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Discover the sroJRIT':{ LEAK fanzine - this incredible new
fanzine is packed with canpletelyoriginal mercenary
tickets, illustrated starship floorolans, f1€ \.o/ characters,
unique never seen before, medical equipment and
pharmaceuticals, and also special articles that detail
the rapidly developing exp:rience of espionage in Traveller,
official news and cccurences about the ever changing
universe which dozens of races call hcrne, articles about
unlirni ted topics ranging fran Zhcrlani starports to Solanani
worlds, and even unrest within the upper circles of the
mighty 'Ihird Irnt:erium.
'!he SEX:URITY LEAK fanzine is perfect for roth experienced
and beginning players, and it also presents roth the players
and the referee with ideas and equipnent which can be easily
integrated into any campaign.
'!be SEOJRITY LEAK fanzine is filled with artwork, worlds,
characters, and even adventure stories from many of the
well-known Traveller authors ard writers. So give in - core visit cur universe!
'lbe Security Fanzine: Illustrated. euarterly. 20 pages per issue. format.
Rates: (US, Canada, Fro & APO) $10 per year, $2.75 single/back copies. All other addresses
must follow the following rates: $12 per year, $3.25 single/back issues.
Need news fran the world? Subscril:e to the sro.JRI'IY LEAK NEWSIErI'ER. Every issue has
official Traveller news, b:x:>klet releases, Traveller software and data-base information,
and so much rrore. '!he Security Leak Newsletter: Quarterly. 4 pages. format. Rates:
(US, Canada, Am & Fro) $4 per year, $1.25 single. Fbreign: $7 per year, $2 single.
Make all checks and money orders to: GREGG GILES, 4200 Park Place, Tyler, Texas 75703.
Greetings to the Headers of the Third Imperium
A specte: offer- has been arranged for
these of 'doU are now reedi ng the
let est issue of Hie D"ljrd Imperj um
It is pleasure t.o inform you tnet
(Mai nl i ne) is avai lable
for- U"i8 Imperial price of $7.00 .. t ex zx
postage included. This or tsr is good
onl y to members of the Imperturn
Act now Ace, trus or rer will vapot-ize
upon Ole completion or" the 2nd month
or" U"le yeijr 198a.
STARB r'l TTLES (i1.3; nlin.,. ) is ';0 19·jnll' of tactic..:tl
::: p.aCE' ' 1 uni que ship ,j "'f ;gn (c ompr ised of h",:{'!s lik" tho?
I)n.,. sho 'lfn) ;;: wh at th.,. (:('mb·at arid most
t"".alish:: of 9am.? on thi? same subjJ?(:t :30 .act M \ " .'
·j on't thir t:14 .00 si i p b'l our han,j$. Pll?3s,? m31,,,, check
or m(ln""J or der Olj t t.o FIJtIJr", SimlJht iNlS-3nl'j Hnd to :
Future Comt'dt Si mulet io ns P. 0 Bo x 9 143'· Anat1elifl, CA 92i3 12-9143
Happ y Birtr,day! Wint issue "9, rnt r«
Imper ium is celebrating its second
an" i ve r s ar-y ' 7. I. has r,o\·/ pub I i shed
continuously for two years, each
issue on schedule: longer than any
other Traveller fanzine ! We've gone
through a lot of changes in circula­
tion and staff, but we have main­
tained the same high calibre of con­
tent and production we started with,
and intend to do so far into the fu­
t ur e .
Wi th the publication of
veller, has changed drama­
t i c a l l y , and 7.1. will endeavour to
change along with it. Last issue con­
tained two articles for MegaTraveller
(the adventure and Traveller's Hard­
wa r e ) , and this issue is mostl y Mega­
Tr-aveller. By next issue, the trans­
ition will be complete.
To conform with this content
sh ift, we will be changing our Star­
sh ip Deckplans feature into a Travel­
ler Craft column. Each issue we will
pr esent two to four vehicles, occa­
s l ona ll j wi t h dec k Submi s s i ons
to t h i s c o l umn s r e ( b u t
p lease incl ude a c op; y o u r
c a I c u 1a t i 0 1',S ) • I
1 h i s i 5s ue, we hav e part e ne
of a ne w s er i es e n c ompu ters in Mega ­
Tr-avel i ;. r • a nd a r: -? ad ' J €H ' t u r-€: _'
Du ncan Tor ra nce. P l us , we ha ve a Sp E ­
c ial fea t ure - .1.
articles to the L :?" j Meg aT'-av el l e r'
A final no t e:
Ha.mTfrE:- '" has c ar.c e l i ed . =_5 r·: ;'\· /
starsh ip r u : e s make i t
sible to convert to If
J OU are interested in the ·c l s s s i c
T r av e 1 1e r" '. '? r 5 i G n , ! fr t u5 L' r, c", j 3 f; d
if l' l e ... t res: ':li" :3e , H '::- i-r i 1I
Pr -e s e- r: tit. a:; a ISe r i e 5 i n j • ! . Ar:y
s ubs c r i be r s have pa id fa r
a =:ap;' rna)' :' e oue s t a r' ef una c r ha'J ';'
t wo issues ad de d to s ub sc r ip­
ti on.
'Til ne xt ti me '

Edi tar'
Tr-ave 11 er- ' 5 Har dwar-e •..••••.••••••••••••..••.••.••••• 4
Solomani Cruiser 6
Nor-a t a Subsector .....••......................... ..... 8
Fes t.ure Adventure: After the Fact. •.•.... .. •...•.... 10
Comput e r s Part 1 ....•••.••.. .......•..•..... ........ 14
MegaTraveller Adaptations ..........•.. .... .... ... ... 17
Second Ye a r Article Index 18
Tr-a veller-' s Ad v ice • . . •• . • •. . .••. . .. . . . • .. •. • . . .. . .• . 19
Inside Equ ipme nt: Autopist o l 1?
STAfF: Kike David Hew. Torrance. to Caleroa Carrol.
of thi s la941inf are tiKeft literiils snv Group and i?a] b,
:ata art used p!rlissioa 01 GDW. TRAVELLER is a re,istertd traJelark of SDW.
Th ir; hp!r iul is }ub iished quartH ly b:r Kile ladson. Send 5ublimons , letters, ads to Xo . 512, 4676 reMst. , 'l. ncouver , EC 'Iel : ;6.
Ra tes: S2.50 single :001, 59 .CO ! mr subm ipti o:l lC anahl, '2. 00 single S7.50 1 :m.r satmiption (U.S.!
Throughout the ages, people have wan­
ted to disguise themselves, whether
for drama, fun, or criminal activi­
ties. To this end, the disguise kit
is available anywhere, it
allows an individual to change his or
her appearance at will.
The TL 7 Disguise Kit costs Crl000
and weighs 5 kg. It is carried in an
8L case, and contains a variety of
materials. The most of important of
these is makeup: foam rubber to
change the user's facial structure
llarger nose, higher cheekbones,
etc.), and various colourings to make
these features look real. It also in­
cludes wigs, coloured contact lenses,
dyes for changing skin colour, and a
mirror, along with water-soluble glue
and other application materials.
