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Privacy solutions Bekafor® Collfort

The privacy systems are modular
and effective solutions to create
Bekafor® & Nylofor® Nevada
privacy on a new or installed Colorado
Betafence fence system. The BENEFITS
privacy systems are compatible
with different roll & panel types. Decorative & stylish privacy solutions in different materials & colours are available.

Betafence’s privacy products offer privacy solutions for both welded & woven fences on roll (Pantanet,
Fortinet, Plasitor) and different welded panel types.

Easy installation
All privacy systems can be easily installed on an existing or newly installed fence. For installation, a very limited
number of tools is required.
The privacy solutions are guaranteed for a period of 10 years (for the guarantee conditions: see the product

The privacy solutions can be used in all kinds of
applications (both residential and professional),
where privacy & security are required.

Bekafor Collfort Collfort installation
Wooden privacy slats in treated nordic pine, compatible with Bekafor Classic The horizontal & vertical slats can be
panels. easily placed in the panel. Fixation is
done at each crossing by means of
stainless steel or heavy galvanised
staples or screws.
Bekafor Nevada
Privacy slats in PVC, standard available in 2 colours: dark green and imitation
woodlook (light coloured). Bekafor & Nylofor Nevada installation
Other colours are available on request. The horizontal & vertical slats can be
Compatible with Bekafor Classic panels. (2,0 meter wide) easily glided in the panel. The vertical
slats can be fixed to the panels
bottom horizontal wire, by means of
clips (included in the packing) and
Nylofor Nevada without tools. The specific shape of
Privacy slats in PVC, standard available in green. Other colours are available on the horizontal beam can be installed
request. Compatible with 2,5 meter wide panels, type Nylofor 3D, Nylofor 3D in 2 directions, which enables instal-
Pro & Nylofor Medium. lation with the different panel types.

Colorado Colorado installation

Privacy strip on rolls of 100 m, in HDPE, standard available in green & The flexible strip can be easily woven
anthracite. Other colours available on special request. Compatible with flat through the meshes of the fence.
panels & rolls with mesh sizes of 50mm or multiples of 50 mm (both in height If the desired length is reached,
or width) : Nylofor F, Nylofor 2D & 2DS, Pantanet Family & Protect, the strip can be cut & fixed strip to
Fortinet Medium & Super and Plasitor. the fence by means of a tie strap

ASSORTMENT privacy solutions

Type Bekafor Collfort Bekafor Nevada Nylofor Nevada Colorado

Material Treated nordic pine PVC PVC HDPE

Nylofor Medium Pantanet Family/Protect

Compatibility Bekafor Classic Bekafor Classic Nylofor 3D Fortinet Medium/Super + Plasitor
Nylofor 3D Pro Nylofor 2D/2DS/F
1 set = privacy for 1 panel with Roll of 100 m
2000 mm 2000 mm 2500 mm
panel width = +/- 5 m² of privacy

Standard range
Available in standard colours Natural wood Green or woodlook (light) Green
1530 mm
1730 mm
Available for standard panel heights 1730 mm 2030 mm All heights
2030 mm
2030 mm

non-Standard range (available on request)

Woodlook (light) Pastel green
Woodlook (dark)
Non-standard colours - Woodlook (dark) Pastel grey
Anthracite Black

Non-standard heights available - All heights (except 630 mm) All heights (except 630 mm) -

When equiping a fence with a privacy infill, specific attention needs to be given to the post type and installation (for security reasons). Contact us for more information.
Privacy solutions