could

stand!) Judge: Very well, please continue with the testimony! [ Very important ] Apollo: So the sign on the noodle stand said "NOODLE"...? Apollo: It appears the defense has just obtained a vital piece of testimony! Judge: Is this noodle stand's broth really that delicious? Judge: I'll have to go sample the wares one of these days. Judge; I think that's worth adding to the testimony as well. Stickler: ...Hmph! Stickler: Whatever sort of noodles that stand sells, it can't match up to Ivy U.'s cafeteria! Stickler: Some apply to the school merely for a taste of our Smart Noodles! Apollo: (I wouldn't mind a taste of that myself...) Stickler: Why, I even remember the sign on the stand the victim was pulling! It said "NOODLE"! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So the sign said "NOODLE"?

You're absolutely sure? Stickler: Let me be frank: Yes. Stickler: In fact, the word "unsure" isn't even in my dictionary! Nor the word "uncertain" or... Apollo: (He was wasting time looking that stuff up!?) Judge: "NOODLE", eh? I like that. It tells you what you're getting, no nonsense. Apollo: (It tells me a lot more than that, actually!) Trucy: Why are you smiling like that, Apollo? Stickler: It was him! I saw the defendant at the scene! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Are you absolutely sure it was the defendant? Stickler: Stop asking me the same questions over and over! Stickler: This isn't some kind of make-up test! Trucy: What's a "make-up test", Apollo? Apollo: Nothing a good student like you has to worry about. Apollo: (Time to find his weak spot

and press it till he breaks!) Trucy: His habit isn't acting up... which means he isn't lying. Apollo: (Hmm... I was kind of relying on my bracelet to get me through this one...) Trucy: But he's pretty unsettled! The odds are really high that you can get something out of him! Apollo: That gleam in your eyes... You're a gambler's daughter through and through. Trucy: I'm a magician, thank you very much! ((Present Noodle Stand)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: And you're absolutely sure the sign read "NOODLE"? Stickler: Why, just last week, my professor offered me this praise: Stickler: "At least you have good eyesight, Stickler. I'll give you that." Stickler: ...It read, without a doubt, "NOODLE". Apollo: I see... Stickler: What? Why are you looking at me like that? Is that... pity I see in your eyes!? Apollo:

Let's take a look at our map, shall we? Apollo: So, you're claiming that when you saw the sign, you were standing... Apollo: Here, was it? ...Although, it would've been a bit hard to read the sign from this spot. Stickler: Y-You think so? Apollo: Mr. Stickler. I'd like you to please take another look at the stand. Apollo: ...and to carefully read what the sign says. Apollo: See? That sign actually states the name of the stand's owner. Apollo: ..."ELDOON'S". Stickler: E... El... Eld... Inconceivable! Stickler: I'm certain it was definitely "NOODLE" for sure! Positive! Judge: I'm afraid your professor was wrong about that eyesight. Apollo: I wouldn't be so quick to jump to that conclusion. Apollo: (The sign he saw changes everything!) Apollo: The witness says the sign said "NOODLE"...

[ but he saw it wrong. ] Apollo: The answer is quite simple. The witness saw the sign wrong. Judge: That would seem to be the case, yes... Trucy: Apollo! The only thing that changes is the witness's eyesight! Apollo: Eh...? Trucy: OK, so you've proven the witness has bad eyesight, and is overconfident. Trucy: But that just proves he's a bad witness! It doesn't solve the case! Stickler: How rude! I've not made a single mistake, I assure you! Stickler: I am a student of science! Errors are not tolerated in my field, I'll have you know! Apollo: (What if Mr. Stickler is right to be so confident...?) Apollo: (And if he is right about the sign... what does that mean for the entire case!?) [ and he saw it right. ] Apollo: What would you say if I told you... Apollo: ...that there is one spot from

which the sign would be read the way Mr. Stickler claims? Stickler: What...? Judge: Mr. Justice! Show us this spot! Apollo: The witness actually viewed the stand from this location! ((Point Anywhere)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ... Any thoughts, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: What, it's my turn to chastise the upstart, is it? Klavier: Herr Forehead... Recall what you just told the court! Klavier: The sign on the stand reads "ELDOON'S", ja? Klavier: How would the witness standing where you have indicated change anything!? Apollo: ...... Um... Apollo: I picked the wrong place. Judge: Your honesty becomes you, Mr. Justice. However, your mistake does not. Apollo: Sorry, Your Honor... Do I get another chance?

Judge: Tell us, once again, where was the witness standing? ((Point north of stand)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The witness was standing... Here! On the opposite side! Judge: H-How do you know that? Apollo: When viewed from the south... Apollo; ...the sign on the stand reads "ELDOON'S", as we know. Apollo: ...However! Apollo: Observe the other side of the stand! Judge: Oh! This side says "NOODLE"! Apollo: Exactly! The name of the stand is split between the front and back signs! Apollo: Mr. Stickler, you lied to the court! Apollo: You witnessed the crime from the northern side of the park, not the south! Stickler: Yeeeow! Y-You got me! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: ...So what.

Apollo: S-So what!? Klavier: What does it matter if he saw the killing from the north or the south side? Klavier: It makes no difference at all! Stickler: H-He's right! Travel far enough to the south, and you will end up going north! Stickler: Viewed on a global scale, directions are utterly without meaning! Apollo: (...Actually, maybe he's right. What does it change?) Trucy: It changes everything, Apollo! Apollo: Trucy? Trucy: Remember his testimony from before... Trucy: Though to be honest, I'm a little scared of where this is leading... Trucy: The killer and the victim are facing each other here. Trucy: Then, at the moment the killer raises his weapon... Trucy: ...Mr. Stickler shouts! Trucy: At which point, the victim turns his head to look... Trucy:

...and the killer fires his pistol. Trucy: That's why the bullet hit him in the right temple. Trucy: No contradictions, right? Apollo: Right... But if Mr. Stickler was standing on the north side of the park... Apollo: ...that reverses the whole scenario! Trucy: Completely! If Mr. Stickler shouts from where he is now... Trucy: ...and the victim looks in his direction... Trucy: ...the bullet would have to hit his left temple! Judge: Ah... Aaaaah! Trucy: In other words, someone standing at point "K"... Trucy: ...couldn't shoot the victim in his right temple. It's impossible! Judge: Th-That's right! Trucy: So, now that we know that Mr. Stickler was standing on the northern side... Trucy: ...the wound location takes on an entirely different meaning!

Klavier: Indeed... You are absolutely correct, Fräulein. Judge: Wh... What meaning!? Trucy: The entry wound was on the right side of the victim's head, correct? Trucy: Well, the right side of the victim's head... is north. Judge: North... Ah!!! Judge: But that's where the witness, Wesley Stickler was standing! Trucy: Correct. So, if he was standing to the north... Trucy: ...then the only person here who could have shot the victim in the right temple... Trucy: ...was Mr. Stickler himself! Stickler: Yeeeeeeeeeeeooooooo wwwrgh! Judge: Order! Order! Order!

Apollo: (Wow... The apple didn't fall far from the tree!) Apollo: (She's flipped this whole case on its head while I was still figuring it out!) Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: ...Clarify one point for me

if you would, Herr Forehead. Apollo: What now? Klavier: Are you truly accusing this college student... Klavier: ...of murder? Apollo: ...! Apollo: (Well, I can't say he exactly looks innocent...) Apollo: (But... something still doesn't feel right.) Apollo: (I just can't picture him as the real killer!) Stickler: No, please! Looks aside, I'm really a nice guy! Stickler: All my friends say so! Judge: Let's hear what the defense has to say. Apollo: (What are you going to do now, Justice!?) Apollo: (Should I really accuse Mr. Stickler!?) [ No accusation ] Apollo: ...No accusations, Your Honor. Judge: ... Klavier: ......

Stickler: ......... Stickler: Well. I'm glad that's sorted out. Trucy: Apollo! You sure you're doing the right thing!? Trucy: They'll end up convicting Wocky if you let Mr. Stickler off the hook! Apollo: Ack! You think? Apollo: Uh, w-wait, Your Honor! Let me rethink that... Judge: If you must... [ Accuse of murder ] Apollo: I accuse Mr. Stickler of murder! Klavier: ...Are you quite sure, Herr Forehead? Apollo: Y-Yes. Yes! Klavier: "Accuse of murder"... Only three words, but a very, very long sentence. Klavier: ...You have evidence worthy of such a bold accusation, I hope? Apollo: ... Um, maybe I'd better think this over some more. Klavier:

...A wise decision. [ Accuse of another crime ] Apollo: (...I don't think Wesley Stickler is a killer. But he's not innocent, either!) Apollo: (His unusual silence tells me that much...) Apollo: ...Mr. Stickler! You seem unusually quiet... Apollo: Tell us why, now! Stickler: ... Stickler: Th-The word "confession" isn't in my dictionary! Klavier: Tsk, tsk, tsk, Herr Forehead. Klavier: I'm afraid it falls to you to elucidate Herr Stickler's silence. Judge: Mr. Justice, you did say you were accusing the witness just now... Judge: ...for a crime other than murder. Your reason? The court's all ears. Apollo: (Gah! I know he's guilty of something... but what crime other than murder is there?) Apollo: (Do I have evidence that shows his involvement in some other crime...?) Judge:

Your evidence? The court's all eyes, Mr. Justice. Judge: Show us evidence that points to the witness's involvement in a crime! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ... Klavier: ... Apollo: (Something tells me this isn't one of those good silences.) Judge: ...Something else to say, Mr. Justice? Apollo: Um... One more chance? Please?

Judge: ...By all means. But your effort wasn't wasted. Look, a brand-new penalty. Judge: Now, please reveal your thoughts to the court. ((Present Panties)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The evidence... is this! Judge: What!? Is that... women's underwear!? Trucy: Hey! Those are mine! Stickler:

D-Don't look at me like thaaaaaat!!! Judge: Order! Order! Order!!!

Judge: ...Mr. Stickler. While I can't say this comes as a shock... Stickler: I-It's not what it seems! By Pythagorilla's Theorem, I swear it! Apollo: On the night of the murder, just past 9 PM... Apollo: A young girl catches a panty-snatcher red-handed! Apollo: Bravely, she gives chase, but the snatcher flees... Apollo: ...and hides himself in no other place than the Meraktis Clinic garage! Judge: Ah ha! Apollo: Incidentally... Apollo: ...these panties were found in the exhaust pipe of the car there. Apollo: Presumably, he was trying to hide the evidence of his crime. Apollo: Ergo! While you may not be a murderer... Apollo: are guilty of panty-snatching in the first degree!

Stickler: Please! Here me out! It's not what it looks like!!! Judge: Order! Order! Order!!!

Judge: Mr. Stickler. You should be ashamed! Stickler: It's... not... what... it... Stickler: seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Stickler: ...eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee... Stickler: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeems... *gasp* Judge: So, are we to understand that you were silent not because you were guilty of murder... Judge: ...but because you lacked the courage to admit your theft of this girl's undergarments? Stickler: Ahem. Perhaps you are not aware that my school's name was originally written "IV"! Stickler: "I" stands for "Intelligent", "V" stands for "Valiant"! See!? Judge: ...Your point? Stickler: I'm not done! Now, I'm a major in the Science Department... Stickler: ...and what does science teach if not curiosity!? Stickler:

Yes, we of the Ivy U. Science Department are valiantly curious! Stickler: No challenge is too daunting, and what greater challenge to science than a mystery!? Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: C'mon! You're talking about a girl's panties here! Stickler: No! You do not understand! A mystery is the unknown, and the unknown is unacceptable! Stickler: And, my friends, when it comes to mysteries, those panties are the promised land! Stickler: From the moment I first laid eyes on them, I was compelled to investigate... for science! Stickler: A full-sized car tire was only the first mystery those panties revealed! Apollo: A... tire? Stickler: Yes! I saw her do it! She pulled a tire out of those panties! Stickler: But that's not all! First, there was the tire, then a stewpot, and a frozen chicken! Stickler: One mystery after another! It was... It was magic! Trucy: Oh, I remember now! Trucy:

He's one of the regulars in the audience at the Wonder Bar! Apollo: Huh...? Trucy: He's talking about my Magic Panties trick! Stickler: I just don't understand... Stickler: A broom... from a pair of panties? It mocks the very laws of physics... Apollo: A broom... and a frozen chicken, Trucy? Apollo: What ever happened to doves and bunny rabbits? Judge: M-Mr. Stickler! Judge: You stole this girl's panties to understand a magic trick? Stickler: You say "panties" but they are so much more than that! Stickler: For me, they are an object for serious study! Klavier: ...I wonder... Klavier: There has been a recent rash of panty-snatchings in the area... Klavier: ...Were they all you? Stickler: I... I am sorry. But I did it for science!

Stickler: Each time I spied a pair of panties flapping in the breeze, I thought maybe! Stickler: Maybe this would be the pair that would elucidate the mystery... Stickler: Even that night as she chased me through the streets, I wept tears of joy! Stickler: Perhaps this is the night that I will seize the truth that lies within those panties! Stickler: Yet woe was I! For once again the lacy heart-patterned truth slipped through my fingers a-Judge: Still, that leaves one thing unexplained. Klavier: Ah, you refer to our witness's other lie, yes? Klavier: The witness claimed he saw the crime from the south, but was in fact, in the north. Judge: Indeed. Judge: Would anyone care to explain why he lied about that? Stickler: ... Klavier: Be my guest, Herr Forehead. Apollo: ...Me!? Klavier: Did I not hear you correctly?

Klavier: Did you not say you "do not accuse the witness of murder"? Apollo: ...! Klavier: Why, then, did the witness lie about his location at the time of the shooting? Klavier: ...Or have you no idea? Trucy: Apollo... Trucy: Ther'es something about the way the diagram is arranged right now... Trucy: When you think about it, right near where Mr. Stickler was standing... Isn't there a...? Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? What say you? Judge: Do you have any evience to show why the witness lied about his location? ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ... Judge: I fail to see how this evidence relates to our witness's fabrication... Apollo: As do I! But I'm sure it does! Somehow! Somewhere! Judge: ...It appears the fabrication was yours, Mr. Justice.

Judge: Penalty! Apollo: (Somebody help...) Judge: You're welcome to show us another piece of evidence. ((Present Bloomers)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The evidence that shows why he lied... is this. Judge: What!? More panties!?

Klavier: How many panties are you carrying in your pocket, Herr Forehead? Apollo: These are the last!!! Apollo: These were found in a trash can at the park. Apollo: Looking at the diagram... Apollo: ...we can see that the trash can was right next to where the witness stood. Judge: Mr. Stickler... You didn't... Stickler: Alas! I'm a failure as a scientist! Stickler: I can't unravel the mysteries of the universe! I can't even unravel a pair of panties! Judge: So... these panties are you Honest!!!

handiwork as well...? Stickler: Th... That night, I had been chased, hounded into the Meraktis Clinic garage... Stickler: Weeping in frustration, I was forced to abandon my prize! Stickler: Don't you see how I felt!? Apollo: ...Believe me, I'd rather not. Stickler: I hid in the garage for a short while... Stickler: Then, abandoning the panties, I made for home. Stickler: To avoid the office where the girl works, I went towards the south entrance... Stickler: ...when I saw them hanging there on a clothesline by a giant mansion... Stickler: ...A giant pair of panties! ---------------------------Little Plum's Bloomers Type: Other Retrieved from People Park. Found in a trash can at People Park. Stolen by Wesley Stickler. ---------------------------Apollo: (Apparently he didn't know those bloomers belonged to the mob...) Stickler: I had them, safe in my pocket, ready to take home...

Stickler: ...when I stumbled upon a murder. Apollo: The murder of Dr. Meraktis. Stickler: I reported what I had seen, but as I waited for the police to arrive... I got scared. Stickler: What if they searched me!? Apollo: That's when you disposed of the bloomers? Stickler: Yes... it was a severe blow to the progress of science, but one that had to be born. Judge: A fascinating, if disturbing tale. Judge: I believe this brings today's proceedings to a close. Judge: And I'm more than pleased to dismiss this witness for the remainder of the trial. Klavier: One last thing, if I might. Judge: Yes, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: Regardless of where we ended today, some vital points were made. Klavier: Namely, that the defendant, Wocky Kitaki, was at the scene of the crime. Klavier: And... he was pointing a weapon at the victim.

Klavier: ...One more thing. Klavier: Wocky Kitaki has a clear motive. Judge: Indeed, the defendant Wocky Kitaki is still the prime suspect in this case. Judge: The only suspect, in fact. Assuming there was no one else on the scene at the time. Judge: Yet, a mystery remains... Judge: The location of the wound in the victim's right temple has yet to be explained. Judge: The court requests further investigation from both the defense and prosecution. Klavier: ...Ja, baby. Apollo: ...No problem! Judge: Very well. This brings the trial for the day to a close. Judge: Court is adjourned! To be continued. ============================ Episode 2 Turnabout Corner Day 2: Investigation -20203============================ --June 16, 2:23 PM Wright Anything Agency ---

Apollo: ...What a train wreck that was. Apollo: I'm glad we made it out of that trial alive. Trucy: Really? I had fun!

Trucy: And Wocky made it through the day, too! Apollo: ...Everyone was too obsessed with panties to bother with the real case. Trucy: But it was good publicity! Imagine the crowd at my show tonight! Trucy: You should come, Polly! Apollo: Yeah... Trucy: The Amazing Mr. Hat will be making an appearance! Mr. Hat: Hi, folks! week! I'll be here all

Apollo: That's about enough of him. Alita: Hello...? Trucy: Ah! Ms. Tiala! Alita: Thank you for today. The trial... went well. Apollo: Oh, right! Alita: No problem!

Do you think Wocky will be OK? Apollo: (Well, he's not guilty... yet.) Alita: Please, you have to help him! Alita: We're supposed to get married next month... Apollo: Oh, congratulations! Apollo: (Gah, way to put the pressure on a guy...) Alita: Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help! =Examine Spaghetti= Apollo: A dish of plastic spaghetti like some restaurants put on display. Apollo: Where did you get this, anyway? Trucy: It was a birthday present from Daddy! Trucy: I was so happy... You don't know how long I wanted one of these! Trucy: I fell asleep with it, cradled in my arms, and the spaghetti bent! Apollo: (Mental note: What she really wants for her next birthday: A bowl of plastic food...) =Examine Piano=

Apollo: There are all sorts of strange paraphernalia sitting on top of the piano. Apollo: It seems a shame to have all these props and not do a trick or two. Trucy: You asked for it! Mr. Hat: Heeeey, Mr. Righteous, was it? Wakka wakka! Trucy: "Justice", Mr. Hat! "Apollo Justice". Mr. Hat: Just is? Apollo just is what? That's what I want to know! Trucy: Oh, you're hopeless! Apollo: ...Please, make it stop. Trucy: Just let me know if you ever want a visit from Mr. Hat! Apollo: Any other trick but that one, please... =Examine Portrait= Apollo: An old, sepia-tone photograph of a man in a silk hat. Apollo: His outfit looks a lot like Trucy's, come to think of it. Trucy: Aren't those clothes the best? I had mine made to match! Trucy: If you're going to be a

magician, you gotta look the part! Apollo: (Trucy is big on appearances, I've found...) =Examine Split Box= Apollo: Those boxes frighten me. Trucy: I bet I'm the first magician to figure out these make great shelves! Apollo: (She does seem to be putting them to good use...) Apollo: But, if you ever want to put it back together, you have to take everything off. Trucy: ... Trucy: Don't worry, I'll clean it up soon... and then we'll try cutting you up! Apollo: Th-Thanks, but I'll pass. =Examine Hat= Apollo: A blue silk top hat, just like the one Trucy's wearing. Trucy: It's my trademark color! "Trucy Blue"! Apollo: I don't think you can trademark the color blue. Trucy: Standing out is everything when you're up on stage!

Trucy: Bet you didn't know you've got your own color, too, Apollo! Trucy: "Crimson Justice"! Apollo: You make me sound like some second-rate superhero. Trucy: At least it's better than being a first-rate super zero! =Examine Plant= Apollo: It's Charley, the houseplant. Apollo: They've had it for years, apparently. Trucy: That's "Mr. Charley" to you! He's been here longer, after all. Apollo: ...Right, sorry. Trucy: I'm sorry, Mr. Charley. He was raised by a tribe of heathens. Apollo: (She's saying something to the plant as she waters it...) Trucy: Mr. Charley forgives you. This time. Apollo: ...Is there anything else I might do to please His High Leafiness? =Examine Bookshelf= Apollo: Some magic books are mixed in with the law books here.

Apollo: The magic books all look well-used, but the law books are just gathering dust. Apollo: ...I feel kinda sorry for them. Maybe I'll read some next time I'm around. =Examine Magic Table= Apollo: A hot water pot sits on a magic table. Apollo: Why is the stand for this table so flimsy looking? Trucy: ...Hmm. Maybe it looks better that way? Apollo: ...I was hoping for a more professional explanation. Trucy: Well... Trucy: Maybe to show that there's no tricks involved? Apollo: ... Not bad. Trucy: I still think it's just that it looks better that way. =Examine Hula Hoop= Apollo: A giant hoop used to levitate people. Apollo: So, tell me, how does it work? Trucy: Apollo...

Trucy: Don't you know you should never ask a magician to explain a trick? Trucy: I mean, you're hardly better than Mr. Stickler! Apollo: Hey, I object to being placed in the same category as that panty-snatcher. Trucy: Enjoy the mystery! That's the way to appreciate magic. =Present Anything= Alita: I'm sorry, I don't know much about the case. Alita: I... I feel so helpless. You're my only hope. Alita: Please, help my Wocky-Pocky... =Talk -> Marriage= Apollo: Are you sure about marrying into the Kitaki Family...? Alita: I'm fine with it. And I love Wocky with all my heart. Trucy: Aw, that's so sweet! Apollo: So it doesn't bother you that you'll be, erm... Apollo: ...Married to the mob? Alita: I don't think so...

Alita: My parents are against it, of course. Trucy: Say! Where did you and Wocky first meet, anyway? Apollo: (Good question...) Apollo: (Ms. Tiala doesn't look like the type to have gangster connections...) Alita: Oh... We met at my old job, actually. Trucy: Ah, office romance! Alita: ... Apollo: (She's not very forthcoming with information about herself, is she?) =Talk -> The Kitakis= Alita: Did you know that the boss is trying to get out of the "business"? Apollo: R-Really? (Mr. Kitaki wants to quit being a gangster!?) Alita: He's trying to transfer his assets into a normal company. Alita: He only announced it recently, out of the blue... Alita: I hear there's quite a lot of confusion in the ranks. Apollo:

(Hmm. I wonder if this explains that apron?) ---------------------------Winfred Kitaki Age: 56 Gender: Male 4th Boss of the Kitaki Family. Wocky's father. Trying to get out of the gangster business. ---------------------------Apollo: ...I can't imagine Wocky going along with that. Alita: Hee hee. He's highly motivated, isn't he? Apollo: Um, that's not the word I would have used. Alita: He said, "I'll be the next Big Boss, and keep the Family alive." Alita: I think he's at that age when boys want to make a mark on the world. Apollo: (That's not the way I would have put it...) Alita: His father moves in a lot of circles... He's really focused on profits. Alita: The Kitaki Family's been making a killing recently! Apollo: (Again, not the way I would have put it...) Alita: But Wocky says it's not about the money. They have the gangster tradition to uphold. Trucy:

Ooh, a generation gap! Trucy: They've even got the ever classic "what about the family business" thing going... Apollo: Usually, it's the father worried about tradition... =Talk -> Wocky's operation= Apollo: Can I ask you a question about Wocky? Apollo: I understand he was operated on by the victim, Dr. Meraktis. Alita: Apparently, yes. Wocky: I was in his clinic 'bout half a year ago. He messed up my op something bad. Wocky: And then he just lets me go, without a word. See ya later, bye! Wocky: So I gotta go in, get another doc to patch me up again! Alita: ...Yes, it sounded horrible. Alita: Wocky has always been fond of fighting, I'm afraid... Apollo: I'm not sure it qualifies as "fighting" when pistols are involved. Trucy: Mr. Gavin was saying his life might be in danger, wasn't he? Alita:

N-No, that can't be right! I'm sure he was just trying to scare us. Trucy: It's scary to think that a surgeon might make a mistake... Trucy: ...but it's even scarier when he tries to hide it! Apollo: (I'd like to know a little more about this "operation".) Apollo: (Maybe it's time to pay the Meraktis Clinic a visit.) Alita: I should be getting home now. Alita: Wocky's in your hands, Mr. Justice. Apollo: R-R-Right! L-L-L-Leave it to me! Trucy: Apollo, I think you're only making her more nervous... Apollo: Sorry! I'm new at this, OK? Alita: Tee hee. It's alright. I believe in you. =Move -> Hickfield Clinic= =Examine Bottle= Apollo: A bottle of Mr. Wright's favorite brand of grape juice. Apollo: Me? I haven't been able to touch the stuff since that

first case. Apollo: ...Not a problem for Mr. Wright, apparently. =Examine Piano= Apollo: A toy piano, one that might be played by a child. Apollo: Correction: A pink toy piano. I guess the man likes pink. Nothing wrong with that. =Examine DVDs= Apollo: A swaying, spiraling stack of DVD cases. Apollo: Better stay away or it'll become a crashing cascading cavalcade of DVD cases. =Examine Bed= Apollo: Mr. Wright's bed. My, it's messy. Apollo: Trucy must clean up after him at home. =Examine TV= Apollo: The TV's been left on. Hmm... Looks like the Steel Samurai's in a spot of trouble. Apollo: I'm sure he'll come back to win in the end. Mr. Wright likes those kind of stories. =Move -> People Park=

=Examine Mannequin= Apollo: A mannequin put in place of the body. I think I've seen him by the police station. Apollo: The way he's forced to look at the ground now, day in and day out... It's kind of sad. =Examine Knife= Apollo: A knife is sticking straight into the ground. Apollo: Remember what Wesley Stickler said in the trial today... Apollo: Wocky was very likely pointing this at the victim. Trucy: ...Like he wanted to kill him. Apollo: (Yeah, that's the problem.) =Examine Trash Can= Apollo: A trash can sits next to the path here. Trucy: And I guess now we know it was Mr. Stickler who hid Little Plum's bloomers here, huh? Apollo: That's right, Trucy. And what a web of lies grew from that one little act. Trucy: I can still remember that moment... Trucy: You brandished those bloomers

on high, and shouted... "Objection!" Apollo: ...Here's what I want you to do, Trucy. Apollo: Take that memory, gently lock it away deep in your heart, and never speak of it. =Examine Tarps= Apollo: Blue plastic tarps cover the ground around the stand. Apollo: They were apparently put here to preserve the crime scene. =Examine Stand= Apollo: Poor Mr. Eldoon. His stand's been standing here since this whole thing started. Trucy: It almost looks at home here in the park now. Trucy: I think it should be made into a playhouse for children! Apollo: I think its owner would disagree. =Move -> Detention Center= --June 16 Detention Center Visitor's Room --Trucy: Hmm... Looks like Wocky's out for questioning. Apollo:

I really need to talk to him. I guess we'll come back later. Guard: Excuse me. Apollo: Yes? Guard: The other suspect is all through with questioning, sir. Trucy: The other... Ah! You mean the panty-snatcher!? Apollo: ...Wesley Stickler. (So they arrested him, too?) Apollo: Alright. Let's have a little chat with Mr. Stickler. (I hope I don't regret this.) Trucy: He is a valuable witness! Apollo: (He is a bit "precious", I'll give him that.) Stickler: Please, keep this brief, if you would. I'm quite busy. Stickler: I need to finish this paper... Nyurk! I-It's you!!! Apollo: ...Mr. Stickler. We'd like to have a few words with you. Stickler: ...... Stickler: ...Very well. they're few. As long as

Apollo: (Nothing would make me happier, believe me.)

=Present Panties= Stickler: Th-That's it! The mystery! The unanswerable riddle! Trucy: Actually, they're just a normal pair of panties. Stickler: Wh-What!? How is that possible? Trucy: It just takes practice, that's all. Stickler: Then you must teach me! You must! Stickler: To think, if I could produce a pencil, an eraser, a text book, and a lunch... Stickler: ...all from a pair of panties! My life would be complete! Apollo: (He's serious, isn't he.) =Present Other= Apollo: ... Apollo: (...Fine, ignore my evidence. See if I care.) Apollo: (I wonder what he's thinki... On second thought, let's not go there.) =Talk -> Panty-snatcher= Apollo: Mr. Stickler. On the night of the murder, you stole...

Stickler: Wait! I can't help but feel that I'm being misunderstood. Apollo: ...How, exactly? Stickler: Yes, that night, I obtained a pair of panties, it's true. Stickler: However! It was my burning curiosity that drove me to do it! Nothing more! Trucy: You wanted to know the trick to my panties, right? Stickler: Y-You're here, too!? Trucy: ...? Stickler: Oh, Great Trucy! Trucy: Eh!? Stickler: I must know the secret of your panties! Stickler: My very existence hangs in the balance! Stickler: Please, make me your apprentice! Trucy: Apollo! Help! Apollo: I dunno, I think he'd make a great "lovely assistant". Trucy: Don't say that, Apollo... =Talk -> What you witnessed= Teach me!

Apollo: Could you relate what you saw the night of the murder to us one more time? Stickler: ...Why not. Though it hardly differs from the testimony I gave in court. Stickler: The defendant was there in the park that night, of this I'm quite certain. Stickler: He was pointing a pistol... or something like that at the victim! Stickler: That's when I shouted "Stop, you two! Let's resolve this like gentlemen!" Stickler: ...And the next moment, a shot was fired. Apollo: And this is all true? Really? Stickler: My panties are gone. My innermost heart revealed. Stickler: What further reason could I possibly have to lie? Apollo: (I can't think of anything he'd want to hide more than panty-snatching, true.) Trucy: It sounds like Wocky was at the scene of the crime, after all. Apollo: How I wish it weren't so. =Move -> Wright Anything Agency=

=Present Panties= Trucy: Aren't my panties amazing? They were a big hit in court. Apollo: (They were the star player of the day, that's true.) Trucy: What should I show them in court tomorrow? Apollo: (If only I could count on panties to save the day every day...) =Talk -> The case= Trucy: If everything that panty-snatcher said was true... Trucy: doesn't put Wocky in a very good position, does it? Apollo: He was at the scene of the crime, that's pretty clear. Apollo: (There's got to be a different angle on this...) Trucy: Well, let's get investigating! Trucy: No time like the present! =Talk -> Any leads?= Apollo: So? Any leads? Trucy: Hmm... One moment...

Trucy: ... Shazam! Allakhazam! Apollo: (Whoa! Evidence keeps flying out of nowhere!) Trucy: Ta da! That's all! Neat, huh? Apollo: ...Yeah, real neat. (*sigh*) =Move -> Eldoon's House= --June 16 Eldoon's House --Trucy: Hey, it's Mr. Eldoon! Oh Mr. Eldooooon! Guy: ...Hrmph. Trucy: What's wrong? Guy: ...So, you found my stand. Guy: That's why I'm here. To thank you. Trucy: Ah. Guy: But now it's a crime scene and they won't let me have it back!!! Guy: That's also why I'm here. I got no other place to go. Apollo: Ah... I see.

Guy: How can a noodle stand be a crime scene, that's what I don't get, Trucy-doll! Guy: Even in death he's after my neck, I tell ya! Bah! Guy: Can't even cook an honest noodle... Apollo: "He"...? Trucy: "Even in death"... You mean the victim, Dr. Meraktis? Guy: I tell ya. Guy: It's enough to drive a man to make his soup even saltier. Apollo: (Remind me never to eat his noodles when he's in a bad mood...) =Examine Oil Drum= Apollo: An oil drum for catching rainwater. Apollo: ...Ack! A flock of crows just flew over and... That's gross! Apollo: Their aim was uncanny... almost as if they'd been practicing here a long time. =Examine Bowl= Apollo: A lone Eldoon's Noodles bowl lies on the ground. Apollo:

The lone bowl, tipped on its side... It's kind of surreal. Apollo: You'd think he would have picked it up by now. =Examine Clinic= Apollo: The front entrance to the Meraktis Clinic. Apollo: The walls and posts are so highly polished I can see my face in them. Apollo: ...Wait. My hairdo's a little flat. Apollo: ...There. Perfect. =Touch Left Arrow= Trucy: Well, we've got to check out this clinic, that's for sure. Apollo: Yeah, but what about the guard? Trucy: No harm in asking! Trucy: Um, excuse me! Officer: Hey, it's you two from yesterday! Apollo: (That's the same officer that was standing out by the park yesterday!) Officer: Your business is over in the park, isn't it? The clinic's off limits. It's not involved.

Trucy: B-But...! Officer: What part of "off limits" do you not understand? Officer: Show me proof that the clinic is connected to the incident in the park, or beat it. Apollo: (No harm in asking... No gain either.) Apollo: (No point in sticking around here, I guess.) =Present Stand= Guy: That's right, sonny! When're you bringing my stand home!? Guy: I'm ready. ready!? Apollo: (I guess...) Guy: Until that stand is back home, the case is not closed! You hear me!? Apollo: (I think I'll avoid talking about his stand in the future.) =Talk -> The noodle stand= Guy: That stand... For generations, it's served up the very best noodles us Eldoons could make. Guy: A tradition of noodles and salty broth. Can't you see I'm

Guy: It's more than a stand, it's history, I tell you. Apollo: (Watch what you say or it might become true...) Trucy: That's a great story, Mr. Eldoon! Trucy: A single stand, passed down from generation to generation! Guy: 'Course, to be honest... I didn't plan on doing it. Trucy: That's right. You said something about that. Trucy: About you "rebelling" against your pops, was it? Guy: Good memory, Trucy-doll. Guy: Aye, I was a go-getter back in my day... Guy: Until my friend next door butted in. Guy: In the end, I was left with nothing but this dusty old stand to earn my fortune. Apollo: Mr. Eldoon, I don't mean to pry... Apollo: ...but what exactly did you do before you became a chef? Guy: Bah! Let old noodles lie, that's what I say.

Apollo: (I'm starting to get an idea of what he did, anyway.) Guy: He stole my dreams and left me with nothin' but noodles. Guy: And now I don't even have that! =Talk -> Meraktis Clinic= Apollo: Mr. Eldoon, if I might ask... Apollo: What exactly happened between you and the Meraktis Clinic? Guy: Eh? Eh!? Apollo: I couldn't help but sense enmity there... Guy: Enmity? I hate 'im!

Guy: Er. Hated. Him actin' like he smells like roses when he's rollin' in mud! Apollo: Excuse me? Guy: He's the only doctor at that clinic, you know. Pretty impressive, eh? Guy: I'll tell you the secret to his success... The mob! Apollo: You mean... the Kitaki Family? Guy: They're always having one of them "turf wars" or whatnot. Guy:

Always an injury or two that needs fixing. Meraktis saw a chance for some business. Guy: So he started giving the Kitaki Family a good deal... Apollo: A deal...? Guy: Every fifth operation for free! Guy: He stole the idea from my pops! One free bowl of noodles a week, he used to say. Trucy: Can a doctor just decide to do that? What about the insurance companies...? Guy: Oh, no doubt it's illegal. But, it got him in good with the Family. Guy: Pretty soon he was getting all the business in town. Guy: Leavin' me here, in the dark! Guy: Up t'my neck in soupy noodles! Apollo: (I think I've figured out Mr. Eldoon's former occupation...) Trucy: Can't hurt to ask, Apollo! =Talk -> Eldoon's past= Apollo: Mr. Eldoon... or should I say "Dr. Eldoon"... Guy:

Figured it out, did ya? Guy: That's right, I was a doctor. A surgeon... until the year before last. Trucy: So Mr. Meraktis was your rival? Guy: ...You like those onions they put in the soup broth? Apollo: Um, yeah, kind of. Guy: You take a spoon, you drink some broth... Those onions will find their way in there. Guy: For people who like 'em, why that's just fine. For people who hate 'em... Guy: ...I hate onions. Hate 'em! Guy: Always sneaking in from the side, gettin' in the way of a good tastin' spoonful. Guy: Well, that's what he was. An onion! Onion-boy, that's what I called 'im. Apollo: So... you weren't exactly friends. Guy: Hah! Me 'n Pal Meraktis...

Guy: Ever since pre-school we were getting in each other's face. Guy: No matter what I did, sure enough, he'd come followin' along.

Guy: Then he'd do it better than me. Just blow right past without so much as a "howdy". Apollo: ...I see. Guy: That's right! I was a surgeon long before he was, you know. Guy: Then that no-good onion-boy comes along... Apollo: Well, Trucy, looks like we found ourselves a new suspect. Trucy: Don't say that! Guy: Thanks to him, I was forced to trade in my scalpel for a ladle! ---------------------------Guy Eldoon Age: 46 Gender: Male Proprietor of "Eldoon's Noodles". Former doctor, and rival to the victim. ---------------------------Guy: ...Sorry, pal. Didn't mean to weigh you down with an old man's ramblings. Apollo: No, it's fine. Guy: By way of apology... Guy: You ever get yourself in a spot of trouble, you drop by. Apollo: Huh? Guy:

You're investigating Meraktis, aren't ya? Apollo: Yes...? Guy: Well, you want to know about a doctor, you ask a doctor. That's all I'm sayin'. Guy: You just think of me if you need something, Trucy-doll. Trucy: Right! Thanks, Mr. Eldoon!

Apollo: (Hmm. I guess the time spent listening to him complain wasn't entirely wasted.) =Move -> Kitaki Mansion= --June 16 Kitaki Mansion --Apollo: (Yipes! She's back!)

Plum: Hey. You two. Over here! Apollo: U-Uh, us? Trucy: Yo, Little Plum! Wassup!? Apollo: (I think all this gangsterese is a negative influence on Trucy...) Plum: I heard you retrieved my bloomers! Apollo: W-Well, I was j-just doing...

Plum: Bah! A man speaks clearly, and takes credit where it's due! Plum: You caught the thief, didn't you? Apollo: Uh, y-yes! Sorry! I caught him! Trucy: You're cute when you're nervous, Polly! Apollo: ...I'll deal with you later. Plum: But enough about bloomers! What about my son, Wocky!? Apollo: W-Wocky? Plum: Clearly! Apollo: Y-Yes, ma'am! Apollo: (This is why I was kind of hoping we could avoid coming back here.) =Examine Paint= Apollo: Several colors of paint have been splashed across the gate. Apollo: Most of it's pretty much dry, too. This is going to be one heck of a cleanup job. =Examine Officer= Apollo: The park crime scene is off limits to the public. Apollo: Er, well, he's, um...

The police officer on guard by the gate is yawning. Apollo: Ah, he noticed me staring and snapped his mouth shut. Too late, Mr. Officer! I saw you! =Examine Old Lady= Apollo: Looks like the old lady's at it again... Officer: Look, I told you yesterday the park's off limits! Old Lady: And I told you yesterday this is how I go home! Old Lady: OK. You want me to go around? How about giving me five bucks... like yesterday. Apollo: (...The con artist strikes again...) =Examine Trash Can= Trucy: This trash can... This is where we found the mirror! Apollo: Come to think of it, wasn't there something else in here? Apollo: Something near the bottom... Apollo: ...Look at the paint on these. That means... Apollo: ...these must have ended up in here after Mr. Wright's accident. Trucy: Maybe they're connected?

Let's pick them up. ** Slippers added to the Court Record. ** =Examine Trash Can (again)= Apollo: A large trash can sits by the entrance to the park. Trucy: What, you aren't going to dig through it? Apollo: No. Apollo: What? I'm serious! I have no intention of looking through this trash can! Trucy: Oh, please, don't hold back on my account. Apollo: I think that whatever you think about me and trash cans, you're wrong. =Present Bloomers= Apollo: Um, about these... Plum: Hey, my bloomers! Thanks for that. I owe you one. Apollo: Um, I thought you might like them back, so... Plum: Eh? Oh no, no. Why don't you keep 'em as a souvenir? Apollo: Oh no, I couldn't, really! Thanks for the offer bu-Trucy: I could use those in my

Magic Panties act! Trucy: I'll pull shivs and pieces and godfathers out of them! Apollo: Great, now your props are going from bland to dangerous. =Present Pistol= Apollo: So this pistol belongs to the Kitaki Family... Is that correct? Plum: It's one of the pieces we keep around. Plum: That is, we used to keep around. They're all gone now. Apollo: Oh? Plum: Police came yesterday and took everything. Plum: ...Everything but my "broom". Trucy: Don't you think you should have given them that, too? Plum: You kidding? Can't clean up very well without a broom! =Present Knife= Apollo: Can you tell me if this knife belongs to Wocky? Plum: Oh, that's his knife alright. Plum: Bought it for him for his birthday.

Apollo: (Wow, that's a pretty hardcore present.) Plum: I remember him falling asleep with it clutched in his arms. Trucy: Ooh! I know the feeling! I'll bet he was just as happy as I was with my plastic spaghetti! =Present Mirror= Apollo: This is the mirror we found... Plum: ...From the hit 'n' run, huh? It's funny how it all ties together like this. Plum: You chase after a hit 'n' run and end up Wocky's attorney. Plum: Of course, you'll find the real killer soon. Won't you. =Talk -> Wocky= Trucy: He's really everything you'd expect in a Boss's son! Trucy: "I'm going to be a gangster, dude!" Plum: The life does have an appeal for that age... Plum: Particularly for boys. Trucy: ... Apollo: What? Don't look at me like that!

Plum: He was shot in a turf war about half a year ago. Apollo: Yes... We heard the story from Wocky. Plum: ...But he didn't tell you the whole story. Plum: You know, even if he had a pistol then, he couldn't have shot anyone. Trucy: What...? Plum: He acts like he's "hard", but he couldn't shoot someone to save his life. Plum: I should know... I'm his mom. Apollo: (Her words do have a certain weight to them...) Plum: Hopefully, when this is all taken care of... Plum: ...he and the Boss can sort out their differences. Trucy: The Boss... you mean Wocky's father? Apollo: They didn't seem to be on the best terms, did they? =Talk -> The case= Plum: It's true... Plum: One of our pistols is missing.

Trucy: So the murder weapon was from this mansion... Apollo: We kind of figured, given the difficulty of obtaining a gun these days. Plum: None of the rank and file have access. Plum: Only the Boss, myself, and ...Wocky could have taken it. Apollo: I see... Plum: I'm sure the cops will continue tromping all over the mansion because of this case. Plum: Maybe this is a sign that it's time for a change! Wa ha ha ha ha ha! Apollo: (She doesn't seem too concerned, at least.) =Talk -> Alita Tiala= Plum: ...Yeah. Wocky's fiancée.

Apollo: They're getting married next month, correct? Plum: I suppose. She's been staying over lately. Trucy: ...You don't look too happy about that, Little Plum. Plum: ...! How'd you guess?

Apollo: (Even I could tell that!) Apollo: Could you tell us more about her? Plum: ...Wocky brought her home one day. Plum: Says he wants to tie the knot. Trucy: I can see why! pretty! She's so

Plum: Oh, she's pretty enough. But, you know... Trucy: ...? Plum: Nah, it's probably just me being suspicious. Stay in this business too long... Plum: ...and you start to only see darkness in people. Plum: You get a nose for it. Plum: A nose for people... A nose for trouble. Apollo: (Hmm. I wonder what the problem is?) Trucy: It's like a gangsters-only version of "female intuition"! =Talk -> Father and son= Plum: The Boss may act tough, but that boy means the world to him.

Apollo: But Wocky seems, well... Apollo: It seems like he's against his father's position. Plum: Ah. It's to be expected. We're in a bit of a transition now. Plum: Trying to cut our ties to the shadier side of the street and do more on the up-and-up. Plum: Wocky isn't too enthusiastic about the change, it's true. Trucy: But why the change? Trucy: Is the gangster thing just not paying the bills? Plum: Wa ha ha ha ha ha! Plum: It pays... but we need a lot of money right now. Plum: Clean money, that is. Apollo: I see... (Hmm, something must be up.) Plum: He'll see things the way the Boss sees 'em... some day. =Move -> Detention Center= --June 16 Detention Center Visitor's Room --Apollo: Um... I was hoping to meet with my client?

Guard: Wocky Kitaki's just finished questioning. I'll bring him out. Trucy: Great! Finally! Wocky: Yo, 'sup, my little imposter! Trucy: Eeek! Wh-What did you call me? Wocky: Dizzam! It's you!? Sorry, G, thought you were Alita. Trucy: "My little imposter" sure is a strange nickname. Wocky: It's a clink thang. You wouldn't understand. Wocky: D-Did I say "imposter"? I meant "poster"... like "poster girl", 'aight? Trcy: If you're going to drop part of that, why not drop "poster" and just call her "girl"? Wocky: Cause she's so much more than that, G. She's like... She's like an angel. A fallen angel. Wocky: ...So. What can I do you for?

Trucy: ...You don't look so chipper today, Wocky. Apollo: Worried about your, um, heart condition, maybe? Wocky: That was the wackest thing

of all! All us G's lining up, taking eye exams... Wocky: Better to die young than fade away, bizzzoy! Klavier: ...A relief to hear. Wocky: Eh? Wh-What's a relief!? Klavier: Oh? Did your father not tell you? Klavier: That bullet you carry so close to your heart... if not attended to immediately... Klavier: ...It could kill you. Wocky: M-Man... I ain't trying to hear that! Wocky: A man fights to protect what's valuable to him, you know what I'm saying? Wocky: ...I miss my fallen angel! Wocky: Hey, you go get Alita for me. You're my lawyer, aren't you? Apollo: (Lawyer, not gopher...) =Present Anything= Wocky: ... Yeah, whatever. Apollo: (He seems preoccupied... I'm not sure he even looked at my evidence...)

Wocky: Alita, man. Alita. =Talk -> Your fiancée= Apollo: So, I hear you're to be married next month? Wocky: Straight up! We poured the nuptial 40 out on the stoop! Wocky: Alita! Oh, snapplecakes! She soooo foine! Apollo: (I think he's smitten with her in his own weird way.) Trucy: I was wondering, how did you two meet? Trucy: I asked Tiala, but she was... very vague. Wocky: Huh? Well, man, if she wouldn't tell you... Wocky: I'd best hold my tongue, you feel me? Trucy: Wha--!? Wocky: Man, what's past is past. She knows that. Wocky: When I'm with Alita... Wocky: I feel like there's things worth protecting out there. You feel me? Wocky: And my Alita, she's down with that all the way.

Apollo: (Hmm, so both of them are mum about their past...) =Talk -> Meraktis Clinic= Trucy: Do you think you could tell us what happened with you and Pal Meraktis...? Wocky: ...There's something you should know. Wocky: We Kitakis are having what you might call a feud with the Rivales Family. Wocky: So, 'bout six months back... Wocky: I go into Rivales turf, packing a knife, right? Trucy: And... You were shot? Wocky: Coldest thing I ever seen. Wocky: One shot, to the heart, but my homies weren't too late. It's a miracle that I lived. Wocky: It's already considered one of the seven wonders of the Kitaki Family, you know that? Apollo: So, you were taken to the Meraktis Clinic then? Wocky: You shoulda seen their faces when they wheeled me in. Wocky: You can't just let the Boss's son die, you know?

Apollo: (I'd hate to have been in that doctor's shoes...) Apollo: (Mr. Kitaki's scary enough when he's not angry...) Trucy: But the bullet that hit you... Trucy: was never removed? Apollo: (And it's still threatening his life!) Wocky: That doctor... He did it on purpose! Wocky: The Rivales paid him off, I'm sure of it! Apollo: (I need to hear more about the night of the murder, that much is clear.) =Talk -> Wocky's future= Wocky: Life in the Family is a G thang. It's about being a man. Wocky: ...You know what I'm saying? Trucy: Sorry, I'm not up on my G things. I'm not even sure what a G thing is... Wocky: But my old man, he's gone soft. Wocky: He says the old rival gang days are over. He just wants to make money! Trucy:

Isn't that a good thing? Wocky: Man, there ain't no soul in making money! Wocky: Better to live fast and die young. Fo'shizzle! Apollo: (*sigh*...) Wocky: Wait till I run the yard. Then everyone'll know what time it is. Wocky: That's right! O.G. time all the time. Represent! Trucy: Apollo, why does he keep talking about "Old Guys"? Apollo: I don't think that's what "O.G." means, Trucy. =Present Knife or Pistol= Apollo: About these weapons... the pistol and the knife. Wocky: They belong to the Family. I snuck 'em out that night. Apollo: So, the "killer" Mr. Stickler says he saw that night was... Wocky: I guess it was me. there, after all. Apollo: Gak...! (We're finished...) Trucy: Um... Yo, Wocky! Trucy: I was

Do you think you could tell us exactly what happened that night? Wocky: Heh... You don't beat around the bush, do you? Wocky: I like your style, shorty. =Talk -> The night of the crime= Apollo: Um... Actually, there's a question I've been wanting to ask you for a while now. Apollo: That is, uh... Did you do it? Did you shoot him? Wocky: ... I dunno. Apollo: Eh? Wocky; The day of that check-up, when I found out about the bullet by my heart... Wocky: ...I...borrowed a gun from the Family's stash. Wocky: Figured I'd give that doctor a taste of his own bad medicine. Apollo: (Uh oh... I don't like where this is going...) Trucy: But... you were carrying a knife, weren't you? Wocky: Oh that? Yeah, well, never can be too careful, I say.

Wocky: So I'm on my way to the clinic, right? Wocky: When I run into him in the park... and he's dragging this noodle stand behind him! Trucy: Wait, you didn't put him up to that? Trucy: Like, you know, in the movies? Trucy: "If you value your life, you'll bring the stand..." Wocky: ...Shorty, you're more wacked than I am. And that's saying something. Trucy: ...But I was serious! Wocky: The thing is, I don't remember what happened next all too well. Apollo: You don't remember...? Wocky: But, the way I see it, if there wasn't anyone else there that night... Wocky: ...then I guess it probably was me who did him in, you know what I'm saying? =Move -> Kitaki Mansion= --June 16 Kitaki Mansion --Trucy: ...Look at that crowd over by the park!

Apollo: Probably people trying to get a glimpse of the crime scene. Trucy: But... why are those girls screaming? Trucy: I think I just heard one say "Omigod, it's him!" Apollo: (Wait, that motorcycle...) Klavier: Ah! If it isn't Herr Forehead. Apollo: ...Prosecutor Gavin. Klavier: Some fans found me on my way out... Just my luck. ???: Omigod! Omigod! He's so cool!

Apollo: Thus the screams... Klavier: New album just came out, you know. Klavier: Try waving to them. it. ???: Oooh! Oooh! They love

He's so cute!

Klavier: Ah ha ha. Klavier: They're so excited, it doesn't matter who waves to them, see? Apollo: (This is surreal...) Trucy: Um, so you were here investigating?

Klavier: And I was on my way home... when my hog gave up the ghost. Apollo: Your hog...? Klavier: My motorcycle won't start. A clogged exhaust pipe... Trucy: Too bad! It looks like such a nice bike, too. Trucy: Hard to believe that it could break just from that! Klavier: Ach, it's my fault. I think I was using the wrong oil. Klavier: Cars, motorbikes, they're all the same. Klavier: Clog the exhaust, and they won't run. Klavier: Ah, machines. Tell me you share my angst, Herr Forehead! Apollo: ...I ride a bicycle, actually. Klavier: Ah. Heh. In any event, I'm off to the shop to get her fixed. Klavier: The detective in charge of the scene isn't fond of me, in any case. Apollo: The detective... You mean, the one in the lab coat? Klavier: Ja. She's in a foul mood, too. Be gentle. Klavier: Auf Wiedersehen, baby!

???: Omigod!


There he goes!

Apollo: And the forecast for the park today... Gloomy Skyes. Trucy: Well, nothing to do but head on in. Let's hit the park, Apollo! =Move -> People Park= --June 16 People Park --Apollo: Huh? Does something about this scene look different to you? Trucy: The blue tarps are gone! Maybe that's it? Apollo: Yeah, I think you're right. Look over there. Trucy: The white-frocked detective from yesterday. Trucy: She seems to be apologizing reverently... to the trash can. Apollo: She's... under a lot of stress. Apollo: The investigation's probably not going so well. Ema: Hey, you there! Ema: If you're going to talk about someone behind their back, do it more quietly, please!

Apollo: Oh, Detective Skye.


Trucy: You seem as gloomy as ever. Ema: This is miserable! Miserable! I just got a new kit, and I can't get the stuff to work. Ema: And everyone's all smiles for that glimmerous fop. Trucy: Glimmerous...? Does she mean Prosecutor Gavin? Apollo: More to the point, doesn't she mean "glamorous"? Ema: When he walks his shiny chains catch the sun and glimmer in my eyes! It's distracting. Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH Apollo: (Speaking of distracting...) Ema: *sigh* I guess I just have to accept the fact that I lack talent. Apollo: (Sounds like she's trying out some sort of new forensics technique...) =Examine Ground= Apollo: The tarps that were here yesterday are gone. Trucy: I wonder why Detective Skye put them out?

Apollo: Yeah... The only thing they were covering is the ground. Trucy: Oh! You know, I think I see something there... a print! Apollo: A... "print"? =Present Fingerprint Powder= Ema: Fingerprint analysis is the very basis of modern forensic science! Apollo: ...I guess you could put it that way. Ema: And you two know how to dust for prints on your own now! Ema: Make sure to examine anything you find that might have prints on it! =Present Slippers= Ema: They say "The Meraktis Clinic"... Hey! Apollo: Wh-What? Ema: This slipper... Look right here! I think I see a toe mark! Apollo: A toe mark... You think we can get a print off that!? Ema: Sure! Toes have prints just like fingers do, you know. Apollo: (This little clue might be

a gold mine!) Ema: Oh... There's one problem. Ema: The police station doesn't keep a record of toe prints. Ema: So we won't know whose it is. Apollo: (...I guess that would be too much to hope for.) Trucy: Still, it might be useful somehow! Trucy: Let's analyze it! =Check -> Examine Print= Apollo: I wonder... Could this be a print? Trucy: Why would there be a finger... Oh, you mean a toe print! Good call, Apollo! Apollo: I bet we can analyze it just like a regular print. Trucy: This could be a vital piece of evidence! Apollo: Hey! It worked! That looks like... a big toe, maybe? Trucy: Wow, I feel like the case is solved already! Apollo: What was next? We have to match the print, right? Trucy: Right! ...... Let's match it!

Wait. Trucy: The detective didn't give us a list of toe prints, Apollo. Apollo: Oh, good point. Trucy: Maybe we should ask her? Get some "expert" advice? Apollo: I guess so... (I'm not sure she really qualifies as an expert...) ---------------------------Slippers Type: Other Retrieved from the entrance to People Park. Slippers used by patients at the Meraktis Clinic. Big toe print found in left slipper. ---------------------------=Talk -> Detective Skye= Apollo: Detective Skye, you know Mr. Wright, correct? Trucy: How do you know my daddy!? I want details! Ema: Ah? Ah... Well...

Ema: ...He helped me out a long time ago. Ema: You might say he "saved" me. Apollo: (Wasn't she saying something about "getting involved in an incident"?) Ema: I can't stand it when things are vague... especially in

a case. Ema: I went to study to become a forensic scientist... in Europe. Apollo: But... you're a detective now? Ema: Well... I failed the test. Ema: But, you know, rank and title don't matter! What matters is what's inside your heart! Trucy: I've always thought that, too! Ema: And my heart is full of science! That's why I bought this kit through mail order. Ema: And I'm going to test it here before the forensics team arrives! Apollo: (Are you sure that's OK...?) =Talk -> Prosecutor Gavin= Ema: I won't lie, I'm not fond of the man. Ema: Those glimmerous types always rub me the wrong way. Apollo: "Glamorous"... right. Ema: A prosecutor should be cool of wit and furrowed of brow. Ema: Less "glimmerous" and more "simmerous"... you know? Apollo:

...No, actually, I don't. Ema: Well, that, and what happened seven years ago! Ema: Prosecutor Gavin was the one who stripped Mr. Wright of his attorney's badge! Apollo: Whaaaaaa--!? Really!? (He was the one!?) Ema: ...You mean you didn't know? Ema: I thought you were one of his boys! Apollo: (I'm neither a "boy" nor one of his... but let's see what she has to say.) Apollo: Um... What exactly happened seven years ago? Apollo: I never actually heard the details. Ema: ...Then investigate. It's better you learned it for yourself, anyway. Trucy: ... =Talk -> The new kit?= Apollo: ...Do you mind me asking exactly what it is you've been doing... Apollo: ...squatting down on the ground like that? Ema: Ooh! You want to know?

Do you? Well, I splurged on a new toy! Apollo: (You splurged... You mean, it wasn't police issue?) Trucy: What is it? I see a roller... and glue? Ema: This is a footprint analysis kit! Apollo: Footprint...? Ema: It was raining on the night of the murder, which means that footprints were left! Trucy: Oh, does that have anything to do with those blue tarps? Ema: Right. The ground was muddy, so I had to protect it as it was that night. Ema: Ever wanted to know exactly where someone was standing? Ema: Like your panty-snatching student witness, for instance? Trucy: Ah ha! Ema: Right! Apollo: ...What? Ema: Want to try this stuff out? Apollo: Huh? Are you sure? I mean, we're sort of on opposing teams and all... So with that kit...!

Ema: Oh, pshaw! You're friends! Ema: And... to tell the truth, I'm not so good at doing this. Ema: Guess I'm a little clumsy. I could use your help. Trucy: Ooh! I'm good at stuff like this! I used to make magic bunnies out of paper mache! Apollo: (Footprint analysis, huh? Well, should I give it a go?) [ No need ] Apollo: I think I'll pass. Wouldn't want to waste a kit if I messed up. Ema: Really? That's too bad... I really could use the help. Trucy: Aww, I want to try! It'll be just like making pancakes in the dirt! Apollo: (I guess I can always talk to her again if I change my mind...) [ Try it ] Apollo: OK... I'll give it a go! Ema: That's the spirit! Ema: Right, allow me to explain! Ahem, one moment...

Trucy: She's reading the instructions for her kit... Apollo: (Why does this not fill me with confidence?) Ema: First, we have to pick the footprint, or in this case, shoe print we want to analyze! Ema: I've taken the liberty of marking all the shoe prints in the park. Ema: Well, which shoe print should we start with...? Ema: If we're going to verify the defendant's account, here's the place to start! Ema: Shoe prints, prepare to be examined! Trucy: Ooh! This is so exciting! Ema: Right, here goes! First... Ema: "Pour the plaster into the print until it's full." Ema: ...You try it. Apollo: How am I supposed to do that!? Ema: Just touch the screen where you want to pour the plaster. Ema: Like this! Apollo:

(Hmm, that doesn't look too hard...) Ema: If you run out of plaster in your beaker before you're done, you have to start over! ((Run out of plaster)) Ema: What are you doing!? Out of plaster already? Apollo: Hey, give me a break! I'm just a beginner at this! Ema: I'm not that far ahead of you, believe me! ...Fine. Ema: I'll make another batch. Don't mess it up this time. Apollo: (Plaster, here comes Justice! *sigh*) Ema: Not bad. You're handier with that than you look. Apollo: (What's that supposed to mean?) Ema: On to the next step! Ema: Um... "Dry the plaster until it turns white." Right! Ema: Just touch to direct the dryer! Ema: ...There, give it a shot! Ema: Looks like it's hardened nicely. Let's take a look!

Ema: Hmm... Yes, that's a good one. Next, the ink! Ema: Ready for the next step? Ema: Use the roller to ink just the shoe print part. Ema: Hold on to that roller tight now, and roll it up and down. Ema: Keep going till you get enough ink on there for a good print! Ema: Right, now the moment you've all been waiting for! Let's take our print! Ema: Ready? Here goes! Ema: Let's see if we get a match. ((Compare Wrong)) Ema: Hmm, no good. Must have messed up somewhere. Shall we try on another print? ((Compare Wocky)) Apollo: So the shoe prints belong to Wocky Kitaki after all... Ema: He was in the park on the night of the crime! Trucy: Wow! I can almost see the science at work! Ema: Don't you love it!?


Nothing feels better.

Apollo: (She's definitely waaaay more into this than I am...) Ema: Just let me know if you want to do some more. Ema: I'll be here, solving the case... with science! Apollo: (Well, that certainly brightened her mood.) =Talk -> The new kit (if refused analysis first time)= Ema: Hmm? Still interested in the bleeding edge of forensic science? Ema: Why didn't you say so in the first place!? (prompted as before) =Talk -> Footprint analysis= Apollo: Detective Skye? Mind if we give it another go? Ema: Right on! Leave no print un-analyzed, I say! ((Either)) Ema: ...Now to pick which print you want to analyze! Ema: ...OK! Looking good. Ema: Next, to dry the plaster!

Ema: OK, let's take out the mold! Ema: Hmm... Yes, that's a good one. Next, the ink! Ema: Right, now the moment you've all been waiting for! Let's take our print! Ema: Ready? Here goes! ((Chose Green Prints)) Ema: Let's see if we get a match. ((Compare Stickler)) Apollo: So these shoe prints belong to Wesley Stickler. Apollo: This confirms his testimony. The final version of it, at least. Ema: Now we know where the pantysnatcher was standing! ((Chose Red Print)) Trucy: ...Huh. print. That's a funny shoe

Trucy: Is that even a shoe? Ema: It is strange. So smooth...

Apollo: Except for the part with the leaf. Ema: I can say without even looking that this print doesn't match

any print on our list. Apollo: (Hmm... A mystery print.) =Talk -> Another shoe print= Apollo: Detective Skye? Mind if we give it another shot? Ema: I believe you're beginning to appreciate the wonder that is forensic science! (same as before) =Talk -> Mystery print= Ema: This print is far too smooth to be from a regular shoe. Trucy: It is a shoe print of some kind though, that's certain. Ema: Still, you have to wonder what it's doing here. Trucy: It's right next to the Eldoon's Noodles stand! Ema: It does make one wonder... ...Hey, you. Apollo: ...Yes? Ema: Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? Ema: ...You wouldn't happen to have something in mind? Ema: Something that might have left this mystery shoe print?

Apollo: (This mystery shoe print does remind me of something...) ---------------------------Slippers Type: Other Retrieved from the entrance to People Park. Slippers used by patients at the Meraktis Clinic. Big toe print found in left slipper. =Check -> Toe Print= Apollo: So, we have a toe print now. Trucy: I'm not sure what good it's going to do us without a list of toe prints to check it on. Apollo: (Maybe our detective friend can help us...) =Check -> Examine Leaf Print= Trucy: The bottom is covered with paint! Apollo: Huh? What's this weird shape here? Trucy: It looks like a leaf was stuck to the bottom when the wearer stepped in some yellow paint. Apollo: So the outline was left when the leaf was removed! Apollo: Ack! I got paint on my hand! Trucy: ...... Apollo! Trucy: I saw you try to wipe your hand on my cape!

---------------------------[ No need ] Apollo: Hmm... No, sorry. Ema: Too bad. No idea.

I wonder what it is.

Trucy: Something's familiar about that smooth surface... so smooth it's almost slippery. Ema: ...Well, if you think of something, I'm all ears. [ Show evidence ] Apollo: (I'm pretty sure I've seen something that would leave a print like that.) Apollo: You know, I think I have our culprit right here... ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Ema: ... Know what I'm eating? Apollo: Um... Snacks? Ema: Snacks. More precisely, whenever I'm in a bad mood, I eat chocolate Snackoos. Apollo: ...I had no idea. Trucy: I think she means you picked the wrong evidence, Apollo.

Apollo: (...I had no idea.) ((Present Slippers)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Well, I think it's these slippers, actually. Ema: Slippers... What would slippers be doing out here? Apollo: But look at the bottom! See? Ema: It's covered with paint! Except for... Apollo: See, right here? Ema: Hey, that spot is shaped like a leaf! Apollo: What if a leaf was stuck on the bottom, and came off when the slipper stepped in paint? Apollo: ...Makes sense, doesn't it? Ema: Wait, something's written on them... ..."The Meraktis Clinic"! Apollo: Exactly! The victim's clinic!

Trucy: Wait, that means... Trucy: ...that someone from the clinic was involved?

Ema: ... Apollo: (Why is she just standing there eating?) Trucy: Um, Detective Skye? I have a favor to ask! Ema: Wh-what? Apollo: Can you get us access into the Meraktis Clinic? Trucy: The police won't let us in! They say the murder and the clinic are not connected. Trucy: And it's off limits until we prove they are! Ema: ... I should be able to do something for you, yes. Apollo: Eh? Really? Ema: Well, you did my work for me here with the shoe prints. Ema: Seems like I should return the favor. Trucy: Thank you, Detective Skye! Ema: Here, show this to the police officer on duty. ** Detective Skye's Orders added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Detective Skye's Orders Type: Documents Received from

Ema Skye. "Allow clinic access to this magician and attorney, in Prosecutor Gavin's name." =Check -> Name on back= Trucy: She put a little heart by her name! How cute! Apollo: Isn't she a little old for cute? Trucy: Apollo! Shame on you! Cute is eternal! Cute is timeless! Trucy: No matter how old a woman gets she always carries a little innocent maiden inside her! Apollo: ...R-Really now. I suppose. I've never heard it put quite that way before. Trucy: When I sign my name, I always put in a little diamond! Trucy: "Trucy ^ Wright"... See? Cute, don'tcha think? (pretend it's a diamond,


Apollo: It's a little confusing. Won't people think your middle name is diamond? Trucy: Hey! You could write your name like "Apollo = Justice"! Apollo: I do like justice, but that's taking it a bit far. ---------------------------Apollo: (Right! Meraktis Clinic, here comes Justice!)

=Move -> Hickfield Clinic= --June 16 Hickfield Clinic --Phoenix: Ah, the prodigal attorney returns! Welcome, Apollo. Phoenix: I heard you did well in the trial today. Phoenix: Here to discuss something? I could use a little diversion... Apollo: (What did Detective Skye say?) Apollo: (If you want to know something, you have to investigate it yourself...) Apollo: Mr. Wright! Apollo: Tell me what happened seven years ago... please. Apollo: I want to know. I need to know! Phoenix: You certainly didn't waste any time getting to the point. =Present Mirror= Phoenix: Ah, so that was what led you to the guilty party. Apollo: Yes! Thanks to you ripping the mirror off the car, I was able to deduce the... Phoenix:

You make a good point, Apollo. In fact... Phoenix: It could be said that I'm to thank for finding the criminal. Apollo: (...Think what you want, Mr. Wright. Knock yourself out.) =Present Panties= Apollo: And we found these, too! They're Trucy's. Phoenix: Thanks, Apollo. Phoenix: Though, I have to admit, as a father, I wonder... Phoenix: ...why are you still carrying my daughter's panties around in your pocket? Apollo: (Ack! That'll teach me to show off my evidence to Mr. Wright...) =Talk -> 7 years ago= Phoenix: Seven years ago, I was standing in a courtroom... on behalf of a client. Phoenix: The case involved the death of a certain "magnificent" genius... Phoenix: I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard about it. Apollo: ...It was all over the news, I remember that.

Apollo: You were up against Prosecutor Gavin, weren't you? Phoenix: ...Yes, he was only 17 years old at the time. Apollo: (17 years old...? That's still high school!) Phoenix: He took the bar exam abroad... in Europe. They're progressive over there, you know. Phoenix: I was defeated by a 17-yearold newcomer. In my shame, I left the practice forever. Phoenix: That's all. Apollo: That's all...? How could that be all!? Phoenix: ...What do you mean? Apollo: What about what they were saying on the news about forged evidence!? Phoenix: ... Apollo: They said you forged evidence and had your attorney's badge stripped from you! Phoenix: ... =Talk -> Forged evidence= Phoenix: Tell me... how does it feel? Phoenix: How does it feel to stand here

before Phoenix Wright, the Forgin' Attorney himself? Apollo: H-How does it feel...? (I... I don't want to believe it's true!) Apollo: (But what about what happened in my first trial...) Phoenix: Didn't you notice in today's trial? Phoenix: There was a single piece of forged evidence. Phoenix: I'm talking about evidence that shouldn't have existed. A naughty magician's trick... Phoenix: Ah ha ha ha ha! I don't see you jumping to my defense on this one... Phoenix: Maybe I did forge evidence, maybe I didn't. Phoenix: ...It doesn't really matter now, does it? Apollo: B-But...! Phoenix: I'm not an attorney anymore. ...That's the only truth you need to know. Apollo: (Mr. Wright...) Apollo: (Looks like he doesn't want to talk about the accusations of forgery... for now.) =Move -> Eldoon's House=

--June 16 Eldoon's House --Officer: Ah, you two again. Officer: When, oh when will you learn. Officer: Look at me however you want, you're not getting in today. Trucy: I wouldn't be so sure if I were you! Look what we have! Officer: What's this? ...Detective Skye! Officer: ... Officer: Yesterday, it was Prosecutor Gavin, today it's Detective Skye. Officer: Who are you two? Really.

Apollo: (Now he's suspicious again...) Officer; ...Well, you got the orders, I gotta let you in. Have fun. Trucy: Thanks, Mr. Officer! Trucy: Let's hit it, Apollo! =Move -> Meraktis Clinic= --June 16 Meraktis Clinic Reception --Trucy:

Huh, kind of an at-home sort of place, isn't it? Apollo: This place has a connection to the murder in the park... Apollo: I'm sure of it! Trucy: The police guy out front wasn't so sure. Apollo: Beyond it being where the victim lived. Apollo: (Looks like the police team's gone home for the day.) Trucy: There might be some clues lying around! Trucy: Let's get cracking, Apollo! =Examine Slipper Rack= Trucy: These must be the slippers for patients at the clinic. Apollo: The same as the pair we found, of course. Trucy: Look, a single pair is missing from the rack here, too. Trucy: And ours have paint on the bottoms... Trucy: Which means they were taken out of here on the night of the murder. Apollo: Right... Apollo:

The paint's from the hit and run, after all. Apollo: (But what were a pair of clinic slippers doing in that trash can?) Apollo: (And what were they doing at the scene of the hit and run?) =Examine Reception Desk= Apollo: The clinic's reception desk. No one's here, of course. Apollo: There's a small sign on the counter... Apollo: "Please pay your bill: Remember, we're the ones holding the scalpel." Apollo: Brutal... but effective. =Examine Bowls= Trucy: Look at all these bowls... Apollo: They're from Eldoon's Noodles! There's Mr. Salty! Trucy: Then, I think we've figured something out. Apollo: I think we have. Trucy: Mr. Eldoon must do take-out! Apollo: ... (Not exactly what I was thinking.)

Trucy: All the bowls have been washed clean...! Apollo: I think we've found our first clue, Trucy. =Examine Sandals= Trucy: There's a single pair of sandals here. Apollo: Wait, but why would there be sandals here? Apollo: Unless they belong to one of the patients. Trucy: Or maybe it's a visitor that's come to see Dr. Meraktis. Apollo: You'd think they'd use his house entrance instead of the clinic entrance, in that case. Apollo: And, if this patient or visitor isn't still here... Trucy: Why'd they leave without their shoes? Apollo: (Better take a closer look at these, just in case.) ** Sandals added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Sandals Type: Other Retrieved from Meraktis Clinic - Reception Cute women's sandals. Found in the Meraktis Clinic foyer. =Check -> Examine Toe Print=

Trucy: Hey, Apollo! You think this is...? Apollo: Huh... This could be a toe print. Trucy: Maybe we can get a print off of this! Trucy: Let's try it out! Apollo: Hey! It worked! That looks like... a big toe, maybe? Trucy: But wait! I mean, it's great that we got the print... Trucy: But is there such a thing as a list of toe prints? Apollo: Oh, good point. If there is, Detective Skye didn't give it to us. Apollo: Which means... we can't match this print. Trucy: This seems like a good time to ask a detective's advice. Apollo: Yeah, good idea. ---------------------------Sandals Type: Other Retrieved from Meraktis Clinic - Reception Women's sandals found in the Meraktis Clinic foyer. Big toe print found on left sandal. ---------------------------=Examine Door= Trucy:

Look! This door says "Doctor's Office"! Apollo: Think this is the victim's private office? Trucy: It's not locked... Too bad. Apollo: Why "too bad"? Trucy: I like opening locks! It's kind of a hobby of mine. Trucy: Like those little bike locks? Don't even bother putting them on when I'm around! Apollo: ...That's probably not a hobby you want to tell too many people about. *thump* Trucy: ......! Ah... Apollo! That sound... It came from behind this door! Apollo: (...Someone's in there!) Apollo: L-Let's check it out, Trucy! Apollo: A break-in! They left through that window! Trucy: Wait, Apollo! You're too late to catch them now! Apollo: (That must be her experience as a panty-snatcher chaser talking.) Apollo: Well, we should tell the

police! Trucy: Let's check the room out, first, Apollo! Trucy: If we call the police now, we'll lose our chance! Apollo: Y-You're right. (She's better at this than I am!) Trucy: Well, one thing's for certain. Trucy: This clinic and our murder case are looking pretty related now! =Examine Jars= Apollo: Whoa! What are those? Apollo: The wall is covered with beakers... Trucy: Eeeeek! Something's moving inside that one! Trucy: ...You look, Apollo! Apollo: H-Hey, look yourself! You can't... Oh. Apollo: ...It's a goldfish. Trucy: Wow, they're all fish! So many kinds! Apollo: (Whoever designed this had a sick sense of humor...) =Examine Plant=

Apollo: This potted plant has seen better days. Apollo: Hmm... That doesn't make sense either. Trucy: What doesn't? Apollo: Normally, burglars are looking for valuables, right? Trucy: That's true! That's what I would do! If I were a burglar. Apollo: So why look under a potted plant? Trucy: Maybe they were looking for the key to the safe? Apollo: I've heard of people putting their house keys under plants, but the key to a safe...? Trucy: Then maybe the burglar was looking for the house keys! Apollo: (This is getting nowhere fast...) =Examine Papers= Apollo: Books and papers are scattered around the room. Trucy: Wow, what a mess. This is worse than Daddy's room! Trucy: The burglar must have left in a hurry. Apollo:

Even the cup on the desk here is lying on its side. Apollo: Huh? The juice that spilled out of that cup... It's dry. Trucy: So, the messy one wasn't our burglar just now! Apollo: Someone knocked this cup over a while ago and left it. =Examine Window= Apollo: The window is ajar. Trucy: That must be how our burglar escaped! Apollo: I wonder who it was? Trucy: Maybe it was just a burglar who happened to pick here? Apollo: Yeah, but there's a patrol car sitting out front. Apollo: If I were a burglar, I'd come back the next day at least. Trucy: I'd give it a month, myself. Apollo: (Whoever broke in obviously needed to break in today.) =Examine Lamp= Trucy: Kind of an expensive-looking lamp, isn't it? Trucy: Hey... The bulb's broken.

