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Outlook 2007 for CUMC IT Exchange Configuration
Once you receive your Exchange account, verify that it's active by logging into the web based program, Outlook Web Access. You should also change your password once you have logged in to Web Access, click here for step by step instructions. To receive your login and password for Exchange:



After requesting an Exchange account, you or the person who submitted the request form will receive an email or phone call with your Exchange user name and instructions on selecting a password. Please allow at least two business days for the account to be created. If an account was requested and you'd like the status or need to obtain the information for your CUMC IT Exchange account, contact the Service Desk at at 5- Help (212-305-4357), option 5. The user name should be your UNI. Remember that your account configuration is not complete until you set up mail forwarding by following the instructions inSetting up Mail Forwarding using Ingo. How to Set Up Your CUMC IT Exchange Account in Outlook 2007 Note: If you already have content in Outlook like email messages, appointments, tasks, personal contacts, and notes that you need to keep, you should export and import that content into the CUMC IT profile. For step by step instructions please see the Exporting and Importing Mailbox Content page. 1. In the bottom left corner of your computer screen select Start and the Control Panel (you may have to select Settings before seeing the Control Panel). In the Control Panel, open Mail. 2. From the Mail Setup dialog box select Show Profiles. Note: If a computer does not have any Outlook profiles set up, you will not see the Mail Setup dialog box. If that is the case, Outlook goes straight to the Mail dialog box described in step 3.

In the Mail dialog box. enter the name of the profile under Profile Name. . click Add. 4.3. For example. enter CUMC. ClickOK. In the New Profile dialog box.

Even if there is a blank character space after the server address (as may happen when using copy and paste).columbia. Select the checkbox at the bottom left of the window to Manually configure server settings or additional server Outlook will display error messages during name resolution (described in the next step). . then select the Next button. in the Microsoft Exchange Server field. select Microsoft Exchange Server and then click the Next button in the bottom right. In the Choose E-mail Service This is the full address of the Exchange Server in CUMC IT. 6. 7. Make sure there are no spaces after the server address. enter: MCEXMB01. The Add New E-Mail Account window will appear. At the next E-mail Accounts window.

IMPORTANT: If the computer you're using is a laptop that will be used off-campus.. just select OK and then Cancel to move past the error. follow the additional steps here.8.. i... Select the Connection tab at the top. The Microsoft Exchange window will appear.". The computer may pause and give an error that "The action cannot be completed. . button. Select the More Settings. In the User Name field. enter your UNI. ii. you must first login to VPN to be able to connect to the Microsoft Exchange server and complete the steps below. If you are off-campus while configuring. otherwise continue to step 9 below.

In the first field under Use this url to connect to my proxy server for Exchange. .iii.columbia. select the following: a. v. type:mail. check the box to Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP.cumc. In the Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings window that appears. Towards the bottom of the window under the Outlook Anywhere heading. Check the next box near Connect using SSL only. leaving the box immediately below it blank. Select the Exchange Proxy Settings button that is now available. b.

. which is fine. use the drop down arrow to change to Basic Authentication. d. then OK again to close the Microsoft Exchangewindow. c. The cursor will change to an hourglass as the computer contacts the Exchange Server to find the account.Under the Proxy authentication settings. select the Check Name button to the right of your UNI. Selecting this will make the Connect using SSL only option unavailable. Select OK to close the Proxy Settings window. 9. In the Exchange Settings window.

. 10. .. a Connect to. If you remove the check mark.NOTE: Below the Microsoft Exchange Server field. window will appear. Once the Exchange Server has found the account. This enables you to view your e-mails even when you're not connected to the Exchange Server. Leave it as is. by default Outlook selects the check box to Use Cached Exchange Mode. when you are off-line Outlook will not be able to open your Inbox or other folders that sit on the server.

the window will appear again. then selectOK. If you do not type in your user name or password correctly. Select the Nextbutton in the lower right.Type mc\<your UNI> into the User name field your Exchange account password in Password field. . Once you have successfully logged in. 11. your UNI will change to the full Exchange account user name. after three failed attempts your account will be locked and you must contact the Service Desk at extension 5-Help to have it unlocked. Please be sure you are typing in the correct information.

E-mail Accounts dialog box displays a congratulatory message. NOTE: If the UNI does not change to the Exchange user name or if Outlook displays error messages that your name could not be resolved. This may indicate that your account is not set up or there may be other system issues that are preventing Outlook from completing name resolution with the Exchange Server. Click Finish. contact the Service Desk at extension 5Help. .12.

Select Apply and then OK. The profile you created now appears in the Mail dialog box.13. .

To open Outlook: select Start in the lower left of our computer screen. When Outlook starts.If you wish to use more than one Outlook profile on the computer (for example. then Microsoft Office and select Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. . you will be prompted to select the profile you would like Outlook to use for that session. Please see Using Outlook E-mail and Calendar for instructions on sending and receiving messages. select the Prompt for a profile to be used option. 14. then Programs. one for CUMC IT and the other for a personal email address). Send and receive a test mail message to verify that the Outlook profile set up is successful. Outlook opens and connects to your Exchange account. Otherwise you can leave Always use the profile selected.