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which now is flat out. and you have to have good balance with the car and great confidence as a driver.” heikki kovalainen www.“spa is a challenging circuit and i think that’s one of the reasons all the drivers like it. there are some big . and famous parts such as eau rouge.lotusracing. there are many changes of direction at high speed.

my Jarno Trulli Heikki Kovalainen .

my .” dieter www.“spa is a fantastic place to go – a circuit full of challenges for drivers and engineers.lotusracing.lotusracing. it’s one of the traditional tracks. which has not lost its character even though safety-standards have significantly improved over the past years. sporting director www.

my www. as are the amazing array of glasses they come in – all individually designated for each beer. Grease tins and line the base with grease proof paper. Bake on the centre shelf of the pre-heated oven for 30mins. and offers a club aboard an old barge. the chances are he’ll name this one. 1m45.50 12 13 km/h:170 gear:3 gforce:3. off track: spa-francorchamps The atmosphere of Grand Prix racing’s golden era extends to the surrounding villages and towns. the likes of Graham Hill and Jochen Rindt would fill the local bars. Pouhon and Blanchimont test the limits of car and driver. It’s tough on engines. Sections like Eau Rouge. The interior was created by designer Henk Vos and uses stained glass windows. Ironically.lotusracing. Some require a wooden frame to hold them! The barman will helpfully offer you a small tipple of a few for free so you can make an informed decision about your choice of weapon. mABeL sAys. we recommend the cannelloni and the carbonara. or melt some Belgian chocolate and butter to spread inside. The weather usually throws a curve ball into the mix.lotusracing. cLuB: inside-ouT There aren’t really any clubs in Spa or Francorchamps so if you want to go dancing you had better head for Maastricht.on track: spa-francorchamps Round 13 – unlucky for some. It’s situated in the centre of Maastricht and dates from the 15th century.325f or 170c Take out two 7inch/18cm sponge tins. Yum! Local start time: 14h00 Number of laps: 44 Circuit length: 7. It feels like time travel. 2004). tree-lined. but lived in Brussels for three months and love the city! Le Roannay is fantastic. Liege isn’t too far.20 10 17 km/h:297 gear:6 16 km/h:305 gear:6 gforce:2.00 08 ingredients: AccommodATion: Le RoAnnAy You’ll have to move fast to get first dibs on this hostelry. And if you like wine.30 06 km/h:170 gear:3 gforce:3. In a large mixing bowl sift the flour. the best man wins.80 18 19 05 km/h:140 gear:3 gforce:3. he was one of very few drivers who didn’t pine for the Ardennes. WHiLe you’Re THeRe: Obviously you should head straight to the chocolate emporium. Inside-Out offers great .00 11 09 km/h:152 gear:3 gforce:2. Perfect for a tête-à-tête meal. Back in the day. 4cm deep. BAR: Le ceLLieR The beer menu here is epic. although it can be quite expensive! My favourite place to stay is Kruisheren Hotel which sells itself as being ‘design between heaven and earth’. For spectators there’s no better treat. ‘I’m from Holland. Nutella makes a great filling. and stunning authentic wall and ceiling paintings. ResTAuRAnT: LA doLce ViTA An excellent small Italian bistro in the centre of Spa frequented by many of the Italian Engineers and Mechanics – so it must be good. As well as comfy rooms. and carved into the side of a mountain. Lotus driver Jim Clark won four times here. The track rewards a low-downforce set-up and a driver willing to take risks and overtake. the spirit of this awesome track remains. a chilled vibe. and very well known for its steak. it offers delicious French cuisine. Once upon a time all race tracks were like this – long. Brussels or Liege. knocking back trappist brews. add 1 or 2 teaspoons of warm tap water and whisk again. so visit Les Thermes de Spa in case you need to relax some more after a three week break from racing. dangerous.00 07 km/h:177 gear:3 gforce:3. It’s the first choice of many team principals and top drivers. my favourite place to let my hair down is Havana Brussels – they do fantastic live