Apollo: Broken? Don't you mean burned-out? Trucy: No. Our cat burglar must have dropped it. Apollo: But why is it standing up on the floor like that then? Trucy: Hey, look at the cord... Apollo: (Huh? There's a red splotch on a part of the cord...) Apollo: You think that's... blood? Trucy: It's a little bright for blood. Almost pinkish. Apollo: Something's definitely odd about this lamp, that's for sure. ** Lamp added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Lamp Type: Other Retrieved from Meraktis Clinic - Office. Found in the Meraktis Clinic office with a broken bulb and a red stain on the cord. =Check -> Examine Bulb= Apollo: The bulb is broken. It won't turn on. Trucy: Oh? How is it broken...? Apollo: Don't touch that. cut yourself. Trucy: You'll

Eeeek! Apollo: Yeah, yeah, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice... Trucy: M-My finger! Apollo: Ack! Y-You're bleeding! Let me see that... Apollo: ...... Wait. Trucy: ...Magic blood! Gotcha! Tee hee!

Apollo: ...Please don't do that again. Apollo: I have enough to worry about without my co-workers injuring themselves on the evidence. ---------------------------=Examine Lamp (again)= Apollo: Kind of an expensive-looking lamp. The bulb's broken. Apollo: (And here I thought light bulbs were usually pretty resilient little buggers.) Trucy: Maybe the burglar dropped it. Apollo: Funny that it's standing upright on the floor then. Trucy: It's bit peculiar [sic], isn't it...? =Examine Safe=

Trucy: What a cute little safe! Apollo: Hmm, looks like a four-digit lock. Trucy: ...! Trucy: Someone's already entered in two numbers, Apollo! Trucy: 7...9... Wait, do you think... Apollo: ...That burglar just now was trying to open it!? Apollo: (I wonder what's inside this safe...?) Trucy: Hmm, is there any way we can figure out the last two numbers? Apollo: Well, we know the first two are 7 and 9... Trucy: Maybe there's something in the Court Record? Trucy: Something that can help us figureout the last two numbers! Apollo: (Hmm, I wonder...) [ No such luck ] Apollo: That would be a bit too lucky, don't you think? Trucy: Well, I suppose...

Trucy: If only there was something that could finger which buttons had been pressed! Apollo: (Something that could "finger which buttons were pressed", huh?) Apollo: (Maybe there is a way after all...) [ I've got just the thing! ] Apollo: Well, I have an idea... Trucy: I knew it, Apollo! What is it? Apollo: (Well...) Apollo: (All we have to know is what buttons have been pressed!) Apollo: We can use this to find out what the next two numbers are! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Trucy: ... I'm not sure how that's going to help us. Apollo: (Neither am I, come to think of it...) Trucy: If only there was something that could finger which buttons had been pressed! Apollo: (Something that could "finger"

which buttons were pressed", huh?) ((Present Fingerprint Powder)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: ...When you press the buttons, you'd have to touch them... Apollo: ...with your finger, right? Trucy: It would leave a print! Apollo: When you open a safe, you don't press any other buttons but the right ones, right? Apollo: So, if we can find the buttons with fingerprints... Trucy: We'll have the safe code! Trucy: Not bad, Apollo! Apollo: Look! You can see the oily finger residues clearly. Apollo: Look at 7 and 9... Trucy: These are glove marks. The burglar must have been wearing gloves. Apollo: Well, we might not be able to identify the burglar, but we can open this safe! Apollo: Let's give it a shot! Apollo: ...It opened!

=Examine Chart= Trucy: This looks like... a medical chart. Trucy: There's an X-ray in here with it. Apollo: An X-ray...? Hmm, can't make heads or tails of it. Apollo: And I can't read the chart either, it's all in medicalspeak. Trucy: But, the names are easy enough to read. Look, by "Patient" it says... "Wocky Kitaki"! Trucy: So this is Wocky... our client's chart, huh. Apollo: Why would this one chart be here in this safe...? Apollo: Let's see, the physician's signature says "Pal Meraktis". Apollo: Eh... Trucy: What is it, Apollo? Apollo: Look here where it says who filed the chart... Trucy: Let's see... "Nurse Alita Tiala"...! Apollo: Alita Tialita is Wocky's fiancée! Trucy: That's one "ita" too many,

Apololo! Apollo: Never mind that, what's her name doing here!? Trucy: How should I know? Trucy: Though... I guess it means she's on staff at this clinic? Apollo: Odd that she neglected to mention this before now... Trucy: I'm sure she had her reasons. Apollo: (So Alita Tiala worked at the Meraktis Clinic...) Apollo: (And hse had access to Wocki Kitaky's medical chart!) Trucy: You got the "I" and "Y" wrong, Appolo! Apollo: I'd be very interested to find out what this chart says. Apollo: (Who could help us decipher this...?) ** Wocky's Chart added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Wocky's Chart Type: Documents Retrieved from Meraktis Clinic - Office Found in the Meraktis Clinic safe. Signed by nurse Alita Tiala. ---------------------------=Examine Chart (again)=

Apollo: (Wocky's medical chart was hidden inside a safe...) Apollo: (And Alita Tiala was the one who filed it.) Apollo: We have to figure out what this chart says. Apollo: (I wonder if there's anyone who can help us decipher it?) =Examine Bullet Hole= Apollo: This looks like a bullet hole! Trucy: Hmm, you can still see the bullet sticking out of it. Apollo: Why is it in the middle of a safe? Trucy: Hey, the bullet came out! The tip is all squished. Apollo: Not surprising given that it was fired into a metal safe. Apollo: (This bullet's got a story behind it, that's for sure.) ** Bullet added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Bullet Type: Evidence Retrieved from Meraktis Clinic - Office Found in the Meraktis Clinic safe. Squished from impact with the back of the safe. =Check -> Examine Tip= Trucy:

Wow! It's all mushed! Apollo: That was one tough safe. Trucy: You know, it looks kinda yummy. Apollo: ...Huh? Trucy: ...Like ice cream! Caramel! Mmm-mmm!

Apollo: You certainly have an active imagination, Trucy. ---------------------------=Examine Bullet Hole (again)= Apollo: (A bullet hole remains in the back wall of the safe.) Apollo: (Now why would someone shoot a bullet into a safe?) =Move -> Meraktis Clinic= =Examine Door= Apollo: A plate on this door reads "Doctor's Office". Trucy: That was pretty intense, wasn't it!? Apollo: If we'd gone in there one second earlier, we might have met the burglar! Trucy: But, Apollo... Trucy:

What would we have said if we did see them? Trucy: We can't exactly shout out "Hey! Who are you!?" Apollo: ... It does lack a certain punch. Trucy: Let's think of something cool to say for the next time we do meet a burglar! =Examine Sandals= Apollo: A pair of sandals in a deserted clinic... Trucy: It's a little scary... when you stop to think about it. Trucy: And how did the lady go home without her sandals? Apollo: Hmm... Apollo: Maybe her operation here was to add wings, and she flew home? Trucy: Oh, I've heard of those! Surgical enhancements, right? Apollo: (Surgical enhancements are for a different part of the body, and, I was kidding...) =Move -> Detention Center= --June 16 Detention Center Visitor's Room ---

Trucy: Well, the time of the decision is upon us! Trucy: Which one of our two jailbirds do we want to talk to? Guard: Excuse me! Guard: Both detainees are currently in questioning to corroborate their accounts. Apollo: Mr. Stickler and Wocky? Both of them? Apollo: (I pity the questioner...) Trucy: I guess we'll be back then! =Move -> People Park= Ema: I know that face. Ema: That's the face of someone who's made... a discovery! Trucy: Hey, how did you know? Ema: You can't fool someone trained in the ways of science! Apollo: (Next she'll have us analyzing face prints...) Trucy: Let's ask Detective Skye to help us, Apollo! =Talk -> Another shoe print= Apollo: Detective Skye? Mind if we give it another shot?

Ema: I wish there were more prints to analyze... *sniffle* Ema: I know! Quick! mud over there! Step in that

Apollo: Uh, I don't think analyzing my footprint is going to do us much good. Ema: *sigh* I would have had fun. =Present Wocky's Chart= Trucy: Detective Skye, I was wondering about this... Apollo: Ack, Trucy! Trucy: What? Apollo: That's vital evidence there. You can't show her that! Apollo: That's our secret weapon in tomorrow's trial for sure! Trucy: Ooh! Clever, Apollo! Ema: ...What did I tell you before? Ema: If you're going to talk behind someone's back, do it quietly. =Present Lamp= Apollo: Say, could you take a look at this lamp? Ema: Hmm. The bulb's broken. Wait!

Apollo: Right. Strange, isn't it? Ema: Really? I break bulbs all the time. Ema: My desk is a mess and my lamp is always falling over. ...Not too bright, huh? Apollo: (Ouch...) Trucy: I still think it's kind of odd... =Present Bullet= Trucy: Detective Skye, I was wondering about this... Apollo: Ack, Trucy! Trucy: What? Apollo: This bullet was inside the safe, right? Apollo: That means the police don't know about it yet! Trucy: Oh, right! We can use this in the trial tomorrow! Ema: ...Do I have to repeat myself every time? Ema: If you're going to talk behind someone's back, do so quietly! =Present Sandals or Slippers= Wait!

((Presented Sandals)) Ema: These sandals... ((Presented Slippers) Ema: Ah, the slippers... Ema: That's quite a clear print there. ...A toe print. Trucy: Too bad we don't know whose toe it is. Ema: Well, there is a way of finding out, of course. Apollo: There is!? What?

Ema: All you need is a sample of the same toe print, off another shoe, for instance. Apollo: Oh, right. So if the prints matched, you'd know the same person wore both. Apollo: (Hmm. Do I have another shoe worn by the same person?) [ No such luck ] Apollo: No... I can't think of anything I might have with a toe print on it. Ema: Ah well, it was too much to hope for, I suppose. Let me know if you find something. Apollo: (A toe print sample... Hmm.)

[ Got one right here ] Apollo: I think I just might, actually. Ema: Really!? Apollo: (I'm beginning to suspect something here...) Apollo: Detective Skye! Can you compare this sample with this other print? ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Ema: ... Ema: I did say "toe print" sample, didn't I? Ema: Where exactly is the toe print on this evidence!? Apollo: (Oops. Stormy Skyes ahead...) Ema: Try again. Scientifically this time, if you would. Apollo: (Hmm, a toe print. Right!) (whichever you didn't

((Present Slippers or Sandals)) before) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This pair of slippers/sandals, toe print and all.

Ema: Ooh! The print on these is nice and clear, too. That makes our job easy. Apollo: Can you analyze it for us? Ema: Of course! Hang on...

Ema: Bingo! Gosh, I'm good. Apollo: (Hey, we were the ones who found the prints...) Ema: A perfect match! Ema: The same person wore these sandals and slippers! Apollo: I was afraid of that... Ema: All you have to do is find out who these sandals belong to! Ema: Or... do you already know? Apollo: I... can't say. Not yet.

Apollo: (Well, that's one big step closer...) Apollo: ( the truth!) =Present Slippers or Sandals (again)= Ema: Well, if the prints on these slippers and these sandals match, which they do... Ema: means that the same person was wearing them.

Trucy: You know, I thought that's what it might mean! Trucy: Science is amazing! Ema: It is, isn't it!? felt so alive! I've never

Apollo: (I don't know about science, but this is a major lead!) ---------------------------Slippers Type: Other Retrieved from the entrance to People Park. Slippers used by patients at the Meraktis Clinic. Big toe print found in left slipper. =Check -> Examine Print= Apollo: The toe prints match... Apollo: Which means the sandals and the slippers were worn by the same person. Apollo: And the slippers are from the Meraktis Clinic. These have to be connected to the crime! ---------------------------Sandals Type: Other Retrieved from Meraktis Clinic - Reception Women's sandals found in the Meraktis Clinic foyer. Big toe print found on left sandal. =Check -> Examine Print= Apollo: The toe prints match... Apollo: Which means the sandals and the slippers were worn by

the same person. Apollo: If only we knew who these sandals belonged to... ---------------------------=Move -> Detention Center= --June 16 Detention Center Visitor's Room --Wocky: Don't cry angel, Daddy's back and Daddy's... Wocky: ...Oh. You again. Apollo: Do you always have to announce your entrances like that? Wocky: Man, my old man, he... Man! Wocky: Now I'm all in a funk, and it's his fault. Apollo: (One can only assume that his father tried to teach him a lesson. And failed, clearly.) Wocky: You two got your work cut out for you, straight up. Wocky: Course I don't care if they lock me up. I'm ready to go! Apollo: (Some days, I wonder why I do what I do.) =Present Other=

Wocky: ... Man... that is so far off the hook, it's off the chain, G! Apollo: (He seems preoccupied with something else...) Wocky: ...Wonder how my Alita's doing. Man, I miss her. =Present Sandals= Apollo: Wocky... You don't happen to recognize these, do you? Wocky: Hey! Sure I do! Wocky: I was the one who bought 'em for her. Trucy: For... Ms. Tiala? Wocky: Yeah. A birthday present. Wocky: She's got mad little feet. Mad! So cute, man. Trucy: So these sandals are hers... Apollo: Yeah... I kinda had a feeling. Wocky: What's up with the funky vibes? Apollo: (*sigh*...) ** Sandals updated in the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Alita's Sandals Type: Other

Retrieved from Meraktis Clinic - Reception. Present from Wocky, found in Meraktis Clinic foyer. Big toe print found on left sandal. =Check -> Examine Print= Apollo: (If these sandals belong to Ms. Tiala...) Apollo: (...then is this print hers, too?) Trucy: Something wrong? Apollo: No... Nothing. ---------------------------=Present Wocky's Chart= Wocky: Huh? What's that? X-ray? Wocky: Wait... Apollo: That's right, Wocky. It's yours. Wocky: Hey look, I don't smoke or nothing. I'll live long, right? Trucy: I don't think he gets it, Apollo... Apollo: Ah, take a closer look. Here, in particular... Apollo: ...where it says "Nurse". ...It's signed "Alita Tiala". Wocky: ...Huh. You lawyers do your Some kinda

homework. Trucy: So, you met Ms. Tiala when you... Wocky: Yeah, I met her at the clinic. So? Apollo: Could you tell us a bit about the circumstances of your meeting? Wocky: Fine, fine! I'll tell you how we met if you want to know that bad. =Talk -> Guilty verdict= Wocky: Hey man, you won't see me bugging 'bout one or two guilty charges. Trucy: But what if you're found guilty of murder!? Wocky: Hey, it's all experience, you feel me, shorty? Like a badge of honor. Wocky: ...They don't give the death penalty, do they? Trucy: ...You didn't really do it, did you? Wocky: ... Wocky: Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Apollo: (If I've learned one thing today... it's that "silence" speaks louder than words.)

=Talk -> Your father= Wocky: Man, my old man is wack. Disappointing, that's what he is. Trucy: I heard he wants to leave the mob? Wocky: Over my dead body! Wocky: I spend my life, trying to keep it real, being an O.G. and never stepping down. Wocky: Now my old man wants to go soft? Fine, let him. Just leave me out of it. Apollo: (*sigh*) Wocky: The day I get out of the clink... Wocky: That's the day Alita and I start the next generation of the Kitaki Family. Apollo: (Please don't talk as though it's assumed you're going to jail... for my sake.) =Talk -> Wocky & Alita= Wocky: 'Bout half a year ago, I was shot during a little turf war with another family. Wocky: I was ready to die, sure. Wocky: But they came in and got me, hauled me off to the doc's. Trucy:

...The Meraktis Clinic? Wocky: That's where I met her. My fallen angel... Apollo: You mean Alita Tiala? Wocky: She was scared of me at first, turns out. Wocky: But you know what they say -the bad guy always gets the ladies. Apollo: Right... Wocky: She was done with that clinic anyhow. Wocky: So I was like, I'll take you on, woman! Wocky: Straight gangster style. Guess what she said? Trucy: What did she say? Wocky: C'mon, give it some thought! Wocky: She said it real quiet-like, on the down low, know what I'm saying? Wocky: "I'll leave... if you'll marry me." Apollo: So... that was the proposal? Wocky: You know it! An oath of love, right there in the hospital room. Wocky:

Just like that, the op was done, and we were outta there. See ya later, bye! Apollo: Um, about that "op"... Wocky: Yeah. Didn't go so well after all, did it? Wocky: I know about the report. I know it's still in me. =Talk -> Health check-up= Trucy: This health check-up was the Boss's idea, you said? Wocky: Yeah. Can you imagine? Wocky: What's the point of living healthy when you're a G, you know what I'm saying? Trucy: But didn't you learn about the bullet at that check-up? Wocky: Yeah... Wocky: That's when I knew that doctor had to pay. Wocky: Figured I could get that cap pulled after I got my revenge. Wocky: And hey, I'm still living large now, aren't I? Apollo: Incidentally... had you ever had a health check-up before? Wocky: Naw, my old man suddenly gets this idea that we all gotta get check-ups!

Wocky: Guess he's getting old. Older, I mean. =Move -> Eldoon's House= --June 16 Eldoon's House --Trucy: Mr. Eldoon! We've been looking all over for you! Guy: What's the matter, Trucy-doll? Trucy: Apollo! found! Show him what we

Trucy: Nothing like expert advice! Apollo: (I... suppose he is a doctor still...) Guy: ... *sniffle* Apollo: Mr. Eldoon! Is everything OK?

Guy: I'm just *sniffle* so happy! Guy: I just thought my doctor days were gone for good. *sniffle* Apollo: Mr. Eldoon... =Present Wocky's Chart= Apollo: Um, Mr. Eldoon, could you take a look at this? Guy: Hrm? A medical chart?

Guy: Hey, you shouldn't go around taking these from clinics! Guy: ... Trucy: Why the sudden silence, Mr. Eldoon? Guy: What...? What's going on here!? Apollo: That's what we want to know! Apollo: That chart belongs to my client. Trucy: He's on trial... On suspicion of murder. Guy: On trial! That's crazy!

Guy: You can't put him on trial! He's ABD! Trucy: ...ABD? Guy: All but dead. He's knocking on the Pearly Gates, and someone's about to answer. Apollo: C-Can you tell us why? Guy: ... Guy: Well, permit me to speak as a surgeon... Guy: You listen up good now, son. Apollo: (No way... It's like he's

a completely different person...) =Present Anything (after chart)= Apollo: Um, Mr. Eldoon, could you take a look at this? Guy: You think we got time for that? Well, we don't. Guy: You see me without my bowl on, you're looking at a man who means business. Guy: So stop beating around the bush and get cutting! Apollo: (Better hear what he has to say while he's in a talkative mood...) =Talk -> Wocky's chart= Guy: Well, according to this chart... this "Wocky Kitaki" feller's not doing so well. Guy: He's got a bullet right up side his heart! Apollo: That's right. Guy: Yeah, but this chart talks about the post-op... Guy: In other words, the operation is already finished! Guy: ...But you can still see that bullet stuck in there. Apollo: Why would it still be in

there after the operation to remove it? Guy: Well, 'bout the only reason I can think of is, it was too tricky to operate on. Trucy: What...? Guy: That bullet's snug as a bug there next to the aorta, which is connected to the heart. Guy: Heck, that scrap of metal's just surrounded by blood vessels. Kind of a miracle. Guy: Two millimeters to either side and there'd be some serious bleeding going on in there. Guy: Not something yer average doc'd be eager to fiddle with. Trucy: Y-You mean... Guy: It took a miracle to get that bullet stuck where it is. Guy: I'd take more than a miracle to take it out. It'd take a magician. Apollo: ... Trucy: Um... I'm only up to making rabbits disappear. I haven't learned bullets yet. Guy: 'Course with the heart pumping and lungs working... That bullet's on the move. Guy: I'd give him another half

a year, tops. Apollo: B-But Wocky's operation was already a half-year ago! Guy: That's why I'm saying you're outta time! Guy: This kid shouldn't be on trial! He should be on an operating table! Apollo: (Great... Just great...) =Meraktis's dilemma= Trucy: How could Dr. Meraktis do such a terrible thing? Trucy: How could he just leave that bullet in there? Guy: I got a pretty good idea of how he felt... Guy: An emergency operation... He's got the kid's chest open on the table. Guy: Then he finds that bullet... That's despair right there, Trucy-doll. Cold despair. Trucy: Despair... Guy: 'Bout the only thing he could do is sew the boy back up. Guy: He wasn't exactly in the situation to go admitting he couldn't take it out. Trucy: The Kitakis...

Guy: You bet. This kid's their only son, I hear. Guy: So, he skips the operation, and Wocky's back on the street living his life. Guy: 'Course, it's only a matter of time before his heart hemorrhages and he drops cold. Trucy: How awful...! Guy: And which doctor would they take him to? Meraktis. Guy: He's got enough ties to them, he could probably cover up the truth of what happened. Trucy: That's just horrible! Trucy: He left Wocky to die! Guy: There's a darkness in this world, Trucy-doll. Waiting, hungry. Guy: Compared to it, these gangs' turf wars are like kid games. Guy: When you're up against real evil... Guy: Well, it don't matter if you're weak or strong. It'll take you all the same. Trucy: ... Trucy: You were a surgeon, right Mr. Eldoon!?

Trucy: You could operate on Wocky, couldn't you!? Guy: ...I wish. Trucy: What...? Guy: I'm afraid there ain't nobody in the country that could. Guy: Maybe not even in the world... Trucy: So... So Wocky... Guy: He's real lucky to be alive even now. Trucy: No...! Apollo: There's one problem... Trucy: Apollo? Apollo: This chart... Look at the "Nurse" section... Apollo: ...Alita Tiala. Trucy: That's right! This operation was how they met. Apollo: Yeah, the problem is, she knew. Apollo: She knew about Wocky's condition, guaranteed. Trucy: Ah...

Apollo: Why didn't she ever tell him? Guy: ... Apollo: (It doesn't make sense...) Apollo: (If she knew her patient was in serious danger...) Apollo: ('d think she'd want to get that second operation before getting engaged!) Trucy: What was she thinking!? Apollo? Apollo: (What were you thinking, Alita Tiala...?) To be continued. ============================ Episode 2 Turnabout Corner Day 3: Trial -20301============================ --June 17, 9:52 AM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 2 --Trucy: This is it, the big day! Did you get any sleep? Apollo: Yeah, I went to bed at 1:00 AM or so. Trucy: Oh? What time did you wake up? Apollo: ...3:00 AM. Trucy:

That's only two hours, Apollo... Trucy: But, at least you have me! Trucy: ...And the Amazing Mr. Hat! Mr. Hat: Here's looking at you, kid. ???: Good luck today, Apollo. Apollo: Th-That voice... Phoenix: Heya. Get any sleep? Apollo: ...Mr. Wright! Phoenix: I was going out of my mind with boredom, so I signed myself out earlier today. Phoenix: Somehow, that place makes fake piano playing at the Indochine pasta joint seem almost fun. Trucy: Daddy! Do you know who Prosecutor Gavin's witness is today? Phoenix: Take a guess! Trucy: Hmm... How about Little Plum? Phoenix: Ah ha ha! of a mom? That Sherman tank Nope, guess again.

Trucy: That's too bad. You know, speaking of moms... Trucy: You need to find me a new mommy one of these days, Daddy!

Phoenix: It's barely morning and you're at it already, Trucy! Phoenix: Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Apollo: (OK, see, this is why I don't buy their "father-daughter" relationship.) Apollo: So, Mr. Wright! Do you know who the prosecution's witness is? Phoenix: ...Alita Tiala. fiancée. Your client's

Apollo: (She's going to be a witness!?) Trucy: But that seems odd... Why would she testify against her own fiancé? Phoenix: You have to wonder what Gavin's up to. Apollo: (Something's going down today, that much is clear!) Trucy: Well, not to worry. I've got my panties back. Trucy: If we can't find a killer, I'll pull one out of there! --June 17, 10:00 AM District Court Courtroom No. 4 --Judge: Court is now in session for the trial of Wocky Kitaki.

Apollo: The defense is ready, Your Honor. Klavier: ...Prosecution is warmed up, and it's a sold-out house. Judge: Very well, to recap... Judge: While yesterday's witness seemed more guilty than any other party... Trucy: Guilty of panty-snatching! Judge: We did find out one thing for certain. Judge: There were three people in the park at the time of the murder: Judge: The witness, the victim, and the defendant. Klavier: ...Correct, Herr Judge. And today, I'd like to do something a little new age. Klavier: I'd like to look at this horrible crime... from the outside. Apollo: The "outside"...? Klavier: The acquisition of the murder weapon... The preparation for the act... Klavier: Our poor defendant told all, you see. Klavier: ...To his betrothed.

Judge: His... bee trove? Klavier: ...His fiancée, Herr Judge. His partner for life... with no chance for parole. Judge: Very well, you may show the erm... "lucky" lady to the stand. Klavier: ...Your name and occupation, Fräulein. Alita: Alita Tiala. My occupation... is future wife. Judge: Ah, traditional values! I respect that. Judge: Too many brides these days can't even weave baskets blindfolded... underwater. Judge: Yet you're here today as a witness for the prosecution? Alita: To be honest, I didn't want to testify at first. Alita: But... I couldn't hide the truth. Judge: Hmm. Honesty! Another admirable trait. Klavier: ...Fräulein, is it true that, on the day of the crime... Klavier: ...the defendant, Wocky Kitaki confessed his plans? Klavier: His plans... for murder?

Alita: ...Yes. Judge: The witness will please give her testimony to the court! ** Witness Testimony ** -- Wocky's Plan -Alita: It was the day that the family health check-up results came back. Alita: When Wocky found out that Dr. Meraktis had lied, he flew into a rage. Alita: "I'll teach him!" he said. He took one of the Family's pistols... Alita: ...And, you already know what happened that night. Alita: I... just don't see how anyone but Wocky could have done it. Judge: So, the pistol did belong to the Kitaki Family, then... Klavier: Yes. With regards to this, an investigation is underway at the Kitaki mansion... Klavier: ...on charges of the possession of illegal firearms. Judge: And the bullet that took the victim's life? Was it... Klavier: ...Fired from the pistol the defendant procured? Yes, this has been proven.

Trucy: How can you prove something like that? Apollo: Bullets carry marks from the barrel that fired them, called "rifling marks". Trucy: Rifling marks...? Klavier: Think of them as being a gun's fingerprint, left on every bullet it fires. Apollo: And when did you first hear about Wocky's plan? Alita: It was the day of the murder. Alita: I... I should have stopped him! Alita: I just didn't think he would actually do it! Judge: ...Very well. Judge: The defense may begin the cross-examination. ** Cross-Examination ** -- Wocky's Plan -Alita: It was the day that the family health check-up results came back. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: That was the day of the murder, correct? Alita: Yes. Everyone in the Family received their check-up

results that day. Alita: When Wocky looked at his, his face went so pale... Klavier: But of course. He had just found out he had a bullet in his chest! Apollo: So, you were there at the time? Alita: Yes... Poor Wocky... Alita: When Wocky found out that Dr. Meraktis had lied, he flew into a rage. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: That must have been, um, quite frightening. Alita: He was furious! He ripped his report up into shreds... Klavier: Incidentally, I had to request another copy to file as evidence. Klavier: A bothersome chore, but one I performed without complaint. Alita: Wocky's at an age where he's hard to control when he loses his temper. Alita: Of course, that little bit of instability is so cute! Apollo: (Great, now he sounds like a psychopath...)

Alita: "I'll teach him!" he said. He took one of the Family's pistols... Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So, is it easy to take a pistol out from the house? Alita: Not really, I think. There's a system in place to limit access. Alita: But Wocky's a special case, being the next-in-line. Klavier: Perhaps his treatemnt was a bit too special, ja? Alita: Well, maybe he is a bit spoiled... Alita: I hear he got amazing presents for his birthdays. Alita: Last year was a switchblade made out of chewing gum and a chocolate gravestone! Apollo: (Sounds like he has a taste for sweets... and danger.) Judge: The point here being that Wocky had access to a pistol. Alita: ...And, you already know what happened that night. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: "What happened"... meaning the murder.

Alita: I tried to stop him, I really did! Alita: But Wocky wouldn't listen... Klavier: Our defendant was nothing if not determined, it seems. Judge; The last thing you should do is blame yourself, miss! Alita: I... just don't see how anyone but Wocky could have done it. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: How can you say that for certain? How!? Alita: Ah... Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Herr Forehead, you will refrain from badgering the Fräulein. Klavier: It was the defendant... erm, Wocky, was it... who took the pistol from his home. Klavier: We know this for a fact now. Judge: I suppose we do. Klavier: So, how could anyone else have used this pistol to shoot the victim? Klavier: They could not. ja? Simple logic,

Judge: ...That does seem to be the case. Judge: Does the defense have anything to say regarding this point? Apollo: (Could someone else have used that pistol...?) [ Had to be Wocky ] Apollo: I'm sure there was another person who could have used that pistol... Apollo: ...... Apollo: I just can't think of who. Klavier: Of course. He was the only one with access. Apollo: (Uh oh, this is bad if I leave it like this...!) Judge: You may continue with the cross-examination. Apollo: (Was there really no one else with access to that pistol?) Apollo: (Someone else with Family ties...?) [ There was another ] Apollo: Based on your testimony, there was clearly another... Apollo: One other person had access to that pistol!

Klavier: What's this...? Judge: Hmm... Interesting! Let's ask the defense then... Judge: Tell the court who this other person with access was! ((Present Big Wins or Plum)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: Wh-What's this!? Trucy: Whaaaa--! The Boss and his wife!? Klavier: Ah, an unexpected ploy. Trucy: Apollo! That can't be right! Trucy: Why would they want to frame their only son!? Apollo: Oh... Judge: On his parents' behalf, I'd like to give you a penalty. Apollo: (Ugh...) Judge: Carry on, Mr. Justice. ((Present Other)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ......

Trucy: ...He's speechless, Apollo. The judge is speechless. Klavier: Ah ha ha... Herr Forehead, our judge is silent. Klavier: Perhaps you will permit me to explain why? Apollo: N-No thanks, I think I know. Judge: Then you must have been expecting this penalty. Apollo: (Yowch... That didn't go so well...) Trucy: Poor Ms. Tiala... I can't imagine what it would be like to be in her position! Apollo: (...I'm a little more concerned for her fiancé.) Apollo: (Why would she testify against him like this...?) ((Present Alita Tiala)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Well, of course, I mean you, Ms. Tiala. Alita: ...! M-Me...?

But why...

Apollo: You were quite clear when you told the court: Apollo:

You heard about the pistol from the defendant on the day of the murder. Apollo: In other words, you knew what he was planning. Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Let me get this straight... Klavier: You intend to tell us that this lady stole the pistol from her fiancé... Klavier: ...and killed a man in cold blood on his behalf? Klavier: I've heard of people doing strange things for love, but this... Judge: It does seem a bit... unfathomable, to be sure. Judge: I'm all for romance, and for supporting your partner in life, to be sure. Judge: But I think I would hesitate at murder! Apollo: (I'd hope you'd do more than hesitate!) Apollo: But what if a different connection could be proven? Apollo: A connection between the witness and the victim? Apollo: We might find that she had a personal motive beyond wanting to help her fiancé.

Klavier: Hmm, that would put things in a slightly different light. Klavier: What possible connection are you suggesting here? Trucy: You know what I'm starting to think? Trucy: I'm starting to think that the police never looked inside that safe. Apollo: I have evidence showing a connection between the witness Ms. Tiala and the victim! ((Present Wrong)) Judge: ... Judge: I fail to see exactly what sort of connection this shows. Apollo: Well, see, that's because... (...there isn't one?) Judge: ...I believe I understand. Judge: And I believe your wildly wandering eyes deserve a penalty. Apollo: (...One more try! it this time!) ((Present Sandals)) Judge: Why, those are... flip flops? Apollo: "Sandals", actually. I'll get

Apollo: Ms. Tiala, do these look familiar to you? Alita: ...Should they? Apollo: I would think so. Apollo: These sandals were found in the Meraktis Clinic lobby. Judge: You don't mean to say those are the witness's sandals? Alita: He doesn't. Those sandals could belong to anyone... Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: But the fact is that they don't. They belong to you. Apollo: We found toe prints on these sandals. Alita: ...! Apollo: Requesting permission to match the prints with the witness's feet, Your Honor! Judge; Ms. Tiala, are those your sandals!? Alita: ...... Alita: What if... Alita: What if my sandals were at the Meraktis Clinic. Alita:

So what? Apollo: ...So what!? Alita: You know, I've just remembered something. Alita: I hurt my hand a few days ago, and visited that clinic. Alita: I must have forgotten them then! Judge: Hmm... So you were there as a patient? Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Nice try, Ms. Tiala. Apollo: But the defense is in possession of evidence... Apollo: ...that proves a connection between you and that clinic! Alita: Wh-Whaat!? Judge: Evidence? Very well, Mr. Justice... Apollo: The evidence that connects her to the Meraktis Clinic is...! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ... Well, I suppose I could see-Klavier:

*OBJECTION!* Klavier: Herr Forehead. This trail you think you have found, it doesn't lead to the truth. Klavier: Nor to a long career in the legal profession, ja? Apollo: Gee, thanks. Klavier: Perhaps you will allow me to do the honors? Judge: Hmm... Why not? It might be nice for a change. Klavier: Most excellent... Let's rock! Apollo: (I'll take the usual penalty next time, thanks.) Judge: Very well, Mr. Justice. Try again. ((Present Wocky's Chart)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: That looks like... a medical chart? Apollo: Found inside a safe at the Meraktis Clinic. Apollo: I'd like to draw the court's attention to the names written on the chart. Judge: ...What!? Judge:

Ms. Tiala! Whatever... Why is your name on this chart!? Alita: ...! Apollo: Well, care to explain the meaning of this, Ms. Tiala? Alita: ...... Alita: I'm not sure what you mean by "meaning", Mr. Justice! Apollo: ...! (Our warm little fiancée just froze over!) Alita: I was on staff at that clinic until half a year ago. Alita: It was boring. So I quit. Alita: That's all. Is there a problem with that? Judge: Ms. Tiala! Judge: You testified that you had no connection to the victim! Alita: And I don't. Apollo: "Now"...? Alita: I quit half a year ago, didn't I? So there's no connection. Alita: Let me guess, you're the kind of guy... Alita: ...who can't rest until he Now.

knows every last detail of his girlfriend's past. Alita: Am I right? Judge: Th-That's not true at all! Why, I... Judge: I embrace the ones I love, past flaws and all, no matte-Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: "There's no connection now" doesn't fly in a court of law. Alita: Doesn't... fly? Apollo: (She's one tough nut.) Apollo: (She probably feels right at home with the Kitakis!) Apollo: You left your job at the Meraktis Clinic, true... Apollo: But these sandals prove that you remained connected! Alita: Ah...! Alita: W-Well, who knows? I'm sure there are lots of people with those sandals... Klavier: So sorry, Fräulein, but your act isn't working. Alita: ...! Klavier: Your moment of hesitation just now cost you.

Alita: Wh-What's with you? I thought you were on my side! Klavier: I'm afraid there is no side but that which the evidence supports, Ms. Tiala. ((Present Wocky's Chart)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: That looks like... a medical chart? Apollo: Found inside a safe at the Meraktis Clinic. Apollo: I'd like to draw the court's attention to the names written on the chart. Judge: ...What!? Judge: Ms. Tiala! Whatever... Why is your name on this chart!? Alita: ...! Apollo: Well, care to explain the meaning of this, Ms. Tiala? Alita: ...... Alita: I'm not sure what you mean by "meaning", Mr. Justice! Apollo: ...! (Our warm little fiancée just froze over!) Alita: I was on staff at that clinic

until half a year ago. Alita: It was boring. So I quit. Alita: That's all. Is there a problem with that? Judge: Ms. Tiala! Judge: You testified that you had no connection to the victim! Alita: And I don't. Apollo: "Now"...? Alita: I quit half a year ago, didn't I? So there's no connection. Alita: Let me guess, you're the kind of guy... Alita: ...who can't rest until he knows every last detail of his girlfriend's past. Alita: Am I right? Judge: Th-That's not true at all! Why, I... Judge: I embrace the ones I love, past flaws and all, no matte-Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: "There's no connection now" doesn't fly in a court of law. Alita: Doesn't... fly? Now.

Apollo: (She's one tough nut.) Apollo: (She probably feels right at home with the Kitakis!) Apollo: You left your job at the Meraktis Clinic, true... Apollo: But you remained connected somehow! Judge: Very well, Mr. Justice. Judge: Show us evidence that proves the witness is still connected to the Meraktis Clinic! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ... Well, I suppose I could see-Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Herr Forehead. This trail you think you have found, it doesn't lead to the truth. Klavier: Nor to a long career in the legal profession, ja? Apollo: Gee, thanks. Klavier: Perhaps you will allow me to do the honors? Judge: Hmm... Why not? It might be nice for a change. Klavier:

Most excellent... Let's rock! Apollo: (I'll take the usual penalty next time, thanks.) Judge: Very well, Mr. Justice. Try again. ((Present Sandals)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: These sandals were found in the Meraktis Clinic lobby. Apollo: ...They're yours, aren't they? Alita: Ah...! Alita: W-Well, who knows? I'm sure there are lots of people with those sandals... Klavier: So sorry, Fräulein, but your act isn't working. Alita: ...! Klavier: Your moment of hesitation just now cost you. Alita: Wh-What's with you? I thought you were on my side! Klavier: ...Perhaps you are unaware that toes leave "toe prints"? Klavier: A simple analysis of these sandals will reveal all. Alita:

... Alita: Well, now we see your true colors. Alita: I was wrong to cooperate with you from the beginning! Alita: I just wanted... Alita: I just wanted you to help get Wocky back on the straight and narrow. Judge: Hmm... This court thinks you need to worry less about Wocky and more about yourself. Judge: It sounds as though we need to hear a bit more about your story. Apollo: Your sandals were found in the entrance to the clinic... Apollo: Which means you went there on the day of the murder! Alita: Well, there's little point in denying it. Judge: Very well. The witness will tell us about this visit. Judge: Why did you go to the Meraktis Clinic that day? ** Witness Testimony ** -- The Meraktis Clinic -Alita: I did go to the clinic that day. My first time in half a year, since I quit in January. Alita:

I went to warn him. After all, I knew Wocky had the pistol. Alita: The doctor always was a timid man... too timid to admit his own mistake. Alita: Why else would I have gone? I'm not hiding any dark secrets. Alita: I wanted to tell him to be careful, as an old friend. Judge: By "mistake", you mean... Judge: ...the mistake we heard about from the defendant? Judge: The botched operation? Alita: He was a timid, small man... but I never wished him harm. Alita: I just thought I should let him know, you know? Judge: Hmm... That does make sense. Klavier: Yes, but there is still one thing which does not. Judge: What's that, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: The sandals left in the lobby, of course. Klavier: We can assume she wore these sandals to the clinic, ja? Klavier: Then why did she not wear them home? If it were me, I would have worn them home.

Judge: I would have worn those sandals home, too. Klavier: So, why were the sandals left behind? Alita: ...! Apollo: (Ack! He pointed out the contradiction before me!) Klavier: ...There's probably a good explanation for this. Right, Ms. Tiala? Klavier: ...Say, for instance... Klavier: There happened to be a similar pair of sandals there which you wore home by mistake? Alita: ... Alita: Actually, that's right. impressed, Mr. Gavin. I'm

Klavier: Oh, it is nothing. There is, after all, no other possible explanation. Ja, Forehead? Apollo: (Oh, what the...! No fair!)

Apollo: (He's filling the holes in her testimony...) Judge: The defense may begin the cross-examination. ** Cross-Examination ** -- The Meraktis Clinic -Alita: I did go to the clinic that

day. My first time in half a year, since I quit in January. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Around what time did you go to the clinic? Alita: I don't remember exactly, but it was after 9:30, I think. Apollo: And that was the first time you had contacted Dr. Meraktis in half a year? Alita: Of course it was. Alita: He wasn't the kind of boss you made "friends" with. Judge: So, why did you go to the clinic that day? Alita: I went to warn him. After all, I knew Wocky had the pistol. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Did you want Dr. Meraktis to run away? Alita: Well, after I failed to stop Wocky... Alita: ...I thought that was the only other way to avoid the problem. Apollo: Couldn't you have called? Why go in person? Alita: I called several times that evening, but no one was in.

Klavier: The victim was busy driving home until after 9:00 PM that night, remember? Klavier: This was proven by this mirror yesterday, ja? Alita: I thought if I warned him, he would run away for sure. Alita: Knowing the doctor... Alita: The doctor always was a timid man... too timid to admit his own mistake. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You mean that act of malpractice on Wocky, correct? Alita: If he had just told Wocky the truth in the beginning, none of this would have happened. Judge: True, that operation was the start of this whole affair. Alita: Oh. Of course, if he'd told him... Alita: ...he might have been "erased" by the Kitakis much earlier. Judge: A disturbing thought! Klavier: We know that the Meraktis Clinic had ties to the Kitaki Family. Klavier: He probably couldn't have gone to the police, even if

he wanted to. Alita: That's why I knew I had to warn him! Alita: Why else would I have gone? I'm not hiding any dark secrets. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: No "dark secrets", eh? Alita: What? Look at me however you want, Mr. Justice, you won't find a thing. Apollo: (She's hiding something, I know it!) Apollo: (I must have some evidence that proves it, too...) Alita: You're free to think whatever you like. Alita: I went to that clinic with only one thought in mind. Alita: I wanted to tell him to be careful, as an old friend. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: But, then you'd be betraying Wocky, wouldn't you? Alita: No, I did it for him, for us! Klavier: She went to warn him, so that her fiancé would not have to commit such a crime, ja?

Alita: I didn't want them to take my Wocky away... Apollo: (There's no way she went to that clinic just to "warn" him!) Trucy: Do you know why she went, Apollo? Apollo: (Time to figure out what really happened at that clinic... and fast!) ((Present Wocky's Chart)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: This chart was found inside a safe in the doctor's office. Alita: ...Yes? Apollo: Why would this one chart be in that safe? Apollo: Ms. Tiala, you know why it was, don't you? Alita: ...! Judge: Mind filling me in? Apollo: Dr. Meraktis didn't have the leisure of making "mistakes". Apollo: That's why he wrote up a false report, and kept the truth locked away. Klavier: ...Bad Herr Doktor.

Apollo: And this is where you come in, Ms. Tiala. Alita: ... Apollo: The nurse who filed this chart was you, which means... Apollo: knew about Wocky's failed operation! Judge: Interesting... Apollo: You were in the same position as Dr. Meraktis! Apollo: Kind of makes it hard to claim "no connection", doesn't it? Alita: You're bold for a novice, I'll give you that. Apollo: ...! Alita: Mr. Justice, you must know I was only a nurse. Alita: The doctor is responsible for the chart's contents. Judge: Hmm... This chart business seems to be quite important. Judge: Please amend your testimony accordingly. Alita: Too bad, little attorney. Apollo: ...! Apollo: (My bracelet's reacting

again!) Trucy: What is it, Apollo? Apollo: I felt my bracelet vibrate just now... Trucy: Your bracelet...? Apollo: Just like yesterday. Like you said! When a witness is unsure of something, their nervous habit gives them away! Trucy: But... I can't see anything, Apollo. Apollo: Eh...? Apollo: (Then what's my bracelet reacting to?) Trucy: Wait, maybe... Yes, that has to be it! Apollo: What has to be it? Trucy: Your senses, Apollo... Trucy: They must be sharper than mine! Apollo: Huh...? Trucy: I can't see it, but you can sense it! Apollo: I don't know about that, Trucy! I don't have some kind of special power or anything.

Trucy: Listen to me, Apollo! Trucy: There's a weak point somewhere in Ms. Tiala's testimony! Trucy: But we don't know what her nervous habit is. Apollo: Well, then what do we do!? Trucy: You have to perceive it yourself, Apollo! With your eyes... and your senses! Apollo: (Then it's up to me and my bracelet...) Apollo: (I don't know why, but the bracelet helps.) Apollo: (Somehow, touching it helps me focus.) Apollo: (Let's give it a shot and bring down that testimony!) Alita: Why would I go to the clinic now for a half-year-old chart? Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: But your signature was on that chart. Alita: So? What does that have to do with this case? Alita: If there was something in that chart to make me look bad, I would have dealt with it. Alita:

The only one responsible for that chart is the presiding doctor... Dr. Meraktis. Apollo: (She's hiding something, I can smell it...) Apollo: (And I bet she's got a habit that gives it away!) Apollo: (I just have to focus to find her nervous habit!) Apollo: (Maybe it's time to give my bracelet a rub...) ((Perceive Wrong)) Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo: Ms. Tiala! You're unsure about something, aren't you? Alita: ...Not as unsure as you are. Trucy: Wow, she sure showed you. Apollo: Grrr...! Apollo: (I've got to focus and find her habit. Find that...) Apollo: (...and I'll find the weak spot in her testimony!) ((Perceive Ring)) Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo: Why go to the clinic for a half-year-old chart now, you ask?

Apollo: But, you know why you would go "now", don't you. Alita: I don't know what you're talking about. Apollo: It was quite clear, Ms. Tiala. You have a nervous habit. Apollo: The moment you said the word "now"... Apollo: used your right thumb to fiddled [sic] with your ring. Alita: Wh-What? Apollo: (She was unsure... I saw it!) Apollo: ("Now"... That's the key word!) Apollo: The chart wasn't a part of your past... Apollo: It was a clear and present threat! Alita: That's ridiculous, why if that were the case... Alita: ...I would have had six months to do something about it! Apollo: Indeed. Alita: Eh...? Apollo: Which means something happened quite recently...

Apollo: Something to make that chart a problem for you now. Alita: ...! Apollo: (I've got her on the ropes now, I can feel it!) Apollo; (Time to strike the killing blow... with evidence!) Apollo: ...Ms. Tiala. There's no use trying to hide it. Apollo: The chart became a threat to you now... because of this! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Alita: ...Because of what? Apollo: Um... Alita: The eyes of a hawk... and the brain of a toad. Apollo: (Ribbit! I mean, ack! lose this now!) Apollo: (C'mon toad brain, one more try!) ((Present Wocky's Check-Up Report)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: A health check-up report.. belonging to the defendant. I can't

Apollo: The Kitakis are trying to get out of the business. Apollo: The health check-up this month was their first ever... Apollo: ...What did you think when you heard about this? Alita: Eh? Oh, n-nothing. I think anything? Why should

Apollo: Oh? I would think you were positively beside yourself. Apollo: Because you were afraid. Apollo: You knew what Wocky's chest X-ray would reveal! Alita: ...Urk! Apollo: A full half year had passed since the operation. You thought you were home free... Apollo: ...when the chart came back to haunt you! Alita: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Apollo: That's all, Your Honor. Judge: ...... Judge: Wh-What just happened? Judge: Did... the witness just admit to lying? Alita: ...!

Klavier: I sensed it. Klavier: There was a great "aura" emanating from Herr Forehead. Klavier: ...Very cool. Klavier: So, the lady was lying, it seems. Apollo: That's correct. Apollo: She said she had no connection to the Meraktis Clinic. Apollo: But her connection was deep indeed... A bit too deep. Apollo: If the Kitakis got a hold of this chart with her name... Apollo: ...she'd be finished. Isn't that right, Ms. Tiala? Alita: ... You guessed it. Judge: Order! Order!!! I broke her

Apollo: (I-I did it! testimony!)

Trucy: Amazing, Apollo! see it at all!

I didn't

Trucy: Daddy was right about you! Alita: Wait! Apollo: ...!

Judge: Ms. Tiala? Alita: It's true, that chart was bad news for me. Alita: That's why I went to meet the doctor that day! Alita: But that's all! Alita: I told him about Wocky and went home! Klavier: ...It appears this cross-examination is far from over. Apollo: Wh-Whaaaat!? Klavier: She hid the truth from us, this is clear, yet... Klavier: It is not clear that this truth has anything to do with the case at hand! Judge: Hmm... Judge: Very well. The witness will add this to her testimony. Judge: And... we'll have a bit more cross-examination. Apollo: (Grr! I was so close!) Trucy: You're still close! Keep on her, Apollo! Alita: Nothing happened at all.

I warned him, and left. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: How did Dr. Meraktis respond to the warning? Alita: Oh, he was quite surprised. Panicky, even. Alita: Who wouldn't be scared to learn a Kitaki was after them? Judge: Incidentally, this court is not afraid of any mobsters! Judge: Why, we had a life-threatening situation just yesterday right here in this courtroom. Apollo: (Yeah, real impressive the way you stood up to the attack of the Amazing Mr. Hat, sir...) Klavier: ...After which I carried you back to your chambers. Trucy: ...Sounds like the judge had quite a fright. Apollo: ("Nothing happened" in Dr. Meraktis's office that day, huh...) Trucy: But what about the mess we found? Trucy: Something definitely happened in that office, Apollo! Apollo: I know, I know... Apollo: But we can't prove "when" it

happened. Apollo: Nor that Alita Tiala was in any way involved... Trucy: Well, let's try putting some evidence up anyway! ((Present Bullet)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: You say "nothing happened" in the doctor's office. Apollo: I disagree. this. Take a look at

Alita: What's that? It looks like a squished-up ball of clay. Alita: Kind of like you, actually. Apollo: This bullet was found in the Meraktis Clinic office. Apollo: Something did "happen" in that office, Ms. Tiala! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Enough of this joking around. The police investigated that clinic. Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Ah, but this was stuck inside the doctor's safe. Klavier: Inside the safe...?

Trucy: I guess the police didn't check that far. Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: ...But there is a problem. Klavier: How can you say that bullet was fired on that day? Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Weren't you the one who explained rifling marks to us? Klavier: ...! Apollo: The pistol was taken from the Kitaki Mansion that day. Apollo: If the marks on this bullet match the murder weapon... Apollo: ...then that proves a firearm was discharged in that office on the day of the murder! Klavier: ... Not bad, Herr Forehead. Judge: Bailiff! Have this bullet analyzed immediately! Thirty minutes later... A report arrives: "The rifling marks on both bullets are identical." Judge: Well... Judge: It seems as though the bullet in the safe was fired from

the murder weapon. Klavier: ... Judge: Perahps the defense would like to state their position? Apollo: ...The bullet in that safe proves one fact: Apollo: A pistol was fired in that office on that day. Apollo: And at the time of the firing, the safe was open. Apollo: The safe which contained the top-secret chart. Judge: Do you think someone was threatening Dr. Meraktis? Judge: In order to open the safe? Apollo: Only one person was in a position to do such a thing. Apollo: Our witness, Alita Tiala! Judge: Order! Order! Order!!!

Judge: Mr. Justice! Where are you going with this? Judge: Are you accusing the witness!? Apollo: Alita Tiala knew about Wocky Kitaki's botched operation! Apollo: She got engaged to him without telling him about it!

Apollo: As long as that bullet remained in his chest, his days were numbered. Apollo: What if she married him, and then the bullet finally reached its destination! Judge: Wh-Whaaaat!? Klavier: That reminds me. Klavier: Apparently, the Kitakis have been asserting themselves in lawful business practices... Klavier: They're making quite a great deal of money... a fortune, if you will. Judge: Nefarious! So she planned to marry him just to get her hands on this fortune? ???: *OBJECTION!* Wocky: You keep talking trash about my Alita... Wocky: ...and I'll sue you, lawyer-man! Apollo: ...Huh? Me!?

Wocky: Yeah! You said... Wocky: You said you'd... You'd... Wocky: You'd abuse my Alita! Apollo: Um, I think you mean

"accuse"...! Wocky: Same difference! Well you can't have her! She's mine! Wocky: It was me! I shot that doctor! Me! Wocky: He left me to die, so I left him to die, too, there in that park! Apollo: W... Wocky! Apollo: Just cool down a second, please! Wocky: You keep your hands off my Alita! Or I'll... ???: ...Tee...

Alita: Tee... hee hee ha ha ha ha! Judge: M... Ms. Tiala? Alita: I-I'm sorry. I just... Alita: It's been so long since I've laughed so hard. Apollo: Something funny? Alita: ...Wocky. Alita: Wake up and smell reality! Wocky: A... Alita-baby? Alita: The signature on the chart,

the engagement... Alita: I mean, come on! obvious. It's so

Alita: Even for a brainless, spoiled brat such as yourself. Wocky: Alita... Klavier: Your honesty is like a breath of foul air, Fräulein. Alita: Hey, I wasn't getting out of this clean, anyway. Apollo: So... The Family fortune is what you're really after! Alita: That's right. I wanted the money. Wocky: No way! That's wack! I ain't trying to hear that! Alita: Should have done the wedding earlier. Oh well. Alita: ...By the way, can I ask you a question? Apollo: Who, me? Alita: I believe you said you were going to abuse me? Apollo: ...Accuse. Alita: Of what crime, might I ask? Apollo: Huh?

Alita: Oh, I'm a bad girl. Sure. I got close to that brat because I wanted his money. Alita: But he was the one with the pistol. Alita: He could've fired it into the safe after I'd already left the clinic. Apollo: What...? Alita: I would never do a thing like that. It was definitely that silly brat. Apollo: Wait, but... Trucy: What are you talking about!? Apollo: T-Trucy...? Trucy: You had the most to lose if that chart was found! Alita: ...But I didn't have a pistol, now did I? Trucy: W-Well, you could have taken Wocky's! Alita: You'd think he'd have mentioned that, no? Alita: All I've heard him say is, "It was me! I shot him!" Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: That's only because he's trying to protect you!

Klavier: Sorry to intrude in this lovely conversation... Apollo: ...! Klavier: But the two of you are forgetting one critical point. Trucy: What... What point!? Klavier: Certainly, the Fräulein wanted that chart. Klavier: You assume she threatened the doctor into opening that safe. But then... Klavier: ...wouldn't she have taken the chart? Trucy: Oh... Klavier: You see? Klavier: That chart wouldn't have been left in that safe! Trucy: Ack! Apollo: (He... He's right!) Judge: ...Ms. Tiala. Alita: ...Yes? Judge: It is clear to this court that you are not a very good fiancée. Alita: Oh, I'm flattered.

Judge: Perhaps it's time you told us the truth? Judge: Tell us about yourself, including your actions and whereabouts on that day. Judge: [sic, this is actually Apollo] Don't forget! Apollo: We've proven that you were at the Meraktis Clinic on the day of the crime! Alita: ...... ** Witness Testimony ** -- The Meraktis Clinic 2 -Alita: Yes, I went to the clinic that day to speak to the doctor. Alita: I wanted that chart, but I failed to get it. So I went back to the clinic later. Alita: In any case, I didn't shoot him. You don't even have proof I stole that pistol, do you. Alita: And that brat was spotted in the park at the moment of the crime! Alita: Frankly, I don't think it matters if Dr. Meraktis was shot in the temple or not. Judge: You went back "later"...? Alita: That chart was dangerous, you understand. Alita: I needed to get rid of it,

that's why I went that day... Klavier: But you couldn't get the chart then, could you? Alita: ...And later that night, Dr. Meraktis was shot. Alita: I heard about the shooting, waited a day, but then I had to go back... Alita: ...No easy feat with the cops all over the place. Apollo: ...Ah! Th-That was you!? *thump* Trucy: ......! Ah... Apollo! That sound... It came from behind this door! Apollo: (...Someone's in there!) Apollo: A break-in! They left through that window! Apollo: So you were the burglar... Alita: That was you two? If only I had one more minute... Alita: ...then I could have opened that safe and gotten the chart! Judge: What!? That's trespassing! And brazen, at that! Alita: Oh, is this a trial for trespassing now? Besides... Alita:

You can't blame a girl for wanting to protect herself... Alita: They are gangsters, you know. Judge: In any case, Mr. Justice, your cross-examination! Apollo: (Admitting the little crime to avoid the big one, eh?) ** Cross-Examination ** -- The Meraktis Clinic 2 -Alita: Yes, I went to the clinic that day to speak to the doctor. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Why "that day"? Alita: That brat was uncontrollable. He was ready to kill! Alita: And that would bring in the police... Alita: And that chart would become evidence... Alita: And I'd be hung out to dry... *sniffle* Trucy: But the police didn't check the safe, did they? Apollo: Well, they thought the crime scene was the park. Klavier: I'll make sure the responsible parties feel the heat... Klavier: Such sloppiness won't be

tolerated, ja? Apollo: (I'm kinda thankful for that sloppiness myself, actually...) Alita: I wanted that chart, but I failed to get it. So I went back to the clinic later. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: "Later"...? Alita: When I heard what happened, well, I was too scared to do anything that day. Alita: So I waited until the day after... The 16th, was it? Alita: ...Of course, you and that meddling kid had to get in my way. Judge: But why did Dr. Meraktis keep that chart around? Judge: It was clearly dangerous for him. He could have burned it. Alita: Because he's a coward. Alita: The chart was his insurance. Judge: Insurance...? Alita: My signature on that chart, to be more specific. Alita: That made sure I couldn't betray him.

Alita: In any case, I didn't shoot him. You don't even have proof I stole that pistol, do you. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: But you could have stolen it! Alita: "Could have"? Is this some new definition of proof? Apollo: We'll ask Wocky. us! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Might I remind you this is a cross-examination? Klavier: You might want to keep your baseless theories to yourself. Apollo: Mmmmmnk! (He's right, isn't he...) Alita: And that brat was spotted in the park at the moment of the crime! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Y-Yeah, but... Um... Alita: But what? You have nothing to say. This case is over. Alita: It was over the moment that brat was seen in the park! Alita: What's the point in dragging it out any further? He'll tell

Alita: Frankly, I don't think it matters if Dr. Meraktis was shot in the temple or not. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: The doctor was shot in the right temple, yes? Alita: So it seems. Klavier: ...Let's review the facts again, shall we? Klavier: If the killer shot from this location... Klavier: ...the bullet would've struck our victim square in the forehead. Klavier: However! The entry wound... Klavier: ...was in the right temple. Judge: Yes, we heard testimony on this yesterday. Judge: At the time of the shooting, the witness was standing here. Judge: Just before the gun was fired, he shouted. Judge: The victim turned his head to look... and was shot. Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: But that testimony was proven

to be a lie! Apollo: Our egregious panty-snatcher, Mr. Stickler, did witness the crime... Apollo: But he was standing to the north, next to the trash can where he tossed those panties! Apollo: If Mr. Stickler shouted from this location, the bullet couldn't hit his right temple! Alita: Silly, silly attorney... Apollo: Wh-What...!? Alita: Do you remember what you had for breakfast that morning? Apollo: ... Apollo: Do you remember, Trucy? Trucy: I always have a glass of milk for breakfast. Alita: What matters is one thing: The doctor was shot in his right temple. Alita: If that's the case, there can only be one explanation! Alita: The panties guy was mistaken. Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: But his location was proven! Apollo: You can't write that off as

him being "mistaken"! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: ...Then why don't you show us, Herr Forehead? Apollo: Show you... what? Klavier: Must I explain everything? Very well, let's recap: Klavier: If the witness, panties guy, was standing to the north... Klavier: ...then where was the shooter standing? Klavier: From what location did the killer shoot the victim? Judge: But wait! If the witness was standing there... Judge: could anyone shoot the victim in the right temple? Klavier: ...Ah ha ha ha ha! I merely laid out the facts for us. Klavier: It is up to the one possessing the shiny forehead to show us. Klavier: ...If you can, that is. Apollo: (Wocky Kitaki was standing at the "Killer" mark...) Apollo: (Wesley Stickler at the "Witness" mark...) Apollo: (And of course Pal Meraktis

was at the "Victim" mark...) Judge: Let's hear what the defense has to say. Judge: Where was the killer standing when they shot the victim? [ At the "killer" mark ] Apollo: At the "killer" mark, of course! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: In one fell swoop, we are back where we were yesterday, ja? Klavier: How do you explain the wound in the victim's right temple? Apollo: ............ Uh, that is a problem, isn't it? Judge: Thank you, Mr. Justice, for pointing out the obvious! Trucy: That would make Wocky the killer, Apollo! Geez! Judge: One more time, if you would. [ At the "witness" mark ] Apollo: The killer was standing at the "Witness" mark! Judge: That would explain the wound in the victim's right temple. Klavier: So, once again, you are

accusing Wesley Stickler? Klavier: ...As the murderer of Pal Meraktis? Apollo: (I would be, wouldn't I...) Alita: Finally, a glimmer of sense. Klavier: Very well, Herr Forehead. Show us proof! Klavier: Have you evidence that incriminates Wesley Stickler? Apollo: (I guess he really is the most likely suspect...) Apollo: (Do I have some evidence that shows Mr. Stickler did it?) ((Present Anything)) Klavier: ......... Judge: Apparently, you lack this promised evidence. Apollo: (Ugh... That wasn't it...) Klavier: You'll never succeed if your base assumption is faulty. Klavier: Perhaps you should rethink this from the top, ja? Apollo: (Maybe he's right...) Klavier: In fact, you may want to rethink your choice of career. Apollo:

(Hey, that was a bit uncalled for, don't you think!?) Apollo: Your Honor, the defense would like to reconsider! Judge: ...Very well. Judge: This penalty should help keep you on track. [ Someplace else ] Apollo: As the facts stand now, we can't explain this crime... Apollo: ...without contradicting ourselves at some point. Apollo: But I know why. Apollo: The real killer shot from an entirely different location! Alita: What are you talking about!? I don't see any other place... Judge: Apparently, Mr. Justice does. Judge: ...Let's hear it. Judge: Where in the park did the killer shoot the victim from? Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: It's time to raise the roof! ...And the stakes. Apollo: Eh? Klavier:

Penalties are such frightening things, don't you think? Klavier: But what if they were a bit more... terrifying? Klavier: ...Like so. Judge: D-Double penalty? Klavier: Herr Forehead wishes to take us in a new direction? Klavier: Then he must be ready for the challenges ahead! Apollo: ...Challenge accepted. (It's Justice time!) Trucy: A-Are you sure, Apollo? Apollo: (The key is the witness, Mr. Stickler's testimony!) Apollo: (If we believe that, and we know where he stood...) Apollo: (...and the victim turned when he shouted...) Apollo: (...there's only one place the killer could have been!) Apollo: The killer shot the victim from... here! ((Present somewhere on the right, but not the noodle stand)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This is where the killer

shot from! Judge: Hmm. I hadn't thought of that. Apollo: None of us did, Your Honor! Klavier: And this explains the wound in the right temple how? Apollo: ... I hadn't thought of that. Judge: An amusing diversion, Mr. Justice. Penalty. Klavier: Yes, amusing... like your career, Mr. Justice. Apollo: (Fine, rub it in...) Klavier: Perhaps you would be so kind as to try again? ((Present anywhere else)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This is where the killer shot from! Judge: But then the killer couldn't have shot his right temple. Klavier: So young, and already senile. How unfortunate... Judge: I'll have you know I'm not senile! Judge: Why I remember exactly what I ate the morning of the crime!

Judge: ....................... Judge: Ahem! Penalty! Apollo: (...No fair.) Klavier: You seem intent on digging your own grave. Here, have a shovel and try again. Apollo: (I think we're seeing her true colors now...) Trucy: She's trying to push all the blame on Wocky! Trucy: And she's getting away with it! Apollo: (My bracelet didn't react to anything this time...) Apollo: (I guess that means there's nothing worth perceiving... Time to get old school!) ((Present Noodle Stand)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: I believe we all owe a debt of gratitude... Apollo: Ms. Alita Tiala. Alita: Wh-What do you mean? Apollo: Thanks to you, we had a chance to review the crime...

Apollo: ...and this time, we were prepared. Apollo: We know that Wesley Stickler was telling the truth! Apollo: We should have listened to him from the beginning. Apollo: Wesley Stickler was standing next to the trash can when he saw the two men. Apollo: ...He shouted, just as he told us in his testimony. Apollo: ...And the victim turned to look in his direction. Apollo: A shot was fired! The victim was hit in the right temple. Judge: Oh no... Apollo: Oh yes! Apollo: Which direction was his right temple facing at that moment? Apollo: That's right! Toward the noodle stand! Judge: Order! Order! Order!!!

Judge: S-So you're saying... Judge: ...the killer was inside the noodle stand!? Klavier: *OBJECTION!*

Klavier: ...Let's think about this a bit more, shall we? Klavier: You say the killer was "inside the noodle stand". Klavier: Which would mean the victim, Dr. Meraktis came to the park... Klavier: ...wheeling his own murderer in the cart behind him! Alita: This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Alita: I'd think you'd notice if you were pulling someone along! Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: There's something we should worry about before that! Apollo: Why was he pulling the noodle stand in the first place!? Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Let's deal with our problems one at a time, shall we? Klavier: Someone was hiding in the stand... Klavier: We have not come this far to talk about "possibilities". Klavier: ...Let's talk about "proof", baby. Klavier: Show us evidence that proves

someone was in that stand! Apollo: (Can I prove that...?) Apollo: You want evidence that someone was in that stand...? [ Well, too bad! ] Apollo: Well, too bad! Klavier: ......... Apollo: ...Kidding! Just kidding! I've got it! Apollo: (...Whew, close one.) Judge: ...Then let's see it. [ Well, I've got it! ] Apollo: ...I've got it right here. Judge: Intriguing! Let's see what you've got. Judge: Show us proof that someone was hiding in the noodle stand! ((Present Wrong)) Judge: ... Judge: Thoughts, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: We have a choice between Heaven... or Hell. Klavier:

Either our brains are damaged, or Herr Forehead's is. Klavier: I wonder which it is? Judge: ...This court finds Mr. Justice's brain faulty. Judge: ...By majority vote. Apollo: (Ugh... Time to pick something else...) Judge: How about showing us the right evidence this time? ((Present Slippers)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: "The Meraktis Clinic"... And they're covered with paint. Apollo: These slippers were found in a trash can near the crime scene. Klavier: And...? Apollo: A single slipper print was found at the scene... Apollo: ...Right next to the noodle stand! Alita: Ack...! Apollo: Oh, and Ms. Tiala. Apollo: Your toe print was found in the left slipper!

Alita: Urk...! Apollo: In other words... Apollo: ...this is proof you were inside that noodle stand! Alita: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Yet there was only one slipper mark found at the scene... Klavier: ...Can this be called a footprint, in good faith? Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: ...Observe the diagram! Apollo: A park pathway runs right next to the slipper mark! Apollo: A slipper wouldn't leave a trace on a cobblestone path! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: ...Yet you still cannot say this is a "footprint", ja? Apollo: Why not!? Klavier: You have an impression left by a single slipper... Klavier: What if it was on the stand and simply fell to the ground?

Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: That's... That's just dumb! Klavier: One more thing. Klavier: A noodle stand is typically cluttered with the tools of the noodle-making trade. Klavier: There's no room for a person to ride in there! Judge: Hmm... You have a point. Judge: Could someone have hidden in that stand? Trucy: Apollo! I think I might be on to something! Apollo: ...? Trucy: I think I've figured out one of our pieces of evidence! Trucy: In order to make room in the stand, some things would have to be... Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: Do you have proof that someone could have hidden in the stand? Apollo: I can prove one thing. Apollo: Someone did scheme to clear space in that stand!

((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ... Judge: I don't see how that evidence relates to the matter at hand. Apollo: (Ack! ...That wasn't it.) Apollo: (Maybe if I submit another piece of evidence while he's thinking...) Judge: Stop right there! Judge: I think someone's "scheming" to avoid a penalty. Judge: ...We'll have none of that. Apollo: (Oops...) Klavier: Again, Mr. Justice, if you would. Your evidence? ((Present Bowl)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This is a noodle bowl from the stolen Eldoon's Noodles noodle stand. Judge: Yes, and what about it? Apollo: We discovered a large quantity of these bowls yesterday...

Apollo: the lobby of the Meraktis Clinic! Alita: ...! Judge: A large quantity of noodle bowls in the victim's clinic? Apollo: Mr. Eldoon was very clear about those bowls. Guy: Well, I don't care who did it! Without that stand, I'm finished! Guy: All my noodle bowls were in there, too. Apollo: Yet the bowls were removed! Apollo: That night, there was space inside that noodle stand! Apollo: Space created at the Meraktis Clinic, no less. Apollo: Right around the time that you were there, Ms. Alita Tiala! Alita: Stoooooooooooop! Alita: I won't listen to any more of these wild fantasies! Alita: No... not fantasies... Alita: They're worse lies than that spoiled brat's pickup lines! Judge: I would like to remind the witness of her current status.

Judge: This court does not consider you entirely innocent. Alita: Show me an innocent... I'll show you a fairy tale. Judge: ...In any case. Judge: The defense has, somehow, made its point. Judge: The witness had both a motive and an opportunity to kill Dr. Meraktis. Alita: More fairy tales! This whole trial is a fairy tale! Judge: Then please, pull us back down to reality, Ms. Tiala. Judge: I'm giving you one last chance to explain yourself. Apollo: (This is it!) Apollo: (Why was Dr. Meraktis pulling that stand that night...?) Apollo: (...And what was Alita Tiala doing inside it?) Apollo: (Time to get to the bottom of this case!) ** Witness Testimony ** -- Tiala's Explanation -Alita: That night, I went to ask Dr. Meraktis for the chart. Alita: I had no intention of ever letting that chart fall into

the Kitaki Family's hands. Alita: But Dr. Meraktis didn't understand... Alita: For some reason, he thought the Kitakis had sent me! Alita: So I gave up and went home... All I did was talk to him! Apollo: You knew about the botched operation... Apollo: So you tried to get rid of the chart, to save yourself! Alita: I won't make excuses. Alita: ...And I did warn the good doctor. I gave him a chance. Alita: I told him that brat got his health check-up report. Alita: ...And that he was coming to settle the score. Judge: Hmm... I see. Judge: Very well. Mr. Justice, begin your cross-examination. Apollo: ...Yes, Your Honor. (This is the last testimony!) Apollo: (Either I perceive the truth, or it's over!) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Tiala's Explanation -Alita: That night, I went to ask

Dr. Meraktis for the chart. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So, you did go to steal that chart! Alita: Were you listening? I said I "asked" him for it! Judge: The victim was a man in good health... I don't see how she could have coerced him. Klavier: True. It would have been impossible without a pistol. Apollo: (But what if she did have a pistol...?) Alita: I'll admit I wanted the chart. That much is true. Alita: ...My reason was simple. Alita: I had no intention of ever letting that chart fall into the Kitaki Family's hands. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: It certainly would have put a damper on your wedding plans, I'd say. Alita: Not only that. If the Kitakis had gotten that chart... Alita: ...I'd probably be with Dr. Meraktis now, pulling that great noodle stand in the sky. Klavier: It seems our witness was in a

fix as well. Alita: Who would want to die pulling a noodle stand? Trucy: When I die, it will be by disappearing mysteriously in the middle of a magic act! Apollo: Could we be a little less morbid!? Please!? Alita: So you see, I needed that chart. Alita: But Dr. Meraktis didn't understand... Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: He didn't understand...? Alita: He wouldn't listen to a word I was saying! Alita: The moment he saw me, he started to tremble... Alita: Hah, I thought, what a sad excuse for a man! Apollo: (Please don't smile like that anymore... It's creepy.) Alita: He was practically delusional! Alita: For some reason, he thought the Kitakis had sent me! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: They "sent you"?

