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31th annual

Twentieth .. Century


Literature Conference 2003

. FeJ;tuBrY'27. 28 &. March 1

Special Guests


Morris Beja Fernando Opere Catherine Sasanov



T wentieth .. Century Literature Conference

Sponsored by

The University of Louisville President: James R. Ramsey Provost: Shirley C. Willihnganz

College of Arts and Sciences Dean: James F. Brennan

Department of Classical and Modern Languages Chair: Wendy E. Pfeffer

Department of English Chair: Debra S. Journet

Office of Minority Services

Ralph Fitzpatrick, Assistant to the President

English Graduate Organization President: Rodney F. Dick

Luncheon Committee: Christopher Carter, Sylvia Church, Anthony Edgington, Christopher Ervin, Stacy Ta~lor, and Darci Thoune '

Arts and Science Development Center Director: Christopher Miller

Kentucky Foundation for Women Director: Judi Jennings

A special acknowledgment to the Kentucky Foundation for Women and its support of the work of progressive, women authors. This partnership program allowed bringing Keynote Speaker Lyn Hejinian to the conference and strengthening connections with the community at large.

Grateful recognition is also due to the Arts & Science Development Center whose financial support allowed maintaining the high level of interest for which the Twentieth-Century Literature Conference is well known.

The Conference Committee gratefully acknowledges the cooperation and assistance of the following: David Miles, Information Technology; Hannelore Rader, Delinda Buie and the staff ofW.F. Ekstrom Library; the staff of University of Louisville campus bookstore; all student volunteers, the staff and workstudy students in the Department of Classical and Modem Languages, and all University personnel who "gd beyond the call" to ensure the success of the Conference.


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General Plan of Activities

20m.Century Literature Conference, February 27-28, & March 1,2003

Thursday, February 27

Eastern Standard Time

Registration, Bingham Humanities Bldg., Room 300

9:00 a.m, • 4:00 p.m.

Opening Presentation, Ekstrom Ubrary Auditorium Catherine Sasanov, Cambridge, Massachusetts AU the Blood Tethers (poetry)

Sectional Meetings A

Sectional Meetings B

11:00 a.m. • 12:00 p.m.

1:15 p.m. • 3:00p.m .•

2:45 p.m, 4:30 p.m,

Keynote Presentation I (critical), Rauch Planetarium Dominick LaCapra, Cornell University "Trauma Studies: Its Critics and Vicissitudes"

4:45 p.m. • 5:45 p.m,

Welcome Reception, Red Barn, Uofl, Campus

Jamey Aebersold and his Jazz Quartet, School of Music, Uofl,

6:00 p.m, • 7:15 p.m,

Spanish Creative Writing I, Ekstrom Library Auditorium


Friday, February 28

Registration, Bingham Humanities Bldg, Room 300 Sectional Meetings C

Sectional Meetings 0

8:00 a.m, • 4:00 p.m, 9:00 a.m, • 10:3Oa.m. 10:45 a.m. • 12: 15p.m.

Pre-arranged group luncheons

12: 15 p.m. • 1: 15p.m.

Sectional Meetings E Sectional Meetings I:

Featured Speaker in Spanish (creative) Ekstrom Library Auditorium Fernando Opere, University of Virginia

1:30 p.m, • 3:00 p.m. 3: 15 p.m. • 4:45 p.m, 3: 15 p.m. • 4:45 p.m,

Keynote Presentation II (creative) Rauch Planetarium Lyn Hejinian, University of CalifOrnia, Berkeley Making Fate (poetry)

Conference Dinner, Seelbach Hilton Hotel Reception (cash bar; aU conferees welcome) Dinner (reservation required)

5:00 p.m, • 6:00 p.m.

6:30p.m. 8:00 p.m,

Saturday, March 1st

Registration, Bingham Humanities Room 300

8:30 a.m. • 10:45 a.m,

Sectional Meetings G Sectional Meetings H

9:00 a.m, • 10:30 a.m, 10:45 a.m, • 12:15 p.m,

Lunch break; pre-ordered boxed lunches Rm 300

Sectional Meetings I

1:30 p.m. • 3:00 p.m,

Qosing Presentation, Ekstrom Ubrary Auditorium Morris Beja, Ohio State University

"You Like Watching? Fear and Desire in Kubrick"

3:15 p.m.> 4:15 p.m,




Registration Information Twentieth-Century Literatme Conference Thursday, Friday, Saturday - February 27-28, & March I, 2003

The Conference is held on the main (Belknap) campus of the University of louisville, Third and Eastern Parkway, louisville, Kentucky (from Interstate 65 via Exit 133).

The Seelbach Hilton, 500 Fourth Avenue (at Muhammed Ali) has been designated as the Conference hotel (tel BOO- 333-3399; 502-585-3200). The hotel provides an airport shuttle. The Conference will provide transportation between the Seelbach and the University at regular intervals. See back pages of this program for the hotel-campus-hotel bus schedule.

All times shown are Eastern Standard Time.

Registration is required of all participants listed in the program. Registration packets and badges will be available in Room 300, Bingham Humanities Building. University of Louisville faculty and students are asked to sign in. The general public is invited to hear the guest speakers.

A courtesy coat check will be provided on the 3td floor of the Humanities Building, Room 300. The coat check will close at 5:00 pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Refreshments will be served in the registration area on Thursday from 9:30 - 2:00, on Friday 8: 15 - 2:00, and on Saturday from 8: 15 - 2:00. A message board for the use of conference participants will be located outside Room 300. Please consult the board regularly for notice of last-minute program changes.

Sectional meetinp will be held in the classrooms of Bingham Humanities Building. Creative presentations will be given in Ekstrom Library. Keynote Speaker and Special Guest presentations have been scheduled in The Rauch Planetarium Auditorium. Details of date, time and place are printed in the program.

All meeting rooms are accessible to the handicapped.

Book vendors will display publications for sale 0' the second floor of the Bingham Humanities Building. A selection of the Keynote Speakers' and Special Guests' books will also be offered fm: sale at the University of Louisville bookstore.

See the back pages of this program for an index of chairs and presenters, a bask map of the campus, a shuttle bus schedule, a list of dining facilities (both on and off-campus),1.ibrary and Campus Store hours. Flyers announcing Louisville-area events and attractions will be available in the registration area. The louisville Convention and Visitor Bureau can provide information on local cultural events, entertainment, and lodging: Telephone 1 (BOO) 626-5646. Web site:

A conference evaluation form is included in your packet. Please complete it before leaving. You may deposit the form in the box in Bingham 300 or mail it in to us. Your comments will help us plan for next year.

Corrections and addenda to the program will be enclosed in conference folders and/or posted on the notice board. Please check the notice board often for last .. minute changes.

For further conference information,

FAX (502) 852-8885, or e-mail: or


Keynote Speakers

Dominick LaCapra, Cornell University

Thursday, Febnurr, 27, 4:45 pm, Rauch Planetarium Auditorium

Dominick LaCapra is Bryce and Edith Bowmar Professor of Humanistic Studies and Director of the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University. He is author of eleven books, most notably: Rethinking Intellectual History: Texts. Contexts. Language; Representing the Holocaust; History and Memory after Auschwitz; Writing Trauma. Writing History; and Emile Durkheim:

Sociologist and Philosopher. With Steven L. Kaplan, he co-edited Modem European Intellectual History: Reappraisals and New Perspectives. LaCapra is a senior fellow of the School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University, where he currendy directs this international program bringing together leading scholars in the humanities.

Lyn Hejinian, University of Califomia, Berkeley

Frlda" February 28, 5:00 pm, Rauch Planetarium Auditorium

Lyn Hejinian, poet, essayist and translator, is professor in the English Department at the University of California, Berkeley. Her most recent books include: "The Beginner", "Slowly", "A Border Comedy", "Happily", "Oxota: A Short Russian Novel". Translations of her work have been published in Europe as well as in Japan, China, and Russia, where she has traveled and lectured extensivley. She also does mixed media work with painters, musicians and filmmakers. She is currendy the Co-director of a cross-genre literary project" Atelos". She was elected the sixty~sixth Fellow of the Academy of American Poets in faU 2000.

Katherine Saaanov

Thursday, Febnurr, 27, 11 a.m., Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Catherine Sasanov is the author of two poetry collections, Traditions of Bread and Violence (Four Way Books) and the recently released All the Blood Tethers (Morse Poetry Prize, Northeastern University Press). She is also the librettist for the theater piece Las Horas de Belen. A Book of Hours, commissioned by Mabou Mines. Belen, a collaborative work between U.S. and Mexican artists, received an Obie Award for performance in 2000. Sasanov has received two awards from the NEA, a Literature Fellowship and Creative Artists' Residency in Mexico City. She has also received fellowships and awards from the Rockerfeller Foundation, the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, Bellagio, and the MacDowell Colony. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Morris Beja, Ohio State University

SatuTday, March I, 3: 15 p.m., EkstTom Lilwary Auditorium

Morris Beja is Professor Emeritus at the Ohio State University where he is the recipient of the University's Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award. Among the honors he has received is a Guggenheim Fellowship. Author of "Epiphany in the Modem Novel, Film and Literature: and "James JoY\te: A Literary Life", he has edited a scholarship edition ofWoolfs "Mrs. DaUoway". He is the founder of the International Virginia Woolf Society and will be co-coordinator of the International James Joyce Symposium in Dublin, in June 2004.

Special Spanish Guest

Fernando Opere

Friday, February 28, 3: 15 p.m, Ekstrom Library Auditorium

(Poet, literary critic, professor of Latin American literature, University of Virginia)

Born in Madrid, Fernando Opere lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he is Professor of Latin American literature at the University of Virginia. Opere's poetry has appeared in journals throughout Spain, Latin America, and Canada. He has published several books of poetry: Dfas ck Uuvia 'J otTOs soles, Despedidas, lQuien eres til Betty Blue?, AcT6bata de temuTaS, ArnoT a los cuerpos, Salmos de Ia materia and Alfabeto ck awencias. He is the author of Cautivos and HistoTias de Ia frontera; el cautiverio en Ia America Hisp4nica. He is director of the Latin American Studies program at the University of Virginia, and has directed independent as well as university affiliated theater groups for more than thirty years.


Dailv Schedule of Meetings and Events

Thursday, February 27

Bingham Humanities Building

Registration 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Please check in and pick up your conference packet.

In the packet, you will find a print-out of recent revisions. Please check daily for last-minute postings.


Ekstrom Library Auditorium.

Thunday, 11:00 a.m. .. noon

Catherine Sasanov, Cambridge, Massachusetts AU the Blood Tethers (poetry)

Introduced by 5. Matthew Bibennan, Department of English, University of Louisville


Rauch Pianet3rium.

Thunday, 4:45 .. 5:45 p.m.

Dominick LaCapra, Cornell University "Trauma Studies: Its Critics and Vicissitudes"

Introduced by Suzette A. Henke, Department of English, University of Louisville

WELCOME RECEPTION with Jamey Aebersold and his quartet

Thunday, 6:00 .. 7:15 p.m.. Free to aD Conferees

Pizza Party - Admission by conference badgelidentiftcatibn

Red Barn, University of Louisville Campus


Friday, 12:15 .. 1:15 p.m.

(a) The Creative Writen' Luncheon will be held at the University Club on campus. A reservation is necessary

(h) Participants in the French Literature sections are invited to lunch together. At 12:15, please assemble at the door by the elevator, first floor, Bingham Humanities Building.

Harriette Seiler, University of Louisville, will host and walk with the group to the Caf~ Bristol at the Speed Museum. Individuals will order from the menu and pay on-site.

(c) EGO, English grad student organization, will offer an informal lunch buffet to all visiting Graduate Students. There is no charge, but one must reserve. Held in the open area, outside room 100, Bingham Humanities Building. Admission by Conference badge.

SPECIAL IfiSPANIC PRESENTATION Friday, 3:15 .. 4:45 p.m.

Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Fernando Opere, University of Virginia

"Pido la voz y la palabra: Recital de poesfa hispana" Introduced by Rhonda Buchanan, University of Louisville


Daily Schedule of Meetings and Events continued CREATIVE KEYNOTE PRESENTATION

Friday, 5:00 p.m.

Rauch Planetarium

Lyn Hejinian, University of California, Berkeley MaIcing Fate (poeay)

Introduced by Alan Golding, Department of English, University of Louiaville


Reception, cash bar (all conferees welcome), 6:30 • 7:30 p.m, Dinner, by reservation only, 8:00 p.m,

Seelbach Hilton Hotel

CLOSING PRESENTATION Saturday, 3: 15 p.m.

Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Morris Bela, Ohio State University

"You Like Watching? Fear and Desire in Kubrick"

Introduced by Thomas B. Byers, Department of English, University of Louisville

For details, or to be put on our mailing list, contact:

Danielle R. Day, Conference Director, Classical and Modem Languages, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292 (502 )852.6686 dldayCci;louisville.cdu

First Call for Papers The 32nd Annual


Submission deadline: September 15, 2003 (postmarked)

Proposals (abstracts) for critical papers on any topic pertaining to literature published since 1900 will be considered ..

Creative submissions (poetry or short fiction) are also encouraged.


SECTION A Thursday, 1: 15 ' 2:45 p.m,

A,1 The Mystery

Thursday, 1: 1 February 23,20035,2:45 p.m, Chair: Jacqueline Brown, University of Louisville -Carolyn A. Durham, College of Wooster

"Poe and Hemingway Return to Paris: From Modernist Fiction to Postmodern Mystery" - Daryll Anderson, Lexington, Kentucky

"The Semi,Feminists: Housewives as Detectives in American Mysteries" - James D. Riemer, Marshall University

"Easier to Kill: The Detective Fiction of Valerie Wilson Wesley" - Jennifer A. Halloran, Duke University

"Locating the Savage Within: Imperialism in O. K. Chesterton's The Wrong Shape'"

Room: 121

A,2 -Virginia Woolt'a Mrs. DcdIoway: Comedy, Tragedy, and Myth Thursday, 1:15,2:45 p.m,

Chair: Claudia Harris, Brigham Young University -Sally A. Jacobsen, Northern Kentucky University "Comedy in Mn. Dallowa,"

-Wanda 1- Zimmerman, Southwest Missouri State University

"The Goddess and Virginia Woolf: Archetypal Myth in Mn. Dal1owa," - Lisa Cade Wieland, Spalding University

"Gesture as Communication and 50cialSignifier in Mn. Dal1ow","

Room: 215

A,3 John Edgar Wideman

Thursday, 1:15,2:45 p.m. Room: 210

Chair: John Chenault, University of Louisville

- Denise O. Rodriguez, College of Mount Saint Vincent

"Homewood's 'Music ofInvisibility': John Edgar Wideman's Sent For You Yesterday and the Black. Urban

Novel" I

- David Raney, State University of West Georgia

"'A Mongrel City': Fever and Identity in John Edgar Wideman's Philadelphia" - Kathryn Hume, Pennsylvania State University

"Beyond Anger: John Edgar Wideman's Two Cities and Hoop Roots~

A04 Representing Female Identity in the Short Story: Boyle, Reynolds, Prose Thursday, 1: 15 ' 2:45 p.m,

Chair: Karen Hadley, University of Louisville =Greg Bentley, Mississippi State University

"Refitting Subjectivity: The Role of the Plumber in Kay Boyle's 'Astronomer's Wife'" - AbigailS. Beckwith, Southeast Missouri State University

"Reweaving Eve: Sheri Reynolds's The Rapture of Canaan"

- Angela Laflen, Purdue University

"'Mourning for the Real' in Francine Prose's 'Electricity'"

Room: 119

A,S - Race, Region, and Subjectivity in Recent British Poetry Thursday, 1:15,2:45 p.m,

Chair: Martha Ngwainmbi, Kentucky State University - Laura Severin, North Carolina State University

"Distant Resonances: Scottish Significations of African American Culture" - Joe Francis Doerr, University of Notre Dame

"Likely through the Stones: Running in the Border Lands with Ken Smith"

Room: 220


SECTION A Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m.

