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The GBB Companion, used individually or combined with SPECIFICATION FEATURES

the 1600 wa1l o.4000 watt GBB Acre-Ot-Light, will enhance EASF OF INSTALLATION
the architecture ol suraounding buildings and grounds and Pre-wlred - Completely factory wired inlernally and sup-
serve as a landmark oi progresslve business areas (See piied wilh two or three exiernal leads for easy connec-
GBB catalog OL-107/10). LOn lo p'irrarv supply
lntegral Ballast ' Cuts insla;lation cost. Ballasi and ca-
DESIGN FLEXIBILITY pacitors separaled and arranged radially in base of uni
Two Shapes Bound ard square lops ofter greater ver-
lorm weight distribution.
sali ity ' iob apo rcatiol.s
Aluminum Slip Filtet 4" deep slipiilter accomrnodales
Basic GBB Shape.- Compatibility oi deslgn wilh larger polF rop Lpnors of 2ys" a'd 1t/2" O.D
GBB provldes uniJorm appearance when mixing boih Lifting Hook Luminaire easily raised and positioned
models o/er q,/e'1 area.
on pole using slainless sleel llfting hook centered on top
Colored fops - Canopies supplied in a variety oi colors,
on speclal order, lo blend with decor ol surrounding of canopy (2 stainless sleel lifting eyes when photo-
conirol receplacle is ordered).
area {See GBB Color Charl).
Quick Mountlng - Two half moon access covers held in
Lamp Choice A var;ely of 400 and 1000 wait N,4ercury place by spring clips and secured by retainer cord pro-
or Melalarc lamPs.
vide easy access io $lipfltter foa fast mounting wilhout
Eallast Choice - CWA, Metalarc and Reacior integral .
( 20'F starting characterislics are stan- removing ballasi-cover. Luminaire seclred to pole with
ballasl designs tl'ree 5et sc ews.
Heavy Dtlty.Atuminum Construclion Base casting and
Maximum Light Oufput ' 1000 watt l\,4etalarc unit pro-
cover made ilom.corrosion resislant casl aluminum.
duces 100,000 lumens with inilial hor;zonlal illuminatlon Weatherprcol Caoapies - Luminaire tops constructed ol
ot 5 fooicandles over a quarter oi an acre-
coaroslon-free and impact resistanl flberglass.
Actylic Panels - Extruded acrylic spread panels assure Stalr/ess Slee/ Hardware - For maximum resislance to
uniiorm lighi conirol and nTinimum glare. Dilflrse panels
available on special oader. Maxifium Ballast Lile Ballast and capacilors posi-
Rellectots - High speculai Alzak aluminum bottom re-
tioned ;n base and separated for cool opeaaiion and long
ilector and 1op ditfuser comblne with spread panels for tife.
ultimate beam corrror el':c p tc ps.
Last lamp Rppldcemenl tar\ o' 4 ac'ylrc wrnoows
Limited only by one s imagination. lncludes shopping lowers individually by releasing push-pull latch. AL]to-
cenier and parking areas, new and used car lots, malls
parks, college carnpuses or wherever distinctive, mod- matic slop secures window in lowered position for re-
.rn Ighl nq is des.ed lamping and sqrvicing of reflector and windows.
fasy Baltast 4( cessiblrry' Bal a"l Lorrpa'Lrrenl eas .y
enieled by removing lwo caplive bolls located on bot-
tom oi ballast cover-.Ballasi cover, secured by saJeiy
' cable, can .be lowered exposing electrical componenis
rnounred to r'le bas. l-o-s.g

SFCT]ON Ol ,107,/T1
lnleqral Ballast Dala2 3
Catalog Ordering Numbersa 5
L ne
LLrminairel npui Lin e
qo no o D- g- o.,r.6-ot Do or Wattage Vo tage Vy'atis
Curreni Ba asl
Wall Melalarc (Total) {Amps) Type
1000 Rat nq R atin g
l )

G BBC r 000 221 Gt4 BCT 000-127 H36 120 {)85 98 Mc HPI
G BBC1000-222 GMBC]000 122 Mr 000iBD 24A 1085 4.9
G BBC]000 223 GMBC]000 r23 \ivatt 208 1085 5.5 HPF
G BBC] 000 224 G[4 BCT 000 ]24 Meta arc 21i 1085 4l Meta arc HPF
GBBC]OOO 225 GMBO1000,l25 Lam p 480 1085 2.4 Metalarc
1000 Wall N4ercury
G88C1000,207 MBO]000 107
G B BCr 000-2r 0 Gl\4BOl000 t10 :: 244 1075 4.9 CWA
G B BCr 000 2rl GN4BCT ooo-1T i .:": 208 1075 55 CWA
GBBCr000 208 GN4BC]000 108 .,:":"
Me rcu rY
277 1075 4.1 CWA
G BBC1000-209 cnrscrooo
-MB; to,
:- L"r o 480 1075 2.4 CWA
GBBC]000 212 ooo .,aa 1050

