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Lebanon Road

Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

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Volume 58, No.39

September 26, 2010 Elders
Joe Adams 773-2331 Johny Baker 758-7654 Ralph Brewer 871-4849 Wayne Davidson 758-2705 Earl Flynn 889-1659 Ted Fox 754-7607 Steve Ledbetter 889-8614 Jim Schroeder 754-8990 Cliff Wilson 889-6477

Who Will You Tell?
Our Mission Emphasis weekend is now one week away. We are excited about seeing all the missionaries we support here with us, and we look forward to hearing about their work. I hope you will be here to not only encourage, but to be encouraged by what they share with us. Since this weekend is on our minds, I will be preaching two lessons (one today and one on Sunday, October 10) that deal with our role in mission work. Each of us, whether we go to a far away land or not, are to be missionaries for the Lord. We each know someone who needs to hear the Gospel. So, who will you tell? This Mission Emphasis weekend was one of our congregational goals for 2010. We have done quite well in accomplishing many of the goals, but some remain undone or underway. While it is easy to let those goals go without thinking about them, I hope you will pull them back out and review them. While plans are underway for 2011, it is not too late to accomplish each and every goal on our list for 2010.

Adam Faughn

Worship With Us Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM

But, they must be “our” goals. They cannot be the elders’ goals. We must take them and make them part of who we are. I am so thankful to be part of a congregation that thinks with goals in mind, and that seeks to evaluate those goals. It keeps us always looking forward, and it helps us keep our eyes open to more and greater opportunities to serve our Lord. As Christians, of course, our highest goal should be to bring God glory. It should be our focus to see that all we do honors Him. One way to do that is to be welcoming and warm when visitors are present. We are very friendly, but there is always room for improvement. When we show love and care for “strangers,” we are being more like Christ. We may also be keeping a door open to hear the truth of the Gospel. Will you shake a hand and say a kind word to a visitor today? Let’s always be ready to tell people about Christ, and to exemplify Him to others.

“The Silencing of God”
In the auditorium class, we have been walking through the words written by John for some time. We have completed the Gospel according to John, and we are finishing a series on 1, 2, and 3 John. As of this writing, I do not know if we have completed that series, or if we have one more week to finish. When that series ends, we will be taking a 5 week break. Our class will continue to meet, but we will be watching a series of lessons by brother Dave Miller entitled “The Silencing of God.” Each lesson takes us back to the Founding Fathers, and their desire for this to be a Christian nation. The class I teach on Sunday morning watched this series of lessons about 18 months ago and found the series to be helpful and very informative. Dr. Miller does a great job of presenting the facts without being too political; focusing, instead on the Founders and their speeches and documents.

Adam Faughn
After that 5 week series, my class will be tackling John’s other writing, the book of Revelation. That will be a difficult series, but one that will be blessings to us (cf. Revelation 1:3). If you are interested in our nation and her Christian heritage, I hope you will join our auditorium class for this 5 week series. We will announce on Sunday morning when it will begin so you can be making plans to be with us. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). May this series remind us to seek righteousness as citizens, so that God can be glorified in what we do.

Pulpit Minister
Adam Faughn 973-4483

Outreach Minister

Sunday Sermon Preview
AM: Evangelism for Busy Christians (Adam Faughn) PM: (Harry Middleton)

Harry Middleton 292-3164

Youth Minister
JD Buckner (731) 336-4768

Sick List
 Jim Adcox is at Summit in room 416. No Visitors Please.  Betty Green has returned home and continues to recover.  Peggy Stewart is recuperating at home.  Harold Wiseman is at Centennial in room 4107. He had surgery on Tuesday.

