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The money earned by the father is insufficient to support the family. As the student nurses go further to the interview. The student nurses noticed that there is a vacant lot beside their house with dumps of garbage which is contributory for the presence of breeding sites for vectors of diseases. She had a first husband who died of a lung disease. . Scenario Antipolo City.” Then the students asked them if they managed to have a check-up regarding that problem. Child AKP who is four months of age and Child JNP who is 2 years of age.00 a day. The interviewers asked Mrs. DPT1. They were married for fourteen years and had six children. Then Mrs. She was only given BCG.” They student nurses found out that child AKP who is 4 months old should have complete immunization. GP is a plain housewife living at Brgy. GP answered “Nagpacheck-up na kami. She is the one responsible now in taking good care of her 8 children most especially to her three youngest ones. She married again and they are now together for two years having two biological children. niresetahan kami ng antibiotic sa health center pero itinigil ko ang painom sa kanya kasi marami na siya masyadong nainom. GP told us. Mr. GP for how long does child X been suffering from cough and colds. the youngest one.7◦c. nung pinanganak siya mahina talaga baga niya ang sabi may Pneumonia yung bata. Mrs. Kamandag I. HEPA B1 and HEPA B2. they noticed that Child AKP. Bibit. FAMILY HISTORY / PROFILE Mrs.I. RP is a school supplies vendor earning an average of P200. DPT2. has cough and colds. She has no fever with a temperature of 36. “Dalawang linggo na.

* Basic Necessities are food and clothing * Mrs.00 a day. Characteristics and Dynamics.INITIAL DATA BASE A. is responsible for allocating the income for all the expenses . Family Structure. Socio-economic and cultural Character of the Family * Only the Father is working for the family * He is a school supplies vendor earning an average of P200.P. Members Household RP GP RM DM GM JEM JM RM JNP AKP of the Sex Age M F M M F M F M F F 38 old 37 years old 16 years old 14 years old 13 years old 11 years old 9 years old Relationship Place of to the head residen of the ce Family years Father Same Mother Step Son Step Son Step Daughter Step son Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Same Step Daughter 7 years old Step son 2 years old Daughter 4 months Daughter B. G.

rodents or other vectors. Presence of Breeding/resting sites of insects. It has one bedroom. C. Sleeping arrangement The family sleeps together in the bedroom where in they can freely move. Housing a. GP Mr. The family lives in an area that is suitable for vectors of diseases to make it as their breeding site. There is a vacant lot beside .The family is not involved and do not participate in any activities in their barangay unless they are obligated to do so. Inadequacy of living space The family owns the house which is made up of hollow blocks. RP GP JM • Educational Attainment High school Undergraduate High school Undergraduate Grade 4 Grade 1 Ethnic Background Cagayan Valley Quezon Province Religious Affiliation Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Other children do not go to school because of inadequate financial resources * Relationship of the Family to larger community – nature and extent of participation of the family in community activities. a bathroom and their kitchen are situated outside the house. . b.Mrs.Home and Environment 1. c.

Drainage system They have a drainage system leading to a canal which is well maintained by the community. 3. houseflies and rats that may cause diseases can breed and multiply.their house wherein vectors such as mosquitoes. The whole structure of the comfort room is cemented but not tiled. Kind of neighborhood The family is living in vicinity not that congested. 2. they have a peaceful environment and good relationship with other family. Presence of accident hazards The structure of the house is safe for the family. Water supply Their drinking water comes from NAWASA. d. e. h. i. Food storage/cooking facilities They use wood for cooking purposes. When it comes to other necessities they get it from the public deep well. f. g. There are no stairs that can cause accidents. Sometimes they buy Mineral water for her baby. Sometimes they burn dried leaves and branches from trees to clean the surroundings. Garbage/referred disposal The garbage is not collected but they store them in properly sealed garbage bags. They have no refrigerator but it is not a problem for them because there are no left-over to be stored. Toilet Facility The family owns the toilet which is flushed manually. The house is near to the street. It is not fire hazard because it is made up of hollow blocks and cement. Social and health facilities available .

lack of immunization. presence of vectorcausing diseases and lack of financial resources. The student nurses assessed the child and they Weight 38 kg 9. 2. Other members of the family have no illness. Risk factors The factors influencing the presence of diseases are knowledge deficit.They go to Gate-2 Mayamot Health Center and nearby hospitals in case of emergencies. Health Status of each Family Member 1. Nutritional assessment a. D. Child AKP has a cough and cold who has a past history of Pneumonia that was diagnosed seven days after childbirth. Medical and Nursing The family usually experience coughs and colds. Communication and transportation They don’t have communication and transportation facilities. j. Physical Assessment The Child AKP is experiencing cough and cold for 2 weeks and there was a change in her feeding habits as verbalized by the mother.20 kg 20 kg 10 kg 5 kg Height 147 cm 121 cm 114 cm 76 cm 59 cm Age 13 years old 9 years old 7 years old 2 years old 4 months . Anthropometric Data Name GM JM RM JNP AKP 3. Currently. 4.

