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Professor Joan McNamara A.B. Regis College, M. Ed. Boston College

Fall 2005 Fulton 220 Thursdays 6:30-9:00 pm


Course Description:
In a globally competitive and technologically advanced world, the ability to convey ideas and persuade diverse audiences is a critical requirement for professional success in any business organization. This course provides real opportunity to develop proficient communication skills. Focusing on business writing and oral presentations with particular attention to purpose and audience, the curriculum offers strategies for effective business communication in letters, memos, email, reports, proposals, resumes, meetings, and presentations. There are multiple opportunities to demonstrate and to receive feedback on your professional communication style through classroom interaction, written assignments, collaborative media design, and team presentations.

Oliu, Walter, Charles Brusaw, and Gerald Alred. Writing That Works. Eighth Edition. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2001 Corporate Communications - Student Packet: Available in McGuinn 100, Woods College of Advancing Studies Office

Resumes 13.Business Style 2. Short Reports 8. Professional Communication . Collaborative Writing 7. Oral Presentations and Meetings 10. Course Overview . Formal Reports 9. 3. Group Presentations .2 CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS AD14301. EN 57501 Course Outline: 1. Business Letters 5. Writing Technology 6. Business Memos 4. Professor-Student Conferences 11. Proposals 12. Group Presentations 14.

students must be in class and contribute positively to discussions. Any pattern of tardiness or absence will lower the grade. Active participation and skillful written and oral communications are keys to success. . On any occasion when a student must be absent. To be successful. being present and participating actively are expected and required. Oral Presentation/ Final Exam 20% In addition to delivering short informal presentations throughout the course. Each written task will be evaluated for following assignment guidelines. Written Assignments 60% Students must complete all written assignments and submit them on time. Attendance and Class Participation 20% As in the corporate world. including proper business content. To earn credit for the week’s assignment. at the beginning of each class. Collaboration with team members. EN 57501 Course Requirements/ Grading: Personal accountability and professionalism are requirements for competent performance during this class. quality of presentation content. A student who is absent on the night of his/her group presentation will receive a failing grade for that component of the grade. effective use of visuals. the assignment must still be submitted on time. and individual presentation skills will be evaluated. students must design and deliver a professional oral presentation for the final exam. Students who cannot attend a class must send an advance email to the professor and arrange for make up work as required. and demonstrating a professional writing style.3 CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS AD14301. receipt of the assignment must be time stamped via email before the start of that week’s missed class. Excessive absences constitute grounds for failure.