Disguises made with the TL 7 Dis­
guise Kit I'lill last no longer than 24
hours, after which they will begin to
literall y fall apart. They cannot be
slept in, and will not survive expo­
sure to water. A TL 7 disguise will
also not stand up to close scrutiny:
if an yone is close to the disguised
individual for more than 10 minutes,
roll the following Task:
To di scover that an individual is
Dif icl.llt, Disguise, Int, instant (un­
c e rt a i n ) •
Referee: The disguised player rolls
for the other half of the task,
rather than the referee, using his
or her own DM's.
Each time a person uses the disguise
kit, some of the makeup and materials
ar-e used up, and must be replaced.
For th is reason, each use of the kit
costs Cr5- 30.
At TL 13, a new disguise kit be­
comes available. It costs Cr2000,
we i ghs 3kg, and has a volume ot 5L.
It contains everything the TL 7 kit
does, that skin dyes, contact
lenses, and wigs are replaced by cell
dyes, small pills which chemically
alter the pigmentation of an indivi­
dual's cells. The change lasts for
2-12 weeKs, minus 1 for ever y 5 En­
durance points the user has. It can
also be removed by cell c l e a ns e r
pi l l s , av a i l ab l e in the kit. Cell
dyes are i nc l ude d fer s kin, e ye, and
hair' c o l our.
The TL 13 k i t also contains equip­
ment to straighten or curl hair, and
longer-lasting versions of the TL 7
makeup. Age pi 115, vlhich tighten or
relax the skin, giving the appearance
of being older or younger, are in­
cluded too. All vlill last for as long
as cell dye, and are unaffected by
water, chemicals, and any other form
of abuse. Detection of a TL 13 dis­
guise is rolled for in the same man­
ner as for TL 7, but it is now a for­
midable task, and the watcher must be
close to the disguised individual for
24 hours .
Replaceme nt makeup for the TL 13
disguise kit is much more rarely
needed, but is also considerabl y more
expensive: Crl0-60.
Disguising oneself takes 15 to 90
minutes. A task is given for it on
page 33 of the MegaTraveller Players'
Manua I.
A disguise kit has many applica­
tions and limitations. Most easily,
it can make one person look like ano­
ther of the same age and sex. Age can
also be changed to a certain extent:
the user can appear to be any number
of years older than he or she actu­
ally is, and up to ten years you nge r
(though never younge r than pubertyl.
Sex can be changed, but only
superficially. The disguise here will
be based primarily on clothing, pad­
ding, etc., and will not work with
anything less than full body cover­
Finall y , a person may disguise
himself as a humanoid alien of simi­
lar size. Such a will cost
Crl00-600, is a difficult task even
with a disgu ise kit, and wi l l have a
time i nc r-ernent, of 10 minutes. It vr i Ll
never las t more than 12 hours, is
sup er-F i c i a l ( 1ike changing se x), and
will be d i s c ove r e d immediatel y by
anyone of the pretended race. Anyone
who has _ha d frequent dealings with
the race wi ll have the discovery task
reduced to routine. Common sense must
be used he re when deciding what can
and cannot be dane: a human could not
disguise himself 3S a K'kree no mat­
how hard he t ried.
A f i na l no t e on disgu ise: at
TL 19, bioeng ineering is
deve l oped . allowing living organisms
t o be direc t ly manipulated into var­
iant life forms. Us ing a two-week
treat ment, an individual could be
pe rmanentl y changed into any sentient
lifef orm, and be totall y indistin­
gu i sh ab l e from an) other of the same
rac e .
Ce ll dye created by Duncan Torrance.
lists vari ous p o..
pac ks f or lasers , but onl y i n bacl<­
pac k si ze . Other sizes a l s o e x ist,
howev er ! offering different number-s
of S1-io t S .
fei p n --------------POMr r Pack---- ----- -­
Shots Cost Carr ied u
Lli m Pist DH 2,0 50 1500 Oil bi Ck 9
1.0 20 1500 Oil be It 10
0.5 8 1500 Al'oud llfist 12
Cerbiw8 3.0 50 10110 011 bict 8
1.5 20 1000 Oft be It 10
US 8 1000 Arou/lc IIl' ist 12
Lam 4.0 100 1500 On back 9
2.0 40 1500 (1ft baCk 10
LO 15 1500 On belt 12
Laser Pistol-13 l.0 ZOO 3500 On beIt 13
0.5 75 3500 Around 1I1' ist 14
0.2 20 4000 an gun 15
Carbi nH3 1.5 200 3000 Oil beltl back 13
Q.75 3000 On llr ist 14
C. 4 20 3500 On gu ll 15
l aw R:flH3 2.0 200 Oft back 13
1.0 75 3500 On 14
0, 5 20 3500 IIr i st 15
At TL 15, f usion power pac ks with
ne a r - i nf i n i t e shots (as for plasma
a nd f us i on guns) become
i'le i gh t u i c e as much as standard
power pac ks, a nd cost
l e O t i mES as muc h. Su c h packs r-e qui re
refue:ling a nd ma i nt enanc e e ver y 24­
36 hc urs , dep e fl di ng on f r<e qu e nc )' of
U S e- 1
Or i g ina l ly de vel op ed to al low the
cr ipp l e d to move , powe r ed
skelet on i s now us ed in a ny s it ua t ion
wher e a temporar y strength
requi r e d , s uc h 2 5 car go loa d i nq or
c omba t , o? t c. i,.jhe rl c orn b i (.eo \-1) t h com ­
b 2, t ar rr. 0 u r, i t f 0 nr:5 b .:' t t l e d r·Eo :: s .
A pQwer e d s i mp l ) a
ser vo - powe r ed f rame s t rapped to an
i nd i v i dua l ' s bod ) . It amp lif ies a i l
movement s , e f f e ctive l y dOUb l i ng
s treng t h an d g i v i ng un l i mi t e d endur ­
a nce (e x:ept in de t e r min i ng deter­
mination l . I t i s by a bac k­
mounted fu el ce l l enough ene r gy
f or twelve ho u rs, a nd can be worn
o ve r all a r mour combat armour ,
b eo.t t l e d r e '= 5 , 63r1d v ace 5 II i t.5 • TL 12 .
vc l ume : 2L . t-JE i'3ht: Cr·5 0 000 .
A he a v i e r whi ch t r ip les
is alse a vailab le . It is
t h ic ke r and b ul k i e r', an d i nc l ude s
heavy -du t y cl aws a nd a 2 4 -hc ur powe r
pac k. TL 13 . Vo lume: 4L . l.J ei ·3ht : 20 L'3 .
Cr·80 COO .

\ \
\ \
Ma gnus Abel is : 2
i ze
wi s hi n g to
o f to Abel .
The Solomani Cruiser is a large es­
cort spacecraft used for piracy sup­
pression, border patrols, convoy pro­
tection, and minor naval actions b)'
the Solomani Confederation.
of the most common Solomani
ve s s el s , e ven occasionally
tered i n Imperium-held areas
So l oma ni Rim.
