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33rd annual

Twentieth .. Century Literature and Culture Conference 2005

February 24 .. 26

I ..

Keynote Speakers

Special Guests

Octavia Butler Samuel Weber

Alan Nadel Bob Perelman Mary Vasquez



dare to be great

Red Barn

zo- .. Century Literature and Culture Conference I·

Opening Reception

Please join us for an informal get together at the

(Located Near the Clock Tower)

Wine, Beer & Pizza and all that JAZZ Jamey Aebersold and his Jazz Quartet

School of Music. University of Louisville

Thursday Evening Feb 24 6:00 .. 7: 15 pm following the

Critical Keynote Address



T wentieth .. Century Literature and Culture Conference

Sponsored by

The University of Louisville President: James R. Ramsey Provost: Shirley C. Willihnganz

College of Arts and Sciences ~Dean: J. Blaine Hudson

Department of Classical and Modem Languages Chair: Wendy E. Pfeffer

Depa~entofEngllsh Chair: Susan M. Griffin

English Graduate Organization The EGO Executiv ommittee and

the EGO T wentieth-Century Literat re and Cult re Conference Luncheon Committee

cknow e coo d assistance of the following: David Miles,

Information Technolo an lor a , e inda Buie and the staff ofW.F. Ekstrom Libra , the staff of

University of Louisville campus bookstore; all stu ent vo unteers, the staff in the Department of Classical and Modem Languages, and all University personnel who "go beyond the call" to ensure the success of the Conference.

General Plan of Activities

20rh.Century Literature and Culture Conference, February 24·26,2005

Thursday, February 24

Registration, Bingham Humanities Bldg., Room 300

Sectional Meetings A

Opening Presentation, Ekstrom Library Auditorium Bob Perelman, University of Pennsylvania Present Tenses (Poetry)

Sectional Meetings B

Sectional Meetings C

Keynote Presentation I (critical), Strikler Hall 101 Samuel Weber, Northwestern University

"Violence and Gesture: Agamben Reads Benjamin Reading Kafka" Welcome Reception, Red Barn, Uofl, Campus

Jamey Aebersold and his Jazz Quartet, School of Music, Uofl,

Friday, February 25

Registration, Bingham Humanities Bldg, Room 300 Sectional Meetings D

Sectional Meetings E

Pre-arranged group luncheons

Sectional Meetings F Sectional Meetings G

Featured Spanish Speaker, Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Mary S. Vasquez, Davidson College, North Carolina

"Exile Losses, Exile Dreams: The Grammar of Contested Memory in the Literature of Hispanic Diasporas"

Keynote Presentation II (creative) Strickler Hall 101 Octavia Butler, Seattle, Washington

From Woe to Wonder-The Writing of Octavia E. Butler

Conference Dinner, Seelbach Hilton Hotel Reception (cash bar; all conferees welcome) Dinner (reservation required)

Saturday, February 26

Registration, Bingham Humanities Room 300

Sectional Meetings H Sectional Meetings I

Lunch break; pre-ordered boxed lunches Rm 300

Sectional Meetings J

Closing Presentation, Room 300

Alan Nadel. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"The Fugitive, Black and White: Cinematic Narrative, Rodney King. and the L.A.P.D."

Closing Reception. Room 300


Eastern Standard Time

8:30 am 4:00 pm

9:15 am 10:45am
11:00 am 12:00 pm
1:15 pm 2:45 pm
3:00pm 4:30 pm
4:45 pm 5:45 pm
6:00pm 7:15 pm 8:00 am 4:00pm
9:00 am 10:30 am
10:45 am 12:15 pm
12:15 pm I: 15 pm
1:30pm 3:00 pm
3: IS pm 4:45 pm
3: IS pm 4:45 pm 5:00pm

6:00 pm

6:30pm 8:00pm

8:30 am

10:45 am

9:00 am 10:45 am

10:30 am 12:15 pm

1:30 pm

3:00 pm

3:15 pm

4:15 pm

4:15 pm

Registration Infonnation

Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture Conference Thursday, Friday, Saturday - February 24-26

The Conference is held on the main (Belknap) campus of the University of Louisville, Third and Eastern Parkway, Louisville, Kentucky (from Interstate 65 via Exit 133).

The Seelbach Hilton, 500 Fourth Avenue (at Muhammed Ali) has been designated as the Conference hotel (tel. 800-333-3399; 502-585-3200). The hotel provides an airport shuttle. The Conference will provide transportation between the Seelbach and the University at regular intervals. See back pages of this program

for the hotel-campus-hotel bus schedule. . .

All times shown are Eastern Standard Time.

Registration is required of all participants listed in the program. Registration packets and badges will be available in Room 300, Bingham Humanities Building. University of Louisville faculty and students are asked to sign in. The general public is invited to hear the guest speakers.

A courtesy coat check will be provided on the )'d floor of the Humanities Building, Room 300. The coat check will close at 5:30 pm Thursday, 5:00 pm on Friday, and 5:30 pm on Saturday. Refreshments will be served in the registration area on Thursday from 8:30 - 2:00, on Friday 8: 15 - 2:00, and on Saturday from

8: 15 - 2:00. A message board for the use of conference participants will be located outside Room 300. Please consult the board regularly for notice of last-minute p"rogram changes.

Sectional meetings will be held in the classrooms of Singham Humanities Building. Creative presentations will be given in Ekstrom Library. Details of da,1e, time and place for the Keynote Speakers and Special Guest are printed in the program.

All meeting rooms are accessible to the handicapped.

Book vendors will display publications for sale on the second floor of the Bingham Humanities Building. A selection of the Keynote Speakers' and Special Guests' books will also be offered for sale at the University of Louisville bookstore.

See the back pages of this program for an index of chairs and presenters, a basic map of the campus, a shuttle bus schedule, a list of dining facilities (both on and off-campus), Library and Campus Store hours. Flyers announcing Louisville-area events and attractions will be available in the registration area. The Louisville Convention and Visitor Bure~u can provide information on local cultural events, entertainment, and lodging: Telephone 1 (800) 626-5646. Web sitei

. .

Conference evaluation forms are available in room 300. Please complete the evaluation before leaving. You may deposit the form in the box in Bingham 300 or mail it in to us. Your comments help us plan for next year.

Corrections and addenda to the program will be available in room 300 and posted on the notice board. Please check the notice board often for last-minute changes.

For further conference information, FAX (502) 852·8885, or e-mail: ot-



Keynote Speakers

Samuel Weber,

Thursday, February 24, 4:45 pm, Middleton Auditorium, Strickler Hall, Room 10 1

Samuel Weber is the Avalon Professor of Humanities at Northwestern University and co-director of its Paris Program in Critical Theory. He studied with de Man and Adorno and is the co-translator of Adorno's Prisms. He also translated Derrida's Umited, Inc. In addition to many influential articles on critical theory, continental philosophy, and psychoanalysis, Weber has written groundbreaking books on Balzac (Unwrapping Balzac), Lacan and Freud (The Legend of Freud and Return to Freud), and cultural theory of institutions and media (Institution and Interpretation, Mass Mediauras, and, most recently, Theatricality as Medium). His new books are Targets of Opportunity: On the Militarization of Thinking (Fordham, 2005) and Benjamin's Abilities (Harvard, 2006).

octavia Butler, Ii

Friday, February 26, 5:00 pm, Middleton Auditorium, Strickler Hall, Room 101

I -

Octavia Butler, one of the most respected contemporary writers of science fiction and fantasy, is known for her keen insight into human psychology and social power. In books such as Kindred, Parable of the Sower, Adulthood Rites, and Wild Seed, Butler shows her gift for storytelling, for complex characterizations, and for social analysis. Butler is the recipient of a MacArthur "genius" grant, as well as the Nebula and Hugo awards, top literary honors in science fiction.

Special Guest Presenters

Bob Perelman, Thursday, February 24, 11 a.m., Ekstrom Library Auditorium

One of the most influential participants in the avant-garde tendency that came to be known as Language writing, Bob Perelman is a poet, critic, editor and arts instigator. He has published a dozen volumes of poetry, most recently Ten to One; Selected Poems (Wesleyan UP, (999) and Playing Bodies (Granary Books, 2004), a visual/verbal collaboration with his wife, the painter Francie Shaw. His critical books are The Trouble with Genius: Reading Pound, Joyce, Stein, and Zukofsky (U California P, 1994) and The Marginalization of Poetry: Language Writing and Uterary History (Princeton UP, 1996). From 1973 to 1980 he edited the important little magazine Hills, and he has also edited Talks (Hills 617, (980) and Writingff alks (Southern Illinois UP, 1985), two collections of poets' talks based on the San Francisco talk series that he organized from 1977 to 1981. Perelman is Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, and has also taught at King's College, London and the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop.

Alan Nadel, Saturday, February 26, 3: 15 p.m., Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Alan Nadel is Professor of Language, Literature, and Communication at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is the author of four books, including most recently America in Black & White: Cold War Television and the Legacy of Racial Profiling (forthcoming, U Kansas P) and Flatlining on the Field of Dreams: Cultural Narratives in the Films of President Reagan's America (Rutgers UP, 1997). He has received Best Essay awards from both Modern Fiction Studies and PMLA. A highly recognized and popular speaker, he has given plenary or keynote lectures at the Narrative Conference and at Dartmouth, the University ofPennsyivania, LSU, and a number of other institutions and conferences.

Special Spanish Guest

Mary S. Vasquez,

Friday, February 25, 3; 15p.m. Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Mary S. Vasquez is Professor of Spanish at Davidson College. and has held academic appointments at Michigan State University and Arizona State University. Vasquez is the founding editor of Letras Peninsulares (47 issues, 1997-present), a scholarly journal which publishes articles on the literature of modern and contemporary Spain. She has edited and co-edited books on Spanish writers Carmen Riera, Ramon J. Sender, Esther Tusquets, and Mexican writer Rosario Castellanos. She has published more than fifty articles and book chapters. Currently, her research focuses on US Latino writers, including Roberto Fernandez, Pat Mora, and Gloria l6pez-Sttaford. Vasquez has given keynote speeches and presented numerous papers at national and international conferences.


Daily Schedule of Meetings and Events

Thursday, February 24

Bingham Humanities Building

Registration 8:00 a.m, - 4:00 p.m,

Please check in and pick up your conference envelope.

Please pick up a print-out of recent revisions to the program and conference evaluation sheets. Please check daily for last-minute postings.


Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Thursday, 11:00 a.m.> noon

Bob Perelman, University of Pennsylvania Present Tenses (Poetry)

Introduced by Alan Golding, English Department, University of Louisville


Middleton Auditorim, Strickler Hall, 101

Thursday, 4:45 ' 5:45 p.m.

Samuel Weber, Northwestern University

"Violence and Gesture: Agamben Reads Benjamin Reading Kafka" Introduced by Aaron Jaffe, English Department, University of Louisville

WELCOME RECEPTION with Jamey Aebersold and his quartet

Thursday, 6:00,7:15 p.m ..

Free to all Conferees I

Pizza Party - Admission by conference badge/identification

Red Bam, University of Louisville Campus


Friday, 12:15,1:15 p.m,

(a) The Creative Writers' Luncheon will be held at the University Club on campus. A reservation is necessary


(b) Participants in the French Literature sections are invited to lunch together. At 12:15, please assemble at the door by the

elevator, first floor, Bingham Humanities Building.

Harriette Seiler, University of Louisville, will host and walk with the group to the Cafe Bristol at the Speed Museum. Individuals will order from the menu and pay on-site.

(c) EGO, English grad student organization, will offer an informal lunch buffet to all visiting Graduate Students. There is no charge, but one must reserve. Held in the open area, outside room 100, Bingham Humanities Building. Admission by Conference badge.


)aily Schedule of Meetings and Events continued

,PECIAL HISPANIC PRESENT AnON ~riday. 3:15,4:45 p.m.

Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Mary S. Vasquez, Davidson College, North Carolina

'Exile Losses, Exile Dreams: The Grammar of Contested Memory In the literature of Hispanic Diasporas"

Introduced by Arist6fanes Cedeno, Classical and Modern Languages Department, University of Louisville


Middleton Auditorim, Strickler Hall, 101

Octavia Butler, Seattle, Washington

From Woe to Wonder· The Writing of Octavia E. Butler

Introduced by Karen M. Chandler, English Department, University of Louisville


Reception, cash bar (all conferees welcome), 6:30 • 7:30 p.m. Dinner, by reservation only, 8:00 p.m.

Seelbach Hilton Hotel

CLOSING PRESENTATION Saturday, 3:15 p.m.

Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Alan Nadel, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"The Fugitive, Black and White: Cinematic Narrative, Rodney King" Introduced by Thomas B. Byers, English Department, University of Louisville

CLOSING RECEPTION Saturday, 4: 15 p.m.

Humanities Building Room 300

First Call for Papers The 34th annual


Submission deadline: September 15, 2005 (Postmarked)

Proposals (abstracts) for critical papers on any topic pertaining to literature and culture published since 1900 will be considered ..

Creative submissions (poetry or short fiction) are also encouraged.

For details, or to be put on our mailing list, contact:

Danielle R. Day, Conference Director, Classical and Modem Languages, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292 (502)852.6686


SECTION A Thursday, 9:15 - 10:45 am

Philosophy and Literature Thursday, 9: 15 - 10:45

Chair: Tom Byers, University of Louisville

• Stephen Dougherty, Elizabethtown Community and Technical College

"Darwin against Freud: Competing Contemporary Visions of How the Mind Works" • Kerry M. Manders, York University

"Howards End and How Words End"

• Gerald L. Phillips, Towson University

'The Good Life: Martha Nussbaum, Theodor Adorno, and Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose"


Rich, Eliot and Bogan's Women Thursday, 9: 15 - 10:45

Chair: Anna Marie Johnson, University of Louisville • Sylvia Henneberg, Morehead State University

"Of Woman Born: Grandmotherhood and Old Age in Adrienne Rich's Work" • Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, Ball State University

"Louise Bogan's Political Aesthetic in Women"


The Ethics of Reading Thursday, 9:15 - 10:45

Chair: Daniel Manheim, Centre College

• Anna Harrington, Jackson State Community College

'The Missing Morality Lesson in Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour" • Layne Neeper, Morehead State University

"Desperate Fabulation and The Lovely Bones"

• Gwen W. Macallister, Covenant College

"Narrative Courtesy: The Ethics of Reading in Messud's The Hunters"

I Gender and Identity in European Literature

Thursday, 9:15 - 10:45

Chair: Susan Lidgate Mace, University of California, Berkeley • Tammis E. Thomas, University of Houston

''Traffic in Men: The Crisis of Masculinity in Robert Musil's The Confusions of Young T6rless" • Susan Lidgate Mace, University of California, Berkeley

"Altin Basha's New Albanian Cabaret"

• Muriel A. Cormican, State University of West Georgia

"Women on Camera: Narrative Perspective in Lou Andreas-Salome's Menschenkinder"


John Edgar Wideman and Sexuality (Panel organized by the John Edgar Wideman SOCiety) Thursday, 9: 15 - 10:45

Chair: Keith Byerman, Indiana State University • Karen Jahn, Assumption College

"Getting It On: Grandmothers and Sexuality in Wideman's Fiction" • Ray [anifer, Shippensburg State

"Black Male Sexuality in Wideman's Later Novels" • Yemisi J imoh, University of Arkansas

"Shaking Peaches from Trees: Sexual Metaphor in Sent for You Yesterday"


Room: III

Room: 112

Room: 113

Room: 122

Room: 114



American Identity, Performance, Nation Thursday, 9:15 - 10:45

Chair: Terri Holtze, University of Louisville • Jasmina Starcevic, Purdue University

'The 'Passing' of a Gentleman: Race and Nation in The Age of Innocence and French Ways and Their Meaning"

• Michael Wyatt Harper, Mount San Antonio College

"Reflections in a Dunce's Eye: Drafting the American Self in John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces"

• Julianne Newmark, Wayne State University

"Willa Cather'slThe Professor's House and American Literary Neo-nativism"

Room: 109

SECTION A Thursday, 9: 15 - 10:45 am

A·7 Salvation and the Sacred in Toni Morrison's Fiction

Thursday, 9: 15 - 10:45 Room: 210

Chair: Ann Elizabeth Willey, University of Louisville

• Aubrey Viderto, Western Kentucky University

"A Communal Discourse of Salvation or Destruction in Morrison's Beloved and Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!"

• Katherine Leake Weese, Hampden-Svdnev College

'The Sacred Feminine: Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and Toni Morrison's Paradise" • Eleanor J. Blount, Georgia Perimeter College

'The Troubled Maternal in African American and Ancient Greek Literature: Toni Morrison's Belaved"

A·S Representations of War

Thursday, 9:15 • 10:45 Room: 208

Chair: Tamara Y ohannes, University of Louisville

• Thom Dancer, University of Wisconsin

'''A Stand against Oblivion and Despair': Representation and War in Ian McEwan's Atonement" • Jason Arenstein, Indiana University, Bloomington

'Though War May Be the 'Continuation of Politics by Other Means', 'All Politics is Local':

The Interiority of World War I Landscapes"

• John L. Marsden, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

'''We've All Been There'? An Historiographical Reading of Tim O'Brien's 'Vietnam'" • Jason T. McEntee, South Dakota State University

"'I Want to Go Out a Hero': Constructing the American Warrior in Post-Gulf War I Literature and Film"


Wallace Stevens Thursday, 9: 15 • 10:45

Chair: Kristine Santilli, Russell Sage College • Lisa Goldfarb, New York University

"Musical-Poetic Analogies: Wallace Stevens and Paul Valery" • Michael Hobbs, Northwest Missouri State University

'''A Tune beyond Us': Ideas of Evasion in Wallace Stevens and Mikhail Bakhtin • Chris Beyers, Assumption College

"Unity in Catastrophe, Separation in Politics: Wallace Stevens's Tales of and for Liadoff'

Room: 103


A-I3 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction Thursday, 9: 15 - 10:45

Chair: Mike Smith, University of Louisville • Will Clemens, Cincinnati, Ohio

Pete Rose for Presidmt (poetry)

• Stephanie Mues, University of Louisville Six La Rue (fiction)

• Tony R. Morris, Armstrong-Atlantic State University Against the Moment (poetry)

• Shelby Smoak, University of North Carolina, Greensboro The Relic Merchant (fiction)

Ekstrom Library Auditorium

SECTION A Thursday, 9: 15 - 10:45 am

A-IO Virginia Woolf: From the Archives (Panel organized by the Virginia Woolf Society)

Thursday, 9: 15 • 10:45 Room: 123

Chair: Drew Patrick Shannon, University of Cincinnati

• Jessica Fisher, Univesity of Cali fomi a, Berkeley

"Against Archetype: Revising The Waves"

• Kimberly Engdahl Coates, Bowling Green State University 'The Art of Being lll: Virginia Woolf and the Raverats"

• Alice Staveley, Stanford University

"Negotiating Woolf's Q Rating: Marketing 'Kew Gardens'"

A-II Narrativa argentina: Galvez, Puig, Bullrich

Thursday, 9: 15 • 10:45 Room: 221

Chair: Rhonda Buchanan, University of Louisville

• Rebecca Whitehead, University of Kentucky

"Redeeming the Nation: Nacha Regules and Her Apostolic Anarchist" • Brianne Orr, Michigan State University

lila curiosidad mat6 al gato: Un analisis de 10 'abyecto' en El beso de la mujer araTia de • Manuel Puig" Patricia Nisbet Klingenberg, Miami University

'The Mad Housewife Revisited: Silvina Bullrich's Historia de un silencio"

A-I2 Narrativa espanola contemporanea L Del '98 al'68: Unamuno, Azorln, Millas

Thursday, 9:15 - 10:45 Room: 219

Chair: Arist6fanes Cedeno, University of Louisville

• Cynthia Lepeley, Heidelberg College

"EI mundo al reves de Niebla"

• Elizabeth Tedford Gehrig, Temple University "Las mujeres azorianas y el caso de Dona Inls"

• Victoria L. Ketz, lona College I

"Ahora que vamos a escribir, vamos a contar mentiras: Dos mujeres en Praga de Juan Jose Millas"



Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 pm

1 Papa and the Wolf: Masculinity, Violence, and Species

Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m. Room: 210

Chair: John Buley, Independent Scholar

• Joy Allison Burnett, Wayne State University

"The Sacrificial Wolf: Violence, Animality, and Social Order in The Sea Wolf' • Avis Hewitt. Grand Valley State University

"Sex and the Married Girl: Catherine's Desire in Hemingway's The Garden of Eden" • Randall Spinks, De Vry University

"Modernism and Ideology in Death in the Afternoon and Other Essays on Bullfighting"

1.2 Literature and Modern Philosophy

Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m. Room: 109

Chair: Avery Kolers, University of Louisville

• Andre Furlani, Concordia University

"Two's Company: Wittgenstein and Beckett"

• jessica Datema, Pratt Institute

''The Modernist Untimely Autobiography: Friedrich Nietzsche and Gertrude Stein"

8.3 Modern and Post-Modern Professionalism (Pre-arranged Panel)

Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m. Room: 123

Chair: Drayton Nabers, Vanderbilt University

• Abigail Cheever, University of Richmond

"'Condor Is a· n Amateur': The Professionalization of Company Men in American Spy Narratives of the 1970's"

• Matthew Sewell, Minnesota State University, Mankato "Williams, Eliot, and Professional Modernism"

• John D. Rockefeller V, Johns Hopkins University

"New Deal Professional: Fitzgerald's Priestly Psychiatrist and Faulkner's Legalistic Outlaw"



Resisdng Imperial Britain: Caryl Churchill, Hanif Kureishi, Kazuo Ishiguro Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m,

Chair: Anna Marie Adams, Morehead State University • Lucienne Loh, University of Wisconsin, Madison

''The 'Cosmopolitan Flaneur' in Hanif Kureishi's The Black Album" • Eric S. K. Mok, University of Hong Kong

"The Remains of the Day and Post-Imperial Histories" • Austin Lewis St. Peter, Wayne State University

''The Politics of Sexuality: Subversion and Reassertion in Caryl Churchill's Cloud Nine and George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four"

Religious Themes and Social Conscience in American and Canadian Uterature Thursday, 1: 15 - 2:45 p.m.

Chair: Jennifer Goldberg, Spalding University

• Jennifer L. Roderique, Wayne State University

"Singing Class Consciousness in Selected Communities: Rereading Hymns and Absent Verses in Uncle Tom's Children"

• Wendy Yoder, University of Louisville

"Imagery and Contrasts in Mane-Claire Blais's An Act of Pity"

• Anne Marie Austenfeld, North Georgia College and State University

''The Tellers Make the Tale: Voice and Message in Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible"


Room: 112

Room: 113


Thursday, 1: 15 - 2:45 pm

Commodification and the Grotesque

Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m. Room: 122

Chair: Alex Blazer, University of Louisville

• Meg Triplett Bickerstaff, Miami University, Ohio "The Satlage Girl and Art on the Battleground"

• Shelby Smoak, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

"Reading Consumerism and Identity in Cormac MacCarthy's Child of God" • Carole K. Harris, Hofstra University

"Cliche Language in Flannery O'Connor's 'Greenleaf' and 'The Displaced Person" • Chad Trevitte, Wake Forest University

"Sherwood Anderson's 'The Book of the Grotesque': The Fate of Storytelling in Modern America"

Detective Fiction Thursday, 1: 15 - 2:45 p.m.

Chair: Daryll Anderson, Louisville, Kentucky • James D. Riemer, Marshall University

"Remapping the Racial Landscape in Walter Moseley's Uttle Scarlet" • Daryll Anderson, Louisville, Kentucky

"Agatha Christie's World"

• Rosemary Haskell, Elon University

"Staying Quiet about Women's Lives: Keeping Secrets and Preserving the 'Status Quo' in P. D. James's Desnces and Desires"

Room: 224

Men, Women, and the Nonhuman, or, Je est un autre. •. chose (Prearranged Panel) Thursday, 1: 15 - 2:45 p.m.