Alita: He thought the Kitakis had sent me to get the chart. Klavier: It makes some sense. their son's fiancée. You are

Alita: Don't make me laugh! The Kitakis? Send me? They don't play that way. Alita: If they'd known about that chart, they would have gone in there with guns blazing. Alita: But I couldn't convince the trembling doctor otherwise. Alita: So I gave up and went home... All I did was talk to him! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: If that was really all that happened... Apollo: ...what were all those noodle bowls doing there? Alita: How should I know? Alita: There weren't any bowls when I went, I know that much! Alita: Why don't you let me be and go look for your killer someplace else, alright? Apollo: (Do I detect uncertainty there...?) ((Perceive Wrong))

Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo: ...Gotcha, Ms. Tiala!!! Alita: I heard you just fine the first time. Alita: What, I wasn't aware we were playing paintball. Apollo: ...... Trucy: She's one cool cucumber, that Alita. Apollo: (...Hmm. Maybe I spotted the wrong spot.) Apollo: (But my bracelet reacted! There must be something in this testimony!) Apollo: (I'll find your weak spot, Alita Tiala...) Apollo: (...This is my last chance!) Trucy: Apollo... any word from your bracelet? Apollo: Yeah, actually... (I felt it respond...!) Trucy: I couldn't see a thing! Trucy: It's up to you, Apollo! Apollo: (Time to perceive the truth! ...Here comes Justice!) ((Perceive Twitch))

Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo: "All I did was talk"... and lie. Alita: Wh-What? Show me proof!

Apollo: (I'm pretty sure about this one... I think I'm getting the hang of this.) Apollo: (A little slip in confidence, and they give it all away.) Apollo: The proof... is you, Ms. Tiala. Alita: ...! Apollo: "All I did was talk to him", you claim... Apollo: Yet you can't hide your own nervous twitch when you say those words! Alita: My "twitch"? What are you talking about!? Apollo: You have a habit of scratching the area of your neck around the edge of your scarf. Alita: Wha--! Wh-Wh-What!? Apollo: (This is working better than I'd hoped!) Apollo: (Her unconscious actions tell the truth she won't say.)

Apollo: (Habits and lies... Two dots...) Apollo: (Connect the dots and find the truth!) Alita: D-Don't look at me like that! I t-told you the tr-truth... Apollo: It seems that when you recall what really happened in that office... Apollo: can't keep your hands off your neck, can you? Alita; ...! Apollo: (Hmm... It seems that nervous habits...) Apollo: (...are unconscious reactions that manifest when someone is trying to hide something!) Apollo: You can't hide behind your scarf, Ms. Tiala! Apollo: Something happened between you and the victim in the Meraktis Clinic office! Alita: ... Apollo: And I've got proof that shows exactly what happened! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Alita: ...I knew you were bluffing.

Apollo: Huh...? Alita: I could tell by the way you fondled your spiky hair! Apollo: (Ack! She found my habit!) Apollo: (I'd better rethink this...) Apollo: (OK, when we found the Merakti Clinic office...) Apollo: (...there were signs of a struggle, and a bullet in the safe.) Apollo: (Ms. Tiala was willing to do anything to get that chart.) Apollo: (So something happened... But what?) ((Present Lamp)) Alita: Wh-What's that...? Apollo: ...You're touching your scarf again. Alita: ...! Apollo: ...There's something unusual about this lamp. Apollo: The bulb is broken... and there's a red splotch on the cord. Alita: Eh... Apollo:

Seeing how you hide your neck... Apollo: I think I can come up with a plausible explanation for the lamp's state. Alita: Well spit it out! This talking in circles nonsense is killing me! Apollo: Very well. Apollo: The answer is very simple. Ms. Alita Tiala... Apollo: Please remove your scarf! Alita: ! ............... Alita: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: This is a trial to determine what happened in that park. Klavier: Yet we seem to have drifted off target. Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: We'll find out soon enough if we're drifting... Apollo: As soon as the witness removes her scarf. Alita: I... I won't do it! Alita:

This is insane! I'm a... an unrelated third party! Alita: You can't order me to remove my clothing! Judge: ...Ms. Tiala. Judge: I'm afraid you've forgotten what's already been proven. Alita: What...? Judge: You're hardly "unrelated". Judge: ...Please remove your scarf. Alita: No. Noooooooooooo! Apollo: ...I knew it. Apollo: So I was right, wasn't I, Ms. Alita Tiala! Judge: Your neck... That isn't what I think it is!? Apollo: Something did happen that night at the Meraktis Clinic! Apollo: You needed to get that chart back, no matter what it took. Apollo: Even if you had to steal your fiancé's pistol to do it! Judge: B-But wait! Judge: Looking at this lamp, and the witness's neck...

Judge: It looks like the very opposite happened! Apollo: Exactly. Apollo: The victim in the clinic that night... Apollo: ...was this witness! Specifically... Apollo: tried to threaten Dr. Meraktis and he attacked you! Apollo: That's what happened that night at the Meraktis Clinic! Alita: Urk......!!! Alita: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Alita: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek Alita: .................... .................... Judge: Order! Order! Order!!!

Judge: Will someone please tell me what really happened!? Alita: I told you the truth already! Alita: I went to the clinic that night to warn Dr. Meraktis! Alita: ...That gangster knows everything!

Alita: He's coming for you! Meraktis: ...Looks like my clinic's seen its last patient. Alita: We have to get rid of that chart! Alita: Quick, open your safe! Give it to me! Meraktis: ...So you can save your own skin? Alita: What...? Meraktis: I know what you're up to. You want in with the Family... Meraktis: And if they see that chart, you're finished. Alita: ...... Meraktis: ...Leaving me holding the short straw. Meraktis: But if I'm going down... I'll want some company. You! Apollo: And what happened next!? Alita: He jumped at me, and knocked me to the floor! Alita: Then, he took that cord... Alita: ...Pal Meraktis was serious. Deadly serious. Alita: He really tried to strangle

me. Alita: I... I must have blacked out. Judge: So... you were the victim! Klavier: And the red splotch on the cord... was your lipstick. Alita: I... I didn't want to remember that night. Alita: That's why I didn't bring it up. Alita: There... Are you happy now? Apollo: Eh... Alita: I was out cold, almost killed! Alita: And you claim I then snuck into that noodle stand... Alita: But how could I!? Apollo: Aaaaaaack! Judge: Well, one thing is clear. Judge: We now know what really happened at the Meraktis Clinic. Judge: And it would seem that our victim was not entirely without blame himself! Alita: I... I'm sorry. Alita: I get so nervous just thinking

of it, it's hard to breathe. Alita: I've told you everything. Can I go home now? Judge: Hmm... Judge: You bear some responsibility for events that day, true. Judge: Yet, if you were also a victim... Judge: ...this court would owe you some sympathy. Judge: ...Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: I believe this clears up the remaining questions for Ms. Tiala. Apollo: (When did this happen!?) Apollo: (Suddenly, everyone's sympathizing with her!) Trucy: I don't know what to think anymore, Apollo... Trucy: I mean, is that it? Trucy: Do we know everything we need to know about Ms. Tiala? Judge: Very well! This finishes the cross-examination of this... Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Heh. Heh heh heh.

Klavier: Not so fast. This party's just getting started! Klavier: Now, we rock! Apollo: W-What!? Klavier: Those spikes on your head are softer than they look... Klavier: Or do you not have the stomach to go all the way? Judge: Prosecutor Gavin...? Klavier: Pak Meraktis choked Alita Tiala... Klavier: ...She fell unconscious. Klavier: But what happened next? Trucy: He's right! There is more we don't know! Apollo: But... she was choked hard enough to leave that mark! Apollo: She would have been out for a while! Trucy: Even still, what if it was her in that noodle stand! Apollo: ...! Apollo: (Alita Tiala, half-dead... Dr. Meraktis pulling that stand...) Apollo: (And a bullet fired from

inside the noodle stand...) Trucy: What if it's all true!? Trucy: We might have already figured out what truly happened that night! Apollo: Ms. Alita Tiala, as you can see... Apollo: ...we're not through with you just yet. Alita: ...You really want to blame me for this murder, don't you? Alita: You, too, "Prosecutor" Gavin. Klavier: Me? Fräulein, I only wish to know the truth. Apollo: Well, let's go back over what we've learned up till now. Apollo: On the day of the murder, Wocky saw his check-up report. Apollo: ...From which he learned about the bullet still inside him. ApollO: So, he took a pistol from the Family stash... Apollo: ...with the intent to give Dr. Meraktis some of "his own medicine". Trucy: And Ms. Tiala heard about this from Wocky. Trucy: So she went to the Meraktis Clinic ahead of him!

Trucy: ...In order to get rid of the chart with her signature! Apollo: But then... something happened. Alita: ...Sounds like you've figured it all out. Alita: But remember, I was the victim! I was out cold. Apollo: But, what about Dr. Meraktis? Klavier: That does seem to be the problem... Klavier: He had just strangled Alita Tiala, perhaps, he thought, to death. Klavier: What did he do after his crime? Alita: I was just knocked out! Not dead! Klavier: From the state of his clinic, and the scene in the park... Klavier: ...I think it's clear what the good doctor did next. Klavier: Well, Herr Forehead? Care to guess? Apollo: ...! Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? Dr. Meraktis do!? Apollo: What did

(Maybe he did think he killed Alita Tiala...) Apollo: (Do I have evidence to show what he did next...?) ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This evidence shows what he did next! Judge: ... Klavier: ...Shows what, Herr Forehead? Judge: Your smile has a sort of sick desperation to it, Mr. Justice. Apollo: (What, this smile?) Judge: ...Let's try again, shall we? ((Present Noodle Stand)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: ...As his next move, Dr. Meraktis... Apollo: ...stole Guy Eldoon's noodle stand! Alita: What, "killing" me disturbed him that much? Alita: So much he randomly stole a noodle stand!? Apollo:

It wasn't so "random". Remember all the bowls in the clinic's foyer? Apollo: Bowls that belonged inside that stand? I think it's pretty obvious, don't you? Apollo: That stand was at the clinic. However, the question is why did he remove the bowls? Trucy: Maybe... because the stand was heavy? Apollo: Or he wanted to put something in the stand in their place... Judge: Ah... Judge: Wait, you don't mean...! Apollo: I do. Apollo: Dr. Meraktis did replace those bowls with something... Apollo: ...your "corpse", Ms. Tiala! Alita: M-My "corpse"!? Apollo: Dr. Meraktis panicked. He thought he'd killed you... Klavier: ...His next move would be to dispose of the body! Alita: Th-That's crazy talk! all crazy! Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: You're

Then let's think about it... logically. Apollo: The doctor had a place to dispose of you in mind... Apollo: ...But on the way there... Apollo: ...who should he run into but the defendant, Wocky Kitaki! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: ...I question your "logic". Judge: What's this, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: The park is a dead end. Why would he head in that direction to begin with? Alita: That's right! He had no reason to go there! ...Oh, now I get it! Alita: It was a trick! That spoiled brat made him do it! He made the doctor steal the stand! Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Tell me... Why would someone go to a "dead end"? Apollo: ...Unless the park was his destination! Alita: Wh-What...? Judge: Apparently, the defense has an idea. Judge:

Tell us where Dr. Meraktis was heading with the stand! Judge: Here, please show us on this diagram. Judge: To where exactly was the victim dragging that stand? ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The victim was heading here! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Ah yes, of course. Klavier: ...Why? Apollo: ............ Apollo: I'm young, Your Honor. I'm still making up my mind about a lot of things. Judge: ...Perhaps you should leave the court until you grow up. Apollo: (...Ugh.) ((Present River)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: There? That's a... a river! There.

Apollo: Yes, Your Honor. I scarcely need to explain why.

Klavier: ...A perfect place to dispose of a body. Alita: H-He was going to throw me into that river!? Klavier: He didn't have many other options, Fräulein. Alita: ... Apollo: I believe this clears up all of the remaining questions. Apollo: The victim pulling the stand, and the defendant before him. Apollo: ...And inside the stand, you, Ms. Alita Tiala. Alita: Urk... Apollo: And then, the denouement. Apollo: Wesley Stickler, of panty-snatching fame, walks up. Apollo: Seeing the two men, he shouts! In that instant... Alita: So... I shot him? Apollo: You were the only one who could have stolen Wocky's pistol. Apollo: It had to be you! Judge: ...Well, Ms. Tiala? Alita:

...... Hmph. Alita: ...Nice work. Apollo: ...You mean, I'm right? Alita: I mean you've done a fine job dreaming up a story... Alita: get that spoiled brat off the hook! Trucy: You're the one who's dreaming! Trucy: Apollo's backed up everything he's said with facts! Trucy: If you're so sure he's making it up, give us another reason! Trucy: Why was Dr. Meraktis pulling that stand through the park!? Alita: Who knows? Alita: But there's one gaping hole in your logic. Alita: I think Mr. Gavin knows whereof I speak! Apollo: Whereof what!? Apollo: (I can't believe she's still trying to deny this!) Judge: Is this true, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: ...Must I always be the one to point out Herr Forehead's

errors? Apollo: ...! (Ack, maybe there really is something!) Klavier: I believe the Fräulein speaks of... Herr Doktor's car. Apollo: His car...? Alita: That's right! The Meraktis Clinic has that big garage! Judge: In which sat... a green sports car, was it? Alita: Why would he steal the stand in the first place!? Alita: If he wanted to carry a body, he would have used the car! Apollo: Ack...! Klavier: And so we find our victim without probable cause to steal that stand... Klavier: ...and our defense without a case. ???: *OBJECTION!* Trucy: Um... I have an idea! Trucy: You know that green car? Trucy: I bet it wouldn't run! It was broken! Klavier: Ah, what an excellent

counter-argument, Fräulein. Klavier: Too bad you're quite wrong. Trucy: Eh... Klavier: Don't tell me you've forgotten what happened to your daddy? Trucy: Daddy...? Apollo: Th-That's right...! Apollo: That night, the car that hit Mr. Wright... Apollo: ...was that green sports car! Judge: Oh, yes! I-I'd nearly forgotten about it! Klavier: Afterward, he drove it back to that garage. It ran fine. Alita: ...That's right. Alita: So why didn't he use his beloved sports car, hmm? Apollo: Urk...! Klavier: A glaring contradiction, to be sure. Klavier: More glaring than your forehead. Apollo: No.. Nooooooooooooo! Judge:

Order! Order! Order! Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: Why didn't Dr. Meraktis use his car to carry the "body"? Apollo: Uh... Umm... Klavier: Is that a groan of surrender I hear? Apollo: ...... Klavier: Some advice: Now's a good time to review all you know. Klavier: ...Everything you've learned over the last two days. Apollo: (Everything I've learned...?) Jduge: Mr. Justice, this contradiction casts doubt on your entire case! Judge: This is truly your last chance! Judge: The defense will explain to us what happened that night! [ Someone else stole the stand. ] Apollo: Actually... It was someone else who stole that stand! Judge: B-But then why was the victim pulling it!? Apollo: Well... Um... Apollo:

He would have had to steal it from someone else! Judge: ... Judge: We're back where we started, Mr. Justice. Klavier: Without an explanation for why he didn't use the car. Judge: I'll ask you again! [ He carried the body in the car. ] Apollo: The victim... used the car to carry the body! Klavier: Ah, so you're throwing out everything you've proven up until now? Apollo: Well, if the car wasn't broken... Klavier: I admire your adaptability in the face of impossible odds. Klavier: Yet this does not explain why he was pulling that stand. Apollo: (What's going on...?) Apollo: (Is Prosecutor Gavin trying to tell me something...?) Judge: Perhaps we need to ask you again. [ The car didn't run. ] Apollo: (I have an idea...)

Apollo: (It's all coming together!) Apollo: ...That night, Dr. Meraktis couldn't use his car. Alita: Hah! Now you're making even less sense than usual! Apollo: ...Not according to my information, Ms. Tiala. Apollo: Put one and one together, and the explanation is simple! Judge: If it's so simple, perhaps you can show us some evidence? Judge: Show us proof why the car wouldn't run that night! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: This is proof of why the car broke down that night!? Judge: Well, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: Ah, it's proof of a malfunction, alright. Klavier: ...A malfunction in Herr Forehead's brain. Judge: The court accepts this evidence! Apollo: (Hah, hah, very funny, guys.) Judge:

Mr. Justice! You will mend your malfunction and present evidence that makes sense! ((Present Panties) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: Let's see now... Panties!? Again!? Trucy: All sorts of things come out of my panties! Trucy: ...Even the truth. Alita: ...? Apollo: Another crime was committed the night of the murder. Apollo: The theft of these panties! The latest in a string of similar thefts, actually. Apollo: But that night, the snatcher was caught in the act! Apollo: A brave young girl chased the thief until the hid... Apollo: the Meraktis Clinic garage. Alita: Wh-Whaaat!? Apollo: The snatcher hid the panties there before running... Apollo: ...Perhaps someone in this court remembers where he hid them?

Judge: Why... weren't they found in the car's exhaust pipe? Apollo: ...Exactly. Apollo: By the way, I learned something yesterday... Apollo: ...A very important piece of information. Apollo: ...And I learned it from you, Prosecutor Gavin! Trucy: Um, so you were here investigating? Klavier: And I was on my way home... when my hog gave up the ghost. Apollo: Your hog...? Klavier: My motorcycle won't start. A clogged exhaust pipe... Trucy: Too bad! It looks like such a nice bike, too. Trucy: Hard to believe that it could break just from that! Klavier: Cars, motorbikes, they're all the same. Klavier: Clog the exhaust, and they won't run. Alita: My, how interesting. Apollo: While Ms. Tiala and the doctor were struggling...

Apollo: ...the panty-snatcher snuck into the Meraktis garage. Apollo: From that time, until the time we found these... Apollo: ...that car wouldn't start. Alita: Wh...What...!? Trucy: That's why Dr. Meraktis had to use the noodle stand! Trucy: It was the next closest thing he could think of! Apollo: ...Well, Ms. Tiala? Apollo: This wraps your doubts up quite nicely, I think! Alita: ... So it does. Alita: (Where...) Alita: (Where am I...?) Alita: (So dark... Can't see... ...Cramped...!) Alita: (The pain... my throat's burning...!) Meraktis: Wh-What's your problem!? Wocky: You, Doc! Meraktis: Ah...! Alita: I know what you did!

(...Wocky?) Wocky: ...You lied to me! So you know what I'm gonna do? Wocky: I'm gonna give you a taste of your own medicine, man! Meraktis: W-Wait! Let me explain! Wocky: F-Fine. I'll give you your last request. Meraktis: Listen, you're being tricked! But not how you think! Meraktis: It's not just me... Alita: (No...!) Alita: (He'll ruin everything! ...I have to stop him!) Stickler: C-Cease this at once, y-y-you two! Alita: Funny. This isn't the way it was supposed to turn out. Alita: Oh well. Too bad. Judge: There's still one mystery... Judge: How did you manage to disappear from that stand? Alita: In the silence after the shot, I heard the witness running... Klavier: I believe we heard as much

from Wesley Stickler. Klavier: He went to use a public phone to inform the police. Alita: ...Which is when I made my escape. Apollo: ...Which is when you left that slipper print! Alita: Dr. Meraktis didn't bother taking my slippers off. Alita: I threw them out after I stepped in that paint, though. Apollo: ...That was your mistake. Alita: No. My biggest mistake... Alita: ...was coming to you for help, Mr. Justice! Apollo: Eh... Alita: I believed in you! Alita: You and your "Anything Agency"... Alita: If anyone would get Wocky declared guilty it was you! Apollo: ... Judge: I believe we've reached a conclusion of sorts. Judge: ...Prosecutor Gavin. How is Ms. Alita Tiala doing?

Klavier: She's confessed to everything. We're processing her arrest now. Trucy: Prosecutor Gavin sure seems calm for someone who just lost... Apollo: (I think he already knew...) Apollo: (He'd figured out she was the killer a while ago...) Klavier: Some advice: Now's a good time to review all you know. Klavier: ...Everything you've learned over the last two days. Apollo: (He lost... but I didn't exactly win, either.) Klavier: ...Hmm? Something the matter, Herr Forehead? Judge: Looks like it's time to announce a verdict... Not Guilty Judge: Court is adjourned! --June 17, 4:12 PM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 2 --Trucy: Great job, Apollo! You did it!

Apollo: Yeah, we did, somehow... Trucy: Wocky's off the hook...

Trucy: to become the gangster he's always wanted to be! Trucy: And he has you to thank... ???: Hey! Attorney-man!

Wocky: You're gonna pay for what you did to my Alita, homes! Trucy: ...Or to blame, I guess. Wocky: You give my Alita back! Wocky: Stupid pointy-head attorney with a death-wish! ???: Enough, Wocky! Apollo: Ah! Mr. Kitaki... Big Wins: ...It's high time you opened your eyes, Wocky. Wocky: What do you know, old man! Wocky: I think it's 'bout time you opened yours! Wocky: Givin' up the life, tryin' to become some kinda businessman! Big Wins: Don't talk about what you don't understand, Wocky! Trucy: ...I'm afraid the guard is going to throw them both out. Apollo: ...If not in jail. Wouldn't that be a happy ending.

Trucy: Hey, maybe we can help them out! Trucy: We know why Mr. Kitaki needs to make so much money... Maybe we should tell Wocky. Trucy: Oh, Wocky? Apollo has something to tell you! Apollo: Huh? I do? (Way to put me on the spot...) WockY: Eh? Whazzat? Trucy: Show him the reason why, Apollo! Apollo: (Why is Mr. Kitaki trying to become a business man...?) ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Wocky: ...Eh? You're bugging. Apollo: (I think that means I messed up...) Big Wins: Wocky, I don't care what you think of me... Big Wins: But you should know how your mother feels. Trucy: ...Little Plum? Apollo: (What was that she said...?)

Plum: It pays... but we need a lot of money right now. Plum: Clean money, that is. Apollo: (Wait, could she mean...?) Wocky: Wh-What's this about, old man? ((Present Wocky's Chart or Check-Up Report)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Think about it, Wocky... Apollo: Think about your condition. Wocky: ...! Apollo: I talked with your mother, Little Plum, yesterday. Plum: It pays... but we need a lot of money right now. Plum: Clean money, that is. Wocky: ...She doesn't mean... You aren't really... are you? Big Wins: ...I searched the globe. And I found one. Big Wins: A doctor who can take that bullet out of you, Wocky. Big Wins: But it's an expensive procedure. Wocky:

M-Man! B-But you got plenty of money already, don't you? Big Wins: I won't use it. Wocky: ...! Big Wins: It was the gangster life that did this to you, Wocky. Big Wins: ...I want to help you, and I want to do it clean. Big Wins: Please understand. Wocky... Wocky: D-Dad... Wocky: M-Man, I see how it is, old man! Always you looking out for... out for... Trucy: Wocky...? Wocky: Listen good, old man! One day... One day... Wocky: I'm gonna take you out! Then we'll see who's the O.G.! Wocky: You try to hide in your business suit, I'll find you! Wocky: Stupid ol' geezer! Trucy: My! Wocky! Big Wins: ...No, it's as it should be. Apollo: Mr. Kitaki! (I liked him more without the puppy dog eyes.)

Big Wins: I'm glad... to have met you. I'm not so good with words... Big Wins: But I know a professional job when I see one. Thank you. Apollo: Who? Me? Big Wins: Someday... Big Wins: I'll bake you one of our latest... The Kitaki Lime Pie. Apollo: (...He's opening a pie shop!?) Big Wins: ...So long. Apollo: (And he was gone...) Trucy: Well, let's head back, Apollo! Trucy: To the Wright Anything Agency! Apollo: Hey, since when do I work at your agency!? Trucy: Aw, we make a good team! Trucy: Don't just stand there, let's get going! Apollo: (Huh... Why not. me out.) She did help I don't think...

Apollo: (And there's a few questions that still need answers...) Apollo: (Like this power of mine that she showed me...)

Apollo: (And my bracelet...) Apollo: (If anyone can help me figure it out, it's her.) Apollo: (Though I can't say I care much for what her father has become...) Trucy: Oh, that's right! We have to go someplace first! Apollo: Huh? Where? Trucy: Why, to claim our reward from Mr. Eldoon! Apollo: ...Ah, salty noodles. Right. He got his stand back already? Trucy: Oh, and after that, you can come see my show! Trucy: With a special appearance by the Amazing Mr. Hat! Mr. Hat: Oh, it's special alright! Apollo: Please... anything but him. THE END ============================ Episode 3 Turnabout Serenade Day 1: Investigation -30101============================ Let's rock!!! Klavier: We love you! Klavier: Rock on, everyone!

This party's not over yet! Klavier: Get out your handkerchiefs for our special guest! Klavier: That's right, baby! Klavier: The night's just getting started! Thank you for coming to the Gavinners: "Guilty as Charged" Tour! This ends the first part of tonight's show. There will now be a 20-minute intermission. --July 7, 8:05 PM Backstage Hallway ----------Profiles \ ---------------------------Phoenix Wright Age: 33 Gender: Male A pianist who can't play a lick. Formerly an ace defense attorney of some renown. ---------------------------Trucy Wright Age: 15 Gender: Female Future star magician, and Phoenix Wright's daughter. Fond of her Mr. Hat trick. ---------------------------Klavier Gavin Age: 24 Gender: Male Star prosecutor and leader/vocalist for the rock group, the Gavinners ---------------------------Trucy: This is so cool! Us, at a Gavinners concert!

Apollo: Huh? Did you say something? My ears are still ringiing... Apollo: The Gavinners: putting the "sick" back in "music". Trucy: Well, I thought Mr. Gavin was really nice! Trucy: Sending us those tickets at 20% off! Trucy: They're hard to get ahold of, you know. Apollo: When you invite people to a concert it's usually free. Trucy: Let's head to his dressing room, Apollo! Trucy: You know, like we're a couple of VIPs. Trucy: I've always dreamed of being a VIP at a Gavinners show! Apollo: Um, Trucy... Apollo: You didn't know who Prosecutor Gavin was before that case. Apollo: What kind of fan doesn't know the lead vocalist's name? Trucy: Oh! This guy, well, he was more like a prince really. He let us in... TrucY: Klavier... What a lovely name! He's so dreamy! Trucy:

Yeah, but I'm a girl! Trucy: I'm supposed to swoon over gods of rock! Apollo: God-awful, maybe. Trucy: I bought all their stuff on the way home from the trial! Trucy: I got twelve Gavinners albums, and fifteen concert videos! Apollo: ...That was quite a bit of impulse shopping. Trucy: I got an advance on my next 15-years-worth of allowance. Apollo: ...For Mr. Wright that sounds like a real act of generosity. Apollo: (Who would have imagined me here...) Apollo: ( a Gavinners concert, watching Prosecutor Gavin "rock".) Apollo: (To be honest...) Apollo: (...he was kind of cool. And I'm kind of envious.) Apollo: (Not that I'd ever admit that to Trucy.) --July 7 Gavinners's Dressing Room --Klavier: Ah, you made it.

Trucy: Mr. Gavin! Thanks so much for the tickets! Apollo: ...And the invoice you sent along with them. Trucy: You were incredible up on stage, Mr. Gavin! Klavier: Nothing like music to brighten the mood after a trial, ja? Klavier: ...And we're almost ready for our next act. Klavier: I'm looking forward to it myself. Trucy: Lamiroir's singing, right!? The "Siren of the Ballad"? Apollo: Oh yeah... Apollo: That flyer said she flew all the way over for this show. Klavier: That's right. I happened to catch her show while overseas. Klavier: Her voice... is divine. Klavier: I knew I had to invite her to perform with us. ???: Lamiroir says... ???: "You praise me too highly." Apollo: (Whoa! Who's this guy? huge!) Klavier: He's

Ah, allow me to introduce Mr. Romein LeTouse. Klavier: ...Lamiroir's manager. And her interpreter, incidentally. LeTouse: It is a great honor for us to be here. ---------------------------LeTouse Age: 35 Gender: Male Lamiroir's interpreter. His first name is "Romein". ---------------------------LeTouse: And a great honor for Lamiroir to be heard in this country. ???: [symbols] Apollo: (That voice...) Apollo: (I wish I could understand it... It's beautiful.) ???: [symbols] ???: [symbols] Trucy: Ooooh! It's Lamiroir! I'm actually meeting Lamiroir! Apollo: (Lamiroir... Mysterious songstress...) Apollo: (Her quiet, deep song glides through the air...) Apollo: (Lilting above a sparse, but elegant piano accompaniment.) Apollo: (Now this is music. She's a

real artist.) Lamiroir: [symbols] ---------------------------Lamiroir Age: 40 Gender: Female Singer lauded as the "Siren of the Ballad", from the tiny country of Borginia. ---------------------------LeTouse: Lamiroir says... LeTouse: "We have long looked forward to this joint performance." Klavier: Ah, Lamiroir... Your voice... Klavier: ...It is art. Lamiroir: [symbols] LeTouse: "Yet without his piano to guide me..." LeTouse: " is but a voice." ???: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Apollo: (I've seen this kid somewhere before.) Trucy: He plays piano at all of Lamiroir's concerts! Trucy: He's cute! And he's a really good pianist. Apollo: Good pianists are a dying breed, I hear.

LeTouse: Allow me to introduce Machi Tobaye. ...He is blind. LeTouse; This is why he never strays far from Lamiroir. LeTouse: They are always together. Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Apollo: (They're like characters from some fairy tale..) ---------------------------Machi Tobaye Age: 14 Gender: Male Lamiroir's favorite pianist. He is blind. ---------------------------Trucy: Lamiroir's so, um, what's that word... Trucy: Exotic! Trucy: ...And mysterious! Apollo: She does seem quite pretty. At least, her eyes do. Klavier: Hers is a kind of "sightseeing musique"... Trucy: Huh? Klavier: She travels the globe, putting the sights she sees into song. Klavier: Even though her appearance and voice are exotic... Klavier: ...her songs remind us of

something close, and warm. Trucy: Sights into song... That's so poetic! Klavier: She was gracious enough to put music to my lyrics tonight. Klavier: "The Guitar's Serenade". ...I hope you enjoy it. Trucy: I can't wait! Klavier: ...And now it is time. Klavier: For the next part, we're giving the Gavinners's hard rock a little rest. Klavier: Lamiroir, the stage is yours. Lamiroir: [symbols] LeTouse: The band members will not play during Lamiroir's ballad. LeTouse: Only Machi's tender tones, and Lamiroir's dulcet voice... Klavier: ...And my guitar, of course. Trucy: Woo hoo! Nights like this make it all worthwhile, you know! Apollo: (I should have learned to play the guitar.) Apollo: (There's not much romance in Chords of Steel.) Klavier: Shall we hit the stage, then?

Trucy: Good luck, Mr. Gavin! Klavier: Take care your hearts aren't stolen away, ja? Trucy: Let's get back to the concert hall, Polly! Sugar, Sugar... O that night, in your embrace. When you stole away the keys my heart held on to so tight. Pleasure... But a fleeting melody It wraps itself around me, And now through the air I fly. Woh... Woh... Burning on in my heart. Fire. Burn my love away. All away. Like a bullet of love. Fire. Take my life away. All away. Guitar, Guitar... Up together to the sky. --July 7, 9:05 PM Backstage Hallway --Trucy: Wow, wasn't Lamiroir amazing? Trucy: I *sniffle* I even cried a little. Apollo: I was surprised Prosecutor Gavin actually burned his guitar. Trucy: Yeah! That even surprised me, and I'm a magician! Trucy: What a production!

Apollo: What a destruction. Apollo: (I don't think Prosecutor Gavin was expecting it either, oddly.) Apollo: (He looked as surprised as I was.) Trucy: Is that what they call "risking life and limb for art"? Trucy: I think he's my new hero! Apollo: I'm not sure I'd call that "art". Trucy: Well, what are we doing here? Let's get going to Mr. Gavin's dressing room! Trucy: There's twenty minutes till the last part of the show! Apollo: How many breaks does this band need? --July 7 Gavinners's Dressing Room --Klavier: What the heck was that!? I was never consulted about it! Staff: S-Sorry, Mr. Gavin, sir! Staff: I've asked the man in charge... Klavier: I play new rock, not Great Balls of Fire!

Klavier: Speaking of fire, I have a good mind to fire whoever's responsible! Trucy: ...He seems upset. Klavier: Apollo Justice! Were you the one who tried to torch me!? Apollo: Hey, I didn't do it! Trucy: So much for risking your life for art... Klavier: "The Guitar's Serenade" is ruined! Ruined! Trucy: Well, let's try to talk to him at least. Apollo: ...I'm not sure that's the best move right now. =Examine Plastic Stew= Apollo: Why is that plastic bowl of stew sitting there? Trucy: Maybe they use it for interrogating bad guys... Trucy: "'Fess up to what you did, and we'll let you eat that stew!" Apollo: That's just mean. Trucy: It gets worse! See, if the bad guy confesses, they say: Trucy: "OK, eat it... If you can! See, it's made of plastic!"

Trucy: It's like, you don't know which ones are the real bad guys! Apollo: I think you need to take a deep breath, Trucy. =Examine Postcards= Trucy: Look! It's a postcard of Lamiroir! Apollo: What are these letters at the bottom? I've never seen these before. Trucy: It must be her native tongue, Borginese! Apollo: Borginese, huh...? ** Postcard added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Postcard Type: Other Retrieved from Gavinners's Dressing Room. Lamiroir's own publicity postcard. Touch the Check Button for details. ---------------------------=Examine Gloves= Apollo: Those are some pretty heavy-duty gloves. Apollo: Maybe they have to carry around hot pots or something? Trucy: They are a little thick. Trucy:

I couldn't even stuff a pigeon in those. Apollo: ...... Apollo: That's exactly what I was thinking. =Examine Red Badger= Trucy: That guitar! That's the legendary AA-400! The "Red Badger". Apollo: I thought rock was supposed to be rebellious, not... civic. Trucy: Every aspiring guitarist wants one of these! Trucy: They even paint their own guitars to look like it. Apollo: Ah, the fickleness of youth. Trucy: You should dye your hair "Badger Red", too! Apollo: I like my hair the way it is, thank you very much. Trucy: Argh, the stubbornness of age! =Examine Cruiser Guitar= Trucy: Ooh! A "Cruiser Guitar"! They sold those to commemorate five years of the band. Apollo: Rocking it hard... under the speed limit. Trucy:

There's a "Cruiser Bass", and a "Cruiser Drum Set", and a "Cruiser Keyboard"... Trucy: ...Even a "Cruiser Whistle". Apollo: ...I'm not so sure about that last one. Trucy: It's for blowing the whistle on criminals! Apollo: ...I don't think that requires an actual whistle, Trucy. =Examine Lipstick= Apollo: Someone drew the Gavinners's mark in lipstick here. Trucy: Lipstick... I'd like to wear lipstick someday. Apollo: Oh? You don't use lipstick yet, Trucy? Trucy: Daddy won't let me. Trucy: "Not until I learn to play piano," he says. Apollo: You'll be waiting a long time then, I'm afraid. =Examine Chains= Apollo: This place is decorated like a high-school dance. Apollo: Though I think our decorations were paper, not... chains. Trucy:

The Gavinners are into chains. It's part of their image. Apollo: Huh, no kidding. Trucy: Ever since they used chains on the cover art for "Gunna Lock U Up". Apollo: They're really into the whole police thing, aren't they. Trucy: It'd be cooler if they turned that red light on. Apollo: ...They don't have to turn on the red light. =Examine Uniform= Apollo: A police uniform hangs on the stand here. Trucy: Ooh! I want to try it on! Trucy: "Nothing to see here, move along." Apollo: ...It's OK, you don't have to go that far to be "special". Apollo: I mean, you're not exactly the type who's "just another face in the crowd". Trucy: Really? You think so? Hmm... I guess you're right! Apollo: (...Now I feel like a meanie for making that insinuation.) =Examine Speaker=

Apollo; That speaker looks familiar. Trucy: Oh? Apollo: Yeah, like the one for the P.A. system back in school. Trucy: Oh, we have one of those in my classroom, too! Apollo: (That's right, she's still in junior high.) Apollo: (...I feel old.) =Examine Poster= Apollo: What's a police recruitment poster doing here? Apollo: "Rock on ...with the police." Trucy: Maybe they're trying to trick kids into thinking the police are some kind of band. Apollo: But that's just silly. Who'd name a band the "police"? =Move= Trucy: Apollo! Where do you think you're going!? Apollo: Huh? Oh, I was just... Trucy: Let's talk to Mr. Gavin while we have the chance! Apollo: (OK, I suppose...)

=Present Badge= Klavier: ...... Herr Forehead. Apollo: Y-Yeah? Klavier: Understand that I am not Prosecutor Gavin now. I am lead vocal of the Gavinners. Klavier: That badge sings a different song... on a different stage. Apollo: Right... (I wish I had an alter-ego to hide behind sometimes.) =Present Postcard= Apollo: What are those postcards there, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: Eh? Lamiroir's, you mean? It's part of her PR campaign. Klavier: I received a stack. You can have one if you'd like. Apollo: ...Ah, that's good to hear. Apollo: Trucy already swiped one, is why. Trucy: Eh! B-But that... But I... Trucy: ... Trucy: What's the big idea!? Making me look like a criminal...

Trucy: It was... a collaboration! I've always wanted to do a collaboration! Klavier: Usually, a collaboration is for creating, not stealing. Apollo: ...Let the kid dream. =Examine Postcards (again)= Apollo: It's a stack of Lamiroir's postcards. Apollo: They have an air of mystery to them that matches her voice. =Talk -> The flaming guitar= Trucy: You mean, the guitar... That wasn't part of the act? Klavier: Part of the act!? Klavier: Who'd burn up a guitar on purpose!? Trucy: But, it worked really well with the lyrics just then... Trucy: Burning on in my heart. Fire. Burn my love away. All away. Klavier: ...... ! Klavier: Wait, you think the audience thought it was...? Apollo: (Sounds like he got lucky.)

Trucy: They probably thought it was part of the act. Trucy: At least, I did. Klavier: ...... Apollo: (He got lucky, and he didn't realize it...) Klavier: A-Anyway, that guitar was the Ferrari of guitars! Klavier: All the speed, all the sound ...and all the price. Klavier: If I burned one of those at every show I'd go broke! Apollo: Unusually frugal for a rock band. Trucy: Try saying that to Mr. Gavin. Klavier: Achtung! Today's been one disaster after another... Klavier: My hog won't run, my guitar case's broken... Trucy: Daddy told me there'd be days like these. =Talk -> Lamiroir's song= Trucy: W-Wasn't Lamiroir's song incredible!? Trucy: You worked on it too, right, Mr. Gavin? Klavier:

Ah, yes, thanks. collaboration.

It was a

Klavier: I wrote the lyrics and she wrote the melody. Trucy: You know... I was surprised she could sing in English... Klavier: I'm sure she practiced a long time for this day. Ah, here. Apollo: What's this...? Klavier: A lyrics sheet. It's yours.

Klavier: Signed by myself and Lamiroir. Trucy: Yippee! Thanks so much!

Apollo: (All I ever get to sign are client defense agreements.) ** Lyrics Sheet added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Lyrics Sheet Type: Documents Received from Prosecutor Gavin Contains the lyrics to Lamiroir's ballad. Touch the Check Button for details. ---------------------------Klavier: Almost time for the third act of the night. Trucy: Oh! There's more? Klavier: Yes! Lamiroir's part is done. Klavier: Now it's time for us to

drop our groove again, ja? Klavier: Hope you're ready to catch it. Trucy: Woo hoo! Ready, Apollo?

Apollo: Uh... I think I'll pass. Trucy: Eh. Apollo: I liked the bit with Lamiroir. Apollo: But the rest could use a volume knob. Turned way down. Trucy: Ah, Apollo, you're getting old! Apollo: Ack! Apollo: (Does 22 quality as "old" to a 15-year-old...?) Trucy: Well, I'm going! Klavier: Let the old folks rest backstage, ja? ...Time to rock. Apollo: (Hey, you're older than I am!) =Examine Postcard= [if you didn't examine it with Trucy] Apollo: A postcard of Lamiroir... Apollo: I can't read a single word of the sentence at the bottom. Apollo: Hmm. Trucy might want one of these.

Apollo: I'll show it to her next time we're here. =Examine Plastic Stew= Apollo: A delicious bowl of stew! Apollo: ...Made of plastic. Apollo: Huh, the bottom of the bowl has a "G" on it. Apollo: They sell these at concerts? Whatever happened to T-shirts? =Examine Gloves= Apollo: Thick leather gloves and sunglasses... Apollo: Maybe I'll try these on... Apollo: ...On second thought, no. Apollo: They might be evidence for one of Prosecutor Gavin's cases. =Examine Red Badger= Apollo: That's an odd guitar. Apollo: The design is that character I saw in the hallway, but with sunglasses. Apollo: What a strange mascot. He looks like he's crying. Apollo: Since when was rock about crying?

Apollo: ...They should name this guy "Emo". =Examine Poster= Apollo: ...That police officer looks ready to rock. Apollo: Some kids must see this and actually want to be cops. Apollo: Somehow I don't think a rocking defense attorney would work too well. =Examine Speaker= Apollo: An old-fashioned speaker hangs from the ceiling. Apollo: That must be to monitor what's happening out on stage. Apollo: I think we had the same kind for my school's P.A. system. =Examine Uniform= Apollo: A police uniform. Next to it is a policeman's hat, and a pair of handcuffs. Apollo: One of the band members must like the police. Must be Mr. Gavin's "bad influence". Apollo: ...... Apollo: I thought rock 'n' roll was all about being rebellious.

=Examine Chains= Apollo: Chains dangle from the ceiling. Apollo: They aren't "glimmerous", but I bet Detective Skye'd have something to say about them. =Examine Lipstick= Apollo: There's graffiti on the mirror... in lipstick. Apollo: Wait, but the Gavinners are all guys. Apollo: ...Maybe Prosecutor Gavin wears lipstick? =Examine Cruiser Guitar= Apollo: That guitar looks like it was made out of a cop car door. Apollo: ...... Apollo: That's right. Trucy's not here to set me straight. Apollo: Now I feel kinda lonely. =Move -> Backstage Hallway= --July 7 Backstage Hallway --Ema: Hey, it's you! kid. Apollo: Detective Skye! That Wright

(I'll let that "Wright kid" business pass.) Ema: Call me Ema. Ema: There's no need for titles once you've shared a bottle of fingerprinting powder! ---------------------------Ema Skye Age: 25 Gender: Female Detective obsessed with forensics. In charge of the initial investigation. ---------------------------Apollo: That's a new one. Apollo: So, um, Ema, what are you doing here? Ema: ...Isn't it obvious? I'm snacking. Ema: You think I want to be here!? Ema: Me, in charge of security in this pit!? Apollo: Security...? Did something happen? Ema: There's no knowing with that glimmerous fop. Ema: Apparently, he's all upset because something was stolen. Ema: He wanted security back here during the concert. Ema: Where does he get off acting like he's some big rock star?

Apollo: (...He is a big rock star.) Ema: Hey! You listening to me?

Apollo: So... Where's this door here lead to? Ema: This one? That's Lamiroir's dressing room. Ema: Don't even think of going in there unless you want a piece of Snackoos in your face! Apollo: (Is she ever in a good mood, I wonder?) =Present Anything= Apollo: Ema, could you take a look at this? Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Apollo: Um... What do you think? Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Apollo: (That must be a bottomless bag of snacks.) =Examine Earpiece= Apollo: What's this? Some kind of headset earpiece? Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Apollo: Why would someone leave this in the hallway?

Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Apollo: Maybe Lamiroir's bodyguard dropped it? Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Apollo: Ema! Apollo: Will you stop eating those snacks for one second and listen!? Ema: Hah! If you think you're going to pull me away from my snacks just to hear you mumbling... Ema: ...on and on about whatever, you're going to be sorely disappointed! Apollo: (...At least I got her to stop munching.) =Examine Badger Doll= Apollo: What's that odd looking doll doing there? Ema: MUNCH MUNCH... oh, MUNCH, that's the Blue MUNCH Badger. Apollo: Could you try either talking or munching, but not both? *ka-tonk* Apollo: (She hit me with a snack.) Ema: Serves me MUNCH right MUNCH for going MUNCH out MUNCH

Ema: of MUNCH my MUNCH way MUNCH Apollo: ...... Apollo: (Sorry, I don't speak Snackoos.) Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. =Examine Vending Machine= Apollo: Come to think of it, I am a little thirsty. Ema: I'll have some tea. Apollo: ...... I think I'll get a water. Ema: I'll have tea! Apollo: If you want tea so bad go buy it yourself! *ka-tonk* Apollo: (She Snackoo'd me.) Ema: I'll take a tea. =Examine Poster= Apollo: A Gavinners "Guilty As Charged" tour poster. Ema: They're plastered all over the place. It's annoying. Apollo: Well, this is the concert venue. It makes sense.

Ema: Why? Everyone here is already here! Why advertise to them? Apollo: People like to see the poster at the concert... It's part of the experience. Ema: Do you have to find fault with everything I say? *ka-tonk* Apollo: (She Snackoo'd me.) =Examine Trunk= Apollo: That's a pretty sturdy-looking box there. Apollo: Maybe it's an instrument case. There's a guitar next to it. Ema: Don't even think about taking that! Apollo: I don't think I could even carry it... *ka-tonk* Apollo: (She Snackoo'd me.) =Examine Left Door= Apollo: That's Prosecutor Gavin's... er, the Gavinners's dressing room. Ema: Put so much as a hand on the door and I'll Snackoo you. Apollo: Hold on!

Apollo: But I just came out of there! Ema: Don't play smart with me! Apollo: (*sigh*) =Talk (anything)= Apollo: Um... Ema? Ema: MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Apollo: (I've never seen someone eat snacks with such vehemence.) Apollo: (Better give her a wide berth...) *ka-tonk* Apollo: (She Snackoo'd me.) =Examine Right Door= Apollo: So this is Lamiroir's dressing room. Ema: If you even think about going in there, I'll-...BANG...! Apollo: ...... Ema: ...... Apollo: What was that? ...BANG...!

Apollo: Was that... a gunshot? ...CRASH...! Apollo: (Something's going on!) Ema: You, out of my way! Apollo: E-Ema! Ema: Lamiroir! ...... Ema: It's not locked... I'm going in! --July 7, 9:30 PM Lamiroir's Dressing Room --Apollo: (What's that awful noise... Oh, it's the concert.) Apollo: Aaack! That's-Apollo: (It's Lamiroir's manager! Mister what's-his-name...) Ema: LeTouse! Oh no... Ema: Hey, you! Apollo: M-Me? Ema: Watch this room for me. I have to call for backup! Apollo: R-Right, understood. Apollo: Lamiroir!

You want me to make sure no one comes in, right? Ema: And don't touch anything! I'll be right back! Apollo: (...What's going on? I just talked to him, and now...) LeTouse: ......Nnnh...... Apollo: ...! (He... He's alive!) Apollo: Mr. LeTouse! Can you hear me!? LeTouse: ...Sh...Shot. ...I was...shot. Apollo: Who? Who shot you!? LeTouse: ...I don't know... Ask... Apollo: Ask? Ask what? LeTouse: Ask... wi...witness... Apollo: Witness... There was a witness!? Who!? LeTouse: ...Cold... so cold... Witness... Apollo: You're cold? D-Don't worry, you're going to be fine! Help is on the way! LeTouse: ...Can't s...see... Apollo: Hang in there, Mr. LeTouse! Tell me, who was the witness?

LeTouse: The Apollo: (..."Siren"? How can a siren witness anything...?) Apollo: Mr. LeTouse! Apollo: Yipes! Ema!? (What was that!?) Apollo: Wh-Who's there!? Ema: What's wrong? Apollo: Ema! Did you see anyone just now!? Ema: Huh? No...

Apollo: (I could have sworn I heard a door close...) Ema: The concert's been cancelled. Backup's on its way. Ema: Is Mr. LeTouse... Ema: ...He's dead, isn't he? That's terrible. Apollo: ...! (I lost him!) Apollo: (Romein LeTouse... shot.) Apollo: (And I heard his last words...) ---------------------------LeTouse

Age: 35 Gender: Male Shot during the performance. He died after leaving me with his last words. ---------------------------Apollo: ("The witness is the siren"... Whatever that means.) --July 7 Backstage Hallway --???: The venue's locked down. We took names and addresses before letting the crowd go. Klavier: Good work, Daryan. ???: I'll let you know if I find out anything about the victim. ???: Later. Klavier: It's investigation time, then, ja, Fräulein Detective? Ema: I don't need some rock 'n' rolling prosecutor to tell me that. Klavier: One request I must make... Klavier: Tell no one, on staff or otherwise, anything of this. Trucy: Ooh, a gag order! Klavier: No word gets out, other than that Mr. LeTouse is dead. Klavier: No word of the cause of death, or of the murder.

Apollo: Tell no one... Not even Lamiroir? Klavier: Not even her. We must keep everything under wraps. Klavier: Oh, one other thing. Klavier: I'll need your signature on this, Herr Forehead. Yours too, Fräulein. Apollo: On that? Hmm... An "Investigation Request"...? Trucy: Why just us? Klavier: You two are civilians. standard procedure. It's

Apollo: (That should be OK to sign, I think...) ** Signed Prosecutor Gavin's Investigation Request ** ---------------------------Investigation Request Type: Documents Received from Prosecutor Gavin. Information concerning the crime to be restricted to police and related parties. =Check= Investigation Request To ensure the efficency and secrecy of our investigation, the bearer is hereby ordered to speak to no one outside the investigation concerning any details of the case. District Police Chief

---------------------------Klavier: Right, well, get started with the investigation! Ema: I'm on it already! Klavier: Ah, and one tip for you. Apollo: Huh? Me? Klavier: Try not to get in the Fräulein detective's way. Klavier: ...She's in a foul mood today. Apollo: (Gee, I wonder why...) Apollo: (We were all questioned as witnesses...) Apollo: (...And now none of us can go home.) Apollo: (We'll investigate alright. ...Our way!) Trucy: ...Somehow I don't see us getting back to that crime scene any time soon. Apollo: I still can't believe I was there when it happened. Apollo: Not an experience I care to repeat any time soon. Trucy: This is no time for navel-gazing! Let's crack this case! Apollo:

(I worry about Trucy.) Apollo: (She seems to have a very loose idea of what it means to be an "attorney".) Apollo: (Of course, that's not surprising considering who her father is...) Trucy: Something the matter? Apollo: No... Let's get cracking! Apollo: (I'm the only one who was there...) Apollo: (The only one who heard Mr. LeTouse's last words.) LeTouse: The Apollo: (First order of business is to find out what he meant by "siren"!) =Examine Earpiece= Trucy: What's that? It looks like some kind of future-phone! Apollo: Not a phone, a transceiver. Apollo: It's called a "headset". Trucy: What's a headset doing on the floor? Trucy: Wait! Do you think Mr. LeTouse might have been wearing it?

Trucy: Like one of those bodyguards? Apollo: Hmm. I don't think he was wearing one when we first met. Apollo: (The L.E.D. on this thing is lit. It must be on.) =Examine Blue Badger= Trucy: That's the Blue Badger, the police mascot! Apollo: Does the Blue Badger have something to do with the band? Trucy: Well, yeah! Trucy: The Blue Badger is the Gavinners's mascot, too! Apollo: Huh. Go figure. Trucy: I hear those thigns fly off the shelves. Apollo: (I'll have to take a closer look at one some day.) =Examine Vending Machine= Trucy: I'm thirsty, Apollo! Apollo: ...Want something to drink? Trucy: Hmm... How about... this one! A Steel Samurai Soda! Apollo: ("Now in Real Steel flavor.") ...Hmm.

Trucy: Huh? Apollo: ...Here, my treat. Trucy: Hey! This isn't enough change. Apollo: The machines outside are cheaper. This one is highway robbery. =Examine Poster= Apollo: A concert poster for the "Guilty as Charged" Tour. Trucy: I love that name! Charged"! "Guilty As

Apollo: ...Seems kind of negative to me. Trucy: Well, why don't we do the opposite! Trucy: Magician Trucy presents the "Innocent as Charged" tour! Apollo: It kind of loses its impact, doesn't it? =Examine Trunk= Apollo: Looks like an instrument case. A big instrument case. Trucy: There's a great magic trick you can do with one of these! Apollo: Huh? What kind? Trucy: The "Miraculous Beautiful Girl

Escapes the Case" illusion. Apollo: So it's the girl who's miraculous, not the escape? Trucy: So picky! =Examine Left Door= Apollo: That's the Gavinners's dressing room. Apollo: The crime scene was Lamiroir's dressing room... Apollo: ...Next door. Trucy: Never know where clues might be hiding, Apollo! Trucy: Let's case the joint! Apollo: (After you, Trucy, P.I.) =Examine Right Door= Apollo: Lamiroir's dressing room... Trucy: The scene of the crime! Apollo: We're not supposed to go in there. Trucy: But aren't we involved? Trucy: Aren't we duty-bound to investigate!? Apollo: Sadly, no. Apollo:

(Though, the situation being what it is...) Apollo: (Now may be our best chance to do some snooping...) =Move -> Gavinners's Dressing Room= --July 7 Gavinners's Dressing Room --Trucy: Huh. Looks like nobody's here. Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin's probably busy with the case, too. Apollo: No rest for the wicked. Trucy: No rest for us, either, Apollo! Trucy: Let's get rocking! Rock, rock! =Move -> The Stage= --July 7 In the Wings --Trucy: Hmm. The stage looks empty. Apollo: I was hoping to get a chance to talk to Prosecutor Gavin... Trucy: Oh well. Nothing to do but go to the crime scene, I guess! Apollo: I guess...

=Examine Computer= Apollo: Look at all these electronic devices. Apollo: I'm guessing they have something to do with sound. Trucy: Why guess when we can fiddle? Hmm... let's see here... Apollo: Don't touch that! Trucy: A healthy curiosity is the key to a good investigation! Trucy: When in doubt, fiddle! That's what Daddy always says. Apollo: (They should require parental testing, clearly...) =Examine Piano= Trucy: Wow, that piano looks much bigger close up! Trucy: Machi played so beautifully... Apollo: Yeah, like a real pianist. Trucy: That's just silly, Apollo! Trucy: How can you call someone as good as Machi a "pianist"? Trucy: Why, that's like throwing him in the same class as Daddy! Apollo: ...Good thing Mr. Wright didn't hear that one.

=Examine Stage= Trucy: What a big stage! Trucy: It's on a whole other scale than the Wonder Bar! Apollo: The lights were so bright I couldn't see the whole first part of the concert. Trucy: I'd love to do my act on a stage like this some day! Apollo: Just hold back on the lights, for my eyes' sake, please. Trucy: You'll be too blinded by my magic to worry about lights! Apollo: You probably don't want to blind the audience if you plan on showing them magic. =Examine Bass Case= Apollo: Now that's a big instrument case. Trucy: That's a case for a contrabass, I think. Apollo: You could fit twenty violins in there, I bet. Trucy: It may look like a violin, but it's a completely different instrument! Apollo: You could fit five Trucys in there, I bet.

Trucy: Hey! Are you comparing me to an instrument? Trucy: Hmm. I wonder who left it sitting open like that. =Examine Ladder= Apollo: Look, a ladder. Apollo: I guess they need one to work on the lights and such. Trucy: Why don't they use a stepladder? Trucy: I prefer stepladders, really. Trucy: ...Is that so wrong? Apollo: Not wrong, just... well, why do you prefer stepladders? Trucy: ...... Trucy: They're so much more flexible than plain old ladders! Apollo: ...... Apollo: (I prefer my ladders rigid and stable, thank you.) =Move -> Lamiroir's Dressing Room= --July 7 Lamiroir's Dressing Room --Ema: Oh, it's you. come. I figured you'd

Apollo: You have to let us investigate the scene, please! Ema: You're attorneys, no? Ema: Shouldn't you wait until you have a client...? Apollo: (LeTouse did tell me to ask the witness, the siren...) Apollo: (...With his dying breath, no less. Doesn't that count?) Ema: ...G-Glare at me all you want, you'll get no snacks from me. Trucy: Please! Trucy: Think of poor Lamiroir! Ema: Hmph. Oh well, I suppose. You did find the body with me. Apollo: Great! Let's get to it! Trucy: Right! Ema: Just try not to touch anything! Apollo: (She's letting us look! she's not munching her snacks!) And

Apollo: (This bodes well. There are clues here, I can feel it!) Apollo: (Leave no hanger unhung, no spot unspotted!)

=Examine Speaker= Apollo: That speaker was blaring at the time of the murder... Ema: Ah, that's for monitoring the stage from this room. Trucy: Monitoring? Ema: It pipes in a real-time feed from the stage microphones. Ema: Useful for knowing when your set is coming up. Apollo: Yes, I seem to recall it being loud and vaguely musical. Apollo: (It made it hard to hear Mr. LeTouse's last words.) =Examine Bullet Holes= Trucy: Are these... bullet holes? Apollo: Looks like it. There are two here in the wall. Ema: From the look of it, the victim was shot once in the shoulder. Ema: The first shot must have missed. Trucy: But there are two holes. Wouldn't that mean two misses? Ema: The murder weapon is a 45-caliber revolver. It's very powerful.

Ema: I believe what we're seeing here... Ema: the mark left by the second bullet after it passed through his shoulder! Trucy: Ouch... Sounds painful. Apollo: (No kidding. I wonder about this murder weapon...) =Examine Brooch= Trucy: Ooh, what a pretty brooch! Oh, Ema...? Ema: You're not going to say, "Can I have it, please," are you? Trucy: Oh. Ema: Look you may be a cute little girl of fifteen... Ema: ...but that doesn't get you any special treatment with me! Trucy: Oh... Apollo: It's not healthy to envy the young, Ema. Ema: It's not about envy! It's about tampering with evidence! Apollo: (Note to self: Ema lacks a sense of humor. Use caution.) Ema: You need to learn to respect your elders a little!

Apollo: (...Something seems so familiar about that brooch.) ** Brooch added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Brooch Type: Other Retrieved from Lamiroir's Dressing Room Found at the crime scene. Seems strangely familiar... =Check -> Pin= Apollo: A sort of pin-fastener for attaching things to clothes. Not a safety pin-type, though. Trucy: So if it's not a safety pin... Trucy: it a danger pin? Apollo: I suppose if you stuck it in your eye, then yeah, sure. Apollo: But you could do that with a safety pin, too, for that matter. Trucy: ...... Trucy: Thanks for taking the fun out of my danger pin. Apollo: (Aw, you're driving a danger pin through my heart here.) ---------------------------=Examine Brooch= Trucy: ......

Apollo: (Trucy's still after that brooch, clearly...) Ema: No way! Ema: If you want one that bad, get your daddy to buy it for you! Trucy: Daddy always says: Trucy: "Trucy, if you want something go find or borrow it." Trucy: Oh, and "When in doubt, beg." Ema: Leave it to Mr. Wright... Apollo: (I'm a little concerned for Trucy's future...) =Examine Ladder= Apollo: Huh, another ladder. Trucy: Actually, it's technically a stepladder. Apollo: Well hello, Ms. Fancy Pants! Please forgive my lack of ladder discrimination. Trucy: ! Trucy: ...... Ema: I'm less worried about the stepladder, and more worried about why it's there. Apollo: (Why is the ladder there?)

Apollo: (Well, to climb, right? reach something on the ceiling?) Trucy: ......


Trucy: I still say it's a stepladder. =Examine Vent= Apollo: ...... Trucy: What's wrong, Apollo? Your mouth is catching flies. Apollo: Ah? Um, nothing. It's nothing.

Ema: "Maybe that's how the killer escaped." Ema: ...That's what you were thinking, right? Apollo: Eh. Ema: When we arrived on the scene, the killer had already fled. Ema: He or she must have had a way out. Ema; And that air vent is one possibility. Trucy: But it's much too small. Apollo: Hmm... Apollo: Not if the killer were about your size, Trucy...

Trucy: ...... Apollo: ...... Trucy: I didn't do it! Apollo: Eh. Trucy: I was cutting up the dance floor at the time, thank you! Apollo: I know, I know! Of course I don't think you did it. Trucy: It's hard to tell with you, sometimes, Apollo. Apollo: (Hey! What have I done?) =Examine Poster over TV= Apollo: There's another Gavinners poster here. Ema: I'm just about sick of seeing those, personally. Ema: Maybe I'll tear it down! Ha ha! Apollo: No tampering with the crime scene, Ema! Ema: Hmph. Ema: Maybe there's something else I can tear to shreds... Trucy: D-Don't look at me!

=Examine Poster Beside TV= Apollo: What's this poster...? Trucy: Let's see... Trucy: "This Summer: A Legal Eagles Production of 'Case Closed'." Trucy: ...Looks like a poster for a different show. Apollo: ...One I wouldn't mind seeing real soon. =Examine TV= Trucy: Ah, ah, Apollo! Trucy: Look at that thing! It's huge! That... That's a TV!!! Apollo: Um, yeah, a wide flatscreen TV. I want one of those. Ema: You'll be wanting for a long time on your salary, junior. Ema: Wait till you're as famous as Mr. Wright was, then dream. Trucy: I don't think Daddy was ever rich, even when he was in law. Apollo: Great, just stomp on my dreams why don't you. =Examine Fruit Basket= Trucy: Ooh! Apollo! Can I eat some of those, please!?

Ema: Absolutely not! Trucy: I know. I know!

Trucy: But still, I yearn! Ema: Look, you're not the only one eyeing that fruit here. Trucy: Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's eat! Ema: Right! Apollo: Whoa whoa whoa! Stop it! Are you two crazy? Apollo: Ema, you of all people should know better... Ema: But she tempted me! She's a temptress! Apollo: (Please, grow up...) =Examine Window= Trucy: Look, there's a little window over here! Trucy: Maybe the killer escaped through that! Apollo: It's barely big enough for me to get my head through. Ema: Not to mention it only opens a crack. Trucy: ...What? She's a...

Trucy: I was just saying it's possible. Apollo: Right, right, no harm in that. Apollo: (Except I'm pretty sure it is impossible.) Ema: You could peek into the room through it, though, you know. =Examine Dresser= Apollo: Seeing these mirrors lined up like that makes me think I'm really in a dressing room. Ema: You are in a dressing room. Hmm... This must be makeup. Ema: ...I've never heard of most of these brands. Ema: Maybe they're Borginian? Trucy: Well, I haven't got a clue, and I doubt those are. =Examine Presents= Apollo: Look at all these presents. Lamiroir sure is popular. Trucy: Ooh! I wonder what's inside? We... can't open them, can we? Ema: Probably not a good idea. Ema: You never know what you might find in one of these boxes.

Ema: Bombs, razors, ransom notes... Ema: It could be anything. Trucy: ...... Trucy: I'm never having a birthday party again. =Examine Dryer= Apollo: This is one of those... uh, things, right? At the barbers? Ema: A permanent dryer. Ema: Want me to curl those bangs of yours? Apollo: Um, no thanks. Trucy: Better not mess with his hair, Ema. Trucy: It's part of his identity, you know. =Examine Bouquet= Apollo: What an amazing bouquet. I mean, it's giant. Ema: Not sure I approve. Ema: It'd be better if this flower was a bit more... Oh. Trucy: Eek! The flower fell off! Apollo: What happened to preserving

the crime scene, Ema? Ema: It's fine! Fine! put it back, see? Apollo: (How scientific...) =Examine Revolver= Apollo: This is the murder weapon, isn't it? This revolver...? Ema: That's right. A big 45-caliber revolver. Trucy: Wow. Trucy: I wonder who brought this in here? Trucy: I thought only police were allowed to have one of those. Apollo: ...... Ema: Why are you giving me that look!? I didn't do it! Apollo: I didn't... Ema: Listen, I was out in the hall eating Snackoos when it happened! Apollo: I know, I know! Apollo: No one here thinks you did it, Ema. Ema: It's hard to tell with you, sometimes, Apollo. I'll just

Apollo: (Hey! What have I done?) Trucy: Wait... If the killer brought a revolver... Trucy: must mean they had planned this from the start. Trucy: That's right, right? ** Revolver added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Revolver Type: Weapons Retrieved from Lamiroir's Dressing Room. The murder weapon. A deadly, high-caliber revolver. =Check -> Examine Chamber= Apollo: The middle of the weapon is a revolving chamber. Apollo: That's where you load the bullets. A revolver, see? Trucy: Revolver... Revolver... That sounds a bit like "Wonder Bar"! Trucy: Especially if you say it really fast! Apollo: Uh... I guess. Trucy: You know what I always used to think? Trucy: I used to think the closest sound to "Wonder Bar" was "One Liver"! Trucy:

There's just so many words in the world, Apollo! Isn't it amazing!? Apollo: ...... Apollo: So many different words, so many different people. (...People like Trucy.) =Check -> Examine Barrel= Apollo: Yikes! Don't point that thing at me! Trucy: Don't worry! I'm an old hand with firearms. Trucy: I have one that shoots "Bullets". Apollo: I don't want it shooting any bullets, thank you! Trucy: Not those bullets, silly! My gun shoots "Bullets, the Magic Cat". Apollo: A cat... comes out of a gun? Trucy: I can tell by your expression you've never heard of that trick. It's a great one! Apollo: (Honestly, that one sounds halfway interesting.) ---------------------------=Examine Revolver (again)= Apollo: A 45-caliber revolver, very deadly.

Trucy: You know, Apollo, I was wondering... Trucy: What's a caliber? And what does the "45" mean? Apollo: Huh? Ema: Heh, you want me to tell you? It's the size of the barrel. Ema: Simply put, the larger the caliber, the bigger the round. Ema: ...The bullet, in other words. Bigger bullets do more damage. Apollo: Wow, chalk one point up for forensic science. Ema: You know it! Trucy: ...But it's not 45 inches, right? That'd be too big. Trucy: What's the unit of measurement they use, Ms. Science? Well? Ema: ...... Ema: Hush. Kids shouldn't ask so many questions. =Examine LeTouse= Trucy: Th-That's a body, isn't it? Ema: Sure is. The victim, no less. Let's take a closer look. Trucy: Eeek!

G-Go ahead, Apollo. You first. Apollo: Me!? No, you should go first, Trucy, really... Ema: Will you two stop bickering and get over here!? Apollo: (She's munching on Snackoos again. Hope she's not too annoyed.) =Examine Writing= Trucy: Eeek! Is that... blood? Trucy: Umm... Why don't you examine this one, Apollo. Trucy: You know more about, uh, red stuff than I do. Yep! Apollo: ...Says who? Apollo: (Something is strange about this blood, though...) Apollo: (Is that what it looks like?) =Examine Left Hand= Trucy: Apollo, look at this hand... Apollo: Hmm. He's holding something. Ema: Hey! No touching!

Apollo: You can throw all the snacks at me you'd like, Ema.

Apollo: But sooner or later... you're going to run out of them. Ema: Hmm. You raise a good point.

Ema: ...I'm a bit intrigued by this scene. Let's take a look. Trucy: Ah... see there? He's holding something! Trucy: What's this...? Apollo: ...A key ring? Trucy: You think it might belong to the killer!? Ema: Certainly a possibility... Apollo: (What an unusual key ring... And what unusual keys.) Apollo: (This could be a vital clue.) ** Key Ring added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Key Ring Type: Evidence Retrieved from Lamiroir's Dressing Room Mr. LeTouse died clutching this. Note the heart-shaped ring. =Check -> Examine Guitar Key= Apollo: There are three keys on this heart-shaped key ring. Apollo: Hmm? This middle key is shaped like... a guitar?

Trucy: I get it! It must be the key to a guitar case! Apollo: A guitar case key... Apollo: (I'll bet I know who this belongs to.) ---------------------------=Examine Left Hand (again) Apollo: The body was holding a key ring.. Ema: I wonder what it could mean? Trucy: It must mean something! Apollo: It doesn't look like the kind Mr. LeTouse would use. Apollo: So the question is, whose key ring is it? Ema: Well, you're practically a detective there, Apollo. Trucy: Practically! Apollo: ...... Apollo: (I'm glad it brings them so much joy to mock me.) =Present Badge= Ema: You always carry that around, do you? Ema: ...Just like Mr. Wright.

Apollo: Huh? Ema: It's good to never let yourself forget who you are. Ema: I'm proud of you. good work. Keep up the

Apollo: (...Come to think of it, why do I carry this around?) Apollo: (Though I suppose that's one compliment it's got me.) =Present Revolver= Apollo: So this... is the murder weapon? Apollo: (This revolver is incredibly heavy!) Ema: It's been fired twice. You can still smell the gunpowder... Ema: ...That's odd. Apollo: What's odd? Ema: Hmm? Oh, nothing.

Trucy: Hey, no fair! Tell us! Ema: It's just, something about this revolver seems... strange. Apollo: Strange...? =Present Other=

Ema: Hmm, sorry. Ema: I can't comment on anything not scientifically relevant. Ema: I am a forensic scientist after all. Apollo: (A self-styled one, at least.) =Talk -> The victim= Ema: Mr. "Romein LeTouse", wasn't it? Ema: He was Lamiroir's manager. And interpreter, apparently. Ema: This was his first time in the country. Trucy: Hmm... So I'm guessing he didn't know many people here. Ema: It doesn't seem likely. Ema: Nor can I thin of anyone with a motive to murder him. Ema: ...Except for one person, of course. Trucy: One person...? Apollo: Lamiroir. Apollo: No one here might have had a motive, but she's from... Trucy: What are you talking about!? Who?

Apollo: Urk! H-Hey, it was Ema's idea! Ema: I said nothing. MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH. Apollo: (Always with the snacks...) Trucy: He's a big man. Or was.

Trucy: I don't think even I would win in a fight with him. Apollo: Which is why whoever it was used a revolver, I'm guessing. Ema: We've sent a request to the Borginian Embassy for more info on him. =Talk -> The crime= Ema: Well, you and I know more about the crime than anyone. Trucy: Y-You do? Apollo: That's true. It was us who found the body. Trucy: Whaaaa-!? Hmph. Trucy: I guess that's what I miss for watching the concert. Apollo: Hey, I wish I was watching the concert. Apollo: ...Anything would be better than this.

Ema: Well, we know the crime took place during the concert. Apollo: And when we heard the shot and entered the room... Apollo: ...the killer was already gone. Trucy: What? But that doesn't make sense! Trucy: You came in when you heard the shot and no one was here? Trucy: How did they leave the room? Apollo: Hmm, that window is a little too small, isn't it? Ema: ...... Apollo: (The mystery of the disappearing killer...) =Talk -> The murder weapon= Ema: What do you think about this revolver? Apollo: Well... it's pretty big. And heavy. Ema: That's right. It's a 45-caliber. Ema: That makes it one of the deadliest revolvers around. Ema: Even the police don't carry guns this big.

Apollo: Really? Ema: Yeah. It doesn't make sense...

Ema: You don't need so much power to kill at such close range. Ema: ...It's overkill. Trucy: I'm not sure I see the problem. Trucy: I mean, whenever I go out to eat curry... Trucy: ...I order it "extra spicy". Just to be sure it's spicy. Trucy: Of course, I can only ever eat one or two bites. Apollo: ...Um, and that's not a problem? Ema: There's another thing about a gun this big. Ema: It puts a lot of strain on the shooter. Apollo: Strain...? Ema: Yeah. Say, if you were to fire this revolver... Ema: ...the recoil would probably dislocate your shoulder. Trucy: Ouuuuuch! Trucy: It's like the shooter's a

victim, too! Ema: Yet, the killer used this revolver, and quite well. Ema: I'm guessing whoever did it was used to shooting. Apollo: (Used to shooting a high-caliber weapon? Ema: Well, that's about it. Ema: I think we've looked at just about everything there is. Apollo: I guess you're right. Ema: I know how you're feeling. It is hard to know when to stop. Ema: But anything more involved has to wait until the squad gets here. Trucy: Argh... I suppose... Ema: I'll go report the evidence. Ema: Sorry, but could you wait here till I get back? Apollo: Huh? Oh, actually, we have to-Ema: Great! Thanks!


Apollo: ...She left. Trucy: What do we do, Apollo?

Trucy: She told us to wait... Apollo: Great. Now how am I supposed to investigate? Trucy: Oh well, I guess it can't be helped. Trucy: Let's go. Apollo: Huh? Go? Trucy: Time's a wasting, Apollo! We've got a lot of ground to cover! Apollo: Well, that's true, but... Apollo: ...On second thought, why not. I'm sure everything will be fine. Trucy: Of course it will! Let's go!

=Examine Bullet Holes= Trucy: Are these... bullet holes? Apollo: Looks like it. There are two here in the wall. Trucy: Well, if there are two marks, they must have missed twice. Apollo: Not necessarily... Apollo: Some revolvers can put a bullet through a person. Apollo: So it wasn't necessarily a miss.