A ver s a t i l e ship, the
It is one
of the
Cru iser has high jump capability, a
l arge computer, and eight spare
staterooms (often occupied by ship's
troops). It carries two cutters with
two modules each; all ships carry two
open modules, with the other two
tailored to the ship's intended mis­
sion (usually one ATV module and one
we apo ns module Idescribed in Adven­
t u re 7: Broadsword)}. Some vers ions
of the cru iser have replaced two of
the sh ip 's laser turrets with parti­
cle accelerator barbettes.
SOIOlifti Ct(is!r SR-A644452-000000-40100 1000 toa5.
Bitbri!s bwillg 8 2 Cr,,:22.
8 2 Tl:14.
Passeftgers:O. Low:O. Cifgn:45. Fael:440. EP:40. Agility:1.
Tonnage : 1000 tons. 14 OOOm

Crevr: 22 crew. 8 troops.
Dimensions: 43.5m L x 58.5m W x
12m H.
Acceleration:4-G constant.
Jump: 4.
Power p I an t : 4. 40 EP. Agiii t y 1.
Engineering: Two Transstar B591 fu­
sion power plants driv­
ing one Boeing Mark II-E
Thruster manoeuvre drive
and two Douglas-one
Hype r t hr us t jump drives.
Grav i Li c e : l- G floor field, stan­
da r d inertial compensa­
laszlo Elect ronics
model i5 computer .
Armamen t : Ei ght t riple laser tur­
remotel y con­
trolled tram bridge. Two
particle acceler ator
barbe t tes.
Ca pac It y: 45 tons c a r go.
Veh i c l e s : Two 50- ton c utters wi th
t wo modules e ac h .
1 . Br·idge. St a t i ons for p i l o t , na v i ­
gator, and eight gunners.
2. Computer, Upper level.
3. Galley.
4. s i c« Bay .
5. Common Area. Hatch down to Mus­
tering Area.
6. Jump Drive, Lower Le vel. Hatc h up
to Engineering.
7. Manoeuvre Dri ve.
8. Power Plant.
9. Airlock.
10. Ship's Locker.
11. Fue 1•
12. Fuel Scoops.
13. Engineering. Stations for si x
engineers. Hatch down to Jump
Drive, Lower Le vel.
14. Jump Dri ve, Upper Le ve l ,
15. Avionics.
16. Computer, Lower Level.
17.-47. Staterooms.
48. Mustering Area. Troops and Creloj
meet and organize he re. Hatch up
to Common Area. Hatch d0101n to
Access corr- idol".
49. Cargo Hold .
50. Cutter One.
5 1. Cut tel" TIoj0 •
52. Access Corridor. Hatch up to Mus­
ter ing Area . Hatc hes down to bar­
53. Spare Cutter Modules.
54. Particle Acce lerator Barbette.
Access through Access Corridor.
Bac k Issues
tt1 , so I d au t
a vailable
#3 s o I d au t
•••. •••.•••••••••••.•••.••. so 1d aut
#5 s o ld aut
#6 ........ •..•..... ... s t i I l ava i l ab l e
It 7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . s tI l 1 a\I a I I ao 1e
t+8 s t i 11 avai lable
Deck Plan Symbols
t tl' V ald H atch *-<
. ";
o Floo . Floo, G
o Bo." Floo r In<! 0. .,1>..0 0
t ," t
J e d:

t r' ,
I '
. tor uw $naplono t
..- - 0' A zh.lnt l HIQh LightnI ng
' :J'

I !
Nora'a was t he last subsector i n the Tr Ojan Re a c h t o be c o l o n i zed. It wa s fir s t
sett led b y t he Aslan in the earl y 500 '5, the Flor iani movi ng in a cen t u r y l a t er .
The two ferces met in 1022, and during fort y ye a r s o f wa r , t he AsIan =ap t u red
t he worl ds now kn own as Aft ye and Iryao. Since then, ther e have bee n seve r al
border c las hes and frequent Asian r ai d s in t o the F ler i an league .
Durin g the Rebel l ion , the No r a ' a s ubsecter i s a major ba t t legrou nd , WI th t he
Fl o r i a n i f i g h ting a hol ding act ion aga i nst t he AsI an Aerl a kh t . F r om 1 1 18 t o
11 2!) , Dalfi, Va d a d a , Ta nar-, a nd lafk i n fall, bu t fr'om t he n on t he As l ar. gai n no
mor e groun d . Al i rar of t he Gl o ri ou s Emp i re t a ke n i n l ate 111 8.
Al IRAR (0805 ) is par t of t he Glorious Empi re, wh i c h b r o ke off f r om the Hi e r ­
a te i n 650 . l i k ? al l Emp i re wo r l d s , i t has a s ign if i c a nt human popu l a t ion a nd a
mi l i tar ) gover nment.
EAWATRYE ( 0 107 ) was or i g inally colonized when a large merc hant crashlanded,
st rand ing two hundred AsIan. Only half survived, but those few were able to form
a st rong, healthy colony despite the planet 's corrosive atmosphere and fluid
hydrog raphic5.
KHTYEKT (0405) is the major AsIan mineral produce r in the Tr Oj a n Re a c h .
Chock - fu ll o f he a vy metals, it has one of the largest de posi t s of lanthanum
d i s cove red .
VADADA ( 05 0 3 ) is ene of t he Florian League's t wo maj o r indu s tri al c en t r e s ,
a nd it s lar gest starship prod uce r.
EAHAW ( 080 3 ) i s a mil itar y tra in ing and muster ing f a c i l i t y for t he Ahroal' i f
cl an . wit h no per Mane nt populat ion.
0 102 A8603M3-D Non - industrial. Deser t wor l d. low popu la t i o n. G
Ah a i khe a 0106 B4224K3-9 R Agricultural. Rich . G
Ea.v,a t rve 0107 B8B57K6-C R Fluid hydrograph ics. G
T)' e a'i h 0109 B5488M9-E G
Ol au h 0110 BI018L8-E Non-agr i cu I t ur a l , Ice-capped. G
Da If i 0202 C750345-9 Desert world. Poor . Non-indust. l ow popu la t i on.
Kh t e i a t l o i Ir 0203 B2234J6-C R Non- industr ial. Poor. G
Ewoi f t o i I 0204 B5466K6-A No n- indus tr i a l . Agricultural.
H'a 0 207 D65 74K9-6 Non- industrial. G
Hr e a hr ya 0209 B333AH9-D Non-agr icultural . Poor. G
No r-a ' a 0 30 1 A485645-9 F Agricultural. Non-indus tr-ial. Rich.