A-6 Dramatic Visions: Albee and Walcott

Thursday, 1:15·2:45 p.m. Room: -216

Chair: Joan D'Antoni, University of Louisville

- Ryan Harper, Cape Girardeau PubUc Schools

"Presence, Absence, and Time in Albee's The American Dream" - Susan Streeter Carpenter, University of Cincinnati

"Cutting the Bond with the Moon: A Study of the White Woman in Four Plays by Derek Walcott"

A-7 Who Speaks for the Jew?

Thursday, 1:15·2:45 p.m, Room: 109

Chair: Merle Bachman, University of Louisville

- Josh Charlson, Northwestern University

"Anne Frank and the American Writer"

- Marla Morris, Georgia Southern University

"Memory, Transference and (Post) Holocaust Hermeneutics: The Face of the Other in Jewish and German (non-jewish) Holocaust Fiction"

A-8 Language and Desire in Post Colonial Fiction

Thursday, 1:15·2:45 p.m. Room: 208

Chair: Ren~ Djoumo, University of Louisville

-Tim Strode, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

"J. M. Coetzee's Disgrace: Territoriality, Masculinity, and the PoUtics of Desire" - Mary Aswell Doll, Savannah College of Art and Design

"Made of Others' Words: Language, Knowledge, and Agency in Postcolonial African Writing" - Emmanuel N. Ngwang, Kentucky State University

"Re-Configuradon of Colonialism, or, the Negation of the Self after They Left: A Study of Selected Cameroonian Drama of Protest"

A-9 Fictions of the Thirties: Elizabeth Bowen, John Fanre, and Thomas Wolfe

Thursday, 1: 15 - 2:45 p.m. Room: 123

Chair: Iswari Pandey, University ofLouisvi11e

- April Conley Kilinski, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"Constructing Identity: Portia's Quest to Become a 'Readerly' Text in Elizabeth Bowen's Death of the Heart" - Michael Wyatt Harper, Mount San Antonio College

"Real Selves, Ideal Selves: Recursive American Identities in John Fante's Ask the Dust" - Donald R. Anderson, Marist College

"Thomas Wolfe, Chickamar.cga, and the Truth about Knowin'"

A·10 Susan GlaspeD: Post .. Provincetown (Prearranged Session) Thursday, 1:15·2:45 p.m,

Chair: Martha Carpentier, Seton Hall University - Barbara Ozieblo, University of M~ga

"Biography and Fiction: Mothers and Daughters in Susan Glaspell's Mature Novels" -Martha C. Carpentier, Seton Hall University

"'A Silent Burden': Susan Glaspell's Deconstruction of Marriage" - Mary E. Papke, University of Tennesseee

"Staging the Unscriptable: Transgression in Susan Glaspell's Mature Novels"

Room: 221


SECTION A Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m,

A-II Henry James and the Modern Occasion (Session organized by the Henry James Professional Society)

Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m, Room: 219

Chair: Susan Griffin, University of Louisville

• June Chung, University of California, Los Angeles

"Art Consumption and the Ghost of American Finance in The Wings of the Doue" ·Collin Meissner, University of Notre Dame

"James, Money, and New York in 'A Round of Visits'· • Melanie Ross, New School University

"Voice Consciousness"

A-12 ·Narrative Techniques: Arts and Forms

Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m. Room: 103

Chair: Charles Pooser, University of Louisville

• Wendy Carson Yoder, University of Louisville

"L'En/ant noiT et la route du cercle"

• Jason Herbeck, Bowling Green State University

"'Jusqu'aux limites de l'improvisation': Caribbean Identity and Musicological Discourse in L'lsoli soleil" • Rachel Ritterbusch, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

"Language as Power: Literacy and Glass Struggle in Claude Chabral's 'La ar~monie'"

A-13 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction

Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m. Ekstrom Ubrary Auditorium, lower level

Chair: Tom Byers, University of Louisville

• lisa Samuels, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Paradise for Everyone (poetry)

• Mike Land, Assumption College Telling the Story Right (nonfiction)

• Paulette Roeske, University of Southern Ira Still Explosions (poetry)

·T ara Schemer De La Fuente, University of Cincinnati Deadl, (fiction)

Additional Information

AU presentation rooms are accessible to the handicapped

AU sections of Critical Papers are scheduled in BiIlgham Humanities Building Sections of creative reading are scheduled in W. F. Ekstrom Ubrary

Special guest speakers are scheduled in the Rauch Planetarium and Ekstrom Library The pages of this program were printed on recycled paper


SECTION B Thursdays, 3:00 ~ 4:30 p.m

B~l Textual Harraasment: Practices ofIntertextuality (Prearranged Session) Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m,

Chair: Lynda Hoffman-Jeep, Millikin University - Marsha Watson, University of Nebraska "Bahktin's Rhetorical Intertextuality"

- Lynda Hoffman-Jeep, Millikin University

"Camouflage: Intertextual Responses to Albrect DOrer's 'Ritter, Tod und Teufel'" - David R. Thompson, Millikin University

"Dressing up Lady Godiva: Myth Revision in Poetry by Contemporary Spanish Women"

Room: 108

B·2 -Straight Men, Monsten, and Other Aliens: Subversive Takes on Film and Television

Thursday, 3:00·4:30 p.m, Room: 121

Chair: Paul Andrew E. Smith, William Rainey Harper College

-Jubal Tiner, Western Carolina University

"The 'Berth' of Heterosexuality: Homosexuality vs. Heterosexuality and the Plight of Roger O. ThomiU in Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest"

- Fred Johnson, Ball State University

"Revenge of the Flukeman: Agents, Scenes, Subversions, and Darrin Morgan's X-Files" - Karen Schneider, Western Kentucky University

"Unexpected Resistance in Posnnodern Cinema: The Parodic Satire of MaTS Attacks!"

8-3 Native American Literature

Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m, Room: 122

Chair: Robert N. St. Clair, University of Louisville

-Julianne Newmark, Wayne State University

"Representing Education and Cultural Loss: The Dawes Act, Zitkala-Sa, and the Literary Legacy of Forced Acculturation"

-Mark F. Wood, University of Kentucky

"Resonances of Authenticity: Construction/Destruction of Identity in The Death of Jim Lone," - Amelia A. Keel, Blinn College, Brenham

"Leslie Marmon Silko's 'Storyteller': Intertextuality in a Native American Tale"

B-4 Writing Asia: History, Tradtion, and Literature

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m, Room: 103

Chair: l..i. Zeng, University of Louisville

- Rosemary Haskell, Elon University

"The Communist Handmaid's Tale: Anchee Min's Red ~ as Dystopian Critique of China's Cultural Revolution"

- Benzi Zhang, Chinese University, Hong Kong

"Inter-nationall..i.terature in the Twentieth Century: The Case of Chinese Diaspora Writing" - Yang-Sock Shin, University of Incheon, South Korea

"Influences of the West on the Formation of Japanese and Korean Modem l..i.terature: Pathways via Japan"

B·5 - Edith Wharton and Henry James: Addiction, Abjection, and the American Scene

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m, Room: 106

Chair: Susan Griffin, University of Louisville

-Chippy A. Mclain, Walters State Community College

"Discarding Lily Bart: Addiction and a Decadent System of Gambling in Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth" - Amy L White, University of Tennessee

"The Self for Sale: The Failure of Abject Love for Two Jamesian Women"


SECflON B Thursdays, 3:00 ~ 4:30 p.m

B-6 Constructing Identity: The American Self in and out of History Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m.

Chair: Jonathan P. Lewis, State University of West Georgia • Jacqueline 1.. McGrath, University of Missouri, Columbia

"Theorizing Authoethnography: Reading the Religious Uterature of Dorothy Day" • Carol Fadda, Purdue University

"Rabih Alameddine's Koolaids: Negotiating a Queer Space within the Arab-American Identity" • Chris Ruiz..velasco, California State University, Fullerton

"The Book of Thoth: Paranoia, History, and Narrative in Mumbo Jumbo"

Room: 111

B-7 Joyce and Poatmodernism: Noises On, Characters Off, and the Release of the Protosublime Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m,

Chair: Thomas A. Van, University of Louisville • Rebecca Troeger. Boston College

"Music and Power in Joyce's The Dead"

• Randall S. Wilhelm, University of Tennessee. Knoxville "Purging Mr. Bloom? Joyce's 'Circe' and the Protosublime" • Mickey Hess, Indiana University Southeast

"Ut,sse5 as Metaftction: Joyce Achieves Wholeness through Release of Stephen in 'Ithaca"

Room: 117

B-8 Romantic Modemism: W. B. Yeats, Dylan Thomas, and Laurie Lee Thursday, 3:00 ~ 4:30 p.m.

Chair: Karen Hadley, University of Louisville

• Martha A. Ngwainmbi, Kentucky State University "A Vision of Bliss: The Mystical Legacy of the Poetry" • Michael Given, University of Southern Indiana

"The Real and the Symbolic: Reconciling Polarities in the Fiction of Dylan Thomas" ·Tara Powell. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

"Looking into Wombs: War, Wonder. and th~ Lyrical Lore of Laurie Lee"

Room: 123

B-9 Focus on the Folk: A&ican-American Women Writers Critique Civil Rights Leadership Styles (Prearranged Session)

Thursday, 3:00 ~ 4:30 p.m, Room: 119

Chair: Allison Berg, Michigan State University

• Allison Berg, Michigan State University

"Embodying History: Endesha Ida Mae Holland's From the Mississippi Delta and African American l.iewc tk MemoiTe"

• Lynn Pifer, Mansfield University

"Telling a Transformative Tale of the Civil Rights Movement in Davis's 1959"

B-I0 American Women's Autobiography: Cultural Marginality and Surveillance

Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m. Room: 101

Chair: Julia A. Galbus, University of Southern Indiana

• Heather Sowards, Marshall University

"Playing the Role: The Effects of a Surveillance Society on Women's Autobiography" • Jennifer A. Gingerich. Marshall University

"Ethnic Women's Autobiography: Searching for a Place in Between" • Janet 1.. Badia, Marshall University

"Anne Sexton's 'Freak Show': Confessional Poetics and the (Re)Construction of Women Readers"


SECTION B Thursdays, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m

B-ll Modernist Selves and Modernist Feeling

Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m, Room: 112

Chair: Jim East, Columbus, Georgia

- Patrick Paul Chrisde, University of Tennessee, Knoxville "Imagination and Self: The Autonomy of William Carlos Williams" - Benjamin Friedlander, University of Maine, Orono

"Sentimental Modernist: E. E. Cummings"

- Robert C. Spirko, University of Tennessee

"'Nothing More than Feelings?' James Wright and the Critique of Sentimentality in Twentieth-Century American Poetry"

B-12 Objectivist Poetics (Prearranged Session)

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m, Room: 215

Chair: Kyle Schlesinger, State University of New York, Buffalo

=Gordon Hadfield, Co-author, State University of New York, Buffalo

"Oppen's Optics: Geological Sight in the Poetry of George Oppen"

- Kristen Gallagher, State University of New York, Buffalo

"Oppen's Optics: Geological Sight in the Poetry of George Oppen"

-Sasha Steensen, Co-author, State University of New York, Buffalo

"The 'with' of 'Thinking with Things as They Exist': Love and Ethics in the Work of Louis Zukofsy" =Thom Donovan, Co-author, State University of New York, Buffalo

"The 'with' of 'Thinking with Things as They Exist': Love and Ethics in the Work of Louis Zukofsy" =Christopher W. Alexander, Co-author, State University of New York, Buffalo

"Charles Reznikoff's Testirnon1: 1934-1968"

- Kyle Schlesinger, Co-author, State University of New York, Buffalo "Charles Reznikoff's Testimon,: 1934-1968"

B-13 German and AUBfrian Writers

Thursday, 3:00·4:30 p.m, Room: 217

Chair: Joachim Noob, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

- Norbert Puszkar, Georgia State University

"Christa Wolf's 'What Remains': Language, Facts, and Power" - Patricia Sanda, Ohio State University

"The Construction of a Possible World in Cristoph Ransmayer's Mmbus Kkahar" - Bohdan Boehan, Indiana University Southeast

"The Disorder of Things in Thomas Bernhard's Novels" -James P. Martin, Georgetown University

"Myth in an Age of Conflicting Interpretations: Michael Kohlmeier's Telemach"

B.14 Transformations Irreconciliables: la Victim.e en Question

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m, Room: 224

Chair: Josette Kearns, University of Louisville

- Edward J. Gallagher, Wheaton College

"Elle se penche sur sa propre enigme: Therese De$queyrou.x, a Novel of Uncertainties" -Simon P. Sibelman, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

"Queering Therese: An Innovative Reading of Therese Desqueyroux" - Kathy Comfort, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

"(Re)Structuring the Self: The Question of Identity in Jean Cayrol's Les Corps Etrangers"





SECTION B Thursdays, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m

:0..15 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction

Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m, Ekstrom Ubrary Auditorium, lower level

Chair: Marl York, Northern Kentucky University

·Greg Miller, Millsaps College

Rib ~ and Iron Wheel (poetry)

• Beth Dalton, Ball State University Re.noring Amends (fiction)

.Gary Lee Sligh, Lake Sumter Community College Poetry Reflections (poetry)

·Peter Duval, Wallingford, Connecticut Fun with MammaLs (fiction)


Thursday, 4:45 • 5:45 p.m, Rauch Planetarium

Dominick LaCapra, Cornell University

"Trauma Studies: Its Critics and Vicissitudes"

Introduced by Suzette A. Henke, Department of English, University of Louisville

WELCOME RECEPTION with Jamey Aebersold and his quartet

Thursday, 6:00·7:15 p.m, Red Barn, University of Louisville Campus

Free to all Conferees

Pizza Party • Admission by conference b,dge/identification

8-16 Spanish Creative Writing

Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m. Ekstrom Library Auditorium, lower level

Chair: Julie Winkler, University of Louisville

• Ana Marla Dfaz.Marcos, Dartmouth College

• Hilda en la 207 (ficci6n)

• Julie A. Urot, University of Nevada, Las Vegas La inspiTad6n divina (poesfa)

·Carlos Enrique CJonmIes, Scripps College Huelgan los comentarios (poesfa)

• Allison D. Krogstad, Central College

InspiTadona sudamericanas (una presentaci6n poenca y fotogr~ca)


SECTION C Friday 9:00 - 10:30 am

C-l Escaping the Text: Nabokov, Reed, Malcolm X

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 112

Chair: Chris Ruiz-Velascc,

• Nils Samuels, State University of New York, Potsdam "The 'Machina Telephonica' in Nabokov's Lolita" ·Jonathan P. Lewis, State University of West Georgia

"We Interrupt This Broadcast: Silencing Radio as Social Control in Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo" • David Carithers, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

"Malcolm X and Anti-Americanism Now"

C-2 ·Conrad, Huxley, and Conradiana

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m, Room: 117

Chair: Peter L Mallios, University of Maryland

• Holly Elizabeth Ratcliff, University of Tennessee

"'To Hang ForeEver Over .. .': The Conflicting Representations of Justice in Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent"

• Deborah E. Brassard, Marywood University, Scranton

"Sharing the Secrets of the Sefiroth in Conrad's The Secree Sham" • Jerome Meckier, University of Kentucky