music and you can meet all sorts of interesting people there!” Mabel Dautzenburg is the Events Co-ordinator for Lotus Racing 5 oz flour 2 oz Belgian Coco powder 1 tsp baking powder 6 oz butter 6 oz castor sugar 3 eggs Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 3 . fast. and lots of students all rocking the boat. Spa-Francorchamps scared the wits out of him. At Spa.004km Race distance: 308. If the mixture doesn’t drop off a wooden spoon easily when tapped on a bowl.052km Lap record: Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren. Add all other ingredients and whisk until it is all blended. Finally. Chocolaterie Jacques in Eupen is a self-styled choco-paradise and home to the Flemish Willy Wonka. Now there is only one Spa. after he lost two friends here in 1960. you’ll be happy to hear there are 10.108 15 km/h:245 gear:5 14 km/h:250 gear:5 Though the original 14. If you ask an F1™ driver to name his favourite circuit. for at one stage the cars are at fullthrottle for 23 seconds. what’s cooking? 02 03 04 km/h:305 gear:7 nanna g’s belgian chocolate sponge 01 km/h:64 gear:1 gforce:2.9km circuit has been cut down to 7km. Those bars and hostelries are still standing. The reason Spa is called Spa is that there are lots of Spas there. baking powder and cocoa powder.000 vintage bottles in the cellar. www.

my www.lotusracing. “I’ve given Tony [Fernandes] a challenge – let’s see you beat that next time you’re on the pitwall!” championship standings: drivers Mark Webber – 161 Lewis Hamilton – 157 sebastian Vettel – 151 Jenson Button – 147 Fernando Alonso – 141 Felipe Massa – 97 Nico rosberg – 94 robert Kubica – 89 Michael schumacher – 38 Adrian sutil – 35 rubens Barrichello – 30 Vitaly Petrov – 17 Kamui Kobayashi – 17 Vitantonio Liuzzi – 12 Nico Hulkenberg – 10 sebastien Buemi – 7 Pedro de La rosa – 6 Jaime Alguersuari – 3 HeiKKi KoVALAinen – 0 JARno TRuLLi – 0 Karun Chandhok – 0 Lucas di Grassi – 0 Bruno senna – 0 Timo Glock – 0 sakon Yamamoto . The pair started in 20th and 21st respectively and once again took the team to the top of the rookie table. and today’s two car finish shows how hard the team’s been working. and was especially pleased with the equal best result of the year so far. and once I got ahead of Timo it was pretty comfortable staying in front.” Deputy Team Principal Kamarudin Meranun was in charge in Hungary. “Despite starting behind Timo [Glock] we were confident we could overtake him. so we’re all really pleased.” Jarno was happy too.” said Heikki.0 10 rubens Barrichello – WILLIAMs-CosWorTH 12 sebastien Buemi – Toro rosso-FerrArI 13 Vitantonio Liuzzi – ForCe INdIA-MerCedes 14 Heikki Kovalainen – LoTus-cosWoRTH 15 Jarno Trulli – LoTus-cosWoRTH 16 Timo Glock – VIrGIN CosWorTH 17 Bruno senna – HrT-CosWorTH 18 Lucas di Grassi – VIrGIN CosWorTH 19 sakon Yamamoto – HrT-CosWorTH dnF Lewis Hamilton – MCLAreN-MerCedes (23 LAPs) dnF robert Kubica – reNAuLT (23 LAPs) dnF Nico rosberg – MerCedes (15 LAPs) dnF Adrian sutil – ForCe INdIA-MerCedes (15 LAPs) dnF Jaime Alguersuari – Toro rosso-FerrArI (1 LAP) www. “All weekend I’ve been strong. “I think that was the maximum we could have hoped for. with Heikki Kovalainen finishing 14th and Jarno Trulli just behind.0 results: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 Mark Webber – red BuLL-reNAuLT Fernando Alonso – FerrArI sebastian Vettel – red BuLL-reNAuLT Felipe Massa – FerrArI Vitaly Petrov – reNAuLT Nico Hulkenberg – WILLIAMs-CosWorTH Pedro de la rosa – BMW sAuBer-FerrArI Jenson Button – MCLAreN-MerCedes Kamui Kobayashi – BMW sAuBer-FerrArI Michael schumacher – MerCedes championship standings: constructors red Bull racing – 312 McLaren – 304 Ferrari – 238 Mercedes – 132 renault – 106 Force India – 47 Williams – 40 BMW sauber .23 scuderia Toro rosso – 10 LoTus RAcing – 0 HrT – 0 Virgin racing .lotusracing. I made a very good start and managed to gain three places. My own race was fairly straightforward. and that’s how it panned out. I dropped a few places at the start but when the safety car came in I was brought straight in to pit and it worked out well as I jumped a couple of guys ahead.back track: gp hungary Lotus Racing scored a great result in .