Worship Leaders
Sunday Morning (Contact: Bill 847-1113) Opening Prayer: Jim Schroeder Read Scripture: Scotty Studer Closing Prayer: Sonny Gossett Sermon: Adam Faughn Song Leader: Richard Roberson Serving Lord’s Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085) John Smith 1 Gary Schow 2 Lynn Wright 3 Fred Williams 4 Paul Tramel 5 Paul Woods 6 Roger Reaves 7 Greg Holland 8 Sunday Evening (Contact: Tony 885-6391) Opening Prayer: Wes Carnahan Closing Prayer: Alan Witt Read Scripture: Alex Witt Sermon: Harry Middleton Song Leader: Adam Faughn Serving Lord’s Supper (Room) Ronnie Oakley 1 Sammie Hunter 2 Wednesday, September 29th Contact: Tim 883-4343) Read Scripture: Fred Kennel Opening Prayer: Steve Thompson Speaker: Harry Middleton Song Leader: Scotty Studer Announcements: Harry Middleton - Jim Schroeder Nursery Attendants Kim & Tori Schow

by Harry Middleton

JD’s Jargon
Hello everyone, We had a wonderful time at on our Kersey Cabin trip this past weekend. Eight of us went down to Maria’s Father’s cabin to enjoy a couple of days of games, devos, worship, and good food. I appreciate everyone who went so much! Please be praying for the fruits of our Elders, deacons, and preachers retreat. This is a tremendous opportunity to encourage our leadership and plan for the next year. We have a great group of Elders, deacons, and preachers. Please pray our Lebanon Road family can bring much glory to God in 2011! I am very much looking forward to our Mission Emphasis weekend. It is always a blessing to see the missionaries for the various locations we support. I am also looking forward to the men’s breakfast on that same weekend. There is a lot to look forward to! I will be preaching three times at the Van Dyke congregation on Sunday, October 3, so please keep me in your prayers. Also, the young people can mark their calendars for the annual costume party on October 29. Thank you very much! --JD :)

Have You Met The Body Family?
Have you met your oldest church family? I’m sure you have, but let me re-introduce you. There’s Fred Somebody, Thomas Everybody, Pete Anybody and Joe Nobody. Of course, you are better acquainted with joe than with any of the rest of the Bodies. Because you see, Everybody usually stays home, goes fishing, or visits relatives on Sunday. Anybody does not come either. He’s afraid Somebody will not speak to him. So Nobody comes to church regularly. Really, nobody is the on dependable member of the family. Nobody does the visiting. Nobody does the work on the building and cleans the church lawn of paper. Now the rest of the Body family are not mean. They are simply negligent. Everybody thinks Somebody will do it, and Anybody does not feel it is his business. So… Yep, you’re right, old Joe Nobody does it. One day a new neighbor moved in next to the Bodies. Everybody thought that Somebody would witness to him and invite him to church. Anybody could have done it. But guess who finally won him to the Lord? Right again, Nobody!

Men’s Breakfast
The men of the congregation are invited to attend Breakfast in the fellowship hall on Saturday, October 2nd at 8AM. This will also be a time to meet the missionaries and enjoy time together.

Mission Emphasis Weekend
All eight of the Lebanon Road supported missionaries will be with us the first weekend in October as we celebrate our Missions Emphasis Weekend. As in the past, we will need members of our congregation to open their homes up for a couple of nights and provide a couple of meals. If you have space for a missionary and are willing to allow one or more to stay with you, please contact either the church office or Bro. Tommy Moore.

Visitation team #2 and letter writers will meet tonight.

Mark Your Calendar...
 Tuesday: Ladies Bible Class 10AM  October 1-3: Mission Emphasis Weekend

We will be offering babysitting on Sat., October 9th from 6 to 9:30. Please sign the list in the foyer upstairs or the table downstairs if you are planning on bringing your child or children. If you have any questions please see Denise Ledbetter or Pam Dunaway.
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The Record
Sunday Morning Worship Sunday Evening Worship: Sunday Bible Study: Wednesday Night: Contribution: 320 279 275 168 $10,344.00

 October 2: Men’s Breakfast 8:00AM  October 9: Babysitting Night  October 15-17: Ladies Retreat at Whispering Pines  October 29-31: Young Adult Retreat  November 5-7: Youth Retreat

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