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Note: On September 24, 2010, just before midnight, I was going through some old papers and found this

"Read" receipt from then-Governor Jeb Bush (brother of thenPresident George W. Bush) for the email below. Governor Bush was known as the "eGovernor" because of his great affinity for email and online communication, for technology in general, which is part of why I don't believe this was a staff member's doing. Even if it was, it would have been his agent, therefore, him.

That was forty-three days after the University of South Florida's unlawfully cutting off my pay and benefits as of May 22, 2001.
___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ From: Kimberly Ann Blevins [] Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 10:22 PM To: President George W. Bush Cc: Terrence J. Russell; Governor Jeb Bush; President Judy Genshaft; Robert M. Daugherty; Charles S. Mahan; Phillip J. Marty; Elizabeth "Betty" Gulitz; Sandhya Srinivasan; Marc Yacht; John J. Gallagher; R. B. Friedlander; Noreen Segrest; Paula N. Knaus; Susan Webb; Pat Johnson; U. S. Department of Justice; President Judy Genshaft; Judge Stanley Richard Mills; Barbara K. Emil Subject: Ruby Ridge: Initialization to Terrorization Dear President Bush: Please put the following alongside correspondence sent to you from me and from my father Robert F. Blevins earlier today: both that which has been sent to you directly and that on which you have been copied. I just finished watching (7 to 8 p.m., ET) a documentary on the Ruby Ridge tragedy involving the Randall Weaver family. I would like to draw your attention to a few telling themes from this show. There are terrifying parallels

between this incident and my own family’s experiences, late December 1987 to date, particularly October 18, 1994, 10:16 a.m. and October 15, 1996, 4:48 a.m. The Guns the Weavers thought would protect them made them targets In August, 1992, federal agents were following rules of engagement against the besieged Randall Weaver family whereby the federal agents were granted, for the first time ever, the right to shoot and kill these American citizens, without regard to whether they posed any immediate threat. More specifically, the federal government granted itself the right to shoot to kill any armed male. The commentator noted that the guns the Weavers thought would protect them had become the very things that made them targets. Such is the way with tyranny oppression: such has been the way with the federal government on down against this four-generation BlevinsCieszynski-Fornof-Stout family since late December 1987, to date, with nothing in sight but more of the same, or worse. It has been the very exercising of our rights that has made us targets! How wrong is that? The University of South Florida is among the most recent to target us for exercising our rights – indeed for acting upon our obligations as citizens! In my July 14, 2000 letter to USF’s President Judy Genshaft, sent to her just about a week after her arrival on campus, I clearly stated, “The unlawful system overshadows the legitimate one and seems to have all but overtaken it. As a family, we have found that our best self-defense is to speak out and to expose the wrongdoing, which has always intensified the onslaught, but only up to a point.” As I wrote those words, I had already seen that others of our opposition would try to get at me through the University – because that had already happened -- however, I did not foresee the unlawful, malicious, vicious onslaught against me that would come from the University itself, all the while declaring what a valuable employee I am. USF has made itself an institution of higher tyranny and terrorization, not higher learning…. They had found out that if they so much as stuck their head out of the house, they would be shot The Weaver family had been besieged. Fourteen-year-old Sam lay dead in an outbuilding, the same place his baby sister Elishaba had been born some months prior. Scouting around outside, Randy Weaver went to the building to see his son’s body once more. As he placed his hand on the latch above his head, he was shot from behind. His wife, Vicky Weaver – grieving mother of Sam – shouted for Randy and the children to come into the house. As she stood in or near the doorway to their simple, handmade cabin, ushering her family inside, to safety, a federal agent shot her through the head, the same bullet doing additional damage that turned lifethreatening to others closeby. Down the mountain, at a roadblock, neighbors, and eventually others from around the nation, held vigil. When they finally learned, days later of the deaths of Sam Weaver and his mother Vicky Weaver, outrage, grief, indignation, poured out. Ruby Ridge, and a few months later, the federal siege and burn out of the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas, initialized this entire country to the terrifying reality that citizens are not safe from the out-of-control, tyrannical government, not even in our own homes. Not even people in the mountains trying to mind their own business. Not even people in houses of worship. Both events happened prior to William R. “Bill” Webb’s October 18, 1994, 10:16 a.m., unlawful, attemptedmurder, terrorist raid on my elderly, heart-patient parents in their isolated home in the woods that was carried out through Sheriff Lee Cannon and Bill Webb’s reciprocal benefactor State Attorney Bernie McCabe. Without lawful excuse, Bill Webb merely picks up the phone, calls the sheriff, calls the state attorney, calls whomever… and his bidding is done, no questions asked, and the law be damned, including, of course, the rights of those with less power or prestige in the community. It takes a community to make a crooked public official…. The knock at the door of my parent’s home the morning of October 18, 1994, was accompanied by having already seen what the government could do and get by with it – both what had already been happening to my parents and theirs since late December 1987, and what they had witnessed, through the captive media, of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Even with all that, my mother Ruth Elvada Denniston Blevins said to my father that maybe they should answer the door. My father warned against it, whispering, “Bill Webb is behind this!” And as it turned out, indeed, he was!