4OO Walt Melalarc

GBBC400 221 G M BC4OO 121 H33 120 455 40 lvleta arc H
G88C400,222 GMBC,100 122 N440018D 244 455 20 Ivleta arc
G BBC400-223 G N4 8C400 r 23 Watt 208 455 23 Metalarc HPF
GBBC4OO 224 G[,18C400-124 Meta arc 271 455 11 IVeta arc
GBBC400 225 Gf.lBC400 125 Lam p 480 455 10
400 Watt Mercury
GBBC100 210 Gt4BC100 110 214 450 2.4 CWA HPF
GBBC400 2r l Gt4 8C400 rll 208 450 23 CWA HPF
GBBC,l00 208 GN4BC400 108 271 450 1l CWA ] HPF
GBBC,100-20,q GM BC4OO ]09 480 ,150 10 CWA HPF
G BBC4OO 201 G t,4 8C400-T 01 244 421 i.9 Reac tor r HPF
For Remote Mercury or I!4elalarc Lamp

H33 400 Watt

Metalarc &
NOTES: Lanrps are ..1 nc lded v th !.r f. r.s
2 a A ba asls a . a-.s g.ed f.r 2(r"F slarl .! iemleralLr e
ir A !'i-.1. arc and Conslani U/nlla!c A!rolrafs:.rrer 1Cvr'Al ba asls are des qn.d so lrat lire slarl .g a..l or fol r.sla I f! .!rr.nls r.!. ctceed
oD.rrat,)n 1 r.r .Lrr.rls
c Sl.rl rg.! e.lsol Re..lo lr. .sls . . ,rs l. .rs V F.a.lor HPF 2BTotr 480VFreaclor HPF:35Tota
3 lhe l00C \\r.ll rEcV rea.lor b:ll:st can be lsed w th 1ir-o H 3b r0D0 V/all llela.rc amp n arb e.l lemrrer.l!rc ol .50 F or above
DO NOT !.e . .mb ents be ow !0 F
r1 Forpholo.onlro r.c.Flac . idd s!lt x l.ECn to cat: o!l or.ler ng n!nrber Exadrpe GAAClrloil 207 PECF
5 S n d a d .: n o p ! . o . r s s ler !iay lBerqe. go.j corii rcn t!rq!o s..rd b ue a so ava ab e )Spec lV ro or aJler order n.t .!mber
t a r n
Fo conrp ele sD€cli cat ons and orderln.r nlornratlo. on Poles see Secl OL10!12



The luminalre shall be a Sylvania GBBC wiih stainless sleel liiting hook shall naire shall be completely iactory wired
(or Gf,4BC) (Specify catalog number) ar- have a fy color) iinish. Each of
(Spec and shipped unitized in one carton. The
ranged lor a (Speciiy larnp type) lamp. ioL[ acry]ic diflusers shall lower indi- lLr laire sra I be n oJlL-d on rop o' a
The luminaire shall be equipped with a vidually wiihout use ol looJs for access Sylvania (SpeciJy alumin!m or steel)
{Specify voltage and baLlasl lype) inte- to lamp and ieflectors. Tile ballasl con'r- pole. caialog number (Specily caiaiog
gral baliast mounted to a heavy duiy partment shall be enclosed by a heavy 'rurber as nored in Seclior OL 109 2l
aluminuna base housing. The specular duiy casl aluminurn cover secured by
AJzak aluminum bottom rellector and iop
diif!ser shall combrne witl'l the acrylic
panels to produce (lnsert {oolcandle
two captive (34" d1a.) bolis and retained
by a safety cable. The 4" deep enclosed
slipfitter shall be an integral part of ihe
le.e j lootca']d Fs ol dverag{. LTina base housing and shall accommodale
lion 'l-e \Square o' lourdJ corrosro'1 OUTDOOR LIGHTING
23/8" a^d 3y2" O.D. pole top. All hard- 2l Penn Slieet
aod impact resistant tiberglass canopy "!d e shal' be srarrress steel. lhe lur Fall Rrver, i\,4assachLrsetls 02724