"Conradian Reminders in Aldous Huxley's Island: Will Famaby's Moksha-Medicine Experience and 'The Essential Horror'"

C-3 Corporeal Punishment (Prearranged Session) Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m,

Chair: Christopher Wixson, Eastern Illinois University • Marjorie Worthington, BraQIey University . "'Papa's Roses': The Tools of Text in Greek Love"

• Christopher W~n, Eastern Illinois University


"Tinkering the 'Body Perfect': Bodies and Space in Sarah Kane's Cleansed"

• Beth A. McCoy, State University of New York, Geneseo

"Dismembered Consent: Octavia Buder's Clay's Ark"

Room: 121

C-4 Blackness -and Invisibility

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 119

Chair: David Anderson, University of Louisville

• Jennifer Larson, University of North Carolina

"Behind the Masks: Decoding Invisibility in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man" ·Tim Libretti, Northeastern Illinois University

"Conversations with Invisible Man: Reflections on Hybridity, History, and the African-American Literary Tradition in Danzy Senna's Caucasia"


SECTION C Friday 9:00 ~ 10:30 am

C~S Mothers and Others in American Women's Narratives

Friday, 9:00 ~ 10:30 a.m. Room: 101

Chair: Marl York, Northern Kentucky University

• Mary leDonne Cassidy, South Carolina State University

"My Mother. My Muse: The Role of the Mother in the Formation of the Artist in the Work of Paule Marshall, Amy Tan, and Audre Lorde"

• Julia A Galbus, University of Southern Indiana "Metaphorical. Postmodern Truth: Lauren Slater's Lying" • Adrienne Bliss. Ball State University

"Destabilization of Time and Psyche Cannibals: Psychological Grotesque as Technique in the Works of Gloria Naylor and Laura Kasischke"

C-6 Verbal~Visual Relations in Avant-Garde Practice

Friday, 9:00 ~ 10:30 a.m. Room: 219

Chair: Hugh Tribbey. East Central University

·Sarah Campbell, State University of New York, Buffalo

"As Description: Comparisons. Travel. and Perspective in Leslie Scalapino's Crowd and Not Evening ar Light" • Lenuta Giukin, University of Illinois. Urbana..champaign

"Jan Svankmajer and the Persistence of Image"

• William R. Howe. State University of New York. Buffalo

"Reading theVisual: The Performance of Visual Poetty from the 90's to the Present" • Paul Andrew E. Smith. William Rainey Harper College

"What's Black and White and Blue All Over: Color, Creed and Conscience in the Fiction of Mark Costello"

C-7 Preposterous Poetics Friday, 9:00 ~ 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Barret Warren, Wayne State University

• Brian M. Reed, University of Washington, Seattle "Preposterous Classicism from Ezra Pound J, Lisa Robertson" • Usa Samuels. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

"Laura Riding and the Living Dead"

• Robert Archambeau. Lake Forest College

"Preposterous Americas: Poetics of National Unity in the Age ofIdentity Politics"

Room: 222

C..s New Technology, New Sight

Friday. 9:00 ~ 10:30 a.m. Room: 210

Chair: SUvio Gaggi, University of South Florida

• Erik Marshall, Wayne State University

"Moving Words: The Use Of FUm in Literature"

·Christine Darrohn, University of Maine. Farmington

"Hearing Echoes: Modernist Aural Alterity"

• Frances L. Helphinstine, Morehead State University

"Theatrical Satire on our Virtual Culture Society? ~ Complete Shakespeare (abridged), ~ ReduceTS, and The Complete Word of God (abridged)"



SEC'QON C Friday 9:00 - 10:30 am

C-9 The India Question: Kipling, Rushdie, Suri Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Ann Elizabeth Willey, University of Louisville • Ymitri Jayasundera, Prairie View A & M University

"The Hybridity of Englishness and the Exoticism of Cultural Memory in Kipling's Kim" ·Shawna Geissler, Campion College, Regina, Canada

"The Use of Apocalyptic Elements in Salman Rushdie's The Moor's Last Sigh" • Diane N. Capitani, Kendall College

"Clash of Cultures: Novels of India in the Contemporary World"

Room: 208

C .. IO Authentic Asians in America?

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 207

Chair: Jonna Mackin, Dartmouth College

• Katherine Lee, Bridgewater State College

"What's 'Authenticity' Got to Do with It? Critical Reassessments of Edith and Winnifred Eaton" =Theresa A. Kulbaga, Ohio State University

"'Blood as Measure': The Body as Alternative Documentary Space in Theresa Hale Kyung Cha's Dictee and Rea Tajiri's History and Memory"

C .. ll Re .. Assessing the American Modem

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m, Room: 209

Chair: Karen Chandler, University of Louisville

·Trey Strecker, Ball State University

"Baseball Modem: Uterary Modernism and America's Game" • Margaret Marquis, University of Kentucky

"Collaborative Artistry in Hemingway's Islands in the Stream" • Douglas Anderson, Coralville, Iowa

"The New Woman as New Capitalist: Rereading Willa Cather's 0 Pioneersl" ·Geralyn Strecker, Ball State University

"Love, Lust, Marriage, Work, and Motherhood: The 'Woman Question' in David Graham Phillips"

C .. 12 D. H. Lawrence and the Human Body: Disease, Disability, and Dysfunction (Session organized by the D. H. Lawrence Society)

Friday, 9:00 -10:30 a.m. Room: 215

Chair: Rebecca Carpenter, McDaniel College

• Frank Morral, Carleton College

"The Elephant in the Living Room: Drinking in Lawrence's Early Works" • Pamela Wright, Washington State University

"'We Shall Reject You': The Disabled Body in Lawrence's Kangaroo, The Blind Man,' and The Sick Collier'" • Rebecca Carpenter, McDaniel College

"The Men Are Ump': Lord Chatterley's Impotence and the Gelding of John Bull"


SECTION C Friday 9:00 - 10:30 am

C-13 Ireland North and South: RepubUcan Comedy and Troubled Borderlands

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m, Room: 216

Chair: Will Kotheimer, University of Louisville

- Anne I<i1kenny, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"Linear Logic, Circular Space: Alternate Reality in Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman" <Tara Hope Perry, Morehead State University

"An Immodest Proposal: Representations of Belfast and Dublin in the Novels of Robert McLiam Wilson and Emma Donoghue"

- Lachlan Whalen, Marshall University

"Judas on the Falls Road: Irish Republican Army Informers in Roseleen Walsh's Cease-Fire"

C .. I.. Manifestations of Abuse in Sodal Context Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Therese Saint-Paw. Murray State University -Gerard P. Lavatori, University of La Verne

"Ousmane's Xala and the Ritual Sacrifice of the Bourgeoisie" - Patrick Day, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

"Visions of Justice in Camus and Sembene"

- Brian Gordon Kennelly, Webster University "Rewriting RkidWe: Homotextual (Self- ) Mutilation"

Room: 220

C .. IS Alternative literary Techniques Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Heide Witthoeft, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Andrew F. Erwin, University of Arkansas

"Defining the Postmodern in Oilnter Grass's Kopfgeburten oder die Deutsc:hen sterben aus" • Usa Jennings. University of Minnesota

"Constructing Authenticity: Voice and Su,nce in Erika Runge's Bottroper PTOcolcolle" • Susan Nurmi-Schomers, University ofTuebingen, Germany

"Walter Benjamin's Paris, Berlin: The Architecture of Recollection and Transition"

Room: 109

C .. 16 Culture and the Other in the US Latino Novel Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Leon Bodevin, Murray State University • Laurie Vickroy, Bradley University

"Dreaming in Exile: Cristina Garcia's Creative Recuperations of Cuba" • Emron Esplin, Brigham Young University

"Dreaming in Cuban: An Examination of Magical Realism's Value and Inherent Problems" -Trenton Hickman, Brigham Young University

"Julia Alvarez's A Ca/edto Story: Coffee, Colonialism, and a Dominican-American Morality Tale"

Room: 221

C .. 17 Irony, Resistance, and limits in Andean literature Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Michael Waag. Murray State University

·Cheryll Saylor-Javaherian, Southeastern Louisiana University

"Tragic Irony in cesar Vallejo's Masturbatorty Text 'Esto' (Los poemas humanos)" • Michael Waag, Murray State University

"El chisme como resistencia a Ia globalizaci6n en La LinaTes, novela ecuatoriana" ·Connie Green, Wayne State University, Detroit

II A Tale Told by a Wise Man: Fuenmayor and the Outer Umits of Space and Time"


Room: 106


SECTION C Friday 9:00 ' 10:30 am

CIS Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction

Friday, 9:00 ' 10:30 a.m. Ekstrom Ubrary Auditorium, lower level

Chair: Michelle Sherrard, University of Louisville

- David Thoreen, Assumption College

A Streetcar and Other Poems

- Joan Saalfeld, University of Portland No Other Than Her Own (fiction) -Tyrone Williams, Xavier University Poetry

- Jennifer A. Gingerich, Marshall University Amating (ftace (fiction)

Jazz Week at the University of louisville

Feb. 26, 7 p.m.,

Hal Miller, jazz video historian, at the Rauch Planetarium. Tickets: $5 general admission and $3 for students

Feb. 27, 8 p.m.,

Vocalist Gail Wynters with the UofL Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Uof L Jazz Ensemble IT and Uof L Alumni Jazz Ensemble at Comstock Concert Hall. Tickets: $5 general admission and $3 for students

Feb 28, 8 p.m.,

Saxaphonist Bobby Watson with UofL Jazz EnsembleI directed by John LaBarbera at Comstock Concert Hall.

Tickets $15 general admission and $10 for students.

March 1, 8 p.m.,

Trumpeter Marcus Printup with Uofl, Jazz Ensemble I directed by John LaBarbera.

Tickets $15 general admission and $10 for students. Feb. 26, 7 p.m.,


SECfION D Friday 10:45 - 12:15 am

0-1 "High" Art and Its Othen: Anita Looa, Charles Chaplin, Jonathan Framen

Friday, 10:45 -12:15 p.m, Room: 121

Chair: Erik Marshall, Wayne State University

=Dantel Tracy, University oflUinois

"The 'Language' of UnreAned People: Gentlemen Pre{eT Blondes and the Desire for Cultural Capital" - Usa K. Stein, Ohio University

"'Viewing It under Glass': Uterary Manifestations of Esttangement in C1tar1ie Chaplin's Modernist Travel Book, M, Trip Abroad"

- Layne Neeper, Morehead State University

"'What Made Correction Possible also Doomed It': Jonathan Franzen, Anxiety, and 'Serious Fiction"

0-2 Topographies of Travel, Memory, and Identity: Sebald, Smiley, and Ishiguro Friday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m.

Chair:Ann Marie Adams, Morehead State University

-Jennifer Lemberg, The Graduate Center, City University of New York "The Reverse of a Shadow: Travel and Identity in W. G. Sebald's~" - William Bartley, University of Saskatchewan

"The Novel of Historical Emergence and Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres" - Sandra Williams, St. Mary's University College, England

"Reading between the Unes: A Study of the Narrative Presence in the Novels ofI<azuo Ishiguro"

Room: 123

. D-3 D. H. Lawrence among the Women: Lawrence, H. D., Marie Stope&, Married Love, and Cultural Exchange

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m, Room: 122

Chair: Rebecca Carpenter, McDaniel College

-Christina Hauck, Kansas State University

"Sexual Aesthetics/Aesthetic Sexuality: An Intertextual Reading ofMamed Looe and Lady ChatterIe,'s l..oveY'

=Terrence Wandtlce, Judson College /

"Sexuality, the Power of the Gaze, and the Uncertainty of the Visual: Comparing D. H. Lawrence's Aaron's Rod and H. D.'s Bid Me to Live"

• Sheila Pardee, Southeast Missouri State University

"D. H. Lawrence, Diffusionist Anthropology, and Coming to Terms with Trade"

0.... Eros and 1'banatos: Consequences of Love at the Margins in Boys Don't Cry, American Be4uty, and Girl, lnterTupted (Prearranged Session)

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m. Room: 119

Chair: Stacy Taylor, University of Louisville

- Darci L Thoune, University of Louisville

"The Bluest Eyes in Texas: Deceit, Desire, and Consequences in Boys Don't Cry" - Stacy A. Taylor, University of Louisville

"Sexuality, Madness, and Suicide In Girl, InterTUpted"

-Judith Spector, Co-author, Indiana University Purdue University, Columbus "Sex and Death within Social Institution in American Beaut,"

- Katherine V. Wills, Co-author, Indiana University Purdue University, Columbus "Sex and Death within Social Institution in American Beaut,"

- Roger Pladzlcy, Austin College, Sherman

"Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Paul Monette's Borrowed Time"


SECTION D Friday 10:45,12:15 am

D,5 A Soldier's Story: New Penpectives on Narrative in the Literature of the Vietnam War (Prearranged Session)

Friday, 10:45,12:15 p.m, Room: 103

Chair: Rachel Ann Simon, UniversitY of Kentucky

• Danny Mayer, University of Kentucky

"From Touring Soldiers to Soldiering Tourists: War and Tourism in the Vietnam Landscape" • Matt Godbey, University of Kentucky

"The Land Was Haunted': Landscape and the Vietnamese Other in Tim O'Brien's Vietnam Fiction" • Rachel Ann Simon, University of Kentucky

"Penelope's Not Waiting Anymore: The Breakdown of Homecoming" • Jonathan E. Vincent, University of Kentucky

"'AU the Children Axe Insane': Breaking Points, Will, and Agency in Narratives of the Vietnam War"

0..6 Genre Boundaries and Ways of Knowing in American Poetry

Friday, 10:45 ' 12: 15 p.m, Room: 101

Chair: Jon Volkmer, Ursinus College

• Paul Stephens, Columbia University

"The Education of Louis Zukofsky, or, Assimilation, Academia, and the 'Cridc-Poet-Analyst" • Linda Russo, State University of New York, Buffalo

"'AU Roads Lead but How Does a Sentence Do It?' Rosmarie Waldrop's The Reproduction ofPro/ilel" • Lynn Keller, University of Wisconsin,Madison

"Entropy, Errancy, and Error in Susan Wheeler's Source Codes" • Carla Billitteri, University of Maine, Orono

"Lyn Hejinian and Carla Harryman: Faustiennes of Uncertainty"

0,7 Forms of Sel( in American Poetry

Friday, 10:45,12:15 p.m, Room: 117

Chair: Chris Beyers, Assumption College

·T yrone Williams,. Xavier University

"Metaphor and/or Metonym: Objective and Objectified Bodies and Histories in the Poetry of Elizabeth Alexander and Liz Waldner"

• Malin Pereira, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

"The Cosmopolitan I/Eye in YusefKomunyakaa's and Cyrus Cassells's Poetry" • Laura Dawkins, Murray State University

"Deprivatizing Maternity: Audre Lorde and the Tradition of 'Activist Mothering' in African-American Women's Uterature"

o..s The Irish Banik Imagination: Yeats, Synge, and Muldoon Friday, 10:45 ' 12: 15 p.m.