Chair: Lynda Zwinger, University of Arizona

• Ruthe Thompson, Minnesota State University

"Writer-Director Lisa Cholodenko: Slouching towards Laurel Canyon to be Unborn" • Lynda Zwinger, University of Arizona

''The Tools of the Trade: G. I. Jane and Her Siste!s" • Patrick O'Donnell, Michigan State University "Can the War Machine Be a She: Kill Bill's Women"

Room: 217

Thomas Hardy, from Text to Screen {Panel organized by the Thomas Hardy Association" Thursday, 1: 15 - 2:45 p.m,

Chair: Rosemarie Morgan, Yale University

• Richard Nemesvari, St. Francis Xavier University

"Intruding Authors and Redeemed Rapists: Tess of the d'Urbervilles on TV" • Keith Wilson, University of Ottawa

"Far from the Madding Crowd in the Cinema" • Shannon Rogers, Juniata College

''The Whole Left Behind: Omitted Scenes in Polanski's Tess"

Room: 215



Thursday, 1: 15 - 2:45 pm

B.I0 Iris Murdoch and Same. Sex Desire (Panel organized by the Iris Murdoch Society)

Thursday, 1: 15 .2:45 p.m. Room: 209

Chair: Barbara Stevens Heusel, Northwest Missouri State University

• Barbara Stevens Heusel, Northwest Missouri State

"'Greeker than Greek': Murdoch's Active/Passive Same-Sex Model in A Fairly Hanarable Defeat" • Darlene D. Mettler, Wesleyan College

"Eyeless in Gaz(e),: Murdoch's Greek Tragedy of Love in The Unicorn" Matthew Shaw, Ball State University

Eros and Ethos: Same-Sex Attraction and Religious Morality in Iris Murdoch's The BeU and Henry and Cato"

• J. Robert Baker. Fairmont State University

"Early and Late: Murdoch's Sustained Portrait of Male Desire"

B·II Self and Subjectivity in Contemporary American Poetry

Thursday. 1:15 - 2:45 p.m, Room: 208

Chair: Stephanie Van Gorder. Boiling Springs. Pennsylvania

• Jessica Lewis Luck. Indiana University. Bloomington

"Saliences. Scaffolding. and the Push of Poetry on the Brain"

• Sean Mcflonnell, Oklahoma State University

"Merwin's Animals"

• Lynn Keller, University of Wisconsin. Madison

'''Penitentiary Potential'; Subjectivity in C. D. Wright's One Big Self'

B.12 Wallace Stevens and Rhetoric (Panel organized by the Wallace Stevens Society)

Thursday. 1:15 - 2:45 p.m. Room: 223

Chair: P. Michael Campbell, Coastal Carolina University

• Kate Ware. Midway College

'''A Crinkled Paper Makes a Brilliant Sound': Rhythm as Rhetoric in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens" • Kristine Santilli, Russell Sage College

"Myth. Gesture. and the Glaring Revelations of 'Blanche McCarthy'" • P. Michael Campbell, Coastal Carolina University

"'It is Posed and It is Posed'; The Rhetoric of Posing and Opposing Language in Wallace Stevens's Poetry"

B·13 Surviving World War n Thursday. 1:15 - 2:45 p.m.

Chair: Josette Keams, University of Louisville • Kathleen W. Smith, Kalamazoo College

"Women Bearing Witness: French Holocaust Survivors" Kathy Comfort, University of Arkansas. Fayetteville Resistance au Feminin in Marguerite Duras's La Douleur" • Aparna Navak-Guercio, University of Pittsburgh

"Music, MUSicality and Politics in Aragon's Le droit rarnam n'est plus"

Room: 211

B.14 El testimonio, los viajes y la cinematograffa en la narrativa hispanoamericana Thursday, 1;15 - 2:45 p.rn.

Chair:. Manuel Medina, University of Louisville • Kimberly A. Nance. llIinois State University

''What Counts as testimonio! (And Why Does It Matter?) • Andrew Reynolds. Indiana Uruversirv

"Mestizaje in Paris: Visions of Multiplicity in Latin American Modernist Travel Writing" • Ilka Kressner, University of Virginia, Charlottesville

"Spooling Lives: The Impact of Films in Alberto Fuguet's Las Peliculas de mi Vida and Yoko T awada's Das Nackte Auge"

Room: 221


SECTION B Thursday, 1: 15 - 2:45 pm

B~15 Poesfa V poem en la Espafta contemporanea Thursday, 1: 15 • 2:45 p.m,

Chair: Mary Makris, University of Louisville

• Ricardo Fernandez, Colorado State University

"Los lfmites de la escritura autobiografica en Ocnos, de Luis Cernuda" • Suzette Acevedo-Loubriel, University of Puerto Rico, Cayey

"La resistencia al silencio: La maternidad y la familia en la poesla femenina de posguerra" • Matthew J. Marr, University of Illinois, Chicago

"Poesis as Performance in Recent Peninsular Verse"

Room: 219

B~16 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction Thursday, 1:15 - 2:45 p.m.

Chair: Sarah Anne White, University of Louisville • Kelly Moffett, Kentucky Wesleyan College Poetry

• Annette Bahringer, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Lulu (fiction)

• Gaylord Brewer, Middle Tennessee State University Poetry

• Peter Malik, Alcorn State University The Pill (fiction)

Ekstrom Library Auditorium

The English Department and The Commonwealth Center for the Humanities, I

in cooperation with the

Student Activities Board and the Film Liberation Board,

are sponsoring two showings of the film


on the evening of Thursday, February 24th at the Student Activity Center (SAC) Floyd Theater, 6:00 and 8:30 pm.

This film, directed by Ethiopian film-maker Haile Gerima, depicts the struggles of a contemporary African-American model who is transported back in time to the era of slavery.

This showing is part of the "Books in Common" project, an on-going community wide reading and discussion of Octavia Butler's novel, Kindred.



Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 pm

:·1 Places of the Dead: Landscapes of the Great War (Pre-arranged Panel)

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. Room: 210

Chair: William Hogan, Providence College

• Mark A. R. Facknitz, James Madison University

"Liminal Landscapes, Memorial Ideologies, and the Unheroic Dead: The Case of the Berles Position Military Cemetery, 1916-1917"

• William Hogan, Providence College

"Memorializing No-Man's-Land. Textual and Manuscript Environments of the Great War" • Charlotte Keams, University of Leeds

"Richer Dust Concealed': Relocating the Dead in the Poetry of the First World War"

:;-2 Between Modem and Postmodem: H. D., and Walcott

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m, Room: 209

Chair: Chris Beyers, Assumption College

• Elizabeth Willis. Wesleyan University

"A Public History of the Dividing Line: H. D., the Bomb, and the Roots of the Postmodern" • Eugene Johnson, Queen's University

"Manipulating Modernism: The Function of Pound and Joyce in Walcott's Omeros" • Thomas Austenfeld, North Georgia College and State University

'Walcott's Omeros: Starting a New World"

C-3 Time and Terrorism in the Work of William Faulkner

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. Room: 208

Chair: Jill Leroy-Frazier. Milligan College

• Jeffery R. Darnell. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

'Wombs, Strings, and Buzzards: Metaphoric Time in Faulkner's As 1 Lay Dying" • Ruth Stoner, Universidad de Malaga

"Snopes as Terrorist or Fleedom Fighter? Reading Faulkner's 'Bam Burning' in the light of 9/11" • Eunju Hwang, Purdue University

"Unusual Encounters ind Blocks of Becoming in William Faulkner's Sanctuary"

C-4 Fin de siecle Informatics

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. Room: 224

Chair: Suzy Szasz Palmer, University of Louisville

• Jacqueline E. Brown, University of Louisville

"When a 'Bodie' Meets a 'Bodie' Cutting Through the Rye': The House with the Green Shutters" • Daniel Darvay, University of Oklahoma

"Body and Machine: The limits of the Human in Jack London's Martin Eden" • Thuy Ha, Southeast Missouri State University

"The Ball and the Cross and Its Connections to State Definitions of Mental Illness and the Foucaltian Panoptican"

C-5 Spiritual Trajectories: Marianne Moore, John Ashbery, MariIynne Robinson, Wim Wenders

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m, Room: 216

Chair: Diane Capitani, Kendall College

• Benjamin Johnson, Rutgers University

"Marianne Moore among the Theologians"

• Nicholas Allin, Florida State University

"Ashbery's 'Divine Sepulcher': The Question of God"

• Adrielle A. Mitchell, Nazareth College

"Lighted Windows and the Darkness Beyond: Spiritual and Earthly Longing in Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping, and Wim Wenders's and Peter Handke's Wings of Desire"


SECTION C Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 pm

Doris Lessing: The Politics of Subversion and the Tyranny of the Body (Panel organized by the Doris Lessing Society)

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Chair: Debrah Rasche, Southeast Missouri State University • Virginia Tiger, Rutgers University

''Textual Aerobics, Lessing's Shorter Fiction"

• Evelyn Pezzulich, Bridgewater State College

"Fashioning and Refashioning of Identity Across Generations"

• Linda Weinhouse, Community College of Baltimore Maryland "Under (Post) Colonial Eyes: Revenging the Jew in Lessing and Carey"


Don Delillo and the Uses of the Past 1 (Panel Organized by the Don Delillo Society) Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m,

Chair: Jeremy Green, University of Colorado, Boulder

• Marni Gauthier, State University of New York, Cortland

"Back in the Placid Days Wh· en We Were Bombing Our Own People': The Postwar Legacy in Delillo's Historical Novels"

• Elise Martucci, Fordham University

"Mass-Produced Nostalgia in Don Delillo's Underworld" • Laura Tanenbaum, New York University

"Shadow Wars: Delillo and Vietnam"

Room: 215

Room: 223

C-B Cross-Racial Allegiance at a Crossroads: Intersections of Race and Sexuality at Mid-Century (Pre-arranged Panel)

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m, Room: 121

Chair: Alison Umminger, University of West Georgia

• Alison Umminger, University of West Georgia

"Sexual Tourism and White, Lesbian SubjectivityyJane Bowles's Letters from Morocco"

• Matthew Brim, Duke University .

"Papa's Baby, Mama's Maybe: Impossible Paternity in Going to Meet the Man" • Sarah Murphy, Indiana University

'The 'Me of We': A Dangerous Search for Sameness in The Heart is a Lonel, Hunter"

C-9 Irony, Feminism, and the New Sentimentalism: American Beauty. Magnolia, and Kill Bill 2 (Pre-arranged panel)

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. Room: 111

Chair: Judy Spector, Indiana University Purdue University, Columbus

• Judith A. Oudy) Spector, Indiana University Purdue University, Columbus

"Irony, Feminism, and the New Sentimentalism: American Beauty, Magnolia, and KiU Bill II" • Katherine V. Tsiopos Wills, Indiana University Purdue University, Columbus

"Daddy Dearest: Dysfunctional Patriarchs and Chaos Theory in American Beauty, Magnolia, and KiU Bill II"

• Lewis Dibble, Indiana University Purdue University, Columbus

"Chaos Theory and L'amour: Arnold Spector's View from the Center of Magnolia"

C.IO Virginia Woolf

Thursday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.rn, Room: 117

Chair: Tonya Krouse, Northern Kentucky University

• William M. Harrison, State University of New York

'The 'Retinal Shudder,' literature, and the Visual Arts: Reading Virginia Woolf and Marcel Duchamp" • Rebecca Carpenter, McDaniel College

"Damaged Specimens: Marie Stopes, Virginia Woolf, and the Functionally Impotent Man" • Chestina Turner, Hazard Community and Technical College

"Literary Daughter: A. S. Byatt's The Shadow of the Sun and Virginia Woolfs Mrs. Dallowa,"



Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 pm

.11 Fragmented Identities/Fragmented Spaces Thursday, 3:00·4:30 p.m.

Chair: Marilyn Schuler, University of Louisville, Emerita • C. Wakaba Futamura, Rice University

"A Feminine Experience: Fragmentation in L'Amant" • Deirdre McAnally, Pennsylvania State University

"Stuck in a Room of One's Own: House Arrest and Gender in L'Enfant du sable and Therese Desqueyroux"

Room: 113

~.I2 Novela y poesia centroamericana y del Caribe: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m.

Chair: Clare Sullivan, University of Louisville • Bruce Fox, Wayne State University

"A Theoretical Analysis of Manlio Argueta's Un d£a en Ia vida (A Day in the Ufe): The Abject, Madness, and the Symbolic Order"

• Ruben Candia-Araiza, St. Mary's University "lntertextualidad en La casa de los Mondrag6n" • Laura R. Loustau, Chapman University

"Fugas poeticas en Voluntad de vivir manifescandose de Reinaldo Arenas"

Room: 221

C·I3 Teatro espafiol. Buero Vallejo, Salom, teatro colectivo de mujeres

Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m. Room: 219

Chair: Victoria L. Ketz, lona College

• Laurie Urraro, Ohio State University

"El erotismo del cuerpo femenino: Una interpretacion lesbiana de EL color de agosto de Paloma Pedrero" • Jeffrey Bruner, West Virginia University

"'All in the Family': The Inductive Imagination in Jaime Salom's El corto vuelo del gallo"

• Jennifer A. Zachman, Saint Mary's College _.


"The New Feminism(s) .of Contemporary Spanish Theater: Women's Theater Collectives

in Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid"

C·I4 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction Thursday, 3:00 • 4:30 p.m.