Trucy: Ouch... Sounds painful. =Examine Brooch= Trucy: ...... Apollo: No snatching people's brooches. Trucy: Darn... Trucy: Maybe there's another one lying around here somewhere. Apollo: If there is, you can't have that one either. Trucy: ...Don't be so stingy, Apollo. Apollo: ...I think the word you're looking for is "principled". =Examine Speaker= Apollo: That speaker was blaring when it happened. Apollo: Apparently, it monitors sound from the main stage. Apollo: ...Which made it hard to hear Mr. LeTouse's last words. Trucy: Well, you know what I do at loud concerts? Trucy: I wear earplugs! It really cuts down on the noise. Apollo: ...And this would have helped

me hear him how? =Examine Ladder= Apollo: Huh, another ladder. Trucy: Actually, it's technically a stepladder. Apollo: Well hello, Ms. Fancy Pants! Please forgive my lack of ladder discrimination. Trucy: ! Trucy: ...... Apollo: I'd say this ladder is used to climb up to reach things. Apollo: ...Is there something on the ceiling? Trucy: I still say it's a stepladder. =Examine Vent= Apollo: ...... Apollo: That air vent bothers me. Apollo: If Ema and I came in through the door... Apollo: That makes that vent the only exit from the room. Trucy: But it's much too small. Apollo: Hmm...

Apollo: Not if the killer were about your size, Trucy... Trucy: ...... Apollo: ...... Trucy: I didn't do it! Apollo: Eh. Trucy: I was cutting up the dance floor at the time, thank you! Apollo: I know, I know! Of course I don't think you did it. Trucy: It's hard to tell with you, sometimes, Apollo. Apollo: (Hey! What have I done?) =Examine Poster Above TV= Apollo: Look, there's another Gavinners poster. Apollo: Ema didn't seem too happy about it. Trucy: Maybe I should take it down before she rips it up. Apollo: You walk around with that thing and she'll sniff it out. Trucy: ...Maybe I'll pass then. Apollo: (It's probably wise to be wary of Ema...)

=Examine TV= Trucy: Ah, ah, Apollo! Trucy: Look at that thing! It's huge! That... That's a TV!!! Apollo: Um, yeah, a wide flatscreen TV. I want one of those. Apollo: Someday when I'm a famous attorney, I'll get one... TrucY: But Daddy never had one. Trucy: I don't think he ever even had money when he was a lawyer. Apollo: Great, just stomp on my dreams why don't you. =Examine Fruit Basket= Trucy: Ooh! Apollo! Can I eat some of those, please!? Apollo: Better not. Ema will find out. Somehow, she will. Apollo: "How could you eat those without telling me!?" Trucy: Yeah... Trucy: I'll make sure to leave some for her to eat, too. Apollo: (I don't think that's the issue here...)

=Examine Bouquet= Apollo: What an amazing bouquet. I mean, it's giant. Trucy: That's super dazzle-frazzle! Apollo: ..."Dazzle-frazzle"? Trucy: Yeah, it's super, and it makes you feel all dazzle-frazzle! Apollo: Um... Who taught you to say that? Trucy: Oh, Daddy. Apollo: (...I knew it.) =Examine Dresser= Apollo: Seeing these mirrors lined up like that makes me think I'm really in a dressing room. Apollo: Look at all that makeup. Trucy: Well, I haven't got a clue, and I doubt those are. Apollo: (I guess she's not into makeup yet.) =Examine Dryer= Apollo: This is one of those... uh, things, right? At the barbers? Apollo: It's one of those permanent hair things. Trucy:

I've never tried one. Apollo: Want to? Trucy: Hmm... Trucy: I think I'll stick with my top hat. Trucy: We have an understanding, me and my hat. Apollo: (It's... just a hat, Trucy.) =Examine Presents= Apollo: Look at all these presents. Lamiroir sure is popular. Trucy: I got a present once, from a person in the audience. Apollo: That's pretty cool. Trucy: Isn't it! Trucy: Maybe you'll get one someday. Trucy: ...From someone you defend! Apollo: (That's called getting paid, and I certainly hope I do.) =Examine Window= Trucy: Look, there's a little window over here! Trucy: Maybe the killer escaped through that!

Apollo: It's only big enough to stick your head through. Apollo: And it doesn't even open all the way. Trucy: ...What? Trucy: I was just saying it's possible. Apollo: Right, right, no harm in that. Apollo: (Except I'm pretty sure it is impossible.) =Examine Revolver= Apollo: A 45-caliber revolver, very powerful. Apollo: This is definitely the murder weapon. Trucy: I wonder who brought this revolver in here? It's huge. Apollo: Someone unusual, that's for sure. Trucy: No one I want to meet, that's also for sure. Apollo: Me either. Apollo: Unless it's in court, of course! =Examine LeTouse= =Examine Left Hand=

Apollo: The body was holding a key ring... Trucy: Do you think it belongs to the killer? Apollo: If it's not Mr. LeTouse's, that seems like a possibility. =Move -> Backstage Hallway= --July 7 Backstage Hallway --Trucy: Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! Apollo: Who's there!? Trucy: We... didn't just imagine that, did we? Apollo: He was wearing a silk hat. ...Friend of yours? Trucy: Hardly! Apollo: (Whoever that was, he sure looked suspicious!) =Move -> The stage= --July 7 In the Wings --Klavier: What is it with today!? Klavier: Problem after problem! Achtung!

???: You ain't kidding. Trucy: It's the two leading members of the Gavinners, Apollo! Trucy: Klavier on vocals, and Daryan on guitar! Trucy: They're so cool! Apollo: I have a hard time thinking of "Klavier" as anything but a prosecutor, honestly. Trucy: Huh? What are they arguing about? Apollo: Probably the case, I'd bet. Klavier: My hog won't start. case is busted... My guitar

Klavier: guitar's been burnt to a crisp, and to top it all off, someone's dead! Klavier: ...And then there was that performance just now. Klavier: What was that all about!? Daryan: Hey, man, don't blame me. Daryan: You were the one who missed the cue. Klavier: Me? Miss a cue!? Klavier: How could I conceivably get the most important part of that song wrong? How!?

Klavier: And what was all that tinny playing of yours? Daryan: Who you calling "tinny"!? Trucy: ...Sounds like they're having a spat. Trucy: One of those "differences in musical direction" bands are always splitting up over. Apollo: This is hardly the time... Klavier: ...Hmm? What are you two doing here? Apollo: Ah, um, hiya. Apollo: ...... Klavier: We were just discussing the investigation, if you don't mind. Apollo: Sorry. Wait... You were what? Klavier: Listen... Klavier: You need to confirm that with the Republic of Borginia, Detective Crescend. Daryan: Right. Anything else? Apollo: What did he just call him? "Detective"...? Daryan: Ah, greetings.

Daryan: Daryan Crescend... Criminal Affairs, Division 3. Apollo: Uh... H-Hello. ("Criminal Affairs"!?) ---------------------------Daryan Crescend Age: 24 Gender: Male Guitarist for the Gavinners. His day job is as a detective in Criminal Affairs, Div. 3. ---------------------------Trucy: *sigh* Apollo... Trucy: You really don't know anything about the Gavinners, do you? Apollo: (Something tells me that's about to be remedied.) =Present Lyrics Sheet= Klavier: I wrote those lyrics, you know. Klavier: Though it was Lamiroir who gave them life. Trucy: Wow... That's beautiful! Apollo: (Grr. Maybe I should try to write some lyrics someday.) =Present Key Ring= Apollo: Um, I was wondering if you knew anything about this? Klavier: Th-That...!

Apollo: Does it look familiar? Klavier: Familiar! It's mine! my key ring! That's

Klavier: I've been looking all over for it! Trucy: Whaaaaaat!? Mr. Gavin!? This is yours,

Apollo: (I knew it...) Trucy: Apollo! Trucy: How can you make that "I knew it" face!? Trucy: This is the key ring that was... Apollo: Yeah, I know. Klavier: Thanks, anyway. Klavier: So, where did you find it? Apollo: Erm, actually, the victim was holding it. Apollo: Like he was trying to keep it from the killer. Even if it meant his life. Klavier: ...... Wh-Wha... Whaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaat!? Klavier: The victim... you mean, Mr. LeTouse had my keys? Apollo:

Indeed. Klavier: Hrmm... Klavier: When will my trials be over? Trucy: Speaking of trials, I've never heard Mr. Gavin whine in court like he has been today. Apollo: Ema was right about the fop, I'll give her that. Trucy: Apollo! Trucy: Mr. Gavin, maybe we can help. Trucy: Tell us about your troubles today. Klavier: I really don't think that's... Trucy: Tell us... Trucy: ...and we'll keep mum about the key ring for now. Klavier: Are... you blackmailing me, Fräulein? =Present Key Ring (again)= Klavier: Anyway... Klavier: Thanks for finding this. Klavier: If you'd found it under different circumstances, I'd be even happier. Trucy: I wonder why Mr. LeTouse was

holding it? Apollo: Maybe he was trying to tell us something? Apollo: Maybe that Prosecutor Gavin is the killer? Klavier: Herr Forehead, save your wild accusations for the court. I do so enjoy the penalties. =Present Other= Klavier: Sorry, but I'm not in the mood to talk about that right now. Klavier: Even I can only take so much in one day. Apollo: (Funny, I always thought of Prosecutor Gavin as one of those cool, stoic types.) Apollo: (The sort that never complains. How wrong I was!) =Talk -> The case= Apollo: Um, about the crime... Klavier: ...Which crime do you mean? Apollo: The murder, what else!? Klavier: Oh, that. Klavier: For me, today has been a hit parade of crimes, you see. Trucy: Prosecutor Gavin was singing the blues earlier, wasn't he?

Trucy: ...Something about his hog, and his guitar case. Klavier: ...Anyway. Klavier: I'm afraid you know more about the killing of Mr. LeTouse than I do. Klavier: ...For now, at least. Apollo: Huh? Klavier: You were the one who found the body, ja? Klavier: While we were in the middle of a performance, no less. Trucy: Aren't you going to examine the crime scene, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: I'll leave that to Fräulein Detective. Wouldn't want to step on her toes. Trucy: They're not exactly best buddies are they. Trucy: Ema and Prosecutor Gavin, I mean. Apollo: Well, what to do next. We've already checked out the scene. Apollo: (Prosecutor Gavin may be right. We might be the most informed, for once.) Trucy: Maybe Prosecutor Gavin can shed some light on things

we've found! =Talk -> The Gavinners= Trucy: I don't believe you, Apollo! Trucy: How can you come to this concert and not know about the Gavinners!? Klavier: It's not surprising. Why, even our ancestors knew nothing of America's existence once. Apollo: Um... I know America exists. Trucy: The Gavinners aren't just an average rock band, Apollo. Trucy: Each member is connected to the police somehow! Apollo: The Police? Trucy: The real police! By day they pack heat, but by night they heat up the stage! Trucy: By day those lips interrogate, by night they sing songs of unrequited passion! Apollo: ...Um, OK. Trucy: They debuted seven years ago with "13 Years Hard Time For Love"... Trucy: Then came "Love With No Chance Of Parole", and "My Boyfriend Is The Prosecution's Witness". Trucy: The list of hits goes on and

on! Klavier: This here's my right-hand man. ...Daryan Crescend. Klavier: I make the melodies, and he attacks them with his guitar. Klavier: He's a bit of a rogue, really. Daryan: Heh. And this guy's a bit of a perfectionist. Daryan: When a performance goes the least bit wrong he goes into this funk... Just like today. Apollo: (I'd hope murder would be a bit more off-putting than a ruined concert...) Klavier: The concert today? A disaster!

Klavier: I'll get to the bottom of this and then we'll see who missed a cue! Trucy: The missed cue... They were arguing about that before... Apollo: (Great, I love nothing more than questioning tormented artists.) =Talk -> The missed cue= Trucy: What's this missed cue you keep talking about? Klavier: Ah ha, you heard it, didn't you? From the audience? Trucy: Um, actually, I didn't notice

anything... Daryan: See! No amateur is going to pick up on that! Klavier: Can you guarantee an entire audience of amateurs? No! Now take a listen to this! Trucy: What's that...? Klavier: A mixing board. Klavier: We used it to record our concert tonight. Apollo: (Aren't we supposed to be investigating a murder...?) Trucy: Well, we've come this far, might as well go all the way! Trucy: I've always wanted to learn about the recording industry! Klavier: This is but one of the devices used in recordings. Klavier: We're a five-part band... Klavier: This lets us record each member's performance separately. Klavier: You use the sliders to adjust the volume for each part. Klavier: Check it out! Trucy: Wow, neat! Trucy: So, could you, say, hear only

the drum part? Klavier: Of course. That's how we'll find the criminal guilty of missing his cue tonight! Apollo: I'm more concerned with the other criminal. The one who kills people. Klavier: You want help on the case? Then help me with mine! Apollo: (I guess rock 'n' roll comes before prosecuting.) Klavier: Let's begin! Klavier: First, we bring up the part of the performance in question. Klavier: You simply choose the section of the song you wish to hear on the bottom-most bar. Klavier: Like so. Klavier: There it is. Now, listen. Trucy: ...Was something wrong? Klavier: You couldn't hear it? again, closely... Listen

Trucy: Ah... the timing's a little off, isn't it!? Klavier: You see? Klavier: There! Right at the most important part!

Klavier: And even an amateur can hear it! Daryan: An amateur with a mixing board, maybe. Klavier: You're missing the point! Klavier: We'll never stamp out crime until we're perfect. Perfect! Daryan: Here he goes again... Klavier: Right. Herr Amateur, you will prove my point. Apollo: Huh? Me!? Klavier: You will find the missed cue! Klavier: You will tell us which instrument, which part, is the guilty party! Apollo: But how...? Klavier: Did I not just explain it? Klavier: Use these sliders to adjust the volume for each part. Klavier: Then you will find the part that hopelessly bungles the cue! Klavier: You'll find it, with your untrained amateur ears! Trucy: Nothing to do but try, Apollo! Apollo:

(I guess...) Apollo: (I'll admit, this looks kind of fun.) Klavier: First, a quick review: use the sliders to adjust volumes. Klavier: Press the section of the song you wish to hear on the bottom bar. Apollo: (Sliders and the bar, got it.) Klavier: Once you've found the guilty part, press the corresponding number! Klavier: Time to rock! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This part sounds a little off. Klavier: Let's see............... ...Herr Forehead. Apollo: Yes? Klavier: Let me guess... Klavier: ...You got a D in high school chorus, didn't you? Apollo: (How'd he know!?) Klavier: This part is perfection. Absolute perfection. Klavier:

I'd bet all the royalties from my last platinum-selling album on it. Klavier: The guilty part is elsewhere. Apollo: (Yeah, yeah, I know you sold a bazillion records.) Trucy: Focus, Apollo! you on! I'll cheer

Apollo: Actually, it's probably better if you stay quiet... Apollo: (Let's give this another shot.) ((Present Track 2)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This part is off. Klavier: Which is that? 2nd Guitar. Daryan: Ah. Klavier: It was you Daryan! Daryan: ...... Daryan: Ah well, looks like the cat's out of the bag. Klavier: "Ah well"? to say!? That's all you have Hmm...

Klavier: That kind of attitude lets killers walk free, Daryan!

Trucy: Here they go again. Apollo: Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to ask about the concert. Apollo: It's starting to feel like we're just wasting time. Trucy: It's all experience under our belts! That can't be bad! ** Mixing Board added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Mixing Board Type: Other Received from Prosecutor Gavin Allows music to be played in separate tracks. Touch the Check Button to use. ---------------------------Apollo: (I still can't get over the title for that song...) Apollo: (..."Guilty Love"...?) =Talk -> The missed cue (again)= Apollo: (Best to avoid bringing up that topic again...) Apollo: (I'm sure I can think of something else to ask about.) =Talk -> Gavin's troubles= Apollo: You were saying something about your motorcycle not starting? Trucy: And something about your guitar case being busted?

Klavier: ...You're well informed. Trucy: You mentioned it a few times. Klavier: Ach. Ach! It all happened this morning. Klavier: It's all this key ring's fault. Apollo: The key ring... Klavier: It's got all my keys on it, ja? Klavier: My bike key, my car key... and the key to my guitar case. ---------------------------Key Ring Type: Evidence Retrieved from Lamiroir's Dressing Room Found in the victim's left hand. Holds keys to a guitar case and a motorcycle. =Check -> Examine Guitar Key= Apollo: There are three keys on this heart-shaped key ring. Apollo: And this guitar-shaped key was the key to a guitar case. Trucy: Wasn't he saying he had to break his case because he couldn't get it unlocked? Trucy: I could open a lock like that in 10 seconds, easy! Trucy: He should have given me a call.

Apollo: ...So he could slap handcuffs on you after you opened it? Trucy: Handcuffs? 20 seconds, tops!

Apollo: (I'm glad she's on my side.) ---------------------------Trucy: Wait, so this key ring... Klavier: ...It disappeared. Klavier: I thought I'd put it in my jacket pocket... Apollo: (Prosecutor Gavin's key ring... disappeared?) Klavier: I had to come to the concert by taxi. How embarrassing! Klavier: And in order to get my guitar out, I had to break the lock. Apollo: Wait, this guitar wasn't the one that... Klavier: The very one. Up in flames...

Klavier: ...And right on stage, too. Trucy: I actually thought that was part of the show. Klavier: Crazy. Klavier: ...And to top it off, Mr. LeTouse's life was taken. Klavier:

Nobody told me 'bout days like these. Apollo: Strange days, indeed. Klavier: ...You think? Trucy: ...... Apollo: What's wrong, Trucy? Trucy: Well, I was just trying to make sense of everything. Trucy: First this heart-shaped key ring gets stolen. Trucy: Then a very expensive guitar flares up on stage. Trucy: Then Mr. LeTouse dies... Klavier: Yes, and...? Trucy: Could it all really be just a coincidence? Klavier: Coincidence...? Meaning...? Klavier: Daryan, can you make any sense of all this? Daryan: ...Hey, don't look at me. Trucy: What do you think, Apollo? Apollo: Huh? Trucy: I mean, either Mr. Gavin's having a really bad day...

Trucy: ...or all this was planned. Klavier: ...... Klavier: You... aren't thinking what I think you're thinking... Klavier: ...are you, Fräulein? Trucy: I am! Daryan: What? What!? Daryan: Hey, don't leave me in the dark with Spike, here. Apollo: (...The name's Apollo, but yeah, I agree...) Apollo: (Don't leave us in the dark! What are you talking about?) Trucy: Haven't you noticed a connection, Apollo? Trucy: ...A curious connection between all of Mr. Gavin's troubles today? Apollo: Um, well... [ I have noticed. ] Apollo: You know, something was bugging me, too! Apollo: That key ring, and the guitar, and the body... Trucy: Slow down there, Polly.

You look a wee bit dizzy. Daryan: He's bluffing. He hasn't figured it out. Daryan: Fess up, if you're a man. You're as clueless as I am! Apollo: Huh? Klavier: No, no, give Herr Forehead a chance. Klavier: Let's see your evidence of the connection, shall we? Apollo: E-Evidence!? (Ack! I'd better think of something pronto!) Trucy: C'mon c'mon c'mon! it! Let's see

Trucy: What's the connection between all of Mr. Gavin's troubles? ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The connection... is this! Right? Trucy: Um, I would say you were close, but really, you're kinda far. Remote, even. Apollo: (Oops. Try not to anger the Trucy, Apollo.) Apollo: (No sudden motions... Just find that evidence slowly.)

((Present Lyrics Sheet)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: It's this, isn't it? [ I haven't noticed. ] Trucy: You haven't!? Apollo: ...I just don't see the connection. Sorry. Trucy: Well don't just give up! Give it a little more thought! Apollo: Wait... You don't mean this, do you? Daryan: A lyrics sheet? ..."The Guitar's Serenade"...? What's that got to do with anything? Klavier: It has everything to do with everything. Klavier: Though I wouldn't have believed it if the Fräulein hadn't pointed it out. Daryan: What are you talking about, man? Enough with the riddles! Klavier: Maybe it is a coincidence, or perhaps it means something. Klavier: Don't you think, Fräulein? Trucy: I do. Trucy:

Everything that's happened to Mr. Gavin today... Trucy: predicted in the lyrics to this song! Daryan: Wh-Whaaat!? No way! =Talk -> The song's prediction= Trucy: Look, just think about everything that's happened to Mr. Gavin. Trucy: Let's list them in the order that they occurred... Trucy: ...while reading this lyrics sheet! Apollo: First, the key ring was stolen. Trucy: And not just any key ring! A heart-shaped key ring! Apollo: That's right here! Apollo: "When you stole away the keys my heart held on to so tight." Apollo: This is a "heart" holding "keys"! Trucy: And next, his guitar burst into flame. Apollo: "Burning on in my heart. Burn my love away..." Trucy: And then Mr. LeTouse was killed... Fire.

Apollo: "Like a bullet of love. Take my life away..." Apollo: But... But that's crazy! Trucy: Yeah, no kidding!


Daryan: So everything that happened today, here... Daryan: ...This song predicted it all? Klavier: Or perhaps it was the other way around... Apollo: Huh? Klavier: The criminal could have based his crime on the lyrics. Apollo: But who would go through all that trouble...? Klavier: Someone who moves in mysterious ways, no doubt. Klavier: I believe you've stumbled upon something quite vital... and quite annoying, Fräulein. Trucy: Eh heh. Apollo: (She looks pleased...) Daryan: The lyrics predicting the crime... Klavier? Klavier: Seems a bit more than just a coincidence to me.

Daryan: I have to agree. Daryan: The key ring, the guitar, and the murder... Apollo: The key ring might have been dropped by accident. Klavier: Yet the victim was holding it. Hard to think that it was unconnected. Apollo: That's true. (Prosecutor Gavin's as calm and collected as ever...) Trucy: So the criminal matched their actions to the lyrics? Daryan: That sounds likely. Apollo: Why would anyone do that? Daryan: ...While we think about that, I'm going to get cracking on the biggest crime here. Daryan: I'm going to talk to the Borginian Embassy about this Mr. LeTouse. Klavier: Ah, right. Thanks, Daryan.

Daryan: I'll leave the pondering of mysteries to you. I'm outta here. Klavier: A foreign national, Mr. LeTouse was killed... Klavier: It seems like that would have to be the "point" of all this.

Klavier: But they did more than that. Klavier: They left us with not only a murder, but a mystery! Trucy: Mr. Gavin sure is irritable today. Apollo: Maybe this is the real Prosecutor Gavin we don't get to see in the courtroom. Klavier: ...I've had enough, frankly. Klavier: If you find any more mysteries, do me a favor and keep them to yourselves, ja? Apollo: Ja... Apollo: (I guess this is all we're going to get from Prosecutor Gavin.) Apollo: (That leaves Lamiroir to question.) Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin... do you know where Lamiroir is now? Klavier: Ah, I had her go to my dressing room. Klavier: With that pianist, Machi Tobaye, of course. Klavier: She seemed rather shocked by Mr. LeTouse's sudden passing. Apollo: (The Gavinners's dressing room. Got it!)

=Move -> Backstage Hallway= --July 7 Backstage Hallway --Trucy: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Apollo: Who's there!? Apollo: There he goes again. Who is that guy!? Trucy: ...... Apollo: Huh? Trucy? Trucy: You know, he did look sort of familiar... Apollo: ...So he is a friend of yours! Trucy: No, that's not it. ...Sorry, I don't remember. Apollo: (Curiouser and curiouser...) =Move -> Gavinners's Dressing Room= --July 7 Gavinners's Dressing Room --Trucy: Ah... Lamiroir! Lamiroir: What... What has happened? Lamiroir: I heard that Mr. LeTouse has died! Apollo: L-Lamiroir! You speak?

Apollo: I mean, you speak English? Lamiroir: Ah... Yes. Lamiroir: I was invited here from the Republic of Borginia... Lamiroir: But I am not Borginian by birth. Trucy: But wasn't Mr. LeTouse your interpreter...? Lamiroir: Ah that. Yes, well... Lamiroir: It was Mr. LeTouse's idea. Lamiroir: He thought it would add to the mystery, you see. Apollo: Then, your pianist is also...? Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Lamiroir: No, Machi Tobaye is Borginian. Lamiroir: He does not speak English. Lamiroir: Now, please tell me! Lamiroir: What has happened to Mr. LeTouse? Why did he... Trucy: Actually, Mr. LeTouse was... Apollo: Trucy! Trucy: Huh!

Apollo: Remember what Prosecutor Gavin said? "Not a word"! Trucy: B-But Mr. LeTouse is Lamiroir's manager! Trucy: That's not fair to her! Trucy: I mean, isn't she a related party? Apollo: (Precisely who Prosecutor Gavin doesn't want to alert, I'd suspect.) Lamiroir: All we have been told is to wait here in this room. Lamiroir: It is very unsettling. Apollo: I'm sorry, we're trying to figure it out ourselves. Apollo: Do... you think I could ask you some questions? Lamiroir: Of course. to help. I am always willing

Apollo: (She's as calm as she looked on stage...) Apollo: (I can't put my finger on why, but I like this Lamiroir.) Machi: [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: What is it, Machi? Machi: [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir:

What... but you'd be alone! Machi: [symbols] .. .. Apollo: Um, what seems to be the problem? Lamiroir: Machi... he is not good around strangers. Lamiroir: He wishes to go out for a breath of fresh air. Lamiroir: Would that be alright? Apollo: Uh, sure, of course. Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Lamiroir: Very well. Lamiroir: What is it you wished to ask me about? =Present Brooch= Apollo: That reminds me... Apollo: Does this brooch look familiar to you? Lamiroir: My brooch... yes! Well... It may be mine. Apollo: Yours, Lamiroir...? Lamiroir: I was wearing a brooch earlier, you see. Lamiroir: I must have lost it.

Trucy: Well that explains the brooch we found. Trucy: It was Lamiroir's! Lamiroir: Thank you. Lamiroir: I was wondering where I'd dropped it. Apollo: (So this brooch belongs to her...) Apollo: (That begs the question...) Trucy: Is something wrong, Apollo? Apollo: (...What was this brooch doing at the crime scene?) ---------------------------Brooch Type: Other Retrieved from Lamiroir's Dressing Room. Found at the crime scene. Turns out it belongs to Lamiroir. ---------------------------=Present Other= Apollo: Would you mind taking a look at this, Lamiroir? Lamiroir: ...... Lamiroir: I'm sorry, I'm not sure what to say. Lamiroir: I wish I could help you. Apollo: Ah, don't worry about it.

Apollo: (Certainly one of the most pleasant refusals I've had.) =Talk -> Lamiroir= Apollo: The Republic of Borginia... that's in Northern Europe, right? Trucy: I've never even heard of it... Lamiroir: I started out singing in a restaurant... Lamiroir: Then a producer called me. Lamiroir: Before I knew it... here I am. Trucy: You don't say! Trucy: You know, my daddy plays piano in a restaurant! Apollo: Producers tend to look for talent, Trucy. Apollo: ...Lamiroir, you're not from Borginia originally? Apollo: Were you born here? Lamiroir: Well... Apollo: Oh, is that supposed to be a secret? Trucy: Image is everything when you're a star! Trucy: I know a bit about that,

of course... Lamiroir: Ah, yes, it is something like this. Lamiroir: A contract, you might say. Lamiroir: I'm also not to speak anything but Borginese in public. Apollo: Image is important, I guess. Trucy: She's not all image, though! Her songs are lovely! Trucy: A real "landscape painter in sound"! Apollo: A painter in what? Trucy: She travels the world, turning the sights she sees into music! Trucy: That's the secret to your music's beauty, right? Lamiroir: You're very perceptive. Trucy: Oh, I use your songs all the time in my stage act. Trucy: ...I don't have to pay royalties for that, do I? Apollo: Stop while you're ahead, Trucy. Lamiroir: This "landscape painter in sound", too, is an image. Lamiroir: Yet without it, my songs

would not be so widely heard. Trucy: They even call you the "Siren of the Ballad", right? Lamiroir: Yes. In Borginese, "Lamiroir" means "the Siren". Lamiroir: I fear that, perhaps, already I am not the siren I once was. =Talk -> Machi= Trucy: Your pianist... Machi, was it? Trucy: He's cute! doll... Like a porcelain

Apollo: He's very "European". Lamiroir: I met him while singing in restaurants in Borginia. Lamiroir: He is an orphan... yet his playing is exquisite. Lamiroir: Soon he came to live with me. Trucy: It's like a fairy tale, almost... Apollo: I noticed he hardly leaves your side. Lamiroir: Yes, well, he is blind. Lamiroir: At first, I hesitated at dragging him across the world. Apollo: He doesn't speak English, either, does he?

Lamiroir: He had never left Borginia before we met. Lamiroir: I made his presence part of my contract. Lamiroir: Machi and I together are "Lamiroir". Together, always. =Talk -> Mr. LeTouse= Lamiroir: Mr. LeTouse... was my new manager. Apollo: New? Lamiroir: Yes, from three months ago. Lamiroir: Around when I received Mr. Gavin's invitation to come. Lamiroir: I met Mr. LeTouse at my office. Lamiroir: He was to be my manager and bodyguard... Lamiroir: And, as it turned out, my interpreter. Apollo: Interpreter... even though you speak English. Lamiroir: Yes... but we were to visit more places than just here. Lamiroir: We had a concert in Japan scheduled after this one. Lamiroir: Though I fear that may have to be cancelled now...

Trucy: Was Mr. LeTouse from the Republic of Borginia, too? Lamiroir: Well... he was only with me for three months. Lamiroir: I'm afraid there is much I do not know about him. Lamiroir: And now, I shall never know. Lamiroir: No one will even tell me why he has died. Apollo: I-I'm sorry... Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin said we weren't to talk to anyone... Lamiroir: Mr. LeTouse... was a talented man. Lamiroir: The "Siren of the Ballad"... Lamiroir: That phrase was his idea, you know. Lamiroir: I am happy for him that it has become so well known. Apollo: The "siren"... That's what he meant! Trucy: Huh? Apollo? Apollo: You are "the Siren", right Lamiroir? Lamiroir: That is the meaning of my name in Borginese, yes.

Lamiroir: It was the name my producer gave me. But why do you ask? Apollo: ...It's very important. Apollo: I had to know for sure if the "Siren" was you. Lamiroir: What do you mean, important? Apollo: ...I'll tell you. Apollo: You deserve to know. =Talk -> The "Siren"= Apollo: "Siren"... Apollo: It turns out that's a very important word in this case. Trucy: H-How? Apollo: When we found Mr. LeTouse... Apollo: ...he was still alive. Lamiroir: What...? Apollo: I heard him say something... Apollo: ...his last words. Apollo: Mr. LeTouse! Can you hear me!? LeTouse: Ask... wi...witness... Apollo: Hang in there, Mr. LeTouse!

Tell me, who was the witness? LeTouse: The Trucy: He said "siren"... Really? Apollo: I was the only one there to hear it... Apollo: ...but I'm sure that's what he said! Lamiroir: Mr. LeTouse said that!? Lamiroir: "Ask the witness"...? Apollo: And you're the Siren, Lamiroir. Lamiroir: ...... Apollo: Did you see what happened? Lamiroir: ...... Apollo: Lamiroir...? Lamiroir: Might I ask, are you with the police? Apollo: Eh! Uh, well, no. defense attorney. Lamiroir: An attorney? Lamiroir: Yet there have been no arrests, yes? Apollo: ...Is that a problem? I'm a

Lamiroir: Does an attorney not work for a "client"? Lamiroir: If you have no client, you should leave the investigation to the police, I think. Trucy: But Lamiroir, we... Lamiroir: I am sorry, but I cannot answer your questions. Lamiroir: I'm afraid you lack the authority to ask them. Apollo: Ack... (Why...?) Apollo: (If she witnessed the crime, why won't she tell us...?) Lamiroir: I believe we are through here. Apollo: ...I believe so. =Move -> Backstage Hallway= --July 8, 12:22 AM Backstage Hallway Apollo: Whoa! Who's there now!? Ema: Ah, it's you. Ema: ...Where were you!? Apollo: Ack! Ema! Apollo: ...Is something wrong? (She's looks grumpier than

usual.) Ema: You bet something's wrong! The impossible's happened! Ema: Arrgh! It's all your fault, you know! Apollo: (Oops. Maybe this is about us leaving the crime scene.) Trucy: Wha do you mean by "impossible"? Ema: Well it's gone! Trucy: ...What's gone? Ema: The body, stupid! Trucy: Eh... Ema: Mr. LeTouse's body has disappeared! Trucy: Whaaaaaaaaaat!? --July 8 Lamiroir's Dressing Room --Apollo: Ah... Prosecutor Gavin. Klavier: From your vacant stare, I gather you've heard the news. Apollo: I heard Mr. LeTouse's body has gone missing... Klavier: Look for yourself. Klavier: What else? Utterly gone!

Quite the pickle. Quite. The. Pickle. Ema: How can you just stand there!? We have to start the investi... Klavier: There's no need for alarm, Fräulein Detective. Ema: ...! Klavier: All entrances and exits have been sealed. Klavier: The body will not leave the building. Klavier: So, I suggest we go find ourselves a cadaver. Klavier: There will be plenty of time to ponder the "whys" later. Trucy: Well, you seem pretty sure of yourself, Mr. Gavin. Klavier: Oh, we'll find him. I'm rather enjoying this. Apollo: (How could Mr. LeTouse's body just "disappear"?) Trucy: Well, you heard the man. Trucy: Let's get searching! Daryan: ...Hey, I don't know if this's exactly the right time, but... Klavier: Yes, Daryan? Daryan:

See, Geeter's gone missing. It was in the dressing room. Trucy: Geeter? Who's Geeter!?

Daryan: That's what I call my guitar! You like, man? Klavier: Your guitar... was stolen? Ema: This hasn't been a good day for guitars or geeters. Klavier: OK. Body first, then guitar. Klavier: And if someone finds that guitar, please bring it to our dressing room. Daryan: Geeter's like a missing person, not lost 'n' found, man. =Examine Floor= Apollo: There should be a body here. But there's not. Apollo: How could this have happened? And why? =Present Anything= Apollo: Ema, could you take a look at this? Ema: Just hold it right there. Ema: This is not time to be waving a bag of Snackoos in my face! Apollo: Um, it's not a bag of

Snackoos. Ema: Look. What's important is that Mr. LeTouse's body is missing! Ema: And we've got to find it! Apollo: (She would be more convincing if she wasn't standing around eating her precious Snackoos.) =Talk -> Disappearing act= Ema: Well, this sure is a... what did he call it? A sausage? Ema: No wait, it was a pickle. Ema: And it's your pickle! I told you to stay in the room! Apollo: ...Sorry. (Not much else I can say.) Ema: ...It's alright. Ema: Top priority now is finding that body. Ema: ...You can make it up to me later. Ema; Ten bags or so of chocolate Snackoos should do the trick nicely. Apollo: (You should watch your sugar intake, Ema.) =Move -> The stage= --July 8, 12:57 AM

In the Wings --Trucy: Hmm. Does something seem different to you, Apollo? Apollo: Something is definitely different here. Trucy: Let's check it out! =Examine Anything= Trucy: I'm not sure that's all that important right now. Trucy: Let's check out that thing in the middle of the stage! =Examine Platform= Trucy: That stage there must have been lowered before. Apollo: That's the tower that Lamiroir and Prosecutor Gavin were singing on. Trucy: Someone must have raised it. Trucy: Hmm. I don't see a way to control it from here. Trucy: Apollo, what about that ladder there against the wall? Trucy: We could use that to take a look up top... Apollo: ...... Maybe we should get Ema. Trucy:

What are you talking about? We have to see this sort of thing for ourselves! Apollo: (I'm... not so good with heights.) Trucy: Stop whining and start climbing! Apollo: Urk... Apollo: (It didn't look that high from below, really.) Apollo: (But when we got to the top, I felt every one of those 20 feet down.) Apollo: (Of course, I wasn't thinking about the height any more.) Apollo: (Not after what we found up there.) Trucy: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Apollo: (We found two things we were looking for, and one thing we never expected to find.) Apollo: ...The body, guitar in hand, and the pianist, Machi Tobaye. --July 8, 10:09 AM Wright Anything Agency --Apollo: Wow, that concert last night sure went south in a hurry! Trucy: No kidding.

Trucy: Why did they arrest Machi!? Why!? Apollo: Don't look at me like it's my fault! Apollo: (Machi Tobaye, the blind pianist...) Apollo: (...arrested on suspicion of murdering Romein LeTouse.) ---------------------------Machi Tobaye Age: 14 Gender: Male Blind pianist. Arrested on suspicion of having shot Mr. LeTouse. ---------------------------Trucy: I can't believe such a cute little boy could do something so horrible! Apollo: I guess they had proof of some kind. Trucy: What proof could possibly prove that!? Klavier: Mornin'. Apollo: P-Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: What a night, eh? Klavier: I apologize for being so upset... Trucy: Mr. Gavin, do you know what's going on? Trucy:

Why did they arrest Machi!? Why!? Apollo: Don't look at him like it's his fault either. Klavier: It was tough for me, too. Klavier: We performed together that night, after all. Yet... Trucy: Yet? Klavier: The powers that be say that, given the circumstances, it could only have been him. Apollo: What do you mean by the "circumstances"? Klavier: Lamiroir was invited from Borginia as an ambassador of goodwill. Klavier: It is vital that this case be wrapped up swiftly. Klavier: That's all the powers that be want, really. Apollo: Well those are circumstances, alright. Apollo: But what makes Machi the only possible suspect? Klavier: Herr Forehead... Klavier: You seem to have forgotten that you're talking to the prosecution... the enemy. Apollo: Ah. Right.

Apollo: (I think I like this side of Prosecutor Gavin better, actually.) Klavier: I'm not at liberty to discuss the particulars of the case. Klavier: ...Especially not to the defense attorney. Apollo: What... did you just say? Me? The defense attorney? Klavier: That's what I came to tell you. Klavier: He's down at the detention center... He wants to request your services. Apollo: He...? You mean Machi? wants me...? Trucy: This is what we've been waiting for, Apollo! Let's get going! Apollo: Uh... Right...! Klavier: Good luck. Klavier: I'm off to question Lamiroir. Apollo: R-Right. Later! (I hope I'm up to this...) --July 8 Detention Center Visitor's Room --Trucy: Machi

Well, I just don't get it. Trucy: I refuse to believe a cute little kid like that could do something so terrible. Apollo: ...You said that already. Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Trucy: Machi! be OK! Everything's going to

Trucy: We're here for you! Apollo: Um, h-hi. Maybe you can tell me about last night... Machi: [symbols] .. .. Trucy: Huh? Machi: [symbols] .. .. Machi: [symbols]! Apollo: (That was when I realized how tough it must be...) Apollo: (A little kid like this...) Apollo: ( a country so far from everything he's ever known.) Trucy: Um, maybe Lamiroir can help? Apollo: But didn't Prosecutor Gavin say she was with him? Klavier: Good luck.

Klavier: I'm off to question Lamiroir. Trucy: Well, what are we going to do? Apollo: That's, um, a good question. Apollo: (I can't think of anything we can do but go with this.) Apollo: (...And hope for the best at the trial tomorrow.) Machi: [symbols] .. Machi: [symbols] .. .. To be continued. ============================ Episode 3 Turnabout Serenade Day 2: Trial -30201============================ --July 9, 10:00 AM District Court Courtroom No. 3 --Judge: Court is now in session for... how do I say that? Klavier: "Machi Tobaye", Your Honor. The Pixie of the Arpeggio. Judge: Right, his trial. session! Court is in

Apollo: The defense is ready, Your Honor. Klavier: The prosecution is A-OK, Herr Judge.

Judge: Hmm... Very well, Prosecutor Gavin. Klavier: Ah, my opening statement, ja? Judge: No, no, actually... There was something else I wanted to ask you about. Klavier: ...? Yes? Judge: Say you're going to visit someone in the hospital with an incurable disease... Judge: What do you say to them? Klavier: Eh? Judge: I mean, you wouldn't say "get well soon", right? Judge: You'd only be kicking them when they're down... Apollo: Um, what are you talking about? Judge: Ahem, actually I'm going to visit someone who is terminally ill. Judge: ...Right after this trial. The Chief Justice's son. Apollo: The Chief Justice...? Judge: His son is afflicted with a most terrible disease... Judge: He doesn't have long, it

seems. Apollo: Ah... Judge: So I thought I'd go pay him a visit. Judge: I thought saying something moving might be the order of the day. Trucy: Why don't grown-ups ever just say what's on their mind instead of pretending? Apollo: (She's looking at me with something like... disgust.) Apollo: ...Hey! What are you looking at me like that for!? Judge: In any case... Judge: I'm a bit busy today, so let's wrap this up quickly. Judge: Prosecutor Gavin, your opening statement, briefly! Klavier: You're in luck, Herr Judge... Klavier: I believe you'll be going on your hospital visit sooner than you think. Apollo: ...! Klavier: First, to review the victim in this case. Klavier: Romein LeTouse, age 35. Klavier:

The global manager for diva songstress, Lamiroir. Klavier: The cause of death: blood loss due to being shot by a large caliber revolver. Klavier: This report has all the details. Judge: The court accepts this into evidence. ** LeTouse's Autopsy Report added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------LeTouse's Autopsy Report Type: Reports Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Gavin. Death due to loss of blood from a gunshot wound. Est. time of death: 9:00-9:30 PM. =Check= -Victim's Name Romein LeTouse (Age:35), Male -Time of Death July 7 Between 9 PM and 9:30 PM. -Cause of Death Blood loss due to 45-caliber bullet wound. Time elapsed between shooting and death currently under review. ---------------------------Judge: 45-caliber... That's quite large, isn't it? Judge: A direct hit from that could knock a man off his feet. Klavier: However, the bullet struck him in his shoulder. Klavier: The damage to his body was

slight... death was not immediate. Klavier: Sadly, his blood loss was such that he could not be saved. Judge: Hmm... I suppose the victim's condition could have been much worse, considering. ** Crime Photo added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Crime Photo Type: Photographs Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Gavin. Victim shot in shoulder in Lamiroir's room. Touch the Check Button for details. ---------------------------Klavier: ...Two shots were fired. Klavier: One shot missed, the other penetrated and passed through the victim's shoulder. Klavier: Both bullets were found in the wall at the scene. Observe the diagram... Klavier: ...This is where the bullets hit. Judge: I see... The court accepts this evidence. ** Diagram added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Diagram Type: Maps Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Gavin. The crime scene was Lamiroir's dressing room. Touch the Check Button for details.

---------------------------Judge: If we're talking about a 45-caliber revolver... Judge: ...we must assume that the killer was adept at the weapon's use. Trucy: Really? Apollo: Yeah, apparently, weapons that size have a powerful kickback. Apollo: If, say, the judge tried to fire one, it'd break every bone in his body. Judge: The defense will take more care in choosing examples! Klavier: ...As I was saying, the victim was shot backstage, in a dressing room. Klavier: This dressing room has only one entrance: this door. Judge: That does seem to be the case, yes. Klavier: However, there were witnesses who heard the gunshots. Trucy: He's talking about you and Ema, huh. Klavier: Yet when the witnesses entered the room... Klavier: was empty, save for the victim's body, of course. Judge:

B-But that's... Judge: That's impossible! Klavier: Exactly. This murder was impossible. Klavier: ...For all but one person. Judge: One person? Klavier: That is, of course... Klavier: ...the defendant, Machi Tobaye. Judge: Only this defendant could have committed the crime? Judge: But how? Klavier: It's quite simple. The circumstances of the crime scene make it clear. Judge: Very well, I assume you have testimony to back up this claim. Judge: Let the witness please take the stand! Klavier: Your name and profession, please. Ema: Ema Skye, I'm a detective for the police department. Ema: I was on security detail at the concert forum that night. Apollo: (Ema seems... tired, somehow.)

Judge: Hmm... Security at the concert, you say? Ema: Some security I was. Couldn't even stop a murder... Ema: ...... Judge: Now, don't blame yourself! Things like this happen! Judge: I've made even bigger mistakes in my career, you know! Apollo: (I'm sure that makes her feel much better.) Trucy: I want to hear about these bigger mistakes! Klavier: In any case... Klavier: Because you were on security detail, the crime was quickly discovered. Klavier: And, we were able to identify the killer. Ema: ...... Klavier: You may give the court your testimony, if you would. Klavier: Describe the circumstances of that day, and your discovery of the crime, please. Ema: ...Alright. ** Witness Testimony ** -- Murderous Circumstances --

Ema: The night of the murder, I was on security backstage, at Prosecutor Gavin's request. Ema: Only people involved with the concert in some way were allowed backstage. Ema: At the beginning of the third set... I heard shots. Ema: I went into the room, filled with blaring rock music, and found the body. Ema: I examined the scene and determined that only the defendant could have done it. Judge: Hmm... Judge: It was lucky that a detective was the first on the scene. Trucy: But that door was the only way out of the room, right? Apollo: Yeah, pretty much. Trucy: Then I don't get it. Trucy: How can they say that Machi did it? Apollo: Looks like we need a bit more information. Judge: Very well, the defense may begin the cross-examination. ** Cross-Examination ** -- Murderous Circumstances --

Ema: The night of the murder, I was on security backstage, at Prosecutor Gavin's request. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: The night of the murder was the night of the concert, yes? Ema: That's right. Apollo: What was a detective doing on security detail, might I ask? Apollo: ...If it was only a concert? Ema: My thoughts exactly. Ema: But, orders are orders. Even when they come from rock gods. Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin...? Klavier: Yes, allow me to explain. Klavier: I smelled something that day, you might say. The stench... of conspiracy. Klavier: That day, at the concert hall. Apollo: Conspiracy...? Klavier: Well, isn't it obvious!? My keys! That whole morning, no, the whole day was ruined! Klavier: And it's all because someone stole my keys! Klavier: I couldn't ride my hog to the

show, I couldn't open my guitar case... Trucy: There he goes again. Apollo: Isn't it possible he simply misplaced them? Klavier: Misplaced them!? Klavier: Misplaced items don't just wander into a murder victim's hand on their own! Judge: What's this!? Prosecutor Gavin, if your keys were in the victim's hand... Judge: That makes you a prime suspect! Klavier: ..."Love, slow-acting and new. Atroquinine... is waiting for you..." Trucy: He's singing something. Apollo: Does everything with this guy have to be so over-the-top? Klavier: ...The killing happened in the middle of my concert. Klavier: I was... like a sailor, adrift on a sea of sound. Klavier: Anyway, I didn't want anything else stolen. Klavier: So I put the detective with the most time on their hands on the task. Judge:

I see.

I can accept that.

Ema: Well I can't! What do you mean "time on their hands"!? ((Before pressing 4 and 5)) Judge: Please, the testimony. Ema: Only people involved with the concert in some way were allowed backstage. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: ...We were let in, though. Ema: I didn't know about that! I certainly didn't invite you. Klavier: I gave the Fräulein special permission to be there. ...I wanted to see her again. Trucy: Oh boy! Did you hear that? We're officially involved now! Apollo: Gee, great. Ema: Some other hangers-on tried to get backstage, but I drove them off. Apollo: (So no other "outsiders" were there, then.) Ema: And then... Ema: At the beginning of the third set... I heard shots. Apollo: *HOLD IT!*

Apollo: I believe we were having a chat when we heard the shots. Ema: You were the one chatting. I was eating Snackoos. Judge: Ah! Hey! No snacking in court! Klavier: And you're sure the shots came from Lamiroir's room? Apollo: Yes, absolutely. Ema: Hey, I'm the one being cross-examined here! Ema: Here, this'll keep you quiet! *ka-tonk* Apollo: Ah, thanks. Apollo: about it ...MUNCH...Ema? Ema: We were right...MUNCH...there. Hard to be mistaken about that...MUNCH. Judge: Please, either talk, or eat. Not both at the same time! Ema: ...... *gulp* Right, so after that... Ema: and Mr. Lawyer there opened the dressing room door. Ema: I went into the room, filled with blaring rock music, and

found the body. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Rock? Ema: Blaring, yes. Judge: When you say "rock", are you referring, perhaps... Judge: this "rock 'n' roll" music that's so popular these days? Apollo: (That's right, when we went into the dressing room...) Apollo: ( was blaring over the speaker on the wall.) Ema: They pipe sound from the stage into the backstage through speakers. Ema: That way people in the back can hear when they're supposed to be on stage. Apollo: Did it have to be so loud? Klavier: You don't listen to the Gavinners with your ears. Klavier: You feel it with your entire body and soul! Klavier: I always have the backstage monitors at full volume. Ema: When we walked in the room... Ema:

...the band was playing "Guilty Love", I believe. Ema: Making it easy to determine the time of the crime. Judge: Hmm... If you could hear that music playing... Klavier: ...Then everyone on stage for that song has an alibi. Klavier: Including myself. Ema: Anyway, I closed off the scene and started my investigation. Ema: I examined the scene and determined that only the defendant could have done it. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: How could you know something like that!? Ema: As I said, it was clear from the circumstances. Ema: Listen... Ema: We know there was only one exit from the room: that door. Ema: The small window only opened a tiny crack. Ema: And I was standing in front of that door. Ema: So, how could the killer have fled the scene?

Ema: There's only one possibility: the air vent. Judge: Ah... Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: B-But that air vent was too small! Who could possibly... Ema: Exactly. Apollo: ...! Ema: There's certainly no way you could get through. Nor me. Ema: The only one who could fit through... was a child. Apollo: A child... Ema: Remember, access to those rooms was limited. Ema: Only those involved with the concert were allowed. Klavier: And of all the people involved with the concert... Klavier: ...only one is small enough to be considered a "child". Judge: The... The defendant!? Klavier: The pixie of the arpeggio flitted up toward the sky... Klavier: ...and disappeared from the

scene of the crime. Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: B-But that's just conjecture! Klavier: Oh? There was no other way out of that room. Klavier: You were there. You should know, Herr Forehead. Apollo: ...! Ema: And... there is another vital piece of evidence. Apollo: Evidence...? What!?

Ema: Marks were found on the air vent grill. Ema: Traces that it had recently been opened. Apollo: Wait, what...!? Ema: And something else was found, quite clearly. Ema: The defendant, Machi Tobaye's fingerprints. Apollo: Wha... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Judge: Order! Order! Order!

Klavier: That air vent was the only way out of the room! Klavier:

The defendant's fingerprints were found on the grill! Klavier: ...Well, Herr Forehead? Klavier: What fairy tale does this suggest to you? Apollo: Urk...! Klavier: Only one could pass through that vent, that "doorway to heaven"... Klavier: ...and that one is our pixie. Apollo: ...... Trucy: Why are you looking at me, Apollo? Trucy: Hey! I was out whooping it up in the audience! Apollo: (So this was his decisive evidence...) Judge: Hmm... Quite decisive, indeed. Apollo: (I know the circumstances under which the body was found... I was there.) Trucy: An examination of the crime scene was enough to nail down the killer? Apollo: I'm sure they have a good reason. Apollo: (They must have had a good reason to arrest Machi...)

Apollo: (...And I'm going to find out what it was!) Judge: I believe that's enough of that. Apollo: ! Judge: The prosecution has a rather convincing case. Judge: The only way in and out of the crime scene was watched. Judge: Making the defendant the only one who could possibly leave the scene. Judge: Simple, and decisive. Apollo: Ugh... Judge: I believe we've heard enough to determine our verdict. Judge: Even if I wasn't in a hurry to make a hospital visit. Klavier: I'm sure the Chief Justice will appreciate the gesture. Klavier: Unfortunately, we have no direct witnesses. Klavier: Fortunately, the criminal left decisive evidence for us. Klavier: That will have to be enough. Apollo: (Argh! It can't be over already!)

Judge: Very well, I believe this trial is finished. Judge: If the defense has no contradicting evidence...? Klavier: The prosecution has presented our proof, clear and plain. Klavier: If you have contradicting evidence... Klavier:'d better be clear and plain. Trucy: Ack, Apollo! They've got us on the ropes already! Trucy: We'd better come up with something quick! Apollo: I know! I know! (Think! What can get us out of this!?) Apollo: (We need evidence, or a witness, that can prove Machi is innocent beyond a doubt.) Apollo: (Without that... *gulp*) Judge: Mr. Justice? Judge: Do you have contradicting proof that can overturn the prosecution's case? Judge: If you do, you'd better tell us about it now. Apollo: (This is it... and so soon!) Apollo:

(If I mess this one up, it's all over...!) Apollo: The court wants contradicting proof? [ I don't have proof ] Apollo: I... don't have contradicting proof, actually. Judge: Too bad. Very well, this court finds the defendant... *HOLD IT!* Trucy: W-Waaait! Judge: Wh-What for? Trucy: We have, uh, what was it called? Contradictual proof? Trucy: Anyway, whatever it is, we've got it! Judge: Is this true? Trucy: Of course it's true! Show 'em, Apollo! Apollo: What the heck are you talking about!? Trucy: Look, we give up now, Machi's really done for! Apollo: (She's right... If we give up here, we're finished.) Apollo: (I need proof or a witness... I must have something...!)

Judge: Alright, we'll give you another chance, then. [ Present evidence ] Apollo: The defense is prepared to show contradicting evidence! Klavier: This should be interesting! What sort of evidence? Judge: Yes, what sort of evidence, Mr. Justice? Judge: Show us evidence contradicting the prosecution's claims! ((Present Anything)) Apollo: This evidence does more than contradict, it flips the whole case on its head! Judge: ...... Klavier: Thank you for presenting evidence that is both clear and plain, as requested. Judge: Yes... Clearly and plainly wrong! Judge: I'm afraid the only thing flipped on its head here was you as a child, Mr. Justice. Apollo: (Ugh... I guess that wasn't it.) Klavier: My claim is clear: the only person who could have fled the scene was the defendant. Judge:

And there were no witnesses, either. Klavier: I fear the defense's options are limited, Mr. Justice. ApollO: (Grr! There's only one way out of this...) Apollo: (Evidence, or a witness, that can prove Machi's innocence beyond a doubt.) Judge: Let's ask the defense once again. [ Call a witness ] Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin, you claim that there were no witnesses to this crime. Apollo: Are you absolutely sure? Klavier: Absolutely. I'd swear it on my career as a prosecutor... Klavier: And on my million-seller hit song "Atroquinine, My Love". Trucy: ...There he goes again. Apollo: That's too bad, because there was a witness. Judge: Ho ho! Really now?

Judge: But how did you come to possess knowledge the prosecution clearly does not? Apollo: Because I am the only one in the world who knows this.

Apollo: (...What's going on? I just talked to him, and now...) LeTouse: ......Nnnh...... Apollo: ...! (He... He's alive!) Apollo: Mr. LeTouse! Can you hear me!? LeTouse: ...Cold... so cold... Witness... Apollo: You're cold? D-Don't worry, you're going to be fine! Help is on the way! LeTouse: ...Can't s...see... Apollo: Hang in there, Mr. LeTouse! Tell me, who was the witness? LeTouse: The Judge: Whaaat!? Judge: The victim said this before he died!? Klavier: Perhaps he did... and perhaps he did not. Apollo: What do you mean by that? Klavier: All we know is what Herr Forehead says he said. Klavier: It's no testimony, especially since it comes from the

defense attorney himself. Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: But it's the truth! it! He said

Apollo: I even told you about it! Apollo: But apparently, you ignored me completely. Klavier: It's my policy to fully investigate everything I deem relevant. Klavier: Clearly this rookie lawyer thinks he can tell me how to do my job. Judge: ...That's enough! Judge: Mr. Justice, we need clear contradictory proof from you. Judge: This witness of yours, unknown to the prosecution... Judge: ...I hope you're right. Failure carries a stiff penalty. Klavier: Perhaps... A stiffer penalty than usual is called for? Apollo: (Urk! There's no backing out now!) Judge: Let's hear the name of your witness, Mr. Justice. ((Present Wrong))

Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: And you claim that they witnessed the murder? Klavier: This is a bit unexpected. And you have proof? Apollo: Well, actually... (Uh oh. I can't think of anything.) Judge: I know that look, Mr. Justice. It's the look of a man who's about to be penalized. Klavier: I doubted there was a witness in the first place. No one had time! Klavier: They were far too busy rocking to our wild sounds! Trucy: My heart was handcuffed to the stage, I know that! Ema: I felt nothing. Klavier: ...It's sad but true. Some people will never appreciate true art. Apollo: (Why's he pointing at me!?) Apollo: (Think, how can I get him to accept there was a witness?) Apollo: (I need some kind of proof...) Judge: Let's start over, shall we?

((Present Lamiroir)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: Lamiroir...? Apollo: Recall Mr. LeTouse's last words. LeTouse: The Judge: The siren... Ah ha! He meant the "Siren"! Apollo: That's right. The "Siren of the Ballad"... Lamiroir! Apollo: Lamiroir was only on stage for the second set... Apollo: ...and she had access to the backstage area. Apollo: She could have been a witness! Judge: I see... Well, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: My claim still stands. Klavier: There were no witnesses to this crime! Judge: Very well! Judge: Let's hear it from the horse's mouth then, shall we? Judge: We will now take a break from Detective Ema Skye's cross-examination.

Judge: ...Please show Lamiroir to the witness stand. Apollo: (Lamiroir would say nothing the night of the murder...) Apollo: (Not today, though. Today we'll drag that story out of her no matter what it is!) Klavier: ...... Klavier: It is my distinct honor to welcome the Siren of the Ballad to our courtroom... Lamiroir: You are too kind. Judge: Ah, y-you can speak English? Lamiroir: Yes... Yes I can. Lamiroir: Though I am not very good. ...There is much I do not know. Judge: You speak so well! Have you spent time here before? Lamiroir: Actually, I do not know how I came by my knowledge of your language. Lamiroir: Nor where I studied it... Apollo: ...? Apollo: (What does she mean, she doesn't know...?) Klavier: I, too, thought to call her as

a witness.

But I did not.

Klavier: I had a reason, of course. Apollo: What's that? Klavier: Lamiroir... suffers from amnesia. Judge: Amnesia...? Lamiroir: Lamiroir... is not my true name. Lamiroir: Yet I remember nothing of the time before I was given it. Lamiroir: ...Nothing of the time before I started singing on stage. Trucy: Whoa! She's even more mysterious than I thought! Klavier: As lauded singer Lamiroir, she lives a good life. Klavier: There are little difficulties for her, thanks to her success. Klavier: Yet... I did not wish to subject her to unnecessary stress. Judge: Hmm... I see. Judge: I care surprisingly little about people's pasts. Judge: You have nothing to fear in this court, Lamiroir. Lamiroir:

...Thank you. Lamiroir: Yet there is something I do not understand. Lamiroir: I am being called as a witness? What might I say? Lamiroir: No one will tell me anything of what happened... Klavier: Lamiroir, let me be frank. Klavier: I did not want to ask you up here to testify. Klavier: Yet, that young gentleman with the wide forehead over there was adamant that you stand. Lamiroir: Oh my... Trucy: Congratulations, Apollo. You're the bad guy! Apollo: Ugh... Judge: Well, now that you're here, please give us your testimony. Judge: ...If nothing else, the sound of your voice is welcome. Judge: Tell us what you saw the night of the crime! ** Witness Testimony ** -- What I Saw -Lamiroir: As for what I saw... I saw nothing. Lamiroir: That night, I was invited to

sing on stage, and this I did. Lamiroir: I did not return backstage after the second set. Lamiroir: Then I was led by the police to Mr. Gavin's dressing room, and told to wait there. Lamiroir: That was where I learned that something had happened... But I wasn't told the details. Judge: Hmm... I must say, you sound wonderful just testifying. Apollo: (I hope he was too distracted to hear what she was actually saying...) Klavier: There you have it. She saw nothing that night. Klavier: Now we can only pray that the defense has the sense to admit defeat. Klavier: ...And refrain from detaining her here longer than need be. Trucy: Wow, you just got badder, Apollo! Way to go! Apollo: Grr... Judge: Very well, Mr. Justice. Keep it short and sweet! Apollo: (Lamiroir wouldn't talk to me the night of the crime.) Apollo: (She must know something, and I've got to find out what!)

** Cross-Examination ** -- What I Saw -Lamiroir: As for what I saw... I saw nothing. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: But you must have seen something! Apollo: Mr. LeTouse named you! Lamiroir: Mr. LeTouse... Lamiroir: ...How can I tell you what I don't know? Apollo: Lamiroir! He said you were a witness with his dying words! Lamiroir: I do not know what he meant to say, but that night... Lamiroir: That night, I was invited to sing on stage, and this I did. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: It... It was a great concert. Lamiroir: You heard me sing? Thank you.

Apollo: I was hoping to get an autograph later, actually... Lamiroir: Of course. Judge: Mr. Justice! This is a cross-examination! You're out of line!

Judge: ...If anyone deserves an autograph here, it's me. One on my gavel would be nice. Klavier: Herr Judge. Judge: Wh-What's this? Klavier: It's my autograph. Now keep this trial moving. Judge: Wh-What!? Judge: Oh, my grandchild will be so happy! Apollo: (Apparently his grandson is a big fan...) Klavier: Let us continue, shall we? If you would, Lamiroir... Klavier: ...Tell us what you did after your stellar performance. Lamiroir: I did not return backstage after the second set. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You did not return backstage once? Where were you then? What were you doing? Lamiroir: I was cleaning up on stage. Lamiroir: There are many things I must do for a performance other than simply sing. Apollo: And was Machi with you at the time?

Lamiroir: Unfortunately, I do not know where he was... Apollo: (So much for an alibi for Machi...) ((Present Brooch)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: I'm sorry Lamiroir, but I'm having trouble believing you. Lamiroir: ...... Apollo: You remember this brooch, do you not? Klavier: Why that's Lamiroir's. She was wearing it for her song. Apollo: ...Care to add that to the testimony, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: Wh-What...? Apollo: This brooch was found after the murder took place. Apollo: ...At the very scene of the crime! Klavier: What...!? Apollo: ...Lamiroir. Apollo: How did your brooch get backstage if you did not go there yourself? Apollo:

And, as Prosecutor Gavin has just told us... Apollo: had been wearing it during your performance that night! Lamiroir: ...! Judge: What is the meaning of this? Lamiroir, please explain! Lamiroir: ...... Apollo: Lamiroir...? Lamiroir: .. .. .. .. .. .. [symbols] .. .. Klavier: ...She says, "English is quite difficult." Apollo: That trick's not going to work here! Lamiroir: [symbols] .. .. Klavier: "Your forehead may be large, but you are a lawyer, truly." Klavier: "But... you have missed one important fact." Apollo: What now? Lamiroir: [symbols] .. .. Klavier: "In fact, at the time of the incident..." Klavier: "...I went backstage, but only for a moment."

Apollo: Wh-Whaat!? Lamiroir: [symbols] .. .. [symbols] Klavier: "Think back to the moment of the crime." Klavier: "You know whereof I speak." Apollo: (Is she really saying all that?) Trucy: What's she talking about, Apollo? Apollo: Right when the incident occurred... Apollo: Ah! Apollo: (Is she talking about that!?) Ema: Watch this room for me. I have to call for backup! Apollo: R-Right, understood. Apollo: You want me to make sure no one comes in, right? Apollo: Mr. LeTouse! Can you hear me!? LeTouse: cold... Witness... Apollo: You're cold? D-Don't worry, you're going to be fine! Help is on the way!

LeTouse: The Apollo: (..."Siren"? How can a siren witness anything...?) Apollo: Yipes! Ema!? (What was that!?) Apollo: Wh-Who's there!? Ema: What's wrong? Apollo: Ema! Did you see anyone just now!? Ema: Huh? No...

Apollo: (I could have sworn I heard a door close...) Lamiroir: I... looked into the room. Lamiroir: Just a glance, mind you. Klavier: So this was when your brooch dropped? Klavier: That explains that. Lamiroir: It does. There was no other time I could have dropped it. Apollo: But that's ridiculous! You only looked in for an instant, but you dropped your brooch? Klavier: ...Herr Forehead. Apollo: !

Klavier: She has raised a possibility. The only thing that can counter that... is evidence. Judge: Hmm... So she looked in at the crime scene. Lamiroir: Actually, I intended to go into the dressing room. Lamiroir: I knew nothing of what had happened, of course. Lamiroir: But the moment I opened the door, I heard a horrible voice. Klavier: Herr Forehead shouting, "Who's there!" no doubt. Klavier: A horrible voice indeed... Apollo: Ugh... Lamiroir: I closed the door immediately. Judge: Well, that explains the brooch. Judge: Let's return to your testimony. Apollo: (That's too convenient... She's hiding something!) Apollo: Lamiroir! You did look into the room though, right? Lamiroir: Y-Yes... Apollo: Testify as to what you saw!

Lamiroir: Very well. Though it was only the briefest of glimpses... ((Testimony 3 Changes)) Lamiroir: When my performance was finished, I went backstage for just a moment... Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: What did you see in that brief glimpse? Lamiroir: I had only opened the door slightly when I heard that horrible voice... Judge: ...And shut the door. Klavier: I have always wondered, Herr Forehead. Klavier: Does that voice of yours lack a volume knob? Apollo: (It's my Chords of Steel, man. Just back off!) ((Perceive Wrong)) Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo: You may have seen the world, but I've seen your heart. Apollo: You were flustered during your testimony just now! Lamiroir: ...... Lamiroir: I do not understand what it

is you are saying. Lamiroir: Perhaps this is a joke, in your culture? Trucy: She doesn't seem very flustered to me, Apollo. Apollo: (Hmm. Maybe I got that one wrong.) Apollo: (I have to look harder! find that weak spot!) ((Perceive Swallowing)) Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo: "The late Mr. LeTouse's body", you say? Lamiroir: Yes...? Apollo: You know something more about Mr. LeTouse's death than you are saying. Lamiroir: What...? Apollo: I could see you trying not to remember... Apollo: But the effort made you swallow! Apollo: ...You can't fool my eyes. Lamiroir: ! Lamiroir: ...It is true. It was so terrible, after all. I'll

Lamiroir: Why did Mr. LeTouse have to be shot? Apollo: One moment, Lamiroir. Lamiroir: Yes...? Apollo: What was that you just said? Apollo: "Why did Mr. LeTouse have to be shot?" Lamiroir: Yes...? Apollo: (She was hiding something, I knew it!) Apollo: Lamiroir, I'm afraid you haven't realized it, but... Apollo: ...your words just now contradict your testimony! Lamiroir: Eh? How could that be!? Apollo: (...Take this!) Apollo: (Lamiroir contradicted her own testimony, and I have the evidence to prove it!) ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Lamiroir: If I do not misunderstand the meaning of "contradiction"... Lamiroir: is you who contradict, Mr. Justice.

Apollo: Huh? Lamiroir: Your evidence... is meaningless. Apollo: (Ack! Wrong evidence!) Apollo: (Gotta think this over...) Apollo: (What did she say again?) Apollo: ("Why did Mr. LeTouse have to be shot"?) Apollo: (That's right... That totally contradicts her testimony!) ((Present Investigation Request)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Tell me, Lamiroir... Apollo: How did you know he had been shot? Lamiroir: Eh. Well, I... Apollo: Immediately following the incident, a gag order was placed on the scene. Apollo: This is the document proving that. Apollo: In your testimony, you told the court... Apollo: "No one told me anything about the incident."

Lamiroir: Ah... Apollo: Furthermore, you testified that you had "seen nothing". Lamiroir: ...! Apollo: Yet you knew that Mr. LeTouse had been shot! Apollo: How could you have known!? Lamiroir: ...! Lamiroir: Yeeeeeeeeeeoooooooowrk! Judge: Lamiroir! Judge: You aren't hiding something from this court, I hope! Lamiroir: ...... Apollo: (That sweet song of hers was sounding a little too sweet!) Lamiroir: Ah, now I remember. Lamiroir: Please... allow me to add to my testimony. Klavier: ...Of course. Klavier: All we want to know... is the truth. Trucy: She looks kind of pale, huh? Apollo: She saw something, I know it.

Apollo: Even the victim said so! ((Testimony 3 changes)) Lamiroir: I saw bullet holes in the wall, and knew Mr. LeTouse had been shot... Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Only a glimpse, yet you knew they were bullet holes? Lamiroir: Yes. I recognized them immediately. Lamiroir: I have seen bullet holes before, you know. Klavier: You have traveled the world as a singer... Klavier: You must have sung in places far more dangerous than our country. Lamiroir: I go wherever my voice is needed. Those places... are many, these days. Trucy: That's really cool! I hope I get to travel like Lamiroir some day. Klavier: I plan on recording my next album overseas. Klavier: Their studios have a different sound, you know. Apollo: (Hmm. Maybe I should go on a Chords of Steel tour, too.)

Lamiroir: Then I was led by the police to Mr. Gavin's dressing room, and told to wait there. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: With Machi, correct? he then? How was

Lamiroir: He seemed as he always does. Lamiroir: Though I believe he was shocked by the news of Mr. LeTouse's death. Lamiroir: Yet... He is not the type to show much emotion. Klavier: Yes. He's given the police no end of headaches. Klavier: He answers most questions with silence... and those glinting frames speak nothing. Klavier: The questioning hasn't gotten very far. Lamiroir: We sat there, waiting... Lamiroir: That was where I learned that something had happened... But I wasn't told the details. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: How was the incident explained to you? Lamiroir: I was told nothing in detail. Only that Mr. LeTouse died. Judge:

Of course, investigations require some security. Lamiroir: But Mr. LeTouse was my manager! Lamiroir: I wanted to know more. I should have been told. Lamiroir: Both Machi and I were beside ourselves with concern. Klavier: ...Allow me to apologize. please understand... But

Klavier: ...keeping you in the dark was as painful for me as it was for you. Lamiroir: Yes, I understand. Apollo: (Think, what doesn't ring true about her testimony?) Trucy: ...It's hard to imagine Lamiroir lying... Apollo: She might not be lying, but she's hiding something... Apollo: (What wouldn't she tell me the night of the murder?) ((Present Diagram)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Lamiroir. They call you the Siren of the Ballad... Apollo: ...but lies are hardly becoming of such a creature. Judge:

...A put-down worthy of our prosecutor, Mr. Justice. Trucy: ...Such put-downs are hardly becoming of you, Apollo. Klavier: ...Stop polishing your forehead and start polishing your character, ja? Apollo: (C'mon, can't I be cool for once!?) Apollo: Observe the diagram! Apollo: Lamiroir, you looked in from the door for just a moment. Apollo: Correct? Lamiroir: Y-Yes, that is so. Apollo: There were bullet holes in the room, yes. Apollo: But they were in the wall the door is on! Lamiroir: Eh... Apollo: You see? Apollo: Assuming you merely glanced into the room... Apollo: couldn't have seen those bullet holes! Lamiroir: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooowrk! Judge: ...... Lamiroir.

Lamiroir: ...Yes. Judge: I'm afraid the defense has raised a good point. Judge: It appears you have been holding back something. Lamiroir: ...And I must tell you? Lamiroir: I must tell you what it is that I saw? Judge: Yes. Judge: The happenings in this trial are being recorded. Judge: And I'm certain it will be on the news in Borginia. Judge: You understand your reputation is at stake. It falls to you to avoid tarnishing it. Klavier: Personally speaking... Klavier: I still believe that cross-examining her will yield us absolutely nothing. Apollo: But she knew how Mr. LeTouse died! Apollo: And he named her as a witness! Apollo: You must have seen something, Lamiroir! Judge: ...Very well.

Judge: Lamiroir... Please continue your testimony. Lamiroir: ... Very well, I shall. ** Witness Testimony ** -- What I Saw 2 -Lamiroir: I was on my way from the stage to the backstage exit. Lamiroir: There was something like a little window there... That's how I saw it. Lamiroir: There were two shots... I couldn't do anything to stop it. Lamiroir: But it wasn't Machi! Lamiroir: It was a grown person! ...I know it was! Judge: So you did witness the crime! Judge: And the killer was... a grown person, you say? Klavier: Ach. This is my first time hearing this, I assure you. Klavier: Nice play, Herr Forehead. Apollo: ...... Judge: Very well, Herr... er, Mr. Justice. You may begin your cross-examination! Trucy: Great going, Apollo!

You were right about Lamiroir. Trucy: ...What's wrong? look too happy. You don't

Apollo: (This whole thing smells fishy... That's what's wrong.) Trucy: ...? ** Cross-Examination ** -- What I Saw 2 -Lamiroir: I was on my way from the stage to the backstage exit. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So you were heading toward the dressing room? Lamiroir: Yes. Apollo: (So this is a little before she opened the dressing room door and dropped her brooch.) Apollo: (...About the same time Ema and I heard those shots.) Lamiroir: I was on my way back... Lamiroir: There was something like a little window there... That's how I saw it. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Um, what exactly is something like a little window? Lamiroir: Yes, well...

Lamiroir: "Window" is the best word I know in English. Lamiroir: I think this is how it is said, yes. Klavier: You need not worry, Lamiroir. Your choice of words is impeccable. Klavier: There is a small window in the dressing room in question. Klavier: Perhaps the defense remembers this detail? Apollo: (That little window on the wall...) Lamiroir: I, er, saw the crime from there. Lamiroir: There were two shots... I couldn't do anything to stop it. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You are certain you heard two shots fired? Lamiroir: Yes, quite certain. Lamiroir: I was on my way to the backstage exit. Lamiroir: This was when I heard a faint sound... like a gunshot. Lamiroir: Wondering what it had been, I peered through the window.