Chair: Paul Conner, University of Louisville • Anita M. DeRouen, University of Georgia

"Metaphors for Poetry': A Structural Framework for Yeats's SupematuTal Songs" ·Nicholas Crawford, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

"The Playboy of the Western World as Genealogical Jujitsu"

• Aria Fortune Chernik, North Carolina State University

"Processing the Key in Madoc: A M,stery"

Room: 207


SECTION D Friday 10:45 - 12:15 am

D .. 9 Octavia Butler: Memory, Systopla. and Parable

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m. Room: 208

Chair: Beth A. McCoy, State University of New York, Geneseo

=Rebecca S. Wood, Indiana University, Bloomington

"Walking in the Footsteps of Slaves: T ransgenerational Memory in Octavia Buder's Kindred" -Thomas Cassidy, South Carolina State University

"Octavia Buder's Civil Rights Parable5"

- Kristen M. Simmons, University of Georgia

"Ecocriticism and Octavia Buder's Parable of w Sower, or, How to Become Rhizome"

0 .. 10 Postwar British Fiction: Graham Swift and Muriel Spark

Friday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m, Room: 210

Chain John Greenerl.ouisville

- Kathleen W. Smith, College

"The Lost Order gf e: Graham Swift and Post-1945 Britain"

- Preeti Bhatt, Sant harya Girls' College, India

"The Self as the World: Postmodemist Fragmentations in Muriel Spark's Mandelbaum Gate"

D .. ll Virginia Woolf: Androgyny, 'Theatricality, and Camp

Friday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m, Room: 215

Chair: Sally Jacobsen, Northern Kentucky University

- Kristi Branham, University of Kentucky

"A Case for Wonder: Virginia Woolf and the Androgyny Debate" - Katie Macnamara, Indiana University

"Virginia Woolf's Orlando and Contesting Camp Camps" -Claudia W. Harris, Brigham Young University

"Virginia Woolf as a Comedic Playwright: Freshwater and Between w Acts"

D .. 12 Queer Readings: Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Klaus (and Thomas) Mann

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m. Room: 209

Chair: Thomas Austenfeld, North Georgia College

- Maggie Gordon, Northwest Missouri State University

"Mentoring: Homosocial Exchange and Man-Boy Love in The Great Gatsb;y" - Betina Entzminger, Bloomsburg University

"Passing onto Miscegenation in Faulkner's Absalom, Absaloml" - Rick Chamberlin, Emporia State University

"Coming out of His Father's Coset: Klaus Mann's Pious Dance as an Anti-Death in Venice"

D .. 13 Palahniuk and Wallace: Initial Assessments

Friday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m, Room: 222

Chair: Joanna Wolfe, University of Louisville

- Bradley Smith, Illinois State University

"Twere a Tard in t'Loo' and Returning Meaning to Laughter, David Foster Wallace's Infinite}est" - Jeffrey A. Sartain, Indiana University, Bloomington

"Light, Chaos, and Entropy: Contemporary Physics in Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club" - Scott Ash, Nassau Community College

"Going to the Body: Identity Issues in the Novels of Chuck Palahniuk"


SECTION D Friday 10:45 ~ 12:15 am

0 .. 14 Russian literature and PUm

Friday, 10:45 ~ 12: 15 p.m, Room: 221

Chair: Judith A Dompkowski, Canisius College

·Christine A Rydel, Grand Valley State University

"Staying Russian in China: Nina Redorova's TIre Famil" and TIre Children" • Harold C. Zimmerman, Indiana University

"Soviet Medievalism: Reconstructing Chivalry in Don Kikhot" • Freda J. Fuller-Coursey, Midwestern State University

"Yevgeny Yevtushenko: Poet of Dissent after the Collapse of the USSR"

0~15 Par dell Rites et Oogmes," Ia d6:ouverte de l'Uni~ Transcendante de l'Ecriture

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m, Room: 224

Chair: Matthieu Dalle, University of Louisville

• Joyce [anca-Aii, Indiana University, Bloomington

"Writing an oeuvre au noiT, Writing SIDl'Jata: Yourcenar's Adaptations of Buddhism as Uterary Theory" =Thomas Vosteen, Eastern Michigan University

"Pataphysics as a Twentieth-Century Fantastic: The Example ofRen~ Daumal" • Kelcey Parker, University of Cincinnati

"'From Work to Text': Pleasure and Death in Swann's Wa:y"

D~ 16 Differing Views of Women

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m, Room: 11.2

Chair: Lynda Hoffman-Jeep, Millikin University

·Muriel Cormican, State University of West Georgia

"Cross-Dressing and Comedy: The Case of Hugo von Hofmannsthal"

• Heide WitthOft, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

"Vom ewigen Kampf der Geschlechter zu einer neuen Harmonie? Ganter Grass's Der Butt undJulia Kristevas "Women's Time": Zwei Wege --Ein Ausweg"

• Beverley Driver Eddy, Dickinson College


"Moose and Muse in Evelyn Schlag's UnsichtbaTe FT£wen" • Birgit Maier-Katkin, Florida State University

"Levinas and Keun: A Discourse in Alterity"

D~ 17 Italian I

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m, Room: 109

Chair: Donald Spinelli, Wayne State University

• Rose De Angelis, Marist College

"The American Nightmare: The Plight of the Working-Class Immigrant in Christ in Conaete" • Jeffrey A Schwarz, Saint Louis University

"Between the Dio of Catholicism and the Dio of Capitalism: Harmony in the Tenements of Pietro di Donato's Christ in Conaetel"

• Paolo Giordano, Loyola University, Chicago

"T odo modo, T odo modo [ ... ] para buscar y hallar la voluntad divina ... ': Potere, Corruzione, Sicilia e Gesuiti"


D-18 US Latino Narratives: Politics and Machismo Friday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m.

Chair: Eduardo Santa Cruz, Hanover College

• Brenda Watts, Southwest Missouri State University

"The Southwest as Aztlm: Place, Theory, and Politics in AnzaldUa's Borderlands" • Magali Cornier Michael, Duquesne University

"Hybrid Spirituality as a Source of Communal Agency: Ana Castillo's So Far from God" • Matthew 1. Squires, Brigham Young University

"Constructions of Lost Masculinity and False Machismo in Junot Dfaz's 'Negocios'"

Room: 106

D-19 Reading Spain: From the Modern to the P08tmodem

Friday, 10:45 • 12: 15 p.m, Room: lOS

Chair: Mary Makris, University of Louisville

• Ana Marla Dfaz-Marcos, Dartmouth College

"El triunfo de 10 efUnero: Moda y modernidad en la obra de Carmen de Burgos" • Jennifer Patterson Parrack, University of Central Arkansas

"Framing as Narrative Strategy in Novels by Spanish Women Writers" • Ronald F. Rapin, Oakland University, Rochester

"Maternal Instinct and Desire: Depictions of the 'Childless Couple' in the Works of Garda Lorca and Edward Albee"

• John P. Gabriele, College of Wooster

"Dramatic Character as the Site of Postmodern Inquiry in Juan Mayorga's Cartas dJ! amor a Stalin"

Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m, Ekstrom Library Auditorium, lower level

Chair: Kara Alexander, University of Louisville

-Gilbert Allen, Furman University

Driving £0 DistTaaion (poetry)

• John Eric Seay, Birmingham-Southern College I Don't Move at AU (fiction)

• Jimmy Dean Smith, Union College Pine (poetry) . • Felicia Ackerman, BroWn University

Not Thi& Time (fiction)


Reception Follows.

Please come and take this opportunity to hear about gender in international and cross-cultural contexts.

All are welcome.

The Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society, in partnership with the Women's Studies Program, the Liberal Studies Program. and Crane House, presents a



AYUSH DASHDAV AA (Lecturer, University of the Humanities, Mongolia) and

ED SEGAL (Professor of Anthropology, University of Louisville) Wednesday, 26 February 2003 - 3:30 - 5:00 p.OL Ekstrom Library Auditorium


--,. -

SECTION E Friday 1:30 - 3:00 pm

B-1 Margaret Mitchell and Alice Randall: Troubled Bodies in Gone with the Wind and The Wind Done Gone

Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m, Room: 109

Chair: Laura Grace Pattillo, University of South Carolina, Sumter

·Geneva Cobb Moore, University of Wisconsin- Whitewater

"Margaret Mitchell and Alice RandaU: Inscribing the Black: Female Body in Gone with the Wind and The Wind Done Gone"

·Owonna Naomi Goldstone, Austin Peay State University

"'The Edible Black Tit': Representations of Black Women in Alice RandaU's The Wind Done Gone"

B-2 Margaret Atwood (Session organized by the Margaret Atwood Society) Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

Chair: Casie Hermansson, Pittsburgh State University • Alice Ridout, University of Toronto

"Contesting His-Story through Parody: Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin" • Debrah Raschke, Southeast Missouri State University

"Burning AlI the Traces: Sexual Induction in Atwood's Death by Landscape" • Danette DiMarco, SUppery Rock University

"'And so AlI Was Set in Motion': Kinetic Subjectivity in Alias Grace" • Carol L Beran, Saint Mary's College, California

"Reader, I Had an Affair with Him: Questions about Uses of Literary Archives"

Room: 121

B-3 Nathanael West: Anti·Modem, Modem, Postmodern Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m,

Chair: Susan Lidgate Mace, University of California, Berkeley • Dave Junker, University of Wisconsin

"Race and Modernity in Nathanael West"

• Bryan Vescio, Uniyersity of Wisconsin-Green Bay

"Critical Laughter? Public and Private in The Day of the Locust" • Benjamin Robertson, State University of New York, Buffalo

"Mass Production and Modernity's Crisis of Disembodiment: Nathanael West's Day of the Locust" ·Catherine Cucinella, Oakland University

• Parodic Bodies: Body Culture in Nathanael West's The Day of the Locust"

Room: 117

E-4 Toni Morrison

Friday, 1:30 • 3:00 p.m. Room: 108

Chair: Susan Ryan, University of Louisville

• Michelle E. Moore, College of DuPage

"'I Drank Your Blood': Vampires, Violence, and Belotled" • A. Timothy Spaulding, University of Delaware

"Echoes of Harlem: Improvising History in Toni Morrison'sJ~" • Eliza M. Young, Jefferson Community College

"The Aesthetic and Literary Appeal of Call-Response in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, or, Was Funkiness There at AlI?"


~ -

• I • ..._.

SECTION E Friday 1 :30 # 3:00 pm

E-5 - American Symptoms: Russo and O'Brien

Friday, 1:30. 3:00 p.m, Room: 123

Chair: Debra Shostak, College of Wooster

-Glenn Sheldon, University of Toledo

"The Diner Falls: Class, Conttadictions and the Decline ofIndustrialism in Empire Falls" - Beckie Flannagan, Francis Marion University

"What Happened in the Gazebo? The Legacy of Charles Brockden Brown and the Gothic in Richard Russo's Empire Falls"

-Jacqueline A. Zubeck, Manhattan College

"The War Stories of Vietnam and 1ust War' Principles"

E-6 The Poetics of Steve McCaffery

Friday, 1:30·3:00 p.m. Room: 103

Chair: Unda Russo, State University of New York, Buffalo

- Ron Sweeney, State University of New York, Buffalo

"Steve McCaffery, bpNichol and Theory-Research in Rational Geomanc:y" -Jessica Smith, State University of New York, Buffalo

"The Intention Is Always to Thwart Design': Reading The Block Debt through McCaffery's Poetics of Excess" -Matthew J. Chambers, Temple University

"Reading Mc:Caffery Reading Levinas to Read McCaffery: A Proscription for a Writing Practice"

E-7 Modernist Poetic Relations

Friday, 1:30 # 3:00 p.m. Room: 222

Chair: Tara Powell, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

-Chris Beyers, Assumption College

"'Every Poem Is a Poem within a Poem': Wallace Stevens Rewrites W. B. Yeats" - David Miltics, University of Houston

"Yeats and Merrill: Struggling with the Sublime"

-James East, Columbus, Georgia /

"The Subversion of 'Sentiment' and 'Efficiency' as Disclosed in The Collected Letters of William Carlos Williams and Kenneth Burke, J92J#J963"

E-8 Trauma and Testimony, Theology and Genocide: Woolf, Conrad, Owen, and Sassoon

Friday, 1:30 • 3:00 p.m. Room: 215

Chair: Holly E. Ratcliff, University of Tennessee

- Jennifer Barker, Indiana University

"Orphic Transformations of War Trauma in Owen's 'Mental Cases' and Woolf's MTS. DaUowa," - Jimmy Dean Smith, Union College

"Craiglockhart War Hospital: Privilege, Authority, and Military Life#Writing" -Michael Lackey, State University of New York, Brockport

"Joseph Conrad on the Theology of Colonizing Violence"

E-9 Trends in Contemporary British Literature

Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m, Room: 208

Chair: Beth Boehm, University of Louisville

-John L Marsden, Indiana University of Pennsylvania "'Cool Britannia': The British Novel in the 1990s and After" - Kelly A. Marsh, Mississippi State University

"Bridget Jones and the Myth of the Perfect Self"

- Jon Volkmer, Ursinus College

"Trip Ut: Genre or Fad?"


SECIlON E Friday 1:30 - 3:00 pm

E-IO Trauma and the Female Body

Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m, Room: 216

Chair: Nanita Morgan, University of Louisville

• Marcia Phillips McGowan, Eastern Connecticut State University

"'A Nearer Approach to the Truth': Mary Borden's JOUme:1 down a Blind Alley" • Giselle Uza Anatol, Spelman College

"'She Coulda Go WhemJer She Want'? Vampire Imagery in Nalo Hopkinson's Brown Girl in the Ring" • Shelia A. Collins, University of Kentucky

"(Un)Muting Sexual Trauma: Incest in Sapphire's Push"

E-l1 The Multicultural World of Lawrence Durrell (Session organized by the International Lawrence Durrell Society)

Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m, Room: 221

Chair: Anne Zahlan, Eastern Illinois University

• William L Godshalk, University of Cincinnati

"Durrell's Multicultural Landscape in Prospera's Ceu"

• Donald P. Kaczvinsky, Louisiana Tech University

"Omamentalism and The Alexandria Quartet: Durrell's Dissolution of Aristocracy" - Paul H. Larenz, University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff

"Hanuman under the Pont du Gard: The Atlignon Quintet as an Indian Novel" • Anne R. Zahlan, Eastern Illinois University

"The Negro as Icon in Lawrence Durrell's The Atlignon Quintet"

E-12 The Institutionalization of Language Poetry (Prearranged Session)

Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m, Room: 217

Chair: Timothy Shanner, State University of New York, Buffalo

- Barbara Cole, State University of New York, Buffalo

"The Institutionalized Misreading of Language Poetry: What M:y Life Reveals about the Critic and the Academy"

- Joel Kuszai, Cornell University

"Mob Rule: Institutional Lineage and the Collective Talent" -Timothy Shaner, State University of New York, Buffalo

"From the Margins to the Interstice: Kit Robinson's Interstitial Poetics and Its Ramifications for Poets Working in the Academy"

E-13 Coping with Oppression in T'lIDe and Space Frlday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m,

Chair: MarUyn Schuler, Emerita, University of Louisville - Florence Zamsky, Dominican University

"Chronique du temps qui passe: memoire et ecriture dans En Ma7g'e de Didier Daeninckx" - Scott M. Powers, Mary Washington College

"Evil and Medicine: Interpreting Celine's Diagnostic Narratives" =Cbarles Nunley, Middlebury College

"Record Collecting in Wartime Paris: The Unclaimed Legacy of Robert Demos"

Room: 207


,- --_ - 7;~

- I

. - .:"'... _4I

SECTION E Friday 1:30 ~ 3:00 pm

:£"'1.. Questiooa of National Identity

Friday, 1:30 ~ 3:00 p.m. Room: 122

Chair: Susan Nurmi-Schomers, University of Tuebingen, Germany

• Harald Hobusch, University of Kentucky

"Nanating Nanga Parbat: Mountaineering and the Fictional (Re~)Construction of German National Identity" • Monika Hohbein-Deegen, University of Cincinnati

"Reisen rum Ich: Ostdeutsche Identitiltssuche in Texten der neunziger Jahre"

:£...1 S Italian U

Friday, 1:30 • 3:00 p.m,

Chair: Augustus Mastri, University of Louisville

• Daniela Orlandi, Dominican University "Autobiographical Writings of Institutionalized Women" ·Charles I<lopp, Ohio State University

"Reassessing the Italian Resistance Novel"

·Sante Matteo, Miami University

"Maciste's Transfer from the Punic Wars to World War I"

Room: 224

:£...16 Arenas and Retamar: Canon and Friday, 1:30· 3:00 p.m,

Chair: Jorge Sagastume, Wittenberg University • Carlos Enrique Gonziles, Scripps College

"El Retamar editor: canon y 'calibanismo'"

• J ulie A. Lirot, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"La identidad como problematizaci6n de la narraci6n en El mundo alucinante de Reinaldo Arenas"

Room: 209

:£...17 Voices of the Subversives in Spanish Literature

Friday, 1:30 ~ 3:00 p.m, Room: 219

Chair: Arist6fanes Cedeno; University of Uuisville

• Ana Isabel Carballal, University of Missouri, Columbia

"Heteroglosia, dialogismo e identidad en Elldpk del carpintero de Manuel Rivas" • Eugene B. Hastings, Morehead State University

"~cquer y Cernuda y la posibilidad de que para este el 'deseo' frusttado por la 'realidad' sea simplemente otto modo de enunciar la ironfa rommtica becqueriana del siglo XIX"

:£...18 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction Friday, 1:30·3:00 p.m,

Chair: Ursula Carlson, Western Nevada Community College • Nancy Roberts, Western Kentucky University

Oil Exploration (fiction)

• Alice Frlman, Indianapolis, Indiana

Dream of the Rotten Daughter, and other poems (poetry) • Avon Waters, Ball State University

Magatine Smiles (fiction)

Room: ELA


SECTION F Friday 3:15 - 4:45 pm

F-l Yeats, Joyce, and Kubrick (Session organized by the Society for Textual Scholarship) Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m.

