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126 Subject-Verb Agreement ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------.147 Answer Key -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.45 ------.59 67 Independent Writing: Independent Writing: Brainstorming Writing Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences Vocabulary Review --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 2 Making Writing Complete Skill A Skill B Integrated Writing: Making Connections Making Ideas Flow --------------------------------------------------------.10.13 1:28 PM Page 5 Table of Contents 6 Organizing Information Paraphrasing Introduction to TOEFL® Writing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 1 Skill A Skill B Skill C Skill D Thinking and Writing Integrated Writing: Integrated Writing: ---------------------------------------------------.135 Practice Test for Writing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.151 .BT TOEFL-writing 2005.139 Transcripts ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.75 ------------------------------------------------------.31 --------------------------------------------------------------.17 ---------------------------------------------------------------------.130 Noun Phrases and Clauses -----------------------------------------------------------------------------.111 Chapter 3 Focus: Writing Grammar Focus A Focus B Focus C Focus D Focus E Focus F Verb Tenses ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.124 Word Forms -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.89 Independent Writing: Vocabulary Review --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.132 Coordinating Conjunctions and Coordinating Adverbs ------------------.128 Sentence Fragments and Run-ons -------------------------------------------------------------.

present a counter example. in order to give yourself more time for writing and editing. or describe the consequences of an attempt to solve a problem presented in the reading. then take notes Strategy You will not see the prompt until after you finish reading and writing. ▼ Include information from both the reading and listening passages. Think about how the points in the lecture relate to the points in the reading.BT TOEFL-writing 2005. Integrated Writing: Organizing Information 17 .10. Limit the time for organizing to less than 2 minutes. ▼ Select ideas from your notes Choose the points that you need to discuss. Organize the ideas Clearly show the relationship between the information presented in the listening and that presented in the reading passage. Take notes of major points from both reading and listening. ▼ Read the question and understand the task Identify what kind of relationship between the reading and the listening the question asks you to discuss.13 1:28 PM Page 17 Skill A Integrated Writing: Organizing Information Necessary Skills • Understanding information from both reading and listening passages • Taking notes on the reading and listening passages • Using information from your notes in your writing • Synthesizing the information taken from both the reading and listening passages Process Read and listen. The listening passage will present details that will either challenge the information presented in the reading. so taking notes is essential.

relating to the feelings of Issue: ______________ head scarves in class Pro: Some ______________ in parliament. many ______________ --. but not all professors agree with these rules.10. look at the note diagram and fill in the missing information.proposed law --.13 1:28 PM Page 18 Skill A Q1 Culture Practice 1 Step 1 Read the following passage.existing ______________ at universities Con: Muslim women. to not allow sympathetic (adj): feeling the same emotions as. issue (n): a topic of discussion or debate debate (n): a discussion in which two or more different opinions on a topic are expressed parliament (n): the top law-making group of politicians in a country ban (v): to prohibit or forbid. Then. There are even politicians in the Turkish parliament suggesting head scarves be banned by law.women ______________ without head scarves 18 Chapter 1 Thinking and Writing .BT TOEFL-writing 2005. Many professors are sympathetic toward their female Muslim students. Most universities in Turkey have rules forbidding Muslim students from wearing head scarves inside buildings. Muslim women are typically uncomfortable not wearing head scarves in public. Should students in Turkey be allowed to wear their head scarves in class? This issue is currently under debate. most ______________ --.

Pay attention to the main ideas and supporting details. Not all of the words or phrases will be used.banned in ______________ 20 century th image (n): a style.13 1:28 PM Page 19 Step 2 Now listen to a lecture related to the topic in Step 1.image of head scarves --. an opinion based on physical appearance tarnish (v): to damage the appearance of. against the rules traditional (adj): in accordance with a standard that has been used for a long time keywords / key phrases big deal public early traditional image uncivilized outlawed Western Step 3 Review your notes from both the reading and the lecture.look like a ______________ person Another example of ______________ fashion: the fez --. Reading: Main idea: _______________________________________________________________________________ Supporting idea: __________________________________________________________________________ Supporting idea: __________________________________________________________________________ Lecture: Main idea: _______________________________________________________________________________ Supporting idea: __________________________________________________________________________ Supporting idea: __________________________________________________________________________ Integrated Writing: Organizing Information 19 . to make something punishable by law illegal (adj): contrary to the law.modern image --.______________ hat for men --.BT TOEFL-writing 2005. ______________ --. Problem with head scarves: ______________ --.10. to make imperfect outlaw (v): to ban by law. Fill in the blanks of the note diagram below with the keywords or key phrases shown. Rewrite the ideas as complete sentences.old-fashioned.

some people in _____________ _____________ to ban head scarves _____________ _____________. 2. However. Those who are against _____________ _____________ argue that they give Turkey a bad _____________. According to the reading.10. Include information from both the reading and the lecture. and 3 to complete the passage.BT TOEFL-writing 2005. _____________ politicians and _____________ universities are in favor of _____________ or laws _____________ head scarves in class. Women wearing head scarves give Turkey an _______________________________ or _______________________________ image.13 1:28 PM Page 20 Step 4 Use the main ideas and details from Steps 1. This issue is similar to one in the past when the _____________ in _____________ outlawed _____________ from wearing the _____________ in public. 20 Chapter 1 Thinking and Writing . Muslim women and some professors are _____________ such rules and laws.