Chair: Will Clemens, Cincinnati, Ohio

• April D. Fallon, Kentucky State University Mind's Eye's Consort (poetry)

• Liesl Bauer, University of Cincinnati Brasil (fiction)

• Stephanie Van Gorder, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania Poetry

• Amy E. Ochterski, Coming Community College Gideon's Gift (fiction)

Ekstrom Library Auditorium



Thursday, 4:45 ·5:45 p.m. Middleton Auditorium, Stricker Hall, 101

Samuel Weber, Northwestern University

"Violence and Gesture: Agamben Reads Benjamin Reading Kafka"

Introduced by Aaron Jaffe, English Department, University of Louisville

WELCOME RECEPTION with Jamey Aebersold and his jazz quartet Thursday, 6:00 • 7: 15 p.m, Red Bam, University of Louisville, Belknap Campus Pizza Party - Admission by conference badge/identification

(Free to all Conferees)


Conference Restaurant Picks LOCATION
Artemisia $$ Continental Cuisine 583·4177 Downtown
Avalon$$$ Eclectic 454·5336 Bardstown Rd
Azalea$$ New American Cuisine 895·5493 Brownsboro Rd.
Baxter Station $ American 584·1635 Payne Street
Bristol $ American 456·1702 Bardstown Rd.
Caf~ Bristol $ American 634·2723 Speed Museum/Campus
City Cafe $ EclecticN egetarian I 459·5600 Baxter Ave
De La Torre's $$ Spanish 456·4955 Bardstown Rd.
English GriU $$ Continental/Kentucky 583·1234 Downtown (formal)
Jack Frys $$$ Continental Eclectic 452.9244 Bardstown Rd.
Ferd Grisanti $$ Ialian Cuisine 267·0090 Taylorsville Rd
Jicama GriU $$ Latin-American Cuisine 454·43~9 Bardstown Rd.
Lentini's $$ Italian Cuisine 459·3020 Bardstown Rd
Le Relais $$$ French Cuisine 451· 9020 Taylorsville Rd.
LiHy's$$ Louisville Cuisine 451·1635 Bardstown Rd
Los Aztecas $$ Mexican 561·8535 Main & 4th
Mayan Gypsy $$ MayanlYucaten 583·3300 E. Market
Mambo $ Cuban Cuisine 363·1100 Mitscher Ave
Napa River GriU $$ Northern California 893·0141 Dupont Circle
Oak Room$$$ 5 Star Restaurant 807·3563 Downtown (formal)
Porcini $$ Northern Italian Cuisine 894·8686 Frankfort Ave.
Ramsi's $$ International Cuisine 451·0700 Bardstown Rd.
Shalimar Indian $ Indian Cuisine 493·8899 Hurstbourne Pkwy
3'" Street Cafe $ American 585·2233 S 3rd Street / Downtown
Thai Siam $ Thai Cuisine 458·6871 Bardstown Rd.
VincelUo's $$$$ N. Italian/Continental 5801350 S. Fifth Street
$ 10 or below $$ 11·20 $$$ 21·30 $$$ 31 or above 17


Friday 9:00 - 10:30 am

Barnes, Stein, Loy Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m,

Chair: Christine Coffman, California State University, Bakersfield • Mindy Boffemmyer, Duquesne University

"Backstage as It Were, to Our Present Condition': Modern Identity as Performance in Djuna Barnes's Nigh!wood

• L. A. Phillips, Brandeis University

"'Work or Death': Artistic Identity and Practice in Mina Loy's Insel" • Robert L. Milde, Eastern Kentucky University

''Teaching Modernism as Multimedia: Remediating the Study of Literature"

Room: 210


Reading Reading in T wentieth-Century Poetry Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m,

Chair: Chris Beyers, Assumption College • P'hilip Metres, john Carroll University

"The Ends of (Poetry) Reading: The Posrhtera= ry in [en Bervin's Nets and K. Silem Mohammed's Deer Head Nation"

• Marc Pietrzvkowski, Georgia State University

"[osrling at the Trough: Contemporary Poetry Contests and Competitions"

Room: 209

)·3 Don DeLillo and the Uses of the Past II (Panel organized by the Don DeLillo Society)

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 223

Chair: Marni Gauthier, State University of New York. Cortland

• Andrew Strombeck. University of California. Davis

''The Sublime of the Past and Failed Masculinity in Don DeLillo's Libra" • Gisele Manganelli Fernandes. Universidade Estadual Paulisra, Brazil "De Lillo's Reevaluation of History"

• Ruth Helyer, University of Teesside, United Kingdom

"'Correct the Acceleration of Time. Bring Nature back to Normal': DeLillo and the Uses of History"

0·4 Ralph Ellison Writing Jazz, Urban Spaces, and Beyond CANCELLED

William Scott will be moving to another section, see insert for details. Room: 121

• William Scott, New Mexico State University (moving to another section)

"Hearing around Comers: Jazz Maps, Urban Spaces, and Subjectivity in Invisible Man" • Christopher Powers, University of Puerto Rico, Mavaguez (cancelled)

"Ralph Ellison and the 'Coltrane Poem'"

0·5 Virtual Embodiment

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 109

Chair: Al Futrell, University of Louisville

• Philip A. Douglas, Michigan State University "Virtual Green Worlds: A New Pastoral Paradise" • Trey Stecker, Ball State University

"'Acts of Observation': Perception and Communication in Joseph McElroy's Plus" • Melinda Kreth, Central Michigan University (Co-author)

"'All Times at Once': Sh· ifts in Time and Narrative Perspective in Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife"

• Karen Radell, Central Michigan University (Co-author)

"'All Times at Once': Shi- fts in Time and Narrative Perspective in Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife"



Friday 9:00 - 10:30 am

0-6 Wartime Trauma in the Work of H. O. (Panel organized by the Hilda Doolittle Society) Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Madelyn Detloff, Miami University, Oxford • Marina Camboni, Universita di Macerata, Italy

''The Epic Poem and the Empire of Force: H. D., Simone Wei! and World War II" • Cheryl Hindrichs, Ohio State University

"H. D.'s Palimpsestuous Text: Reading and Writing in a History of Trauma" • Madelyn Detloff, Miami University of Ohio

"Mnevis, Memory, and Mourning: Sideshadowing in Pilate's Wife"

0- 7 Indian Novels in English Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m,

Chair: Ann Elizabeth Willey, University of Louisville • Aparajita De, West Virginia University

''The Stirrings of the Unhomely: Arundhati Roy, History and Ammu" • Randolph Chilton, University of St. Francis

"Hybrid Strains in The God of Small Things"

• Rajni George, Bowling Green State University

''The Novel As 'Meta-Form': Amitav Ghosh- 's Works and Their Influence On Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture"

0-8 Death-in-Life; Life-in-Death Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Mary Barbosa-Jerez, University of Louisville • Bora Chung, Indiana University

''The Image of the Railroad in 'Sanatorium under the Sign of the Hourglass'" • Jerry Michael Combs, Hazard Community and T tchnical College

"A Waste Land Is a Wa· ste Land Is a ... Difficult World? Mapping Similarities in Rich and Eliot's Long Poems"

0-9 The African American Theatre Program at the University of Louisville: A Model for Other Theatre Departments? (Pre-arranged Panel)

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Rinda Frye, University of Louisville • Rinda Frye, University of Louisville

''The Early Years of the African American Theatre Program: How We Began" • Russell Vanderbroucke, University of Louisville

''The African American Theatre Program, the Last Three Years: Strengths and Weaknesses" • Lundeana Thomas, University of Louisville

''The African American Theatre Program: My Mandate and Mission"


Room: 217

Room: 112

Room: 113

Room: 215


Friday 9:00 - 10:30 am

1.10 Changing Channels: Making over Gender and Sexual Identity in Twentieth-Century America (Pre-arranged Panel)

Friday. 9:00 - 10:30 a.rn, Room: 114

Chair: Dennis W. Allen. West Virginia University

• Judith Roof. Michigan State University

"Cosmetic Resurgencv, or The Makeover Takeover" • Robert Fanning. West Virginia University

"Making it RAW: An Erotics of Professional Wrestling" • Dennis W. Allen. West Virginia University

"A Queer '1' for the Straight Guy"

• Renee C. Hoogland. University of Nijmegen, Netherlands "Affective Un/Doing: Bodies. Art. and Deconstructions of Gender"

D·ll Philosophical Approaches in Post-War German Literature

Friday. 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 122

Chair: Thomas Austenfeld, North Georgia College and State University

• Bohdan Bochan, Indiana University Southeast

''The Morphology of Openness in the Works of lngeborg Bachmann" • Cassandra Henry. Cornell University

"Defining Poetry after Auschwitz: Adorno's Theory of Lyric Creation" • Weijia Li, Ohio State University

"Ich scheitere, also bin ich. Das Motiv 'Scheitern' in Burkhard Spinnens's Oer schwarze Grat und lngo Niermanns's Minusvisionen"

0·12 Portraits (in)humains (Pre-arranged Panel)

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m, Room: 211

Chair: Karl Polin. Emory University

• Christopher T readwell, Emory University "Hippotheses, sur Kant et Celine"

• Karl Pollin, Emory University

"Une singularite qui nous regarde: langage et expressivite dans l'oeuvre de David Nebreda" • Jennifer Svienty, Emory University

"Faire la tete. perdre la tete: Dismembered Heads in Claude Cahun's self portraiture"

0·13 Novela colombiana

Friday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 221

Chair: Nelson Lopez, Fairfield University

• Claudia C. Ospina, University of Kentucky

"La violencia urbana en Tras la baranda de Jaime Moreno Garda" • Alejandra Rengifo, Central Michigan University

"La desacralizaci6n del eterno femenino en Rosario Tijeras de Jorge Franco Ramos" • German Carrillo. Marquette University

"Mis trisces putas y el ciclo del amor en Gabriel Garda Marquez"


SECTION D Friday 9:00· 10:30 am

0.14 El cuerpo en el cine espanol (Pre-arranged Panel)

Friday, 9:00· 10:30 a.m, Room: 219

Chair: Maureen Tobin Stanley, University of Minnesota, Duluth

• Anne Hardcastle, Wake Forest University

"The Spanish Civil War as Bedroom Farce in Trueba's La nina de tus ojos" • Maureen Tobin Stanley, University of Minnesota, Duluth

"EI cuerpo feme nino como emblema nadonal en El espinazo del Diablo y iAy, Carmela!" • Samuel Amago, University of Notre Dame

"Why Spaniards Make Good Bad Guys: Harry and Sneaky Juan as Embodiments of the 'Black Legend"

0·15 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction

Friday, 9:00 • 10:30 a.m, Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Chair: Christina Veladota, Ohio University

• Libby Falk Jones, Berea College


• Anna Harrington, Jackson State Community College

"Creative Works Inspired by Peru: The Yam of Nelba Bandana and White Christ" (fiction) • Barbara Wade, Berea College


• Lirette Wanzer, Georgia State University Gills and Wet Flour (fiction)


Exhibits of interest on Campus

Ekstrom Library • Lobby (short walk west from Humanities building)

Sisters in Struggle: Women and the Louisville Civil Rights Mooement: 1945·1975 Ekstrom Library. Special Collections > Photographic Archives Galley

Richard Saunders: Man of the World and Alternatille Processes in Photography Ekstrom Library • Rare Books Gallery

Twinrocker Paper: An Exhibit of Finely Printed Books (Terry Taylor, Guest Curator)

Ekstrom Library Exhil1it Hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Thursday. Closed Saturday & Sunday

Schneider Hall • Hite Art Institute Galleries (short walk south from Humanities building)

Belknap Gallery • MA thesis Exhibitions in Clay, Fiber, Sculpture, and photography.

"Nathan Hayden: A Spectacle of Synthetic Enrichment" (A multi-media installation curated by Maiza Hixson) Paper and Image: Art fram the Twinrocker Paper Co

Covi Gallery

'Schneider Hall exhibit hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm weekdays, Saturday 10 am- Zpm, Sundays 1 • 6pm


SECTION E Friday, 10:45 - 12:15 pm

E·l Post War Irish Literature and Film

Friday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m. Room: 122

Chair: Jacqueline E. Brown, University of Louisville

• Consuelo M. Concepcion, Independent Scholar

"How the Irish Became Men: Postcolonialism, Masculinity, and (Post)Nationalism in Irish Cinema" • Kurt Bullock, Grand Valley State University

"Lonely Voice: Frank O'Connor and the Isolation of the Irish Nation" • M. Nakaue, University of Wisconsin, Madison

'Troubling Visions of Domesticity in Patrick McCabe's The Butcher Bay"

E·2 Recontextualizing Maxine Hong Kingston

Friday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m. Room: 210

Chair: Li Zeng, University of Louisville

• Becky Click, Marshall University

"By-Passing the Pacific Ocean: An Autobiographer's Attempt to Represent Two Hemispheres" • Gillian Huang-Tiller, University of Virginia's College, Wise

"'Verfremdungseffect': Maxine Hong Kingston's Brechtian Performance in Tsipmaster Monkey"

E·3 Politics and Poetic Avant-Gardes

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m. Room: 121

Chair: Alan Golding, University of Louisville

• Joel Levise, Wayne State University

'Toward a Poetics of Re-Membering"

• William R. Howe, Northeastern University

'The Politics of Concrete: Liberation, Fascism, or Bring on the Noise"

• Michael Heller, Independent Scholar .