there will be something for all styles! football dinner factory tours a success Lotus Racing opened its doors to the factory throughout August. find out Mike’s thoughts on the season so far. Great to have one of Lotus’ old drivers visit.” Follow us on Twitter www.lotusracing. and listen in to an exclusive insight into the world of a Race Engineer. For your chance to win a signed cap answer this question.water cooler: lotus racing prints If you love our photos as much as we do.twitter. On what date will this be? A) 14th september 2010 B) 26th september 2010 C) 30th september 2010 All entries to: contests@lotusracing.lotusracing. lotus racing podcast www. Great as gifts or to decorate your room with. More factory tours will be scheduled this year. but guests walked away with a goodie bag. met the mechanics who work on them and had each group had a personal Q&A session with a key member of staff from the Race Team. FOFIFO (Fans Of Football In Formula One™) is a group of UK media .com/mylotusracing competition Lotus Racing is about to celebrate its first anniversary of entry to F1™. Those who support the ‘lesser-known’ clubs seemed to avoid too much abuse as the evening wore on. writers and presenters – who get together at the Hungarian GP every year to celebrate the start of the football for all information and to book your place now! Lotus Racing played host to an F1™ tradition in Hungary that was in need of a new home. You can download it absolutely free from itunes online. Listen to Jarno and Heikki as they tell us what they do on their holidays. with special tours to members of the public and fans. so please email factorytours@ lotusracing. and FOFIFO has found its new home. talk about your team for two minutes and predict the winners and losers in the forthcoming season. Not only to view a wide selection of photos and Lotus Racing . and seemed to attract quite a lot of flak as a result…. Norfolk. and got up close and personal with the current Formula One™ cars.lotusracingprints. but one of the Lotus Racing representatives wore his Manchester United www. lotus racing of the week: MikeGascoyne: “Just shown Martin donnelly and a young driver round the Congratulations to Godwin Pelissero from Hawaii who won the last competition Our latest podcast is out and available to download on itunes now. you can now order them online! Go to www. plus photos from their visit. A great evening ensued. Guests toured the whole of the factory in Hingham. The rules are simple – wear your team’s shirt.photographers.

my .my to be in with a chance to win the Grand Prize.Adam Szabo-Jilek wins this edition of Lotus Racing Zoom for his smokin’ picture of Heikki Kovalainen.lotusracing. lotus racing zoom www.lotusracing. To enter your own photos email them to content@lotusracing.