Chair: Ellen Carol Jones, St. Louis University

• Richard J. Finneran, University of Tennessee, Knoxville "Editing Yeats's Prose: The Irish Dramatic Movement"

• Michael Groden, Univesity of Western Ontario

"New James Joyce Manuscripts in the National Library of Ireland" • Morris Beja, Ohio State University

"Eyes Wide Shut: Before, by, and after Kubrick"

Room: 215

F-2 • Don DeLillo

Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m,

Chair: Tom Byers, University of Louisville

• Aaron Rittenberg, Brandeis University "Delillo vs. Debord: De Match of De Century"

• Gisele Manganelli Fernandes, State University of SAo Paulo

"The Importance of Don Delillo's Work for the Brazilian Reader: A Perspective" • Joseph Conte, State University of New York, Buffalo

"The Politics of the Unpresentable: The Fiction of Don Delillo"

Room: 208

F-3 Southern Fiction: Philosophical Readings Friday, 3: 15 • 4:45 p.m.

Chair: Eileen John, University of Louisville

• Peter Robert Brown, Mount Allison University

"The Values of Historical Narration: Epistemology, Ethics, and Identity in Absalom, Absaloml" ·Christopher R. Boss, Western Carolina University

"Secondary Characters in Four Novels by Walker Percy: Guiding the Existential Quest" • Thomas Austenfeld, North Georgia College

"Peter Taylor't Summons to Memphis: Duty Ethics and American Individualism"

F4 Rethinking Poetics, Poetry, and the Book Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m,

Chair: Alan Golding, University of Louisville • Barrett Watten, Wayne State University "Poetics in an Expanded Field"

• Adalaide Morris, University of Iowa "Receiving New Media Poetry"

• Susan Vanderborg, University of South Carolina

"The Dangerous Prevalence oflmagination': The Book-Poetry of Darren Wershler-Henry"

Room: 209

Room: 207

F·5 • Poetries and Politics Friday, 3: 15 • 4:45 p.m,

Chair: Michael Johmann, University of Louisville • Dax West, North Carolina State University

"Poetic Power and Political Power: A Driving Dialogue in Ezra Pound's Poetry" ·Christine A Meilicke, Mainz University, Germany

"An Experimental Holocaust Poetry: Jerome Rothenberg's Holocaust Poems" • Frederick Smock, Bellarmine University

"Pax intrantibus: The Search for Peace in the Poetry of Thomas Merton"

Room: 222


SECTION F Friday 3: 15 ~ 4:45 pm

F-6 Teaching Twentieth-Century Anglophone Literature: Toward a Pedagogy of Diversity (Prearranged Panel)

Friday, 3:15 - 4:45 p.m. Room: 121

Chair: Udan Lin, Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne

• Udan Lin, Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne

"Meeting the Twain of East and West: A New Approach in Teaching The Twentieth-Century British Novel" • Eunjung Park, Seoul National University

"Teaching Thomas Pynchon and Gary Pak in a Multicultural Context"

F~ 7 Marxist Readings/Reading Marxists: Jack London and Upton Sinclair, Tender is the Night. Dialectic of Enlightenment

FridaV, 3:15 - 4:45 p.m, Room: 119

Chair: Nancv Henry, State University of New York, Binghampton

·Nicholas Spencer, University of Nebraska, Uncoln

"The Conflicts of Utopian Naturalism: Jack London and Upton Sinclair" ·Gordon McConnell, Marquette University

"That Material Tells a Story': The Aesthetics of Commodity Exchange and the Alienation of the Capitalist Ascetic in Fitzgerald's T endeT u the Night"

• Steven Helmling, University of Delaware

"Modernism in Critique: Adorno's 'Constellation,' Benjamin's 'Dialectical Image'"

F..a Reality Film?

Fridav, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m. Room: 117

Chair: Lee Templeton, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

·Celeste Wiggins, Ursuline College

"Wharton Goes to Hollywood: Martin Scorcese's The Age of Innocence and Terence Davies's The House of Mirth"

• Silvio Gaggi, University of South Florida

"The Ambivalent Figure: Theater in Ber~s Fann, and Alexander" • Michael Blumenauer, Dartmouth College

"Food, Celebrity and Big Night"

F~9 Bloomsbury and After: In the Wake of Virginia Woolf

Fridav, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m. Room: 103

Chair: Usa Cade Wieland, Spalding University

·Nicole Blair, University of Washington, Tacoma

"'I Have a Weakness for People Who Can't Begin': Virginia Woolfs Maiden Voyage" • Marilyn Schwinn Smith, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"Clarissa Dallowav and 'The Problem that Has No Name': The Activist Pens of Virginia Woolf and Betty Friedan"

• Erika Spohrer, Penn State University

"Seeing Stars: The Site of Commodity Stardom in Michael Cunningham's The Hours and V~ Woolfs Mrs. Dalloway"


SECTION F Friday J: 15 ~ 4:45 pm

F~10 Racial Consciousness

Friday, 3: 15 ~ 4:45 p.m. Room: ZZ3

Chair: Dana Nichols, University of Louisville

=Charlea Hatten, Bellarmine University

"The Panic of Pleasure: Inner-Ow Nihilism, The Coldest Winter Ever, and the Anxiety of Hedonism in Contemporary American Culture"

- Julie Voss Walter, University of Kentucky

"A8 a Lamb to the Slaughter: Sin and Sacrifice in Pauline Hopkins's Magazine Novels" -George F. Bagby, Hampden-Sydney College

"Benjamin Davis's Communist Councilman from Harlem and The Autobiography of Malcolm X"

F~ 11 Modernist Masculinities: Barnes, Eliot:, Bellow

Friday, 3: 15 ~ 4:45 p.m. Room: 2Z 1

Chair: Matthew Biberman, University of Louisville

- Rebecca A. Devers, University of Connecticut

"'Pinned and Wriggling on the Wall': Frustration, Aggression, and Masochism in T. S. Eliot's' Love Song 00. Alfred Prufrock'"

• Jessica S. Stock, University of Delaware "The Jewish Body in Nightwood"

- David Laird, Arizona State University "Male-on-Male Rape in Saul Bellow's H~

F,12 Dichotomv of Female Essence

Friday, 3: 15 ~ 4:45 p.m. Room: ZZO

Chair: Thomas Vosteen, Eastern Michigan University

• Heather T. Blankenheim, Wayne State University

"Her Body Her Self: The Discursive Body in the Fiction of Monique Wittig and the Self-Portraits of Frida

Kahlo" '.


• Angela Phillip,s, Warren Wilson. College

"Superman Stuck in the Phone Booth: The Failed Hero in Marie Redonnet and Jean~Philippe Toussaint" ·Sylvie Vanbaelen, Butler University

"Peinture et kriture dans La plage d'Ostende de Jacqueline Harpman"

F~13 Strangers in a Strange Land Friday, 3: 15 ~ 4:45 p.m,

Chair: Bohdan Boehan, Indiana University Southeast

- Joachim Noob, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

"Die 'Erleuchteten': Gottliche In1competenz in Bertolt Brechts 'Der gute Mensch von Sezuan'" • Peter Connelly-Smith, De Vry College

"'Not Bloody Ukely'--Translating p'gmalion"

• Johannes Schmidt:, Clemson University

"The German Academic Novel: Identifying an Evolving Genre"

Room: 123


SECTION F Friday 3: 15 ~ 4:45 pm

F~14 Italian m

Friday, 3: 15 ~ 4:45 p.m. Room: 101

Chair: Francesca Reggiani, University of Parma, Italy

- Mario Aste, University of Massachusetts

"Contrasting Effects between Reality and Illusion as Framed by Gender Relationships in Tornatore's Malena" - Paul Trent, Co-author, Mercy College, New York

"Amelio's Film: Sciascia's Open Doors Re-Hingedl"

- Maria Enrico, Co-author, Mercy College, New York "Amelio's Film: Sciascia's 'Open Doors' Re-Hingedl" - Umberto Taccheri, Saint Mary's College

"Benigni and}ohnn, Stecchino: Laughing about Italian Mafia"

F~15 Special Hispanic Presentation

Friday, 3:15 ~ 4:45 p.m. Ekstrom Uhrary Auditorium, lower level

Chair: Rhonda Buchanan. University of Louiisville

- Fernando Opere, University of Virginia

"Pido la voz y la palabra: Recital de poesta hispana"

F~16 Authon Reading Poetry and Fiction

Friday, 3: 15 ~ 4:45 p.m. Bingham Poetry Room, main floor

Chair: Estella C. Majozo, University of Louisville

-Christine Delea, Eastern Kentucky University

I Love Men on ProtaC, and other poems (poetry)

- Barbara Zimmermann Bogue. Ball State University Outside the Walls (fiction)

- David Till, Austin Peay State University Oval (poetry)

-Jubal Tiner, Western Carolina University / Steam (fiction)


Friday, February 28. 5:00 pm, Rauch Planetarium Auditorium Lyn Hejinian, University of California. Berkeley

Making Fate (poetry)

Introduced by Alan Golding. Department of English. University of Louisville

CONFERENCE RECEPTION AND DINNER Friday evening Seelbach Hilton Hotel

Reception. cash bar (aU conferees welcome). 6:30~7:30 pm Dinner. by reservation only. 8:00 pm


Conference Restaurant Picks
Artemisia Continental Cuisine 583,4177 Downtown
Azalea New American Cuisine 895,5493 Brownsboro Rd.
Dietrichs Cosmopolitan 897.-6076 Frankfort Ave.
English Grill ContinentallKentucky 583,1234 Downtown (formal)
Jack Frys Continental Eclectic 452,92# Bardstown Rd.
Jicama Grill Latin-American Cuisine 454,4389 Bardstown Rd.
LeRelais French Cuisine 451 .. 9020 Taylorsville Rd.
Los Aztecas Mexican 561,8535 Main & 4th
Mayan Gypsy Mayan/Yucatec 583,3300 E. Market
Napa River Grill Northern California 893"() 141 Dupont Cir,
Oak Room 5 Star Restaurant 807,3563 Downtown (formal)
Porcini Northern Italian Cuisine 894--8686 Frankfort Ave.
Ramsi's International Cuisine 451"()7oo Bardstown Rd.
Shalimar Indian Indian Cuisine 493,8899 Hurstbourne Pkwy
Thai Siam Thai Cuisine 458,6871 Bardstown Rd.
Vincemo's N. Italian/Continental 5801350 Bardstown Rd. Photo Exhibit Ekstrom Library Main Floor

The African American Barbershop from the ERA of "Jim Crow" to Desegregation by Doris Wilkinson, Director

Project on the African American Heritage

University of Kentucky

January 27, March 1,2003

This public humanities event is funded in part by the Kentucky Humanities Council and the National Endowment of the Humanities

"Call for Papers" Flyer Art: Thank ,ow, RJJuchie for ~ Road Map Home

A pediatrician all his adult life, Patrick Hess now devotes a well-deserved retirement to his love for painting. Dr. Hess, Renaissance man, is the author of a feature article in Louisville Medicine magazine, March 1999, "On Creativity and the Visual Arts". He is presendy a student at the Allen R. Hite Art Institute at the University of Louisville.



The Speed Art Museum

Corot to Picasso

Until March 2, 2003

Drawn from the collections of the museum and of local collectors, this exhibition celebrates modem tendencies in French art from the second quarter of the nineteenth century to the mid .. twentieth century.

Museum Hours: Monday

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday Thursday




10:30 am to 4 pm 10:30 am to 8 pm 10:30 to 5 pm

12 pm to 5 pm

Free to the public

The Speed Art Museum (Located next to the University of Louisville, Ekstrom Library) 2035 South Third Street, Louisville, KY 40208

(502) 634 .. 2700

First Call for Papers The 3200 Annual


Submission deadline: September 15, 2003 (Postmarked)

Proposals (abstracts) for critical papers on any topic pertaining to literature published since 1900 will be considered ..

Creative submissions (poetry or short fiction) are also encouraged.