Old. Habits. 2. Practices on Health Maintenance and Disease Prevention Promotion. 3. transparent mucous secretions and consecutive couching. . Adequacy of: Rest and sleep Rest and sleep of the family is enough even if there is inadequate space of living. Healthy Lifestyle practices They prefer to access the health center at Gate-2 Mayamot than go to a quack doctor. Immunization Vaccines BCG DPT 1 DPT 2 DPT 3 OPV 1 OPV 2 OPV 3 HEP B1 HEP B2 HEP B3 MEASLES * AKP / / / X X X X / / X X JNP / / / / / / / / / / / RM / / / / / / / / / / / JM / / / / / / / / / / / JEM / / / / / / / / / / / GM / / / / / / / / / / / RM / / / / / / / / / / / *Child APK has yet to receive Measles vaccine because she is only 4 mos. The mother verbalized that they manage to sleep well and if they have nothing to do. We observed in this situation that the mother has knowledge deficit with regards to health prevention.gathered the following data: presence of runny nose. The health center prescribed Amoxicillin but the mother is hesitant to let her baby drink the prescribed medicine because according to her the baby might be overdosed. E. Values. In case of emergencies they go to nearby hospitals. . they rather rest. 1.

they try to talk about things to resolve them. 4.Exercise/ activities In terms of exercise or any physical activity. Stress Management Activities During presence of stress in the family. They share stories with each other and play with the kids. II. the little children usually play street games with the other children while the others especially the two older sons play basketball. The mother considers walking when going to the market everyday as her exercise. CUES/ DATA AND FAMILY NURSING PROBLEM CUES / DATA PROBLEM 1.) lack of knowledge on the nature to fear that the child would and extent be overdosed. Relaxation Activities The family goes out for some time to visit their relatives. of care needed The student nurses assessed the child and they gathered the following data: presence FAMILY NURSING . Child APK has mild cough * Inability of the family to provide and colds and mother refuse adequate care to its member due to: to continue medication due a.

DPT1. Money earned by father 1 Inability to mother refused to home provide a 3. Salience of Family sees it as a 2/2 x 1 1 the Problem problem Total Score 5 III.) lack of financial resources be overdosed support the family’s needs b. 2. Preventive 3/3 x is * 1 continue the within the average of environment Potential moderate medication because P200. She was only given BCG.of runny nose. * Failure to utilize community resources for health care due to: a. HEPA B1 and HEPA B2. There is 1 Inability to It is a health deficit home provide a Problem their house with * Health threat beside environment Resources are dumps of garbage which is conducive to health maintenance due 2.) lack of supportive relationship among family members. DPT2. sanitation. Medications were already given and available but the 4. transparent mucous secretions and consecutive couching.) Failure to perceive the benefits of health care / service. 4. Child AKP.Ranking and Scaling of Family Nursing Care Problems . 4 months of age should have complete immunization by now except for measles. Nature of the a vacant X lot 3/3 1 3. Modifiability for the presence 2/2 x 2 available and contributory of 2 the breeding sites for vectors Problem Partially modifiableto interventions are of lack of knowledge of importance of feasible of diseases. Criteria Computation Actual Score Justification 1.00 conducive to health maintenance and of assumption that per day which is not personal development due to: the child would enough to a.

Nature of the Problem 2. Modifiability of the Problem Computation 2/3 X 1 Health deficit 2/2 X 2 Easily modifiable 3/3 X 1 high Actual Score . Salience of the Problem Total Score 1/2 X 1 .17 CHILD AKP LACKS COMPLETE IMMUNIZATION INSUFFICIENT INCOME FOR THE FAMILY’S NEEDS .PRESENCE OF UNTREATED COUGH AND COLDS AS A HEALTH DEFICIT Criteria 1.5 4. Preventive Potential 4. Recognized as problem but don’t need immediate attention 1 3.67 2 Justification It is a health threat Resources are available and intervention is feasible Immunization vaccines are available but the family lacks time to go to the health center.

5 Total Score 2. 2. Nature of the Problem 2.33 0/2 X 1 0 2 Criteria 1.67 Justifications It is a health threat It is moderate because not all the time the father has enough money to spend. Salience of the Problem Total Score 1/3 X 1 . The family knows that financial resources is a problem but they could not do anything because if the father hunts for job. Nature of the Problem Computation 2/3 X 1 Actual Score . The father also does not possess adequate education to land a high-paying job. Preventive Potential 1/3 X 1 . Modifiability of the Problem 1/2 X 2 1 3.33 4. 3. so it is hard to eliminate. the money earned for a day is dependent to the goods he had sold.5 . Salience of the Problem 1/2 X 1 . Preventive Potential 4. Because the father is a vendor. The community has many areas where vectors thrive.BREEDING GROUND OF DISEASES Criteria 1.67 1 Justification It is a health threat. Vectors could not be controlled easily because community lack equipment in minimizing their population. he could not sell goods. The family does not see it as a problem. Modifiability of the Problem Computation 2/3 X 1 1/2 X 2 Actual Score .