My parents were convinced their lives were saved by not answering the door – sticking their heads out – where they were convinced they would be shot dead on sight. It happened in the community of Ruby Ridge, Idaho: why not in Hudson, Florida? By keeping quiet and keeping the door between them and the terrorists, my parents’ lives were spared: true of October 18, 1994 and true of October 15, 1996, and there were other terrifying experiences from the subversive government. They came and went freely on my parents’ nearly nineacre, heavily wooded, private estate. You figure to have your very own dog-eared-by-you copy of my father’s letter of December 7, 1997, and from that you may garner more detailed information of the aforesaid. Here, it suffices to say that this was an attempt to murder my parents on both occasions, even though they kept the door shut: the terrorization itself was attempted murder, no less. The mere presence of the sheriff’s deputies under those conditions presented a lethal force, and Bill Webb, as well as his aiders and abettors, bear the responsibility for knowing as much. What is hard to understand is that even though the federal and state governments have backed Bill Webb, why it is that they have not admitted that they should not have done so, and why they have not gone after him. She made them all mad as hornets. I was proud of her. Still am. The foregoing was Randy Weaver’s observation in the documentary about his wife Vicky Weaver’s letter-writing campaign to federal officials and others. Without regard to what she said, or whether anyone agrees with it, is there not a beauty in her exercising her right to express her views freely? In her voice? How much of this gets utterly extinguished in the doctrine of political correctness? Do not thoughts and beliefs – like a pendulum – sometimes need to swing between extremes before settling within a more confined range? My September 23, 1999 letter to Governor Jeb Bush started out as follows: Your father sure has gotten a lot of powerful people upset…. A most trusted and valued counselor shared the foregoing with me recently. When I conveyed the information to my father, his response was, “Splendid! The more upset they are, the better I like it!” You see, we suspect that a lot of powerful people are upset, but for different reasons. In the end, it is a question of how those people react to being upset that will be important and that will stand the test of time. Robert F. Blevins, my father, has asked me to take over the reigns (sic) on this whole matter for a while so he can rest and regain his strength. Since that time, my father has been hospitalized at least twice, near death, and now has a very serious heart problem, just as had my mother Ruth Elvada Denniston Blevins as she was under relentless assault by William R. “Bill” Webb and his aiders and abettors. No lawful excuse It cannot be said too often that, whereas in regard to Ruby Ridge and Waco, the government came up with something that could be called an excuse – never mind whether it held up over time -- in regard to my parents and theirs, the government has never so much as offered an excuse. Therein lies the volatile truth: the government does not require itself to have an excuse to bully us out, shoot us out, burn us out of even our own homes, and there are apparently very few citizens willing to put their all on the line – their lives, their livelihoods, their professional associations, their careers, everything – to oppose such tyranny. Indeed, we have been faulted for so doing, and have even been further assaulted for so doing. The devastating doctrine of political correctness, and the comfort of fat paychecks, full bellies, nice cars, percs of all kinds, at once seduces and entices to a gang-rape mentality as those self-declared to be above the law, target others to not even be so much as law worthy. Ghastly. Sinister. A clear and present reality for me and for mine, as innocent victims of the aforesaid – not victims of a system that has gone wild or crazy, but victims of a system that is very, very much in control, subversively so. Treasonously so.

As for my family and myself, we agree with Thomas Jefferson: “Resistance to tyrants is service to God.” Very truly yours, Kimberly A. Blevins p.s. I see that in one of my earlier items of correspondence today, I referred to Bill Webb as a “which” rather than a “whom.” So noted, but not corrected. p.s.s Also, in regard to my statement to general counsel Noreen Segrest, “I am returning the letter, unopened. If you re-issue it or any other correspondence to me, you will – and I repeat will – address the correspondence properly, inside and out, or it, too, will be returned, unopened!” I will only say that humor has a way of finding itself into even the most serious matters, and the most serious matters require humor, so indicates such notable authorities as Abraham Lincoln and the Holy Bible, no less: not bad company, either way. Copyright © 2002 Robert Frank Blevins. All rights reserved. The Ruth Elvada Denniston Blevins web site was established on July 30, 2001 and has had:

visitors since August 11, 2001.

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