lotusracing. Trust is also critical and this has to work both www. be it with your crew or a driver. when you can take nothing for granted. but in order to do this correctly you have to build up a relationship with the driver to get to the point of being able to quickly interpret what they are saying. a good egg What did you do before joining Lotus Racing as Chief Engineer? I was a Race Engineer at Force India for the last four seasons. and spending his youth playing around with a series of projects. Within Formula One™. finishing second in Spa last year. To a certain extent you’ve got to be sympathetic and understand what they’re telling you. one of the quickest GT1 drivers in the world at the time. It’s very different from running a rookie. To judge that are you just looking at the numbers. F1™ requires a different approach as you’re focused for a shorter amount of time and do not have to make so many compromises in order to get the car set up as close to optimum as possible. five years of that with Opel. in an endurance event it’s about consistency and being able to adapt to changing conditions such as night fall or a big drop in track temperature while F1™ requires an out and out maximum effort for a relatively short period of time. but from the point of view of what he’s I achieved think Mario Andretti is an impressive guy. discusses a proposed change then goes back on track and improves his performance as a result. this does not make it any easier! It’s the same for the drivers? Yeah. for me it is this ability that sets some drivers apart. everyone likes that.lotusracing. you’ve got to get the car dialled in for all of them and as such you are making compromises as they all need to be able to perform to get the best result. he did a lot of interesting work early on in the days of slick tyre development whilst at the same time being one of the most successful drivers of all time. before that it was working with various people including. I’ve worked with Johnny Cecotto. but I think Lewis Hamilton is an impressive character. First of all you need a certain amount of man management skills. Even with Lotus Racing now. As a Race Engineer. you can’t take away from the things that Michael Schumacher has done. Although I have never worked with him. Working with Pedro Lamy in GT1 was good for me as he was probably. And then before that I was in Germany working in the DTM. From a data perspective it is always very interesting to see the way the driver interprets the data. Christijan Albers & Markus Winkelhock. as you only have a single driver to deal with.Chief Engineer Jody egginton talks to us about the best drivers he’s worked with. Sakon Yamamoto. Everyone has something that makes them . do you approach it differently? It’s a very different challenge in some ways. It’s a different approach for drivers. In 2008/2009 I was on Giancarlo Fisichella’s car. I think so. At Le Mans you’ve got three drivers in the car. the experienced guys we’ve got. However. How does F1™ stack up to a challenge like Le Mans. Alain Menu & Manuel Reuter all of whom were good drivers to learn from as an Engineer as they were at the top of their game at the time. However I am sure it’s equally as enjoyable. including winning the Indy 500 and coming back to F1™ in 1982 for a one off appearance putting his Ferrari on pole in Monza. who do you rate the highest? It’s very hard to say – era-to-era has a big effect on it. The races can be monotonous but at the same time you’ve got to maintain the performance of the car in a range of conditions without losing track time or your focus. Of the drivers you’ve worked with. Even when the car hasn’t been great he’s a fighter. you must have quite a talent for spotting where a driver is really pushing. If you can www. Jarno and Heikki. Prior to F1™ I was at Prodrive working as a Designer & Race Engineer on the Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 car project which competed at Le Mans and in the ALMS. During my time in touring car racing. depending on your measurement metrics. make it easier for a start-up team because they’ve got this data bank of information which every Engineer likes. Another driver who impressed me with his approach was Peter Kox when I worked with him at Le Mans and Sebring as he was the driver who could run a triple stint in the night on old tyres without making a single error. and at the computers? I think being a Race Engineer is multi-faceted.

