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The HIF Series provides a high intensity floodlight lor ballast housing and floodlight rear housing assures
sports and general area lighting. Designed around the proper dissipation of lamp and ballast heat.
highly compact 1500 watt single ended metalarc lamp, . Weatherproof construction - corrosion resistant com-
the HIF Series offers complete optical versatility with ponent parts and silicone gasketing insure long life
excellent color rendition. The highly efficient source reliability.
lequal to 4-112 1500 watt incandescent lamps) has a
rated lamp life of 1500 hours with high lumen mainten- EASE OF INSTALLATION
ance (86% at'1500 hours). Precisely engineered reflectors . Factory wired: Floodlightand modularballasthousing
designed around this source ensure controlled high are factory wired for ease of assembly in field.
efficiency beam spreads. . Light weight - floodlight, modular ballast housing,
crossarm adapter and lamp combination weigh only
. Precisely engineered optical assemblies Reflector . Aiming ease - horizontal degree quadrant on cross-
system for each beam spread individually designed for arm adapter and vertical degree quadrant wilh repo-
optimum beam control and efficiency. sitioning stop on floodlight are supplied for pre-
. Variety of distributions - Six distinctive beam positioning. A rifle sight is also provided for visual
patterns from concentrating narrow beam (28.7o x aiming.
25.7"spread)towide flood beam (116" x 1'13"spread)
. High beam efficiencies up to 65.5% in wide flood LOW COST MAINTENANCE
design . Lamp access - via rear relamping door that is secured
by two stainless steel toolless spring latches.
LONG LIFE CONSTRUCTION . Removable Front Reflector Assembly Easily re
. Gasketed spun-in lens insures tight long lasting seal movable from the main fixutre body without tools for
to protect Alzak aluminum front and rear reflectors. cleaning and/or replacement.
1 Heat and impact resistant /ens - capable of with- . Modular ballast compartment - Accessible by loosen-
standing 90 pounds of pressure per square inch. ing four captive screws and removing access door on
. Rugged trunnion mount - galvanized steel trunnion modu lar ballast housinq.
mounted to heavy duty die cast aluminum rear hous-
ing to provide sturdy mounting. SYLVANIA OUTDOOR LIGHTING
. Cool operation - Separated wiring chamber with 21 Penn Street Fall River, Massachusetts 02724
built-in heat barrier insures maximum wire life.
. Modular ballast housing - 6" separation between GFI3 SyLVANIA

sEcrroN oL-106/20
PHOTOMETRIC DATA (Fot Estimating Putposes)
HlF1500 100 " 1500W Polished Polished 2 2a.7 25.7 860,000 52,072 35.3
H 1F1500-101-"* Metalarc Polished Polished 3 36.0 36.0 523,000 50,900 34.4
HlF1500-106-*' M150o/ Peened'Polished Polished 4 66.0 69.0 202,000 A2,400 55.9
HlF1500-104-*' o.N41500/ Peened'Polished Polished 5 96.0 92.O 145,500 92,000 62.4
H tF 1500,107-** Peened-Polished Polished 6 103.0 101.0 109,800 96,600 65.5
H tF't 500 108-** Etched Etched 6 1160 113_0 70,500 85,000 5'7.4
*Catalog ordering number includes floodlight and modular NOTES:
ballast housing with integral metalarc ballast. l. Lamps ale not included
**Baltast Voltase Suffix 2. Use M1500/BU HOR ldmp lot beam down opetutions.
For 120 volt ballast use suffix " 121 Use Mlb00/BD lamp to. beam up ope.ations.
For 240 volt ballast use suffix - 122 3. Total kw fot HlFlSOO - including ballast loss = 1.63
For 208 volt ballast use sutfix - 123 4. Projected area of HIF l5OO-1O0-121:2.3 square ft. - weight -
Fot 277 volt ballast use sutfix - 124
Fol 48O volt ballast use suffix - 125 Projected area of HlFlSOO-101-121, HlFl500-106-121,
For Remote Ballast use suffix - RB H I F- 1 500- 1 04- 1 2 1, t, H t F I 500- 1 08" 2 1 =
H I F 1 500- t 07- 1 2 1

Example: HlF15O0-lO0-122 ptovides assembly 1.92 - 66 pounds

with 240 volt ballast- 5. For other accessories see cPF catalog page ilOL-106/5


r3 5/8 ',


The floodlight shall be a H lF (insert catalog number) arranged {or a shallbe rated to permit starting of the lamp at 20o Fahrenheit below
1500 watt metalarc lamp. The fronl reflector assembly shall be spun zero. Voltage regulation and stabilization together with starting
(insert finish) alzak aluminum supplied with a tempered, heat-resis- current regulation shall be a feature of the ballast. Starting currents
rant spun'in lens capable of withstanding 90 pounds of pressure per and/or "hot" restarting curr€nts shall not exceed operating currents,
square inch. A silicon rubber gasket shall be provided between the Ballast shall be capable of withstanding '10 KV basic impulse level for
lens 6nd reflector to insure a tight long lasting seal. The rear reflector lighrninq protection.
shall be {insert tinish) alzak aluminum and mounted into the heavy The heavy duty cast aluminum modular ballast housing shall be
duty die-cast aluminum rear housing. The beam spread shall be locared parallel to, or below the neck of the lamp and separated at
(insert b€am spread) with a linsert eff.) efficiency. The heavY duty
leasl 6" from the rear housing. The gasketed cast aluminum access
rear die-cast alominum housing shall serve as a sturdy mounting for door shall be secured by four captive screws. A weatherproof cable
the qalvanized steet trunnion and have a cast-in vertical degree quad' entrance bushing shall be located on the side of housing for flood-
rant with repositioning stop. Access to the lamp shall be via the rear lighr to ballast connecrion. Housing shall have an integral slipfitter to
relamping door that is secured by two stainless steel toolless spring
latches. The front reflector assembly shall hinge forward and the
accept a3" O.D. tenon.
stainless steel hing€ sprlng shall be removable from the floodlight Combined fixture, modular ballast housing, mounting adapter and
without tools for cleaning and replacement of the assembly. Gasket- lamp shall not exceed (insert weighti. Projected area per fixrure
ing shall be silicone rubber. The die cast aluminum wiring chamber assembly sha,l not exceed (insert proiected area).
shall be separated from the housing and localed below the lamp neck
1o insure cool operation and maximum wire life. Factory installed FLOOD LAMPS
leads and qroundinq provisions shall be provided. Lamps shall be '1500 watt clear melal'halide lamps producing
155.000 lumens in a vertical position, 150,000 lumens in a horizon-
BALLASTING tal position, and 145,000 lumens in a 45o position. Lamp spectrum
The integral ballasts shall be 1500 watt high reactance, high power shall be formed by three metallic componenr halogen additives pro'
factor, lead peaked tvpe, The power factor shall be corrected to at docing essentially a continum of energy across the visual portion of
least 90% of the unit power factor. The regulation of primary inplt the spectrum. Lamp life shall be rated 6t 1,500 hours.
voltage of + 10 per cent and secondary lamp input wattage of + 12%
sha{l be accomplished through auto transformer windings. The ballast

LOM 1/72