Lamiroir: That is when I heard the second gunshot, much closer. Apollo: (And there were two bullet holes at the scene... no contradictions so far.) Lamiroir: ...It all happened on the other side of that window. Lamiroir: There was nothing I could do. Lamiroir: But it wasn't Machi! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: It wasn't Machi who shot... Are you sure? Lamiroir: Yes, quite certain. Klavier: Ah ha ha... Klavier: It amuses me that you would question her testimony. Klavier: It is testimony in your favor! Isn't it my job to object? Trucy: Yeah, Apollo, what were you thinking!? Apollo: Trucy... Let's just listen to what Lamiroir has to say. Apollo: Can you tell me how you were so sure? Lamiroir: Yes, of course. You see... Lamiroir:

It was a grown person! ...I know it was! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: A "grown person"... That's a little vague. Lamiroir: I am sorry. Lamiroir: My skill with your language is... lacking, I know. Judge: Certainly you could at least see whether the shooter was male or female? Lamiroir: ...... Lamiroir: It was a man. A young man.

Judge: And you're sure of that? Lamiroir: Yes, his voice was quite clear. Apollo: Voice...? Judge: Hmm... Judge: Looking at this diagram, it seems the dressing room was quite cluttered. Judge: It does seem likely that you wouldn't have had a clear view of the shooter. Lamiroir: As a singer, I rely more on my ears than my eyes. Lamiroir: When I hear a voice, I do not

forget it. Lamiroir: That voice... was the voice of a man. Klavier: So you heard a voice. wait... But

Klavier: ...Couldn't that have been the victim, Mr. LeTouse? Lamiroir: Absolutely not. Did I not just say that I do not forget a voice? Lamiroir: If it was Mr. LeTouse who spoke, I would have known. Judge: Hmm... Indeed. Judge: So you were at the window, and you heard the shooter's voice, the voice of a young man. Trucy: Apollo! This is a good testimony! Trucy: That proves it wasn't Machi! Apollo: ...... Judge: Indeed... Judge: If this turns out to be true, it would cast this case in a considerably different light. Judge: What is the defense's opinion of this testimony...? [ It's pretty good ] Apollo:

...Well, I'd have to say it's pretty good. Vital, even. Apollo: This shows that the shooter wasn't Machi... Klavier: Hah! Apollo: ...! Klavier: Surely you can't be serious, Herr Forehead. Apollo: Wh-Why not!? [ It's contradictory ] Apollo: Though it pains me to say this... Apollo: ...There's something about Lamiroir's testimony that rings false. Lamiroir: ...! Klavier: Heh. Bravo, Herr Forehead. Klavier: You're colder than I thought. Apollo: (I'm sure you remember what the problem is as well as I do, Gavin.) Apollo: As has been established... Apollo: No grown man could pass through that air vent. Apollo: He couldn't have fled the scene of the crime.

Lamiroir: ...... Trucy: B-But that means Lamiroir has to be lying! Apollo: I know, and I know it's bad for our case, but I can't shut my eyes to this. Apollo: (Believe me, the idea was tempting...) Klavier: It is as Herr Forehead says. Klavier: Yet, this is not the only contradiction within her testimony. Apollo: Wh-What next!? (What's he talking about?) Trucy: You can't ask for a better testimony than that! Apollo: I'm not so sure it's all that simple, Trucy. Apollo: (There's a critical flaw in this testimony...) Apollo: (And I have to point it out, even if it isn't good for our case...) ((Pressed 5)) Klavier: Lamiroir. Klavier: I understand why you would want to protect Machi. Klavier: Yet remember, you are the

Siren of the Ballad... Klavier: ...And lies do not become such a creature. Judge: What does the prosecution mean!? Trucy: Apollo! about!? What's he talking

Apollo: (How come no one bats an eye when he says stuff like that?) Klavier: I recall the state of the crime scene quite well. Apollo: The state of the room...? Klavier: Yes, and when the murder took place... Klavier: ...that window was closed. Klavier: I find it hard to believe you could hear a voice through it. Lamiroir: What!? B-But I... I'm sure... Klavier: ...Lamiroir. Klavier: I have nothing but the highest regard for your musical sense. Klavier: ...But my opinion of you as a witness is somewhat lesser. Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: B-But she's the only

eye-witness we have! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: So you say. Klavier: And the victim named her, the "Siren" as the witness? Apollo: Th-That's right! Mr. LeTouse... That's what

Klavier: We heard your claim. We even entertained the possibility. And it brought us to this. Klavier: Herr Judge! Judge: Yes? Klavier: The prosecution requests that the witness... be excused. Klavier: Please. Judge: Hmm... Judge: I'm afraid I must honor the prosecution's request. Judge: There is indeed a question of the witness's credibility. Apollo: B-But if Lamiroir can't testify... Trucy: Then we don't have a chance of proving Machi's innocence. Judge: This cross-examination is over! ...Prosecutor Gavin.

Judge: You may continue making your case. Klavier: ...Danke. Now where were we? Klavier: Ah yes, I would like to hear from Fräulein Detective again. Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Wait! Let me hear Lamiroir's testimony one last time... Judge: But the cross-examination is already over. Judge: Until such a time as a need arises... Judge: ...this witness may leave the stand. Lamiroir: ...... Lamiroir: I'm sorry I could not be of more assistance. Klavier: ...... Klavier: At last, back to the real trial. Klavier: Ready, Herr Forehead? Apollo: (Grr... I hope I didn't just miss my only chance.) Klavier: Fräulein Detective, how far had we gotten until we were so rudely interrupted?

Ema: Don't ask me! Klavier: I dislike saying the same thing twice. Klavier: And I never repeat a song for an encore. Judge: ...If you would, Ms. Skye. Ema: ...Hmph. Ema: I believe I was saying that the only way Mr. LeTouse's killer could have escaped... Ema: ...was through that air vent on the ceiling. Judge: Ah, yes, there was only one door in the room. Judge: And a witness, you, was standing in front of it. Ema: That air vent isn't very big, see. Ema: Kind of limits the people who could possibly get through. Judge: I certainly would have a difficult time. Ema: You sure would. Not that you would have been there in the first place, though. Ema: Remember, the whole backstage area was off-limits to people not involved with the concert.

Ema: The only one who meets the conditions for our killer... is the defendant. Klavier: ...A virtuoso performance! I couldn't have put it better myself. Judge: Hmm. She does state a clear case. Judge: Though, reading the report, something caught my eye. Klavier: Oh? What's that? Judge: The circumstances of the defendant's arrest. Apollo: The circumstances...? (Again...?) Trucy: Hey, that's right, Apollo! Trucy: Remember when we found Machi? That was bizarre! Apollo: (She's right...) Apollo: (Why did Mr. LeTouse's body disappear from the room...) Apollo: (...and end up on top of that stage tower?) Apollo: (...Holding a guitar, no less.) Klavier: ...A perceptive observation, Herr Judge. Judge: Ah, er, thanks! It was kind

of an accident, really. Judge: But you work in this job long enough... Judge: get a nose for things. Eh he he. Trucy: The judge sure seems pleased with himself! Klavier: Very good, Fräulein Detective. Perhaps you can tie it all together for us. Klavier: Why was the body moved? Klavier: And how does that lead us to the killer!? ** Witness Testimony ** -- The Missing Body -Ema: I believe Machi stole the body because of some lyrics. Ema: He moved the body to match Lamiroir's song. Ema: No one in this country had a motive to kill the victim. Ema: And, Machi practically left his signature at the scene. Ema: All of the evidence clearly points to the defendant. Apollo: Lamiroir's... song? Klavier: Yes... "The Guitar's Serenade". Klavier:

You noticed its "code" too, did you not? Apollo: Its "code"...? Klavier: All the events that day followed the lyrics to our song. Klavier: First, the keys my "heart" held on to so tightly were stolen. Apollo: Then Prosecutor Gavin's guitar burst into flames on stage. Apollo: Mr. LeTouse's life was taken by a bullet... Klavier: The rest hardly needs explanation... Klavier: "Guitar, Guitar... Up together to the sky." Judge: Th-That's mad! Jduge: It's like a story out of some fairy tale! Apollo: (I admit, I'd forgotten about the song...) Apollo: (But there it is now, waiting for me... the grand finale, as it were.) Trucy: Hey! You know I was the one who first noticed that! Judge: I've heard of jumping rope to songs, and counting to songs...

Judge: ...But killing!? Klavier: It's a wild world out there, Herr Judge. Judge: Very well! Judge: We've heard one song and dance, let's get on to the next: the cross-examination! Apollo: (I'm not so sure I'm going to be doing much singing...) ** Cross-Examination ** -- The Missing Body -Ema: I believe Machi stole the body because of some lyrics. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Who would steal a body just to match some lyrics!? Ema: I didn't believe it myself. But it can't just be a coincidence. Klavier: It is as Fräulein Detective says. Klavier: Let us begin with the first verse. If you would, Fräulein Detective. Ema: What? You want me to sing it?

Klavier: You are the witness, ja? Or did you want me to sing? Klavier: I warn you, my fee as vocalist is not trivial.

Ema: Fine, fine! Er, ahem. Ema: Let's look at the first part of the lyrics, shall we? Ema: "When you stole away the keys my heart held on to so tight." Klavier: Indeed, my favorite heart-shaped key ring was stolen that morning. Ema: Next, we go to the right page of the lyrics sheet. Ema: Where we find... "Burning on in my heart. Fire. Burn my love away. All away." Ema: As we know, Prosecutor Gavin's guitar burst into flame. Ema: "Like a bullet of love. Fire. Take my life away. All away." Ema: Mr. LeTouse's life was taken by a bullet. Klavier: Bravo, Fräulein Detective. Your singing... it's not bad. Klavier: No, for the finale! Klavier: "Guitar, Guitar... Up together to the sky." Klavier: As it says in the lyrics, Mr. LeTouse... Klavier: ...was found with a guitar, high in the "sky" over the

stage. Klavier: No series of coincidences could be so well conceived! Ema: He's right. ...Scientifically speaking. Apollo: (What would Wocky have said? ..."That concert was wack.") Trucy: It's hard to argue when she pours her heart into it like that. Ema: Ah, er, ahem! shooter... Anyway, the

Ema: He moved the body to match Lamiroir's song. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Does the prosecution have any idea why he'd do all this? Ema: You want my scientific opinion? "No clue." Ema: But, he clearly had a reason to go through all that trouble. Some deep reason. Apollo: A deep reason? Klavier: Not only did he steal my keys, he torched my guitar! Klavier: ...Unforgivable acts even if he had a reason... and worse if he had none! Ema: The diva's complaints aside,

I can't imagine someone doing this on "just a whim". Klavier: Fräulein Detective! I take offense at that description... Judge: Indeed, it does seem too well rehearsed, shall we say. Ema: Yes. This crime was planned for sure. Ema: No one in this country had a motive to kill the victim. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: But... Mr. LeTouse spoke English! Apollo: He may have come to this country before! Ema: I looked into that, I assure you. Apollo: Oh. Ema: ...It was his first time in the country, it seems. Ema: Apparently, he learned English on his own. Apollo: (Great...) Klavier: You see? Klavier: No one here had a motive to kill him, and certainly not in such an elaborate fashion. Judge:

Hmm... It does seem difficult to imagine. Ema: Unless our famous prosecutor did it as a publicity stunt. Klavier: Wh-What did you say!? Judge: Prosecutor Gavin! You did this to promote your song!? Klavier: ...... Klavier: Of course not, and I am quite dismayed by the ludicrous nature of her claim. Klavier: Why would I need promotion? Everyone already listens to my music. Trucy: They're even in my textbook at school. Apollo: (And I'd never heard of them. What does that say about me?) Ema: I was just kidding! Don't get all worked up, glimmer-boy. Ema: And, Machi practically left his signature at the scene. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: What do you mean by his "signature"? Ema: The bullet holes in the wall, of course. Apollo: The bullet holes...?

Ema: The revolver was fired twice. Ema: One shot missed, and left a hole in the wall. Judge: And that means what, exactly? Ema: That dressing room isn't exactly spacious. Ema: Picture the shooter facing off with the victim in there. Ema: They can't have been more than five feet apart. Ema: It would be difficult, almost impossible to miss at that range. Judge: Difficult to miss, you say? Ema: Very. Ema: Assuming the shooter could properly aim. Apollo: No! Y-You can't be serious... Trucy: Machi! He can't see...

Trucy: ...That's why he missed? Ema: It's the only explanation that makes sense. Ema: He used sound and other senses to fire the gun... Ema: ...poorly.

Klavier: That reminds me, the monitor in that room was blaring at the time, ja? Klavier: Hardly ideal conditions for tracking by sound. Judge: A blind shooter... Judge: No wonder he missed! Apollo: (I knew those bullet holes would come back to haunt me.) Apollo: (Think Justice, what do I do now!?) [ Sit back and watch ] Apollo: (He couldn't see, so the first shot missed...) Apollo: (...As explanations go, it's airtight.) Judge: Hmm... It appears the shooter did leave his signature. Judge: I'm afraid this is looking bad for our young defendant. Judge: The witness may continue with her testimony. Ema: You got it. [ Raise an objection ] Apollo: Sure, there were bullet holes left in the wall... Apollo:

...but that doesn't prove the shooter couldn't see! Klavier: Oh? How so? Apollo: Well, there could have been a struggle with the victim. Judge: Hmm, that's certainly possible. Apollo: And... it might have been the revolver's fault. Judge: The revolver...? Apollo: The revolver was a very large caliber, correct? Judge: If the shooter wasn't used to firing such a large weapon... Judge: Why, it could dislocate their shoulder. Apollo: ...Exactly. Apollo: The defendant, Machi Tobaye, is, as you can see, tiny. Apollo: It's not so hard to picture him firing the gun and missing entirely! Apollo: The kickback alone would throw off his aim. Judge: ...... Klavier: ...... Ema: ......

Judge: A convincing argument, to be sure. Apollo: (Ha ha! Take that, smug prosecution!) Trucy: Um, Apollo? Apollo: Huh? What? Trucy: That bit about Machi being tiny... Trucy: ...and the gun throwing off his aim? Trucy: Um, aren't you kind of, um... Trucy: ...admitting that he did it? Apollo: ......Oh. Klavier: It does not matter why he missed. Klavier: What matters is that the shooter was, without a doubt, the defendant. Klavier: Even the defense seems to agree on that point. Apollo: Yurk! Uhh... Apollo: (Cripes! I really put my foot in it this time!) Klavier: But, let's get the facts of the matter on the record.

Klavier: If you would, Fräulein Detective. Judge: Very well. The witness will add this to her testimony. Ema: Right. Ema: From the state of the crime scene, I conclude the shooter was blind. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You can't say he was blind just because of those bullet holes in the wall! Apollo: I think I've proven that! Ema: ...I wouldn't call it "proof", per se. Apollo: Huh? Klavier: You've merely raised a "possibility". Apollo: ...! Klavier: Fräulein Detective has made a most logical conjecture based upon the evidence. Klavier: Of course, there is more evidence than just bullet holes. Klavier: The defendant was the only one who could have escaped through the air vent. Apollo:

*OBJECTION!* Apollo: But wait! If he was blind...

Apollo: would he know about the air vent in the first place? Klavier: ...Ah, a very good point. Well, Fräulein Detective? If you would care to explain? Apollo: (He certainly seems sure of himself...) Ema: Recall the crime scene, if you would. Ema: There was a stepladder below the air vent. Ema: As it happens, maintenance was scheduled for that day. Ema: Custodial staff went around checking all the air vents. Apollo: I don't believe it. Ema: Everyone backstage was told about the maintenance. Ema: ...Including Machi Tobaye. Ema: He would have known that there would be a way out at the top of that stepladder. Apollo: But that's... Why is this the first time I'm hearing about this!? Klavier: You could have figured it out for yourself.

Klavier: You only needed to consider what that stepladder was doing there. Judge: ...Looks like the defense's objection has been squished by a stepladder. Klavier: Well, Herr Forehead? Klavier: Out of ammunition, perhaps? Apollo: (I've never seen Prosecutor Gavin so... so aggressive!) Apollo: (Maybe he's caught the scent of blood...) Trucy: Apollo! Don't you have something? Anything? Trucy: You know what we need... Trucy: We need something to prove the killer could see! Trucy: That'll put him in his place! Klavier: ...... Apollo: (Proving the shooter was sighted would do it.) Apollo: (That would take down one of their central points...) Apollo: (Do I have any evidence that can prove that though...?) [ No such luck ]

Apollo: (I can't think of anything that proves the shooter could see!) Klavier: Your face does not exactly project... confidence. Ema: Maybe you should just accept it and move on? Trucy: Apollo! Grow a backbone!

Judge: Very well. The witness may continue her testimony. Apollo: (I couldn't even get a word in edgewise...) [ I've got just the thing! ] Apollo: Fine... I accept the prosecution's challenge. Klavier: As I knew you would, Herr Forehead. Apollo: (What exactly am I up against here...?) Apollo: (The prosecution is saying the shooter missed because he or she couldn't see...) Apollo: (Therefore, Machi, who's blind, did it.) Judge: The defense will please present their evidence. Judge: ...Evidence that overturns the prosecution's claim that the shooter couldn't see!

((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ...... Judge: I'm not sure that overturns anything, Mr. Justice. Apollo: (Ugh. Wrong evidence, I'm guessing...) Klavier: Apparently both love... and Justice are blind. Apollo: (I have to think! There must be something... anything!) ((Present Crime Photo)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This is that evidence! ((continued from this line as if crime photo directly presented during testimony)) Ema: All of the evidence clearly points to the defendant. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: But, but you can't say that for sure! Ema: Please, none of those non-scientific objections. They're bad for my complexion. Apollo: What's so scientific about

a murder to lyrics!? Ema: Lyrics can be explained scientifically! Ema: ...Never underestimate the power of science! Apollo: (Put that bottle of fingerprinting powder down before you hurt someone, like me!) Apollo: OK, then explain it! Scientifically! Ema: ...... Ema: I require more data. Apollo: (Hah! Likely story...) Trucy: This doesn't look so good, does it, Apollo? Apollo: No, it doesn't. Trucy: ...... What do we do!? Apollo: (First, we don't panic.) Apollo: (Even though Machi's case is leaking water by the gallon.) Apollo: (Gavin's on a roll, and it's up to me to stop him!) ((Present Crime Photo)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo:

The prosecution holds that the "shooter couldn't see". Ema: A scientific conclusion based on a thorough examination of the crime scene, yes. Apollo: Apparently not thorough enough. Apollo: I have a certain piece of evidence that completely overturns your claim! Ema: Wh-What!? Klavier: ...... Judge: The photograph of the crime scene...? Apollo: (I don't care much for the smirk on Prosecutor Gavin's face...) Apollo: (But this is no time to think twice... Time to press on!) Apollo: Yes, Your Honor, the crime scene. Apollo: There is something in here that decisively contradicts the prosecution's point! Klavier: Then perhaps you'd best show us this "something". Klavier: Get your finger out of the breeze and put it to good use, ja? Judge: Very well, show us what you're talking about, Mr. Justice!

Judge: The contradiction at the scene of the crime is... ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Look! The contradiction's right there! Plain as day! Judge: ...... Judge: Your finger has a force of weight... Judge: ...that I'm afraid your argument lacks, Mr. Justice. I see nothing! Apollo: (Ugh... What a time to mess up.) Klavier: I believe all he has added to our understanding of this photo... is his fingerprint. Klavier: I would hope you could refrain from soiling the evidence, Herr Forehead. Judge: Perhaps Mr. Justice would care to try again? ((Present Smeared Blood)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The contradiction is right here! Ema: The smeared blood stains...!

Judge: Hmm... I thought it was just my blurry vision. Judge: But it really was blurry! Judge: The way the victim's hand is raised above his head... Judge: ...Much like a gesture I have seen many times in this court. Ema: It's almost as if he wrote something...? Trucy: Ah ha! I get it! I think I get it! Klavier: Get what, Fräulein? Trucy: When Mr. LeTouse was shot, he tried to write something! Trucy: And what would he write but the shooter's name? Trucy: And what would he write it in but his own blood? Pretty good, huh? Apollo: (Thanks for making my point for me...) Apollo: Yes, in fact, that's what I think happened here. Judge: Hmm... That does seem to be a distinct possibility. Ema: The victim wrote the killer's name... Ema: At least,

...It's certainly a logical conclusion. Trucy: Drat! I just wish it wasn't all rubbed out like that. Judge: Of course it's rubbed out. Why, if I were a killer... Judge: ...I certainly wouldn't want to leave my own name behind! Klavier: Neither would I. Ema: ...... Klavier: ...... Judge: ...... Apollo: Um... No one has anything else to say? Judge: ...About what? Apollo: So the prosecution accepts this? Apollo: You agree this was the victim making an attempt to record the name of the killer? Apollo: ...And that the killer tried to rub the name out? Ema: What's your point? Apollo: What's my point!? Apollo: Let me ask you this: Apollo:

How did the killer know the victim was writing their name? Ema: Well, Mr. LeTouse was writing something in blood. Once the killer saw what it was... Ema: ...Wait. Judge: Once he "saw" what it was...? Apollo: But what did you just testify about the shooter? Ema: I said... they were blind. Ema: Ack!!! Apollo: Yet the crime scene itself contradicts that! Apollo: The killer had to have been able to see! Apollo: Why would they rub out the name in blood otherwise? Ema: Ah... ahh... Apollo: May I remind the court that the defendant, Machi Tobaye, is blind! Apollo: He couldn't have been the shooter! Ema: Urk... Immmmmmposssssibbleee! Judge: Order! Order! Order!!! P-Prosecutor Gavin! Judge:

Please explain to me what all this means!? Klavier: ...... Judge: I mean, looking at this photo... Judge: It seems quite clear that the shooter could see! Judge: Yet, up until now... Klavier: ...It seems I owe the court an apology. Judge: Hmm!? Klavier: The Gavinners are a band with law enforcement ties, yet a murder occurred... Klavier: ...during our concert! Apparently, this caused some confusion over jurisdiction. Klavier: As a result, some reports were not filed in an entirely timely manner. Apollo: (I... I'm not sure I like the vibe I'm getting here.) Trucy: Hey Apollo, look at him. Trucy: Why is Prosecutor Gavin all relaxed and smiling like that? Trucy: Like he knows something we don't... and he's about to tell us. Klavier: Heh heh heh.

I've got an idea... Klavier: Let's rock! Klavier: ...With these documents. But before that. Klavier: I have a question for the Fräulein Detective. Klavier: If I may? Ema: Wh-What? Klavier: Tell me... Klavier: Why do you think that Machi Tobaye is blind? Ema: Huh...? Apollo: Wh-What did he say? Ema: What are you saying? Ema: Of course he's blind! Klavier: Of course...? Ema: H-He's the blind pianist, right? Ema: So... So he's... Ema: Doesn't Lamiroir lead him around by the hand all the time? Apollo: (No way...) Klavier:

I have a report here on the defendant, Machi Tobaye. Klavier: According to this, Machi Tobaye... Klavier: ...can see perfectly well. ---------------------------Machi Tobaye Age: 14 Gender: Male Defendant in this case. Concealed the fact that he could actually see. ---------------------------Ema: What...? Klavier: His blindness was merely a publicity ploy by those clever Borginians. Klavier: He can see quite well. Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: B-But you said... Klavier: ...What did I say, exactly? Apollo: ! Klavier: Herr Forehead, not once in the course of this trial... Klavier: ...have I claimed the defendant was blind. Klavier: The only one who did was Fräulein Detective. Apollo: Bu-But that's...

Klavier: ...A significant fact, yes! Consider: Machi Tobaye sees. Klavier: And he was the only one who could have fled through the air vent. Klavier: I see no problems with this. Ema: But what about the bullet holes in the wall? Klavier: Yes, the bullet holes. Klavier: I believe Herr Forehead neatly explained those for us. Klavier: He didn't miss because he couldn't see. Klavier: It was the kickback from the 45-caliber revolver. Klavier: A simple accident, in other words. Apollo: Ack...! Klavier: How's that? Klavier: I'm afraid your "objection" has just flown off for brighter skies... Apollo: Urk... Klavier: This is where the real fun begins, Herr Forehead! Apollo: Yeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrggh! Klavier:

I knew you didn't have what it took. Ema: You... You jerk! Ema: Just what was I in here for? Comic relief!? Trucy: Yeah! Apologize! Klavier: Ah ha ha. Oh, sorry! Trucy: That's no way to apologize! Apollo: (He's angered the Trucy now. Look out...) Judge: Ahem. If we can please end the bickering. Now. Ema: Whatever! I'm not leaving!

Ema: I can't leave like this. Ema: I'll come up with some clue to solving this case if it kills me! Judge: But your testimony has already given us enough to convict the defendant... Apollo: (Ugh, don't say that...) Ema: Ah! Ah ha! Apollo: "Ah ha" what? Ema: This blood stain... Ema:

The criminal tried to wipe it off, right? Apollo: That seems to be what happened, yes. Ema: We might be able to find out what was really written here! Apollo: ...! Really...?

You can do that?

Ema: That's right, with this! Ema; It's called Luminol! Ema: Maybe you know of it? It's a chemical that reacts to blood. Klavier: Ah yes, have we done those tests yet...? Ema: Hah! you! As if I'm going to tell

Klavier: The blood stains covered a section of the carpet. Klavier: In order to perform blood tests, that section was removed and submitted. Klavier: Perhaps we should request it here in court now. Ema: Right! Go for it, Apollo!

Apollo: Huh? I have to do the test? Ema: You just have to spray the luminol on it! Simple! Apollo:

(A chemical that reacts to blood... I've heard of this somewhere.) Judge: ...Yes, I believe an analysis is called for. Have at it! Ema: Right, ready? It's easy as pie! Ema: Just touch the screen to spray an area. Ema: Here! Give it a try! Apollo: (...The eyes of the entire court are focused on me!) Trucy: Apollo! Your hand's shaking!

Apollo: (Ugh... Grrrah! Let's do this!) Apollo: (Wow... it really works!) Trucy: This must be... this must be the power of science! Ema: It says... "IPXX314206"... Ema: ...Is that the killer's name? Judge: Hmm. Maybe it is... if the killer was a robot! Klavier: Ah hah! I have it! Apollo: ...So what is it? Klavier:

I thought those letters "IPXX" looked familiar. Klavier: This is an Interpol ID number. Ema: I-Interpol? You mean the international police agency? Klavier: Yes. Most are undercover agents working to solve international crimes. Klavier: But why would he write that number...? Apollo: Why would Mr. LeTouse even know a number like that!? Klavier: Good show, Fräulein Detective. Rock on. Ema: Eh? Klavier: Your Honor! We can verify this number immediately. Klavier: ...Daryan, are you there? Come up to the witness stand! Klavier: Daryan... you heard what we need. Klavier: Go check into this Interpol ID number. Daryan: Sure thing. Gimme 30 minutes. No... Gimme 27. Judge: Hmm... Judge: I'm not sure what to think of all this.

Judge: The prosecution's case is airtight, or so it seems. Judge: Yet if this number is really that of an Interpol agent... Ema: Oh, wait, I know... Ema: What if Machi Tobaye's really an undercover Interpol agent? Klavier: That would be a possibility. Judge: A possibility, yes. Judge: And one that would mark him as the killer for certain. Apollo: (Why did LeTouse know an Interpol ID number...?) Apollo: (That's what I want to know.) Klavier: Well, we have some time while we await Daryan's report. Klavier: Let's work on unraveling another mystery, shall we? Klavier: A curious mystery concerning Machi Tobaye. Apollo: ...What are you talking about? Klavier: Fräulein Detective, please accept my apologies. Klavier: I received word that the defendant could, in fact, see, just before the trial began. Klavier:

It seemed too much of a bother to tell you. Ema: ...You had me until that last bit. Klavier: Does this not raise a rather straightforward question? Ema: Well, sure... Ema: Why did Machi pretend he couldn't see? Klavier: Exactly... It makes little sense. Klavier: What do you think, Herr Forehead? Apollo: Huh? Me? Klavier: Machi Tobaye pretended he was blind... Klavier: ...Do you know why? Ema: How could he know!? Trucy: Wait... Prosecutor Gavin knows why, doesn't he... Apollo: (He's known from the start of the trial. He's been leading us on the whole time!) Klavier: Hmm? Something wrong? Klavier: Do you think, perhaps, this is all some kind of game? Klavier: Know that the moment I heard

that report... Klavier: ...I knew why. Judge: Hmm... Judge: I suppose people who have sold over a million records really are something else. Apollo: (What does that have to do with anything!?) Klavier: There was a reason why Machi Tobaye pretended to be blind. Klavier: But it wasn't for his own sake. ...Getting the picture now? Apollo: It wasn't for himself...!? Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: Can you present evidence that shows us why the defendant had to feign blindness? [ I haven't a clue ] Apollo: ...... (I have no idea!) Klavier: Ah ha ha ha. Herr Forehead, I'm disappointed in you. Klavier: Unless you're merely "feigning" stupidity?


Apollo: (Keep it up wise guy...) Klavier: Recall the relationship of

Lamiroir and Machi Tobaye. Klavier: In particular, their arrangement over the years before visiting our country. Ema: Lamiroir and her pianist... Ema: They would always walk together, she leading him by the hand. Ema: Even when they got on stage, she would lead him to the piano. Ema: She would walk all the way over there with him! Klavier: That's right. Because he was "blind". Or so we thought... Klavier: She led him at all times. All times. Judge: All times... Hmm. Klavier: Yet we now know that Machi could see perfectly well. Klavier: Why keep up the charade? Judge: Well, wasn't it part of their, er, performance? Klavier: There is a simpler explanation, Herr Judge. Klavier: Machi did not need to be led by the hand at all. Klavier: Which means...

Apollo: Aaaaah! You don't mean---!? Klavier: I do. It was the other way around! Klavier: The one who needed to be led by the hand... Klavier: ...was Lamiroir! Judge: Wh-What's this...? Judge: S-So you mean to say that Lamiroir is... she's... Klavier: Blind as a bat, Herr Judge. Ema: Wha... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Judge: Order! Order! Order!!!

Judge: This is crazy, Prosecutor Gavin! [ Show evidence ] Apollo: (Machi had no reason to pretend he couldn't see...) Apollo: (Which means... No. It couldn't be!) Klavier: ...Good show, Herr Forehead. Klavier: It seems you've thought of something. Apollo: (Grr... Why can't I figure these things out on my own?)

Apollo: (I hate having to take my cues from this guy.) Apollo: ...Very well. Look at this. Apollo: This is why he was pretending he couldn't see! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: What... is that supposed to mean? Judge: I don't see how it relates to the defendant's vision or lack thereof. Apollo: Well, see, it... ( the wrong piece of evidence.) Judge: I do see how your lack of an answer relates to this penalty, however! ((continue from "I haven't a clue")) ((Present Postcard)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: That is... Lamiroir? Apollo: Lamiroir and Machi Tobaye. Apollo: Recall their relationship. Apollo: In particular, their unique

arrangement over the years before visiting our country. Ema: Lamiroir and her pianist... Ema: They would always walk together, she leading him by the hand. Ema: Even when they got on stage, she would lead him to the piano. Ema: She would walk all the way over there with him! Apollo: That's right. "blind". Because he was

Apollo: She led him at all times, never letting him go. Judge: All times... Hmm. Apollo: Yet, we have just learned something that makes their arrangement peculiar indeed. Apollo: Machi could see! Apollo: Why did they have to keep up this act the whole time? Judge: Well, wasn't it part of their, er, performance? Apollo: I think there's a simpler explanation. Apollo: Machi did not need to be led by the hand at all. Apollo: That can only mean one thing.

Ema: Ah! Aaaaaaaaaa... Really!? Apollo: Really. It was all the other way around. Apollo: The one who needed to be led by the hand... Apollo: ...was Lamiroir! Judge: Wh-What's this...? Judge: S-So you mean to say that Lamiroir is... she's... Apollo: Yes, Your Honor. Lamiroir is blind. Ema: Wha... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Judge: Order! Order! Order!!!

Judge: This is crazy, Prosecutor Gavin! Klavier: Is it now? Judge: Please... Please shed some sanity on this madness! Judge: The defense has made an outrageous claim... Klavier: The only thing outrageous I see about the defense is his vast forehead... Klavier: ...Yet I see it is not vast in vain. This time.

Klavier: He's quite correct. Judge: B-But that makes no sense! Ema: Yeah! Wasn't she supposed to be the "landscape painter in sound" or something? ---------------------------Lamiroir Age: 40 Gender: Female Famed singer from Borginia. Hid the fact that she is blind. ---------------------------Klavier: Well, since we have her here... Ema: ! Klavier: ...Why not ask Lamiroir herself? Klavier: I believe she is still in the witness waiting room. Trucy: A-Apollo, what does this mean for our case!? Apollo: Don't ask me! I had no idea she couldn't see... Apollo: I hadn't even imagined it until now! Judge: Bailiff! Bring in Lamiroir!

Klavier: ...Lamiroir. Klavier: It pains me deeply to call

you before us again in this way. Klavier: And yet I must. Lamiroir: Please, do not be concerned on my behalf. Apollo: (Those eyes... She really can't see? Really?) Lamiroir: ...... It is true. Apollo: ...! Lamiroir: How funny it is that a tiny lie born in the Borginian countryside... Lamiroir: ...would one day grow to entangle the entire world. Judge: So... so you are...!? Lamiroir: Yes. As I mentioned before... Lamiroir: ...I have no memory of the time before I became Lamiroir. Lamiroir: Know too that my memories begin in darkness. Lamiroir: The word "light" has no meaning for Lamiroir. Judge: I see... Klavier: You may recall me saying something toward the beginning of this trial, Herr Forehead. Apollo:

...? What's that? Klavier: I believe I said it was unfortunate this crime had no "direct" witnesses. Apollo: Ah... Klavier: Now, Lamiroir, I must ask you to stand once more. Klavier: Will you testify to the court about your eyes? Lamiroir: Of course. Lamiroir: It was never my intent to deceive any of you. Lamiroir: May I begin, Your Honor? Judge: Uh, yes, yes of course... Judge: Though I admit, I'm a little lost here. Apollo: I think we're all a bit lost here, Your Honor. ** Witness Testimony ** -- Lamiroir's Eyes -Lamiroir: I have no memory of the "light". Lamiroir: I debuted in a world of darkness and sound... Lamiroir: My producer came up with my PR line before he knew this. Lamiroir: So, silly as it may sound,

I had to pretend I could see. Lamiroir: Everyone on my staff knew, of course, but no others. Judge: But... this is a murder trial! Lamiroir: I apologize. It was part of my contract, you see. Lamiroir: I was to keep my blindness a secret, no matter what. Lamiroir: Music is everything for me. I never imagined something like this would... Klavier: She told us the truth in the beginning. Klavier: When she said she "saw nothing". Judge: Very well. Does the defense have anything to add? Apollo: ...... I'd like to cross-examine. Trucy: But, what is there left to ask!? Apolo: There was one thing in her testimony that bothered me. Klavier: Perhaps it is best we let you get it out of your system. Klavier: Someday you'll come to understand... Klavier: ...the importance of thinking

for yourself. Judge: Very well. proceed. Judge: However... Judge: Be aware this court will not tolerate any questions deemed too stressful to the witness. Apollo: ...OK. (There was only one part that bothered me...) Apollo: (Just let me ask about that and I'll be happy.) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Lamiroir's Eyes -Lamiroir: I have no memory of the "light". Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So, you don't know why you went blind? Lamiroir: ...I do not. Lamiroir: I may have been born this way, in fact. Klavier: ...It's fruitless to attempt to pry into her past. Klavier: And, I might add, it's a delicate subject. Judge: I'm not sure we can reasonably expect Mr. Justice to do anything delicately. The defense may

Apollo: (Hey! Why I oughta... take a deep breath and calm down.) Lamiroir: What I am now is all that I have. Lamiroir: It is enough, I think. Lamiroir: I debuted in a world of darkness and sound... Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Weren't you nervous to hit the stage in your condition? Lamiroir: No, not at all, surprisingly. Lamiroir: It felt natural, singing in front of everyone. Judge: It's not something just anyone can do. Klavier: She has talent, that much is quite clear. Klavier: You might even say she is beloved by the gods of music. Lamiroir: Even without light, I live perfectly happy in my world of sound. Lamiroir: If that is a talent, as you say, then I thank the gods responsible. Apollo: What about your PR motto? Lamiroir: My producer came up with my PR line before he knew this.

Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Perhaps your music reminded him of the Borginian scenery? Lamiroir: Ah ha ha. No, it was quite the opposite. Apollo: The opposite? Lamiroir: According to my producer... Lamiroir: music has a certain "global" quality. Judge: Global? Lamiroir: Multicultural, if you will. Hard to pin to one region. Lamiroir: When people listen to it, they picture the country closest to their hearts. Lamiroir: Which is why my music has reached so many. Trucy: What a lovely story! Klavier: It sounds like this producer might have known what he was doing after all. Lamiroir: My songs are nothing more than a white canvas. Lamiroir: To me, the real landscape painter [sic] are the listeners. Lamiroir: When I think of that, I do not mind how I am represented

to the world so much. Lamiroir: Yet, one thing quickly led to another... Lamiroir: So, silly as it may sound, I had to pretend I could see. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Was that to protect your image as the "landscape painter in sound"? Lamiroir: That does not matter so much to me, really. Lamiroir: But the label is quite concerned about it, I think. Trucy: A landscape painter who can't see... that's like a pianist who can't play, huh. Apollo: I'm not sure you can compare your father to Lamiroir. Lamiroir: The world of commercial music is filled with these little white lies. Lamiroir: Nothing is sacred when it comes to publicity... Lamiroir: Everyone on my staff knew, of course, but no others. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: When you say your staff, do you include Mr. LeTouse? Lamiroir: Of course. He was my manager.

Apollo: (So he knew... and that's what's been bugging me!) Judge: Something the matter, Mr. Justice? Klavier: I believe I know what is bothering our young defense attorney. Klavier: ...You are thinking of when you discovered the body, yes? Apollo: ...! Trucy: Is he right, Apollo? Apollo: ...Yes, I was. LeTouse: ......Nnnh...... Apollo: ...! (He... He's alive!) Apollo: Mr. LeTouse! Can you hear me!? LeTouse: ...Cold... so cold... Witness... Apollo: You're cold? D-Don't worry, you're going to be fine! Help is on the way! LeTouse: ...Can't s...see... Apollo: Hang in there, Mr. LeTouse! Tell me, who was the witness? LeTouse: The

Apollo: Mr. LeTouse told me to ask the witness, and he named you. Lamiroir: ...! Apollo: Why would he do that? Apollo: He knew you were blind! Lamiroir: I... I don't know... Klavier: Tsk, tsk. Apollo: ...! Klavier: What did I just say? Klavier: You need to learn to think for yourself. Apollo: Meaning what...? Klavier: There is no mystery here if you recall everything he said. Klavier: Think of his last words once more. Judge: "The witness... siren"? Judge: We've heard them many times. Along with a little play-acting by our defense. Klavier: I remember them well myself, but that statement is not to what I refer. Klavier: I mean what he said before that.

Apollo: ...Before? (What came before that...?) Apollo: Ack! Klavier: ...That's right. tell you. He tried to

Klavier: When he said "can't see" he wasn't talking about himself. Klavier: He was talking about the witness! Judge: I see! Klavier: Too bad the defense did not. Klavier: Well, Herr Forehead? Klavier: Try relaxing and "looking" at the facts first next time. Apollo: ...Urk! Apollo: (I suppose that's her confession, of sorts.) Apollo: (There's just one part that bothers me...) Apollo: (...And I'm going to get to the bottom of it.) ((Pressed 5)) Judge: Order! Order!

Klavier: Recall Lamiroir's earlier testimony...

Lamiroir: I was on my way from the stage to the backstage exit. Lamiroir: There were two shots... I couldn't do anything to stop it. Judge: But she couldn't have heard those gunshots! Judge: I thought we proved that... Klavier; That is not the most important point here. Judge: Hmm? Klavier: The moment he was shot, Mr. LeTouse "witnessed" her through that window. Klavier: ...Why else would he have named her as the witness? Apollo: Ah... Lamiroir: But I really did hear them! Lamiroir: Two gunshots... and the man's voice! Klavier: Unfortunately, such a thing was impossible. The window was closed. Klavier: We have already run a simulation, of course. Lamiroir: But it was so clear... If I heard that voice again, I would know it in an instant... Judge:

Hmm... Bailiff: ...Your Honor! Judge: What is it, Bailiff? Can't you see we're in session here!? Bailiff: We have the results back from the investigation! Judge: The investigation...? Klavier: Ah, the Interpol number that Mr. LeTouse left us. Judge: ...! Judge: Well let's hear it! Judge: ...We will continue this cross-examination afterward. Judge: Detective Crescend! report please! Your

Daryan: I asked Interpol about that number. Daryan: I'm sure you'll find their answer intriguing. Klavier: ...Quick work as always, Daryan. Judge: Well, tell us about the number! Judge: Is the defendant a secret agent!? Daryan: "IPXX314206"...

Daryan: The agent registered under that number... Daryan: ...was Romein LeTouse. ---------------------------LeTouse Age: 35 Gender: Male Victim in this case, actually an undercover Interpol agent. ---------------------------Klavier: What...? Daryan: Our undercover Interpol agent was Mr. LeTouse himself! Daryan: He was apparently in the middle of an operation. Apollo: So, when he wrote those letters... Daryan: ...He was trying to tell us his own identity. Daryan: And a cautious killer tried to wipe them away. Trucy: Mr. LeTouse was an undercover Interpol agent... Trucy: So him being Lamiroir's manager... Apollo: ...Was just a cover, most likely. Daryan: There's one other important detail I found. Klavier: Well, out with it.

Daryan: It concerns that 45-caliber revolver, the murder weapon. Daryan: Apparently, it belonged to Romein LeTouse. Daryan: He had an Interpol permit to carry firearms. Daryan: ...And the registration number on the revolver matched. ---------------------------Revolver Type: Weapons Retrieved from Lamiroir's Dressing Room. The murder weapon. A deadly, high-caliber revolver belonging to Mr. LeTouse. ---------------------------Klavier: So the victim was killed with his own weapon, which makes sense. Klavier: It's hard to imagine someone who wasn't an Interpol agent with such a large revolver. Apollo: (So the victim was an Interpol agent on an undercover op...) Apollo: (I wonder how that ties into everything.) Trucy: It's got to tie in somehow, you'd think. Apollo: Yeah, somehow... Judge: Thanks for looking into that for us, Detective Crescend. It's a great help. Daryan:

Oh, no problem at all, Your Honor. Daryan: ...I'll be heading out... *HOLD IT!* Lamiroir: Wait! Judge: La-Lamiroir! matter? Is something the

Lamiroir: That voice just now... Klavier: Daryan? Lamiroir: Mr. Daryan, is it...? Lamiroir: ............ It was him. I am sure of it. Judge: It was "him"? Klavier: Y-You aren't saying--!? Lamiroir: That voice I heard, talking to Mr. LeTouse... when I heard the gunshots fired. Lamiroir: It was him! Mr. Daryan! It was

Klavier: Is this some kind of a joke!? Apollo: Whaaaaaat!? Daryan: ...No way... Apollo: (The courtroom fell into such a chaotic state, the trial had to be suspended temporarily.)

Apollo: (I'd never seen that happen before.) Apollo: (Of course, it's not every day that you get an accusation like that one.) Apollo: (Lamiroir, fingering Daryan Crescend. Not only is he a guitarist, he's a detective!) Apollo: (Could it really have been his voice Lamiroir heard?) Apollo: (Things were changing fast, and frankly, I wasn't sure I could keep up with it.) Trucy: Hey! No wimping out now, Apollo! To be continued. ============================ Episode 3 Turnabout Serenade Day 2: Investigation -30202============================ --July 9, 2:12 PM Wright Anything Agency --Trucy: Hey, hey, Apollo! Apollo: What? Trucy: Um, well, you know... ...Um, actually, nothing. Trucy: I mean, something. ...Or maybe not. Apollo: Out with it. The suspense is

giving me an ulcer. Trucy: Well, you know, the trial today? I was thinking... Trucy: If you gave it a score, what score would you give it? Apollo: Score? Um, gee... Apollo: I guess I would... um, or maybe... well... Apollo: ...Bah. you. I'm just as bad as

Trucy: See? It's so... so vague! Apollo: Clearly. Apollo: Machi avoided a guilty verdict, which is something. Apollo: Though I can't say I'm any less confused about the case. Daryan: I asked Interpol about that number. Daryan: I'm sure you'll find their answer intriguing. Daryan: "IPXX314206"... Daryan: The agent registered under that number... Daryan: ...was Romein LeTouse. Apollo: And the victim, Mr. LeTouse... Apollo:

Who would have guessed he was actually an undercover Interpol agent!? Apollo: ...What a mess. Apollo: And we don't have any idea what he was investigating. Trucy: Well, true, but we know who shot him now! Trucy: Lamiroir told the whole court! Lamiroir: Wait! Lamiroir: That voice just now... Lamiroir: .......... It was him.

I am sure of it.

Lamiroir: That voice I heard, talking to Mr. LeTouse... when I heard the gunshots fired. Lamiroir: It was him! Mr. Daryan! It was

Trucy: It's another mystery, Apollo! I love mysteries. Apollo: I don't. Apollo: Speaking of mysteries, what's Mr. Wright up to? I wouldn't mind asking his opinion. Trucy: Now that you mention it, I haven't seen Daddy around. Apollo: What, is he some kind of stray that just wanders in and out

at will? Trucy: I wouldn't say that, but he has been going out a lot. Trucy: Some "top secret mission", he said. Apollo: Top secret...? Trucy: Anyway, you can't just rely on him to save the day! Trucy: And you've got me to help you. We'll be fine! Apollo: Fine... right. Apollo: Well, time's a-wasting, as they say. Let's investigate. Trucy: That's the spirit! =Examine Teapot= Trucy: Well, how about some tea? Here you go! Apollo: Um, thanks. That's nice.

Apollo: ...But this is not the time to be drinking tea! Trucy: That's right, we have to get investigating! Trucy: Ack, that was a close call! We almost relaxed! =Examine Plant= Apollo:

Mr. Charley, the potted plant. Apollo: Huh? His leaves are looking a little... brown. Trucy: Good morning, Mr. Charley! Trucy: Ack! M-Mr. Charley! Your leaves!

Apollo: Maybe you weren't giving him enough water? Trucy: No, no, it must be stress. He's worried about the new recruit at the office. Apollo: Hey, don't blame it on me! You are watering him, right? Trucy: It was Daddy's turn to water him this week... Trucy: Ack! Apollo: Mr. Wright has been away on his "top secret mission", no? Trucy: I'm sorry Mr. Charley, this is all my fault. I'll water you soon, promise! =Examine Bookshelf= Apollo: There are several books of magic mixed in with the legal books on the shelves. Apollo: I dusted them recently. Nothing like the gleam of clean books! =Examine Split Box=

Apollo: A strange, split box leers at me from the wall. Apollo: No matter how many times I see that there, it still strikes me as... odd. Trucy: Really? Trucy: I guess I've gotten used to it, after growing up with it always around the house. Apollo: What kind of a home did you grow up in!? Trucy: I'd hide in there when we played hide 'n' seek! Trucy: You just get in, slide the sections around, and you're impossible to find! Apollo: I bet you would be... =Examine Top Hat= Apollo: That's one of those hats you pull things out of, right? Trucy: Of course! My hat's like a little universe! Bigger on the inside than on the outside! Apollo: Hmm... That reminds me of a sci-fi show I used to watch. Trucy: Incidentally, my pocket is a little universe, too! And my panties, and... Apollo: I get the idea.

=Examine Portrait= Apollo: A faded photograph showing one of Trucy's favorite magicians. Apollo: She talks to it daily for good luck, I hear. Trucy: Ack! I almost forgot! Trucy: Umm... I hope I become a famous Grand Magician! Trucy: Oh, and I hope Apollo becomes an Ace Attorney! Trucy: ...There! All done.

Apollo: (I suppose if you're going to talk to inanimate objects, a photo isn't so bad.) =Examine Shelf= Apollo: How is your magic act coming along? Trucy: Well, I've been working on my "cups & balls" routine. Apollo: Is that the one where the ball moves from under one cup to the other? Trucy: That's right! The very same! Here, watch... Trucy: First, I put one of the cups over the ball... then I snap my fingers! Trucy: Ta da! The ball's under the

other cup! Apollo: ...It's not there. Trucy: ...... Trucy: ...Watch me pull something out of my magic panties! Apollo: Nice try. Trucy: Guess I know what I'll be doing tonight. Trucy: Practicing! You can be my audience, Apollo! Apollo: (*sigh*) =Examine Spaghetti= Apollo: I've seen some restaurants that set out real food to show what's on the menu. Trucy: I have, too! But I noticed something strange... Trucy: One time, there was a sandwich without any lettuce! Trucy: Like it had disappeared... by magic! Apolo: ...I'm sure someone just swiped the lettuce and ate it. Trucy: Wait, that sandwich... You didn't...! Trucy: Apollo, you shouldn't eat sample food, no matter how

hungry you are! Apollo: Just how hard up do you think I am!? =Examine Hula Hoop= Apollo: You know, that ring kind of gets in the way. Apollo: Our client the other day tripped on it and fell on the floor. Trucy: ...Sending my ring rolling out the door! You know how long it took me to find it? Apollo: You know how long it took to calm down the client? Apollo: And in the end, they walked out without hiring us. Could you clean up a bit? Trucy: But don't you think the props give the office a festive, fun-filled mood? Apollo: I'm not sure law offices have to be festive and fun-filled. Trucy: Apollo! This is the "Wright Anything Agency"! Trucy: As CEO, I want an office that says we know how to have fun! Apollo: (I guess it is her office... isn't it?) =Present Badge= Trucy:

That again? You sure like your attorney's badge. Trucy: Still, I'm afraid our clients are getting tired of it... Apollo: ...Well I'm not. =Present Other= Trucy: I'm not sure about that, sorry. Trucy: I was ripping up the dance floor at the time of the shooting, after all. =Talk -> Daryan did it= Apollo: Lamiroir dropped a bomb in court today... Apollo: "It was Daryan"... Trucy: Lamiroir said she's never forgotten a voice, right? Trucy: That's so cool! Apollo: Um, I guess. Trucy: What's that called again? Trucy: Um... Elephant ears...? I bet that's what they're called... Apollo: ...Somehow I don't think that means what you think it means. Apollo: ...And she has to be wrong, this time. So there.

Trucy: Wrong?


Apollo: I mean, look... Apollo: Those gunshots were right during the concert! Trucy: That's right! I was burning up the dance floor at the time. Apollo: Right... Did you happen to look up on stage? Apollo: Maybe... at Daryan, even? Trucy: You bet I did! Trucy: He is one of the Gavinners's guitarists after all! He's so cool! Trucy: ...Oh. Apollo: Right. Apollo: All the Gavinners have a rock-solid alibi. Apollo: He couldn't have shot Mr. LeTouse backstage. Trucy: But... Lamiroir heard him, didn't she? Trucy: She heard Daryan backstage... Right...? Apolo: (Somebody's either wrong, or lying very badly here...)

=Talk -> Agent LeTouse= Apollo: An Interpol agent... hmm. Trucy: I was wondering, what is "Interpol" anyway? Apollo: Huh? Interpol? Apollo: They're the guys who catch international criminals. Trucy: Why can't they just call them "International Police" instead of making up some silly name? Apollo: Yeah... ...Anyway, you think he was investigating Lamiroir? Trucy: Whaaaa--!? Why would anyone do that? Trucy: She's not a criminal! couldn't be! She

Apollo: Don't be fooled by appearances is all I'm saying. Trucy: But remember I'm a magician, Apollo! I can spot a palmed coin at fifty paces! Apollo: If only it were that easy. Apollo: ...In any case, we know he was working on something. Trucy: I wonder if it was something that has something to do with something. Trucy:

That something being our case. The last something, I mean. Apollo: Something like that. Apollo: ...Frankly, the whole thing is making my head hurt. Apollo: (What was Mr. LeTouse up to?) ???: Ahhh ha ha ha ha haa! Apollo: ...... Trucy: ...... Apollo: Um, Trucy? Was that another one of your tricks? Trucy: It wasn't me! Trucy: I can't even make Mr. Hat laugh like that! ???: ...Wherever the mundane gives way to miracles, a word is whispered... Gramarye! Trucy: Hey! The other day... Trucy: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Apollo: Who's there!? Trucy: We... didn't just imagine that, did we? Apollo: He was wearing a silk hat. ...Friend of yours? Trucy:

Hardly! ???: We meet again! Apollo: Ah, um, nice to meet you. Who... are you? Apollo: (And could you please stop smirking like that?) Trucy: Ah. Ahhhhhhh! Uncle Valant! It's you!!!

Apollo: Uncle Valant...? He's your uncle!? Trucy: No, silly! Trucy: It's the Great Gramarye, Valant Gramarye! Trucy: The Grand Magician! Valant: Yes, it is I, the Great Valant Gramarye. As seen on television. Apollo: (And could you please stop smirking like that?) ---------------------------Valant Gramarye Age: 44 Gender: Male Famous magician, often on TV. Fond of exaggeration. ---------------------------Valant: It's been a while, Miss Trucy. Seven years to be exact! Valant: My, how you've grown! Trucy: Good to see you again, Uncle

Valant! Trucy: You... look exactly the same! Apollo: Um, I hate to intrude, but... Apollo: What is a Great Magician doing paying us a visit? Valant: I believe it was you who wished to see me? Valant: So, be quick with your questions! Valant: And do not quail, quake, or quiver. I am quite tame. Valant: Though my stardom may sear the sight... I'm quite down to earth when need calls. Apollo: (He does have a certain aura to him, it's true.) Trucy: Let's ask him about the case, Apollo! Apollo: (His "aura" sure isn't lost on our magician-in-the-making.) Apollo: (She's practically drooling with enthusiasm.) Trucy: After all... Trucy: ...Uncle Valant's one of Daddy's best friends! That's why I call him "uncle". Apollo: Wh-What? Daddy... you mean Mr. Wright...?

Trucy: No, I mean... My real Daddy. Apollo: ...! Apollo: (Trucy's real father!?) =Talk -> Troupe Gramarye= Trucy: Wait, Apollo... Trucy: Don't tell me you don't know about Troupe Gramarye? Apollo: Troupe Grammarie... huh? Apollo: But it does sound kind of familiar... Valant: Oh, lost life! listless lad! Lamentably No.

Valant: To not know of the greatest troupe of magicians on the planet! Apollo: (Valant Gramarye... The name began to surface in my mind.) Apollo: (It was a name I'd heard on television as a child.) Trucy: You bet you've heard the name! Trucy: He made a cruise ship disappear, and blew up an amusement park... Trucy: ...Oh, and he made all this gold disappear from a safe! Trucy:

And then escaped from a high security prison! Apollo: Um... Apollo: ...You said he is a magician? Valant: I open the locks to hearts chained... by mediocrity. Valant: This is the true miracle of Troupe Gramarye. Apollo: ...Wait. Trucy; What, Apollo? Apollo: I do remember... seeing you on television... a long time ago. Apollo: Weren't you with someone else...? Like, a duo? Trucy: A duo? Apollo: Yeah, you had a partner. Apollo: "Something Gramarye"... Valant: Yes... Zak. Zak Gramarye.

Valant: A masterful maker of magic, a capable crafter of shining showmanship! Trucy: ...... Apollo: ? Apollo: Why's everyone so quiet?

Trucy: Daddy... Apollo: Daddy...? (Huh!? Oh, no way!) =Talk -> Trucy's father= Valant: Once upon a time, the Troupe Gramarye included two Grand Magicians. Valant: Myself, Valant Gramarye, and my partner... Zak Gramarye! Apollo: And this Zak was...? Trucy: He was my real Daddy. Apollo: (Trucy's father, a magician... I guess it makes sense.) Apollo: ...I had no idea. Trucy: There wasn't much point in talking about it... Not now that he's gone. Apollo: ...Oh, I'm sorry. Trucy: No, it's OK. I'm not lonely.

Trucy: I've got my Daddy, after all! Trucy: And you make me laugh, Apollo. Apollo: Glad that I'm good for comic relief, at least. Trucy: ...Not that I see Daddy around much these days.

Valant: ...Ach, I've been remiss in remembering my reasons for my visit. Apollo: Reasons? Valant: Two, in fact! Valant: The first being, of course... Valant: see you, Miss Trucy. Trucy: You don't know how happy I am to see you again, Uncle Valant! Valant: I'm sure you are. Apollo: ...Not one for modesty, are you? Valant: When I encountered you at the Coliseum... the first time in seven years... Valant: ...I could fain contain my emotions! I wept oceans! Valant: And to learn you now defend that poor pianist, that blinded boy! Valant: Twas a hot topic of talk amongst the staff, you know. Valant: And defend him you did! Trucy: Eh heh. Well, it wasn't all my doing. Apollo:

Um, I'm his defense attorney, actually. Valant: My other reason for coming here today... was this. Trucy: That's... a video tape? Valant: Quite so. A recording of the concert, no less. Valant: I've brought it for you, Trucy, on behalf of Troupe Gramarye. Valant: Will you watch it? Sugar, Sugar... O that night, in your embrace. When you stole away the keys my heart held on to so tight. Pleasure... But a fleeting melody It wraps itself around me, And now through the air I fly. Woh... Woh... Burning on in my heart. Fire. Burn my love away. All away. Like a bullet of love. Fire. Take my life away. All away. Guitar, Guitar... Up together to the sky. Trucy: Wow... It's almost as good as it was live. Trucy: So... what's the word? Mysterious... Apollo: (There are more mysterious things than her song going on...)

Apollo: (Way more mysterious...) Valant: Ah ha ha ha ha...! Apollo: (This Valant Gramarye has good reasons to be here today...) Apollo: (But I wonder what his "reasons" were to be at that concert?) ** Video tape received from Valant. ** ---------------------------Video Tape Type: Other Received from Valant Gramarye. Taped recording of Lamiroir's performance. Touch the Check Button for details. ---------------------------=Present Other= Valant: What's this? You would ask me for a miracle? Free of fee? Valant: Then thy wish be granted! Thy will be done! Thy evidence evicted into the ether! Apollo: Ack! No evicting, please! Apollo: (...Are all magicians like this, I wonder?) =Present Tape= Apollo: So, I was wondering... Apollo: That stunt in the middle of the song there...

Trucy: I didn't see a stunt... Apollo: What about Lamiroir vanishing and reappearing!? Trucy: Oh, that? I guess I'm so used to seeing that happen I didn't even notice. Apollo: (So young to be so jaded...) Valant: A simple slight-of-hand [sic], a petit prestidigitation. Valant: A modicum of magic from me... to you. Trucy: So that's why you were at the concert! Valant: Yes. Valant: I was there to watch my trick take to the air... ---------------------------Valant Gramarye Age: 44 Gender: Male A famous magician, responsible for the illusion used in the concert. ---------------------------Apollo: So you're the one who knows how it was all done. Valant: Of course. I am like a deity, with the stage as my domain! Valant: I suffer no mystery upon those floodlit boards not grasped tightly twixt my fingers.

Valant: It is a potent, primeval power I possess. Apollo: Um... Well... Do you think you could... Apollo: ...tell me how it was done!? Trucy: Hey now! Apollo: Trucy...? Trucy: That's like, totally against the rules, Apollo! Apollo: Not during a murder investigation, it's not! Valant: Mais non, for my illusions are mine alone, m'sieur. Valant: Also... Apollo: Also what? Valant: Recall that the terrible occurrence happened later. Valant: Well after my illusion entranced the audience. Apollo: Oh. Valant: Don't even ask. I won't answer. Trucy: Too bad for you, Apollo! Apollo: (Grr. Whose side are you on?)

Valant: ...I, Valant Gramarye, now make my leave, Miss Trucy. Trucy: There's no need to rush, Uncle Valant! You should stay a while! Valant: I am afraid I cannot. not. I shall not. I may

Valant: I have been asked to assist with an analysis and so I shall slink back to the scene. Apollo: So... you'll be at the concert venue today? Valant: Correct. If you would call on me, come to the Coliseum! Valant: See you later, crocodile. Apollo: (With a whir of his cloak, and a wink of his eye...) Apollo: (...he turned and walked out through the door. Normally.) Trucy: Well, there you go, Apollo! Trucy: Let's get cracking! Apollo: ...Right. (Valant Gramarye...) Apollo: (I've got a few more things to ask him.) Apollo: (Foremost among them, that bit of magic that made Lamiroir disappear...) Apollo:

(...And how he knows Trucy, and her "real" father...!) =Move -> Detention Center= --July 9 Detention Center Visitor's Room --Apollo: (Machi may not be guilty, but he's still a suspect.) Trucy: But they don't have any decisive evidence! Apollo: Yeah, but only someone as small as him could have gotten out of that room. Trucy: Right... the air vent. Apollo: And... he lied. Trucy: Lied? Apollo: (Machi Tobaye can see...) Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Trucy: Ah! Machi! Apollo: Speak of the devil. Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Trucy: He looks like he's doing OK! Apollo: I forget. here? Apollo: Why did we come

It's not like we can talk to him or anything. Trucy: Words are overrated! Trucy: Feelings are what matter, Apollo. Apollo: It's kinda hard to build a court case on feelings. Apollo: But, since we're here, anyway. Apollo: Might as well get what I want to say off my chest. Trucy: If you need someone to complain to, I'll listen... Apollo: (I think she's actually worried for me...) Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. =Examine Camera= Apollo: That security camera is looking at me. Apollo: Why do I feel this sudden urge to make a silly face? =Examine Guard= Apollo: A security guard. He stands here, watching this room. Apollo: His eyes when he looks at Machi are gentle. Maybe he has a kid the same age. =Present Anything=

Machi: [symbols] .. .. Trucy: I think he said... Trucy: "I am sorry I cannot speak your language. You are very beautiful, fair maiden." Apollo: ...This is why I never trust a translator. =Talk -> The trial today= Trucy: So, what did you think of the trial today? Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Trucy: ...Whew. I'm glad he doesn't understand English after all. Trucy: If he did, he would have been scared out of his mind by that trial. Apollo: Hey, all's well that ends well. Apollo: You have to be more goal oriented. If he's not guilty, we win. Trucy: No, if he's innocent, we win. Trucy: Machi might not understand English, but I bet he gets that better than you do. Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. *bracelet thumps*

Apollo: ...! (Huh...?) =Talk -> Lamiroir's testimony= Trucy: I'm glad Lamiroir testified! What a great person. Trucy: She even got Machi off the hook by naming another suspect! Apollo: Daryan of the Gavinners... The detective. Apollo: I wonder if Machi knows what happened? Trucy: ? Apollo: I mean, if he could follow how the trial went at all. Apollo: If no one told him there's a new suspect, how would he know? *bracelet thumps* Apollo: Hey... Trucy: What is it, Apollo? Apollo: No... It's nothing. Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Apollo: ...I must be imagining it. Trucy: Imagining what, Apollo? Apollo:

It's just, I couldn't help but feel that... I dunno. Apollo: Machi... Apollo: ...He doesn't understand what we're saying, right? Trucy: How could he? Trucy: He's a young Borginian! He doesn't speak English. Apollo: Yeah, but my bracelet is reacting to him. Trucy: Huh? Maybe it's malfunctioning? Trucy: Or it's scared, because you keep making those "I'm so mad" faces. Apollo: Was I that bad? Apollo: (Machi lied about not being able to see...) Apollo: (But what if that's not all he lied about?) Trucy: If you're curious about it there's only one thing to do. Trucy: You should ask him. Apollo: (I think it'll take something big to get to him... Some kind of undeniable evidence.) Apollo: ...We'll be back, Machi. Machi:

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. =Talk -> Machi's eyesight= Trucy: So, Machi... You can see, right? Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Trucy: Machi can see, and Lamiroir can't... Trucy: The whole world's gone topsy-turvy! Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Trucy: Sorry, Apollo. I don't think we're going to get any information out of Machi. Trucy: ...Which makes sense. Apollo: (...Yeah, I guess it does...) =Move -> Sunshine Coliseum= --July 9 Sunshine Coliseum --Trucy: Woo! What a great day! It's perfect weather for sleuthing! Apollo: The weather matters for an investigation? Trucy: Don't some days just feel like "magic" days or "defense" days? Apollo:

Um, sure. shall we? Trucy: Right on! Apollo!

Let's get started,

Show us your stuff,

Apollo: Um, what stuff? Trucy: Your voice training! This is the perfet place for it! Apollo: I did enough at home, thanks. Trucy: Aw, there's no need to be shy! Trucy: Keep that up and you'll never make it on the big stage! Apollo: I'm happy in the courtroom, thank you. I am a lawyer. Trucy: Then you're in luck, because it's lawyer weather today! Trucy: Don't you just want to face the blue sky and shout, "Objection!"? Apollo: Look, the weather has nothing to do with lawyers. Let's get going already! =Examine Blimp= Trucy: Look! A blimp! Apollo: Those balloons next to it have ad banners on them. Trucy: Let's see... "Big Sale, All Shirts 50% Off."

Apollo: Oh. It's an ad for the department store next door. =Examine Blue Badger= Apollo: What's that... creature there? Trucy: Oooh! That's the police mascot, the Blue Badger! Apollo: Eh? It's life size! Trucy: Haven't you seen them around town? Patrolling the streets? Trucy: Yes, now even law and order has a mascot! Apollo: ...I'd run from that thing even if I wasn't a criminal. Apollo: Why does its head wobble like that when it walks? It's freaky. Trucy: I don't think you're showing true Blue Badger spirit, Apollo. =Examine Signboard= Apollo: Look, a massive sign for the "Guilty as Charged" Tour. Apollo: A giant Prosecutor Gavin stares out over the arena. Trucy: Ooh! Maybe I can take it to the office when they're done with it! Apollo: Um, where would you put it?

You couldn't even get that thing through the front door. Trucy: Then I'll put it outside! I bet it'd be good for business! Apollo: Just as long as no one comes expecting us to prosecute. Trucy: Well, if anyone comes looking for a concert, leave it to me! Apollo: (Is this part of some twisted plan of hers to make her singing debut, I wonder?) =Examine Coliseum= Apollo: Sunshine Coliseum sure is living up to its name today. Trucy: It's huge! Trucy: And Mr. Gavin got to play on that enormous stage... I'm so jealous! Trucy: Someday, I'll fight my first battle on this stage! Apollo: Battle? Trucy: Well, yeah, it's a coliseum, isn't it? Apollo: Um, they don't do gladiatorial contests at these places any more, Trucy. Trucy: Really? I had no idea! I wonder why they stopped. Apollo:

(Sometimes I worry about her.) =Move -> Backstage Hallway= --July 9 Backstage Hallway --Lamiroir: Ah, Mr. Attorney. Apollo: Lamiroir! Apollo: I'm sorry about today... I... Lamiroir: There is nothing you need to apologize for. Lamiroir: You were merely defending Machi. Trucy: Um... Are you OK? Alone, I mean. Lamiroir: Humans are blessed with five senses. Lamiroir: Even robbed of one, we get by. Lamiroir: ...Though it does make being a witness rather difficult. Trucy: Speaking of "seeing", you knew who we were before we spotted you just now. Trucy: And we weren't even talking. Lamiroir: ...I heard your footsteps several times the day before.

Trucy: Oh... Trucy: You must have great ears! Apollo: (Ears that heard the crime taking place...) Apollo: (Or so she claimed yesterday. ...But how?) =Move -> Lamiroir's Dressing Room= =Examine Brooch= Apollo: Right after the shooting took place... Apollo: ...Lamiroir tried to come into the dressing room, and dropped her brooch. Trucy: I think that fits with the other stuff we know. Trucy: Do you think the timing of when she dropped it is important? Apollo: Yeah... Something about it bugs me, that's for sure. =Examine Bullet Holes= Apollo: Look at the way those bullets tore through this thick wall. Apollo: That revolver really was something else. Trucy: I wonder if someone as little as me could even fire it?

Apollo: Dislocating your shoulder would kind of put a crimp on your stage career. Trucy: Daddy always has stiff shoulders, maybe that could loosen him up! Apollo: Don't even mention it. I'm afraid he might go out and actually try it. Trucy: Nah, he doesn't have the guts to pull the trigger, I bet. =Examine Speaker= Apollo: A speaker for monitoring the stage. It was blaring at the time of the shooting. Trucy: It's a pretty old model for such a nice place. Apollo: I guess they don't care about sound quality back here. As long as you can hear it... Apollo: (Not that a loss of fidelity could possibly make that music worse...) Trucy: Good speakers must cost a lot. Trucy: You have any idea how much a nice one that size would cost, Apollo? Apollo: Probably a good ten years of your allowance, give or take. Trucy: Whaaat!? But that's almost 600 dollars!

Apollo: ...... (Five dollars a month...?) Apollo: (Poor Trucy...) Apollo: (Wait till she finds out you need to buy two speakers for a stereo...) =Examine Air Vent= Apollo: They found Machi Tobaye's fingerprints on that air vent. Trucy: ...... Apollo: What's with the long face? Trucy: It's a little lackluster, you know. Apollo: Lackluster...? Trucy: I mean, using the air vent is so obvious! Trucy: No audience is going to pay good money to see a trick like that. Apollo: ...... Apollo: Things must look different through a magician's eyes. Trucy: It'd be much cooler if the killer got out through that tiny window! Apollo: Don't go there. You'll get your head stuck.

=Examine Stepladder= Apollo: The shooter must have used that to climb up to the vent. Trucy: All this tragedy, because someone left a stepladder here. Apollo: ...I don't think Mr. LeTouse was shot because of the ladder. Trucy: You think it was Machi? Apollo: I guess... That air vent is pretty small, after all. Apollo: (Does that prove he was at the scene...?) Apollo: (Did he escape in the time between the gunshots and us opening the door?) =Examine Poster Above TV= Trucy: A Gavinners poster. Apollo: How many of those did they put up, anyway? Trucy: Prosecutor Gavin looked so cool on stage! Trucy: You should learn to play the guitar, too, Apollo! Trucy: You can accompany my magic act! Apollo:

...We'd certainly be a novelty act, if nothing else. Apollo: (I'll think about it if I ever lose my attorney's badge.) =Examine Poster Beside TV= Apollo: It's a poster for another show. Apollo: "This Summer: A Legal Eagles Production of 'Case Closed'." Trucy: I looked into that performance group. Trucy: Turns out they're all law enforcement-related, too. Trucy: Apparently, their serious portrayal of law and order is a big draw! Apollo: ...That sounds so boring, it's probably pretty interesting. Trucy: YOu're a complicated man, Mr. Apollo Justice. =Examine TV= Apollo: That's one of the biggest, most expensive-looking TVs I've ever seen. Trucy: Too bad you'll never own one. Apollo: "Never"'s kind of harsh, Trucy. Trucy: Hmm. How about "for all eternity" then?

Apollo: Same difference. =Examine Fruit= Trucy: Look! It's fruit! Apollo! Fruit!!! Fruit,

Apollo: ...I heard you the first time. Apollo: It sure is a lot of fruit. I doubt anyone would miss a bit of watermelon... Trucy: I know, I'll make it vanish! Into my stomach! Apollo: Better not. They might make you pay for it. Apollo: And if you have the money for that, you should probably repaint the office first. Trucy: Watermelons are that expensive!? Apollo: *shrug* These could've been imported from some exotic locale, for all we kknow. =Examine Carpet Square= Apollo: Hey, look. A part of the carpet has been torn up here. Trucy: That was the part we did the lunimol testing on in court! Apollo: Luminol... right. Trucy:

You know what I couldn't stop thinking? Trucy: Who's going to pay for this carpet? Apollo: As long as it's not us... Apollo: Maybe... the shooter? Trucy: I guess it's true what they say. Trucy: Crime doesn't pay! Apollo: I would hope that carpet replacement costs weren't the only thing holding you back. =Examine Revolver= Apollo: The murder weapon. So it belonged to Mr. LeTouse. Trucy: That thing makes normal revolvers look like water guns! Apollo: Mr. LeTouse was a big man. Apollo: (But how about the person who shot him?) Apollo: (Wouldn't they have to be about his size?) =Examine Window= Apollo: This was the window where Lamiroir "saw" the crime from... Apollo: I wish it was that simple.