enjoy track days. Although he doesn’t remember. that’s the main thing. Heikki also knows his way around Spa well so we should be ok in that respect. this is special”. We thought we were going to do it again at Monza. It was only down the road from my university.that car wasn’t as good as ours that day. How do you reckon Lotus Racing will run this year at circuits like Monza and Spa . From a team perspective staying ahead of the new teams is the aim. that’s the main thing. And we’d had luck go against us a few times meaning we had not realised the results we should have. not bad. i’ve worked with mike twice since www. But they’ve both taken a very measured approach.power circuits? Jarno was actually the quickest guy in Q3 last year at Spa. I’ve heard in the past about Engineers struggling with particular drivers or drivers struggling with particular Engineers so for sure there’s a human side to it. I would guess. but I’m not a mega driver. As for Lotus Racing.understand that with a driver and the driver can understand that from an Engineer it’s a lot easier to go forward. Ultimately it’s good to have them in the team. Heikki’s come along. whilst at the same time trying to get closer to the tail end of the established teams. But again. It was a good experience and from there I moved on. It’s a serious team but I think we are doing it the right way. And we just carried on in a certain direction. I can’t blame him. I’ve had a Porsche 964 RS. Maybe in the future I will find the time when the children have gone off to university. they don’t fall off too often.lotusracing. he knew he wasn’t going to be a permanent fixture and we made the most of it. We got Tonio [Liuzzi] in the car and we would have been third or fourth in Monza but for a driveshaft failure which was a big disappointment. I wasn’t fully aware of Race Engineers www. Under normal circumstances. He was in a position that he had one race. I used to go along on Wednesday mornings to Mallory Park and do test sessions. you’re on pole”. you’ve got to be flexible. Obviously he had the race of his life in circumstances that you don’t see too often and before we knew it we were at the front which was massively enjoyable for everyone. To be fair to him. we were talking points. laid back but at the same time if he had a sniff of a result he was very tenacious . mike gave me my first job at tyrrell in 1997. We got into Q2 and right until the dying seconds Fisi was quickest. When Fisi came to Force India he had a lot of history with the team and he felt at home. there aren’t many chances in your career to join a brand new F1™ team so I jumped at the opportunity. We couldn’t get past him. Mike gave me my first job at Tyrrell in 1997. a good guy to work with. I think a lot of people came for the same reasons. but we did raise a few eyebrows that day which is always good to do. but a very interesting one. this is it.” Drivers are all different characters.lotusracing. We tried everything up until the last lap and then we settled for the eight points! Kimi drove an astounding race and we finished second. but he’s probably still dining out on that day now. it never got finished but I am sure it would have been a success! I’ve got a lot of unfinished projects lying around in the garage but it’s difficult to find the time to put into them. We decided on a fuel load which we thought was super-aggressive to get a good qualifying position. Have you ever tried racing yourself? Yeah. It’s a challenge. to find out more about the team go to: www. Obviously with the safety car and the restart we got caught by Kimi Raikkonen and his KERS system. He pushed hard even when.” What car do you take to trackdays? At the moment I have nothing suitable. got to the end of FP3 and thought we might bag Q2. and made extensive modifications to various cars. so when relationships break down it can only be down to the human side. we weren’t making as much progress as everyone wanted. How do Heikki and Jarno stack up in the pantheon of drivers you’ve worked with? I’m impressed with both of . we will aim to get the most out of the event. As it transpired everyone else had gone the same route. Obviously Fisi went to Ferrari. I knew Markus Winkelhock before he hopped in the car at the Nurburgring in 2007 and although we hadn’t done much work together we just got on with it. Ultimately it wasn’t to last. I also had a Mini which I decided to cut the front and back off. Raikkonen didn’t put a foot wrong . I found myself at Midland F1™ and then Mike came along when it was Spyker.lotusracing. So we got into Q3. he’s a strong driver. and when the fuel loads came through on Saturday evening we were actually not short fuelled at all. Then I got to fourteen or fifteen and discovered the engineering side of it and that’s all I ever wanted to do. It is still an interest though. but the race that for me was the most amazing in my F1™ career was Spa last year. Fisi did the lap. What’s the race that you dine out on? You remember your first Grand Prix. followed by a huge amount of happiness. if you consider engine lifespan in minutes that is! Now I’ve got an Audi A4 Quattro diesel for the commute. Everyone piled out in Q3 whilst we stayed in the garage so we could make the single run at the end. expectations not being met.3 litre car from the mid to late 80s. We’d got to Spa and Fisi was quick around there. A lot of people like to work with Mike . You must have been very young at the time? I was basically straight out of University. When I was at university. he gives good feedback. that was my break.the set-up and the car architecture was just perfect for those circuits. I keep meaning to purchase a Westfield or something similar. The way the team is being run is quite refreshing. I’ve worked with Mike twice since then. followed his heart. I was more into motorbikes. nothing too exciting really. I was more engineering-led though. spending more time playing around with the set-up than riding! I