I rv ao 0302 A5588K8-E R
Suiaoi r 0308 B6513G7-E Non-industr ial. Poor. Low population. G
Hkah a 0309 B8976K6-A Agricultural . Non-industrial. G
Kht 'j e k t 0405 B2006J5-8 R Vacuum world. Non-indust rial . Non-agr lc ul t ur a l. G
Oso to ti al 0406 E5508N7-C Poor. Desert world . G
Aowa i h 0409 B5866K7-C R Agri c ultural. Non - industri al. Ric h. G
f<h i 04 10 B9875N8 -C U G
Vad a-d a 0 503 A410944-F F Non - a gri c u l t u r a l. Indus t r i a l. De s ert \'Io r-ld . G
E I i hf o i r l 050 5 A1532K6 - D R Non- indust ri a l . Low popu lat i o n. Poor. G
F t a l e 1 r- 1 0508 B6303 J A- 6 De s e rt wo rl d. l ow pop u l ation . No n- i nd u st . ?oor .G
Oi h/ <:- t l ' he 0509 B7'? 9 7H5 - E G
SOll f t e a 0 5 10 A2517K4 -D R Poor . G
Sei ' ea.l 0608 B5 108M6- A Non- ag r i c u l tu ra l. De s ert world . G
Ta n ar 0702 C78 7640 - 9 Ri ch . Ag r·i c u lt u r al . No n -ind ustri al .
l a f I.< i ( I 0 704 C7 7A846 - 9 Wa t e r \.,a rid . G
WOi I re avrau 0 707 BI 008N5-E R Va c uum world. Non- agr ic u l t ur al. G
UoO 0709 C6A24l 6- 8 T Non-ind ust r ial. G
Eah al'l 0 803 B523 00 0 - 0 Ba r r e n 1' 10r' I d .
Ya e al-Ia ok h 0804 B130 7l B- E T De s e rt wor ld. Non- a g r icu l t u r a l. Poe r .
Al i r-ar 0805 A355 56A-C F Agr' i e ll I t u ra I . No n- i n dus t r-I a. I , G
Ehae a l i r 0809 B6 365H B- 9 l'lon - i ndu s t r·i a l . G
ef 6 13 b r l l i on .
No ra 'a 5ubs@ct or c ont a i ns 32 worl ds wi th a popu lat i on
lev el i s F , a t IJ adad a .
Th e h I g hest pe pu l a t i on is A, at Hr eahr ya ; the h i ges t t e ch
- v ­
edate r pre sen t
o :; 0 water present
Asteroid belt
'It' Imperial naval base
• Imperial scout base
• Sc out way station
A Research station
t1 Foreign naval base
Foreign military base
T::i:A V2L Zm:ES
Amber zone
?'ed zone
Secundus under one billion
?:::::::i-: L: S over one billion

worl d
t ype
base s
world name
travel code
A: Een ori al
3: Egy r n
v : Pax Rulin
D: Gaz'..l l i n
gg:irasi l
F: Dpre s
'J :
.. : Tobi a
__ _ _ ..
! : Nor-a I a
J : Gcertel
K: Tl aio.... ah a
1: :
0 :
The 30"der l ac c
?ani '0
Si lraaihe

by Duncan Torrance
ED I TOR' S NOTE: This issue, we are
bend ing several policies to present
th is e xc iti ng adventure by Duncan
Torrance. It is set, not in this
i s sue ' s s ubsector, but i n the Tob ia
subsector (7.l • .. 5). It i s also set
pr ior to the Rebellion, around 1114.
Finall y, most of the starsh ips inclu­
ded i n the adventure have not yet
been converted to all
other of the adenture conform
t o the neH rules.
si tt ing at the Wildeman (Tob ia
0 40 9 B201674-C> highport bar , the
charac ters are approached by a ro­
bust- looki ng fellow Hho introduces
himself as- Var n Alficad ( B49AA8 l , a
loca l ma nage r for SuSAG, LIC. He ex­
pla i ns that a crisis has arisen for
t he megacorporation , and some anony­
mous a dven tu r e r s are needed to solve
Two days ago, the Constellation, a
SuSAG-owned stellar-class subsidized
liner (descr ibed in Adventure 13:
S isnal 6K ) used by the corporation's
top brass was h ijacked r ight under
the noses of both SuSAG and star-port
s.ecur t t v t it jumped before any ships
could in t e r c e p t . The entire incident
is an embarrassment to both the cor­
porat i o n and the local port author­
it y, a nd has hushed up .
The liner was carrying several
VI P ' s : Va r n ' s br other Sten (C99754),
Se li na DiSpaziano (487A89), and Dr-;
Gwendol yn La t a (586CB6> . Selina is
t he daugh t er of the SuSAG s ubsector
manager, and has been travel li ng
a bou t the a r e a v i s i t i ng var ious com­
pa ny ins t a l l a t i o ns . Dr . Lato i s one
of SuSAG's t op s c ien t i sts , c u rr en t l y
i n a n i mpo r t a nt r e s e ar ch
p r og r am on Pandora. Sh e was on he r
to Tob i a wi th three d rums of a
new drug r e qu ir i ng further evalua ­
t i o n.
If Dr . La t a a nd the new d rug fall
into wr ong hands, e ither corpor­
a t e o r t. *rr-or ist , t he effect cou ld be
de va st at ing . Va rn wil l say no mo r e
a bout the d rug , but off ers the g roup
Cr300 0 0 0 for t he rescue a nd safe r e ­
tur n of t he Co ns t e l l a tion a nd all
aboard, with t he highes t priori t y be­
i ng Dr . La te e.nd t he dr-ug . If t he
character s accept, Var n and t wo secu­
r it y pe rso nne l wi l I accompany t hem to
s uperv ise t he mission.
A searc h of c ompu t e r records,
reports, and discussions with port
authorit y staff will turn up the tol­
lowing information:
1) Varon Al f i c ad' s brot her Sten
disappeared tH O ye a r s ago on a scout
mission to the Islands cluster IRe f t
Sector-l, bu t he myster i ous I y reap­
peared t wo we ek s ago on Wi ldeman with
Varn. I f Va r n is as ked about th is, he
wil l e xp la i n t hat i t is actua l l y an
ex-mar i ne name d Zac k Tasigi playing
h is brot he r. Tas i gi was hired on to
protect Dr. La t a , and was aboard the
Co ns t e ll a t ion when it was h ij a c ked .

2) Sel ina DiSpaziano is currently
run ning awa y trom an arranged mar­
riage be t ween her and the son of the
subs e c tcr Duke . Sh e ha s gone t hr oug h
sever a l s u i t o r s in the last two
ye a r s , a nd was seei ng a r ogui sh ma n
tor s e ve r a l mon t hs befor e t he mar ­
r i a ge wa s arr a nge d. Hi S na me I S Ande r
Sell a d i n , an d he i s r umou r e d to have
t i e s \.ol i t h t he T'r oj e n Her-de , a loc al
pir a t e ba nd.
3 J Four lar ge crates from Iil gan
were loaded onto the Co ns t e l l a ti on at
Wi l de ma n th r e e hours be fo re t he hi­
j a c king , wi t h t he au t ho r i za t ion of
Lad ;! Sel i na . One car go hand ment i ons
t hat t he y we r e quit e large a nd c old ,
and r emi nded him of l ow berths.