For details, or to be put on our mailing list, contact:

Danielle R. Day, Conference Director, Classical and Modem Languages, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292 (502)852 .. 6686


SECTION G Saturday 9:00 - 10:30 am

G-l Evolutions of Personality in Twentieth-Century Culture (Prearranged Session)

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. and 10:45 - 12:15 p.m, Room: 121

Chair: Judith Roof, Michigan State University

- Brian D. Holcomb. Michigan State University

"'A Different Order of Reference': Portraiture as a Multiply-Referential Sign in The Sense of the Past" - Jaime E. Hovey, University of Illinois-Chicago

"A Thousand Words: Literary Portraiture and Modernist Personality" - Amy Nolan, Michigan State University

"I Want that Body ('without Organs': Personality as Protesting Force in Terminator 2"

- Judith Roof, Michigan State University •

"I SmeU Ethyl Merman: The Politics of the Postmodern Quirk"

-Dennis W. Allen, West Virginia University


G .. 2 Uving Color: Race on/and Film

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 103

Chair: Benjamin Robertson, State University of New York, Buffalo

=Tamara L Steinert, Dartmouth CoUege

"'No Way to Treat the Law': The Anti-Lynching Subtext of the Marx Brothers' Movie A Day at the .Race5" -Elizabeth Yukins, City University of New York

"'Everything Has to Be Seen or Scene': Film and Image-Making in Ralph Ellison's Juneteenth" - Bob Mellin, Purdue University, North Central

"~ignifyin(g) Nature: Spike Lee's Postpastoral ~Ied"

G-3 In Search of the Sacred: Kerouac, Powers, Carver

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 208

Chair: Rebecca A. Devers, University of Connecticut

- A Samuel Kimball, University of North Florida

"'When the Sun Goes Down': Narration and the Infant's Voice in Jack Kerouac's On the Road" - Randall Clark, North Georgia CoUege and State University

"And the Lord Taketh Away: The Role of Fate in], F. Powers's Motte D'Vrban" - Geoffrey Stacks, Purdue University

"Transcendence and Redemption in Raymond Carver's Cathedral and Lorrie Moore's Birds of America"

G4 Kennedy, Parka, Wilson: The Popularization of African American Drama and Its Discontents

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m, Room: 119

Chair: Pat Young, Western Illinois University, Macomb

- Amanda M. Lawrence, University of Tennessee

"Staging the Split: Adrienne Kennedy's Funn,house of a Negro and Mixed Race Identity" - Michael Yellin, Lehigh University

"Bourdieuian Resistance in African-American Vernacular Culture: From Blues to Baseball" - Deborah R Gets, DePauw University

"Three Card Monte: Selling the Audience on Suzan-Lori Parks's Topdog/Underdog"


SECTION G Saturday 9:00 . 10:30 am

G.5 Psychoanalyzing Primitivism and Uminality in Twentieth-Century Women's Writing: Sylvia Townsend Warner, Nella Lanen, Jean Rhys, and Gale Wilhelm

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m, Room: 101

Chair: Tony Miek, University of Louisville

• Emily M. Hinnov, University of New Hampshire

"Reassessing Modernism(s) in Women's Writing: The 'Primitivist' Choran Moment in Sylvia Townsend Warner's Mr. Fortune's Maggot"

• Anne B. Simpson, California State University, Pomona "'Memories in Feelings': Jean Rhys's Quartet and Primitive Desire" • Danielle M. DeMuth, Hamilton College

"The Creation and Consumption of the Lesbian Artist: Reading and Reception of Gale Wilhelm's We Too Are Drifting and Torchlight to Valhalla"

G-6 Poetry and the Sacred: Twentieth-Century Literature Revisions (Prearranged Session)

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m, Room: 209

Chair: Mark Scroggins, Florida Atlantic University

• Mark Scroggins, Florida Atlantic University

"Pilgrim's Praxis: Zuleofskv, Cummings, and the Modernist Bunyan" • Norman Finkelstein, Xavier University

"The Sacred and the Real in Armand Schwemer's 'flu! Tablets" • Peter O'leary, Art Institute of Chicago

"Spiritual Osmosis: Absorbing Geoffrey Hill's New Poetry"

G· 7 Philosophy and Language in the Work of Joan Retallack

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m, Room: 222

Chair: Mary Barbosa Jerez, University of Louisville

• James L Maynard, State University of New York, Buffalo "Textural Oscillations in Joan Retallack's 'A'fterrimages'"

• Mark CantteU, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"How to Do Things with Poetry: Joan Retallack's Use of John Austin in How to Do Things with Words" ·Greg Kinzer, State University of New York, Buffalo

"Excuses and Other Nonsense in Joan Retallack's How to Do Things with Words"

G-8 The UnSaid: From Silence to Hyperbole (Prearranged Session)

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m, Room: 215

Chair: Anne-Laure Tissut, Universite Francois Rabelais, Tours, France

• Anne-Laure Tissut, Universite Francois Rabelais, Tours, France

"Figures ofSUence in Paul West's Works of Fietion"

·sebastien Salbayre, Umversite Francois Rabelais, Tours, France "Joe Orton's Language of Disguise"

• Lori Emerson, State University of New Yorle, Buffalo

"Just One of Those Things: (Re)Tuming to the Ordinary and the Overcoming of Loss"

G·9 Postmodern Fiction: 'Theoretical Concerns in Readings of Pynchon, and Donald Barthelme

Saturday, 9:00 -10:30 a.m, Room: 217

Chair: Daniel Manheim, Centre CoUege

• Mira Salcrajda, Westchester Community CoUege

"Dining with the Holy Ghost: The Tenuous Axiology ofPostmodernism" • Brandi Stanton, Indiana University

"'The Same Universe of Discourse': The Language ofUterary Criticism in Barthelme's Snow White"


SECTION G Saturday 9:00 ' 10:30 am

G·I0 William Faulkner and Flannery O'COnnOr: "Other" Questions

Saturday, 9:00 • 10:30 a.m. Room: 220

Chair: Jeffrey StaytOn, University of Mississippi

- Keith Woodward, University of Kentucky

"The of Faulkner's South: Canadian Contexts of Racism in Absalom, AbsalomJ" - Peter Ramos, State University of New Y or~ Buffalo

"'Between Grief and Nothing': Social Relations and Identitites in the Work of William Faulkner and Aannery o'Connor"

=Celeste Heinze, Purdue University

"'Unholy [White) Anguish' and the Progressive DevU in O'Connor's "The Displaced Person"

G·ll Vladimir Nabokov: (Session organized by the Vladimir Nabokov Society)

Saturday, 9:00·10:30 a.m. Room: 207

Chair: Charles Nicol, Indiana State University

=Suellen Stringer.Hye, Vanderbilt University

"Nabokov, Ubraries, and the Art of Inquiry"

- James W. Coursey, Midwestern State University

"Hermeneutical Gaps in 'pada ata lane pod not ago old wart': The Interpretive Dynamics of Pale Fire and its

Literary Critics" .

-Michael Bohinick, Texas A&. M University, Commerce

- Artistic Achievement in "The Vane Sisters'"

G·12 India Abroad: Translations of India in Other National literatures

Saturday, 9:00·10:30 a.m. Room: 210

Chair: Diane Capitani, Kendall College

- Jeffrey Howlett, Wayne State College

"The Laughter 01 Siva: A Proposed Source for Sadeq Hedayat's The Blind Owl" - Avis Hewitt, Grand Valley State University

"The Point of Her Game': Accommodating Love in Jhumpa Lahiri's American Short Story Cycle, Intetpreter of


·Scott D. Walker, Wake Forest University

"Hybridity Begins at Home: Diverse Native Readers in Rohinton Mistry's 'Swimming Lesson'"

G .. 13 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction

Saturday, 9:00·10:30 a.m. Ekstrom Library Auditorium, lower level

Chair: Jessica L Farquhar, University of Louisville

-Christina Pugh, Northwestern University


- Kim Bridgford, Fairfield University Snapshots (fiction)

- Bruce Bennett, Wells College (poetry)

- Margaret Bockting, North Carolina Central University Samancha's Story (fiction)


SECTION H Saturday 10:45 ' 12: 15 pm

H,1 EvolutiOll8 of Personality in Twentieth...century Culture (Prearranged Session) Continued from Section 0-1

Saturday, 10:45- 12:15 p.m, Room: 121

Chair: Judith Roof, Michigan State University

- Brian D. Holcomb, Michigan State University

"'A Different Order of Reference': Portraiture as a Multiply-Referendal Sign in The Sense of the Past" - Jaime E. Hovey, University of Illinois-Chicago

"A Thousand Words: Literary Portraiture and Modernist Personality" - Amy Nolan, Michigan State University

"I Want that Body ('without Organs'): Personality as Protesting Force in Tenninator 2" - Judith Roof, Michigan State University

"I Smell Ethyl Merman: The Politics of the Postmodem Quirk." - Dennis W. Allen, West Virginia University


H·2 Traces of Europe: Coll8tructing African and African·American Identities

Saturday, 10:45 • 12: 15 p.m, Room: lOS

Chair: Amy VUjaklija, University of Louisville

- Robert E. Cummings, University of Georgia

"Ingrid Bergman, Joan of Arc, and The Role of the Immigrant in the Short Stories of Langston Hughes" - Philip Frisk., Miami University

"Rewriting Heart of Darkness: Tayeb Salih's Season of Migration to the North" - Anita Welbon, Art Institute of Chicago

"Paris in African American Literature"

H·3 Film and Gender: Containment, Change, Connection, and Subversion

Saturday, 10:45· 12:15 p.m, Room: 221

Chair: Cameron Golden, University of North Carolina

- Mark. A. Graves, Morehead State University

"The Two Mrs. Craigs: CTaig'S Wife, Harriet CTaig, and the Notion of the 'Woman's Film'" - Molly McCaffrey, University of Cincinnati

"Sleeping Beauty Hitchcock.'s ReaT Window and the End of the Masculine Fairy Tale" =Margor Sempreora, Webster University, St. Louis

"Friendship as a Subversive Activity in Mik.e Leigh's Secrets and Lies" - Heidi E. Faletti, Buffalo State College

"Von Sternberg's The BlW! Angel and American Neo-Non"

H4 Rainbow Redux: Rereading Pynchon's Big Book

Saturday, 10:45· 12:15 p.m. Room: 219

Chair: John Krafft, Miami University

-Gregory W. Wright, Michigan State University

"Dowsing for Destruction: The Nihilism of the Commodity/Spectacle in Thomas Pynchon's GTauity's Rainbow"

-Chao B. Li, Miami University

"Pynchon's Luddite Use of Time in GTauity's Rainbow" - Max Braverman, Edmonds, Washington

"Gravity's Rainbow, a Touchstone"


SECTION H Saturday 10:45 - 12:15 pm

H-S Resisting the Pull of the South

Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m. Room: 209

Chair: Aaron Toscano, University of Louisville

- Pamela D. Sanders, Purdue University

"Southern Female Grotesques in Katherine Anne Porter's Bildungsroman: The Miranda Stories" -Jill leRoy-Frazier, Milligan College, Tennessee

"Wars of Self-Determination: Vietnam, the War between the States, and Bobbie Ann Mason's In Country" - Shirley A (Holly) Stave, Northwestern State University

"Catholic Saints and Voodoo Queens: Holy Mothers in The Divine Secrets of the Ya- Ya Sisterhood"

H-6 Uneagea of the Sublime in Twentieth-Century American Poetry (Prearranged Session)

Saturday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m, Room: 217

Chair: Burton Haden, University of Maine

- Demetres Tryphonopoulos, University of New Brunswick

"'For Three Years He Strove to Maintain I The Sublime in the Old Sense': Sublimity and Ecstasy in Longinus and Pound"

- Burton Haden, University of Maine "H. D. and the Sublime"

- Ellen K. Stauder, Reed College

"Mark Doty and the Poetics of the Ordinary Sublime"

H-7 James Joyce and Thomas Wolfe: Gender Subjects

Saturday, 10:45.12:15 p.m, Room: 119

Chair: Mickey Hess, Indiana University Southeast

- Shannon Forbes, University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee

"Molly and Milly Bloom: Joyce's Presentation of Where One's Identity Resides" - Joy Allison Burnett, Wayne State University

"Mother Molly: Femininity and Fecundity in 'Penelope'" - Anna Logsdon, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"'Nighttown' and 'Niggenown': The Emergence of the Essential Masculine Self in James Joyce's PortTait of the Artist as a Young Man and Thomas Wolfe's Look Homeward, Angel"

H..s The Postwar Bridsh Novel: Darwin, Politics, and the Victorian Afterlife of Cultural Anarchy

Saturday, 10:45 • 12: 15 p.m, Room: 101

Chair: Lidan Lin. Indiana University-Purdue University

- Ann Marie Adams, Morehead State University

"In or about November 1859: Plotting Darwin in Contemporary Fiction" -Marie T. Farr, East Carolina University

"Teaching Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Literary and Cultural History through John Fowles's The French Lieutenant's Woman"

-Gavin Keulks, Western Oregon University

"After Postmodernismi Amis, Rushdie, and the Event Horizons of Fiction"

"Object, Memory, Dream: New Color Works by Mitch Eckert" January 21· March 22,2003

Photographic Archives Gallery

ground floor. Ekstrom Library


SECTION H Saturday 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

H-9 Fictions of History and Social Justice: Dunbar, Wright, Bradley, and Carter

Saturday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m, Room: 103

Chair: Marshall Bruce Gentry, University of Indianapolis

• Jonathan R. Daigle, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"The Aesthetics of Sacrifice in Paul Laurence Dunbar's The Sport 0/ the Gods" • Mark Decker, University of Wisconsin

"'A Lot Depends on What Judge We Have': Native Son and the Legal Means for Social Justice" • Ben Railton, Temple University

"Forget the Facts': History, Fiction, and the Value of the Past in The Chaneysville Incident and The Emperor Of Ocean Park"

H-I0 Wild Women: Atwood, Otto, and Jong

Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m, Room: 123

Chair: Susan Ryan, University of Louisville

·Anna Ivy, University of Pennsylvania

"How to Make an American Quilt in a Room of One's Own: Women's Culture' and the Female Novelist" ·Ginger Kennedy Fray, Sam Houston State University

"Aying from Gender Biased Roles: 'The Example of Isadora Wing"

H~ 11 H. L Mencken: Advocate and Critic (Session organized by the Mencken Society)

Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m, Room: 117

Chair: Ray Stevens, McDaniel CoUege

• Louis Hatchett, Independent Scholar

"Menoken's Americana"

• Hilary K. Justice, Illinois State University "The Mencken-Hemingway Catechism"

• Peter Lancelot Mallios, University of Maryland "Speaking in Tongues: H. L Mencken and Jdseph Conrad" • Robert W. Trogdon, Kent State University

"From the Peaks of Darien to the Slums of Colon: H. L Mencken's Two Views of F. Scott Fitzgerald"

H~12 Sculpting Subjectivity: Identity as a Work of Art (Prearranged Session)

Saturday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m. Room: 208

Chair: Kendra Wortham, Michigan State University

• Kendra Wortham, Michigan State University

"'Her Impression and Her Act': Isabel Archer as a Work of Art" • Maureen E. Lauder, Michigan State University .