Trucy: Kind of hard to see a crime when you can't see. Trucy: But she did hear it! Apollo: Yeah, but the window was closed... Trucy: Maybe she heard it some other way? =Examine Dryer= Apollo: That's one of those permanent dryers you see in hair salons. Trucy: Is that what they're really called? "Permanent dryers"? Apollo: Do I look like a beautician? I just know they dry your hair and give you a permanent... Trucy: It just doesn't sound very glamorous, you know? Apollo: OK, how about a "permachine"!? Trucy: Or you could go more simple, like "permer"! Apollo: ...This isn't a bad game, thinking up official names for things. Apollo: Not that it makes the name actually official or anything. =Examine Presents= Trucy: A stack of presents for

Lamiroir. Trucy: Stars always get the biggest presents. Trucy: You know, you could give me a present, Apollo. Apollo: ...Here, have a piece of candy. Trucy: Gee! Thanks!!! Apollo: (She must not get a lot of presents... Poor girl.) =Examine Bouquet= Trucy: That's one heavy-duty bouquet there. Apollo: I have trouble thinking of flowers as being "heavy-duty". Trucy: But they call lots of things heavy-duty! Apollo: Not flowers, they don't. Trucy: What about a "heavy" scent? Apollo: I think you mean "heady". Trucy: What if the flowers were plastic? Apollo: They still wouldn't be heavy. Trucy: OK, what if they were made out of metal? Apollo:

What, like a magnolia made out of steel? Trucy: Exactly! Though I hope all my fans don't start throwing metal flowers at me. =Move -> Backstage Hallway= =Examine Right Door= Apollo: That's Lamiroir's dressing room... and the scene of the crime. Apollo: It's kind of lightly guarded for being a crime scene. Trucy: I'm not complaining! Makes it easier for us to go in! Trucy: And Ema gave us her OK, right? Trucy: We can wander in and do as we like! Apollo: (How is Ema doing, anyway...?) Apollo: (I hope she's not getting cavities form eating all those chocolate Snackoos...) =Examine Left Door= Apollo: That's the Gavinners's dressing room. Apollo: They're all out on the investigation. Apollo: Being backstage isn't half as glamorous without a band here.

=Examine Blue Badger= Apollo: That would be the Blue Badger, the police mascot. Apollo: There's a guy outside in a giant Blue Badger costume, lumbering about... Apollo: He stands out even more than those Gavinners posters. Trucy: It's all the same! He's the band mascot, too, you know. Apollo: I can't picture Prosecutor Gavin going for that kind of thing. Trucy: Neither can I. Trucy: I'll bet there's a story there just waiting to be told! =Examine Headset= Trucy: That's been lying there since the day before yesterday. Apollo: It's small. noticed it. Maybe no one's

Trucy: I kinda want to pick it up. It'd make a cool souvenir, don't you think? Apollo: (It does stick out in my mind for some reason...) =Talk -> The voice= Apollo:

That was quite a statement you made today in court. Apollo: ...About hearing Daryan Crescend's voice at the scene of the crime. Lamiroir: I did not know his name... Lamiroir: ...but I never forget a voice. Lamiroir: Wait! Judge: La-Lamiroir! matter? Is something the

Lamiroir: That voice just now... Lamiroir: ............ It was him. I am sure of it. Daryan: ...No way... Lamiroir: ...As I said in court: Lamiroir: I was on my way backstage from the stage. Lamiroir: That is when I heard his voice. Apollo: I'm guessing Daryan and Mr. LeTouse were talking about something? Lamiroir: ...The next moment, I heard those gunshots. Apollo: Why didn't you call security? Lamiroir: To be honest, though the

noise was quite frightening... Lamiroir: ...I never imagined the gunshots might be real. Lamiroir: And, I was in quite a hurry myself. Lamiroir: I left the scene at once. Trucy: So... it really was Daryan's voice that she heard. Apollo: Yeah... Apollo: (At least, she certainly thinks it was.) =Talk -> Machi= Lamiroir: I met Machi before my debut as Lamiroir... Lamiroir: I was singing in a restaurant in Borginia. Apollo: And he was playing the piano? Lamiroir: ...Yes. Lamiroir: He was very kind to me when he learned I could not see. Apollo: Is that when you started playing "opposites"? Apollo: With Machi pretending he couldn't see... Lamiroir: Ah, no, it wasn't then. Lamiroir:

That began after our major debut. Lamiroir: ...After I became known as the "landscape painter in sound". Trucy: It must have been tough for Machi... Trucy: ...Pretending he couldn't see, and all the while acting as your eyes. Lamiroir: We held hands always. Lamiroir: He would write with his finger on my palm to signal to me thing I should know. Lamiroir: He is a smart, gentle boy. Apollo: (I think I see what she's getting at...) Apollo: (..."Machi would never harm a soul"...) =Talk -> Mr. LeTouse= Apollo: About Mr. LeTouse... Lamiroir: Ah yes. He was an Interpol agent, I hear? Apollo: So, you had no idea? Lamiroir: Of course not. No one did.

Trucy: I guess that's what it means to be undercover. Apollo: But someone was after him...

Apollo: They had to know who he really was. Lamiroir: Why did he pose as my manager? I do not understand. Apollo: You have no idea? Lamiroir: I can only assume that he was investigating me... But why? Apollo: What makes you think that? Lamiroir: Perhaps it is not so, but I cannot deny the possibility. Lamiroir: Because of my condition... Lamiroir: As my present is veiled in darkness, so, too, is my past clouded from my memory. Apollo: Clouded... right. =Talk -> "Darkness"= Lamiroir: The darkness that I fear is not the darkness that I see whenever I open my eyes. Lamiroir: The real darkness... lies in my heart. Apollo: In your heart? Lamiroir: I have no memory of the time before I became Lamiroir. Lamiroir: I awoke from darkness, into darkness, you might say.

Lamiroir: I was singing in a restaurant those days. Apollo: (What was it that she said about not being able to remember the light...?) Lamiroir: I do not know my past. Lamiroir: Perhaps I committed some terrible crime in my past. Lamiroir: Everything before becoming Lamiroir is lost to me. Trucy: B-But I don't think you... Lamiroir: I can think of no other explanation. Lamiroir: Why else would an agent of Interpol approach me? Apollo: Do you think your past might be related to this case? Trucy: No way! That seems really unlikely to me. Trucy: I mean, you're such a sweet person, Lamiroir! Lamiroir: ...I thank you. Machi, too, tells me this often when I fear who I might have been. =Present Video Tape= Apollo: We took a look at your performance again. It was even better the second time!

Lamiroir: Thank you. Trucy: That reminds me... Trucy: That was an incredible illusion you pulled off! Lamiroir: Illusion...? Trucy: When you teleported from one stage to the other? Remember? Lamiroir: Ah, yes. Apparently, they hired a professional magician. Apollo: (Valant Gramarye...) Apollo: I was wondering, do you think you could tell us how it was done? Lamiroir: ...I'm afraid I cannot. Lamiroir: Mr. Gramarye made me swear to never tell a soul. Apollo: I was afraid of that... Trucy: Hard to be a magician if you can't keep a secret, you know? Lamiroir: Ah, I am reminded that I wished to speak to you about something. Apollo: Yes? Lamiroir: When I was walking this hallway before...

Lamiroir: I stumbled upon a small device of some kind. It was lying on the floor. Apollo: Device...? this? Maybe you mean

Trucy: That's been lying there since the day before yesterday! Lamiroir: Might I... touch it? Lamiroir: ...... I thought as much. Apollo: What? What did you think? Lamiroir: This is one of our headsets. Lamiroir: Everyone on staff wears one during a concert. Apollo: I wonder whose this is? Lamiroir: We use it for communication. It would be quite inconvenient should it go missing. Apollo: We'll hold on to it for you then. Apollo: We'll give it to Prosecutor Gavin when we see him. Lamiroir: Yes, that's best. Thank you.

Trucy: So, can I put it on? ** Headset attached to Trucy. ** ---------------------------Headset Type: Evidence

Retrieved from Backstage Hallway. Receiver/transmitter for voice signals. All concert staff wore one. =Check -> Speaker= Trucy: 10-4 that, little buddy, this is Trucy reporting in, over. Trucy: ...... Apollo: Why the sudden silence? Trucy: No one answered. Apollo: Don't be silly... Trucy: What good is a receiver that doesn't receive? Trucy: That's like Ema not performing forensic investigations! Apollo: You make her sound like she's some kind of forensic investigation machine! Apollo: Which is just silly. Apollo: Unless... she's a super hi-tech android that runs on Snackoos! Hmm... ---------------------------Trucy: "Attached"? I'm not some kind of robot, Apollo! Apollo: (Everyone on staff was wearing one of these headsets...) Apollo: (This might warrant some

further inquiry.) =Present Headset= Apollo: Can I ask you about this headset, Lamiroir? Apollo: You said that all concert staff were wearing one? Lamiroir: That's correct. Lamiroir: You need them to communicate across such a large stage. Lamiroir: Everyone on the staff had one, of course... Lamiroir: ...And all of the band members, too, I should think. Apollo: (So Prosecutor Gavin and his lackeys had them on, too, then...) Lamiroir: They're quite helpful, though limited. Lamiroir: They only work within thirty feet or so. Lamiroir: After all, they're only for use on stage. Lamiroir: And a stronger signal would interfere with the sound system. Apollo: Hmm, that makes sense. Apollo: (You'd think someone would notice if they dropped their only communications lifeline.)

Apollo: (...So why was this one lying here?) ---------------------------Headset Type: Evidence Retrieved from Backstage Hallway. Receiver/transmitter for voice signals with a 30-foot range. All concert staff wore one. ---------------------------=Present Other= Apollo: Do you think you could tell me about this? Lamiroir: I'm sorry, but my information about the outside world is somewhat limited. Lamiroir: I only know what I have heard, or felt. Apollo: (Maybe that explains why she didn't react when I showed her stuff the other day.) Apollo: (She was still pretending she could see then...) =Move -> Gavinners's Dressing Room= =Examine Postcards= Apollo: It's a stack of Lamiroir's postcards. Apollo: There it is... The "landscape painter in sound"... Trucy: It must be hard to pretend you can see when you can't.

Apollo: Yet the way she sings so effortlessly... you'd think she had life easy. Apollo: Some people are just impressive like that. Trucy: You know it! Trucy: It just makes me think about how much further I have to go! Apollo: (I hope we can solve this quickly and not add to her troubles...) =Examine Speaker= Apollo: The speaker here is the same as the one in Lamiroir's room. Apollo: I wonder if this one was blaring as loud as hers. Trucy: I don't see a volume control anywhere in the room... Trucy: My guess is they give all the rooms equal treatment! Apollo: ...You mean equal punishment. =Move -> The stage= --July 9 In the Wings --Trucy: That song... Isn't that the one Lamiroir was singing? Apollo:

Yeah, you're right. "The Guitar's Serenade"... Trucy: Wow, I'd love to do a show on a stage like this! Apollo: I'd come to see that. Trucy: The house is full, and as one, the audience sighs with wonderment! Trucy: There I am, singing my ballad, rose petals swirling through the air... Apollo: Not bad... wait. magician!? Trucy: ...Oh. Trucy: That's right. I was a magician, wasn't I. Apollo: (Some dedication...) Valant: Ah ha! If it isn't Miss Trucy! And indeed it is! Trucy: Uncle Valant! Apollo: What exactly are you doing here? Valant: ...I take real responsibility in tasks undertaken. Valant: I am inspecting my equipment of illusion to make sure naught is amiss, Miss. Trucy: The Lamiroir Teleportation Illusion! Ooh! Aren't you a

Valant: Should anything go wrong, it would reflect poorly upon me and my troupe. Valant: As I went about my exacting examination, I happened to notice that piano. Valant: ...And I remembered that fair lady's melancholy melody. Trucy: Hey Apollo, maybe Uncle Valant can shed some light on this whole thing for us! =Examine Platform= Trucy: I still can't believe we found Machi and Mr. LeTouse up there... Apollo: Yeah. I used to not like high places. Now I hate them. Trucy: It's not like it would have been nicer if we found a dead body closer to the ground. Trucy: ...Though that reminds me. Daddy's bad with heights, too. Apollo: Huh, no kidding. Trucy: He took me on a Ferris wheel ride a while ago, you know! Trucy: Halfway through, his face got all green and he mumbled "objection" over and over. Apollo: (...Poor guy.)

=Examine Computer= Apollo: Look at all the electronics. They must be sound-related. Trucy: Doesn't seeing a bunch of machines like this make you want to just fiddle with 'em? Trucy: Can I, Apollo? Apollo: No, no fiddling! something. Please? You'll break

Trucy: If you're going to make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs! Trucy: That's what Daddy always says. Apollo: These eggs look kind of expensive. =Examine Ladder= Apollo: That's the ladder we used to climb up the stage tower. Apollo: ...Not a moment I'm likely to forget any time soon. Trucy: Me neither... Trucy: I'll never be able to climb another tower again without thinking about it, you know? Apollo: ...I'll never be able to climb a tower again, period. =Examine Piano=

Trucy: That's one big piano! I've never actually played one. Apollo: Heh. You should get Mr. Wright to teach you sometime. Trucy: No good, he can't play either. Apollo: (I kind of feel bad for the guy now...) Trucy: Maybe now's my big chance! Stand back, this could be the debut of a prodigy! Trucy: ...Eww. Apollo: Did you make that noise just now? Trucy: Um... Let me try it again. Trucy: You know, I think something's stuck in the piano! Trucy: Time to take a look under the hood... Trucy: ...Huh. Look! This was stuck between the strings. Trucy: It looks like some kind of switch. Apollo: (Someone must have thrown this into the piano...) ** Switch placed in pocket. ** ---------------------------Switch Type: Other Retrieved from the stage.

Found on the stage. It's a switch for something, and that's about all I know. =Check -> Examine Button= Trucy: This switch, sitting here, tempting me to push it... Apollo: Don't. You might blow up the whole coliseum. Trucy: Apollo, please... Trucy: To think that every strange switch triggers a bomb... Trucy: That kind of old-fashioned crime drama thinking doesn't cut it in our busy times! Apollo: Alright, Trucy P.I., please enlighten me. What do you think this switch does? Trucy: Hmm... Trucy: Maybe it turns on the electric razor in Prosecutor Gavin's dressing room? Apollo: ...A switch as big as a razor to turn on a razor? OK... ---------------------------=Examine Piano (again)= Apollo: What do you think that thing was doing in there? Trucy: Throwing things inside pianos can't be good for them. Apollo:

Not to mentin you wouldn't be able to play whatever notes go with the strings it was on. Apollo: (But the piano was fine during the concert...) Apollo: (That must mean it was thrown in here after Machi played.) Trucy: So maybe someone threw it in here after the second set... =Present Badge= Valant: Ah... The proof positive of your profession, yes? Apollo: Um, yeah. Valant: Might I... have a look? Valant: Oh! What's this? It is gone! Apollo: Ack! What'd you do with my attorney's badge!? Valant: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. Don't be alarmed. Valant: Miss Trucy! Take a look into your topit, if you would. Trucy: Eek! It's your badge, Apollo! What's it doing in there? Trucy: That was amazing! Wasn't it, Apollo? Apollo: (He called that pouch at her waist a "topit"...?)

Apollo: (Is that some kind of magician speak?) =Present Revolver= Valant: ...Pardon me? Valant: I have no money, if that's what you want. Apollo: Ack! No, no, I was just... Um, never mind. Apollo: (The way he looked at the revolver... What was that?) Apollo: (It was almost as if he had seen one before... and maybe wasn't too happy about it.) Valant: ...... =Present Video Tape= Apollo: I was wondering about the stunt in the video, right in the middle of the song. Trucy: I didn't see a stunt... Trucy: Oh, that? I guess I'm so used to seeing that happen I didn't even notice. Apollo: (So young to be so jaded...) Valant: A simple slight-of-hand [sic], a petit prestidigitation. Valant: A modicum of magic from me... to you.

Trucy: So that's why you were at the concert! Valant: Yes. Valant: I was there to watch my trick take to the air... Apollo: So! Can you tell me how you did it? Trucy: Whoa! You can't just ask that sort of thing, Apollo! Apollo: Trucy...? Trucy: It's against the rules to ask a magician how they did it. Apollo: Not when you're doing a murder investigation it's not! Trucy: ...Well, you might have a point, there. Trucy: Will you tell us, Uncle Valant? Valant: It is against all that is sacred to inquire as to how a trick is performed. Apollo: OK, so you tell me how he did it, Trucy. Trucy: But I don't know! Apollo: (C'mon, you're a magician! Aren't you part of the same secret club?) =Present Other=

Valant: Words cannot express my shock and chagrin... Valant: All I can see before me is this stage, and me, upon it. Valant: ...Nothing smaller, nothing less radiant catches my eye. Trucy: True. You're getting on in years. Not much time left to make your mark, huh... Valant: ............ This is not how I was seeing it. Apollo: (So he doesn't care about what I have to show him, I get the point...) =Talk -> Lamiroir's illusion= Trucy: I was wondering about the show the night of the murder. Trucy: Lamiroir's vanishing act was your illusion, right? Valant: Indeed. The purple prosecutor petitioned my performance. Valant: At the climax of the song, he said, make her disappear. ...Like a dream. Apollo: Like a dream... Valant: Yes, what can I work with on a stage meant for musical endeavors? Valant:

There are none of the conveniences of a stage built for sorcerous acts. Valant: It was a challenging task, and so I accepted. Apollo: She disappeared from the top of the tower... Apollo: ...But in order to move, you would have had to use some sort of secret tunnel. Valant: People come to me because I am a professional among professionals. Valant: My illusions are custom-made for a time and a place. Valant: ...Now, because of the murder, all the eyes of the nation are on this concert. Valant: Not a bad thing, as far as the fortunes of Troupe Gramarye are concerned. Trucy: So... you were here checking up on your trick to make sure it went well. Valant: And went well it did. speaking of pianos... Now,

Valant: ...That piano over there troubles me. Apollo: It troubles you...? Why? Valant: Why? Why do you ask, why? Apollo:

(I think it's probably quicker if I just go check it out myself, thanks.) =Talk -> Troupe Gramarye= Valant: I know what you are thinking in that head of yours. Valant: "Gramarye, yes," you say. "I recall seeing him on television." Valant: Something of that sort? Apollo: Um, actually, yes, you're right. Trucy: Wow! He just read your mind, Apollo! Apollo: ...Or everyone tells him that and he made a good guess. Valant: It was twenty years ago... Valant: A young magician, a genius of his time, came down among us... Valant: His name... was Magnifi Gramarye! Valant: It was he who began the great Troupe Gramarye! Valant: At his prime, not a day passed that he did not play upon the screens of every TV there was. Apollo: (I do have a vague memory of someone like that on TV...)

Valant: Yet, several years ago, that time came to an end. My troupe pulled a vanishing act, yes. Valant: Cries for magic no longer heard, the TV screen a barren waste, stripped of illusion. Trucy: Th-That's not true! I still went to all your shows! Trucy: Like that one in the parking lot down at the supermarket. Apollo: (When you start playing supermarket parking lots, you know you're in trouble.) Valant: ...We hone our skill at these small venues, always awaiting our time. Valant: ...Yes, one day we will rise, up from obscurity, onto fame's shining stage once more! Valant: I do this not only for the magic that is Gramarye, but for my partner... Apollo: Your partner...? You mean...

Valant: Yes. Zak Gramarye. Apollo: (Trucy's father...) Valant: Before he disappeared seven years ago... Valant: ...there was no name higher than Gramarye in show business circles. None. Valant:

I will see us returned to glory! I, Valant Gramarye! =Talk -> Valant and Zak= Valant: Our founder Magnifi Gramarye was truly a genius, a worker of miracles. Trucy: I'll never forget the one I saw when I was little! Trucy: How he made that whole jumbo jet go... um, what happened to the jet again? Apollo: (...Apparently someone doesn't remember it as well as they thought.) Valant: Of all the would-be magicians who came to his door, only Zak and I had the talent. Valant: In no time at all, Valant and Zak were the shining stars in the Gramarye crown. Trucy: Cool, huh? And Zak Gramarye was my daddy! Valant: Now that Magnifi and Zak are gone, I have but one wish. Valant: Let it be I, Valant Gramarye who brings the Gramarye miracle back to the big stage! Trucy: I'm rooting for you! Valant: Miss Trucy, you cannot grow up quick enough! I need your skill by my side! Trucy:

One skill, coming up! Apollo: (How do we manage to get off the topic of the case so quickly all the time?) =Move -> Lamiroir's Dressing Room= --July 9 Lamiroir's Dressing Room --...MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH... Apollo: Uh oh... Apollo: There's only one person I know who can munch with such... venom. Ema: ...What are you doing here? Apollo: Hello, Ema. You're looking as grumpy as ever. Ema: Oh, am I supposed to be happy? Ema: You give me the second degree in court, and Prosecutor Gavin makes me look like a fool. Apollo: ...You're talking about the blood stain Mr. LeTouse left? Ema: My department chief had a field day with that one. Ema: "Even a blind person could see the shooter wasn't blind!" Funny guy, huh? Trucy: But that blood stain helped uncover the biggest mystery of all!

Apollo: Now we know that Mr. LeTouse was really with Interpol. Trucy: We wouldn't have found that out without you! Ema: I suppose. Ema: Maybe that's why the chief gave me these after he was finished chewing me out. Ema: Said it was my reward. Apollo: ...Are chocolate Snackoos popular down at the precinct or something? Ema: ...MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH... Trucy: ...I was hoping we could check out the crime scene again. Ema: Be my guest. You're not going to find any clues in here. Ema: ...Though I did find something strange. Trucy: Something strange? =Examine Air Vent= Apollo: That's the air vent with Machi Tobaye's fingerprints. Trucy: ...... Apollo: What's with the frown? Ema:

Can't a girl frown anymore? Is that a crime? Apollo: Ack! No, of course not, I just meant... Ema: Machi Tobaye's fingerprints are on that air vent. Ema: Why would his fingerprints be there if he wasn't the shooter? Apollo: (That's not a question I want to have to answer in court.) Ema: Hey! Wipe that frown off your face. Ema: One stick in the mud per crime scene, please. Apollo: (I guess girls can frown, but defense attorneys can't.) =Examine Carpet Square= Apollo: Look, the carpet's been torn up here. Trucy: That's the part we did the lunimol testing on in court! Ema: "Loony mall"? What's a "Loony mall"!? It's "Luminol"! Get it right! Trucy: ...! Trucy: Ema's kind of scary when it comes to science. Apollo: ...Best learn the word and

not incite her wrath again. =Present Badge= Ema: You know, you're a bit like Mr. Wright. Ema: He always carried his badge around, too. Apollo: Huh? Ema: I think he did it so he'd never forget who he was, or his duty as a defender. Ema: Something like that. noble, really. Pretty

Apollo: (I guess there really isn't a need for me to carry this around.) Apollo: (Though it seems to have made a decent impression...) =Present Lyrics Sheet= Ema: Why did they have to commit their crime according to the song? Ema: Seems like it'd be more trouble than it's worth. Trucy: Maybe they were trying to throw off the investigation? Ema: That's certainly possible. But risky, don't you think? Ema: Just carrying someone as big as Mr. LeTouse would be

tough enough. Apollo: (She may be a snacking fiend, but sometimes, she actually makes some sense.) =Present Revolver= Ema: That's an Interpol-issue revolver, right? Apollo: Which means it belonged to Mr. LeTouse. He must have had it to begin with. Ema: Sounds that way. Apollo: So, if it was Machi... Apollo: Are we saying Machi stole it from Mr. LeTouse...? Ema: ...... Apollo: (Now that's really hard to imagine him doing...) =Present Other= Apollo: Do you think you could take a look at this, Ema? Ema: ...MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH... Apollo: Ema...? Ema: ...MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH... Apollo: (Her rate of chewing is increasing...) Apollo:

(Better back off before it's too late!) =Talk -> The trial today= Ema: I met my embarrassment quota for the year, that's for sure. Trucy: Well, that's a good thing, isn't it? Ema: Um, how? Trucy: I mean, think about it. Trucy: Now you don't have to be embarrassed about anything else all year! Apollo: ...If only it worked that way. Ema: It just bugs me to think that little kid outsmarted me. Ema: And it makes him even more suspicious now that we know he can see! Ema: He could have seen the air duct, and he could have shot that revolver. Trucy: But that's not how it sounded in Lamiroir's testimony. Ema: You mean her saying she heard Detective Daryan's voice at the scene? Hmm... Trucy: That's right! Ema: Why can't we have a normal, straightforward killing once

in a while in this country!? Apollo: I'll pretend I didn't hear that. =Talk -> The case= Ema: Was that true what you said in court today? Ema: You know, about the case... Ema: About how everything was happening according to those song lyrics? Apollo: ..."The Guitar's Serenade", you mean? Trucy: I found the link, you know! Trucy: First, Prosecutor Gavin's heart-shaped key ring was stolen. Trucy: Then Lamiroir flew through the air. Trucy: Then Prosecutor Gavin's guitar caught on fire. Trucy: And in the end, a bullet took Mr. LeTouse's life... Trucy: And he went up into the sky with a guitar... Well, thirty feet up, at least. Ema: It is kind of hard to chalk it up to coincidence, hmm. Trucy: I know! And I found it.

Ema: You think the same person did all of this? Apollo: Don't ask me. I didn't do it.

Ema: Neither did I! I couldn't fit through that air vent anyway. Trucy: What... You all think I did it!? Apollo: (Sometimes I worry about that girl.) =Talk -> Something strange= Trucy: ...So what did you find? Ema: It's so little I must have passed over it yesterday. Ema: I found it under the sofa. Trucy: ...What is it? Ema: Part of some device, I think. I haven't a clue what. Ema: The bit sticking out from the end looked familiar, so I had it examined. Ema: Turns out it's an antenna. Trucy: Ooh, like on a beetle? Ema: Like on a cell phone. This device must use an electronic signal of some sort. Trucy:

An electronic signal, you say? Hmm... =Present Switch= Apollo: Do you think you could take a look at this? Ema: Hmm. A small device... Looks like a transmitter. Trucy: A transmitter? Ema: You press this switch here and it sends out a signal. Ema: No idea what it's for, though. ((continue if you've had "Something strange" conversation)) Apollo: A signal... You mean an electronic signal? Trucy: What is it, Apollo? Apollo: Say, Ema... Apollo: You know that "strange object" you said you found? Ema: Oh, this? Apollo: Let me try pressing this switch... Ema: ...... Ema: Yeeeeeeeeeeooooooouch! Trucy: I-I-It's on fire! Ema's device is on fire!

Ema: What's the big idea!? Apollo: ...Ack! Ema: Well, now we know what this is: an igniter. Trucy: This part here must work like a lighter! Ema: It nearly lit me up, that's for sure! ---------------------------Switch Type: Other Retrieved from the stage. Found on the stage. Triggers an igniter. Use with caution. =Check -> Examine Button= Apollo: This switch triggers an igniter. Trucy: Too bad, I was hoping it was for a bomb that would blow up the whole coliseum. Apollo: You're scaring me. Apollo: If Ema hears you talking like that she'll arrest you. Trucy: And then she'll do all sorts of scientific tests! Trucy: Like splitting your hairdo into three separate spikes. Trucy: While she stands by, laughing and laughing in her high-pitched voice.

Apollo: ...I said she'd arrest you, not me. And she's not some kind of mad scientist. Trucy: ...... Trucy: Did you just hear someone laughing? ---------------------------Apollo: Hey, don't look at me like that. I didn't do it on purpose! Ema: I suppose. At least, we're getting somewhere with this case. Trucy: Hey, Apollo! Trucy: Let's ask Ema more about this switch! Trucy: Now that she has some first-hand experience. =Present Switch (again)= Ema: What! You aren't trying to burn me up again, are you? Ema: Who sent you to get me? Apollo: I'm not out to get you, promise. Ema: Promise!? No promise is good enough with you still carrying that weapon around! Ema: Try burning me again with Who?

that trigger of yours... Ema: ...and I'll throw 100 bags worth of Snackoos at you! Apollo: (I've never seen someone munch so furiously. Better stay clear for a while.) =Talk -> The switch= Ema: ...What are you trying to do, burn me alive!? Apollo: C'mon, it was just a few sparks. Ema: Says you! You weren't the one holding it! Trucy: There's enough sparks flying around here just with you two talking. Apollo: Anyway... Apollo: Now we know this is a remote for an igniter. Ema: Let me see that for a second. Ema: ...... Apollo: Well? Ema: Well, this is definitely a little transmitter. Ema: The signal's weak, probably only reaches thirty feet. Trucy: A transmitter, huh...

** Remote Trigger updated in the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Remote Trigger Type: Other Retrieved from the stage. Found on the stage. Triggers an igniter within 30 feet. ---------------------------Ema: Incidentally, if you look at a cross-section diagram of the stage area... Ema: ...Let's see, thirty feet from Lamiroir's dressing room... Ema: That covers the backstage completely. Ema: It also looks like it would cover the stage. Apollo: (It kind of seems unlikely anyone would use this on stage...) ** Forum Diagram added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Forum Diagram Type: Maps Received from Ema Skye. Cross-section diagram of the Sunshine Coliseum. Touch the Check Button for details. ---------------------------Ema: ...Guess I'd best be getting on with my investigation. Apollo: We're off to look for more clues elsewhere, then.

Ema: I feel better just knowing what this thing is now. Ema: I'll have to look into igniters a bit more later. Trucy: Good luck! Apollo: (I'd like to know a bit more about igniters myself...) ** Igniter added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Igniter Type: Evidence Retrieved from Lamiroir's Dressing Room. Found at the crime scene. Emits a flame when triggered by remote control. =Check -> Examine Tube= Apollo: All these little parts... It's pretty complex. Apollo: I'm guessing this is where the fire comes out. Other than that... Trucy: Good thing machines run even if we don't know how they work! Trucy: ...That's what Daddy always says. Apollo: Not really a saying you want to go around repeating, Trucy. ---------------------------=Move -> Sunshine Coliseum= ---

July 9 Sunshine Coliseum --Daryan: What? Come to laugh at the murderer? Trucy: Daryan... Daryan: That old bag opens her pie hole, and wham-bam my life goes down the chute. Thanks! Daryan: They won't let me work while I'm a suspect! Trucy: Daryan isn't in the best of moods, is he? Apollo: Not many people are these days, it seems. Trucy: It is a crime scene. Not exactly the happiest place to hang out. Daryan: Then Gavin had to go rub salt in the wound... Daryan: My alibi's rock solid. Rock solid! =Present Lyrics Sheet= Daryan: "The Guitar's Serenade", eh? Classic tearjerker, that one. Trucy: You don't think he based it on a real experience, do you? Daryan: Probably not. He writes by feeling, more than memory. Trucy:

Ooh! You mean the songs just kind of "come to him"? Daryan: Yeah, something like that. I guess you could call him a genius. Daryan: Of course he changes the song and lyrics on a whim. Drives me up the wall. Apollo: He makes his court cases on a whim sometimes, too. Daryan: He changed the lyrics to a song just before a recording the other day, even. Daryan: Wants to put in this line about a university student obsessed with girls. Whatever! Apollo: (Hmm? Why does that sound strangely familiar?) Daryan: Of course it always turns out good in the end. That's his talent, I suppose. =Present Other= Daryan: Look, if you want to talk about the case, talk to someone else, 'kay? Daryan: Don't want Gavin having another one of his hissy fits. =Talk -> Your alibi= Trucy: So, about your alibi... Daryan: You have to ask?

Daryan: The shooting happened right in the middle of the third set! Apollo: Um... that's right. Apollo: (The music was blaring when we heard those gunshots...) Apollo: (...And found Mr. LeTouse dead.) Daryan: I've got ten thousand witnesses who saw me, too. Daryan: Right there on that stage. Trucy: Your guitar playing was something else! Daryan: Thanks, little lady. ...See? Daryan: This whole thing's a sham. I can't believe they aren't letting me work! Apollo: There's no need to yell at me... (It's Lamiroir's fault...) Apollo: (She was the one who said she heard his voice at the moment of the crime...) Daryan: Man, I never even talked to that old windbag! Daryan: How could she possibly identify me? =Talk -> Prosecutor Gavin= Trucy:

They won't let you work? Daryan: He won't let me work! Gavin! Says I gotta lie low till the suspicion is cleared. Daryan: What suspicion!? He can be such a stick in the mud. Trucy: Mr. Gavin? A stick in the mud?

Daryan: He may look all flashy and showy, but he's straight as an arrow, man. Daryan: ...'Cept when he's depressed. Daryan: You hear him whining the other day? Apollo: Oh, you mean the thing with the mixing board? Klavier: ...And then there was that performance just now. What was that all about!? Apollo: This part is off. Klavier: Which is that? 2nd Guitar. Daryan: Ah. Klavier: It was you Daryan! Daryan: He's just a perfectionist, is all. Not a bad guy, really. Trucy: Well, I think the Gavinners are the best! Trucy: Hmm...

I have all your albums. Daryan: The band's fine, too. Gavin can write a good tune, I'll give him that. Apollo: Come to think of it, I haven't seen Prosecutor Gavin around much. Daryan: Oh, him? He's down at the prosecutor's office, most likely. Apollo: The prosecutor's office... (I've never been there, have I.) Daryan: The data on the victim should have come in from Interpol. Daryan: ...Normally, I'd be down there dealing with it. Normally. Trucy: Apollo! Let's go check it out! I've always wanted to see the prosecutor's office. Apollo: Hmm... Maybe that's not such a bad idea. Trucy: Right on! Daryan: Say "hi" for me, OK? Oh, and "screw you". Daryan: And tell him I want into that crime scene! Apollo: ...Um, we'll be going now. Daryan: Hey, wait.

Apollo: Y...Yes? Daryan: What do you really think happened? Really? Daryan: You don't think I did it, right? Apollo: W-Well... Daryan: Great. Way to instill a guy with some confidence. Daryan: Just remember, I was ripping it up on stage when it happened, OK? Ripping! Apollo: ...! Daryan: Don't get led astray by some siren song, eh? Daryan: Get this one wrong, and you'll be eating humble pie for a year. I'll bake it myself. Trucy: Let's... not talk to him anymore. Alright? Apollo: (Detective Daryan Crescend... He's one stone I'd leave unturned if I had a choice.) =Move -> Backstage Hallway= --July 9 Backstage Hallway --Apollo: ...This place is deserted. Trucy: I wonder where Lamiroir went

off to? Apollo: I'm sure she's OK on her own. She seems resourceful. Trucy: I guess... But I can't help worry about her a little. =Move -> Gavin's Office= --July 9 Prosecutor Gavin's Office --Trucy: So... this is it. Trucy: The Gavinners's head office. Apollo: It's not the band's office. It's the prosecutor's office. Klavier: Yeah, so that's why I am asking, what is this creepy thing... object... whatever. Apollo: ...Looks like Prosecutor Gavin is on the phone. Trucy: Oh well, guess we'll have to come back. Trucy: Or we can hide behind that bookshelf real quiet-like... Apollo: ...That's eavesdropping. Trucy: Why? We'd just be waiting. Quietly. So he didn't notice. Trucy: What if we heard something scandalous about the band!? Apollo:

(She'd make a good reporter... for a gossip mag.) Klavier: What? A "replica"...? Klavier: So why was he after it in the first place? Yeah, LeTouse! Apollo: (LeTouse...?) Klavier: Look, don't talk to me about those Borginians, OK? Klavier: Just get me that report, chop chop. Klavier: ...And stop leaving mysterious objects in my office, OK? ...*beep*... Klavier: It's times like this when I start to miss Daryan... Klavier: ...Huh? Apollo: Erm, hiya! Trucy: Tee hee! Just thought we'd drop in. Hope you're not mad...? Klavier: ...How could I be? There's not enough "tee hee" in the world, in any case. Klavier: Have a seat. Apollo: (Prosecutor Gavin, the philanthropist.) Trucy: Watch and learn, Apollo!

Klavier: So, who have you come to see? Trucy: Huh? Klavier: Klavier, lead vocalist for the Gavinners? Klavier: Or Prosecutor Gavin, scourge of the courtroom? Trucy: What do you think he means, Apollo? Apollo: I think he's giving us a choice. Apollo; We can either ask him about the concert... or the case. Apollo: (Which way to go?) =Examine Burnt Guitar= Apollo: That was an impressive bit of pyrotechnics that did this. Trucy: That's the guitar from the concert, isn't it... Klavier: I thought it was one of the staff playing a gag on me. Klavier: I never guessed that wasn't the end of it... Klavier: I had a specialist analyze the guitar, incidentally. Trucy: Oh? Did you find anything out? Klavier: He didn't have a lot of time,

so it's still unclear... Klavier: But the results he came up with were... intriguing. Apollo: Intriguing? Apollo: (How does that guitar tie into everything that went on?) Trucy: Sounds like something we should ask about. =Examine Guitar Display= Apollo: Look at all the guitars! Why so many? Klavier: You can never have too many guitars. They are like... my lovers. Apollo: (I didn't just hear him say that.) Trucy: They're backup guitars, Apollo. Don't you know anything? Trucy: Rock 'n' rollers always smash their guitars at the end of a show! Apollo: No wonder it's so hard to make it as a musician. Trucy: You know what, you should try rocking a little, Apollo. Apollo: And breaking his guitars while he watches? That might be a little too rocking. Klavier:

Ah ha ha ha. Of course, I would never do such a thing. Klavier: Did I not say, they are like my lovers? Klavier: Do I seem like the kind of man who would do such a thing to ones he loves? Trucy: No, no! Not at all! I mean, you're Mr. Gavin, upstanding prosecutor! Apollo: (What happened to Prosecutor Gavin, god of rock?) =Examine Window= Klavier: The view is exhilarating, ja? Klavier: I sit here, gazing down upon the city, writing my songs. Apollo: Try working on cases. Klavier: It is the same thing. Klavier: I write lyrics the same way I corroborate evidence. Klavier: It is a harmony between the logical mind, and the primal spirit within! Apollo: (Is it so hard to admit that you like staring out your window and daydreaming?) =Examine Monitor= Apollo: This display shows all the evidence for the case.

Trucy: Look, Apollo! televisions!

He's got three

Klavier: Hey, don't look at those too closely. I'm still sorting out the details. Apollo: (Each monitor shows evidence for a different case. He does them all at once!?) Trucy: I wish I had three TVs. Apollo: What would you possibly do with three television sets? Trucy: I may look laid back and relaxed, but in reality, I'm quite busy, you know! Trucy: I'm living life at turbo speed! Doing magic, going to school, investigating cases... Trucy: But... But if I had three big TVs...! Trucy: I could watch a magic video, do my homework, and catch a crime drama all at once! Apollo: The first two seem useful, I suppose. =Examine Reclining Chair= Apollo: ...... Trucy: What's wrong, Apollo? look confused. You

Apollo: I was just wondering where

the "work chair" in this office was. Klavier: You're looking at my favorite chair right now. Apollo: ...That's a massage chair, isn't it? Klavier: That is an ergonomic, adjustable office-Trucy: I love the ones with the vibrating rollers on your back! Those feel great! Klavier: ...... Trucy: Did I say something wrong? Klavier: No. I merely realized the futility of an explanation.

=Examine Desk= Trucy: Wow, look at that stereo! Klavier: To me, a life without music is inconceivable. Klavier: I never turn down the volume, even when I'm working on a case. Trucy: That's such a huge speaker! It must be really loud! Klavier: This room is completely soundproof, of course. Trucy: Really? At my place I can hear

when the neighbors turn their VCR on to record something. Apollo: Maybe you can get Mr. Wright to talk to them, work something out? Trucy: And lately, we've been getting complaints about Apollo's voice training. Apollo: ...Maybe I'll go have a word with Mr. Wright, too. =Examine Jar= Trucy: What's that on the plate there? Apollo: Is that... gum? Trucy: Gum...? Apollo: Maybe he was chewing it when the phone rang. Apollo: So he put it on the plate for later consumption. Trucy: You'd think a rock star could afford a fresh stick. Klavier: Don't jump to any conclusions, now. Klavier: That's no chewing gum. Take a closer look... Klavier: ...Although I really shouldn't be offering, should I. Apollo: (What is that...?)

Apollo: (It looks like a lump of plastic...?) Trucy: Wait, that phone call... Klavier: Yeah, so that's why I am asking, what is this creepy thing... object... whatever. Apollo: ...Looks like Prosecutor Gavin is on the phone. Klavier: What? A "replica"...? Klavier: So why was he after it in the first place? Yeah, LeTouse! Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin, does this have something to do with Mr. LeTouse? Klavier: ...Wait a second! Klavier: You were listening to my phone call, weren't you!? Trucy: Who? Us? Trucy: I-I tried to stop him, really! But he forced me to! Apollo: Hey, you were the one digging for a scandal, Ms. Reporter! Klavier: ...Too [sic] tell the truth, I'm not even sure what it is. Klavier: But apparently, it's a model of something undercover agent Mr. LeTouse was after. Trucy: This... lump?

Apollo: Would you mind telling us what you do know about it? =Present Lyrics Sheet= Klavier: The Guitar's Serenade... Might I ask, did you enjoy it? Trucy: It's a lovely song! teary-eyed! I got all

Apollo: Ah yes, the "cursed song that turned a concert into a tragedy", wasn't it? Klavier: I was singing it for you, Fräulein. Trucy: Whoa! Th-That's so special! Apollo: ...It was Lamiroir singing, actually. Klavier: I am glad you were moved. It is that kind of song. Apollo: (......Ack! I've run out of snide comments!) =Present Remote= Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin, about this remote... (Wait!) Klavier: Excuse me, did you say something? Apollo: (This remote control might be valuable ammunition for the trial tomorrow!)

Apollo: (It's too early to show my hand now...) Klavier: You would think someone with such a loud voice would speak more clearly, ja? =Present Headset= Klavier: That looks like one of our tour-issue headsets. Klavier: Why are you wearing it, Fräulein? Trucy: I thought it'd be cool! I could pretend I was concert security and stuff. Apollo: Actually, we found it at the venue and thought you might want it. Klavier: Oh, no, please, you keep it. Klavier: It goes well with your cape, Fräulein. Trucy: Tee hee! You think?

Apollo: (She does look like she belongs on a stage, that's for sure.) =Present Other= Klavier: My apologies, but there's no way I'm going to talk details about the case with you. Klavier: If you want to get my attention, bring me something... dramatic.

Apollo: (I'm not here to get your attention, Gavin...) Apollo: (...I'm here to get your information.) =Talk -> The case= Klavier: Ah, that reminds me, did you see the paper today? Trucy: Yes! Trucy: I always read the TV section. Klavier: Good girl. How about you, Herr Forehead? Apollo: ...I read the funnies. Klavier: ...Then you will not have seen this! Apollo: "Concert of Tragedy -- The Prosecutor's Deadly Song!" Trucy: Ooh, is that a new show? I haven't heard about that one. Klavier: It's not a show. It's an article. News, you know? Trucy: Oh, does this have anything to do with the case...? Klavier: Since getting back from the trial, my phone has been ringing off the hook! Klavier: "How does it feel to take a

man's life with a song?" Klavier: "Have you ever hummed a man all the way to death row?" Klavier: "Do you think you could sing for me over the phone?" Klavier: ...It is endless. Endless! Thanks to the case you made today, of course. Trucy: Oh, that was all Apollo's idea! Apollo: (Hey!) Apollo: Hmm? Is that a newspaper over there, too? Klavier: Ah yes. The Borginian Daily Bugle. Go ahead, take a look. Apollo: Um, thanks, but I can't read Borginian. Klavier: Oh, that's right. Klavier: Suffice it to say this is big news over there as well. Klavier: Though they didn't go so far as to mention the lyrics to my song. Trucy: Probably no one in Borginia could believe it. Klavier: ...It's probably seen as "just a theory" at this point. Klavier: Their journalists didn't see the need to mention it.

Apollo: That makes sense. I hardly know what to think of it myself. ** Borginian Newspaper added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Borginian Newspaper Type: Documents Received at Prosecutor Gavin's Office. Article about the case. It doesn't mention the lyrics of Lamiroir's ballad. ---------------------------Klavier: Lamiroir's testimony will probably be in the evening edition, I'd imagine. Klavier: Which is why I've had Daryan step down from the investigation for now. Trucy: Yeah, we ran into him moping in front of the coliseum. Klavier: Lamiroir was my invited guest, so it is a rather delicate situation... Klavier: ...You understand how much I want to solve this case. Quickly, if possible. =Talk -> The Guitar's Serenade= Trucy: I really love that song. It has such a great atmosphere to it. Apollo: You co-wrote it with Lamiroir, if I remember correctly? Klavier: That's right. It was last

year... Klavier: I had gone to tour Borginia's legal system, as a matter of fact. Trucy: And that's when you heard Lamiroir's voice? Klavier: It was at a small jazz club. ...I wept that night. Klavier: I knew I had to meet her, to talk with her. Klavier: So I used my influence, which is not inconsiderable, to arrange a meeting. Trucy: Wow, prosecutors really have a lot of clout. Apollo: I think he's sort of a special case, Trucy. Klavier: Thankfully, she liked the work I did, and we wrote a song right there, backstage. Klavier: Machi on piano, that dulcet voice... Klavier: And myself on a guitar that I borrowed from Lamiroir. Trucy: And music history was made! Trucy: Probably not an experience your average lawyer would ever have. Like Apollo, say. Klavier: It is a memory I hold dear. And the song we wrote that night... was this.

Klavier: And that very guitar is right over there. Apollo: You mean... this charred lump? Trucy: Don't call it a lump! a piece of history! That's

Trucy: And it's only browned, not really "charred". Klavier: No matter. I shall never sing that song again. Klavier: I wouldn't have used that guitar again either, even if I could have. Apollo: (What happened during that song, anyway?) Apollo: (Why did his guitar suddenly catch on fire?) Trucy: Do you think you could show it to us? Trucy: Your charred... I mean slightly burnt guitar? Apollo: I'm sure he doesn't mind. What more could happen to it? =Talk -> Lamiroir's guitar= Klavier: ...It was a beautiful instrument. It was played lovingly for many years. Klavier: A guitar befitting a woman like Lamiroir.

Trucy: How did it end up here? Klavier: She gave it to me. Klavier: I mentioned how much I enjoyed playing it that night, and she made a present of it. Trucy: So this guitar is from Borginia? Klavier: That it is. Klavier: We couldn't carry it on the plane. Changes in air pressure and humidity ruin the wood. Klavier: So, we vacuum packed it in Lamiroir's studio. Klavier: I used a special shipping service available to me for transporting evidence. Klavier: They brought it right up to my office for me. Klavier: ...Pristine and untouched. Trucy: See, prosecutors do have a lot of clout. Apollo: Um, I still think he's a special case. Trucy: Such a valuable guitar... It's too bad it got burned. ** Prosecutor Gavin's Guitar added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Prosecutor Gavin's Guitar Type: Other

Received at Prosecutor Gavin's Office. A gift from Lamiroir, sent from Borginia. Burned the night of the concert. =Check -> Examine Burnt Hole= Apollo: There's lightly scorched, and then there's this... Trucy: It's burned clean through! Apollo: Yep. It's pretty much a useless piece of junk. Trucy: ...It's kind of like you after a trial, Apollo! Apollo: (Which part? The burned clean through, or the useless piece of junk?) ---------------------------Apollo: What was it that you were saying earlier? Apollo: ...Something about intriguing results from an examination of the guitar? Trucy: That's right! What was that all about? Klavier: Well, you know how guitars have a round hole in the front? Klavier: It is called the "sound hole". Apollo: Ah, so that's what it's called. Klavier: Well, they found something

attached to the wood just inside the hole. Klavier: ...A broken device of some sort. Trucy: A broken... device? Klavier: Yes. This, in fact. Klavier: The examiner is busy with evidence for the case now, however. Klavier: So he'll be checking this out once he's finished with everything else. Trucy: Hmm... Apollo: (Odd. That device looks strangely familiar...) =Present Igniter= Apollo: (It has to be one of these...) Trucy: What is it, Apollo? Apollo: That "device" that was found in your guitar...! Apollo: ...Take a look at this. Klavier: ...! Why, that looks like the same thing! What is it...? Apollo: It's an igniter. Trucy: A-Another one!? Apollo:

It was at the crime scene... In Lamiroir's dressing room. Apollo: Detective Skye found it, actually. Klavier: ...At the scene of the crime? What could that mean, I wonder? ---------------------------Igniter Type: Evidence Retrieved from Lamiroir's Dressing Room. Identical igniters in Gavin's guitar and at the crime scene. Triggered by "Remote Trigger". ---------------------------=Talk -> The strange lump= Klavier: This was found in Mr. LeTouse's bag. Klavier: It's apparently a replica of something. Apollo: A replica... Apollo: (It's a small lump, about an inch and a half long.) Klavier: We analyzed it... but there's not much to say, other than it's a lump of plastic. Klavier: Perhaps it was to be used in the identification of whatever it is a replica of. Apollo: You mean... whatever Mr. LeTouse was after? Klavier: That seems to be the most logical explanation.

Trucy: Well? Well?

What is it?

Klavier: Don't ask me, Fräulein. Trucy: Oh? If you don't want to tell us, you could just say so. Klavier: I've put in a request to Interpol via my contacts in Borginia... Klavier: But, apparently there is a block on information somewhere along the chain. Trucy: Oh? Klavier: Something Interpol doesn't want to tell Borginia... Klavier: Something about this little piece of plastic. Apollo: (Mr. LeTouse went through all that trouble to become Lamiroir's manager...) Apollo: (...just to come to this country to find out more about... this lump?) Apollo: (And he died for it.) ** Replica added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Replica Type: Evidence Received at Prosecutor Gavin's Office Replica of something, held by Mr. LeTouse. Apparently the focus of his investigation.

=Check -> Examine Label= Apollo: "Sample", huh? Think they put a big enough label on it? Trucy: Maybe it's to keep people from eating it by mistake. Apollo: Yes, they might think it was an otherwise tasty, white lump of plastic. Trucy: Maybe it's the manufacturer? "Sample Toys: When you can't afford the real thing!" Apollo: Sounds like a company Mr. Wright would like. ---------------------------Klavier: I've sent someone to the coliseum to fetch Lamiroir. Klavier: Perhaps she knows something about it, being a Borginian. Klavier: I believe that covers everything I'm at liberty to talk to you about. Apollo: Oh. Klavier: Thanks for dropping by, ...Herr Forehead. Apollo: Thanks...? Klavier: Why, you gave me so much information! That igniter, for instance... Apollo:



Klavier: I've never met an attorney so forthcoming with the prosecution. It's a big help. Klavier: ...Or perhaps you're just a tad naïve, hmm? Apollo: (...I guess I could have hid it, but somehow, showing it felt like the right thing.) Apollo: I could say the same... to you, Prosecutor Gavin. Klavier: ...? Apollo: Thanks for the information. Apollo: About the, er, strange lump of plastic. Apollo: The one that Mr. LeTouse was investigating. Trucy: Hey, that's right... Klavier; I've been thinking, Herr Forehead. Klavier: We encounter many incidents in our lives, all of us. Not all of them simple. Apollo: ...Especially not the ones where people are killing to song lyrics. Klavier: That is why I try to at least remain simple inside. Klavier: And I keep a simple goal:

to discover the truth. Apollo: ...... Klavier: That's why I like to keep relations civil, ja? Klavier: ...That is all. Apollo: ...I can live with that. Trucy: Um... Mr. Prosecutor? Klavier: Fräulein? Trucy: Can I ask you why you sing in a band? Klavier: Ah. Because I want women to turn and look when I walk down the street. Apollo: That's pretty simple, too. Klavier: Now if you'll excuse me, I've got work to do. Another time, perhaps. =Examine Replica= Trucy: ...... Apollo: Why the sudden silence, Trucy? Trucy: Oh, I'm sorry. It's nothing, really. Trucy: I was just wondering, wouldn't it be cool if that replica just happened to vanish? Apollo:

(Ah, the young magician at work again.) Trucy: Though a simple disappearance would kind of lack punch. Trucy: What if it hatched into a dove? Or a person, dressed like a dove... Apollo: (There she goes...) =Examine Burnt Guitar= Apollo: The charred remains of what was once a fine guitar. Trucy: Mr. Gavin got it as a present from Lamiroir! Apollo: And he had it shipped back from Borginia in a vacuum-sealed case. Trucy: Kinda sad how it ended up. Apollo: (...Not to mention there was an igniter placed just inside the sound hole.) Apollo: (I wish I knew why...) =Examine Guitar Display= Apollo: These guitars are vintage models. Probably pretty expensive, too. Trucy: They've even got little locks on them! Apollo: Weren't you good at picking locks?

Trucy: Apollo! You don't want me to...? Trucy: ...Well, I do kinda like that cherry red one! Apollo: I'm kidding! I'm kidding!

Trucy: Oh. That's too bad. Apollo: (Sorry, my little thief in the making. Maybe next time.) =Examine Window= Apollo: What floor are we on again? The view is incredible! Trucy: Wow! The people look like little rice grains! Trucy: Hey! That one with the blonde hair! Do you think that's Mr. Gavin? Apollo: Uh... He's a little too small to see. Trucy: But look at the one next to him with the big black poof of hair pointing straight ahead! Apollo: Oh yeah, that's Daryan alright. =Examine Reclining Chair= Trucy: What a cool chair! Trucy: I'm going to sit in it now while no one's looking!

Trucy: Wow! So this is what it feels like to be a star! Apollo: (Who would have thought a chair could bring so much joy into someone's life.) Trucy: I can imagine sitting here, strumming my guitar... Trucy: "Oh, it's you, Herr Forehead. Sorry... I'm busy. Woooo." Apollo: You know, that was a remarkably good imitation. Trucy: Tee hee! Maybe I'll make that part of my Wonder Bar repertoire! =Examine Monitor= Trucy: He left his TV on. Think we should turn it off for him? Apollo: Nah, wouldn't want to make him angry. Trucy: OK, if you say so. It's kind of a waste of electricity. Apollo: You just want to play with his TV. I know you. Trucy: Tee hee! How'd you know?

Trucy: It's just, I've never seen a TV this big before! Apollo: I hate to break it to you, but it's actually a monitor. It doesn't play TV shows.

Trucy: What!? You mean no soap operas!? No Saturday morning cartoons!? Apollo: ...Nope. Sorry.

Trucy: I... I had no idea. Apollo: (There, there, you'll get over it.) =Examine Desk= Apollo: That's an insanely big speaker for a room this small. Apollo: Oh, look... Apollo: All the CDs are Gavinners CDs. =Move -> Detention Center= --July 9 Detention Center Visitor's Room --Trucy: Looks like Machi is in questioning. Apollo: Huh, the police must have a Borginian interpreter. Apollo: That's no fair. I wish we could talk to him. Trucy: I guess we'll just have to come back later if we want to see him. Apollo:

I guess so. =Examine Camera= Apollo: That security camera is looking at me. Apollo: Does that thing just sit there recording 24 hours a day? Apollo: It must use one of those ultra-long-play tapes. =Examine Guard= Apollo: A security guard. He stands here, watching this room. Apollo: I think the guard is trying to set a record for the longest time without blinking. =Move -> Sunshine Coliseum= --July 9 Sunshine Coliseum --Ema: ...Oh, it's you. a good time. Apollo: Hello there, Ema. You came at

What's up?

Ema: Either of you know where Lamiroir is? Apollo: Um... well, I saw her in the backstage hallway a while ago. Ema: Yeah? That's strange...

Trucy: What's strange?

Ema: I can't find her anywhere. I was supposed to bring her to the prosecutor's office... Apollo: (Lamiroir's missing!?) Ema: It's hard to imagine her wandering off somewhere on her own. Ema: ...Being that she's blind and all. Apollo: Yeah. We'll help you look for her. Ema: Great! Thanks.

=Move -> The stage= --July 9, 4:46 PM In the Wings --Trucy: Huh? The stage is pitch dark! Apollo: The power breaker must be off for this section... Great. Trucy: I'll go get someone! Trucy: Yipes, it was really dark out there. Apollo: Dark... That's all Lamiroir has, when you think about it. Apollo: (What would it be like to live in a world of darkness?) Trucy: ...Hey, Apollo.

Apollo: Huh? What? Trucy: ...Doesn't something about the stage seem different to you? Trucy: Like, something's changed? Apollo: Changed? Trucy: I can't put my finger on it, but it's bugging me. Apollo: (Now it's bugging me, too! What's she talking about?) =Examine Bass Case= Trucy: Hey, that case... Trucy: Wasn't that open before? Apollo: Huh. I guess someone closed it. Trucy: Wait... Look! Where the case closes... Apollo: Something's sticking out! That... doesn't look like an instrument. Apollo: You don't think it's... Trucy: Let's open it, Apollo! Trucy: Eeeeeeeek! Lamiroir! Lamiroooooooir! Apollo: Ema! We have to get Ema!

Apollo: (Lamiroir was taken directly to the hospital.) Apollo: (Ema ran around, barking orders, making phone calls.) Apollo: (Trucy just clung to my arm and cried...) Apollo: (And me, I was still in shock. Two bodies in two days is two too many.) --July 9, 5:53 PM Hickfield Clinic Waiting Room --Trucy: Ema! How's Lamiroir? Is she OK? Ema: Ah, you. We all owe you a big "thanks", that's for sure. Trucy: So... she's OK? Ema: Yes. She came to a short while ago. Ema: You found her before it was too late. Trucy: Th-That's good to hear... Apollo: So, what happened!? Ema: Someone attacked her. ...She was struck on the forehead. Apollo: By who!?

Ema: We don't know. Trucy: But they hit her on the forehead, right? That's right in front of her! Trucy: How could she not see... Oh. Ema: Right. Would you like to see her now? Apollo: Is that alright? Ema: She wants to thank you for saving her life. Apollo: Lamiroir! Lamiroir: Ah, Mr. Attorney. You were the one who found me? Lamiroir: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Apollo: I-I'm just glad you're OK. Apollo: Tell me, what happened? Lamiroir: ...... =Examine Waiting Area= Apollo: Some visitors are here in the waiting room, watching TV. TV: "...murder during a concert at Sunshine Coliseum..." Apollo: Huh, looks like we're on the news.

TV: "...with his current hit song, "Guilty Love", is in the courtroom as prosecutor..." TV: "...singing the defendant all the way to death row..." Apollo: ...... Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin this, Prosecutor Gavin that! Where's my fifteen minutes!? TV: "...The Guitar's Serenade... On sale now!" =Examine Hallway= Apollo: The door down the hall reads "X-ray Room". Apollo: I never did like X-rays... I don't think I'd enjoy looking at someone's insides. Apollo: Spotting nervous tics is intense enough. =Examine Man on Crutches= Apollo: That must be a recovering patient. Apollo: He keeps staring at us. Apollo: What's so unusual about an attorney and a magician? =Examine Reception Desk= Apollo: A nurse watches, hawk-like, from the reception desk.

Apollo: She glares at me whenever I talk. Maybe my voice carries? =Present Replica= Apollo: Ah, Lamiroir, I wanted to ask you about this. Apollo: Do you know what this is? Lamiroir: This... this is what? Apollo: Mr. LeTouse was carrying it. Apollo: It's a replica of the thing he was after. Lamiroir: He was "after"...? Trucy: You know, in his secret identity! Trucy: As an undercover agent! Lamiroir: ...So that's what he was doing. Apollo: ...! You mean, you know what... Lamiroir: Yes, I know, of course. This must be... Lamiroir: ...a Borginian Cocoon. Lamiroir: ...Or rather a convincing replica thereof. ---------------------------Replica Type: Evidence

Received at Prosecutor Gavin's Office. Borginia Cocoon replica, held by Mr. LeTouse. ---------------------------Apollo: (Why haven't I heard of a Borginian Cocoon before?) Trucy: Why would he be carrying this around? Was it some kind of souvenir? Lamiroir: I wonder... =Present Other= Lamiroir: I'm sorry, I'm not quite recovered from the attack... Apollo: (She looks like she's had a rough day...) Apollo: (I'll just put this piece of evidence away for later.) =Talk -> Attacked!= Lamiroir: It was after I spoke with you in front of the dressing room. Lamiroir: I sensed someone approaching. Lamiroir: I thought it might be someone come to see me, but they said nothing. Lamiroir: When I went to return to my dressing room... Apollo: ...You were hit? Lamiroir: I knew, that very moment,

I knew! Lamiroir: The assailant... was trying to kill me. Trucy: Ack! Lamiroir: It was lucky for me the first blow did not knock me out. Lamiroir: I turned and ran for the stage. Lamiroir: Someone was chasing me, I could hear footsteps... Lamiroir: Yet I reached the stage first. Apollo: Why the stage? Lamiroir: I had overheard maintenance people talking. Lamiroir: The power to the stage area was off, they said, for electrical work. Trucy: Ah... Lamiroir: Darkness is my ally. Lamiroir: There was a contrabass case near the stage. Lamiroir: That is where I hid. Apollo: So the assailant couldn't see you! Lamiroir: Once in the case... I'm afraid I passed out.

Apollo: Wow, that sounds like a really close call. =Talk -> The assailant= Apollo: Do you have any idea who it might have been? Lamiroir: Unfortunately, no. Whoever it was, they said not a word. Apollo: Too bad... Lamiroir: Yet, when I consider that I was struck high on the forehead... Lamiroir: I must conclude that whoever hit me was taller than I am. Apollo: Good point... (She's sharp!) Trucy: And you're much taller than I am. Trucy: You're about as tall as Apollo. Apollo: So, that means it was likely an adult, and probably a man. Apollo: (...Could it be him!?) Trucy: But why would anyone attack you, Lamiroir!? Lamiroir: The detective asked me this, too. Lamiroir: And to her I gave the same answer I give you: I do not

know. Apollo: Hmm... =Talk -> The Borginian Cocoon= Lamiroir: Well, they call it "Borginian"... Lamiroir: It must only be found in Borginia. Lamiroir: For certain, all in Borginia know of these. Trucy: It's a cocoon... so, do you get silk from it? Lamiroir: I do not know the details, I am sorry to say. Apollo: (I thought she said all in Borginia knew of these?) Lamiroir: There is one fact I do know about the cocoon, though. Lamiroir: Something all in Borginia know. Apollo: ...What's that? Lamiroir: The cocoons... They are not to be taken out of the country. Lamiroir: If someone does, and is caught, they will be put to death. Trucy: T-T-T-To death!? Apollo: Why!?

Lamiroir: I do not know. Lamiroir: Yet, if Interpol was involved... Lamiroir: ...I'm sure there is a good reason. Trucy: But this is just a piece of plastic! Apollo: He was carrying a replica... but looking for the real deal. Apollo: That's my best guess. Trucy: So, that's what he was up to? Apollo: Tracking down Borginian Cocoon smuggling... Trucy: Smuggling... =Talk -> Smuggling= Lamiroir: It seems I was "marked". Trucy: "Marked"...? Lamiroir: Life changed for me with the popularity of my songs. Lamiroir: I began to travel around the world. Trucy: Ah! So you could have brought those Borginian Cocoons with you... Lamiroir: ...On my trips, yes. That was

probably the suspicion. Apollo: And Mr. LeTouse was placed as an undercover agent to look into it. Lamiroir: Borginia is a small, sheltered country. Lamiroir: Not many of our people venture into the world outside. Trucy: Is that why they suspected you? Apollo: But... Mr. LeTouse wasn't a Borginian, was he. Apollo: He was an Interpol agent, which means... Trucy: What, Apollo? Apollo: Well, there must have been some reason other countries didn't want the cocoons out. Apollo: Something scary enough to get Interpol involved. Trucy: Huh? Like what? Trucy: How could such a tiny ball of thread cause such a commotion? Apollo: (Cocoon smuggling...) Apollo: (And Mr. LeTouse had Lamiroir marked... Hmm...) Apollo: ...It couldn't be her.

Trucy: Huh? Apollo: (There's one other person I need to talk to!) Apollo: Thank you for talking to us, Lamiroir! Lamiroir: It was the least I could do. Apollo: Actually, I have another request. Lamiroir: If it is within my power... Apollo: I need an interpreter. Someone who speaks Borginian. Trucy: Apollo...? Lamiroir: ...... Apollo: Would you come with us, if you're well enough? Lamiroir: I see... Yes, yes of course. I shall accompany you. Trucy: Huh? Where are we going? Apollo: C'mon, Trucy. We're about to get to the bottom of this! --July 9 Detention Center Visitor's Room --Apollo: Machi... We came to talk to you about the case. Lamiroir:

Machi... Machi: ! .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Apollo: Could you interpret for us, Lamiroir? Lamiroir: Yes. Apollo: Machi... I'd like to talk to you about when we first met. Apollo: ...When we still thought you were blind. Lamiroir: [symbols] .. .. Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Apollo: Now we know the truth. Apollo: You can see, right? Trucy: I was completely fooled, myself. Apollo: Machi... Apollo: Isn't there another secret you're hiding from us? Machi: .. .. ..! Lamiroir: Wait, Mr. Attorney! Lamiroir: What do you mean by "secret"? Machi: .. .. .. .. .. ..

Apollo: What do I mean by "secret"? Well... ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Do you know what this is? Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. [symbols] Lamiroir: Ah, Mr. Attorney... Apollo: I don't need a translation to understand that. Apollo: I'd know that "wrong evidence" look anywhere. Lamiroir: I'd imagine you would. Apollo: (Ugh, let's try that again.) ((Present Replica)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: If I'm not mistaken... Apollo: know something about this, don't you!? Machi: .. .. ..! Trucy: Hey, you got a reaction! A big one! Lamiroir: Machi, you didn't...!

Apollo: ...Trucy and I are trained to see people's uncertainty. Apollo: Not that we would have needed any training to see that one. Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Lamiroir: Mr. Attorney, please tell me what this is all about! Apollo: Lamiroir, please, interpret! Lamiroir: ...Very well. Apollo: I know you know something about this by your reaction. Apollo: If you won't tell me, I might have to give it to the prosecution... Apollo: ...and have them look into it! Machi: ! Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. [symbols]! Lamiroir: He asks you to "wait, do not be so hasty." Trucy: M-Machi...? Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. [symbols] .. .. [symbols]? Lamiroir: "Do you know everything?" Apollo: ...Yes, everything. Well, sort of.

Trucy: Have him tell us about it! Machi: .. .. [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: "Very well"... =Present Anything= Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Lamiroir: Machi, he is upset he could not speak with you. Trucy: Well, let's hear him out before he gets grumpy, Apollo! =Talk -> The Cocoon= Trucy: What is this cocoon, anyway? Machi: [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: "The cocoon, the silk, is a potent cure." Trucy: A cure...? Apollo: It must cure some disease. Machi: [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: It's a cure for "Incuritis". Apollo: A cure for Incuritis? ** Replica updated in the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Replica

Type: Evidence Received at Prosecutor Gavin's Office. Replica of a cocoon from which a remedy for "incuritis" may be extracted. ---------------------------Trucy: But, if it's a cure, why keep it in Borginia like that? Trucy: Just think of all the lives they could save by sharing the medicine! Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Lamiroir: I do not understand the reasons myself. Apollo: OK, well, at least we know what it is: a cure. Apollo: And Mr. LeTouse was after cocoon smugglers. Apollo: Wait, was Machi...? Lamiroir: Machi, you weren't...! Trucy: He couldn't be a smuggler! He's so little! Apollo: Well, you're only 15, and you're sort of a magician, aren't you? Trucy: Well, that's true. of a magician. I am sort

Apollo: (She said "sort of"! Oh, to have a copy of that security camera tape...) Trucy:

Well, Machi? Are you... a smuggler? Machi: [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: [symbols]! Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Lamiroir: He... won't tell me. Trucy: First he plays blind, now he plays dumb... Apollo: I wonder... Apollo: Do you think he brought a cocoon here to sell it to someone? Apollo: If Machi really did bring one into the country... Apollo: ...was he planning on making a deal for its sale? Machi: [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: "I can't go home"... Trucy: Can't go home!? Machi: .. .. [symbols] .. .. [symbols] .. .. [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: "I can't go home to Borginia. I do not want to go home." Lamiroir: The penalty for taking a cocoon from Borginia... is death.

Apollo: (That's right! by death!)

It's punishable

Machi: [symbols] .. .. .. .. Lamiroir: "About the case..."? What about the case? Apollo: (He wants to tell us about Mr. LeTouse's death!?) Machi: [symbols], [symbols] .. .. ???: This meeting's over. Trucy: ...Daryan? Apollo: Wh-What do you mean? Visiting hours aren't over yet. Daryan: There's a call for Machi from the Borginian Embassy. Daryan: This meeting is over. ...Sorry. Apollo: Just give us five more minutes. We can call them back after that. Daryan: Sorry, no go. C'mon, piano-boy. We're leaving. Trucy: Daryan! Wait! Either

Daryan: ...I never liked you. of you. Apollo: Huh...? Trucy: Darn it!

We were so close!

He was about to tell us! Trucy: Hey, Apollo... Apollo: (He didn't want us to hear what Machi had to say...) Trucy: Apollo! Apollo: (...And there can be only one reason why.) Trucy: Why is everyone ignoring me!? Apollo: Oh, sorry! (This is it...) Apollo: (I know who I'm after now.) Apollo: (It all happens tomorrow... in court!) To be continued. ============================ Episode 3 Turnabout Serenade Day 3: Trial Former -30301============================ --July 10, 9:49 AM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 2 --Trucy: Well, this is it! Apollo: Today's the day it all goes down. Apollo: (And then there was yesterday...) Daryan:

This meeting is over. ...Sorry. Apollo: Just give us five more minutes. We can call them back after that. Daryan: Sorry, no go. C'mon, piano-boy. We're leaving. Trucy: Daryan! Wait! Either

Daryan: ...I never liked you. of you. Apollo: Huh...?

Trucy: Darn it! We were so close! He was about to tell us! Trucy: Hey, Apollo... Apollo: (He didn't want us to hear what Machi had to say...) Apollo: (...And I think I know why. Time to bring down a little Justice!) ...BANG!... Trucy: Eeek! Apollo: Wh-What was that!? ???: He is heard but unseen... Trucy: Who's that talking...? Apollo: ...Valant Gramarye! (...Using the door like an average muggle, no less.)

Trucy: You... aren't the witness today, are you, Uncle Valant? Valant: Ah ha ha ha ha ha! A preposterous proposition. Valant: How could I stand to stand upon the stand? Valant: Why, my secrets would be free for the plucking! Valant: ...I might even have to sign autographs! Valant: That is why I intend to remain hidden for the entire day. Trucy: Ooh, with vanishing magic!? Valant: Indeed! I will jump upon an express train, and express myself to the next town over! Valant: But before I go... a word of warning. Trucy: Warning...? What?

Valant: A grand Gramarye glamour resides at the root of all that has happened. Valant: Do not forget this truth. Apollo: A... glamour? Valant: A spell, a sorcery... a great illusion! Valant: ...Miss Trucy, though it pains me to part so...

Valant: ...I need to get in line for a ticket. Valant: Farewell! Trucy: And there he goes. Apollo: He sure seemed happy about that illusion thing... Trucy: Oh, big illusions are the bread and butter of a magician! Trucy: You can't pull off a show without one! Trucy: The big illusion is always a spectacle to remember! Trucy: Usually, it involves cutting up things, like people or elephants... Trucy: ...or the Eiffel Tower. Anything, really! Apollo: So he was talking about what we saw at the concert. Trucy: Lamiroir's disappearing act. Apollo: And Prosecutor Gavin's exploding guitar. Trucy: I wonder what he meant by it being at "the root of all that has happened"? Apollo: Well, it's about time. Shall we go?

Bailiff: Ah, excuse me, sir. Apollo: Y-Yes? Bailiff: The scheduled starting time for the trial has been changed. Bailiff: The trial will not be commencing until 10:30 AM. Sorry for the inconvenience. Apollo: Huh? Did something happen? This is a first... Bailiff: It was by the judge's request. Some urgent personal business. Apollo: (Great. I bet he stayed up too late last night, watching courtroom dramas.) Bailiff: Apparently, he's visiting the hospital again. Apollo: The hospital? Bailiff: I believe it was mentioned that the Chief Justice's son is unwell. Bailiff: Apparently his condition worsened considerably this morning. Apollo: The Chief Justice's son... Trucy: Oh, that's right... Trucy: Remember yesterday morning? The judge said he had to go visit him after the trial.