The onl y cl ue that Varn has about
the hij ac ke r s i s a disposable lighter
f rom Ene r i 's St a r por t Bar & Gr ill on
! i 19an ( Tobi a 0309 C467787-81, found
in t he Cons t e l l a t i on' s docking bay
bef or e takeoff. If the part y goes to
I ilgan, the bar is easy to find. Reg­
ulars and staff are ver y helpful, and
menti on that two pirates, well-known
members of the "Trojan Horde," were
asking quest ions about a scout named
J ac k Colberg nine days ago. Two days
later, Colberg was found dead in his
hotel room, shot with a high-powered
laser. His scout/courier was stolen
four hours before he was found by ho­
te l staff. One patron wi 11 mention
th a t he heard both of t he pirates
di s cus si ng a h i jac king and the pro­
f its t hey would make from it.
I f the players choose to investi­
gate Colberg 's r oom, they will find
tha t i t ha s been searched,
and ret urned to service. However, a
caref ul s e a r c h will reveal a crumpled
page f rom a scout service notebook
h idden i n the r core t s heat vent. The
pa ge descri be s the location of a
r og ue p lanet i n he x 0308 of the sub­
s ec t or, an d t he di s c ov e ry of a h idden
pi rate bas.:=- .
If t he p l ayers j ump to he x they
will f ind t hemselves in t he middle of
empt y space, 5 AU (750 million kml
from the r ogu e planet. It is a dead
r-oc k , 1120km i n diameter', that
rI pped away f r om i ts s tar several
mi l l i on years ago an d i s now wander­
ing ac r oss s pace.
Th@ rogue p lane t i s di ffi c u l t to
find , as it r ec eives no elect r omag­
ne tic r3diation tram a s tar. I t can
be de tect e d bj EMS wit h a For midable
sensor task, or b y De ns i t omete r with
a Rou U n@ t a s k. Ther-e i s a ta int EM
emi s s i on l eve l (ma sk ed 2000MW powe r
plantl de tectab le with neu t r i no sen ­
sor-s .
In a crater near t he planet's north
pole is the mai n base of the Tr Oj a n
Horde. From space, it appear5 oril y as
a smal l neu t ri no and I R source. From
close up, i t appears as a 1af'ge I and ­
ing f iel d and a gurl t ovrer . Se veral
ships are scattered about: two Joll y
Roge r c lass pirate corsairs ( T, l .
#41, a modified X- boa t tender (Sup­
plenent Traders and Gunboats l , a
c hameleon - class commerc e raider (Ad­
v en ture Cl ass Sn ips Volune II, Jac k
Colber g ' s scout / courier, an d the Con­
stel lat ion. A large hydr ogen t ank
(1000 t ons l is set int o the crater
1'1a 1 1•
Most of t he pirate base has been
bu r ied or i s unde r gr ound . It was set
up seven ye a r s ago by Andor Sellad in
after he found out about the rogue
planet from an old scout (later found
dead in an i ndus t r i a l trash compac ­
t cr ) . I t \<.a5 originall y set up to ex­
ploit a l arge lanthanum depos it, but
two ye ar s ago, when the deposit began
to run ou t, Sellad in started to as­
sembl e t he Horde and prey on
sh ipp ing .
The in teri or of the base is pres ­
sur ized a nd comfortab le, with gr ay
plates i n most locati ons. There are
alarm switches in mos t areas, and
many rooms have emergency e xplosive
hatches (des ignated on the map by ac ­
c es s panel s ymbols).
1 . Cargo Ai r l oc k . 6m ceil i ng .
2. Main Storage Ar ea. 9m ceili ng .
Ther e ar e no gr av plates in thi s
a r ea. Vari ou s crat es a r e scat­
t e r e d he re, c on t a ining f ood,
s par e parts, a nd sma ll chunks of
l anthanum.
Veh ic l e Ai rlock / Storage /Mainten­
an ce . Two pressurized a ir /raf ts
a nd man y too 13 are present.
'4 . Turre t To\" e r Bas e. The tower i s
18m hi gh with a ladde r going u p
t o the two tr i pl e l as er t urrets
- ;, 1­
at the top. They can be con­
bedroom. Andor and Sel ina cur­
trolled from there or remotely
rentl y r es i de here.
from the Control Centre. A small 10. Galley.
access hatch allows entry into
11. Barracks Rooms. Each has bunks
from outside.
This room holds
lockers for six
as a fresher.
people, as
25 vacc suits of variou9 sizes
and designs, as well as various
pieces of equipment and several
12. Control Centre. All e i r l ccks ,
lighting, gravity, power, and the
turrets are controlled from here.
crates of RAM grenades.
This area also contains the
Personnel Airlock.
Exercise Room. Can be converted
into a sick-bay in emergencies.
Ma in Hall/Comnon Area. This room
has two I eve 1Sf 1inked by four
staircases, and is filled with
base's model/2 computer, sensors,
and life support equ ipment. There
is a weapons rack an one wall.
The base's 2000MW fusion power
plant is buried 10m below this
trees and. plants. 13. Drug Storage Area. Various pieces
9. Andor Selladin's Suite. This area of lab equipment are be ing set up
has two levels, linked by a
along one wall.
staircase. The lower level 19 a
comfortable living area, while
the upper level a luxurious
14. Mining Centre. Contains mining
equipment and storage bins. 6m
f uel

. ... ­
• •
landi n G

t he hi deo u t V
, .
I • • •
o 5m squares
- 12­
15. Holding Area. Twenty cells line
the walls, currently holding 11
prisoners, Varnts -bro­
16. Mine5. Several kilometres of lun­
nels criss-cross the side of the
crater, and link with the base
17. VIP Stateroom. Comfortable quar­
ters +01" four. Dr. Lata is cur­
rently imprisoned here.
18. The Hideout Bar. A complete bar
and nightclub for the entertain­
ment of the pirates.
19. Catwalk. 3m above the flOOr of
the main hall.
Over a month before the hijacking of
the Constellation, Varn Alficad was
passed up for promotion for the
fourth time in a row. For days, he
considered various revenge schemes,
and they all congealed when he stum­
bled across a report on Dr. Lato's
d iscover y. Two days later, he met
lack Tasigi, I-lho bore an amazing re­
semblance to Va r n ' s l os t brother. He
hired h im, ' and the two set ciut to hi­
jack the Constellat ion while Dr .
Lata was aboard. lack had all the
sk ills necessar y to operate the ves­
and was able to get SuSAG clear­
ance by posing as Varn's brother.
lack was booked to travel on the Con­
stellation; at Wildeman, he would let
Varn aboard and the two would travel
to Theev (Sindal 0506), where Lato's
drug could be mass-produced and sold
on the black market.
MeanWhile, Selina DiSpaziano, wish­
ing to avoid her upcoming marriage,
planned to run away with Andor Sella­
din. She had him and two thugs smug­
gledabaard theConsteUdtian in low
berths; when she later revived them,
the four took over the ship. The fact
that Dr. Lato was aboard was an added
bonus for Selina, although it was ac­
tually Andorts main motivation for
th. hijacking.
Varn then hired the players to get
the Constellation, and Dr. Lato,
back. When the players complete
Varn, Zack, and the
guards will attempt to kill them
resume their plan, taking Dr.
and the drug to Theev.
Dr. Lata and her research staff crea­
ted a chemical injection, designated
AXZ, also called the 'zombie drug.'