"Dying for the Image: Identity and Memory in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" • Jennifer Nichols, Michigan State University

"Limited Engagement! Nirvana and Puccini, Live at the Underworld! Moulin Rouge, Cultural Memory, and the Museum of the Imagination"

H~13 Portraits of a Marriage: The Fitzgeralds (Prearranged Session) Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m,

Chair: Kelly Reames, Western Kentucky University • Kathleen M. Drowne, University of Missouri, Rolla

"Marriage as Performance: Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and Damned as a Relationship Primer" • Jennifer Haycock, University of Illinois, Springfield

"Zelda Fitzgerald and Women's Identity: Work and Writing"

Room: 106


SECIION H Saturday 10:45 - 12:15 pm

H-14 Virginia Woolf and War (Session organized by the Virginia Woolf Society)

Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m, Room: 220

Chair: Kristin Czarnecki, University of Louisville

• Merry Pawlowski, California State University, Bakersfield

'''Seule la culture d&in~re~': Virginia Woolf, Gender, and Culture in Time of War" • Patticia Moran, University of Califomia, Davis

'''What We Must Remember, What We Must Forget': Collective Memory, Traumatic Memory, and the Genesis of War in Virginia Woolf's Between the ActB"

• Freda Hauser, University of New Hampshire

"'A Common Interest Unites Us': The Outsider Society lmageffext in Virginia Woolf's Three Guineas and

Margaret Bourke-White's Photogf"tJpI.," -

H .. 15 Revisiting the Clanks: Latin .. Americ:an.literature of the Mid .. Twentieth Century

Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m. Room: 223

Chair: Gregory Hutcheson, University of Louisville

• Reyes E. Flores, Ohio Wesleyan University

• Note on Cnetti's The SJup,anl"

• Beth Vinkler, Benedictine University

"Improving the Race: Eugenics and the Leite CriA3lo Manifestos" • Armando Armengol, University of Texas, El Paso

"ConAguraci6n estructural de 'Espai\a en el coraz6n' de Pablo Neruda" • Jason R. Jolley, Southwest Missouri State University

"The House of J~ Donoso: (Ann-) Genealogy and Narrative Theory in ConjetuTQ$ sobre fa memoria de mi tribu"

H.16 Authon Reading Poetry and Fiction

Saturday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m. Ekstrom Library Auditorium, lower level

Chair: Annette Allen, University of Louisville

• Kelcey Parke/, University of Cincinnati

TTCJnsactions (ftction)

• Alex Richardson, Limestone College Porch Night on Walnut Street (poetry)

·Trudy Lewis, University of Missouri, Columbia Queen of Kmst (fiction)

"Louiaville Poem: Hortense FIexner; Madeline Cundiff Covi; Madision Cawem; Amelia Blossom Pegram"

Richard M. I<ain Rare Boob Gallery

ground floor - Ekstrom Ubrary


SECflON I Saturday 1:30 ~ 3:00 pm

1~1 Textual Geographies: Thinking Space in Modem and Contemporary Literature (and TV)

Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Room: 215

Chair: Jill Leroy-Frazier, Milligan College, Tennessee

• Anthony Wilson, Vanderbilt University

"Reclaiming the Swamp: Southern Wedands and the Harlem Renaissance" • Deanna Odney, University of Southern Indiana

'''Longing for Unknown Things': Tension between Physical Place and Physicality in Dawn Powell's The Bride's House"

• Jane Archer, Birmingham-Southern College "Topophilia: The Phenomenology of Pure Driving" • Nicole LaRose, University of Florida

"High-Rise Congestion: Utopianism and Anthropomorphism in The X~Files' 'Ghost in the Machine' and J. G. Ballard's High-Rise"

1.2 William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury (Prearranged Session) Saturday, 1:30 ~ 3:00 p.m,

Chair: Jeff Stayton, University of Mississippi • Jeff Stayton, University of Mississippi

"The Shape of the Clock: Facets of Time in The Sound and the Fury'" • Stephen M. Monroe, University of Mississippi

"Inferiority of Whiteness: A Disabled Order"

• Christopher Bundrick, University of Mississippi

"Time, Memory and the Pastoral Tradition in The Sound and the Fury"

Room: 117

1.3 Reclaiming Traditions: Hurston. Walker, Naylor

Saturday, 1:30·3:00 p.m, Room: 103

Chair: Adrienne Bliss, Ball State University

• Brannon Costello, University of Tennessee /

"Racial Paternalism and the Transformations of Aristocracy in Zora Neale Hurston's Seraph on the Suwanee" • Laura Grace Pattillo, University of South Carolina, Sumter

"Recapturing the 'Time of No Writing': The Privileging of Orality over Literacy in Alice Walker's The Temple of M:y Familiar"

• William R. Hunter, Edinboro University

"Prospero Among the Gullah: Gloria Naylor's use of Shakespearean Drama in Mama Day"

14 Women's Health and Literacy (Prearranged Session)

Saturday, 1:30 • 3:00 p.m, Room: 119

Chair: Alsion Umminger, Indiana University

• Alison Umminger, Indiana University

"Moving the Theoretical into the World: Sessions on Health and Uteracy for Transitional Communities" • Margaret Ronda, Indiana University

"Difference, Collaboration, Pleasure: Rethinking Pedagogy through Service Learning" • Romayne Rubinas Dorsey, Indiana University

"Patterns of Error: A Breast Cancer Survivor Reads the Signs"


SECflON I Sarurday 1:30 - 3:00 pm

1-5 O'Neill and the American Century (Organized by the Eugene O'Neill Society) Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m,

Chair: Cynthia McCown, Beloit College

• Michael Manheim, University of Toledo "Eugene O'Neill: Up from Melodrama"

• Zander Brietzke, Eugene O'Neill Society "A Vicious Cycle at Sea"

• Kazuko Eimoto, Kanto-Gakuin University, Japan

"Modem Miracle Play: Masks and Self Desauction in Two Plays by Eugene O'Neill"

Room: 221

1-6 The Colonizer and the Colonized

Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Room: 219

Chair: Lee Rice, Hampden-Sydney College

• Katherine Leake Weese, Hampden-Sydney College

"Language, Power, and the Fantastic: Cultural Exchange in Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible" • Melia Molazimoglu. Co-author, Ege University. Turkey

"East and West in Orban Pamuk's Novels M, N~ u Red and The White Castle: Clash of Boundaries. or Meeting of Minds?"

·Yonca Denizarslani, Co-author, Ege University, Turkey

"East and West in Orhan Pamuk's Novels M, NtI1fU! u Red and The White Castle: Clash of Boundaries, or Meeting of Minds?"

• Lee Rice, Hampden-Sydney College

'''We Have an Impasse': The Problem of Defusing Bombs and Cultural Codes in The English Patient"

1-7 America in Fiction: Doc:t.orow, Morrison, Pynchon, Roth Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m,

Chair: John Krafft, Miami University

• Samuel Cohen,City University of New York

"The Novel of Retrospect in the American Nineties" • Marshall BqJ~ Gentry. University of Indianapolis

"Mary KathrYn Behan's Conversions in Doc:torow's Bill, Bathgate" • Jacqueline E. Brown, University of Louisville

"Plato's Pharmakon for Roth's Human Stain"

Room: 208

1-8 Iris Murdoch and Sexuality (Session organized by the Iris Murdoch Society)

Saturday. 1:30 - 3:00 p.m, Room: 209

Chair: Barbara S. Heusel, Northwest Missouri State University

• Barbara Stevens Heusel, Northwest Missouri State University

"'We're as Bad as the .•• Sex-Mad Cuckoos': Hedonists in Iris Murdoch" • Darlene D. Mettler, Wesleyan College

"The Graces Upended: Inversions and Perversions in Murdoch's The Sacred and Profane Love Machine and Hart's Damage"

• J. Robert Baker, Fairmont State College

"Iris Murdoch's Unfolding Portrait of Gay Men"


SECTION I Saturday 1 :30 - 3:00 pm

1·9 New Readings in Modernist Women Poets: H. D., and Bishop Saturday, 1:30·3:00 p.m.

Chair: Christine DeLea, Eastern Kentucky University • Nanette Norris, University of Guelph, Canada

"The Redemption of Sophia: H. D.'s Helen in Egypt as Gnostic Literature" - Elizabeth Rich, Saginaw Valley State University

"Metaphorical and Metonymical Perspectives in Elizabeth Bishop's Complete Poems"

1·10 The Sounds of Music in Recent Experimental Poetry Saturday, 1:30·3:00 p.m.

Chair: William R. Howe, State University of New York, Buffalo - Robert L Zamsky, Depaul University

"Time's Promise: Music, Musicians and Temporality in Nathaniel Mackey's 'Mu' Poems" - Jonathan Stalling, State University of New York, Buffalo

"Attending to the Foreign: Levinasian Ethics and the Performance Poetics of Jack so';' Mac Low" - Jonathan Skinner, Buffalo, New York

"The Bird on the Comma: Eigner's Soundscapes"

1·11 Violence and the Voids in Argentine literature Saturday, 1:30·3:00 p.m.

Chair: Tim Ambrose, Indiana University Southeast - Nelson Lopez, Fairfield University

"Antonin Artaud and Eduardo Pavlovsky: Playing Cruelty" =Sbradha P. Shah, New York University

"Batteries Not Included: Lake Vostok and Alejandra Pizamick's Tree of Diane [Arbol cle Diana}" • Patricia Basan-Pigueras, Fairleigh Dickinson University

"Alicia Partnoy and Horrific Realism"

- Jonathan Skinner, Buffalo, New York

"The Bird on the Comma: Eigner's Soundscapes"

1·12 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction

Saturday, 1:30 • 3:00 p.m, Ekstrom Library Auditorium, lower level

Chair: James Welch, Louisville, Kentucky

• Peter Nickowitz, City University of New York Blood Oranges (poetry)

=Chrisdne Darrohn, University of Maine, Farmington In Her Garclen (fiction)

- Devin Brown, Asbury College A Mirror up to Nature (poetry)

- Leah Schweitzer, University of Louisville Stains (fiction)

Room: 217

Room: 123

Room: 108


Saturday, 3:15 p.m. Ekstrom Library Auditorium, lower level Morris Beja, Ohio State University

"You Like Watching? Fear and Desire in Kubrick"

Introduced by Thomas B. Byers, Department of English, University of Louisville


Presenters' Index

Ackerman, Felicia 0 20 Adams, Ann Marie H 8 Alexander, Christopher B 12 Allen, Gilbert 0 20

Allen, Dennis W. G 1 Anatol ,Giselle l..iza E 10 Anderson, Donald R. A 9 Anderson, Oaryll A 1 Anderson, Douglas C 11 Archambeau, Robert C 7 Archer, Jane I 2

Armengol ,Armando H 15 Ash, Scott 0 13

Aste ,Mario F 14 Austenfeld ,Thomas F 3 Badia, Janet B 10

Bagby, George F 10

Baker , J. Robert I 8

Barker, Jennifer E 8

Bardey ,William 0 2 Bazan-Figueras , Patricia I 11 Beckwith, Abigail A 4 Beja ,Monis F 1

Bennett, Bruce G 13

Bendey ,Greg A 4

Beran, Carol E 2

Berg, Allison B 9

Beyers ,Chris E 7

Bhatt, Preeti D 10

Billitteri ,Carla 0 6

Blair, Nicole F 9 Blankenheim, Heather F 12 Bliss , Adrienne C 5 Blumenauer ,Michael F 8 Bochan Bohdan B 13 Bockting ,Margaret G 13 Bogue, B. Zimmermann F 16 Bohinick , Michael G 11

Boss , Christopher F 3

Branham, Kristi 0 11

Brassard, Deborah C 2

Braverman, Max H 4 Bndgford ,Kim G 13 Brieuke,Zander I 5 Brown, Devin I 12 Brown, Jacqueline I 7 Brown, Peter Robert F 3 Buckley, W. K. C 18 Bundrick, Christopher I 2 Burnett, Joy Allison H 7 Campbell, Sarah C 6 Cantrell, Mark G 7 Capitani , Diane C 9

Carballal, Ana Isabel E 17 Carithers, David C 1 Carpenter, Susan Streeter A 6 Carpenter, Rebecca C 12 Carpentier, Martha A 10 Cassidy ,Thomas D 9 Cassidy, Mary leDonne C 5 Chamberlin, Rick D 12 Chambers, Matthew E 6 Charlson .Iosh A 7

Chemik , Aria Fortune D 8 Chrisde , Patrick Paul B 11 Chung, June A 11

Clark ,Randall G 3

Cohen, Samuel I 8

Cole Barbara E 12

Collins, Shelia E 10 Comfort, Kathy B 14 Connelly-Smith, Peter F 13 Conte, Joseph F 2

Cormican ,Muriel D 16 Costello, Brannon I 4 Coursey, James G 11 Crawford, Nicholas 0 8 Cucinella ,Catherine E 3 Cummings ,Robert H 2 Daigle, Jonathan H 9 Dalton, Beth B 15

Oarrohn ,Christine C 8 Darrohn, Christine I 12 Dawkins, Laura D 7

Day, Patrick C 14

De Angelis ,Rose 0 17 Decker, Mark H 9 Delea, Christine F 16

DeMuth, Danielle G 5

Denizarslani, Yonca I 6 DeRouen, Anita M. D 8 Devers, Rebecca A. F 11 Dtas-Marcos , A. Marfa D 19 Dfas-Marcos , A. Marfa B 16 DiMarco ,Oanette E 2 Doerr , Joe Francis A S

Doll, Mary Aswell A 8 Donovan, Thom B 12

Dorsey, Romayne Rubinas I 4 Drowne , Kathleen M. H 13 Durham , Carolyn A. A 1 Duval, Peter B 15,

East, James E 7

Eddy , Beverley Driver D 16 Eimoto .Kazuko I 5 Emerson, Lori G 8

Enrico, Maria F 14 Entzminger, Betina D 12 Erwin , Andrew C 15 Esplin, Emron C 16 Fadda ,Carol B 6 Faletti, Heidi H 3

Farr, Marie H 8

Fernandes, G. Manganelli F 2 Finkelstein, Norman G 6 Finneran, Richard F 1 Flannagan ,Beckie E 5 Flores, Reyes E. H 15 Forbes, Shannon H 7

Fray, Ginger Kennedy H 10 Friedlander, Benjamin B 11 Friman • Alice E 18

Frisk, Philip H 2 Fuller..Coursey, Freda 0 14

Gabriele , John D 19

Gaggi ,Silvio F 8

Galbus , Julia C 5 GaUagher , Edward B 14 Gallagher ,Kristen B 12 Geis • Deborah R. G 4 Geissler, Shawna C 9 Gentry, Marshall Bruce I 7

Gingerich, Jennifer B 10

Gingerich , Jennifer C 18

Giordano, Paolo D 17 Giukin ,Lenuta C 6. Given Michael B 8

Godbey ,Matt D 5 Godshalk , William E 11 Goldstone, Dwonna E 1 Gonz4les, Carlos E 16 Gonz4les , Carlos B 16 Gordon, Maggie 0 12

Graves, Mark H 3

Green , Connie C 17 Groden , Michael F 1 Hadfield, Gordon B 12

Halloran , Jennifer A 1

Harper , Ryan A 6

Harper , Michael Wyatt A 9 Harris , Claudia D 11 Haskell, Rosemary B 4 Hastings ,Eugene E 17 Hatchett, Louis H 11 Haden, Burton H 6 Hatten, Charles F 10 Hauck, Christina D 3 Hauser, Freda H 14 Haytock , Jennifer H 13


Presenters' Index

Heinze, Celeste G 10 Helmling ,Steven F 7 Helphinstine , Frances C 8 Herbeck, Jason A 12

Hess, Mickey B 7

Heusel , Barbara Stevens 8

Hewitt, Avis G 12 Hickman. Trenton C 16

Hlnnov , Emily G 5

Hobusch • Harald E 14 Hoffman-Jeep, Lynda B 1

Hohbein-Deegen E 14

Holcomb, Brian G 1

Hovey, Jaime G 1

Howe, William C 6

Howlett, Jeffrey G 12 Hume , Kathryn A 3

Hunter, William I 3

Ivy , Anna H 10

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Janca-Aji , Joyce DIS· Jllyasundera ,Ymitri C 9 Jennings, Lisa C 15 Johnson, Fred B 2

Jolley. Jason H 15 Junker, Dave E 3

Justice. Hilary H 11 Kaczvinsky • Donald P. E 11

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Kulbaga , Theresa C 10 Kuszai • Joel E 12 Lackey, Michael E 8 Laflen ,Angela A 4 Laird, David F 11

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Lauder, Maureen H 12

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Lewis • Trudy H 16

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Lirot , Julie A. E 16

Lirot , Julie A. B 16 Logsdon. Anna H 7

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Mclain Chippy B 5 Meckier , Jerome C 2

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Meissner , Collin A 11 Mellin, Bob G 2 Mettler, Darlene I 9 Michael, M. Cornier D 18 Mikics • David E 7 Miller, Greg B 15 Monroe, Stephen I 2

Moore, Michelle E 4

Moore, Geneva Cobb E 1 Moran, Patricia H 14 Morral. Frank C 12 Morris. Marla A 7 Morris, Adalaide F 4 Miilazimogiu, Melis I 6 Neeper, Layne D 1 Newmark, Julianne B 3

Ngwainmbi , Martha B 8

Ngwang, Emmanuel N. A 8 Nichols. Jennifer H 12 Nickowitz ,Peter I 12 Nolan, Amy G 1