"Writing Occurs': Reflections on Objectivist Poets"

E-4 Technology's "Other" Spaces

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m. Room: 209

Chair: Susan J. Vanderborg, University of South Carolina

• Laura Barrett, Florida Atlantic University

"Seeing Cyberspace: Ekphrasis and Digital Media in Neusomancet" • Jill leRoy-Frazier, Milligan College

'Whorls of Amber: Art and Technology in Lisa Mason's Arachne" • Susan Vanderborg, University of South Carolina

"Gendering 'Otherspace': Metaphors of Technology in Johanna Drucker's Artist's Books"

E-5 Kentucky Feminist Writers Series (Pre-arranged Panel)

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m. Room: 114

Chair: Elizabeth Oakes, Western Kentucky University

• Elizabeth Oakes, Western Kentucky University

'The State of Grassroots Feminism in the Bluegrass State" • Jane Olmsted, Western Kentucky University "Grassroots Publications: Working from the Ground Up"

Readings from Louisville authors: Nancy Gall-Clayton, Mary Kennedy, Elizabeth Lovins, Dana Nichols, Maggie Wise Riley, Valerie Salley, Jill Sherman, and Tamara Yohannes.



SECTION E Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

Postcolonial Shakespeare (Pre-arranged Panel) Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m.

Chair: Joyce Green MacDonald, University of Kentucky • Joyce Green MacDonald, University of Kentucky

"American Postcolonial: Rereading Othello in Gayl Jones's Mosquito" • Pier Paolo Frassinelli, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa "e. L. R. James's Shakespeare"

• Srilata Mukerjee, Duke University

''Transgressing The Tempest: Narrative Translations of • Shakespearean Identites by Contemporary Women Writers of the Indian Diaspora"

Room: 112

E-7 Joyce and Deleuee: De-Territorialization and the Formation of Transversal Spaces (Pre-arranged Panel to be continued in Section FlO)

Friday, 10:45 -12:15 p.m. Room: 117

Chair: Mary Godwin, Purdue University

• Jason Buchanan, Purdue University

"Exiled from the Republic: Joyce's Creation of a De-Territorialized Irish Identity" • Martin Whitehead, Purdue University

''The Abyss and the Possibility of Flight: Dialogic Tensions between Thomas Mann's Death and James Joyce's Portrait"

• Gil Cook, Purdue University

"Desire Anew and the Possibility for Social Transformation: Duchamp's Art and Ulysses as Rhizome Book"


Coming West: Nabokov and Conrad Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m,

Chair: Amy Marie Johnson, University of Wisconsin, Madison • Mark W. Bourdeau, Suffolk County Community College

"'The Immense Indifference of Things': Conrad's Critique of Capital in Nostramo" • Roxana Lucia Cazan, University of Louisville

''The Poetics of the Doppelganger: Multiple Identity in Lolita" • Douglas L. Howard, Suffolk County Community College "Nabokov's Jekyll and Hyde: Reading the Other in Lolita"

Room: 123

African-American Modernism: History, Politics and Economics Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m.

Chair: Cynthia Callahan, James Madison University

• Allan G. Borst, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

"Gothic Economics.Violence and Miscegenation in Jean Toomer's 'Blood-Burning Moon'" • Joy Gleason Carew, University of Louisville

"Du Bois, Hughes, and Robeson: Black Artists and Intellectuals in Search of the Soviet Promise" • Amy R. Nestor, State University of New York, Buffalo

"Spun 'Cross: Conversation through the Veil (W. E. B. Du Bois and Paul Celand)"

Room: 119


SECTION E Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

E·IO Film Writing and Adaptation: Barton Fink, Frankenstein, and Nati\le Son Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m,

Chair: [ubal Tiner, Western Carolina University • Alex E. Blazer, University of Louisville

"Barton Fink and the Vicissitudes of the Real in Film" • Anna Marie Adams, Morehead State University

"Kenneth Branagh's (Bride of) Frankenstein: The Persistence of James Whale's Cinematic Vision in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"

• Wilbert Turner, Jr., Monroe Community College

"A Tale of Two Biggers: The Film Adaptations of Richard Wright's Native Son"

Room: 223

E·ll Brecht and His Composers (Panel organized by the International Brecht Society) Friday, 10:45 • 12: 15 p.m.

Chair: Gudrun Tabbert-jones, Santa Clara University

• Peter W. Ferran, Rochester Institute of Technology "Mother Courage's 'Song of the Temptations of Great Spirits'" • Joy H. Calico, Vanderbilt University

"Brecht and His Composer / Eisler and His Librettist" • Gudrun Tabbert-jones, Santa Clara University "Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Schwaen"

Room: 215

E-12 Film Connections: Ideology, Chaos, and Culture

Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m. Room: 217

Chair: Wendy Yoder, University of Louisville

• Annette Bahringer, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

"Marcel Came and Louis Althusser: A Critical Study of Ideology in the Film The Children of Paradise" • Silvio Gaggi, University of South Florida

"Navigating Chaos: Constructive Intervention in Amelie" • Sandrine Teixidor, Randolph-Macon College "L'exception francaise existe-r-elle toujours!"

E-13 Italian I

Friday, 10:45 - 12:15 p.m. Room: 113

Chair: Augustus Mastri, University of Louisville

• Giovanni Spani, Trinity College

"Beppe Fenoglio: Allontanamento dalla realta' srorica e oggettivita' della narrazione nel Partigiano Johnny" • Philip Balma, Indiana University

"Un astonishing libror l'uso dell'inglese nel Partigiano Johnny di Heppe Fenoglio" • Charles Klopp, Ohio State University

"Alberto Bevilacqua. A Career in Fiction"

E-14 Female Body/National Identity in Latin American Culture and literature (Panel organized by the Feministas Unidas Society)

Friday, 10:45 - 12; 15 p.m.

Chair; Cristina Ferreira-Pinto Bailey, Texas State University • Bemardita Llanos, Denison University

"Genero interdicto en Chile: Berenger y Eltit"

• Cristina Ferreira-Pinto Bailey, Texas State University, San Marcos "Brazil's Ethnic Profile in the Repressed Female Body"

• M6nica Avala-Martfnez, Denison University

"Cuerpo, sueiios y dolor en La hija del embajadDr de Zoe Valdes"

Room: 221



Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

E,15 Poetry at the Margins: The Spanish Lyric Under Pressure (Pre-arranged Panel) Friday, 10:45 -12:15 p.m.

Chair: Margo Persin, Rutgers Universiry

• Martha Lafollette Miller, Universiry of North Carolina, Charlotte "Poetry and Social Class in the 'Generaci6n de Medio Siglo"

• Reyes Vila-Belda, Indiana University

"Pan y versos: el hambre como anecdota en la poesta de Gloria Fuertes" • Elena Castro, Louisiana State Universiry and A & M

"Identidad y auto-representacion en la obra de las poetas vanguardistas espanolas" • Margo Persin, Rutgers Universiry

"La pipa de kif: 'Getting High' with Valle Inclan"

Room: 219

E,16 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction Friday, 10:45 - 12: 15 p.m,

Chair: Linda Torok, Universiry of Louisville • Lvnnell M. Edwards, Concordia Universiry The Fanner's Daughter (poetry)

• Jeanette Nvda Passry, St. Philip's College Mountain of the Immortals (fiction)

• Peter Ramos, Grand Valley State Universiry Short Walles (poetry)

• Rajni George, Bowling Green State Universiry First Winter and The Centerfold of Penthouse (fiction)

Ekstrom Library Auditorium

The Speed Art Museum

Capturing Western Legends: Russell and Remington and the Canadian West

February 15~ May 8,2005

Celebrate the West through paintings, drawings, and sculptures by the two most famous artists of the American West: Charles Russell (1864,1926) and Frederic Remington (1861,1909). The first exhibition to explore these legendary masters' artistic work in the Canadian Rockies, Capturing Western Legends presents images of cowboys, cavalrymen, Native Americans, vast western frontier landscapes, stampedes, and conflict scenes, filled with naturalistic detail, movement, and energy. This exhibition is organized by the Glenbow Museum Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



Museum Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10:30 am to 4 pm

Thursday 10:30 am to 8 pm

Saturday 10:30 to 5 pm

Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm

The Speed Art Museum (Located next to the University of Louisville, Ekstrom library) 2035 South Third Street, Louisville, KY 40208

(502) 634,2700



Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 pm

Modernist Narrative: Uncertain Knowledge, Certain Desire (Pre-arranged Panel) Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m,

Chair: Judith Roof, Michigan State University

• Gregory Nicholson, Michigan State University

"The Minuet, the Prison, and the Cottage: Style and Substance in The Good Soldier" • Maureen E. Lauder, Michigan State University

"What Does Dowell Want? Narrative Desire in The Good Soldier • Brian D. Holcomb, Michigan State University

"Narrating Unacknowledged Desire: The Strange Relationship of Bertie and [eeves" -

Room: 121


Ghostly Apparitions and Literary Effects Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m,

Chair: J. N. Nodelman, University of Alberta

• Cameron Golden, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

"You're Annette Bening?' Dreams and Hollywood as Subtext in The Sopranos" • Craig N. Owens, Drake University

"I Ain't Got Nobody"

Room: 113


Violence, The State, and Literature in Africa Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m,

Chair: Malick Mbengue, University of Louisville

• Justin Omar Johnston, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"Postcolonial Subject Formations and Coordinating Modes of Resistance" • Gilbert Doho, Case Western Reserve University

''Writing from the Margin: Deconstructing Neocolonial Cameroon" • Gregory Jones, Univ,rsity of Wisconsin, Madison

"Multidirectional Violence and Recovered Humanism in The Wretched of the Earth"

Room: 112


Immigrant Identities in North America Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

Chair: Diane Capitani, Kendall College • Stephen Spencer, Wilmington College

"Cultural Hvbridirv in Kiana Davenport's Shark Dialogues" • Skip Willman, University of South Dakota

"The Marginalization of Conspiracy Theory: Leslie Marmon Silko's Almanac of the Dead" • Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw, University of Southern Indiana

"Individuals, Communities, and the Immigrant Experience in Joy Kogawa's Obasan and Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of a Uon"

• Christine Luft, University of Kentucky

"Postwar Narrative: American Identity and the Intermediate Space between Cultures"

Room: 123


Drama, Hurting, Damage Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

Chair: Donald Anderson, Marist College

• Frances L. Helphinstine, Morehead State University

"David Mamet's Faustus: Ensnared in Postmodern Critical Theories" • Eugene Ngezem, Murrary State University

"Disabling the Disabled: Samuel Beckett's Abuse of the Handicapped" • Lance Norman, Michigan State University

'''Or Possibly There Is No Killer at Ail': Mediating the Violence of Presence and Absence in Ionesco's The Killer and The Lesson"

Room: 210

26 \


Friday, 1 :30 • 3:00 pm

F·6 Geneologies, Legacies, Titles: Charles Chesnutt, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Peter Matthiessen on Color lines

Friday, 1:30·3:00 p.m.

Chair: Aldon L. Nielsen, Pennsylvania State University • Cynthia A. Callahan, James Madison University

"Unsanctioned Genealogies: Charles W. Chesnutt's Fiction at the Dawn of a New Century" • M. Kellen Williams, Kennesaw State University

"Me T arzan/He Tarzan: Telling Tales and Dropping Names in Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan" • Timothy L. Glenn, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"'You Damn Mulattas Ain't Got No Damn Claim to It!' Race Claim and Land Claim in Peter Matthiessen's Killing Meter Watson"

F-7 The Maternal and the National in W. B. Yeats Friday, 1:30·3:00 p.m.