It affects the mind, rendering the
victim more suscept ible to sugges­
tion. If an individual is drugged,
use the following task:
To avoid AXZ effects:
(Difficulty), Int, End, instant.
Referee: Difficulty is based on dos­
age size. Mishap damage is applied
to Intelligence. Success reduces
the dose effect by one level (2OmL
acts as lOmL, etc. ). Exceptional
success (2+) eliminates all eff­
A 10mL dose ofAXZ will result i n
hallucinations for 10 hours. Avoiding
the ef fects is a simple task. Mishap
damage is automaticall y one po int.
A 20mL dose renders the victim
susceptible to commands. Roll Intel­
ligence or lower on two dice to avoid
following any given command. Effect
lasts for 2D hours. Avoiding the ef­
fects is a r out i ne task. Mishap dam­
age is ID. Co nt i nued on page 18
- '1 3­
a re a n in t e gr al par t o f
t hey serve to inf o r m and
con t r·0 l, a nd t he ski I I t o use them i s
common in MegaTraveller. Yet what
happened to the rules for them in the
game ? Th is series of art icles deals
wi th these r ules, some old, from
other publications, and others new.
All are adj usted to MegaTraveller.
There are three basic ,t y pe s of
computer: robot brains, ma inframes,
and personal computers. Robot brains,
the smallest and in many ways the
most complex, are dealt with in Boox
8, Robots. Unlike other computers,
however, they pursue
thought and action, and are able to
learn. This versatility makes them
very powerfUl, but also too unstable
for use as standard computers.
Mainframes are the type of compu­
ter used on starships and in large
offices. A large central unit is
placed i n one area, with several ter­
minals ( c o n t r o l panels) scattered
throughout the working sh ip/office.
Large , heavy, and expensive, main­
frames are the only type of computer
listed in MegaTraveller.
Personal computers are the most
familiar form in the late 20th cen­
tury - - a small, independent termi nal
and central processing unit. They are
usuall y not as powerful as a main­
frame, but have the benef its of being
smaller, cheaper, and quite portable.
The hand computer is a higher TL per ­
sonal computer.
Personal Computers
Model Weight in kg by TL
Equ i v. Cost 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
0 Cr 800 4 2 1 . 4
1 CriOOO 4 2 1 .4
2 Cr2000 4 2 1 .4
3 Cr3000 4 2 1 • 4
4 Cr 40 0 0 4 2 1
We ight: as s hown. Power: 0 .0001kW
weight. Pr ice: If TL 7 , x 2.
TL 14+, x 0.5. Volume: weight x 3.
From TL 7 to 8, all computers (both
personal and mainfram'e) ' - u'se floppy
diskettes for programs. TL 7 d isks
can hold about 60 000 words, or 6 70
disks to one space of computer prog­
rams, while TL 8 disks ho ld about 1
mi ll ion words , or 40 disks to a c om­
puler space. Disks weigh 50g and cost
From TL 9 to 12, computers use op­
tical storage diskettes (similar to
laser disks ). Optical disks can hold
some 40 million words, or one space
of computer programs. Opt ical d isks
weigh 50g and cost Cr10.
From TL up, computers use holo­
crystals. Ho locrystals can hold some
400 million words, or ten spaces of
computer programs. They weigh 50g and
cost Cr50.
Disks are usually only used for
minor programs, such as games or ac­
counting files. Regardless of how :
much free space they have, holocrys­
tals usuall y car ry only one program.
In vehicle ma inframes, programs are
often held in ROM storage, requiring
no disk or crystal.
A variet y of peripherals is a vai l­
able for computers. Personal computer
peripherals are usually extra, but
mainframes automatically have t hem,
subject to TL.
Batter y : For 0 . 4 kg personal compu ters
on l y. A rechargeable batter y
prov i ding one month of power .
TL 9. 50g. Cr150 .
Large Screen: A l a r ge plast ic screen
wh ic h folds i nto t he t op of
the computer'. Allows use of
diagrams, maps, and images.
For u s e with map box func ­
tions. TL 11. Cr500 . 200g.
Modem: A dev i c e allowing commun i ca­
tions with other computers
through telephone l i ne s . TL 7 .
Cr200 . 0 . 5 I< g .
- 14­
Optical Reader: An optical device
that scans and m@morizes text,
illustrations, and other hard­
copy. It can be used to ana­
lyze and compare images, con­
dense text, check handwriting,
etc. Tl a. CrSOO. 1kg.
Printer: A paper printer providing
hardcopy. Tl 6. Cr300. 3kg. A
colour laser printer becomes
available at TL a. Cr300.
Radio: A device allowing communica­
tions with other computers by
radio. TL 9. 100g. (30km
range.) Cr250. Rules dealing
with computer communication
appear in Traveller's Digest
No.8. Available in larger
sizes and ranges for vehicle
computers (statistics as in
craft design).
Vader: A voice control unit allowing
vocal command of the computer
and transcription if linked to
a printer. Tl 10. CriOOO.
The standard hand comput@r is a TL 11
model ll personal computer, with ra­
dio, battery, and large screen.
The main strength of a computer is
its software, which determines what
it can or cannot do. The number of
programs a computer can use is ex­
pressed in this table:
Computer Memory
Memory in:
Model CPU Storage
1 2
2 4
4 o
3 6
6 o
5 9
8 15
12 25
15 35
20 50
30 70
40 90
Bis computers have no internal stor­
age. They can only use disks/crys­
tals. CPU refers to the number of
programs the central processing unit
- 15­
can run at once; storage is the num­
ber of additional programs which will
fit in m e m o r ~ , without requiring a
d t sk zc r-v s t s t ,
All computers can do mathematical
calculations, stare informatian, and
play games. Such programs generally
take 60 000-20 000 000 words. As a
general ~ u l e of thumb, assume
2 000 000 words per model number of
computer (with model/O having
1000 000). Such programs are rela­
tively cheap and have little effect
on the game (unless the players lose
the disk that had the kidnapper's
phone number on it!).
The programs below are descr ibed
accord ing to memory space, cost, and
function. (Cost includes cost of
Artillery: Usually used only with
hand computers. Calculates
ballistics and firing data
bas@d on firer and target pos­
itions, weather, etc. Decreas­
es indirect fire difficulty by
one level when used with all
indirect fire weapons except
grenade launchers. Can be used
with up to 5 firing units as
long as they can communicate
with the computer operator.
Cr1000, 0.2 spaces.
Battle Management: Similar in func­
tion to the battle computer,
when linked with a large
screen and map program, this
program organizes tactics and
troops on a battlefield. All
units must be equipped with
rad ios. As long as radios are
operat ing (not j amme d ) , tac­
tical points pool is multi­
plied by 1.5. Units without
operating radios can only use
unmodified tact ical points
pool. Cr5000, 1 space.
Bug: Determines if a computer term­
i na l is being monitored, and
gives an alarm. When used with
Intrus ion program, detects
presence of a defense program.
Often illegal.- Cr5000 , 0.2
Cop y: Used to copy other programs.
Such programs vary in quality
depending on cost and Tl.
Often i l l e ga l . - Cr500-3000,
0.2 spaces.