Noob ,Joachim F 13 Norris, Nanette I 10 Nunley, Charles E 13

Nurmi-Schomers • Susan C 15 O'leary, Peter G 6

Odney • Deanna I 3

Opere ,Fernando F 15 Orlandi. Daniela E 15 Ozieblo ,Barbara A 10

Papke, Mary A 10

Pardee Sheila D 3

Park, Eunjung F 6

Parker. Kelcey D 15 Parker. Kelcey H 16 Parrack, Patterson D 19 Pattillo. Laura Grace I 3 Pawlowski, Merry H 14 Pereira, Malin D 7

Perry, Tara Hope C 13 Phillips. Angela F 12

Pifer, Lynn B 9

Platizky • Roger D 4

Powell , Tara B 8

Powers. Scott M. E 13

Pugh • Christina G 13 Puszkar • Norbert B 13 Railton • Ben H 9

Ramos. Peter G 10

Raney. David A 3

Rapin • Ronald F. D 19 Raschke. Debrah E 2 Ratcliff. Holly Elizabeth C 2 Reed, Brian M. C 7

Rice. Lee I 6

Rich. Elizabeth I 9 Richardson. Alex H 16 Ridout, Alice E 2

Riemer, James A 1

Ritterbusch • Rachel A 12 Rittenberg. Aaron F 2 Roberts. Nancy E 18 Robertson. Benjamin E 3 Rodriguez. Denise A 3 Ronda. Margaret I 4

RoofJudith G 1

Roseske • Paulette A 13

Ross • Melanie A 11

Ruiz-Velasco , Chris B 6

Russo • Linda D 6

Rydel. Christine D 14

Saalfeld • Joan C 18

Sakrajda , Mira G 9

.Salbavre • Sebasden G 8

Samuels. Nils C 1

Samuels. Lisa C 7

Samuels. Usa A 13


Presenters' Index

Sanda, Patricia B 13

Sanders, Pamela H 5

Sartain , Jeffrey 0 13 Saylor-Javaherian C 17 Schemer De La Fuente A 13 Schlesinger, Kyle B 12 Schmidt, Johannes F 13

Schneider, Karen B 2

Schwarz, Jeffrey 0 17

Schweitzer, Leah I 12

Scroggins, Mark G 6

Seay , John Eric 0 20

Sekiguchi , Chiaki I 9

Sempreora , Margot H 3

Severin, Laura A 5 Shah, Shradha I 11 Shaner, Timothy E 12 Sheldon, Glenn E 5

Shin , Yang-Sock B 4 Sibelman , Simon B 14 Simmons, Kristen 0 9 Simon, Rachel Ann 0 5

Simpson Anne G 5

Skinner, Jonathan I 10 Sligh, Gary Lee B 15

Smith, Jessica E 6

Smith, Kathleen 0 10 Smith. Marilyn Schwinn F 9 Smith, Bradley 0 13

Smith, Jimmy Dean E 8 Smith, Jimmy Dean 0 20 Smith, Paul Andrew C 6 Smock, Frederick F 5 Sowards, Heather B 10 Spaulding, Timothy E 4 Spector, Judith 0 4 Spencer, Nicholas F 7 Spirko , Robert B 11 Spohrer ,Erika F 9

Squires, Matthew 0 18 Stacks, Geoffrey G 3 Stalling, Jonathan I 10 Stanton, Brandi G 9 Stauder, Ellen H 6

Stave, Shirley (Holly) H 5 Stayton, Jeff I 2

Steensen, Sasha B 12

Stein, Lisa 0 1

Steinert • Tamara G 2

Stephens, Paul 0 6 Stock, Jessica F 11 Strecker ,Geralyn C 11 Strecker, Trey C 11

Stringer-Hye • Suellen G 11 Strode, Tim A 8

Sweeney, Ron E 6 Taccheri Umbetto F 14 Taylor, Stacy 0 4

Thompson, David B 1

Thoreen , David C 18

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Till , David F 16 Tiner, Jubal B 2 Tiner, Jubal F 16 Tissut, Anne-Laure G 8 Tracy, Daniel I? 1

Trent, Paul F 14

Traeger, Rebecca B 7 Trogdon, Robert H 11 Tryphonopoulos, O. H 6 U~r,Alison I 4 V~~n,S~vie F 12 Vanderborg , Susan F 4 Vescio, Bryan E 3 Vickroy, Laurie C 16 Vincent, Jonathan 0 5 Vinkler , Beth H 15 Volkmer. Jon E 9 Vosteen , Thomas 0 15 Waag , Michael C 17 Walker, Scott G 12 Walter I Julie Voss F 10 Wandtke , Terrence 0 3 Waters. Avon E 18 Watson I Marsha B 1 Watten I Barrett F 4 Watts, Brenda 0 18 Weese I Katherine I 6 Welbon , Anita H 2 West,Oax F 5

Whalen Lachlan C 13 White , Amy B 5

Wieland, Lisa Cade A 2

Wiggins, Celeste F 8

Wilhelm. Randall B

Williams, Tyrone C 18

Williams, Tyrone 0 7

Williams I Sandra 0 3

Wills, Katherine 0 4

Wilson, Anthony I 1 Witthoft • Heide 0 16 Wixson. Christopher C 3

Wood I Mark B 3

Wood, Rebecca 0 9

Woodward, Keith G 10 Wortham, Kendra H 12

Worthington, Marjorie C 3

Wright. Gregory H 4

Wright I Pamela C 12

Yellin. Michael G 4

Yoder, Wendy Carson A 12

Young. Eliza E 4

Yukms , Elizabeth G 2

Zahlan , Anne E 11

Zamsky • Florence E 13

Zamsky I Robert I 10 Zhang I Bemi B 4 Zimmerman I Wanda Zimmerman, Harold Zubeck • Jacqueline

A 2 o 14 E 5


Chairs' Index

Adams, Ann Marie. 0 2 Alexander, Kara 020 Allen, Annette H 16 Ambrose, Tim I 11 Anderson, David C 4 Austenfeld, Thomas 0 12 Bachman, Merle A 7 Berg, Allison B 9

Beyers, Chris 0 7 Btberman, Matthew F 11

Blandford, Jon G 7

Bliss, Adrienne I 3 Boehan, Bohdan F 13 Bodevin, Leon C 16 Boehm, Beth E 9

Brown, Jacqueline A 1 Byers, Tom A 13

Byers, Tom F 2

Capitani, Diane G 12 Carlson, Ursula E 18 Carpenter, Rebecca C 12 Carpenter, Rebecca 0 3 Carpentier, Martha A 10 Cedef\o, Aristofanes E 17 Chandler, Karen C 11 Chenault, John A 3 Conner, Paul 0 8 Czarnecki, Kristin H 14 Oalle, Matthieu 0 15 D'Antoni, Joan A 6 Delea, Christine I 9 Devers, Rebecca G 3 Ojoumo, Rene A 8 Oompkowski, Judith 014 East, Jim B 11

Farquhar, Jessica G 13 Gaggi, Silvio C 8

Galbus, Julia B 10

Gentry, Marshall Bruce H 9 Golden, Cameron H 3 Golding, Alan F 4

Greene, John 010

Griffin, Susan A 11

Griffin, Susan B 5

Hadley, Karen A 4

Hadley, Karen B 8

Harris, Claudia A 2 Haden, Burton H 6

Henry, Nancy F 7 Hennansson, Casie E 2

Hess, Mickey H 7

Heusel, Barbara I 8 Hoffman-Jeep, Lynda B 1 Hoffman-Jeep, Lynda 0 16 Howe, William 110 Hutcheson, Gregory H 15 Jacobsen, Sally 0 11 Johmann, Micheal F 5 John, Eileen F 3

Jones, Ellen Carol F 1 Kearns, Josette B 14 Kotheimer, Will C 13 Krafft, John H 4

Krafft, John I 7 Leroy-Frazier, Jill I 1

Lewis, Jonathon . B 6

Lin, Lidan F 6

Lin, Udan H8

Mace, Susan Ldgate E 3 Mackin, Jonna C 10

Majozo, Estella F 16

Makris, Mary 0 19

Mallios, Peter C 2

Manheim, Daniel G 9 Marshall, Erik 0 1

Mastri, Augustus E 15 McCown, Cynthia I 5 McCoy,)3eth 0 9

Medina, Manuel F 15

Mick, Tony G 5

Morgan, Nanita E 10 Ngwainmbi, Martha A 5 Nichols, Dana FlO

Nicol, Charles G 11

Noob, Joachim B 13 Nurmi-Schomers, Susan E 14 Pandey, Iswari A 9

Pattillo, Laura Grace E 1 Pooser, Charles A 12

Powell, Tara E 7

Ratcliff, Holly E 8

Reames, Kelly H 13

Reggiani, Francesca F 14 Rice, Lee 16

Robertson, Benjamin G 2 Roof, Judith G 1

Roof, Judith H 1 Rua-Velasco, Chris C 1 Russo, linda E 6

Ryan, Susan E 4

Ryan, Susan H 10 Sagastume, Jorge E 16

Saint-Paul, Therese C 14 Santa-Cruz, Eduardo 0 18 Schlesinger, Kyle B 12 Schuler, Emerita, Marilyn E 13 Scroggins, Mark G 6

Shaner, Timothy E 12 Sherrard, Michelle C 18 Shostak, Debra E 5

Simon, Rachel Ann 0 5 Smith, Paul Andrew B 2 Spinelli, Donald 0 17

St. Clair, Robert B 3

Stayton, Jeff G 10

Stayton, Jeff I 2

Stevens, Ray H 11

Taylor, Stacy 04 Templeton, Lee F 8

Tissut, Anne-Laure G 8 Toscano, Aaron H 5 Tribbey, Hugh C 6 Umminger, Alison I 4

Van, Thomas B 7

Volkmer, Jon 06 Vosteen, Thomas F 12 VUjaklija, Amy H 2 Waag, Michael C 17 Watten, Barret C 7 Welch, James I 12 Wieland, Lisa Cade F 9 Willey, Ann Elizabeth C 9 Winkler, Julie B 16 Witthoeft, Heide C 15 Wixson, Christopher C 3 Wolfe, Joanna 0 13 Wortham, Kendra H 12 York, Marl B 15

York, Marl C 5

Young, Pat G 4

Zahlan, Anne E 11

Zeng, L B4



On Campus (Student Activities Center)

Cafeteria (second floor of SAC Building) Wrap Express, Fresh Grille

The Grill


Mon - Fri

10:30 am - 2:30 pm 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm 7:30 am - 2:30 pm Closed


Sat & Sun

wYndows (table service, second floor, SAC Bldg) Lunch

Mon- Fri l1:00am - 1:30 pm
Mon - Thurs 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Friday 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Sat & Sun 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Sat & Sun l1:00am - 2:00pm Food Court (ground floor of SAC Building) Uncle Chen's

Mon - Thurs 10:00am - 8:00pm
Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm
Mon- Thurs 9:00 am - 6:00pm
Friday 9:00 am - 5:00pm Stop Gap - (Convenience Store) Papa John's Pizza Mon-Thur Friday Sat & Sun

7:00 am - 11:00 pm 7:30am - 7:00pm

Noon - 6:00 pm

Mitzi's (basement of Miller Technology Building)

Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Cafe Ritazza (full service coffee bar, located in the lobby of Ekstrom Ubrary)

Mon - Thurs 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm


Near Campus (within walking distance)

Masterson's Restaurant 636-2511

Third & Cardinal Blvd (north of campus) Dining room

Mon - Fri 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Buffet Only

Cafe Bristol 634-2723 Speed Art Museum Reservations suggested

Tues - Sat 11:30 am - 2:00 pm

China Inn (Cardinal Shopping Center) 2100 South Fourth Street 636-2020

Mon - Fri 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Sat 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

City Cafe (Cardinal Shopping Center) 1907 South Fourth Street 635-0222

Mon - Fri 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sat & Sunday closed

Fast Food Restaurants

Papa John's Pizza (FloydSt)


~cI>o~crs 636-1988

(comer of Floyd & Warnock)


Shuttle Bus Schedule 2003 Eastern Standard Time

he Conference will provide (yellow school) bus service between the hotel and campus. The buses will run on a circuit: hotel-campusxel. The bell captain at the Seelbach will have a copy of this schedule.

'us stops:

Seelbach Hilton Hotel. main (front) entrance AND Uofl, campus, North Visitors' Center

'lease note:

Times listed are DEPAR1lJRE times from the stated bus stop. {About 15 minutes to or from)

Thursday. 2[27 Friday. 2[28 Saturday, 3/01

Seelbach Uoft Seelbach Uoft Seelbach UofL

9:00 9:30 7:30 8:00 8:00 8:30
10:00 10:30 8:30 9:00 9:00 9:30
11:00 11:30 9:30 10:00 10:00 10:30
12:00 12:30 10:30 11:00 11:00 11:30
12.00 12:30
3:00 3:30 12:30 1:00
4:00 4.30 1:30 2:00 3:30
5:00 5:30 2:30 3:00
0:00 6:30 3:30 4:00
7:30 4:30 5:15
6:30 Directions from the University Campus to the Seelbach Hotel by City Bus -

If you should miss the free Conference shuttle there is a City Bus which runs every 12 minutes, approximately 30 minute excursion each way


Louisville. the River City, is the jumping off place for the Rogers and Clark Expedition. Now you can share in the excitement of discover. as you board a city bus to return to the Seelbach Hotel. Your tour will provide a glimpse of the charm which makes "Louavul" a best kept secret of the American heartland.

Your expedition begins on exiting Bingham Humanities BUilding (Westward. hot) Headed towards the Library, Continue westbound until3rd Street. Paying heed to traffic signals. ford this bustling campus artery and forge ahead until you see the majestic, soaring. sloping roofs of the high rise dorms which are home to a varied anay of indigenous UofL fauna. The bus stop at 4th and Brandeis bids you to await the next conveyance northward every twelve minutes (bus appropriately labeled "4") at the nominal fare of $1.00 (peak hours) and $0.75 (off peak hours) - exact change only please. and on to the Seelbach Hotel. which served as model for "The Great Gatsby".

Shortly after boarding, you will transit the area of Central Park, one of Louisville's 16 parks laid out by l'Enfant, the same French architect who configured the nation's capitol. Washington D.C. The stately homes of Saint James Place, with its striking bronze figural fountain, feature prominently as background for the annual Saint James Art Fair, held each fall.

You will next note Spalding University and shortly thereafter prepare for transboarding at Broadway to the T oonerville II Trolley. which in addition to being absolutely freelll, will surprise and delight you with the sights and sounds of Theater Square before delivering you to the main entrance and southern hospitality of the Legendary Seelbach. To return to the conference, simply play this scenario in reverse and get off the bus at Cardinal Boulevard.


Twentieth .. Century Literature Conference 2003

Danielle R. Day, Director Sylvia Berger, Assistant

Committee MembeTs

i /'


David R. Anderson, English

S. Matthew Biberman, English Thomas B. Byers, English Karen Chandler, English William Cunningham, German Alan Golding, English Karen Hadley, English Suzette A. Henke, English

Debra Journet, English EsteUa C. Maj01.O, English Augustus Mastri, Italian Manuel F. Medina, Spanish Sena J. Naslund, English Wendy E. Pfeffer, French Susan M. Ryan, English Jeffrey Skinner, English Ann Elizabeth Willey, English

Julie Winkler, Spanish

Faculty Support Team Rhonda D. Buchanan, Spanish Carmen Cedetio, Spanish Jocelyne T. Cross, French Matthieu Dalle, French Charles Pooser, French Wendy C. Yoder, French


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