enjoyed and still do “although he doesn’t remember. He drove the lap of his life and got the result to match. and he made no mistakes. We made a change to the front wing package overnight and right from the very first thing in FP3 the drivers were saying “Wow. or the dreaded know what you get with him and for me that is a very important thing. That was my break. so I was being dragged around the country at an early age. you’re born with the bug I think! When did you discover you had the bug? My father did a lot of racing. We felt a very small amount of disappointment initially. it’s very good. The 2009 Force India was efficient aerodynamically . We knew we had the car setup well for the race. they’ve made it a lot easier. I’ve had an BMW E30 M3. It’s amazing how things work out. Probably from about nine or ten onwards I decided I wanted to be a mechanic. I’ve got a young family and when I’m not working I spend my time with them. Fisi got a good start and he was away. It was a good call for Tony and Mike to go that route with these guys. “drivers are all different characters. fuelcorrected.Brazil 2008 being a good example of this where he ran in the top 8 for quite a lot of the race. When you start working with a new driver do you build that relationship straight away? How do you do it? I’ve had drivers forced on me with two or three days’ notice and personally I quite enjoy the challenge of this. both of these were a lot of fun! Then when I was at university. I’ve gone through the phases of buying go-karts and playing around with those. You’ve got to be flexible. I’ve had a series of fast cars though. It will be interesting to see how they go this year. Adrian [Sutil] was quick around there also . When you’re in F1™ you’re supposed to know how to run a car. They know the reality of what we’re trying to achieve this year and they’re fully on board with it. at times. Force India was a team that had been getting better in the second half of the year and we knew we were getting closer and closer. brought in for six months to do odds and ends that no-one else had the time to do. We will have some new parts on the car for Spa and with the combined experience of the team.he’d been blinding in the wet the year before. and we realised that the lap was quite special and then he crossed the line and he was asking where he was. He’d been at Jordan twice before in its previous incarnations.was always up in the air being ‘tuned’! I was the world’s best tuner of two stroke motorbike engines as well. they give good feedback and they’re resilient to set-backs which you get as a new team. the old 2. Have you ever built your own car before? I have built a few bikes from scratch. Although we weren’t talking podiums. It’s perhaps a black art in some ways. all when I was younger. We said “not bad mate. They are team players. Jarno’s experience was really useful in winter testing when we had things we weren’t happy with with the car. we were both in the trenches together so to speak. I had a VW Golf GTi which I messed around with it . he’d have finished the race and said that was okay and that would have been the end of it.

sophie’s choice Lotus Racing scored its first victory of the season at the recent F1™ Golf Challenge at Woburn Abbey. Instead. Taking on teams and suppliers from across the grid. Jon – off 14.lotusracing. bringing two fantastic trophies back to Hingham where they now have pride of place in reception. 24. the boys were very pleased with their new do’s. she’s made some subtle changes to the furniture. our Head Chef. results: www. although the podium will be shared by Fernando The team’s handicaps and scores were as follows.. sophie predicts that Force india could shine this weekend as they did last year. Lewis Hamilton and sebastian Vettel. Pictured above are Aerodynamics Project Leader John Gleeson. sophie promised not to do any work on the cars because that would be against the principles of FoTA’s two-week factory shut down. which is a bit like winter testing for puppies but without all the tapas – much to their chagrin. shot 39 points John – off 12. who will now be hosting next year’s tournament in Norfolk – as winners it’s now our right to bring everyone up to our home county to try and take our trophies off us in . max and sam haven’t been on holiday during the August break. and Dave Freeman. They’ve been at doggy boot camp. our four boys triumphed in both the morning and afternoon competitions.great drive team work: then and now While at puppy boot camp. Acting as Chief Operations Officer while Keith saunt was away. max and sam had a well earned grooming session and haircut – this is the boys before and after. some of whom entered multiple teams. We told you it was tough! Happily. then: 70’s rock stars now: skinhead punks Unlike the rest of the team..lotusracing. shot 34 points Chris . chris Leslie. dave Freeman and John gleeson teed off a memorable day for Lotus Racing with a win in the Golf Challenge. Technical Buyer Chris Leslie. Jon daly. So be careful when you sit down. Chief Truckie Jon Daly. shot 33 points Really well done boys! We look forward to hosting the competition next year. shot 33 points dave – off 23. www.lotusracing.