Defense: Used to protect computers
from unauthorized entry, by
either radio/modem or a linked
terminal. Always kept in stor­
age, not on disk/crystal, and
ready to automatically cut in
at any time. Quality varies
depending on cost and TL. Many
include feedback efects, often
lethal.* Cri000-50 000, 0.5
spaces .
Diagnostic: Checks for malfunctions
in the computer and all sys­
tems is connected to. Lowers
difficulty of diagnostic tasks
by one level. Cr3000, 1 space.
Environmental: Used only on vehicles.
Manages life support, grav
plates, drives, power plant,
and other systems on vehicles.
It is mandatory for all compu­
ter-equipped vehicles. Cr5000,
1 space.
Ferret: Seeks out desired information
in a system. Usually used with
intrusion program. Often ille­
gal.* Cr2000, 0.2 spaces.
Fire Control: Usually used only with
vehicle computers. Allows com­
puter fire control of any dir­
ect fire or starship weapons.
In vehicles, treat FC TL as
one higher. In starships, this
program is necessary to fire
weapons. Cr3000, 0.5 spaces.
Imperial Second Survey Data: Also
available via radio link with
other mainframes. Complete UWP
data on all worlds within the
Imper i urn, and many beyond.
Cri000, 0.5 spaces.
Information files: Files of infor­
mation on machinery, tech­
niques, operations, books,
etc. Cost varies depending on
size and complexity. Also
available via radio link to
other mainframes. Cr500, 1
space each.
Intrusion: Used to break into other
computer files without pass­
words, either by radio/modem
or at a linked terminal. eual­
ity varies depending on cost
and TL. -Of ten -- -i 11 ega 1 ....
CrI000-50 000, 0.5 spaces .
Jump: Used onl y on starships. Con­
trols the process of jump.
Given cost and spaces are per
jump number. Cr5000, 0.5 spa­
Launch: Necessary for the firing of
missiles . Controls launch,
course, and detonation.
Cr3000, 0.5 space.
Library Data: Also available via ra­
dio link to other mainframes.
Contains a complete encyclo­
pedia of the Imperium. Cr2000,
1 space.
Map: Holds complete map and survey
data of up to 100 worlds, down
to 5m resolution. Can be prog­
rammed from orbit with an EMS
array (take 1 hour per UWP
size digit). Often used with
fire control and battle man­
agement programs. Cr500, 1
Navigate: Used only on space vehi­
cles. Calculates courses for
interplanetry travel.
es task difficulty of inter­
planetary travel by one level.
Cr3000, 1 space.
Security: Usually used only on main­
frames. Allows the computer to
monitor various sensors and
set otf an alarm if certain
conditions are met. Can also
be instructed to doors,
release gas, etc. Similar to
DCS in Customized Starships
(T.l. "7) and Anti-hijack
program in Traveller. Cr5000,
1 space.
Starsh ip Identification: Also avail­
able via radio link with other
mainframes. Contains complete
statistics and identification
data for over 2000 starship
designs from in and around the
Imperium. Includes common
alien ship designs. Cr2000, 1
Virus: Programs designed to spread
throughout a computer system
for various purposes, includ­
ing tagging, changing, or
erasing programs, tying up or
c r a s h i ng s ystems, etc. Often
illegal.· Cr500-50 000, 0.05
for the use of these programs
will be presented in Part 2.
Next issue, we will discuss program­
ming and hacking, and in Part 3, we
will deal with exotic aspects ot com­
puting .
- '16­
IMegaTraveller Adaptations I
Wit h pUblication,
has been subjected to a
huge amount of change. Many
weapons, and articles that have pre­
viously been published no longer work
under the new rules. To this end, we
now begin an irregular series of ar­
ticles presenting MegaTraveller ver­
s ions of all the old Traveller things
we know and love. We begin this issue
with old articles from Third Imper­
All '1C!pt the Repllsor Iflt ire 01 01• .,••
Two-hlle.d *!ipOIS llitg. blid.s, rifl.s, .tc.1 CiiDot b. ,514
,ita a sii.ld, .XCtpt by tk. sii.le's i1lO1r Vila. by t
iIId 9iviftg a -2 DII to hit .m ti. *!ipOI. 4ll siieids lm!pt
bfltl Dlly t.f.ld ti. beittr's frolt lid r.qatr. i
str'lgt. of St to as. prop.rly. lot""ist, rt4lt. itIOir Villi
by 2.1 ArlOur vall!! il par.ltiP5ts Itt a9iitst iild-t.-liftd
"upon ally. All il squt. brui.t! it. agiitsl 1i5ftS IlIly.
SKALl SHIElD·O: ArOl. d 100••• sii.le. Givt5 i.eitiolil frOftt
arlOUr value of 131 2. 3ig. Cr20. 4l.
lARGE SHIElD-O: Alar9f rtetaB9Ilar 1OO'.a sii.ld. 6iv'5 addi­
liolal frolt araoar vill. of (41 2. 5\9. Cr3S. St.
SMAll SHIELD-I. ArOl,d ..til sii.I.. 6ivI' Id'itiOiII frOftt
arlelr Viii. of 151 2. Sig. CrSO. 4L.
COllAPSIBlE SHIELl-7: Attllspirt.t pli!tic sai.ff, collapsible.
Slv" a"itiolal froat irlDlt ,all. of 161 3 {OJ. 2kg.
Cr 100. 8l 12 .," cDIIip5HI.
REFLEC SHIELI-9: ArOlld rtfltc sai.I'. 6ivt! ad'itioaal fratt
atIOIr val,. of IS) 2 r6J. 21,. CrlOO. 4l.
REPIlSOR 88..T-16: A9"iY .aellle lid Rl! ill
objKh of 500g Of ItSS lovial) It 'llm! ,.ubr tUI
1001/5. &iv!! admlltul 1t1lOll!' vain af tu 15 rOl (5
V5. pllSll aa' flSiol 10t9. Crl50 000. 15l.
STm F1lAII (1.1, III
Chrlical fOil 'pOI coatact lilh 0IY9'I, to fori
(t aies Ol! liaut.l . Tilt coatails fOal for
E.ari cabic Ittr. hiS 1I allou Vilu of 30, ill is ia
the SlI. laa••r as a square Iftr. Df buiI4i.,. Tl 13. St. lig.
CrlSC .
Afabric CDY.r placed oy.r vehicles whicb cfeates a holographic
il iqt ilitatia, the surrol.dia95. Acts as elettroaa9n.lic Ilsk­
ing 5ySt •• r.sp.ct to ,..triaD s,lsors. DetPetio, by EKS is
a Forlidabl. task. Has!o effect oa Xass D.tectors lad HAS
eqa ipl.ftt. Stat isti cs'belowarf for each square Iftr.. Tl14.
n, Zig. Cr 200.
BUlLVHIP: 500g. TL 2. Cr50. IL.
CAlTROP: AIltal spit. used to dilig. tir.s or ft.t of pursuers.
Does dilag. dirpctly to 10COlOtioi of wh••I.i v.iicles.
Hu ftO .Hect Oft oUet vehiclu. 100g. TL I. Cr2. O.IL.