Bailiff: There's an article about it in the newspaper. Bailiff: If you care to read about it yourself... ** Newspaper Article added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Newspaper Article Type: Documents Received from a court bailiff. Article about the Chief Justice's son, who is inflicted [sic] with "incuritis". ---------------------------Apollo: ("Incuritis"...? Where have I heard that before?) Trucy: I'll let you read that article for us, Apollo! Trucy: Just leave the TV guide page to me! Apollo: ...Try not to lose the page with the funnies if you can. --July 10, 10:30 AM District Court Courtroom No. 3 --Judge: Ahem. My apologies for the delay. Judge: Court is now in session for the trial of... erm, how do you say this name again? Klavier: Machi Tobaye... our suspect fortissimo. Judge:

...Right. It's his trial, in any case. Apollo: The defense is prepared, Your Honor. Klavier: The prosecution... is ready to rock. Judge: ...... Apollo: I-Is something wrong, Your Honor? Judge: No. Well, yes... Judge: It's just, I've been friends with the Chief Justice since we were students. Judge: It pains me to see him going through such a difficult time. Trucy: "Incuritis", was it? Trucy: That article said there is no known cure! Klavier: Herr Judge, let me say, with all honesty, I feel your pain. Klavier: But, now is not the time for tears. Klavier: Now is the time... for law. Judge: ...Indeed. Judge: We left off at quite the juncture yesterday. Daryan: I asked Interpol about that

number. Daryan: "IPXX314206"... Daryan: The agent registered under this number... Daryan: ...was Romein LeTouse. Judge: Thanks for looking into that for us, Detective Crescend. It's a great help. Daryan: Oh, no problem at all, Your Honor. Daryan: ...I'll be heading out... *HOLD IT!* Lamiroir: Wait! Lamiroir: That voice just now... Lamiroir: ............ It was him. I am sure of it. Judge: It was "him"? Lamiroir: That voice I heard, talking to Mr. LeTouse... when I heard the gunshots fired. Lamiroir: It was him! Mr. Daryan! Daryan: ...No way... Klavier: Quite a sensational ending. Klavier: Who would have thought Daryan would guest star in the season It was

cliff-hanger... as a suspect? Judge: I asked the prosecution to look into this matter. Judge: ...Please tell the court your findings. Klavier: Daryan Crescend is a member of my band, the Gavinners... Klavier: ...He is also a detective, making the current charges serious indeed. Klavier: Yet, after investigation, I have found no cause to alter our case, or file new charges. Apollo: ...And your reason is? Klavier: Weren't you aware, Herr Forehead? Klavier: He has an impeccable alibi. Judge: An alibi? Klavier: Let us review the facts again, shall we? Klavier: The concert held on the night of the shooting was in three sets. Klavier: The Gavinners ripped up the stage during the first set. Klavier: For the second set, our guest took center stage... Klavier: The only performers appearing were myself, Lamiroir, and

Machi... Klavier: ... along with a drummer and bassist, for a total of five. Klavier: The shooting in the dressing room, however, took place during the third set. Klavier: Lamiroir and the defendant, Machi Tobaye had left the stage at that point... Klavier: ...and the Gavinners were already rocking. Klavier: This is when two shots rang out at the scene of the crime. Klavier: Shots heard by Detective Ema Skye, mind you. Trucy: And Apollo. too, right? Apollo: I sure did. Klavier: Furthermore, Lamiroir herself witnessed the moment of the crime... Klavier: ...Well, perhaps I should say, she "heard" the moment of the crime. Klavier: ...When she claims to have heard Mr. LeTouse and Detective Crescend "talking". Judge: B-But that's impossible! Detective Crescend was... Klavier: Precisely. Detective Crescend was on stage, getting his You heard them

groove on, no less. Klavier: Voila. Klavier: A perfect alibi! Judge: Hmm. Does the defense have anything to add to this? Apollo: (It's true. When I heard those gunshots, he must have been on stage.) Apollo: (Still, there's something here that doesn't quite add up...) Judge: ...It appears the defense has no objections. Judge: I believe we can safely say that Daryan Crescend's alibi has been acknowledged. Klavier: Which means that Lamiroir was sadly mistaken. Klavier: Her testimony cannot be true. Judge: Very well. Of course, if we disregard her testimony... Judge: ...then I see no evidence keeping us from declaring a verdict. Judge: ...If indeed, there are no objections? Trucy: Uh oh, Apollo! If he declares a verdict now... Apollo: (Ack! But Prosecutor Gavin's case is airtight!)

Apollo: (Lamiroir might have been lying to protect Machi!) Apollo: (How can I rely on her testimony...?) Apollo: (Wait... What about yesterday in the detention center...?) Machi: [symbols] .. .. .. .. Lamiroir: "About the case..."? What about the case? Apollo: (He wants to tell us about Mr. LeTouse's death!?) Machi: [symbols], [symbols] .. .. ???: This meeting's over. Trucy: ...Daryan? Apollo: (Machi was trying to tell us something, I know it!) Apollo: (...Maybe the best thing to do is ask him... under oath!) Judge: Very well. The court finds the defendant, er, what was his name again? Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Your Honor!!! Judge: No, that wasn't it. It was something like "marquis" or-...Mr. Justice?

Apollo: Your Honor, before you declare a verdict, I would like to call another witness! Klavier: Exactly who else do you need to hear from? Apollo: A witness who, until now, has not been given a chance to speak in this court. Apollo: ...Because he doesn't speak English. Klavier: You don't mean... Apollo: I do. Apollo: The defense calls defendant Machi Tobaye to the stand! Judge: Wh-What!? But he doesn't speak English... Apollo: We'll use an interpreter! Klavier: Interpreter? I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. Klavier: I only speak a few phrases, such as, "I love you," and, "Where is the toilet?" Apollo: The defense would like to request Lamiroir as the interpreter. Judge: L-Lamiroir!? Judge: But there's a possibility she's protecting the defendant...!

Apollo: But she'd be interpreting for the defendant! Why would she lie? Judge: This is most unusual... Klavier: Ah ha ha... Bravo, Herr Forehead. Klavier: Herr Judge! The prosecution agrees with the defense's request. Klavier: If Lamiroir lies, I'll be able to tell. Klavier: Even my limited knowledge of the language should be enough for that. Judge: Well, if both prosecution and defense are for this, I see little cause for refusal. Apollo: (Finally! Some progress!)

Judge: Bailiff! Please show the defendant and Lamiroir to the witness stand! Klavier: I suppose there is a first time for everything. Shall we proceed? Klavier: Your name, to begin with. ...If you would, Lamiroir. Lamiroir: Yes... Lamiroir: He says, "Machi Tobaye, the defendant." Judge: Hmm, this is certainly a first

for this courtroom. Judge: Not that we really needed an interpretation of that message in particular. Apollo: (So far, so good...) Judge: Very well. you would. Mr. Justice, if

Apollo: Huh? If I would what, Your Honor? Judge: "Would what"!? You called the defendant to the stand, did you not? Judge: What would you have him testify about!? Apollo: What do I want him to testify about...? Apollo: (Ack, I hadn't thought that far yet!) Trucy: Apollo! Trucy: Aren't you going to ask him what he was about to tell us yesterday? Apollo: How can I if I don't know what he was saying...? Lamiroir: Excuse me, a moment. might speak? Judge: Yes, Lamiroir? Lamiroir: Just now, Machi said there is something about which he If I

"wishes to testify". Apollo: (Machi wants to testify about something? What could it be?) Judge: What sort of testimony is he talking about? Lamiroir: ...One moment, please. Apollo: (Argh! The suspense is killing me...) Lamiroir: What...!? Apollo: (What? What!?) Judge: W-Well, Lamiroir? Lamiroir: According to Machi... Lamiroir: He has "proof of his innocence". Judge: Wh-Wh-Whaaaaaaat!? Klavier: ...This is a surprise. Trucy: Yahoo! Victory, Apollo! We did it! Apollo: (This is sounding too good to believe. And I know what that usually means...) Judge: Well, if that's true, then this is vital testimony! Lamiroir... I mean, Machi! Judge: Please testify to the court! Lamiroir:

"Very well." ** Witness Testimony ** -- Proof of Innocence -Lamiroir: He says that word of Mr. LeTouse's death came as a great shock. Lamiroir: But if the killing truly followed the lyrics of my song... Lamiroir: ...I, that is, he, could not have done it. Lamiroir: He says that because the lyrics are in English, he does not understand them. Judge: Hmm. I see! Judge: He wouldn't have understood the English lyrics to the song. Judge: That would prevent him from following them so closely. Klavier: I wondered what he meant by "proof". Klavier: Why, he would only have to ask Lamiroir to know the meaning of that song. Apollo: Lamiroir! Apollo: Did you ever explain the lyrics of that song to him? Lamiroir: I did tell him, generally, what the song was about.

Lamiroir: But never in so much detail. And he never asked. Klavier: Has my oft-repeated warning already fled that forehead? Klavier: Lamiroir might be protecting the witness! Apollo: ...... Judge: Well, anyway, let us proceed with the cross-examination. Judge: Mr. Justice, if you would. Apollo: Yes, Your Honor. Apollo: (Something's hidden in that testimony, I know it.) Apollo: (I'll just have to trust my bracelet to tell me where!) Apollo: (It worked yesterday, it'll work today!) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Proof of Innocence -Lamiroir: He says that word of Mr. LeTouse's death came as a great shock. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Were Machi and Mr. LeTouse close? Lamiroir: Yes, after we traveled around the world on tour together... Klavier:

*OBJECTION!* Klavier: Lamiroir... This is Machi's cross-examination, not yours. Lamiroir: But I knew the answer... Klavier: This is a court of law. play by the book. Lamiroir: ...I understand. Trucy: When Prosecutor Gavin's tough, he's really tough! Lamiroir: Machi says he was very good friends with Mr. LeTouse. Lamiroir: "Mr. LeTouse was always a gentle man, never angry.." Lamiroir: "We got along quite well." Lamiroir: "I never dreamed something like this would happen..." Lamiroir: But if the killing truly followed the lyrics of my song... Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: "The Guitar's Serenade", correct? Lamiroir: Yes. "The crime followed the lyrics of the song..." Lamiroir: "The theft of the key ring, the burning guitar, and the bullet..." Lamiroir: We'll

"This is why it could not have been me!" Lamiroir: ...I, that is, he, could not have done it. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: By "could not have done it", you mean...? Lamiroir: It is very simple. Lamiroir: Machi could not have done all the things that happened that day. Lamiroir: For all those things followed the song lyrics closely... Lamiroir: He says that because the lyrics are in English, he does not understand them. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Wouldn't it be difficult for him to perform without knowing the meaning of the lyrics? Lamiroir: He did know what the song was about, its mood, shall we say. This was enough to play by. Lamiroir: I told him it was a song about a "guitar in love". Klavier: It's... not actually the guitar that's in love, strictly speaking. Lamiroir: Oh? Perhaps I misunderstood! Klavier:

Ah, no, not really. Yours is also a valid interpretation. Apollo: (Um... OK?) Lamiroir: No, it is my fault. I am too used to singing in Borginian. Lamiroir: It is much easier than trying to understand these English lyrics. ((Perceive Wrong)) Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo: Machi... you're not telling us the entire truth. Apollo: I can see it clear as day! Lamiroir: Perhaps... my interpretation is at fault...? Lamiroir: Now he says, "I have no idea what you're talking about." Trucy: Apollo! Neither of them looks uncertain at all! Klavier: Lamiroir, it is not your interpretation that is to blame here. Klavier: It is the lack of anything resembling intelligence in that wide forehead you see. Machi: ...... Hee hee. Apollo: You didn't have to interpret that for him!

Apollo: (Hmm. Looks like I pointed at the wrong spot...) ((Perceive Glance)) Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo: Machi... Apollo: ...You can't fool my eyes. Machi: .. .. .. ..! Apollo: You glanced toward her the very moment Lamiroir said the word "English". Apollo: Why? Apollo: And don't bother interpreting that! He understands me! Lamiroir: ...! Apollo: Machi, tell the truth. You can understand English, can't you? Lamiroir: Wh-What are you saying? Of course he can't! Lamiroir: [symbols] .. .. Machi: [symbols] .. .. Apollo: (Must he continue this charade...?) Lamiroir: Mr. Justice, Machi says this:

Lamiroir: "I know the word 'English'." Apollo: Huh? Lamiroir: Before coming to this country, he heard me speaking English. Lamiroir: He learned the name for this language, that is all. Apollo: What? Give me a break! Lamiroir: Is that such an unusual word to understand? Lamiroir: Do you not know "Español", for instance? Apollo: (Well, yeah, but...) Lamiroir: I am sorry, but he truly does not understand your language. Apollo: W-Well then explain this! Apollo: How does he know the crime followed the lyrics!? Lamiroir: ...... Have you always been such a suspicious-minded lad? Lamiroir: It is simple. So simple it hardly requires an explanation. Lamiroir: ...He read about it in the newspaper. Apollo: The newspaper!? Lamiroir:

The Borginian Daily Bugle. You can buy it in this country these days, you know. Lamiroir: They have already begun to report about this case in our homeland. Apollo: ...... (I was right!) Lamiroir: What is wrong, Mr. Justice? Your eyes, they are quite fierce all of a sudden! Apollo: (...Machi is lying!) Apollo: (Maybe it's time to show them proof that he's lying!) ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: This evidence proves that you're lying! Lamiroir: Ah, perhaps my interpretation was at fault...? Lamiroir: Machi says, "Try again, adhesive." No, no, sorry. "Try again, sucker." Apollo: (Urk! I must have gotten it wrong...) Apollo: (One more time! So, he claims he read about it in the newspaper...?) Apollo: (That means he's lying!)

((Present Borginian Newspaper)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: I have here a Borginian Newspaper! The Borginian Daily Bugle, as a matter of fact! Machi: ! Apollo: Indeed, there is a feature article about the case. Apollo: Could you read this for me, Machi? Machi: .. ..! Apollo: That's right. It doesn't mention the lyrics! Lamiroir: Wh-What? What is this all about? Apollo: I'm sorry Machi. Apollo: You couldn't have read about the lyrics in a Borginian Newspaper!!! Machi: ! .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Machi: [symbols!!!!!!!] Judge: What does this mean!? Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Lamiroir: B-But I don't see how it's possible... Lamiroir:

Ah, I know! Lamiroir: He must have heard the lyrics when the police were doing their questioning! Yes... Klavier: Not possible, the subject of the lyrics was not brought up in police questioning. Klavier: I read the full report myself. Apollo: So, the lyrics weren't in the newspaper and the police didn't mention them. Apollo: The only place you could have heard them was in this courtroom! Apollo: ...In English, no less! Machi: ! Judge: The witness will explain herself... er, himself! Lamiroir: Machi says... He says... Lamiroir: ...... Judge: Yes? Lamiroir: ..."It is true I read the newspaper." Lamiroir: "But this is not where I learned of the lyrics. I was mistaken." Lamiroir: "Now I remember..." Apollo:

You remember...? Lamiroir: ...He says he heard of the lyrics from me! Apollo: Wha... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Judge: Is this true, Lamiroir? Lamiroir: ...... Yes. I'm afraid I had forgotten it myself. Klavier: Then it looks like Herr Forehead's been jumping to conclusions again. Judge: It seems so, yes. Apollo: (No... No!) Apollo: (I was onto something, I know it! I can't let this chance slip away...!) Judge: Time is an issue today... Mr. Justice, are you finished with the cross-examination? Trucy: What are you going to do, Apollo!? Apollo: (If I'm going to keep on cross-examining, I'd better have an angle of attack...) Apollo: (...Or else!) Apollo: ......! Apollo: (My bracelet's still reacting!)

Apollo: Your Honor! Please allow me to continue! Judge: If you must, you must. Very well. Witness? Lamiroir: ...I understand. Lamiroir: It was I who explained that the crime followed the song. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Exactly how much did you explain to Machi? Lamiroir: ...... Ah, this is a question for me, yes? Apollo: (This interpretation thing is getting old fast...) Lamiroir: I told him that Mr. LeTouse had been killed, and why he was a suspect. Lamiroir: And I told him the crimes of that day followed my song. Apollo: Did you mention any particular words of hte song relating to the case, such as "heart"? Lamiroir: Yes, of course I explained this. He was quite surprised. ((Perceive Wrong)) Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo:

Did you know that the body reveals our thoughts? Apollo: And yours is telling me you were uncertain just now! Lamiroir: ...... Lamiroir: Ah, should I be interpreting this, or not? Apollo: ...Yes! Of course!

Lamiroir: I must admit, I find it hard to interpret that which makes no sense. Trucy: Um, maybe you got it wrong, Apollo? Just a thought... Apollo: You might have a point there, Trucy. Apollo: Um, no need to interpret that after all, Lamiroir... Lamiroir: Oh, I'm sorry, I've already told him. Machi: ...... Hee hee. Apollo: (...Great, now even my client's laughing at me.) Apollo: (Guess that was the wrong spot after all...) ((Perceive Swallowing)) Apollo: *GOTCHA!* Apollo:

Lamiroir... Apollo: I'm currently cross-examining Machi. Apollo: ...Why should you be uncertain? Lamiroir: ! Me? Uncertain? Apollo: Yes, you swallowed the very moment you told the court... Apollo: ..."It was I who explained." Lamiroir: ...I see there is little point in trying to hide anything from you. Apollo: Lamiroir, are you, indeed, protecting someone? Lamiroir: That... is not a question with a simple answer. Lamiroir: To tell the truth, I do not believe it myself. Apollo: Then, allow me to answer for you. Apollo: Lamiroir, you're protecting... ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Lamiroir: ...I'm afraid I don't understand what you're saying. Apollo: Well...

Lamiroir: So sad to go through life being so misunderstood. Apollo: (I don't need your pity!) Apollo: (What I need is another chance. C'mon this is easy: Who is she protecting?) Trucy: Yay! I knew he was innocent! Apollo: I believe he is, too, Trucy. I do... Trucy: What's wrong, Apollo? You got a tummy ache or something? Apollo: (Something's hidden in that testimony...) Apollo: (If it's the truth, I'll find it!) ((Present Machi Tobaye)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Lamiroir, you are protecting Machi. Apollo: That's why you lied and told us that you had explained how the crime followed the song! Lamiroir: ...... Apollo: I don't fault you for trying to help, but this is not the way! Lamiroir:

! Apollo: Machi! I believe you didn't do it, really! I trust you! Apollo: But you've lied to us twice. Apollo: And now you have Lamiroir lying on your behalf! Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Apollo: If this is going to work, you have to trust me, too. Machi: ! Apollo: Your two lies cover a simple truth. Apollo: You understand English. You have to! Machi: ! .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Machi: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh! Judge: Witness! Is this true? understand English? Machi: ...Y-Yes. Do you

A little, only.

---------------------------Machi Tobaye Age: 14 Gender: Male Defendant in this case. Turns out he isn't blind and can understand English. ---------------------------Judge: What!? Klavier:

First he could see, now he can talk. Klavier: And you... did not know about this, Lamiroir? Lamiroir: I... no. I did not! quite a surprise. It is

Judge: How many secrets is this witness hiding!? Machi: Last... This is... last... Apollo: Machi... could you tell us what really happened? Machi: No shooting! I did no shooting! Apollo: So, you weren't in the dressing room when I heard those two gunshots, correct? Machi: ...... Klavier: Apparently, the answer to that question isn't simple either. Machi: I was in... dressing room. Behind desk. Manager, he on floor... Apollo: (Which would be after the shooting, right...?) Machi: ...Then, there is voice... Trucy: Voice? Or voices? Was it you and Ema, Apollo? Apollo:

So when Machi went into the dressing room, Mr. LeTouse had already been shot. Apollo: And then we came to the door. Machi: ...Panel high up. I take off. Run away, run away! Apollo: So it was you who escaped through that air vent! Klavier: Ah ha ha. As the prosecution has held all along, no less. Klavier: The defendant has admitted to being at the scene. Might we take this as a confession? Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: No! He's clearly denied that he did it! Machi: I no shooting! Manager on floor. Already on floor... Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: The victim had already been shot, you say? I find that hard to believe. Klavier: The defendant understood the song lyrics. He was at the scene of the crime... Klavier: This can only mean one thing. He is the shooter! Machi: ! Judge: Does the defendant have

anything to say to this? Machi: ...... Trucy: He's clammed up, Apollo! Judge: Then let's ask Mr. Justice. Judge: Will you require any further testimony from the witness? Apollo: (Is that it? Is there nothing else I can get hiim to testify about?) Apollo: (Wait... no, of course there is!) Trucy: What is this cocoon, anyway? Machi: [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: "The cocoon, the silk, is a potent cure." Trucy: A cure...? Trucy: Well, Machi? Are you... a smuggler? Machi: [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: [symbols]! Machi: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Lamiroir: He... won't tell me. Apollo: (That cocoon has to have something to do with this!)

Apollo: Machi. Please, tell us the truth, for your own sake. Machi: ...No. No more speak. Not... to any of you. Klavier: So much for your precious trust, Herr Forehead. Apollo: (Hey, you were the one who didn't believe him!) Klavier: Regardless, this brings us to an impasse. Judge: It does seem that the defense and defendant are at odds. Judge: ...I doubt we are likely to learn anything more of value should this continue. Judge: I see no other course but to declare a five minute recess! Judge: The defense will work things out with the defendant so that we might proceed! --July 10, 11:23 AM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 2 --Machi: ...Apollo Yoostis... Apollo: (That's "Justice". Better learn how to say it if you ever want to get some.) Machi: Believe. I no shooting.

Apollo: (Machi claims Mr. LeTouse was

already down on the ground when he entered the room.) Trucy: Maybe... it was a trap, and he walked right into it? Machi: Suddenly. I hear revolver. Close. Very close. Machi: Then, I hear voice. Apollo: You heard gunshots? Machi: Yes. Is true. I hear revolver. But only sound. Apollo: Wait, you're saying you went into the dressing room... Apollo: ...and found Mr. LeTouse already dead, and THEN you heard shots? Apollo: (If that's true...!) Trucy: So... you were at the scene of the crime when you heard those shots? Apollo: And you escaped through the air vent. Machi: I know. Trucy: Huh? What do you know? Machi: I know if I opening vent... Machi: ...I can leave stage and back... backstage. Apollo: (So the vents went to both

the stage and the backstage area?) Apollo: (Is that what he means...?) Trucy: Hey, he's right! Apolo: Huh... Yeah. Apollo: But how did you know it was connected like that? Trucy: Wait, I bet his father was the architect that designed the hall or something! Machi: I hear this. From magician. Apollo: Magician...? Trucy: D-Don't look at me! Apollo: (A magician, huh?) Trucy: Well, at least we're clear on one thing: Trucy: Machi didn't shoot Mr. LeTouse! Apollo: Yeah, but what does that leave us with? Apollo: We're supposed to say he went into the room to find the body and then he heard the shots? Apollo: (That one's going to go over well in court. Not.) Trucy: Apollo! You're his defense! Look, Apollo!

You're supposed to believe whatever he says. Even lies! Trucy: That's what Daddy always told me! Apollo: Um, I'll just pretend you misheard him. Every time. Apollo: So... what do we do? Trucy: You're sure you won't testify, Machi? Machi: I... no talking. No.

Trucy: Hmm, well it was worth a shot. Apollo: (That cocoon...) Machi: [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: "I can't go home"... Trucy: Can't go home!? Machi: .. .. [symbols] .. .. [symbols] .. .. [symbols] .. .. Lamiroir: "I can't go home to Borginia. I do not want to go home." Lamiroir: The penalty for taking a cocoon from Borginia... is death. Apollo: (That's right! by death!) It's punishable

Apollo: (Of course... He's scared.) Apolo:

...Oh well, I guess we'll just have to try a different approach. Trucy: That's the spirit, Apollo! So, what's your plan? Apollo: If Machi won't testify about it, we'll have to get someone else to testify. Trucy: Someone... else? Apollo: ...I think we're out of time. Let's get back in there. Trucy: Right! --July 10, 11:28 AM District Court Courtroom No. 3 --Judge: ...Court is now back in session. Judge: Mr. Justice. Have you sorted things out with the defendant? Apollo: Yes, Your Honor. good talk. Judge: Hmm, very well. testify? We had a

So will he

Apollo: Your Honor, the defendant... will not testify. Judge: Wh-What!? Klavier: ...... Klavier: Shame. And here I thought this

was your big chance to turn the case around. Apollo: Actually, it is. Apollo: ...The defense would like to approach this case from a different angle, Your Honor! Judge: A different... angle? Apollo: (If Machi won't testify...) Apollo: (...then I know who will!) Apollo: I would like to cross-examine the witness in this case... Lamiroir! Judge: L-Lamiroir...? Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: What are you up to now? Klavier: I thought we determined yesterday that Lamiroir's testimony was insubstantial! Klavier: There's nothing you can-Apollo: ...Lamiroir was taken to the hospital yesterday with injuries. Judge: What happened? Apollo: She was assaulted, Your Honor. Judge: Assaulted!? Apollo:

Someone wanted Lamiroir dead. Apollo: Thankfully, she was able to save herself... Klavier: What!? Klavier: I've heard no such report! Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin... Klavier: ! Apollo: Why would anyone be out to kill Lamiroir? Apollo: Can you think of a reason? Klavier: W-Well... Apollo: Think of how she is known in our country... Apollo: A singer, from overseas, who doesn't speak English, yes? Apollo: Yet someone tried to keep her mouth shut! Apollo: Who could that have been? Judge: You don't think... Apollo: I do! It was the same person who shot Mr. LeTouse! Apollo: The killer was afraid of her, afraid of what she might say! Apollo: The defense believes that something was hidden in

her testimony yesterday. Apollo: Something that the killer doesn't want getting out! Klavier: So, am I to understand that this is what you are saying? Klavier: Namely, that there is a nugget of "truth" in Lamiroir's testimony... Klavier: ...A nugget we have yet to uncover? Apollo: ...Exactly. Judge: Hmm... Judge: If Lamiroir was attacked, this has serious implications! Judge: Very well... Judge: There were some vague points in her testimony during yesterday's trial. Judge: Perhaps we did not inquire as deeply as we might have into some. Judge: The court will hear Lamiroir's testimony once more! Klavier: ...Lamiroir, I must apologize. Klavier: We must ask you to stand again and speak. Lamiroir: You need not apologize. Lamiroir:

I know that Machi is innocent. Lamiroir: And I will do all that I can until the court realizes this. Apollo: Let's review your testimony from yesterday. Apollo: You told us you heard two gunshots and the shooter's voice through the window. Apollo: ...And that the voice belonged to Daryan Crescend, yes? Lamiroir: ...That is correct. Klavier: At which point I proved she could not be correct. Klavier: She couldn't have heard any of those things. Klavier: The small window at the scene was closed, and was found to be quite soundproof. Apollo: ...... Judge: ...You have nothing to say to that, Mr. Justice? Apollo: I don't know exactly what, yet, but I do know there's something there! Klavier: There is, it seems, much you do not know. Jduge: And yet it is my duty to hear him out. Judge:

Perhaps the witness would be so kind as to testify once more to the court? Lamiroir: ...Of course, Your Honor. ** Witness Testimony ** -- What I Heard -Lamiroir: I was on my way from the stage to the backstage exit. Lamiroir: That's when I heard them: Mr. LeTouse and the detective. Lamiroir: I heard the faint sound of a gunshot and stopped. Then I heard another gunshot. Lamiroir: There was the smell of gunpowder... I knew I must tell someone, but... Lamiroir: I was in a hurry, so I kept moving past the small window. Judge: Hmm... Pretty much the same as yesterday's testimony. Lamiroir: I am sorry. Lamiroir: I am not used to speaking much in this language. Lamiroir: Perhaps my descriptions are lacking in some way. Lamiroir: Yet, everything I have said here is the truth. Klavier: Then it is my distinct displeasure to say this. Klavier: What you have said to have

happened... is impossible. Apollo: Do I have to repeat myself? Apollo: Lamiroir was attacked because of this testimony! Klavier: ...! Trucy: ...... Apollo: Wh-What? Trucy?

Trucy: Apollo... You know, for a moment there... Trucy: ...You were pretty cool. Apollo: (...Maybe I do better when I don't try to think ahead.) Judge: Very well, Mr. Justice. Judge: Perhaps you can "coolly" cross-examine the witness? ** Cross-Examination ** -- What I Heard -Lamiroir: I was on my way from the stage to the backstage exit. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: ...... Lamiroir: Is something wrong? Apollo: (I raised an objection...) Apollo: (...but she's saying the same

thing she said before...) Judge: Mr. Justice? Apollo: S-Sorry, it's nothing. Please continue with your testimony. Judge: Hmm. Now I know what they mean about the reckless youth these days. Klavier: The one in red over there is a shining example, Herr Judge. Apollo: (You're the last person who should be pointing fingers, Mr. Rock Star...) Lamiroir: That's when I heard them: Mr. LeTouse and the detective. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Daryan Crescend...? Lamiroir: I did not know his name at the time. Lamiroir: But yes, it was him, the one who took the stand yesterday. Klavier: How many times do I need to remind you that's impossible? Klavier: There is no way you could have heard him. Apollo: Because the window at the scene was closed? Apollo: Is that why?

Klavier: Of course. Trucy: Apollo! If we keep asking the same questions as yesterday we won't get anywhere! Apollo: (She's right. Maybe there's a different angle I can try?) [ No need ] Apollo: (On second thought, maybe I'll just play it safe here.) Apollo: (See, I can be calm and collected, too, sometimes!) Trucy: Don't get too calm, or you might grind to a halt. Apollo: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Trucy: I liked you better before with the "do I have to repeat myself" bit. Apollo: (Argh, so which should I be? ...Maybe I am overthinking this whole thing.) [ Did you hear anything else? ] Apollo: Did you happen to hear anything else at that time? Lamiroir: Anything else...? Apollo: Anything else besides the victim and the shooter's conversation. Anything at all.

Klavier: That's quite the vague question. Lamiroir: ...... Lamiroir: Other than the conversation? I heard a clock ticking, the two men breathing, footsteps. Lamiroir: ...That is all. Klavier: Nothing new there, as expected. Apollo: (Ack! I was hoping for a little more than that!) Judge: Perhaps we should just carry on with the cross-examination. Lamiroir: As you wish. [ What were they talking about? ] Apollo: Lamiroir, do you by any chance remember what they were saying to each other? Apollo: If so, please tell us! Klavier: ...... Lamiroir: I have given it much reflection, but... Apollo: (I was afraid of this. doesn't remember...) She

Lamiroir: ...I only heard one phrase clearly. Apollo:

A whole phrase!? Klavier: You remember something that was said!? Apollo: Why didn't you say anything yesterday!? Lamiroir: Though my memory is clear, I was afraid to speak. Lamiroir: You see, I do not understand what was said. Apollo: (This could be it! The clue I've been waiting for!) Apollo: W-Well what did he say!? Lamiroir: It was the other man speaking, not Mr. LeTouse. Apollo: The shooter, then. (Daryan Crescend...) Judge: Well, what did he say!? Lamiroir: ...... Lamiroir: "It's over. Now!" Judge: "Switch"...? Judge: And the shooter said this to the victim, Mr. LeTouse? Lamiroir: I thought it quite strange myself, afterward. Judge: Hmm. It is a mystery. What could it possibly mean? Press the switch!

Judge: Mr. Justice? Care to shed some light on this? Apollo: Urk. Um, I mean, sure...! I-I'd be delighted... Apollo: It's, um, very, very vital! Maybe we could add that to the testimony! Trucy: "Maybe", Apollo? ((Press Again)) Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So, you remember a part of their conversation. Lamiroir: Yes, the conversation between Mr. LeTouse and the detective. Lamiroir: I remember it quite clearly. Lamiroir: From the small window, I heard a voice say, "Press the switch! Now!" Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: And it was Detective Daryan Crescend's voice? Lamiroir: Yes, I am sure of it. Judge: "It's over. Press the switch."

Judge: Why would he say that to Mr. LeTouse? Trucy:

Apollo! Trucy: The murder weapon, the revolver was Mr. LeTouse's, right? Apollo: Yeah... what of it? Trucy: Well, maybe when he said, "Press the switch"... Trucy: ...he really meant to say, "Pull the trigger!" Trucy: Because his English isn't so good! Apollo: ...... Apollo: Daryan Crescend is a native speaker! Trucy: Oh. Oh, right! Sorry, I kind of forgot who was what. Apollo: ("Press the switch"...) Apollo: (That's not something a killer usually says to his or her victim, is it.) Judge: Was there no one else in the room? Lamiroir: ...I do not know. Lamiroir: All I heard was Mr. LeTouse and the detective. Lamiroir: I heard the faint sound of a gunshot and stopped. Then I heard another gunshot. Apollo:

*HOLD IT!* Apollo: There were two gunshots... Lamiroir: Yes, I heard two. the other. One after

Apollo: (That fits with the bullet holes at the scene.) Apollo: (Nothing really new here to pick up...) Lamiroir: There was the smell of gunpowder... I knew I must tell someone, but... Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Why didn't you tell someone immediately? Lamiroir: W-Well I... Judge: If it were me, I would have gone to the police right away. Judge: It's our duty as citizens! Klavier: This may be beside the point, but Lamiroir isn't a citizen. Klavier: Though one would hope such common sense prevails in Borginia as well...? Lamiroir: ...... Trucy: Lamiroir seems awfully quiet all of a sudden. Apollo: (That's strange... Could she

be hiding something?) Lamiroir: It is as you say, yet, at the time... Lamiroir: I was in a hurry, so I kept moving past the small window. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You were in a hurry... to go where? Lamiroir: ...I was on my way to the backstage exit, as I have said. Apollo: Why were you in such a hurry then? Lamiroir: W-Well... I don't think that has anything to do with this case. Apollo: It very well might! Please answer the question! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Are you alright, Lamiroir? Lamiroir: Yes... Yes. I am just tired.

Klavier: Recall what I told you yesterday, Herr Forehead. Klavier: Lamiroir suffers from serious amnesia. Klavier: Please refrain from traumatizing her further. Apollo:

(Grr... What, so he can just dismiss questions he thinks are "too traumatizing"!?) Klavier: Why don't you prove her reason had a connection to the case before asking about it, ja? Judge: The prosecution's objection is sustained. Judge: The current question is moot. Mr. Justice, please continue with your cross-examination. Apollo: (Lamiroir was attacked because of this testimony.) Apollo: (I know she was... So something's got to be hidden here!) Trucy: Maybe there's some detail we're missing? Apollo: I guess we'll just have to get her to fill in the blanks. Trucy: Right! ((Present Remote Trigger)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: ..."Press the switch." Apollo: There's only one key that can unlock the mystery of those words! Klavier: Oh? Klavier: Yet there was nothing at the scene that could be called

a "switch".

Save the lights'.

Apollo: True, there wasn't a switch at the scene. Apollo: But, it just so happens... Apollo: I have a "switch" right here. Judge: That certainly does look like a switch, doesn't it. Apollo: The problem is... Apollo: ...this was found not at the scene of the crime, but on the stage. Judge: The stage...? Apollo: Where the concert was held, yes. Apollo: This was found hidden there! Klavier: On the stage... Judge: Are you claiming that the voice Lamiroir heard... Judge: ...was of someone commanding another to press this switch? Apollo: ...It's a possibility. Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Oh, Herr Forehead? I'd call that an "impossibility". Apollo: ...Why?

Klavier: It's hardly necessary for me to remind the court of the layout of the concert forum. Klavier: The stage is quite far from Lamiroir's dressing room. Klavier: Not to mention that the Gavinners were in the middle of a concert on said stage. Klavier: We aren't known for being a quiet band. Klavier: You could shout all you wanted and not be heard. Lamiroir: The detective's voice was loud... but certainly not a shout. Klavier: So, too, have Herr Forehead's cries of "possibility" fallen far short of being heard... Apollo: ...Sorry, but he wouldn't have needed to shout. Klavier: ...Excuse me? Apollo: You heard what I said. Or... do you need me to shout it out for you? Apollo: It would have been quite simple to be heard on the stage from that dressing room. Apollo: Oh, wait, you like evidence don't you? How about this! Apollo: Using this, it would be easy to get a message to someone on

stage from the dressing room. ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: Hmm. So the shooter used this to erm, get his message to the stage? Judge: Perhaps you could demonstrate how this was done for us? Apollo: ...... (Um... Maybe I was wrong?) Apollo: ...Sorry, Your Honor. Judge: What? I can't hear you! Apollo: (Ha ha, very funny...) Klavier: Apparently, it is easier said than done. Apollo: Your Honor! If I might show another piece of evidence!!! Judge: No need to shout, Mr. Justice. Go ahead, show your evidence. Apollo: Neither did the shooter need to shout, Your Honor. Not with this...! ((Present Headset)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin. Perhaps you're familiar with this?

Klavier: ! Wh-Why that's... Judge: What? What is it!? Judge: Is that some kind of newfangled phone they invented while I wasn't looking!? Apollo: This is a type of transmitter. A communications device. Judge: Communications? Device?

Apollo: From what I've heard, that night... Apollo: ...everyone on stage was wearing one of these. Isn't that right, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: Ah, yes, actually. They're for talking between band members. Klavier: We all had one on. Apollo: So you admit that if you were wearing one of these... Apollo: ...talking from the backstage to the stage would be simple! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: True, but wait! Those send out an electronic signal. Klavier: To avoid interference with the audio systems, their range is quite limited. Trucy: Lamiroir said it was about

thirty feet, right? Apollo: Look at this cross-section diagram of the concert forum. Klavier: Ah... Apollo: Exactly. The walk from the stage to the backstage seems far. Apollo: But the direct distance is less than thirty feet! Klavier: That... can't be... Judge: So, when Lamiroir heard the shooter's voice... Judge: ...he could have been talking to someone on stage! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Hah! You're claiming this is the "switch" in question? Klavier: Why did it have to be on the stage at the time? Klavier: It could be placed in a pocket and carried anywhere! Klavier: Someone could have hid it on the stage after the fact! Trucy: Hey... he's got a point! Trucy: How do we know where it was when she heard the voice? Trucy: ...When the shooter said

"press the switch"? Apollo: Well, I guess we don't... Judge: Hmm... An unfortunate situation. Judge: I'm afraid that until we know where this switch was, there's little point in debating it. Apollo: Ugh... Apollo: (I was sure this was the way to go with this...!) Klavier: What is the switch, anyway? Klavier: We don't even know that basic fact. Apollo: ...... Apollo: (Wait a second...) Apollo: (I do know what this "switch" is!) Apollo: (And if you follow that train of logic to its incredible conclusion...) Apollo: ( ends up in proof that completely changes this case!) Trucy: What's up, Apollo? Apollo...? Apollo: We know about this "switch", right? We know what it is. Trucy:

Y...Yeah? Apollo: Well... think of when it was used that day... Apollo: Think of what happened! Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: If you have no further information to share concerning this switch... Apollo: ...Your Honor! Judge: Yes, Mr. Justice? Apollo: I've been remiss in not telling the court this before. Apollo: I know what this "switch" is. Judge: Hmm... Judge: Well, it seems the defense is set upon linking this switch to the case. Judge: Let's see your evidence of the link! Judge: What evidence do you have to explain what this "switch" is? ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ...... Apollo: (...Huh?)

Klavier: I fail to see how this evidence links the "switch" to this case in any way. Judge: Mr. Justice... Judge: Might I recommend a "switch" of evidence? Apollo: (Ugh... I knew it.) Judge: Once again, please! ((Present Igniter)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin, you remember this? Klavier: Ach! That's that... Judge: That what!? Judge: Is it another one of those new-fangled phones!? Apollo: This... is an igniter. (What phone looks like this!?) Judge: I-I-Igniter? You mean it's like a lighter? Apollo: Yes, actually. Klavier: You aren't saying this switch is a remote...? Apollo: I am. This is a remote trigger for an igniter.

Klavier: What...? Apollo: Look, I'll show you. Judge: .............. Yow yow yow yow yow! Judge: Mr. Justice! You will cease and desist from burning down this courtroom! Apollo: Er, sorry. That was a bit more fire than I'd expected. Judge: If my whiskers had caught on fire... Apollo: ...Prosecutor Gavin. repeat myself. Let me

Apollo: This switch is a remote igniter trigger. Klavier: ...... Apollo: Doesn't that suggest something to you? Klavier: You're... talking about what happened to me, aren't you? Trucy: Ah...! Apollo: Exactly. That night at the concert there was one unusual burst of flame. Apollo: ...When your guitar caught fire in the middle of the performance! Judge:

Wasn't that part of the stage show, though? Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin was entirely unaware such a thing had been planned. Apollo: And the guitar that burned was a valuable keepsake. Trucy: That's right... He got it in Borginia from Lamiroir! Trucy: He said the sound was amazing. Before it burned, of course. Now it just kind of smokes. Klavier: The better the guitar, the brighter it burns. Klavier: Herr Forehead! Apollo: Yes? Klavier: Don't tell me you're trying to tie these two things together? Klavier: Those being the shooter's voice, heard by Lamiroir... Klavier: ...and the guitar suddenly catching on fire? Apollo: I am. It's really simple when you think about it. Apollo: Mr. LeTouse and the shooter were at the crime scene. Apollo: The shooter was wearing a headset. Apollo:

He ordered someone on stage to "press the switch". Apollo: The switch was pressed, and the guitar caught fire. Judge: Well, that does seem to make sense... Judge: Though something about it is bugging me. Can't quite put my finger on it... Apollo: Really? It seems pretty simple to me. Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Herr Forehead, don't destroy what little respect I have for you! Apollo: ...... Klavier: I was expecting something a little more... sensible. Klavier: I guess I was wrong. Judge: What's this all about, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: His simple story simply makes no sense. Klavier: Think! That night, my guitar caught fire, yes. Klavier: The cause... may have been this, indeed. Klavier: However!

Klavier: The guitar caught fire during the second set! Trucy: Ack! That's right! Of course! Trucy: The guitar caught fire during Lamiroir's song! Klavier: Indeed. Yet the shooting happened during the third set. Klavier: The two are utterly unrelated! Judge: Hmm, yes, that must have been what was bugging me. Judge: The whole premise for this is faulty! Klavier: See? His story makes no sense. Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Are you sure about that? Judge: ...! Judge: What exactly do you mean, Mr. Justice? Apollo: Maybe it's not the premise for my explanation of the switch that's at fault... Apollo: ...Maybe it's our premise for the entire case so far! Judge: What premise is this, specifically? Apollo:

I'm glad you asked. Apollo: I'm saying that maybe the killing didn't take place in the third act! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: What's this? Klavier: But Detective Ema Skye heard shots and found the body. Klavier: All of this happened in the third act! Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Gunshots rang out... Apollo: And, according to his testimony, Machi was in that dressing room at the time. Judge: Where are you going with this, Mr. Justice? Apollo: Stay with me, Your Honor! He also told us this in his testimony: Apollo: Namely, that the victim had already been shot! Apollo: We all heard gunshots... but no one saw the shooting! Klavier: This... This is insane! Apollo: Just before the "shooting" took place, the "shooter" was heard on his headset...

Apollo: ...telling someone to "press the switch"! Apollo: The next moment, Prosecutor Gavin's guitar burst into flame. Apollo: We know that a remote triggered igniter was inside the guitar. Apollo: From all these facts, we can draw only one conclusion! Apollo: The crime did not take place during the third act... Apollo: ...but during the ballad performance... The second act! Klavier: Whaaat!? Judge: Order! Order! Order!

Judge: B-But that goes against the evidence! Apollo: ...What does, Your Honor? Judge: This crime was carried out according to the lyrics of that song, yes? Trucy: Hey, he's right! Look!

Trucy: The "bullet" is supposed to come after the "fire"! Apollo: You're thinking about it the wrong way. Trucy: Huh?

Apollo: Look... Apollo: Why would the shooter craft the events of the day to follow the lyrics anyway? Apollo: It's an awful lot of trouble to go through. Apollo: ...With little merit for the person doing it. Judge: Well, I'm sure whoever it was had some reason... Apollo: Yes, they did. Apollo: A reason that made it advantageous to follow the lyrics. Klavier: ...You're saying the order was reversed on purpose! Judge: Hmm? Reversed, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: If the criminal followed the lyrics strictly, then yes... Klavier: ...the shooting would have had to come after the guitar burst into flame. Klavier: Yet, Herr Forehead has raised another possibility. Klavier: He's claiming that the bullet came not after, but just before the "fire". Apollo: ...Couldn't have put it better

myself. Apollo: We were only meant to think that the shooting came after the guitar burst into flame! Apollo: That was the criminal's objective! Apollo: The crime followed the lyrics to a point, but that was the ruse! Apollo: Why else would the killer risk discovery by moving the body? Apollo: That was the final touch to make us think he'd followed the lyrics the whole way! Judge: Order! Order! Order!

Judge: That would explain this most unusual situation... Apollo: It does! The killer changed the order of events to create himself an alibi! Apollo: In other words... Apollo: The killer was someone who had an alibi for the third set, but not the second! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. But sadly, it has. Klavier: Let me tell you why your little fairy tale makes no sense at all.

Apollo: ...... Klavier: Oh, it sounds good, I'll give you that. Klavier: You've given us a reason why the killer bothered following the lyrics of my song. Klavier: But I question your logic! Klavier: ...For it's flawed from the very beginning. Apollo: Flawed? Klavier: Yes. A contradiction, Herr Forehead, one I've pointed out several times, no less. Klavier: At the time of the crime, the small window at the scene was closed... Klavier: How could Lamiroir have heard a voice through it? Apollo: Oh... Klavier: I know that you would like to divert our attention from this critical fact. Klavier: But you're basing your entire line of reasoning on a false premise! Apollo: ...... (Right...) Apollo: (Lamiroir's testimony is my entire case...)

Apollo: (...That voice she heard... The shooter's voice...) Trucy: W-What if she couldn't hear it, Apollo? Apollo: Look, what do we have. A man saying "press the switch!" Apollo: And near the crime scene, we have a switch. Apollo: Which acts as a remote trigger for an igniter. Apollo: And last, but not least, Prosecutor Gavin's flaming guitar. Apollo: (It can't all be coincidence! But how do I make it work?) Klavier: I see a more direct line of questioning is required. Klavier: When the crime scene was investigated, immediately after the crime... Klavier: ...that window was closed! Klavier: Care to tell us how Lamiroir heard the voice? Judge: Hmm... Judge: A key point, to be sure. Judge: ...Mr. Justice! Can you explain this to the court? Apollo:

(OK Justice, you've got one thing to prove, and one thing only.) Apollo: (Lamiroir heard a "voice"...) Apollo: (...and she heard it during the second set!) Apollo: (Think! How was Lamiroir able to hear the voice?) [ The window was open. ] Apollo: Obviously, the window was open... Apollo: It had to be for her to hear the voice! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: News bulletin, Herr Forehead: That horse is dead. Stop beating it, for all our sakes. Klavier: That window was closed! Klavier: This is a hard fact, reported by the investigation team. Apollo: B-But... Klavier: Oh? You have evidence to the contrary, perhaps? Apollo: Well, no, but... Klavier: Then do be quiet. this charade. I tire of

Apollo: (Grr... Time to rethink this!)

[ She has divine hearing. ] Apollo: The window was closed, as you say, yet Lamiroir could still hear the voice... Apollo: ...because she has the power of divine hearing! Apollo: That's the only explanation! Lamiroir: ...... Klavier: ...... Judge: ...The witness is a Siren, Mr. Justice. Not a Saint. Apollo: Um, I said "hearing", Your Honor, not "healing". (Well that fell on deaf ears.) Lamiroir: I'm not sure I know what this "divine hearing" ability is... Klavier: Then perhaps we should hear it straight from the All-Powerful Voice himself. Klavier: Care to explain how clairaudience has anything to do with this case? Apollo: Uh... Erm... Can we just move on now? Judge: Only if you can enlighten this court! Apollo: (Time to rethink this...!)

[ She was somewhere else. ] Apollo: When we investigated the scene, the window was closed. Apollo: The shooter had no reason to close it, had it been open, either. Apollo: Meaning, it was impossible to hear the voice through that window. Klavier: Ah, it's good to hear you making sense again. Klavier: For a moment, I was afraid you might be a Borginian, too. Apollo: ...As I was saying, Lamiroir could not hear the voice through that window. Apollo: So there can be only one explanation. Apollo: She heard the voice from another location entirely! Judge: Wh-What's this...? Klavier: Ha ha ha, you do amuse me so. Klavier: And here I thought you and good sense were back on speaking terms. Klavier: Now, I'm afraid you and good sense speak two entirely different languages. Apollo: ......

Klavier: Shall I interpret for you, Herr Forehead? Klavier: Lamiroir clearly stated she heard the voice through that small window! Klavier: And there is only one "small window" at the scene! Apollo: ...Are you sure? Klavier: ! Apollo: Think about it... Apollo: Isn't there another "small window" at the scene? Trucy: Th-There is!? Judge: Ah, I know that look. us to ask him. He wants

Judge: Very well. You claim Lamiroir heard the voice from another location? Judge: Mr. Justice, show us where this location was! Apollo: Lamiroir heard the voice from... here! ((Present Window)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: There! That's a small window! Klavier: And this changes what?

Apollo: (Not much, I know...) Apollo: ...Erm, I couldn't find anything better, so... Judge: The court applauds your honesty. And weeps for your case, Mr. Justice. Apollo: (You're not the only one crying here...) Trucy: Apollo! again! Think it through

Apollo: I know... I'm trying... ((Present Other)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ...... Judge: Does this look like a small window to you, Mr. Justice? Apollo: ...The state of modern society can be read from numerous objects and artifacts. Apollo: In a sense, anything can be a "window" on our society. Judge: I didn't ask you to point out a window on society. I want a window on the crime scene! Apollo: (No points for trying...?) Apollo: (Lamiroir claims she heard the voice through a

"small window".) Apollo: (...And if the small window we know about was closed...) Apollo: (...there's only one other thing she could have meant!) ((Present Air Vent)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: ...This is where Lamiroir heard that voice from. Judge: B-But that's no "small window"! Judge: That's the air vent! Apollo: What did she tell us? Apollo: She said she's a Borginian, unfamiliar with our language! Apollo: It's not a stretch to imagine she called this "air vent" a "small window"! Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Now you've done it. You've gone beyond ridiculous and into... ludicrous. Klavier: So Lamiroir was up in the ventilation system listening to this man's voice? Apollo: That's the only logical explanation, yes. Klavier:

"Logical"? I do not think this word means what you think it means, Herr Forehead! Apollo: OK, what about it isn't logical? Klavier: Hah! It hardly merits saying! Klavier: Why would Lamiroir be in the ventilation system? Klavier: Hiding like a rat! No offense intended to her, of course. Apollo: The explanation for that is simple, Prosecutor Gavin. Apollo: Isn't it... Lamiroir? Lamiroir: ...! Apollo: You have been listening to our discussion here, yes? Lamiroir: ...Yes. Lamiroir: I admit, it's had me quite confused since yesterday. Lamiroir: Yes, the small window was closed... Lamiroir: ...but why should that mean I could not hear through it? Lamiroir: I feared our prosecutor might himself need an interpreter... Klavier: Urk... Apollo:

The problem here is words. Apollo: Lamiroir, this "small window" through which you heard the voice... Apollo: Was it up high, on the ceiling of the room? Not low on a wall? Lamiroir: ...Yes, it was up on the ceiling. Klavier: Whaaaat!? Judge: Order! Order! I will have order!!! Judge: ...Witness! You will clarify this statement to the court! Judge: Are you, in fact, saying that you were up above the ceiling of the room? Judge: And that's where you heard the moment of the crime? Lamiroir: Yes, in fact, I was. Lamiroir: I am sorry. I never imagined it would become such an important point... Apollo: Yes, well... why the heck were you up there!? Lamiroir: ...... Judge: I believe it's time for another testimony. Lamiroir: I... I'm not sure I...

I can't. Judge: May I remind you this is a murder trial? We will hear your testimony! Judge: Tell us why you "witnessed" the crime from above the ceiling of that room! Judge: ...Please. Lamiroir: ...... Apollo: (Well... Looks like I'm on the right track...) ** Witness Testimony ** -- Above the Ceiling -Lamiroir: Yes, I was above the ceiling when I heard the voice. Lamiroir: I had heard there was a, er, "small window" there before. Lamiroir: It was in the middle of my performance... I had no time to report what I had heard. Lamiroir: As to why I was there... I cannot say. Lamiroir: I am bound to secrecy on this matter. Judge: B-Bound to secrecy!? Lamiroir: In my line of work, one has many obligations to uphold. Judge: But you say you were in the middle of your performance!

Judge: So this did happen during the second set! Lamiroir: ...I did not witness the crime, you must understand. Lamiroir: I only know what I heard. Judge: Yes, but you must tell us what you were doing, in detail! Klavier: That's what the cross-examination is for, ja, Herr Forehead? Apollo: ...! Klavier: Our mission in this court is to discern the truth. Klavier: No obligation, no binding pact, may hinder that mission. Judge: Hmm... Very well. Judge: Mr. Justice, you may begin the cross-examination. Trucy: Wh-What are you going to do, Apollo!? Apollo: ...I'm going to find out the truth. Apollo: (...She was up above that ceiling for a reason. I just have to get it out of her.) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Above the Ceiling -Lamiroir:

Yes, I was above the ceiling when I heard the voice. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Above the ceiling... Could you be more specific? Lamiroir: I... cannot. Apollo: Because you're bound to secrecy? Lamiroir: Yes... Lamiroir: To tell the truth, I was not supposed to even say I was above the ceiling. Lamiroir: I dare not say more... Apollo: (Hmm. Doesn't sound like I'll be able to coax it out of her just by asking...) Lamiroir: I had heard there was a, er, "small window" there before. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: By "small window", you mean the air vent? Lamiroir: I only remembered I needed to be careful of where I put my hands and feet. Lamiroir: I cannot see the light coming through the window, of course. Judge: The air vent grate could trip you up, certainly.

Lamiroir: So, I was walking very carefully when I heard the gunshots. Lamiroir: Startled, I crouched and listened. Lamiroir: That is when I heard his voice come from the room. Apollo: (Daryan's voice...) Lamiroir: I knew something terrible had happened, yet... Lamiroir: It was in the middle of my performance... I had no time to report what I had heard. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So, without a word, you just let the third set start? Lamiroir: After the curtain closed for the second set, there was still much to do... Apollo: You could have prevented this whole misunderstanding if you had only told us sooner! Lamiroir: ...Yes, perhaps I could have. Klavier: I see little point in badgering the witness. What's done is done! Klavier: The mind works differently when one is in the middle of a performance. Klavier: Why, I've lost my voice in the

middle of a show and kept on singing, completely unaware. Apollo: (Singing without a voice? ...If only all contradictions were so obvious.) Apollo: (...If only I could get Lamiroir to talk.) Apollo: (Pressuring her like this doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere.) Lamiroir: As to why I was there... I cannot say. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You heard the gunshots during the second set, during your performance. Apollo: ...You're quite sure? Lamiroir: Yes... Why would I lie about the time? Judge: Why didn't you tell us this yesterday!? Lamiroir: No one asked me. Lamiroir: I thought you all knew... Judge: Hmrgh... Lamiroir: I told you Machi was not the killer. Lamiroir: I told you this many times! Apollo:

Yes, you did... Apollo: ...But you never told us why. Lamiroir: ...I am sorry. Lamiroir: I... was not able to speak of it. Apollo: (Unable... or unwilling?) Trucy: She's not talking, Apollo. What do we do? Apollo: We'll just have to prove it ourselves. Apollo: ...As long as she is bound by this pact of silence, she won't talk. Apollo: But if I can prove why she was up there, she'll have to admit it. Trucy: But how are you going to do that!? Trucy: She was singing on the stage, Apollo! Trucy: She couldn't have been up above the ceiling, too! Apollo: Yes she could. Trucy: ! Apollo: I've got a theory as to why, too... Apollo: And maybe I've got the

evidence to prove it! Lamiroir: I am bound to secrecy on this matter. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Exactly who bound you to secrecy? Lamiroir: I'm... not sure I'm allowed to say who it was. Lamiroir: ...No, I think perhaps that is alright. It is just a name, after all. Lamiroir: It was Valant Gramarye... Perhaps you know him? Klavier: Valant Gramarye! What!?

Trucy: You mean Uncle Valant!? Judge: What!? Valant Gramarye!? Judge: ...... Who's Valant Gramarye? Lamiroir: A grand magician... the one responsible for the illusion performed during our concert. Klavier: ...... Apollo: (Interesting reaction, Prosecutor Gavin...) Apollo: (Lamiroir was bound to secrecy...) Apollo:

(...It's going to take some hard-hitting proof to make her talk!) Apollo: (I think I know why she was up there... but how do I prove it?) ((Present Video Tape)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Lamiroir, truth be told, the reason for your presence above that ceiling is quite clear. Apollo: Especially when you consider what happened during your performance. Lamiroir: What "happened"...? Apollo: Yes. It's all right here on this video. It wraps itself around me, And now through the air I fly. Woh... Woh... Burning on in my heart. Fire. Burn my love away. All away. Like a bullet of love. Fire. Take my life away. All away. Guitar, Guitar... Up together to the sky. Lamiroir: ...... Apollo: As we can see, Lamiroir was clearly not on stage for her entire performance! Judge: Ah... Apollo:

Though it saddens me to be so realistic... Apollo: Lamiroir is incapable of actually vanishing, let alone teleportation. Apollo: So, the only explanation is that she was hidden from view. Apollo: And during that time, she moved to the back of the forum. Trucy: Apollo! Apollo: Wh-What, Trucy? Trucy: It's not nice to reveal a magician's secrets! And it's against the rules! Apollo: But I'm a lawyer! I'm not supposed to be nice! Judge: This... is all very fascinating. Judge: But how is it possible? Judge: There is only twenty seconds between when she disappears nad reappears! Judge: She couldn't have moved that fast! Klavier: ...... Judge: Is... something wrong, Prosecutor Gavin? Apollo: ...This was his concert,

his show. Apollo: He knows how the illusion was performed. Judge: Ah ha! Apollo: He's just realizing his own oversight. Apollo: Let's look at the cross-section diagram again. Apollo: Here, we can trace a route through the ceiling... Apollo: It goes from the stage, through the backstage to the rear of the forum. Judge: Ah... Aaaaah! Apollo: Recall Lamiroir's testimony from yesterday... Lamiroir: I was on my way from the stage to the backstage exit. Lamiroir: There was something like a little window there... That's how I saw it. Judge: She went from the stage to the backstage exit... Judge: ...a perfect description of this route above the ceiling! Apollo: Lamiroir knew of this because of her part in the illusion. Apollo: But she wasn't the only one who knew.

Klavier: What...? Apollo: Just now in the lobby, Machi told me something: Machi: I know. Machi: I know if I opening vent... Machi: ...I can leave stage and back... backstage. Klavier: He said that!? Apollo: Oh, were you not informed, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: ............ I... Klavier: I knew about the vanishing act, of course. Klavier: Yet, I had no idea of the route that would be used. Klavier: Why didn't that magician tell me! Trucy: Magicians only reveal details of their acts on a need-to-know basis. Trucy: They're the bread and butter of a magician's life, you know. Apollo: (Which is why he bound Lamiroir to secrecy...) Apollo: ...Well, Lamiroir?

Lamiroir: ...I am impressed, Mr. Attorney. Lamiroir: Machi was right about you. Judge: So... what does this mean? Judge: Are you saying you used this route above the ceiling? Lamiroir: ...I did. Judge: Well, that's that... but I'm still a little confused. Apollo: Why's that, Your Honor? Judge: As I said before... Judge: There was very little time between when she disappeared and when she reappeared. Judge: Twenty seconds, tops! How could she do it so fast? Judge: Especially if she stopped to hear the shooter's voice! Apollo: That... That's a good question. Judge: Can the witness explain this to the court? Lamiroir: I... cannot. Judge: ...Very well. Mr. Justice? Apollo:

Yes? Judge: It's all up to you Do your thing. Apollo: Um, what thing, Your Honor? Judge: You need to explain how Lamiroir was able to teleport like she did. Judge: Or I'm throwing your case out with the bathwater. Apollo: Ugh... Apollo: (Why do I get picked on? It's Lamiroir who isn't going along with the program here!) Lamiroir: As I have stated before... Lamiroir: I am not at liberty to speak of the illusion that night in detail. Judge: Then, you'll just have to tell us what you can. Judge: We'll hear your testimony on this. Judge: Mr. Justice, it will be your job to wring the truth out of her. Lamiroir: Yes, if you would, please. Apollo: ...Right. Apollo: (I feel like a student before finals...)

Trucy: Good luck, Apollo! ** Witness Testimony ** -- The Big Illusion -Lamiroir: I followed the route exactly as I was instructed. Lamiroir: There is an emergency exit in the backstage, where a stagehand waited. Lamiroir: From there, one can enter the forum on the opposite side from the stage. Lamiroir: The plan was for me to move there in two minutes. Lamiroir: I was on my way, when I heard the voice. Judge: Hmm... Two minutes, you say? The mystery deepens! Apollo: (I suppose it was too much to hope that the judge would come up with something...) Judge: As does my curiosity! Judge: Take it away, Mr. Justice. Apollo: ...Right, Your Honor. Apollo: (All I have to do is find the contradiction between what Lamiroir is saying...) Apollo: (...and what we can see plainly in the video.) Trucy: I figured it out already!

I am a magician, after all. Apollo: Well, tell me! Trucy: Not a chance! Trucy: I can't reveal another magician's secrets! C'mon! Apollo: (Hey! You're supposed to be on my side here!) ** Cross-Examination ** -- The Big Illusion -Lamiroir: I followed the route exactly as I was instructed. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: How did you, er, proceed along this "route"? Lamiroir: How? Why, I walked. Apollo: But you arrived behind the forum much too fast to have been walking! Apollo: Tell the truth Lamiroir... you rode some kind of vehicle! Judge: What!? A vehicle!? vehicle? What

Klavier: Ah, what a novel idea. I like it. Trucy: Hey, that's not a bad guess! Wrong, but not bad! Apollo: (Hah hah, yes, laugh at the dumb attorney. I don't mind.)

Lamiroir: Ah ha ha. I'm sorry, but the girl is right. That vent was much too small for vehicles. Lamiroir: It was a tight fit. Even I had to crouch as I walked. Lamiroir: I cannot imagine a vehicle that would fit in such a small space. Apollo: (Argh! If it wasn't a vehicle what was it?) Judge: You had me going for a while there, Mr. Justice. Too bad! Judge: Ready for the next part? Apollo: (Why do I feel like I'm on some kind of quiz show?) Lamiroir: There is an emergency exit in the backstage, where a stagehand waited. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Did everyone on the concert staff know about the trick? Lamiroir: Not all. Only a few that were needed to help. Trucy: See? Like I said, it's on a need-to-know basis. Apollo: (So, not many people knew about the trick...) Jduge: What were these stagehands required to do?

Lamiroir: One needed to open the emergency exit. Lamiroir: The door to the stairs is locked, but once through there... Lamiroir: From there, one can enter the forum on the opposite side from the stage. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So when you came back out, you were behind the audience. Lamiroir: Yes, that is how it worked. Klavier: Not a bad show, if I do say so myself. Trucy: That's Uncle Valant for you! The old Gramarye touch! Judge: But on the video, you were only gone for twenty seconds! Judge: How is that possible? Apollo: (That's the part I don't get either...) Lamiroir: Ah ha ha. Yes, it would be hard to go so far in only twenty seconds... Lamiroir: The plan was for me to move there in two minutes. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo:

Two minutes...? Lamiroir: Yes. It can be done in one minute, if you are running. Apollo: Running? In that cramped, dark tunnel above the ceiling? Lamiroir: Ha ha, Mr. Attorney. forgotten? Have you

Lamiroir: Dark or lit, it makes no difference to me. Apollo: Ah, that's true, but... Judge: So, you're saying that on the night of the concert, you made the trip in two minutes? Lamiroir: Yes... though I nearly didn't make it in time. Lamiroir: You see... I stopped halfway. Apollo: (Lamiroir disappears on the video for twenty seconds.) Apollo: (But she says she made the trip in two minutes! How?) Trucy: If you want my professional opinion, I'll bet the answer's right there in that video. Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: Perhaps you have some evidence for us? Judge: Something that can explain the discrepancy between the video and her testimony?

Apollo: Ack! Apollo: (Evidence explaining the discrepancy...?) [ There's no evidence ] Apollo: (What kind of evidence could prove that...?) Apollo: Um, what's your professional opinion about this one, Trucy? Trucy: Sorry. I don't work in evidence. Apollo: And I don't work in tricks! I'm an attorney, not a magician for crying out loud! Trucy: Really? I'm sure Daddy would have loved working on this. Apollo: Thanks, that makes me feel oh so much better. Judge: Well, I don't know about all of you, but I find this mystery fascinating! Judge: And I'm not letting this trial go any further until we get to the bottom of it! Judge: The defense will continue with the cross-examination until we have some answers! Apollo: (Easier said than done...) [ Present evidence ]

Apollo: There's one piece of evidence that explains the discrepancy between video and testimony! ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: Ah ha! So this is it? The magical key to unlocking this illusion's dark secret!? Judge: Tell us how it works! Quickly! I can't bear the suspense! Apollo: (...I was kind of hoping someone else would jump in at this point.) Apollo: W-Well, you see... Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: Herr Judge, I do hate to spoil the mood... Klavier: ...but I haven't the faintest idea what he's talking about. And neither does he. Trucy: I'm a little confused, too, there, Apollo. Apollo: ...Right! By which I conclude that... I was wrong. Trucy: Better luck next time, Polly-wog! Judge: ...Mr. Justice.

Judge: I'm holding you responsible for spoiling my mood! Apollo: (Was that a tear I just saw in the judge's eye?) Apollo: (...Alright, nothing to do but rethink this through.) Apollo: (The key's in the video somewhere. I'm sure of it!) ((Present Brooch)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Lamiroir... do you happen to remember this brooch? Judge: Ah ha! The brooch! We saw that yesterday, did we not? Apollo: It was found at the scene, Your Honor. Klavier: And you're bringing this up now... why? Klavier: I thought we had already determined when that was dropped. Apollo: So did I... but we hadn't. Klavier: ...! Apollo: Take another look at the video... Apollo: Here, you can see she's wearing the brooch!

Judge: Hmm... So she is. Apollo: Let's look a bit later. Judge: Wh-Whaaat? It's gone! Klavier: Whaaat...!? Apollo: Yes... the brooch disappeared in the short space of twenty seconds. Apollo: And it takes a full minute to run from the stage to the backstage... Apollo: Which means there can be only one explanation. Apollo: The Lamiroir we see before the vanishing act and the Lamiroir we see after... Apollo: ...are two different people! Judge: Wha... Whaaaaaaaaaaat!? Apollo: The brooch was found on the floor at the crime scene. Apollo: And not just on the floor... Apollo: ...but on the floor directly beneath the air vent! Apollo: Lamiroir, tell me... Apollo: Did you drop the brooch on your way from the stage to the backstage? The brooch!

Apollo: ...At the very moment you "witnessed" the crime? Lamiroir: ...Yes, I think I did. Judge: Order! P-Prosecutor Gavin! Klavier: ...From your expression, I gather you had no idea this was the case, Herr Judge. Klavier: I, of course, knew about it. Judge: Wh-What? Klavier: Don't get me wrong, I wasn't hiding it. It just never occurred to me... Klavier: ...that the switch and the shooting took place at the same time. Apollo: So... I was right? was a switch? Klavier: There was. Klavier: Just before the stage's tower rose, Lamiroir was "replaced". Judge: While we're on the subject, just who was this replacement Lamiroir...? Klavier: Why, the man behind the illusion. Valant Gramarye. Apollo: (It was Gramarye...!?) Apollo: That's... quite the illusion. There

But I still don't get one thing... Lamiroir: Yes? Apollo: ...The switch happened before the tower rose, correct? Apollo: So you weren't on the stage! Lamiroir: That's right. Apollo: But this, er, fake Lamiroir is still singing! Apollo: And she's pretty good! Judge: That's true! Trucy: C'mon, Apollo! easy one. That's an

Trucy: They were just playing a recording! Klavier: Ah ha ha... Klavier: The Gavinners aren't some kind of air guitar band, Fräulein. Trucy: Oh? You mean, I'm wrong? Klavier: When we play a show live, we play live. No recordings. Klavier: ...Perhaps you can explain, Lamiroir? Lamiroir: Very well... Judge: Yes, do tell! And add it to

your testimony. ((Testimony 5 changes)) ((Press Again)) Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: All made possible by the switching trick. Lamiroir: It was quite a surprise to me at first. Lamiroir: To think, a man, posing as me! Klavier: An enchantment woven with music and magic... Perfection! Lamiroir: Yes, above all else, I was careful that the music did not stop. Lamiroir: I was on my way, when I heard the voice. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: And it was Daryan's voice you heard? Lamiroir: Yes, I am certain it was him. Klavier: *OBJECTION!* Klavier: A matter best left for later, ja? Klavier: Put that forehead of yours to work on this illusion first. Apollo:

*OBJECTION!* Apollo: Hold on! I think the identity of the killer is a little more important, don't you? Judge: Importance shmortance! Objection overruled! Judge: Tell us about the illusion! Trucy: No use trying to avoid the problem at hand, Apollo. Apollo: (Trying to avoid the problem? This is a murder trial, the killer is the problem!) Lamiroir: I... had to keep singing, even while I moved. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You were... singing...? Lamiroir: Yes. Lamiroir: Mr. Gavin expressed a dislike for recordings... Lamiroir: So I used this. Apollo: Wait... so you were singing the whole time? Apollo: Even when you were crawling above the ceiling toward the backstage!? Lamiroir: Why should it matter where I sing, when everywhere I go is the same darkness?

Apollo: (The contradiction between Lamiroir's testimony and the video...) Apollo: (Unraveling an illusion can't be so different from solving a normal case... Right...?) Trucy: Sorry, Apollo. I'm not telling. Not even if you make those puppy dog faces. Apollo: (...Fine, fine.) ((Pressed new 5)) Judge: B-But if you were singing while you were walking... Trucy: That's right! Wouldn't the shooter and victim have heard? Trucy: She was singing right over their heads, after all! Apollo: That... is right! Klavier: ...Are you sure? Apollo: You'd have to be pretty hard of hearing to miss someone singing in the ceiling! Klavier: Once again we come back to the state of the scene of the crime. Apollo: What state...? Trucy: Ack... I know what he means! That old speaker, Apollo! Apollo:

The speaker!? Apollo: That speaker was blaring at the time of the murder... Ema: Ah, that's for monitoring the stage from this room. Trucy: Monitoring? Ema: It pipes in a real-time feed from the stage microphones. Ema: Useful for knowing when your set is coming up. Klavier: ...Satisfied? Klavier: That dressing room was fitted with a large speaker playing a direct feed from the stage. Klavier: ...At my request, actually. Apollo: So Lamiroir singing in the ceiling... Apollo: ...sounded just like Lamiroir singing over the speaker. Judge: Ingenious! Her voice was hidden... by her voice! Lamiroir: Ah... Apollo: Lamiroir? Lamiroir: I... have just remembered something. Judge: Do tell!

Lamiroir: When I heard the noise... the gunshots, yes? Lamiroir: It startled me, so I... Apollo: So you...? Lamiroir: I stopped singing. Judge: What...? Lamiroir: I forgot the words I was supposed to sing! Apollo: (The song... stopped!?) Lamiroir: Thankfully, it was the very beginning of the second verse. Lamiroir: So not many would notice. Klavier: Forehead! That mixing board I lent you! Where is it? Apollo: The mixing... huh? Trucy: That machine, Apollo! The one that breaks music into tracks! Apollo: Oh, this! I'd completely forgotten about it... Apollo: Let's take a listen! Sugar, Sugar... O that night, in your embrace. When you stole away the keys my heart held on to so tight. Pleasure... But a fleeting melody

Apollo: The song does stop there! Judge: It does? it... I must have missed

Apollo: Look at the lyrics sheet, at the top of the second verse. Apollo: See where it says "Pleasure, Pleasure..."? Apollo: Now listen again! When you stole away the keys my heart held on to so tight. Pleasure... But a fleeting melody Judge: ...This is evidence indeed! Judge: I believe we are guilty of making a terrible mistake. Apollo: The crime didn't happen during the third set. Apollo: It happened during the second, during Lamiroir's ballad. Judge: If that is true... Judge: ...then no one on stage during the second set could have been the shooter! Apollo: Which means that Daryan Crescend could have done it! Apollo: He wasn't on stage for the second set! Klavier:

...... Apollo: Well, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: ...Fascinating. Apollo: ! Klavier: I don't believe I've ever seen a trial turned around quite so thoroughly. Klavier: ...Yet one problem remains. Judge: What's that, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: Herr Forehead's theory does have a certain kind of logic to it. Klavier: Yet it is entirely based upon Lamiroir's testimony. Judge: Yes? Is there a problem with that? Klavier: Well, it's quite simple, though it pains me to say it. Klavier: What if she is lying to protect the defendant? Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: But you have no proof...! Klavier: All I'm saying is that the truth is as yet unclear. Klavier: ...Until we hear directly from the man himself.

Judge: The man... you don't mean!? Klavier: ...Yes. Klavier: Though he is a friend, and band member, Daryan Crescend must take the stand. Klavier: I see no other way. Judge: As... someone with a new perspective on the case? Klavier: ...As a suspect, to be frank. Apollo: (...Finally! The rat's coming out of his hole!) Apollo: (And I'm ready to catch him! Daryan Crescend, get ready for Justice!) Judge: This is as good a time as any to pause for a brief recess. Judge: The prosecution will summon the witness. Judge: Have him here and ready by the time we begin. Klavier: ...I'm the last man who needs to be reminded of what his duties are. Judge: Very well, court is adjourned for a fifteen-minute recess! To be continued. ============================ Episode 3 Turnabout Serenade

Day 3: Trial Latter -30302============================ --July 10, 1:40 PM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 2 --Trucy: Apollo! I can't believe it! Trucy: It really happened during the second act? Trucy: A-And right in the middle of Lamiroir's performance!? Apollo: Why she was in that air vent... Apollo: ...and that "switch" and the flaming guitar. Apollo: When you link it all together, that's what you end up with. ???: ...I knew you had what it took. Trucy: Ah... Daddy! Apollo: Mr. Wright! Apollo: You... believed in me? Phoenix: Not really. Apollo: Huh? Phoenix: I just thought that'd make a cooler entrance than, say, "hiya"!