Chair: Laura Cowan, University of Maine • Elaine Childs, University of Tennessee

"The Terror of All Terrors': Toward a Maternal Poetics in W. B. Yeats's 'Byzantium' and 'Mother of God'"

• Firat Oruc, Duke University

"Mapping the Colonial Space: Yeats and National Allegory" • Gary P. Walton. Northern Kentucky University

"Teaching Ambivalence, 'Double-Consciousness,' and the Postcolonial in the Work ofW. B. Yeats"

Room: 209



Room: 217




F-B William Gaddis (Pre-arranged Panel)

Friday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m, Room: 215

Chair: John Krafft, Miami University, Hamilton

• Stephen Burn, Northern Michigan University

"William Gaddis and the Encyclopedic Novel"

• Cynthia Nitz Ris, Miami University. Hamilton

"Stare Decisis and Trauma: The Crisis of Institutional Truth in William Gaddis's Frolic of His Own" • Katharine Streip, Concordia University

"'How to Procure for Friends and Vanquishing of Everybody': Aesthetics and Ethics in William Gaddis's Recognitions"

F -9 Computer-Generated Poetry: Gnoetry and the Continuing Struggle to Make Poetry Mean (Pre-arranged Panel)

Friday, 1 :30 - 3:00 p.m, Room: 114

Chair: Amy England. Art Institute of Chicago

• Matthias Regan, University of Chicago

"The Brambles Formed Chains': The Poetic Origins and Present Shortcomings of Gnoetry" • John Tipton, Chicago, Illinois

'The Oracle at Chicago"

• Jon Trowbridge. Chicago, Illinois

"A Conversation with Jon Trowbridge and Eric Elshtain, the Creators of Gnoetry" • Eric Elshtain, University of Chicago

"A Conversation with Jon Trowbridge and Eric Elshtain, the Creators of Gnoetry"



Friday, 1:30·3:00 pm

F·IO Joyce and Deleuze: Deterritorialization and the Formation of Transversal Spaces (Pre-arranged Panel continued from Section E7)

Friday, 1:30.3:00 p.m.

Chair: Mary Godwin, Purdue University • Mary Godwin, Purdue University

"Doubling Joyce: Ulysses as Modem and Postmodem Literature" • Olga Medvedeva, Purdue University

"Stephen Daedalus's Analytic of the Sublime and A Promise of Geo-Political Humanity"

Room: 117

F·l1 Cultural Exchanges: France, USA, and Russia Friday, 1:30 • 3:00 p.m.

Chair: Wendy Andrews, Independent Scholar

• N. Christine Brookes, Central Michigan University

"Receiving Russia: The Ballets Russes and the French Imagination" • Robert Reginio, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"Modernism, Exile, and New York Dada: A Reconsideration of Marcel Duchamp and Wallace Stevens"

• Craig W. Smith, Wayne State University The Flaneuse: Janet Flanner and Genet"

Room: 211

F·12 Italian n

Friday, 1:30·3:00 p.m,

Chair: Don Spinelli, Wayne State University • Rose De Angelis, Marist College

"'Stripping Down': The Woman's Woman in Italian-American Fiction by Women" • Amy Rowden, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

"Maria Luisa Spaziani's Literary Ventriloquism: Resurrecting the Female Literary Experience" • Mario Aste, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

"Dignity of the Person in Mamma Roma and Miracle in Milan"

Room: 109

F·13 Narrativa caribena: Puerto Rico y Cuba

Friday, 1:30·3:00 p.m. Room: 221

Chair: Carmen Montanez, Indiana State University

• Marfa M. Zalduondo, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

"From La ChaTca (1894) to La LlamaTada (1935): Puerto Rico's Truncated National Identity" • Carmen M. Cedeno, University of Louisville

"EI biculturalismo en Cuando eTa puertorriqueiia de Esmeralda Santiago" • Susan Carvalho, University of Kentucky

"Flight Aborted: Space and Power in Rosario Ferre's Flight of the Swan" • Carmen Caneta-Quesada, Vanderbilt University

"Jose Lezama Lima y su noci6n de 'teleologfa insular': lectura del'Coloquio con Juan Ram6n Jimenez"

P.14 Garcfa-Lorcar Poeta en Nueva York

Friday, 1:30.3:00 p.m. Room: 219

Chair: Gregory S. Hutcheson, University of Louisville

• Evangelin Chapman. Wall, University of South Carolina

"Lost in New York: A Psychoanalytical Critique of Federico Garda Lorca and His Use of Poetic Imagery" • Rei Berroa, George Mason University

"Adan sin rakes: Goces y dolores de Lorca en Nueva York" • Joshua Hamilton, Indiana University

"Skin Grafts: Articulating Harlem in Langston Hughes's and Federico Garda Lorca's Poetry"


F·IS Voces narrativas de Galicia y Portugal Friday, 1 :30 - 3:00 p.m,

Chair: Emilia Rodnguez, University of Louisville

• Ana Isabel Carballal, University of Nebraska, Omaha

"Galicia desde el exilio: El emigrante en la visi6n de Alfonso Rodrfguez" • Parissa T adrissi, University of California, Santa Barbara

"(Re) Defining National Identity in Calzados Lola"

• Ana Sofia Calado, University of Louisville

"Novas Canas Portuguesas: A liberdade pela palavra"

Room: 223


Friday, 1:30·3:00 pm

F.16 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction Friday, 1:30·3:00 p.m.

Chair: Roxana Cazan, University of Louisville • Stephen Frech, Millikin University

The Dark Villages of Childhood (poetry)

• Mike Land, Assumption College

Ghost Dogs (fiction)

• Sean M. Conrey, Purdue University The Word in Edgewise (poetry)

• Paul G. Durica, Clackamas Community College Dutiful Record Keepers AU (fiction)

Ekstrom Library Auditorium


Special Hispanic Presentation

Mary S. Vasquez, Davidson College

"Exile Lossses, Exile Dreams: The Grammar of Contested Memory in the Literature of Hispanic Diaspora"


Friday, 3:15 ·4:45 p.m. in Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Introduced by Aristofanes Cedeno, University of Louisville


Friday, 3: 15 • 4:45 pm

G~ 1 Rereadings, Misreadings, and Ironic Readings in Philip Roth's Early Fiction (Panel organized by the Philip Roth Society)

Friday, 3: 15 • 4:45 p.m, Room: 221

Chair: Samuel S. Cohen, University of Missouri, Columbia

• Mark Cirino, Center-City University, New York

'''Goodbye, Columbus' and the 1950's"

• Jason Baskin, Princeton University

"ln the Middle of a jewish Joke': Irony, Confession, and Assimilation in Portnoy's Complaint"

• Daniel Medin, Washington University, St. Louis ~

"Loving Lies? Philip Roth's 'Looking at Kafka'"

G~Z Paul Auster: Mourning and History

Friday, 3: 15 ·4:45 p.m, Room: 112

Chair: Jon R. Adams, Western Michigan University

• Jonathan Boulter, Saint Francis Xavier University

"Can the Dead Mourn? Paul Auster's Oracle Night"

• Michelle Banks, University of Western Ontario

"Borders and Gaps: A Reading of Paul Auster's New York Trilogy as a Trilogy" • Michael Van Dyke, Cornerstone University

"Extirpating Puritan Ghosts: Paul Auster's Late Twentieth-Centurv Fictions"

G~3 James Joyce

Friday, 3:15·4:45 p.m, Room: 113

Chair: Kurt Bullock, Grand Valley State University

• Steven R. Blevins, University of California, Davis

"In Hospitable Times in Hospitable Places: Ul-ysses, the Colonial Death Drive, and the Melancholies of Nation"

• Sarah M. Gann, Cleveland State University

"'Novels, Generally Speaking, Are Instruments of Abomination and Ruin': James Joyce's Ul-ysses and American pre.Roth Obscenity Law"

• Justin P. Jakovac, Thiel College

''Writing The Book of Himself': Stephen Dedalus, Writing, and Identity in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ul-ysses"

G·4 The (T)Rope of Maternity: Cultural Tension and Literary Motherhood (Prearranged Panel)

Friday, 3:15 ·4:45 p.m. Room: 114

Chair: Kate Cochran, Northern Kentucky University

• Christina Riley Brown, University of Mississippi

"Duty, Sexuality, and the Call to Sacrifice: Motherhood in Walker Percy's Lancelot" • Aimee Berger, Texas Wesleyan University

"Louise Erdrich's Developing Maternal Subjectivity"

• Kate Cochran, Northern Kentucky University

"Mysticism and Miracles: The Myth of Mother-Idennrv in Han Nolan's Dancing on the Edge"

G~5 Reconsidering Hemingway (Prearranged Panel)

Friday, 3: 15 ·4:45 p.m, Room: 117

Chair: Ann Ciasullo, University of Oregon

• David E. Magill, University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown

"'My Valuable Qualities': Masculinity as Property in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises" • Ann M. Ciasullo, University of Oregon

"'How Can You Lose with Two Girls?' or Some Comments on the Narrative (Re)Construction of Hemingway's The Garden of Eden"




Friday, 3: 15 • 4:45 pm

H. D.'s Syncretic Erotics (Panel organized by the Hilda Doolittle Society) Friday, 3: 15 ·4:45 p.m.

Chair: Christine Coffman, California State University, Bakersfield • Amy Evans, Queen Mary, University of London

"We Were One Number': Erotic Numerology in H. D.'s Vale ave" • Christine Coffman, California State University, Bakersfield "No Utopia: Lesbian Aggressivity in H. D.'s Paint It Today"

• Jane Augustine, Independent Scholar

"Loved by the Gods': H. D., Orgasm, and Divine Ecstasy"

Room: 217


Perspectives on the Long Poem: Ammons and Koch Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m.

Chair: Jerry M. Combs, Hazard Community and Technical College • Daniel Scott Tysdal, Acadia University

"A. R. Ammons's Garbage: Disposal, Heraclitus and The Un assimilable Fact" • Joe W. Moffett, Kentucky Wesleyan College

"Popular Culture and Simulation in Postmodernity: Reassessing Kenneth Koch's Seasons on Earth"

Room: 209

,G·B The Horror, The Horror: Representing the Great War

Friday, 3: 15 • 4:45 p.m, Room: 109

Chair: Thorn Dancer, University of Wisconsin

• William J. Rabie, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville 'The Military Pastoral of the Western Front"

• Bjorn W. Freitag, University of Texas, Austin

'To Kill a Finch: Visualization of Trauma in German Literature of World War I" • Sheryl Stevenson, University of Akron

"Need for the Other: Primitivism, Wh· ite Horror, and the Dynamics of Cultural Projection in Heart of Darkness and The Ghost Road"

G.9 Performing Ethnicity in American Culture

Friday, 3:15 ·4:45 p.m. Room: 108

Chair: Barbara Wade, Berea College

• Jessica Abernathy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"What Happens to a Dream Deferred?' White Exploitation of Afro-American Culture and Black-on-Black Violence in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and Bamboozled"

• Rachel Ann Simon, University of Kentucky

"Creating American Culture in E. L Doctorow's World's Fair" • Patricia E. Clark, State University of New York, Oswego

"Bamboozled! Neo-Passing Narratives in Percival Everett's Erasure and Philip Roth's Human Stain"

G.IO Contemporary African-American Poetry (Panel organized by the African American Literature and Culture Society)

Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m. Room: 215

Chair: Keith Byerman, Indiana State University

• Ann Hostetler, Goshen College

"Painting with Words: Form and Vision in Contemprary African American Poetry" • Meta DuEwaJones, George Washington University

"Black Poetics, Back to the Future: Twentieth-Century Poetry in the Twenty-First Century" • Aldon L. Nielsen, Pennsylvania State University

'The Coltrane Exception: African American Experiment and the Critical Reception"



Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 pm

G-ll History and/of Literature

Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m, Room: 224

Chair: Susanna Hoeness-Krupsaw, University of Southern Indiana

• Robert Lawson, Memorial University of Newfoundland

"Literary Hoaxes: The Narrative Strategies and Reception of Binjamin Wilkomirski's Brucrueuke and Norma Khouri's Honor Lose"

• James Davis, Brooklyn College, New York

"The Big Ditch': Eric Walrond and the Panamanian Aporia of National Literatures"

G-12 Poetry, Locality, and Nation

Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m. Room: 106

Chair: Gary P. Walton, Northern Kentucky University

• Jeremy Green, University of Colorado, Boulder

'The Afterlife of Reactionary Modernism: C. H. Sisson" • Bert Wray, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

"Back to the Land: The Pastoral Dilemma of Ted Hughes's MOOrlown Diary" • Paul Robichaud, Albertus Magnus College

"Buried Knowledge: Poetry, Archaeology, and Local Identity"

G-13 Literature in Opposition to Nazism

Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m. Room: 123

Chair: Heide Witthoft, Virginia Tech

• Enno Lohmeyer, Case Western Reserve University

"Die Schuld im Schweigen: Gedanken zu Elisabeth Langgassers 'Saisonbeginn'" • Hillary Hope Herzog, University of Kentucky

"'Erkenne dich fremd': Alienation and Belonging in Robert Schindel's Recent Work" • Jennifer Barker, Indiana University


"Death of a Man: Modernism and (Anti-) Fascism"

G-14 Pleasure of the Senses, Pleasure of the Text

Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m. Room: 211

Chair: Matthieu Daile, University of Louisville

• Joyce Janca, Butler University

"Patrick Suskind's Le parium: A Bouquet of Olfactory and Literary Vampirism" • Steven Urquhart, Queen's University, Canada

"Le plaisir du texte chez Proust: A Blissful Barrhesian Reading of Combray" • Surapeepan Chatraporn, Chulalongkorn University

"Food, Emotion, and the Empowerment of Women in Esquivel's Uke Water for Chocolate, Harris's Chocolat and Dinesen's Babette's Feast"

G-15 Italian ill

Friday, 3: 15 - 4:45 p.m. Room: 122

Chair: Paolo Giordano, University of Central Florida

• Antonino Musumeci, University of IIIinois,Urbana, Champaign "Celati: The Author as Reader"

• Sante Matteo, Miami University "Toto/Iago: Yanking Our Racist Chains"


SECTION G Friday, 3:15·4:45 pm

G~16 Special Hispanic Presentation Friday, 3:15·4:45 p.m.