This is a simple thing if you know how to do it. or from teachers in school. not a child colleague (n): a coworker personally (adv): as far as I'm concerned.13 1:28 PM Page 46 Skill C Q2 Experience Practice 1 Step 1 Read the question and think about your own experience. I read the instructions for how to install it. I put the CD in my computer. They do not want to make any mistakes. I pushed buttons and clicked with my mouse. I installed the program without the instructions at all. List some ideas about your experiences in the blanks. people learn in different ways. Personally. Some people learn by reading about things. Others learn by doing. to load into a computer program (n): a series of coded instructions that make a computer perform a specific function confusing (adj): difficult to understand clearly instructions (n): directions that tell how to do something foreign (adj): from a different place. Some people disagree with my point of view. I learn not to do it that way again. When I make a mistake. we learn information from our parents. If you do not already know. an error 46 Chapter 1 Thinking and Writing . knowledge adult (n): a person over the age of 18. I did not really understand the instructions. One thing I learned by doing was how to install programs on my computer. or even from younger people. from colleagues. Although we are all learning all the time. from our friends. Which of these methods of learning is better for you? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice. It seemed like they were written in a foreign language. I learn better by doing than by reading. Then. When we are adults.10. information (n): facts. When we are children. We learn new things all the time.BT TOEFL-writing 2005. in my case install (v): to put in place. Things I learned by reading: math changing the ink in my printer _______________________________ _______________________________ Things I learned by doing: swimming installing programs on my computer _______________________________ _______________________________ Step 2 Read the sample response below and underline three sentences that are central to the organization of the passage. I think it is OK to make mistakes. They say they have to read the instructions to learn how to do things. Now. Others learn by doing things. These are both important things to know when you learn to do something new. we learn things from older people. The first time I got a new program for my computer. different in origin mistake (n): an incorrect act. Some people learn by reading. I know how to install any program on my computer. I also learn what happens when I make that mistake. it can be confusing.

What example does the writer give to support the thesis statement? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What is the thesis statement of the essay? (Write it.BT TOEFL-writing 2005.) _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Step 4 Answer the following questions in relation to the organization of the response in Step 2. Does the writer present a comment or idea from the other side in the conclusion? If so.) _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. what is the comment or idea? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Which “side” of the prompt does this essay take? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What is the topic sentence of the body paragraph? (Write it.13 1:28 PM Page 47 Step 3 Answer the following questions in relation to the thesis and topic of the response in Step 2. 1. What is the main idea of the conclusion? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Independent Writing: Brainstorming 47 . 1.10.

He likes Spanish culture. having studied it for many years. 124 Chapter 3 Focus: Writing Grammar . and he is loving the food also. after all of the furniture has been bought.Verb Tenses To discuss things in present or past time.BT TOEFL-writing 2005.10. John has lived in Spain for over six months. They decide to move in next month. Stephen and Sarah got married in May of last year. Exercise 1 Each of the paragraphs below has 8 errors in verb tenses. they finally found a house that they really liked. Stephen is a doctor and Sarah was a doctor. John going to move back to England in May because he missed his family. he believes that one day he might return to Spain and start a family there. They married just over a year. In a few weeks. They are looking for a house for over nine months now. He moves here shortly after finishing university. 1. Past Perfect Dave had taught archaeology before he taught history. As a result. Present Perfect Dave has taught history for ten years. Present Continuous Right now. John spoke Spanish very well. and have little time for organizing their new house. Past Continuous Dave was teaching history when I arrived in class. use the tenses below. His plan is being to live in Spain for a few years in order to improve his Spanish. They both work in the same hospital. Dave is teaching history in class. Yesterday.13 1:28 PM Page 124 Focus A . 2. too. they hire a decorator to buy all the furniture and decorate the house. Tense Time Past Past Simple Dave taught a history class yesterday. they hope everything will had been organized and they looked forward to living in their new home. Because his girlfriend has been Spanish. Both of them worked very hard. then he planned to return to England to teach in a university. Tense Time Present Present Simple Dave teaches history twice a week. Find the errors and correct them.

It was amazing to see so many different cultures in such a small area. I met some people who.10. While I was _____________ (travel) through Germany. The Dublin Spire _____________ (be) over 120 meters in height and _____________ (be complete) in January 2003. it was one of the best times of my life. together. and Dublin’s tallest structure was finally completed. like me. there were delays because of bad weather. We had a great time. the spire was eventually able to be finished. Verb Tenses 125 . We _____________ (make) a promise that sometime in the future we would return and do it again. 2. However. I _____________ (have) just finished university and I _____________ (decide) I wanted to see some more of the world. When I traveled around Europe.BT TOEFL-writing 2005. 1.13 1:28 PM Page 125 Exercise 2 Write the correct form of the verb. were from America. so we decided to travel together for the rest of the holiday. It was so much fun. when the strong winds _____________ (pass). When the structure was first being _____________ (build) in 2002. Dublin City is home to the world’s tallest sculpture.