Apollo: ...Why do I even bother hoping? Trucy: Where have you been lately, Daddy? Trucy: You haven't been coming to the office at all! Phoenix: Ah, sorry about that, Trucy. I'm on a... secret mission. Trucy: Secret? You mean like, you're undercover? Apollo: Like Mr. LeTouse, only shorter and not as well dressed. Trucy: Oh no! What if you're shot, too, Daddy!? Phoenix: Ah ha ha! Would I do a thing like that to you? Phoenix: Anyway, I'm off for a while again. Apollo: Huh? You're leaving? Phoenix: Oh, one thing before I go. Apollo: What? Phoenix: ............... Good luck. Apollo: ...Right. Phoenix: ...... Apollo:

...... Um... Apollo: Is that all you came to say? Phoenix: ...I think you have things pretty much under control. Phoenix: You'll get Machi Tobaye off the hook, no doubt. Apollo: Yeah, but... Phoenix: But you're after that detective, aren't you? Apollo: Daryan Crescend... Phoenix: It won't be easy proving he did it. Phoenix: Especially not under the current court system... Apollo: The current court system...? Phoenix: What did Prosecutor Gavin say during the trial? Phoenix: Your case is based on one fragile assumption. Phoenix: ...Namely, that our diva divine is telling the truth. Trucy: But what about all the proof? Trucy: The brooch... and the switch! Phoenix: A piece of jewelry, and a lyrical blunder...

Phoenix: There are plenty of other ways to explain these things. The flaming guitar, too. Phoenix: ...All because you lack definitive proof of their connection to the case. Trucy: But...! Phoenix: If the sultry songstress is lying... Phoenix: ...your case melts like butter in a frying pan. Phoenix: Leaving behind the faintly singed scent of failure. Apollo: So what do I do!? Phoenix: Like I said. Good luck. Phoenix: And be aware that it will be impossible to prove his guilt by conventional methods. Apollo: Ugh... Phoenix: Oh, that reminds me. Phoenix: I have something to give you from our detective friend. Apollo: Detective Skye... Ema!? Phoenix: Let's see. This bag of snacks here was meant for me... Phoenix: Ah, here it is.

Trucy: What are those, Daddy? Trucy: They don't look like very good snacking material. Phoenix: They were found at the scene. Phoenix: Analysis of the fragments revealed traces of gunpowder. Trucy: Gunpowder...!? Phoenix: Probably a firecracker or something similar, like the ones kids are into these days. Phoenix: These fragments were found under the sofa at the scene of the crime, actually. Apollo: Under the sofa... Trucy: Hey, Apollo! Trucy: That's where we found that little device thingy! Apollo: Right... this. Apollo: (Well, finally, some evidence that makes sense...) ** Burnt Fragments added to the Court Record. ** ---------------------------Burnt Fragments Type: Evidence Received from Phoenix Wright. Found at the crime scene, bearing a gunpowder residue. Possibly a firecracker?

=Check -> Examine Tube= Apollo: So... you think this was some kind of firecracker? Trucy: Yeah, or one of those noisemakers, like you shoot off on New Years! Apollo: Did you know that in China, they use firecrackers on New Years to scare off evil? Apollo: So, it's kind of the same thing. Trucy: Really!? I had no idea!

Trucy: Well did you know this? Trucy: It takes more than 500 peanuts to make one 12-ounce jar of peanut butter! Apollo: (At least my useless fact had something to do with the evidence...) ---------------------------Phoenix: That's all for me, I suppose. Phoenix: See you after the verdict. Maybe. Apollo: Right... Phoenix: Every man has an igniter inside him. Apollo: ...Excuse me? Phoenix: Find Daryan Crescend's

igniter... and set it off. Apollo: (And he walked out the door, just like... just like a magician. Normally.) Trucy: Uhh... What does he want us to do? Trucy: No "conventional methods"? What does that mean? Apollo: I guess we just have to take his advice, and hope it makes sense when the time comes. Trucy: I guess... Apollo: (We're almost at the finish line. Hang in there, Trucy.) --July 10, 1:55 PM District Court Courtroom No. 3 --Judge: ...Court is now back in session. Prosecutor Gavin, where is Detective Crescend? Klavier: In the witness lounge, ready to be called at any time. Judge: Very well. Klavier: Might I add... I don't believe any of this. Klavier: He... Daryan was the first detective I ever worked with. Klavier: We stopped working together when he moved to Criminal Affairs, Division 3...

Klavier: But his guitar playing... it fires my imagination! Apollo: That's nice, but it has nothing to do with the matter at hand. Apollo: ...Correct? Klavier: Oh, I know. ...Herr Forehead. Judge: Very well, call the final witness to the stand! Judge: ...Detective Daryan Crescend! Klavier: ...Name and occupation, please. Daryan: Daryan Crescend. Detecive, Criminal Affairs, Division 3. Daryan: That's the International Affairs Division, for those of you who didn't know. Daryan: ...And I'm a guitarist for the Gavinners. Maybe you've heard of us? Judge: Do you fully understand the circumstances under which you stand before us today? Daryan: Yeah, I understand, Your Honor. Daryan: What I don't understand... is how you let this happen, "partner".

Klavier: ...... Daryan: You gave me your word I wouldn't be standing here. Klavier: The situation's changed, Daryan... Klavier: And don't call me "partner". Daryan: Feh. So much for old friends. Klavier: ...... Apollo: (I see what you're doing, Daryan. You're "pressing" the prosecution!) Apollo: ...Your Honor, if we could begin the trial? Judge: Yes, it's high time we did. Let's hear your testimony. Judge: You may begin with your response to Lamiroir's testimony. Judge: If, in fact you have anything to say about it. Daryan: Oh I got plenty to say. Daryan: Lying must be a national pastime in Borginia. Daryan: ...And wherever you're from, Mr. "Justice". Hah! Apollo: ...... Apollo:

(Conventional methods are out the window, huh...) Apollo: (...Here goes nothing!) ** Witness Testimony ** -- Daryan's Rebuttal -Daryan: The diva's lying, plain and simple. She's got nothing to back up her story. Daryan: In the first place, she never heard my voice! Daryan: She "forgot the words because she heard gunshots"? As if! Daryan: Didn't Detective Ema Skye hear those gunshots during the third set, anyway? Daryan: The shooting took place when I was on stage, man! Judge: Hmm... So you claim Lamiroir's testimony was a lie? Daryan: Hey, don't get me wrong, I dig what she's doing, trying to protect that kid. Daryan: And she's got the court eating vague statements out of her hand just 'cause she's blind. Klavier: ...You go too far, Daryan. Daryan: Look, all I'm saying is, you've got a reliable witness. Daryan: Why not listen to the detective?

Judge: Detective Skye...? I see.


Judge: Mr. Justice, you may begin the cross-examination. Apollo: (He didn't waste any time finding our weak spot...) Apollo: (I can't do this with Lamiroir's testimony alone.) Apollo: (I'll have to find some other way to prove when the shooting took place!) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Daryan's Rebuttal -Daryan: The diva's lying, plain and simple. She's got nothing to back up her story. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You don't have any proof she was lying! Daryan: Oh yeah, kid? You saying I lied? Apollo: No! I'm just saying, uh... Trucy: Apollo! Glare back at him!

Apollo: (I couldn't help it! I flinched by reflex!) Apollo: Detective Crescend! Daryan: Yeah? What do you want?

Apollo: Um, n-nothing. Trucy: Apollo! Chin up! Back straight! You're wilting! Apollo: (This guy's hard as nails! He makes Wocky look downright cooperative.) Daryan: Look, there's no way the diva remembers my voice. Daryan: In the first place, she never heard my voice! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You never talked to her, even though you were playing in the same concert? Daryan: Not a word, as far as I can recall. Apollo: But, weren't there planning sessions or something? Daryan: Gavin took care of all that himself. Klavier: ...Daryan wasn't involved in any of the meetings with her. Apollo: Ugh... Daryan: As if you can just go around remembering everyone's voice like that anyway. Daryan: Only an idiot would believe that!

Apollo: (Lamiroir's hearing is very sensitive...) Apollo: (She could remember him if she heard him, I'm sure of it... I just can't prove it.) Apollo: (And I need proof!) Daryan: She "forgot the words because she heard gunshots"? As if! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: We know she missed the words. The mixing board proved it! Daryan: Oh, yeah, there was a mistake. But blaming it on gunshots is just a lame excuse. Apollo: What do you mean...? Daryan: The mixing board proves what? It proves there was a mistake in the song. A missed cue. Daryan: So? She just flubbed it up, big time. That's all. Daryan: She spins this story about a gunshot to protect the kid... and cover for her own goof. Daryan: Man, I'd have to hand it to her... if she wasn't sticking it to me at the same time. Klavier: ...Daryan, watch what you say. Lamiroir is an artist. Klavier: She "just flubbed it up"? That's no small accusation for

a performer of her caliber. Daryan: Heh. She got to you, alright. I can see it in your eyes. Daryan: I tell you, most of her stuff is so pretentious, it's way over my head. Apollo: (I'm detecting a rift in the Gavinners's ranks.) Daryan: Anyway, she's too close to the defendant. Her testimony can't be trusted. Daryan: You ask me, I'd go with Detective Skye's story at the drop of a pick. Daryan: Didn't Detective Ema Skye hear those gunshots during the third set, anyway? Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Actually... I was there, too. Daryan: So I hear. Daryan: Which means you heard them, too, right? The gunshots. Apollo: Yes. We heard "gunshots". Apollo: Neither I nor Ema actually saw the shooting, mind you. Daryan: ...... Heh.

Daryan: I guess you and Lamiroir got the same excuse then. Klavier: We know one thing for certain here. Klavier: There were gunshot-like sounds that emanated from that room during the third set. Klavier: What we must determine is whether those sounds were actually gunshots. Trucy: Machi heard them, too! Trucy: Remember he said he ran for the air duct when he heard them? Apollo: (So... how do we figure out just what those "gunshots" during the third set were?) ((Present Burnt Fragments)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Some things were found at the crime scene after yesterday's trial. Judge: What things? Apollo: The first was this small device... Klavier: ...That's the remote-triggered igniter. Apollo: Correct. And... one more thing.

Judge: What are those? The remains of something burnt? Not another guitar, I hope!? Klavier: Traces of gunpowder were found on these fragments. Klavier: We have a report that it was something like a firecracker. Apollo: Eh... (How did Gavin know about this...?) Klavier: What? You think Detective Skye works for you? Klavier: I received the report this morning, before coming here. Klavier: That's when I made my decision, actually. Judge: What decision is this, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: I registered Daryan as a witness in today's trial. Klavier: ...Just in case. Daryan: ...... Apollo: This raises another possibility. Apollo: Those gunshot-like sounds during the third set... Apollo: ...could have been two firecrackers rigged to go off by remote control!

Daryan: Ha ha! Daryan: You got an active imagination, don't you? Daryan: But you shouldn't say every little thing you think. Daryan: Your explanation there seems a bit too convenient to me. Apollo: How so? Daryan: So, you're saying these firecrackers just happened to go off... Daryan: ...right when two witnesses came walking by? Hah! Apollo: ...! Trucy: That's right! Trucy: Daryan was out on stage when it happened, Apollo! Trucy: How would he know someone was backstage right then!? Daryan: If a firecracker goes off in the forest, and there's no one there to hear... Daryan: You get my drift! Why go through the trouble, man!? Apollo: Urk...! Apollo: (How do I explain this...?) Klavier:

...He may not look it, but Daryan is a gifted detective. Klavier: Show any weakness, and he's sure to find it. Daryan: "He may not look it", partner? Gee, thanks, man. Klavier: ...That reminds me. Klavier: I happened to pass through that very hallway several times that day myself. Klavier: And I saw something odd there just before the third set. Apollo: Something... odd? Klavier: A headset. The kind all of the band and staff members were wearing. Apollo: ...! (That's right!) Apollo: (We picked this up in front of the door to that dressing room!) Klavier: What if that headset wasn't dropped, but placed? And what if it was turned on? Apollo: You could hear what was going on in that hallway! Apollo: Even if you were out on stage! Daryan: Feh... Daryan: Whose side are you on, Gavin?

Klavier: Listen to me, Daryan. There are no sides in a court of law. Daryan: ...... Klavier: Which is why I now turn to you, Herr Forehead. Klavier: I've a question for you. Apollo: Huh? For me...? Klavier: The igniter and the burnt fragments that were found at the scene of the crime... Klavier: It's certainly a possibility that they were part of a ruse to fake the sound of gunshots. Klavier: Throw the headset from the hallway into the mix, and you could fabricate an alibi. Klavier: But we're still no closer to proving anything. Klavier: Those gunshots might have been real, or fake. We can't say. Apollo: Ugh... Klavier: You've raised the possibility that the shots heard during the third set were faked. Klavier: Now you need to prove the other half of the case. Apollo: The other half...?

Daryan: Look, I'll just tell him. Apollo: ! Daryan: He wants you to prove the thing went down in the second act... Daryan: ...while our little piano player was on stage. Daryan: That right, Gavin? Klavier: Indeed. If you can't prove that... Klavier: ...then to continue this cross-examination would be pointless. Judge: Hmm... Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: Can you prove the crime took place during the second set? Apollo: Uh... Yeah, I think... Trucy: You'd better know, Apollo! Otherwise we're through... Apollo: It can be proven! Klavier: ...You make it sound like someone else is going to come along and do it for you. Judge: Let's continue with the cross-examination then, shall we? Judge:

Witness, your testimony, if you would. Apollo: (This isn't going to be easy.) Apollo: (I need some decisive proof, and fast...) Daryan: Heh... You ready, kid? 'Cause I am. Daryan: The shooting took place during the second set? If you're so sure, let's see your proof. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: But the "gunshots" heard during the third set could have been... Daryan: What? Some kind of set up? I've heard that one before. Apollo: Uh... Trucy: We need proof, Apollo! Trucy: We need to prove that the shooting took place during the second set! Apollo: Well, if you know how to do that, I'm all ears. Trucy: Maybe the gunshots are the key after all! Apollo: What do you mean? Trucy: Well, Lamiroir said she heard them, right?

Trucy: Right in the middle of her illusion, when she was up above the ceiling. Apollo: ...When she forgot the words to the song, yeah. Trucy: If you can prove the gun was shot right when she missed those lyrics... Trucy: ...we're home free, I'd think. Apollo: True... Not easy, but true... Apollo: (Is there some way to prove that...?) Trucy: Let's take a look through our evidence! Maybe there's something in there... Daryan: ...Hey, aren't you supposed to be cross-examining me? Judge: Try to refrain from private discussions during crossexamination, Mr. Justice. Apollo: Er, right, Your Honor! Sorry! Apollo: (Just let me take a quick look through the Court Record...) Daryan: The shooting took place when I was on stage, man! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: That could have been what the shooter wanted us to think!

Daryan: I'll tell you what the shooter, that kid, wants you to think. Daryan: He wants you to think the diva heard me in that room. Apollo: (Ack! I'm back to relying on Lamiroir's testimony!) Klavier: As much as I'm enjoying the Daryan & Forehead show, there is no need for such tempers. Apollo: Don't make us into some comedy duo. Daryan: This mean the Gavin & Daryan show's cancelled? Klavier: Neither of your claims can be proven... or disproved. Klavier: We could argue for days like this and get nowhere. Judge: Prosecutor Gavin is quite right. Judge: This court will hear no further discussion on this topic without new facts. Apollo: (New facts, huh...?) Trucy: He's pretty eager to paint Lamiroir as a liar, isn't he? Apollo: Yeah, because her testimony is basically our entire case. Trucy: Hmm... This is tough. So, what do we do?

Apollo: ...I've got a few ideas. Apollo: (I just need to find another way to prove it didn't happen when he says it did!) ((Present Mixing Board)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: ...It seems there was clear proof left behind. Apollo: ...Right here in Lamiroir's song. Daryan: Her song...!? Judge: What exactly is this, erm, device thingy? Judge: A new variety of gramophone, perhaps? Apollo: (C'mon, we just used this! And don't get me started on "gramophone"!) Apollo: This device was used to record the performance part by part. Judge: Part...? Klavier: You move the sliders to adjust the volume. Klavier: Each instrument is adjustable separately. Lamiroir's voice included. Judge: Ho hoh! ...But what does this prove?

Apollo: According to Lamiroir's testimony... Apollo: At the moment of the shooting, she forgot the words to the song. Klavier: Ah... You intend to examine the recording at that moment, ja? Klavier: We might even hear those gunshots! Apollo: ...Exactly. Daryan: Hah! Ridiculous. Daryan: How are you supposed to hear gunshots back in that dressing room out on stage? Klavier: Have you forgotten, Daryan? Klavier: We were all wearing these headsets. Daryan: Oh... Klavier: We were all deeply involved in our performance... Klavier: ...but Lamiroir's headset would've picked up what she heard all the same. Judge: Then let's get to analyzing that recording! Judge: ...Right now! Apollo:

(Lamiroir stopped singing when she heard the shots fired...) Apollo: (Find that spot, and I'll find the gunshots!) ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Your Honor! part! Listen to this

Judge: Wh-What's this!? Judge: ...... I hear nothing! possible!?

How is this

Apollo: (Wait, isn't the judge hard of hearing?) Judge: I can hear just fine, thank you very much! Apollo: (Ack! He heard me thinking!) Judge: I saw what you were thinking on your face. Klavier: Herr Judge's hearing aside, I, too, heard nothing. Klavier: ...Leading me to believe there is nothing there to be heard. Apollo: (Ugh... I guess that's the wrong spot.) Judge: A penalty, on behalf of all who are hearing-impaired, you insensitive braggart! Enjoy!

Apollo: Ugh... Judge: Mr. Justice! Once more, if you would! ((Present Track 1)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Your Honor! Listen closely to this part! Apollo: This is the track with Lamiroir's vocals! When you stole away the keys my heart held on to so tight. Pleasure... Judge: ...I did hear something faintly there, yes! Judge: Why... it sounded like a gunshot! Dayran: Wh-What!? This has to be some kind of mistake! Klavier: I believe a case has been made. Klavier: Gunshots were heard during the second set. Klavier: Which means Lamiroir's testimony... was true. Daryan: ...Grah! Judge: Order! So... she was telling the truth about what she heard?

Lamiroir: It was the other man speaking, not Mr. LeTouse. Judge: Well, what did he say!? Lamiroir: "It's over. Now!" Press the switch!

Apollo: Just after that, there was a gunshot... and then the guitar caught on fire. Klavier: Detective Crescend... You weren't on stage during the second set. Klavier: You could have done it. Judge: Hmm... But why did we only hear one gunshot on the recording? Judge: Weren't two bullets fired from this weapon? Apollo: Lamiroir was moving through the air vent, Your Honor. Apollo: She must not have been close enough for her mic to catch the first shot. Apollo: But then, as she passed over the dressing room... Apollo: ...the gun fired again, and Mr. LeTouse's life was taken. Apollo: Well, Detective Crescend? Daryan: ......

Klavier: Ah, once again I am reminded of something. Apollo: ...? Klavier: Our performance that day... Judge: Your performance? Klavier: Seeing the mixing board jogged my memory. Klavier: You were there, too, Herr Forehead. Klavier: What is it with today!? Klavier: Problem after problem! Achtung! Klavier: My hog won't start. case is busted... My guitar

Klavier: guitar's been burnt to a crisp, and to top it all off, someone's dead! Klavier: ...And then there was that performance just now. Klavier: What was that all about!? Apollo: This part is off. Klavier: Which is that? 2nd Guitar. Daryan: Ah. Klavier: It was you Daryan! Hmm...

Klavier: ...I thought it strange at the time. Klavier: How could you miss such a simple cue? Klavier: I know you, I know how you play. You're better than that. Daryan: Yeah, well, I... Judge: You what? And Prosecutor Gavin, what are you getting at? Klavier: I'm talking about the murder weapon. Mr. LeTouse's 45-caliber hand cannon. Klavier: As we have learned, even the shooter doesn't go unscarred with a revolver that size. Klavier: The kickback is enough to dislocate your shoulder, if you're an amateur. Apollo: Wait...! Apollo: You mean his playing was affected because he hurt himself shooting that revolver? Daryan: Hah! You're forgetting something. Judge: Yes, Detective Crescend...? Daryan: I am a trained police officer, you know. I've had firearms training. Plenty of it. Daryan: I'm no amateur.

Klavier: The standard sidearm issued to police officers is a 38-caliber weapon. Klavier: A much tamer beast. Also, the murder weapon belonged to the victim, Mr. LeTouse. Klavier: ...Which suggests there was a struggle between killer and victim. Judge: So... the killer might not have been holding the revolver correctly when he fired! Judge: Is that what you mean!? Klavier: ...The thought had occurred to me, yes. Judge: Well, does the witness have anything to say to this? Daryan: ...... Judge: Detective Crescend!!! Daryan: What I want to ask is what Mr. Sleeves-rolled-up-readyfor-action has to say. Daryan: Hey, you. Apollo: Me? Daryan: Exactly which piece of your evidence is decisive, again? Daryan: You got a little noise on a tape that could be anything. Attorney.

Daryan: And you have an alleged guitar cue miss due to a 45-caliber kickback. Daryan: I weep for this case, Gavin, I really do. Klavier: ...... Daryan: You can line up your little weak pieces of evidence all you want. Daryan: I didn't shoot that manager. Daryan: And that's the obvious truth. Judge: Hmm... The witness has a point. Judge: The defense's arguments, while persuasive, are not decisive. Judge: I believe we should hear what the witness has to say in response to the case so far. Judge: ...Your testimony, please, Detective Crescend. Judge: Tell us your reasons why you couldn't have done it! ** Witness Testimony ** -- Proof of Innocence -Daryan: C'mon! Why would I even want to kill that manager? Daryan: You want a reason? Easy. I got no motive, man! Daryan: This was that diva's first

trip to this country, right? Daryan: How could I possibly know her manager? Daryan: If I didn't know him, why would I want to kill him!? Judge: Hmm. A simple reason, indeed. Judge: Prosecutor Gavin. Is it the case that Mr. LeTouse had not been to our country before? Klavier: According to our records... Yes. Not even once. Judge: I see... Very well! Judge: Mr. Justice, you may begin the cross-examination. Apollo: (Great, now I need to find a motive...) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Proof of Innocence -Daryan: C'mon! Why would I even want to kill that manager? Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Her manager, sure, but Mr. LeTouse was... Daryan: Oh, right. Sorry. An Interpol agent, wasn't he? Daryan: I just have trouble picturing that big lunk as an undercover cop, you dig?

Daryan: And not a very good one, seeing as how he got wasted. Daryan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Apollo: (That's cold, dawg!) Daryan: ...Not that it matters, either way. Daryan: See, I had no reason to kill the man, whatever he was. Daryan: You want a reason? Easy. I got no motive, man! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: But that's the same for Machi! No motive was proven for him! Daryan: C'mon, he traveled around the world with that old fart! Daryan: He had plenty of time to come up with a motive of his own. Apollo: (Ugh...) Daryan: More than I sure did. Daryan: I mean, think about it! Daryan: This was that diva's first trip to this country, right? Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Daryan, you're a detective with International Affairs?

Daryan: Yeah? What of it? Apollo: Even if this was Mr. LeTouse's first trip to this country... Apollo: still could have met him prior to the concert! Daryan: Huh...? Apollo: Or don't you take any international trips in International Affairs...? Judge: That's right! Crescend? Well, Detective

Daryan: Heh heh heh. That's your game, is it? Guess I'd better confess, then. Judge: "Confess"...!? Daryan: Yeah. It's a bit of an embarrassment... but I've never been sent overseas. Apollo: What!? But you're in International... Daryan: See, me and planes got a difference of opinion. We don't like each other much. Klavier: My condolences, Herr Forehead, but he's telling the truth. Klavier: He's never set foot outside the country. I can guarantee it. Daryan: As it turns out, my division

has plenty of work to do locally as well. Apollo: (That's... so unfair.) Daryan: How could I possibly know her manager? Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So you didn't fraternize with him at all during the concert? Daryan: Fraternize? Hah! I don't think we exchanged a single word. Daryan: As if anyone would want to talk to that old Eastern "Bloc"-head. Daryan: Now the ladies, that's a different matter altogether. Daryan: So, you see... Daryan: If I didn't know him, why would I want to kill him!? Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: ...You sure about that? Daryan: What? What!? Wipe that look off your face before I do it for you. Daryan: Listen! You try throwing out one of your wild accusations... Daryan: ...I'll throw it back at you so hard you'll forget who

you're accusing of what. Klavier: Herr Forehead, perhaps it's best if you let your evidence do the talking, ja? Daryan: Ah ha ha ha! Man, what evidence? That's what I want to know! Apollo: (So, he's using this motive question as ammunition, huh?) Apollo: (Well, I've got ammunition too... Evidence!) ((Present Replica)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Your Honor... Take a look at this. Judge: What's that? Hmm... Looks like candy. Apollo: Er, it's not. Don't lick it, please. Apollo: Detective Crescend. ...Ever seen this? Daryan: ...Looks like a piece of candy. Apollo: What it is... is evidence. Don't lick it before you try it. Daryan: ...... Apollo: Specifically, this is a replica of a cocoon...

Apollo: ...It was found among the victim's belongings. Judge: A cocoon? Never seen one that color. Klavier: It is a variety only found in the Republic of Borginia. Klavier: Nowhere else. Judge: Alright... But what is this cocoon replica doing in my courtroom? Judge: Surely, this has nothing to do with a motive for killing Mr. LeTouse! ...Does it? Apollo: It does! ...Wait! Apollo: I mean, I think it does. Daryan: ...You don't sound so confident, man. Judge: A cocoon... Judge: Is it one of those silky cocoons? Judge: The kind that you can make, well, silk out of? Apollo: ...Not this one. This cocoon makes a powerful "curative". Judge: A curative? For what...?

Klavier: Apparently, it is most

efficacious at treating a disease thought incurable. Klavier: It is the only medicine of its kind. Klavier: ...However, it is illegal to take one of these healing cocoons out of Borginia. Judge: Whatever for? Judge: If it's such a miracle cure, why not share it with the world? Trucy: Yeah, that's what I've been wondering! Klavier: We looked into the matter at some length. Klavier: Apparently, it isn't difficult at all to manufacture the remedy from the cocoon. Klavier: Yet, if you change the process only slightly... Klavier: can easily make a large quantity of something else entirely. Klavier: ...A deadly poison, in fact. Judge: Wh-What!? Klavier: There was an incident, several years ago, where some of these got out onto the black market. Klavier: It caused quite the commotion in the global community.

Klavier: Though the media was kept largely unaware. Judge: Hmm... Intriguing! Klavier: All this has led to a strict ban on the cocoons' export. Klavier: One rigidly enforced... by Interpol, among others. Judge: Interpol... Apollo: Right! Apollo: The victim, Romein LeTouse, was an Interpol agent. Apollo: Detective Crescend! You insist on referring to him as a "manager"... Apollo: But that is misleading! Apollo: Romein LeTouse wasn't killed as a manager! Apollo: He was killed as an undercover agent! Daryan: ...... Daryan: So I was trying to smuggle this gumball into the country? Daryan: That what you're trying to say? Apollo: I'm saying that could well be a motive for murder. Daryan:

Oh, so I was going to sell it on the black market, make myself a pretty penny? Daryan: ...Ridiculous. unthinkable. I mean, totally

Apollo: "Unthinkable", you say? Why? Judge: Perhaps it's time for another testimony... Judge: ...about this "smuggling of cocoons" business! ** Witness Testimony ** -- Cocoon Smuggling -Daryan: International Affairs got a memo about these cocoons. Daryan: Interpol's all hot and bothered about 'em. Daryan: Can't sell 'em on the black market. Too dangerous. Daryan: Yeah, cocoon smuggling ain't exactly lucrative anymore. Daryan: Man, I'm in International Affairs! I know the deal! Judge: Indeed... Judge: Interpol wanted these cocoons bad enough to send Mr. LeTouse undercover. Daryan: You kids think up the craziest things... Daryan: But no way am I going to risk

life and limb... Daryan: ...just to get my hands on some dirty cocoon money! Judge: Not the most noble of statements, but duly noted. Klavier: According to reports, these cocoons top Interpol's list. Klavier: Selling them to an underground organization would be risky. Judge: Hmm... Very well, you may begin the cross-examination. Apollo: (This is the only motive I've got...) Apollo: (He was up to something, and I'm going to find out what!) ** Cross-Examination ** -- Cocoon Smuggling -Daryan: International Affairs got a memo about these cocoons. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: That memo! That's how you knew about the cocoons! Daryan: Oh, nice one, nice one! I'm runnin' scared now! Apollo: You had to know about the cocoons to plan this. Judge: Just how well known are these cocoons? Judge:

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I'd never heard of them. Apollo: Well, Lamiroir knew about them, though not their use. Klavier: My reports indicate that there are ongoing efforts to control information about the cocoons. Klavier: Most people only know they're illegal to export, that's all. Judge: Then... I've nothing to be embarrassed about after all! Daryan: You could say people like me who know about them are a minority, yeah. Daryan: But that includes everyone in International Affairs, man! Daryan: And everyone in Interpol, too, for that matter. Yeah... Daryan: Interpol's all hot and bothered about 'em. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: So there are other Interpol agents like Mr. LeTouse? Daryan: All over the world, likely. Deep undercover, most of 'em. Daryan: That's why these cocoons are too hot for the black market. Daryan: You don't want Interpol sniffing through your wares. Daryan:

Most came to the conclusion that... Daryan: Can't sell 'em on the black market. Too dangerous. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Dangerous...? Daryan: Yeah, Interpol finds you, they arrest you on the spot. Daryan: Or another marketeer might think you're part of a sting and take you out himself. Daryan: Times have changed... ((Present Newspaper Article)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: ...Why not choose a less dangerous buyer then? Apollo: I would. Daryan: How clueless are you? Everyone in the market's dangerous! Daryan: The second they found out I was a cop, I could kiss my keester goodbye. Apollo: Why sell to a black market buyer? Apollo: How about someone... like this!? Judge: That article... That's about

the Chief Justice's... Apollo: A deadly poison can be extracted from the cocoon. Apollo: But so can a cure! Apollo: And not a cure for just any disease... Apollo: ...A cure for Incuritis! Judge: I-Incuritis! ...I've heard of that somewhere! Apollo: (You went to visit a victim of the disease this morning!) Judge: Aha! Judge: Why, that's the disease the Chief Justice's son has! Judge: You aren't saying...! Apollo: Our witness is a detective. Apollo: He would have contact with the Chief Justice! Judge: You are saying! Judge: The Chief Justice would never deal in contraband! Apollo: ...Not even to save his own son's life? Judge: ...! But, even if the deal went through... Judge:

Why it'd be an international scandal! Apollo: That's Detective Crescend's insurance! Apollo: If word ever got out, the one with his neck on the line... Apollo: ...would be the Chief Justice! Daryan: ...... Judge: Detective Crescend! true!? Is this

Daryan: First I'm a murderer, now I'm a smuggler...? Daryan: How many crimes are you trying to pin on me, anyway? Judge: Distasteful as it is to think about, if the Chief Justice were the buyer... Judge: ...why, a seller couldn't hope for a better deal. Judge: A very cowardly seller! Daryan: Don't let Sleeves over there trick you. Daryan: So I made a deal with the Chief Justice? Where's your proof!? Apollo: W-Well... Daryan: Oh yeah, and you're forgetting one other important thing.

Apollo: ...Do tell. Daryan: Interpol isn't the only ones out there watching this. Daryan: Borginian Customs barely sleeps, they're so worried about cocoons getting out. Judge: Hmm... So we were informed. Judge: Let's continue with the cross-examination. ((testimonies 3, 4, and 5 change)) Daryan: Yeah, cocoon smuggling ain't exactly lucrative anymore. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: But, wouldn't scarcity drive up prices? Daryan: Yeah, and attention. Daryan: Every gangster and his brother would want a piece of that action! Daryan: They'd turn your forehead into swiss cheese before you could say, "Objection!" Klavier: Maybe we could get them to cut his hair, too. Trucy: Who's on trial here again? Daryan: Man, you so obviously know nothing about the market! Apollo:

(...And that's a bad thing?) Daryan: Don't even try to mess with me about this stuff... Daryan: Man, I'm in International Affairs! I know the deal! Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Which is why you'd know how to find a loophole in the system! Daryan: Hey... You can say what you want about me, but back off of International Affairs! Daryan: There ain't no "loopholes", OK? What do you think we are, boy scouts? Apollo: That wasn't what I was trying to... um... Klavier: Down, Daryan. ...It's as you say. Klavier: There are no loopholes, at least in the case of these cocoons. Klavier: International Affairs, Interpol, and Borginian Customs are all watching. Daryan: See, we know what we're doing! Daryan: Not like some yipping little doggies that lap up every word that diva says. Apollo: ...! Why I oughta...!

Daryan: Oughta what? of this?

You want some

Klavier: Ah ha. Chil, both of you. Let's do this cool, ja? Apollo: (Grr! Screw cool! I want this guy's head on a stick!) Daryan: Borginian Customs is very thorough. Everything and everyone gets checked. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Just how strict is this Customs' check? Daryan: Way strict. They keep planes on the ground for hours. Klavier: I do recall it being a bit extreme. Klavier: They were even confiscating gumdrops and marshmallows. Judge: Yes... it would be hard to distinguish them. Apollo: (That's right. Gavin was in Borginia, wasn't he.) Klavier: I remember setting off the metal detectors several times. Klavier; I had to practically strip naked to walk through. Apollo: (Here's a travel tip for you, Gavin: leave the bling at home, you glimmerous fop.)

Daryan: Cocoon possession will get you arrested on the spot, and then sentenced to death. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: Th-That's pretty extreme. Daryan: Borginia has this rep as an idyllic, laid back place. Daryan: Truth is, they're beyond hard core with security. Klavier: The Republic of Borginia is a peaceful, pleasant country. Klavier: So this level of security shows us how truly concerned they are about these cocoons. Daryan: That's the situation... Daryan: Hey, man, if there's a way to get cocoons out of there, I'd sure like to know. Apollo: *HOLD IT!* Apollo: You're in a position to know quite a bit about smuggling. Daryan: Yeah, I need to know a bit for work, sure. Daryan: But all we get are reports on the failed smuggling ops. Daryan: Not exactly something you want to go copying. Daryan:

But if you want, I can tell you a few of them. Maybe you'll succeed and get rich! Judge: ...I would be interested in hearing. Purely from a legal perspective, of course. Apollo: (...I weep for our judicial system.) Apollo: (...The replica has to be the key to his motive...) Apollo: (There's got to be a way to find out what he was up to!) ((Present Prosecutor Gavin's Guitar)) Apollo: *OBJECTION!* Apollo: Actually, there is one way. Daryan: Whaa--!? Apollo: One way to get something out of the country, no checks. Judge: What is it!? Apollo: ...You become a prosecutor. Judge: A prosecutor! Klavier: Ah... Aaaaaaaaaaah! Klavier: I don't believe it... Apollo: Believe it, Prosecutor Gavin. Apollo: What was it that you told me

yesterday at your office? Klavier: ...It was a beautiful instrument. It was played lovingly for many years. Klavier: A guitar befitting a woman like Lamiroir. Trucy: How did it end up here? Klavier: I mentioned how much I enjoyed playing it that night, and she made a present of it. Trucy: So this guitar is from Borginia? Klavier: That it is. Klavier: We couldn't carry it on the plane. Changes in air pressure and humidity ruin the wood. Klavier: So, we vacuum packed it in Lamiroir's studio. Klavier: I used a special shipping service available to me for transporting evidence. Klavier: They brought it right up to my office for me. Klavier: ...Pristine and untouched. Apollo: Did I get that right, Prosecutor Gavin? "Untouched"? Klavier: ...Quite. Klavier: The guitar was wrapped in several sheets and vacuum

packed in Borginia. Klavier: The pack was untouched until the day of the concert. Klavier: Are you saying that guitar was... Apollo: With cocoons this small, it would've been very easy... Apollo: use your guitar as a mule to smuggle a cocoon out of Borginia! Judge: Wh-What!? Apollo: Which reminds me, Prosecutor Gavin. Apollo: That guitar had some "work" done on it recently, right? Judge: Work...? Klavier: Good memory, Herr Forehead. Klavier: Well, you know how guitars have a round hole in the front? Klavier: It is called the "sound hole". Klavier: Well, they found something attached to the wood just inside the hole. Klavier: ...A broken device of some sort. Trucy: A broken... device? Klavier:


This, in fact.

Judge: An igniter...! Apollo: Exactly. Apollo: Consider this, if you will. Apollo: What if that igniter wasn't the only thing that was attached inside your guitar? Trucy: You... You mean... Klavier: He means this, of course. Judge: Ah. Aaaaaaaah...! Apollo: There was a way to get a cocoon out of the country! Apollo: They could use picky Prosecutor Gavin's privileged guitar as a mule! Daryan: ! Apollo: And who better to do that than someone with access... Apollo: a member of the band! Daryan: Yooooooooooooooooooooowrk! Judge: Order! Order! Order!!!

Judge: So the igniter... Klavier: ...Was placed in there for a clear reason, it seems.

Apollo: It was a safety precaution! Judge: A precaution...? Klavier: Ahh... Herr Forehead. Klavier: At last, it all comes together. Apollo: Every strange thing that happened that day. Apollo: Care to review? Apollo: Maestro, the gentle sounds of Lamiroir's ballad, if you please. Klavier: First... my keys were stolen. A harmless misdemeanor. Klavier: Which forced me to break the lock on my guitar case. Apollo: The key was stolen to retrieve the cocoon from the guitar. Judge: I... I see... Apollo: But... things didn't go so well. Apollo: The smuggler wasn't counting on the guitar being wrapped! Apollo: Only a member of the band could get near that case. Apollo: Unwrapping the guitar would raise too many suspicions. Apollo:

...Then the concert began. Apollo: Right about this time... Apollo: ...a very large problem presented itself to the smuggler. Judge: What's that? Apollo: Mr. LeTouse. Judge: Ah...! Klavier: Mr. LeTouse, an undercover agent, was on to something. Klavier: He would have known about the guitar. Klavier: He'd only have to check the shipping records. Klavier: So... Mr. LeTouse tried to examine the guitar himself. Apollo: If the cocoon were confiscated then, the gig would be up. Apollo: The only thing left for the smuggler to do was to get rid of the whole lot. ...It's over. Press the switch! Now!... Apollo: The guitar burst into flames, and the cocoon... was lost. Apollo: And then... Apollo: Mr. LeTouse died.

Klavier: With Lamiroir there to "witness" it. Apollo: There's your case. Klavier: ...... Judge: ...... Trucy: ...... Daryan: Eh heh. Heh heh ha ha! Brilliant, man! Judge: Detective Crescend...? Daryan: I gotta know, you make all that up on the fly? Klavier: For a made-up story... Klavier: makes a great deal of sense... Daryan. Daryan: Feh! The Republic of Borginia? Daryan: Sorry, man, but I haven't even been there. Klavier: True, you haven't. Daryan: Hah! Let's see you make up a story for that, kid! Daryan: How'd I hide the cocoon in the first place, huh? Apollo: It's not so hard to imagine. Apollo:

You had help. accomplice. Apollo: ...That's all. Daryan: ...!

A Borginian

Apollo: That you had an accomplice was clear from the start! Apollo: The voice Lamiroir heard proves it! ...It's over. Press the switch! Now!... Apollo: You made this transmission from backstage. Klavier: While your co-conspirator was on stage! Judge: But... But who was it!? Apollo: (This is it, the coup de grâce!) Apollo: (And for once I know what I'm doing...) Apollo: (There's only one person who could have helped him!) Judge: Let's hear what Mr. Justice has to say, then. Judge: But be warned. Judge: With a great accusation comes great responsibility. Judge: Make up your answer "on the

fly" as it were, and you'll be harshly penalized! Judge: ...Are you ready, Mr. Justice? Judge: Who was the smuggler's accomplice!? ((Present Lamiroir)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: What!? Lamiroir was the accomplice? Klavier: Perhaps you should get that forehead checked out... Klavier: As you may recall, Lamiroir was attacked yesterday! Klavier: Hardly something one does to one's accomplice. Apollo: ...... I'd like to commend Prosecutor Gavin on his superb reasoning! Judge: Certainly, and here, have this penalty for your trouble. Apollo: (Ouch...) Judge: Let me ask again... ((Present Other)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ...This person is the accomplice?

Klavier: Eh? I thought you said the accomplice was Borginian! Apollo: Um, actually... can I take that back? Judge: Certainly, and here, have this penalty for your trouble. Apollo: (Ouch...) Judge: Let me ask again... ((Present Machi Tobaye)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: There is only one person who meets all the requirements of the accomplice... Apollo: ...and that person is the defendant, Machi Tobaye! Judge: But... Mr. Justice... He's your client! Daryan: A defense attorney accusing his client? That's a new one! Apollo: I assure you, no one is more unhappy about this than I. Apollo: But, I am here to defend him in the murder of Mr. LeTouse. Apollo: And I stand by my statement earlier that he is innocent of that particular crime. Judge: Indeed... the defendant is Borginian.

Judge: He does meet the basic requirements to be the accomplice. Judge: But, what if it was, in fact, Lamiroir? Apollo: It couldn't have been. Judge: ...Well, you seem sure of yourself. Apollo: The reason... is electronic signals, Your Honor. Judge: Electronic signals...? Apollo: Recall that this remote only works to a range of 30 feet. Apollo: Beyond that, it's useless. Judge: Hmm... Yes, that's true. Apollo: Now, think back to the testimony... Apollo: When the shooter made his transmission, Lamiroir was in the air vent. Apollo: Right above the dressing room where the shooter stood. Apollo: Let's look at the stage diagram! Apollo: This is the area that the remote could reach from the air vent. Judge:

Well, looking at this... Judge: seems that Lamiroir still could have done the deed. Apollo: No. When the shooter made that transmission... Apollo: ...the stage was slightly different than shown here. Apollo: It was in the middle of "The Guitar's Serenade". Apollo: Part of the stage... was raised. Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin and the Lamiroir stand-in were in the air! Apollo: They were on a tower which happens to be 15 feet tall! Apollo: In other words! Apollo: The remote couldn't have worked from Lamiroir's position in the air vent! Judge: Ah...! Daryan: ...... Apollo: Well, Detective Crescend? What do you say to that? Daryan: ...Your Honor. Judge: Y-Yes, Detective? Daryan:

Could we see the video where Gavin's guitar burns? Daryan: Just one more time? Judge: Ah? Ah... Well. I don't see why not. Apollo: (Wh-What? Don't tell me he has a way out of this!) Pleasure... But a fleeting melody It wraps itself around me, And now through the air I fly. Daryan: ...Ah ha ha ha ha! Too bad, so sad... punk! Apollo: P-Punk...? Trucy: First you were "Sleeves", then "kid", now "punk". Trucy: You're losing rank fast, Apollo! Judge: What exactly were we supposed to see in this video? Klavier: ...The problem isn't in what we "see". Correct, Daryan? Daryan: Right. It's what you hear. We are musicians after all. Apollo: ...Care to explain for us non-musicians? Daryan: Sure thing, punk. Let me get your yarn straight first: Daryan: You're saying I ordered the

wee pianist to set off that igniter? Daryan: That right? Apollo: Y-Yes...? Daryan: Well in order to do that, he'd have to press a switch. Daryan: Am I right? Apollo: ...OK... Daryan: Well, take another listen. Pay attention to the piano. Apollo: Piano...? Pleasure... But a fleeting melody It wraps itself around me, And now through the air I fly. Judge: What seems to be the problem there? Judge: The piano sounded just fine. Daryan: And that's the problem! you still don't get it? Apollo: Ah...! Daryan: Yeah. How's he supposed to hit that switch if he's playing? Daryan: You've got Ms. Diva, the guitar, the bass, the piano, and the drums... Daryan: The only one with her hands Man,

free was the diva! Trucy: Lamiroir... Daryan: But according to you... Daryan: ...she couldn't have been the accomplice, could she? Apollo: Urk...! Daryan: Your accomplice would have had a hard time helping out... Daryan: ...if they couldn't even press a switch! Apollo: Uh... Uuuuuuuuuurrrrgh! Apollo: (The piano plays non-stop!) Apollo: (He couldn't have pressed that switch...!) Judge: Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: The piano does seem to be playing when the guitar catches fire. Apollo: W-Well... Daryan: It's OK. We all make mistakes sometimes. Trucy: A-Apollo!? Were you wrong?

Apollo: I can't be wrong! Apollo: Everything makes perfect sense!

Apollo: How could it all... just... Klavier: ...Strange. Apollo: Wh-What's strange? Klavier: No, it's just... Klavier: Something's odd about the performance there. Apollo: ..."Odd"? Judge: Mr. Justice. Judge; If Machi Tobaye didn't press that switch... Judge: ...then he could not be the accomplice you claim he is. Apollo: B-But everything points to it! Apollo: Every fact says he's the accomplice! Daryan: ...You got the facts wrong, man. Apollo: ! Daryan: Here're some facts for you: Gavin's guitar is on fire. Daryan: But the pianist didn't press that switch. Daryan: In other words, your story is full of holes.

Judge: Mr. Justice, let's hear your final opinion on this matter now. Judge: Was the defendant, Machi Tobaye, the accomplice? Judge: Your answer will reflect on everything you've said here. Judge: Give it some thought. Trucy: Apollo! If Machi's not the accomplice... Trucy: ...then our whole case is ruined! Apollo: I know that! It has to be him... Apollo: He was the only one who could have helped the smuggler... Apollo: He had to have pressed that switch! Trucy: Well, you'd better find a way to prove it! Apollo: Argh! Apollo: What do I do... What do I do!? Trucy: Ack... There has to be something that doesn't fit! Trucy: ...Something odd. Apollo: Something odd...!

Apollo: Wait a second... Trucy: Wh-What? You thought of something!? Apollo: (What was Gavin saying just now...?) Klavier: ...Strange. Apollo: Wh-What's strange? Klavier: No, it's just... Klavier: Something's odd about the performance there. Apollo: (...It's not much to go on, but it's all I've got!) Apollo: (What exactly did he hear that was "odd"?) Judge: Have you come up with something, Mr. Justice? Judge: May I remind you that everything rests on this. Judge: Can you prove Machi Tobaye pressed that switch? Judge: Let's hear your final answer! Judge: Can you prove that Machi Tobaye pressed that switch? [ I can prove it. ] Apollo: ...I don't know if you

call this "proof", per se... Apollo: But... I can prove it was possible! [ I can't prove it. ] Apollo: I... can't prove it. Apollo: But... I can prove it was possible! Klavier: Then, as prosecutor, it falls to me to ask you to show us evidence supporting this. Klavier: Herr Forehead. about this? You're sure

Daryan: Hah! Accept it! There's no evidence, man! Judge: Let's see your evidence, Mr. Justice. Judge: On what do you base your claim that the defendant pressed that switch? ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The basis for my claim... is this evidence, Your Honor! Judge: ...I'm not sure I follow. Daryan: Hah! You can't bluff your way out of this one! Klavier: Nor can you prove anyone

pressed the switch with that... "evidence". Apollo: (Maybe... I picked the wrong evidence.) Judge: For every bluff, there is an equal and opposite penalty! Apollo: (Urgh...) Apollo: (What did Gavin hear that was "odd"?) Apollo: (That's the only hint I've got here.) Apollo: (If Machi's hands were tied up playing the piano...) Judge: Perhaps you can show us your evidence again? ((Present Mixing Board)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The basis for my claim... is music, Your Honor. Judge: Music? What about music?

Apollo: Let's listen to the piano part, around the time when the switch was to be pressed... Apollo: ...right before the guitar burst into flame. Pleasure... But a fleeting melody It wraps itself around me,

Judge: Hmm... I hear a piano being played. Apollo: But... doesn't it sound kind of simple? Judge: Simple...? Klavier: Ah, I think I know what he's suggesting. Klavier: You think Machi could have played that part... with one hand? Judge: One hand...!? Apollo: He only needed one hand to press that switch! Apollo: He could play the piano with the other! Daryan: Hah! What, so you're some kind of piano savant? Apollo: Um, actually no. Daryan: Then what do you know!? Daryan: You can't play a part like that with one hand! Apollo: Urk...! Apollo: (Maybe... I don't know what I'm talking about here.) Apollo: Wait! I know! Hey, Trucy!

Trucy: Yeah? You got something?

Apollo: Mr. Wright, your father, he's a pianist! Could he... Trucy: Oh, Daddy? Trucy: He couldn't play a part like that even if he had three hands! Daryan: So sorry... So sad for you. Apollo: ...... Apollo: ...No. Not really. Daryan: H-Huh...? Apollo: That was just the easy way to prove it. Apollo: There's always the hard way. Daryan: Man... How are you going to prove whether he played it with one hand or two!? Daryan: You can't! Apollo: I admit, it will be rather difficult to prove. Apollo: But it's highly likely he was playing with one hand. Daryan: H-How do you know that? Apollo: The clue is what Prosecutor Gavin described as sounding "odd".

Daryan: ...! Apollo: What sounded odd? Apollo: I'll bet we can tell by listening to a certain part of the song. Daryan: No... No way. Judge: Well, it seems we've come to the moment of truth at last. Judge: Let's hear what Mr. Justice has to say for himself. Judge: Show us the part that proves the defendant was playing with one hand... Judge: ...right before the guitar burst into flame! Apollo: (Machi was definitely playing one-handed just before the guitar caught fire!) Apollo: (And one section of the song proves it!) ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: That's the section? Hmm... I'm afraid I don't hear it. Judge: What's your opinion as an artist, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: It's a beautiful song. And

the lyrics... are outstanding. Judge: I'll take that to mean there isn't a problem with this section at all. Apollo: (Wait, so what was the "odd" thing that Gavin heard?) Apollo: (The switch was pressed in the first half of the second verse, right?) Apollo: (I know! I just need to find a place to compare to that!) Apollo: Your Honor! If you'll give me one more chance, I think I can find it! Judge: I suppose we don't have a choice. Very well. Judge: You claim the defendant was playing with one hand when the switch was pressed... Judge: Show us the part that proves it! ((Present First Section)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: Prosecutor Gavin... I'm sure you've realized by now... Apollo: ...just what it was that sounded "odd" to you. Klavier: As I'm sure you've realized it yourself, Herr Forehead. Judge:

R-Realized what? Apollo: I'll demonstrate. Apollo: Let's listen to the part in question again, shall we? Apollo: Pay particular attention to the "But a fleeting melody" phrase. Pleasure... But a fleeting melody Daryan: Man, man, man! How many times do we have to listen to the same thing? Apollo: You're right. Daryan: ...! Apollo: Let's listen to another section, shall we? Judge: Another section...? Apollo: The guitar burst into flame at the end of the second verse. Apollo: Let's listen to the same spot... in the first verse. Apollo: Pay attention to "O that night in your embrace"...! Sugar, Sugar... O that night, in your embrace. Judge: Ah...! P-Play verse two again! Pleasure... But a fleeting melody Enough of that!

Apollo: There! Did you hear that? Judge: They "feel" the same, true... Judge: ...but they're clearly very different! Daryan: Whaaat!? Apollo: Well put, Your Honor! Apollo: The phrase in verse two is quite simple... Apollo: But the same phrase in verse one has high and low notes! Apollo: You'd have to use two hands to play that for sure! Judge: Ah...! Daryan: Urk... Hrrah! Wh-What's that prove!? Apollo: I would think you'd know that by now. Daryan: This is why I hate dealing with amateurs, man... Daryan: So the two verses had different arrangements! Happens all the time. Klavier: Not this time, Daryan. Daryan: ...! Klavier:

There's no point in changing an arrangement if you can't hear it clearly. Klavier: And that wasn't the point. Klavier: I had him play specifically so that the piano would stay in the background. Daryan: Oh. Ohhhhh! Klavier: That was what I noticed. Klavier: "Why should the same phrase sound slightly different?" I asked myself. Apollo: Now ask yourselves why Machi changed how he played... and there's only one answer! Apollo: He needed a free hand in order to press the switch! Daryan: Unh... Unnnnooooooooooooork! Judge: Order! Order!! Order!!!!!

Judge: I believe this ties all the facts together... Judge: Well, Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: Yes, quite. Klavier: Though, personally, this comes as a terrible disappointment. Daryan: ...Heh...

Apollo: (What? No comeback...?) Apollo: (I can't believe it! I finally did it! I shut him up!) Judge: Very well. Barring an objection from the prosecution... Judge: I will now state the court's opinion on this matter... Daryan: Heh... Heh heh heh... Ah ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaah! Daryan: Good show, Sleeves. No, great show! Apollo: ...It's not over? Apollo: (I don't like it when he looks so... so happy.) Daryan: You tell him Gavin. Tell him what's so disappointing! Klavier: Personally, I'm terribly disappointed... Klavier: you, Herr Forehead. Apollo: Huh... M-Me!? Klavier: Yes. Don't get me wrong, your case is solid. Klavier: The facts all check out. But, even now... Klavier: have yet to show us a single piece of decisive

evidence. Apollo: Yeah, but the facts... Anyone can see it was him! Judge: Unfortunately, "anyone" does not include the law. Judge: I'm afraid your case doesn't cut it. Apollo: But... But... Judge: A thousand facts might point toward the same conclusion... Judge: ...but without decisive evidence, it's not proof. Judge: That's the rule under our current legal system. Apollo: I don't believe it...! Judge: It does not seem as though the defense has any more evidence to present. Daryan: Oh, I think if he did we already would have seen it a long ways back. Judge: It is unfortunate... Judge: ...but, at present, this court is unable to acknowledge your accusation. Apollo: Wha... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Apollo: (The truth is staring us all right in the face!)

Apollo: (Why can't they see it!?) Apollo: (What's the point of a legal system that protects criminals!?) Trucy: Apollo! Remember what Daddy said? Phoenix: It won't be easy proving he did it. Phoenix: Especially not under the current court system... Apollo: So what do I do!? Phoenix: Like I said. Good luck. Phoenix: And be aware that it will be impossible to prove his guilt by conventional methods. Apollo: Ugh... Phoenix: Every man has an igniter inside him. Phoenix: Find Daryan Crescend's igniter... and set it off. Trucy: I wonder what he meant by every man's "igniter"? Apollo: I think he just meant a weak spot, no? Apollo: The kind of thing that a single spark could turn into a wildfire of emotion...

Apollo: (I won't be able to press him further by conventional means...) Apollo: (I've got to find a weak spot in this guy... Something fatal...) Daryan: ...So, can I get back to work now, or what? Daryan: It may look like I got a lot of time on my hands... Daryan: ...but I got no more time to play pretend with this deadweight attorney. Judge: Hmm. Well, Mr. Justice? Judge: We've come this far without decisive evidence... Judge: ...This witness won't be coming back to the stand once we let him go. Apollo: ...Every man has an igniter. Daryan: Huh...? Apollo: Didn't you say "the better the guitar, the brighter it burns", Prosecutor Gavin? Klavier: Ah, yes. Good guitars are kept dry, is why. Klavier: That provides the best sound. Apollo: Even a small spark could cause irreparable damage.

Apollo: Your plan has an "igniter" in it, too, Detective. Apollo: ...It was there from the very beginning. Daryan: What...? Apollo: (Fightin' time, Justice. If you blow this one...) Apollo: (...he'll be out of your hands for good...) Trucy: Go for it, Apollo! Daryan: What, and this igniter's supposed to come "burn" me up? Daryan: That's almost poetic there, Mr. Attorney. Klavier: All the better. I'm rather fond of poetry... Klavier: And I intend to hear this one through to the very end. Daryan: ...! Klavier: Herr Forehead. Klavier: You are accusing this man, Daryan Crescend of two crimes: Klavier: The murder of Mr. LeTouse, and the smuggling of a Borginian Cocoon. Klavier: ...This is your last chance to prove your case.

Judge: This trial has already run on for far too long. Judge: Mr. Justice, this will be my last warning. Judge: The moment this "igniter" of yours turns out to be a dud... Judge: the moment this cross-examination ends. Judge: ...Understood? Apollo: ...Yes, Your Honor. Judge: Then, let's have it. Judge: Show us the basis for these accusations against Daryan Crescend! Apollo: (OK... This is really my last chance!) Apollo: (The key that will take apart Daryan Crescend's plan is...) [ Present evidence ] Apollo: The defense is prepared to show the court evidence! Daryan: Hah! Be my guest! Judge: Be all of our guests, Mr. Justice. Judge: Show us evidence supporting your accusations against Daryan Crescend!

((Present Anything)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ...This is your igniter? Daryan: Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Daryan: So, exactly how am I suppose [sic] to react to that? Apollo: (Ack! He's not flustered at all! I picked a dud...) Klavier: I'm afraid your poetic tale ended up to be mere fantasy. Judge: ...Reality bites, Mr. Justice. Penalty! Apollo: (Ow ow ow...) Judge: I suppose we should let you try once more... Judge: Show us the basis for your accusations against Daryan Crescend! Apollo: (Think, Justice! about this...?) [ Call a witness ] Apollo: Your "igniter" isn't a piece of evidence. Daryan: Huh? So what is... Apollo: It is true that I couldn't Are you sure

show decisive evidence. Apollo: But perhaps what I needed to prove my case was something else. Klavier: You mean... a witness. Apollo: Proving his guilt is a tall order... Apollo: ...but I've got just the person to do it. Judge: ...Very well, Mr. Justice. Judge: Who is this person who can prove Daryan Crescend's guilt? ((Present Wrong)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Judge: ...This person... is your "igniter"? Daryan: Hah! Exactly what are they going to testify about!? Daryan: Go for it! Call 'em to the stand! Apollo: (He's... not scared at all, is he? *sigh* Wrong person.) Apollo: I'm sorry... it was an honest mistake. One more try, Your Honor? Judge: The court advises you to be aware that your chances are limited in number.

Judge: I think you're the one in need of a little igniting! Apollo: (Ugh...) Judge: I suppose we should let you try once more... Judge: Show us the basis for your accusations against Daryan Crescend! Apollo: (Think, Justice! about this...?) ((Present Machi Tobaye)) Apollo: *TAKE THAT!* Apollo: The one person who can prove Daryan Crescend's guilt... Apollo: the defendant, Machi Tobaye! Judge: Y-Your client? Again!? Are you sure

Apollo: Machi Tobaye was an accomplice to the cocoon smuggling plot. Apollo: Without him, Daryan Crescend could not have gotten the cocoon. Apollo: Furthermore, he can easily prove that the one who plotted to smuggle that cocoon... Apollo: the real criminal in this case! Judge: Hmm... How so?

Apollo: It would require just one of the very cocoons Mr. LeTouse was looking for. Apollo: With the cooperation of the Republic of Borginia, we could burn a cocoon. Apollo: The burnt cocoon would leave a particular residue. Apollo: A residue we would, no doubt, also find inside the burnt-out guitar! Judge: Aha! Very scientific of you. Apollo: Thus, if Machi Tobaye acknowledges his agreement with Daryan Crescend... Apollo: ...concerning the attempted smuggling of a Borginian Cocoon... Apollo: ...the case is solved! Daryan: Heh... Heh heh heh heh heh! Trucy: Um, Daryan's laughing again... Daryan: Your unrelenting passion is... remarkable. Daryan: You really want to get me, don't you? Daryan: ...Too bad you'll never be able to. Apollo: ...Why not?

Daryan: The little key-tickler won't acknowledge anything! Daryan: Especially not anything to do with cocoon smuggling! Judge: What's this all about? Klavier: Taking a cocoon out of the country means death... Klavier: Borginian law. Trucy: Ah... Daryan: Yeah! See? Daryan: If our pianist really was a smuggler... Daryan: ...then testifying about it would be suicide! Daryan: ...Believe me, he's not talking-Apollo: But you're wrong, Detective Crescend. Daryan: ...What...? Apollo: It's the other way around! Apollo: If Machi doesn't admit to smuggling here... Apollo: He's in deep trouble! Daryan: Huh? H-How?

Apollo: Look, if Machi admits to smuggling here... Apollo: ...then he'll be tried in our courts, by our laws. Apollo: You don't get the death penalty for smuggling in our country. Daryan: Ah... Apollo: The victim in this case was an undercover Interpol agent. Apollo: I'm sure that news has already reached Borginia. Klavier: And they'll likely broadcast our dealings in court today. Klavier: ...Including the part about the Borginian Cocoon. Daryan: Yeah but... but... But...! Apollo: But, if Machi doesn't admit to smuggling now... Apollo: ...he'll eventually be picked up by the Borginian police. Apollo: And it's not like he's in any danger in our court. Apollo: We're not going to find him guilty of murder here, not now! Daryan: Yeah, but... you can't do this!

Daryan: You can't... You can't accuse me! Apollo: Maybe the "law" doesn't allow it... Apollo: But who's going to think you're really innocent after hearing this trial? Apollo: ...The same goes for Machi Tobaye. Daryan: ...Urk...! Apollo: The cocoon smuggling, your entire plan... Apollo: ...Machi Tobaye knows everything. Apollo: There's only one way out of it for him. Apollo: And that's to acknowledge his own crime! Apollo: The crime of cocoon smuggling! Daryan: ...... Daryan: ...... Heh. D-Don't worry, there. Daryan: I'll get... I'll get you out of the country. Daryan: I'll set you up someplace. A hidden mansion? Real nice. Daryan: You want a house made out of

cookies? Or no, a house made out of pianos? Daryan: C'mon... Daryan: ...Please! Daryan: Don't taaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Daryan: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Daryan: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Daryan: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Daryan: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk! Klavier: ...Daryan. Klavier: I consider that my last session with you. ...We rocked. Apollo: ...I'm guessing we can treat that outburst as a confession? Daryan: ...Heh...heh heh heh... Trucy: Uh oh, he's laughing again. Apollo: There's a kind of sick desperation in it now, though. Judge: Well... have you been listening to today's trial? Machi:

...Yes. Judge: And you'll talk? You [sic] tell this court everything? Machi: ...... Apollo: I didn't want it to turn out this way. Apollo: But... I'm not the kind of lawyer that can overlook a crime. Klavier: Today's trial... was all for your benefit, you know? Klavier: I see no reason why you should hesitate now. Machi: ...I knew. I knew. Apollo: Machi... Machi: Situation... I cannot explain. But money. I needed. Machi: Very much money. Judge: Today's trial... Judge: ...raises a delicate issue with our legal system. Judge: "The only thing definite in a court of law..." Judge: " evidence." Judge: This is the golden rule. However... From beginning,

Klavier: ...It has become apparent that not all things can be tried by this standard. Judge: Should another case of this sort surface... Judge: ...we may have to consider an alternate system by which to administer justice. Judge: ...Anyway, Mr. Machi Tobaye? Machi: ...Yes? Judge: I promise you will receive a fair trial by the laws of our country. Judge: And, with regards to the current charges for the murder of Mr. LeTouse... Judge: ...this court is prepared to announce a verdict. Machi: ...I thank you. Machi: I... only lie. But you see truth! You find... truth. Judge: ...That's our job. Very well...! Judge: This court finds the defendant, Machi Tobaye... Not Guilty Judge: Court is adjourned! ---

July 10, 4:42 PM District Court Defendant Lobby No. 2 --Trucy: I wonder what'll happen to Machi... Apollo: Well, he did smuggle a cocoon out of Borginia. Apollo: I guess there'll be another trial here... ???: All's well that ends well. Trucy: Daddy...! Lamiroir: I owe you both my thanks. Apollo: Lamiroir...? Lamiroir: My, is something wrong? Apollo: I'm sorry...! I... Apollo: Machi was your partner on stage! Your friend...! Lamiroir: ...... Lamiroir: Yes. I thought of him as my own son. Lamiroir: Even now, I do. Yet... Lamiroir: Something got ahold of him, something evil. I see that. Lamiroir: And he must pay for what

he has done. Lamiroir: Is that not how it should be? Apollo: I'm still sorry... Lamiroir: Do not be sorry. Lamiroir: You have given me courage. Trucy: Courage...? Lamiroir: I am considering an eye operation. Phoenix: It was my suggestion, actually. Trucy: You mean, you'll be able to see again? Lamiroir: It's funny. I have always been afraid of the "light". Lamiroir: Light seems so harsh, so unforgiving... Phoenix: According to the doctor... Phoenix: ...Lamiroir lost her sight due to some kind of "accident". Apollo: An accident...? Lamiroir: As you know, I suffer from amnesia. I feared that, if I could see... Lamiroir: ...perhaps it would open my eyes to the truth I have been running from.

Lamiroir: ...I was scared. Phoenix: You know what changed her mind? Hearing your defense in there today. Phoenix: She could feel your gaze, unwavering, always looking straight at the truth. Lamiroir: ...If the light returns to my eyes... Lamiroir: ...I think I will take up painting. Apollo: Painting...? Trucy: That's right! She's the "landscape painter in sound", after all! Lamiroir: I will paint the two of you. I promise. Trucy: Woo hoo! I can't wait, Lamiroir! Phoenix: I owe you my thanks, too, Apollo. Apollo: Uh, thanks, Mr. Wright, but for what? Phoenix: You reminded me I need to hurry things along. Phoenix: ...On my secret mission, that is. Apollo: Right. Your secret mission. Lamiroir:

Apollo, Trucy... Lamiroir: I hope that we will meet again someday soon. Trucy: You bet! Me, too!

Apollo: (And so, like a ballad, the trial flowed on and on... until it came to the end.) Apollo: (Thanks to the trial...) Apollo: (..."The Guitar's Serenade" was a huge hit.) Apollo: (Prosecutor Gavin's even more dazzling to look at now.) Apollo: (But... there's something I want to say to that guy.) Apollo: (Next time you write a ballad...) Trucy: ...Have them catch the killer at the end! THE END ============================ Episode 4 Turnabout Succession Day 1: Investigation -40101============================ ...And that is the whole truth of this case. In order to understand it myself... ...I had to know the story of these last seven long years. Nothing happens by chance... All is connected.

And now... stand ready to begin the final chapter of this story. Will the defendant be found guilty, or innocent? The decision is yours. --October 7, 10:37 AM Wright Anything Agency ----------Profiles \ ---------------------------Phoenix Wright Age: 33 Gender: Male A pianist who can't play a lick. Formerly an ace defense attorney of some renown. ---------------------------Trucy Wright Age: 15 Gender: Female Future star magician, and Phoenix Wright's daughter. Fond of her Mr. Hat trick. ---------------------------Trucy: Hey, Apollo! Look! Look! Look, on TV!

Apollo: Yeah... uh, I'm kinda busy. Trucy: Whoa! Look at that! Trucy: He's the last Gramarye, alright! Amazing! Apollo: ...... Trucy: Apollo, you should be watching this!

Apollo: Ow ow ow!



Apollo: ...I was writing about our last case in my journal. Trucy: Lawyers are supposed to write things in "records", Apollo, not journals. Trucy: And why now? That case was three months ago. Apollo: Hey, it's a long story. ...I did a lot, you know. Apollo: I want to vacuum pack the feel of the moment for later. Apollo: Right now I'm wowing the crowd by figuring out how Lamiroir disappeared. Trucy: That's right! Uncle Valant did that illusion, too! Trucy: But you're missing him on TV right now! Apollo: *sigh*... I was just getting to the good part. Apollo: (I suppose I should watch a little TV with her.) Apollo: (After all, her father's expecting me to look after her while he's away...) Announcer: What you're now seeing is a rehearsal for the greatest magic show on Earth... Announcer: ...happening right here at our

very own Sunshine Coliseum! Apollo: The Sunshine Coliseum? Apollo: Hey, that's where the Gavinners concert was! Announcer: ...Only three more days until miracles happen here, right before your unbelieving eyes! Announcer: The legendary Troupe Gramarye is performing for the first time in seven years! Trucy: That's going to be great! I'm so there! Trucy: You and Daddy are coming, too! Apollo: (The legendary Gramaryes...) Apollo: (...If Trucy's real father were still alive...) Apollo: (...he'd be on that stage performing miracles.) Trucy: I've got the tickets and everything! Trucy: Here's yours, Apollo. ** Magic Show ticket received. ** ---------------------------Magic Show Ticket Type: Other Received from Trucy Wright. For premier showing of a grand illusion, to be performed by the magician, Valant Gramarye. =Check -> Examine Back=

Trucy: Are you ready, Apollo!? Apollo: Ready? For what? Trucy: For what!? For the Troupe Gramarye Grand Magic Show! Apollo: I-It's not like I'm getting up on stage or anything... Trucy: ...What are you talking about, Apollo!? Trucy: You can't enjoy magic if you're not part of what's going on up on stage! Trucy: I'll lend you my spare costume if you need one. Apollo: Huh? You mean, I can't go in this? Trucy: No. Apollo: (...Doesn't get more straightforward than that.) ---------------------------...*squeak*... ???: Ah, you are here. Working hard or hardly working? Phoenix: Hey! How have you been? Trucy: Hi there, stranger! Apollo: (Not exactly the kind of greeting I'd want to hear from my own kid.)

Apollo: (Though he has been gone a long time.) Phoenix: Ah ha ha, how goes it, Trucy? Here, I got a present for you. Trucy: Yay! Pudding! I love pudding! Ooh, it's farm-fresh! Trucy: And not just one pudding, but three whole cups! I'll have to pace myself. Phoenix: Well, I'm beat. Trucy: That's right, Daddy. You're on a top secret mission! Trucy: You've got to take it easy with the secrets, you know. Phoenix: Ah ha ha. How right you are. Apollo: So, you still can't tell us what your "mission" is? Phoenix: ...... Phoenix: Maybe it is time. It has something to do with you, anyway. Apollo: Huh? With... me? Trucy: Ooh! Maybe you're getting a top secret mission, too! Trucy: Maybe you can be one of those guys! Trucy: A spy!

Apollo: (Can't I just be a defense attorney...?) Phoenix: Ah ha ha! To be honest... Phoenix: ...telling you about the mission was my whole reason for coming here today. Apollo: What...? Phoenix: Tell me... Phoenix:'ve heard of the Jurist System, yes? Trucy: The Jurist System...? Phoenix: That's right. The new legal system everyone's talking about. Trucy: Have you heard of it, Apollo? Apollo: Huh? Uh... Maybe? Phoenix: ...... Phoenix: Maybe not as many people are talking about it as I thought. Apollo: (The "Jurist System", huh?) =Examine Teapot= Trucy: Ooh, careful there, Apollo. Trucy:

A lot of people run into that table, you know. Trucy: Why, some client knocked the pot clean over the other day. Apollo: ...Um, why not get a more sturdy table? Trucy: Hmm. Maybe the table is partially to blame... Apollo: ...There's no "maybe" to this. That thing is a deathtrap. =Examine Bookshelf= Phoenix: Ah, those legal books were left by my mentor. Phoenix: Too bad I gave up the practice before reading them. Apollo: There's quite a few magic books in there, too, you know. Phoenix: Ah ha ha. Those would be Trucy's. Phoenix: She'll remember they're there eventually, I'm sure. Apollo: (For a moment, I thought Mr. Wright might do magic, too... A scary thought.) =Examine Plant= Phoenix: ...The plant. It intrigues you, doesn't it? Apollo: Not really. It's just the only thing in here that doesn't

have some secret function. Phoenix: Ah ha ha. No, no secrets. But lots of memories. Phoenix: And a name, too. Want to hear it? Apollo: Not really. Phoenix: His name... is Charley. If you were curious. Apollo: (Really, I wasn't.) =Examine Split Box= Apollo: I can't believe you're using this cutting-a-person-apart box as... shelf space. Trucy: You know, I used that trick on stage the other night. Trucy: Imagine my surprise when I pulled one of my shirts out of the box! Apollo: ...You should really examine your props before the show. =Examine Top Hat= Apollo: That hat... Is that a spare? Apollo: It looks exactly like the one you always wear. Trucy: That's the first rule of a professional: be prepared! Trucy: You know, I put it on the

other day... Trucy: ...and this strange white substance fell all over me! It was like magic! Apollo: Or... like fingerprint powder. =Examine Portrait= Apollo: That magician in the photo, is that your...? Trucy: My real Daddy, yup! Zak Gramarye! Trucy: He disappeared when I was little. Trucy: I hung that up there so I wouldn't forget what he looked like. Apollo: ...I see. Apollo: (She's smiling, but I'll bet that smile doesn't go very deep...) =Examine Piano Shelf= Apollo: (No one's practicing the piano, as usual.) Apollo: (Even calling him a pianist is an insult to pianists everywhere.) Trucy: OK, Apollo! I'm going to guess what you're thinking right now! Apollo: Huh? What, was I making a

funny face or something? Trucy: "Argh! I'm so hungry!"... I'm right, right? Of course I am. Apollo: There's no "of course" about it! You guessed wrong. Apollo: ...Besides, that's not what I'm thinking... it's what you're thinking! Trucy: Ack! How did you do that!? You read my mind, Apollo! Apollo: At least you've got that pudding. Trucy: That's right! Apollo: ...Try not to eat my share, will you? =Examine Spaghetti= Apollo: A plate of plastic spaghetti for displaying in a shop. Apollo: ...Where the heck does she get this stuff? =Examine Hula Hoop= Trucy: Want