Chair: Arist6fanes Cedeno, University of Louisville Mary S. Vasquez, Davidson College

"Exile Lossses, Exile Dreams: The Grammar of Contested Memory in the Literature of Hispanic Diaspora"

Ekstrom Library Auditorium

G~ 17 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction Friday, 3: 15 • 4:45 p.m,

Chair: Paul Durica, Clackamas Community College • Elizabeth Willis, Wesleyan University

On the Resemblance of Some Flowers to Insects, etc (poetry) • Mike Smith, University of Louisville

First Place in Uttle League (fiction)

• Erin Murphy, Washington College Poetry

• Jubal Tiner, Western Carolina University The Hunter (fiction)

Bingham Poetry Room, Ekstrom Library


Friday, 5:00 p.m. MiddJeton Auditorium, Strickler Hall, 101

Octavia Butler, Seattle, Washington

From Woe to Wonder - The Writing of Octavia E. Butler Introduced by Karen Chandler, English Department, University of Louisville


Friday evening Seelbach Hilton Hotel

Reception, cash bar (all conferees welcome), 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Dinner, by reservation only, 8:00 p.m.



Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 am

H·I T. S. Eliot: The Waste lAnd and Four Quartets (Panel organized by the T. S. Eliot Society)

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: Z 15

Chair: Benjamin G. Lockerd, Grand Valley State University

• J. N. Nodelman, University of Alberta

"Gear-and-Girder-Age Narrative and T. S. Eliot's 'The Dry Salvages'" • Patricia S. Garofalo, Grand Valley State University

"In Scorn of Eyes: Tiresias and the Lady in the Pub in The Waste Land" • Richard Badenhausen, Westminster College

Totalizing the Citv: Eliot, de Certeau, and the Evolution of The Waste Land"

H·2 Freaks and Geeks: On the Literature of Katharine Dunn and Jonathan Lethem

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m, Room: 108

Chair: Mary Barbosa-Jerez, University of Louisville

• Sara Hosey, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"Peace, Isolation, Purity': The Impossibility of the Hermetic in Katharine Dunn's Geek Love" • Matt Godbey, University of Kentucky

"Jonathan Lethern's 'Travels in Hyperreality': The Fortress of Solitude and the Logic of Gentrification" • Fred Johnson, Ball State University

"Nets with Disabilities: A Network Science Approach to Motherless Brooklyn, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- Time, and The Pleasure of My Company"

H·3 Modernist Formal Tensions: Hardy, Williams, Stein Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.rn.

Chair: William R. Howe, Northeastern University • Jesse Graves, University of Tennessee, Knoxville ''Thomas Hardy's Distraught Love Lyrics"

• Vincent]. Cortese, University of South Carolina, Columbia

"Is What I Have Written Prose?' A New Formalist Examination= of the Imagination and the Complexity of William Carlos Williams's Spring and AU"

• Christine E. Coffman, California State University, Bakersfield

"Automatic Stein"

Room: 103

H4 Poetry, Politics, and the Social

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 113

Chair: Katrina Butcher, University of Louisville

• Margaret Ronda, University of California, Berkeley

"Red Wheels Gave the Earth a New Turn': Labor, Mediated Nature, and Socioeconomic Critique in Lorine Niedecker's Poetry"

• Ayon Roy, University of California, Berkeley

"'Gods Moving in Crystal': Lyric Experience and the Social in Ezra Pound's The Pisan Cantos" • Laura Cowan, University of Maine

"W. H. Auden's 'Poetics of Nothingness': Aesthetics and Political Engagement in Another Time"

H·5 Visual Culture and History

Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. Room: 123

Chair: Philip A. Douglas, Michigan State University

• Laurence Petit, Central Connecticut State University

"'Wait for the Dancing to Begin': Anita Brookner's Family and Friends or the Dance of History" . • Peggy Setje-Eilers, Vanderbilt University

"Talking Faces! Max Beckmann's Etchings Chat with Kasimir Edschmid's 1918 Text 'Die Furstin" • D. Ihrman, Grand Valley State University

"Return to Beauty: The Aesthetics and Prints of Zhang Chao Yang"


H~ Aesthetics/W omen/Bodies Saturday, 9:00· 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Melissa Chastain, Spalding University

• Lauren Camille Mason, Michigan State University

''Tresses and Transformation: Fictional Black Beauty Shops as Sexually Creative Spaces in Popular Literature and Film"

• Jeannie Ludlow, Bowling Green State University "Performing Abortion in Contemporary Women's Writing" • David Linton, Marymount Manhattan College

"Blood on the Page: Male Authors on Menstrual Sex"

• Mimi Pipino, Lake Erie College

"From Pelisses to Prada: The Chick Lit Phenomenon in Women's Fiction"

Room: 119





SECTION H Saturday, 9:00 . 10:30 am

H,7 Lolita at Fifty (Panel organized by the Vladimir Nabokov Society) Saturday, 9:00 • 10:30 a.rn.

Chair: Charles Nicol, Indiana State University • Kellie Dawson, Cornell University

"Shameless Innocence: Seeing Past Humbert to Lolita" • Constance Holmes, University of Florida

"Lolita and the Law: Structure, Parody and Reality"

• Amy Marie Johnson, University of Wisconsin, Madison "Untitled-Objects, Lolita"

• David Parry, State University of New York, Albany "Lolita: Textual Interaction and the Literary Game"

Room: 217

H,8 Martin Amis (Prearranged Panel)

Saturday, 9:00 . 10:30 a.m. j! Chair: Gavin Keulks, Western Oregon University • Gavin Keulks, Western Oregon University

"Journeys on the Night Train: Postmodern Crises and Crossroads" • Nicole LaRose, University of Florida

"Martin Amis's Alternative Apocalyptic Community" • Keith E. Collett II, University of South Dakota

"Bodies in the Baudrillardian Landscape of Martin Amis's Money" • Erich Hertz, Loyola University, Chicago

"'Character is Destiny': Martin Amis's Historical Shift from London Fields to Time's Arrow"

Room: 209

H,9 Margaret Atwood (Panel organized by the Margaret Atwood Society) Saturday, 9:00 • 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Sally A. Jacobsen, Northern Kentucky University • Karma Waltonen, University of California, Davis ''Transgressing through Humor in Oryx and Crake"

• Sue Sorensen, University of Winnipeg

"Death by Landscape: Atwood's Revision of Wordsworth's OELucy Poems" • Sally A. Jacobsen, Northern Kentucky University

"Fishy Food, Global Business, and Atwood's Postmodern High Jinks in Oryx and Crake"

Room: 121



Saturday, 9:00 . 10:30 am

H·lO The Textual Work of War: Rhetoric, Representation, Performance Saturday, 9:00 . 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Amy Lillard, Northwestern University

• Taryn L Okuma, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"'What's the War Got to Do with It'? Conventional Violence and the Violence of Convention in Henry Green's Loving"

• Deborah R. Geis, DePauw University

"Identity Politics in the Gulf War: Naomi Wallace's In the Heart of America" • Jeffrey Menne, Vanderbilt University

"Gillo Pontecorvo: Can the Subaltern Speak in the Movies?"

Room: 112

H·II Race and the Desire for Social Mobility

Saturday, 9:00·10:30 a.m. Room: 109

Chair: Cynthia Davis, Barry University

• Kara Poe Alexander, University of Louisville

"A Rhetorical Wrangling with Literacy: Grappling with Dominant Notions of Literacy in Sapphire's Push" • Washella N. Turner, University of Florida

"Unity or Dissension? African-American Authors' Views on the Effectiveness of the NAACP" • Beth A. McCoy, State University of New York, Geneseo

'''We Didn't Come All This Way for No Two Seats': White Supremacy, Paratextualirv, and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party"

H·12 Mckaniques du texte Saturday, 9:00 • 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Madalina Akli, Rice University • Gilles Glacet, Emory. University

"Le satlon de Francis j'onge, gros dossier ou petit moteur a explosion!" • Madalina Akli, Rice University

"La structure discursive dans Ie pacte autobiographique Us Mots de Sartre"

Room: 122

H·13 Latino/Chicano Hybridity Saturday, 9:00 • 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Kristina Fennelly, Lehigh University • Rolf Samuels, Viterbo University

"'Even If It Was a Fantasy': Fictive Refuge in Mr. Itles's Christmas" • Bryan Peters, Miami University, Oxford

"Fragments and Pieces: Cherrie Moraga's Bodies and Politics" • Sarah K. Lanius, Lehigh University

"No Man's Land: Producing Masculinity on the Job in Bilb's The Magic of Blood"

Room: 223

H.14 Prison Poetics: The Value of Aesthetics to Cultural Studies (Prearranged Panel) Saturday, 9:00 • 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Joshua Hamilton, Indiana University • Erin Finzer, University of Kansas

"Aesthetic Imprisonment in the Verse of Angel Cuadra" • Yvette Aparicio, Grinnell College

"'Huelo mal': The Scent of Aesthetics in Roque Dalton's Prison Poems" • John V. Waldron, University of Vermont

"Prisons of Freedom: Matos Paoli and Olga Nolla's Poetic Politics"

Room: 221


SECTION H Saturday, 9:00 - 10:30 am

H.1S Ideas y pensamiento filos6fico en America Latina y Espana: comunitarismo y utopfa Saturday, 9:00 • 10:30 a.m,

Chair: Ana Isabel Carballah, University of Nebraska, Omaha • Keith Alan Sprouse, Hampden-Svdney College

"Utopia and Dystopia In the Americas: The Philosophy of History in Edmundo O'Gorman's La invenciOn de America"

• Francisco Javier Higuero, Wayne State University

"Argumentaci6n comunitarista en Alianza y contrato de Adela Cortina"

Room: 219

H·16 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction Saturday, 9:00 • 10:30 a.m.

Chair: Mike Land, Assumption College

• Nicholas Allin, Florida State University Poetry

• Trudy lewis, University of Missouri, Columbia Ma:yweather Takes the Oath (fiction)

• Daniel Morris, Purdue University

Bryce Passage (poetry)

• William N. Claxon, [r., University of South Carolina, Aiken Rellelations (fiction)

Ekstrom Library Auditorium

First Call for Papers The 34h Annual


February 23, 24 and 25, 2006

Submission deadline. September 15, 2005(Postmarked)

Please refer to the guidelines posted on our website in early April www.louisville.edula .. s/cmVxxconf/

Proposals (abstracts) Critical papers may be submitted on any topic that addresses literary works published since 1900, and/or their relationship with other Arts and disciplines (film, journalism, opera, music, pop culture, painting, architecture, law).

Creative submissions (poetry or short fiction) are also encouraged.