CATTlEPRa»: pol. d.liv.riD9 el.ctric SiOC1S, up to
10 per bltt.ry. 750g. Tl S. Cr75. 2l .
tARTGUI: USIS spriftgs to firl !IIII Iftil dafts, tipp.i
poisol or traaq. 3009. TL 5. Cr15O. O.7l. Ragiliae: Z5Oq.
GAROTTE: Isre for strlaglilg. p.ftttfatiol is igaortf. Joes
al! filiqf victil lii.s a iisarl OJPO­
atlt tiSt. No efftct OD iftiividulIs Iflrilg ViCC Slits,
clllbit anollr, or battlr drm . 1009. n I. Cr5. O.IL
UlTRA-YIRE GAROTTE: Garottt ladt of wire only a few anlecules
thick. Extrt.!ly sharp. DotS ' ..age by (ltt ilg throat,
rlther thaa 5trlagliag. Cil be uspd a9i iftst arlOlr,i cp.
509. TL 13. Cr350. O.ll.
RACE: Aauvy cll b .m I ball Dr §pHts at tie ..c. 3000<;.
TL I. Cr 100. LSI..
iOCKET PISTOl: Fir!! I liDiiturp II liss ilr at til tar­
get. If the lissil! liss!5, it COltS atOIli for wp to tic
aiditionl passts. TL 14. CrI200. ll. RICjlziae:
SHURllEN: throwics Stl!'. 1509. TL 3. erlO. a.ll.
lASER: firM a ditt aHiCk( to a SI cabl!, taH ims if
tlpctric shod. Ditt is thl ml.d bid il. Battery is
gooi for 10 siOt5. Ca. br aDce every tIC roulds.
3009. n 6. Crloo. e.s;
Pul lIu. Dalger Jiffialty
rds Att" DIg Riagt Spic. Siglltur, R.coil As

hllilhip - 2 1 slott - aad-to-Iui
tiltrDP 3 1 clos.
tilt Ifjl. JO 11
siDrt - iitHo-iui
8 3 saart . huHo-lud
1lirtglla IS 1/2 J'tHi.. low 10lf bi,i9l'
- 20
- luHo-IUd
- iaal-to-Iui
llice 3 3 . allHo-liIIi
R. Pistol 3 10/­ 4 v.]olg 1.5 big' ttiill riflt'
Shriiu - I 1 slott tar.
hstt 10 4/­ 2 short Ioat Itlll hui9l1
'Ut caaiDsilIl vsrs II of p,trocbl icils, ani caD OpPl'ite for
Tiies ID rouftis to start.
2Tkis is tbe norsal dali9' I. vt l. COibat Yfrs iafts do 2 poilts.
is the dillqt of dart itself. Po isons act accord ilg to
Tranq Rounds rules ift P1a1,rs' Maauil.
4Dilaqt per
'Dali9f attackfr 's stre.gti divided by 2.
lust roll a tlSt to avoid runlilq over /steppilg al:
Routi I!, Del, (ytliel. ski 11 J, 1 tOlbit roud
'Weipol is a pistol, but fires as rifl ••
This inde'X lists all articles trom
I s su e Page
the second ye ar of Th ird Imperium Flamethrower 8 7
(i ssues ":5-8) • Used with issue *5'5 Florian league 8 4
Fil"st Year Article Index, it can Florian Merchant 8 8
ease finding any 7. I. article. Florian Starships 8 18
Hiver Embassy Ship 7 6
Article Issue Page Holosuit 7 16
Imperial Government 8 16
ACl"id , Home of the Blotches 6 10 Imper-ial Navy Un i forms 7 15
Advent ure: Fun with Blotches 6 12 Inside Equipment: 7 19
Adventure: The Gabriel 7 10 Disintegrator
Project. Inside Equipment: Map Box 5 19
Adventure: Mindburst 8 12 Inside Equipment: Stateroom 6 18
Adventure: SS-12b 5 11 Inside Equipment: Tl 15 8 21
Blotch Communicator 6 9 Vacc Suit
Blotch Exp loration Cruiser 6 14 lightn i ng Rod 6 9
Blotch Translator 6 9 Personalities of the 7 4
Blotch Vacc Suit 6 9 Rebellion
Blotches 6 6 Prefab St.arport. 7 16
Combat. Spray Gun 8 7 Rocket Pistol 5 10
Custom izl!'d Starships 7 17 Sound Dampl!'r 5 10
Cyborgs, Part 2 5 4 Shalth Systems :5 15
Cyborgs, Part. :3 6 4 SUbsector: Dpres 7 8
Droyne Coyns 8 Subsedor: Tobia 5 8
Droyne Cruiser :5 6 SUb!upctor: Yg.gdrasi 1 8 10
Electrocarbine 6 9 Traveller Chronology 6
First Year Article Index 5 18 Unexplored Space :5 16
Cont i nued f r ~ m page 13
A 30ml
~ -
dose results in total mind
cont ro l. The vi cti m will do every­
thing he i s told, and will do nothing
without orders. The effect lasts 1D
days, and avoiding it is a difficult
task. Mishap damage is 2D.
A SOml dose results in permanent
mind cont r o l , with no chance of reco­
ver y. Avo iding the effect is a iormi ­
dab l e task. Mishap damage i s 3D.
Dr. l at o i s appa l led with what she
has created . Gi ven a chance, shl!' wil l
dest roy t he AXZ drums whi ch con­
tain 100l of the substancl!' -- and all
her notes. I f t he drugs disappear,
however , SuSAG secur it y wil l attempt
to tr ac k down the playe rs as pro­
bab l e cu.l pr it s •
Ad Rates
Advert ising rates per i s s ue : $4 .00
business card s ize; $6. 00 fo r " 1/4
page; ~ 1 0 . 0 0 for 1/2 page l $20.00
full page.
- 18­
\.IE'D li KE TO
FROM A{)\}lC£
crATE . ..
HERE W£ At/€ "
R:::R . •.
Standard Shell
Sear Pi n
Mainspr ing Housi ng
;'!a i nspr i ng Ca p
Ha i ns pring
Re t ainer
Hous ing Fin

Hammer Pi n
strut Pin
Firing Pin
Spr i ng
Magazine Base
Magazi ne
Ma gazi ne
OPERATION : After the magazine i s inserted
Feature Adventure - Vendetta
the s lide i s pulled back, loading the first
Goertel Subsector
cartri dge. Firing the Aut opi s tol pushes the
Customized Weapons
s l ide bac k, loading t he next r ound through
rec oil. In or der to fire, t he s afe t y lock
Plus: Computers Part II, the
( no t shown in cross-secti on ) be off,
Glorious Empire, and a pull-out map
all owing the slide to move . The gr i p safe t y
of Charted On sale in June
mus t be s que ezed f or t he t ri gge r to move .
-- don't miss it
- 19­
/ . .r.
---:- - --
11al Partha
Hi ni f igs
Xa r tian
Asga rd
Gr enadi er
Fr ei -korps
Stone Mountain
He roics and : os
Naismi th
Dar k Horse
er r the
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