For details, or to be put on our mailing list, contact:

Danielle R. Day, Conference Director, Classical and Modem Languages, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292 (502)852-6686






Saturday, 10:45 • 12: 15 pm

Pynchon and DeLillo: Politics and Pedagogy Saturday, 10:45 • 12: 15 pm

Chair: Michael Goldberg, Kentucky Country Day School • David W. Bottorff, Brandeis University

"The Third Line': Homosexuality and History in Don DeLillo's libra" • Glenn Hutchinson, University of North Carolina, Charlotte "DeLillo's Valparaiso: 'The World's Sucked Up inside a Little Sony'"

• James M. Greene, West Virginia University

"Radical Pedagogues, Imaginary Friends, and Luddites: Reading Pvnchon's The Secret Integration' with Paulo Freire"

Figuring Masculinity: John Steinbeck, Chuck Palahniuk, Tony Soprano Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

Chair: Cameron Golden, University of North Carolina, Greensboro • Daniel Worden, Brandeis University

"Specters of Masculinity: John Steinbeck and the Failure of Allegory" • Jesse Kavadlo, Maryville University

"Millennial Masculinities: Chuck Palahniuk and the Fiction of Self. Destruction" • Corey Alderdice, Western Kentucky University

"Surviving the Invisible Monster's Lullaby: Personal Responsibility in the Novels of Chuck Palahniuk" • Katherine Lee, Indiana State University

'The Ghost of Gary Cooper: Negotiating Masculinities on The Sopranos"

(Re)Constructing History: Historiographic Metafiction as the Negotiated Space of Lived Experience, Faulty Memory, and Shifting Identity (Pre-arranged Panel)

Saturday, 10:45 - 12:15 pm

Chair: Jeremy Justus, West Viginia University • Jeremy c. Justus, Wes~ Virginia University

'To Whom Do I Tell This Story? Blurred Narrator/Narratee Boundaries in Water!and" • Daniel Tripp, West Virginia University

"Ishmael Reed's Flighc co Canada and the Remediated Past" • Jason Zahrndt, University of Louisville

"Serious Funny Books: Historical Comic Art Narratives and the Role of the Narrator"

D. H. Lawrence in Contemporary Context (Panel organized by the D. H. Lawrence Society of North America)

Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

Chair: Pamela Kaye Wright, Texas A&M, Corpus Christi • Pamela Kaye Wright, Texas A&M, Kingsville "Lawrence's Language of the Body: New Insights"

• Gregory Miller, University of California, Davis

"Discovering Performance Ritual in Lawrence's Travel Literature" • Diane Marie Ward, State Universiry of New York, Buffalo ''New Perspectives on D. H. Lawrence's Southwest Circle"


Room: 106

Room: 108


1 I



Room: 114

Room: 215


Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

1,5 Communities of Modernism I (Panel organized by the International Lawrence Durrell Society)

Saturday, 10:45 - 12:15 pm Room: 119

Chair: Charles Sligh, University of Virginia

• John Benjamin Murphy, University of Virginia

"Being Prepared: Avant-Garde Englishness in Baden-Powell's Scouting far Boys" • Charlotte Keams, University of Leeds, England

"'A New Sense of the Shires': 'Englishness' in the Anti-Modern" • Sian White, University of Notre Dame

"A New Play Space for Old Enemies: Modernism, the Generation of 1898, and Miguel de Unamuno's Mist"


Feminism in Postcolonial Literature Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

Chair: Grace Epstein, University of Cincinnati

• Angela M. Rehbein, Virginia Commonwealth University

"'The Figure of Good Fortune': Coetzee's Susan Barton as Defoe's Roxana" • Jennifer J. Bray, Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi

"Kitchen Implements and Cars: Global Feminist Symbols in Jhumpa Lahiri's 'Mrs. Sen's'" • Cynthia Davis, Barry University

"Trickster at the Crossroads: Calypsonian Satire in the Work of Jean Rhvs"

Room: 112

1,7 Traumatic Subjectivity in Jean Rhys's Fiction (Pre-arranged Panel) Saturday, 10:45 - 12:15 pm

Chair: Patricia Moran, University of California, Davis • Erica L. Johnson, Chatham College

"There Are Always Two Deaths': Ghostly Being in Jean Rhys" • Patricia Moran, University of California, Davis

"'She Turned Her Head Away, lndiffere> nt, and It Broke My Heart': Intersubjective Readings of

the Empty Mirror in Jean Rhys's Fiction" t'

• Tamar Heller, University of Cincinnati

"Afflictions of the Voice: Jean Rhys's Good Morning, Midnight and the Philosophy of Simone Weil"

1,8 'Except in Irish': Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Irish Language (Pre-arranged Panel) Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

Chair: Susan Facknitz, James Madison University • Kevin Barents, University of Florida

"A Farewell to Readership: Michael Hartnett in the Face of Self-Marginalization" • Susan V. Facknitz, James Madison University

"Forgeries Unrevised: The Irish Language and the Poetry of Louis de Paor" • Mary O'Donoghue, Babson College. Massachusetts

"Collaboration: On Being a Poet-Translator of the Irish-Language Poetry of Louis de Paor"

Paul Auster (Pre-arranged Panel) Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

Chair: Chris Ruiz-Velasco, California State University, Fullerton • Jon R. Adams, Western Michigan University

"Improbably Natural: Verisimilitude and Novel Theory in the Writings of Paul Auster" • Catherine Cucinella, Oakland University, Rochester

"'Living the Posthumous Life': The Existential Joke in Paul Auster's The New York Trilogy" • Chris Rutz-Velasco, California State Universirv, Fullerton

"Secrecy and Identity in Paul Auster's The Book of Illusions"

Room: 123






Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

1·10 Susan Howe's History: Three Perspectives (Pre-arranged Panel) Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

Chair: Julie Sorge, University of Kansas • Justin Crowe, University of Kansas

"Susan Howe's Reclaiming of History: The Nancanfonnist's Memorial" • Andrew West, University of Kansas

"'Candles Lighting the Dark': Susan Howe and the Essay" • Julie Sorge, University of Kansas

"Cormorants Caged: Reading Susan Howe's The Birth·mark as Captivity Narrative"

1·11 The Russian Nabokov (Panel organized by the Vladimir Nabokov Society) Saturday, 10:45 • 12: 15 pm

Chair: Charles Nicol, Indiana State University

• Samuel Schuman, University of Minnesota, Morris "Dreamy Streets: Nabokov's St. Petersburg"

• Nassim Balestrini, Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat, Germany "The Shape of Exile: Britva"

• Jeffrey Howard, University of Texas, Austin "Nabokov, Gnosticism, and Postmodern Fiction"

1·12 Holy Hole: Male Power and Female Sexuality Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

Chair: Josette Keams, University of Louisville

• Isaiah Smithson, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

"Renoir, Cassatt, and Balthus: Reading Paintings by Artists Gazing at Females Reading Books" • Culley Caison-Grefe, Austin Peay State University

"Hom of Plenty: Colette's Le Ble en herbe"



1·13 Language and Power in Twentieth-Century Chicano Literature (Pre-arranged Panel)

Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm

Chair: Deborah Mix, Ball State University

• Joanne Nystrom Janssen, Ball State University

"A Failed Cultural Icon: The Pachuco in Luis Valdez's Zoot Suit" • Christopher Carr, Ball State University

'The Power of Narrative: Men Using Stories about Women for Power and Social Status in Maria Cristina Men's 'The Vine-Leaf"

• Elizabeth Young, Ball State University

'The Triple Burden: Poverty and Language in Chicana Culture"

Room: 209

Room: 217

Room: 210

Room: 223

1.14 Narrativa espanola contemporanea II

Saturday, 10:45·12:15 pm Room: 219

Chair: Miryam Criado, Hanover College

• Eufemia Sanchez De La Calle, Marquette University "Ficci6n e historia en Beltenebros de Antonio Munoz Molina" • Jorge Perez, University of Kansas

"La novela espanola en la carretera: cartograffas imaginarias de 10 nacional" • Michelle Geoffrion-Vinci, Lafayette College

"Linguistic Constructions of the Gendered Self (and Gendered Reconstructions of Linguistics) in the Short Fiction of Cristina Fernandez Cubas"



Saturday, 10:45 - 12:15 pm

[.15 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction

Saturday, 10:45 - 12: 15 pm Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Chair: Linda Torok, University of Louisville

• Kyle David Torke, United States Air Force Academy Dander (poetry)

• Jessica Citti, University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Weight of M:y Tourism: A Traveler's Memoir (travel essay/memoir) • Joshua McKinney, California State University, Sacramento

The Novice Mourner (poetry)

• Linda A. Torok, University of Louisville Meu Amor (fiction)

4th STREET LIVE, It's all about hanging out

Located: 4th Street between Muhammad Ali Blvd and Liberty St.

Out-of-towners have an option. From billiards to bowling, bourbon to beer, books to coffee.

One stop urban entertainment center. Everything in one place. More than 25 businesses including big national names such as Borders Books and Music and Hard Rock Cafe, unique -to-Louisville spots such as the Irish bar Sully's and the Parrot Beach, chic night spots such as the pool hall Felt and the Red Cheetah dance club, combine for whatever you want your personal experience to be.

Additional Information

All presentation rooms are accessible to the handicapped

All sections of Critical Papers are scheduled in Bingham Humanities Building Sections of creative reading are scheduled in W. F. Ekstrom Library Special guest speakers are scheduled in the Ekstrom Library




1 I


Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 pm


Looking at GenderlSexualtity through Comparative Arts (Pre-arranged Panel) Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

Chair: Ed Chamberlain, Indiana University Bloomington • Ed Chamberlain, Indiana University

"Hollywood's Fetishization of Queerness, Truth, and the Writer in the Cinematic Portrayals of Lorca and Wilde"

• Arianne Hartsell, Indiana University

"Woman and Wolf in the Woods and on the Highway" • Nicole Amy Tobin, Indiana University

"Looking beyond Blackness: Cultural Identity in the Photography of Rotimi Fani-Kavode" • Chantal Carleton, Indiana University

"Elizabeth Bishop and the Poetics of Space"

Room: 215

)-2 Communities of Modernism n (Panel organized by the International Lawrence Durrell SOCiety)

Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m, Room: 119

Chair: Charles Sligh, University of Virginia

• Andrea Powell, Ball State University

"Edna St. Vincent Millay and Greenwich Village" • James Gifford, University of Alberta

"Modernist Communities of Desire: The Villa Seurat Circle" • Anna Lillios, University of Central Forida

"Lawrence Durrell's Greek Circle"

J-3 Approaching Philip Roth's Recent Fiction (Panel organized by the Philip Roth SOCiety)

Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Room: 221

Chair: Daniel Medin, Washington University, St. Louis

• Matthew Shipe, Washington University, St. Louis

"Personality Crisis: The Reconstrucnon of Identity in the 'Philip Roth' Tetralogy" • Samuel S. Cohen, University of Missouri, Columbia

"American Trauma" ,

• Tara Johnson, Ball State University

"American Dreams of Paradise, Progress, and Freedom in Phillip Roth's The Human Stain and American Pastoral"

J-4 History, Historicism, Allegory

Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Room: 210

Chair: Jeremy Justus, West Virginia University

• [ong-Im Lee, University of Wisconsin, Madison

'''Perforated Sheet' of National Identity: Mimicry and Allegory in Midnight's Children" • Annie McClanahan, University of California, Berkeley

"'Preparing for the Second Elevation': The Intuitionist, the Postmodern Historical Novel, and Counterfactual Propositions"

• Theodore Martin, University of California, Berkeley

"'But then again, then again, Nothing Really is all that Real Anymore, We Must Remember, of course, of course. (Or is it just the Opposite? Is everything more real? Aha.)':

The Object of Wish-Fulfillment, the Subject of the Real, and (What We Might Call, Provisionally, Just Hear Me Out) Postmodern Realism, (Or, Two-and-a-Half Dave Eggers Novels Are

Too Many, Aren't They?)"


Iovce-Castlng: The Facets of Joycean Scholarship (Panel organized by the International James Joyce Foundation)

Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Room: 121

Chair: [olanta Wawrzycka, Radford University

Keri Elizabeth Ames, Yale University f

Reconciling Joyce's Ulysses with Homer's Odyssey by Way of the Belly Button" • David M. Earle, Kent State University

"I Can See You, but I Can't Read You: Joyce, Visuality, and Accessing the Text of Ulysses" • Catherine S. Kalish, Marquette University

"(Re) Fashioning the Novel: Visualizing Discourse in Finnegans Wake" • [olanta Wawrzycka, Radford University

'The Joyce of Pedagogy: Multimedial Scholarship"


Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 pm


Escaping Patriarchy: Feminist Critiques of Masculine Culture Saturday, 1 :30 - 3:00 p.m,

Chair: Marcia McGowan, Eastern Connecticut State University • Douglas Anderson, Southwest Minnesota State University

"Egos and Economics: Explaining Ecological Crisis in Kingsolver and Ozeki" • Tim Libretti, Northeastern Illinois University

"Alice Walker's Feminist Approach to Understanding the Continuum of Genocide in By the Ught of My Father's Smile"

• Gillian M. E. Alban, Bosphorus University and Uskudar American Academy

'The Bird Woman as Trope of Empowerment and Divinity in Angela Carter and A. S. Bvatt"


Milosz and His Others Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m,

Chair: Christine Rvdel, Grand Valley State University

• Karen Kovacik, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis

"Skeptical Tributes, Refracted Self-Portraits: The California Dialogue Poems of Czeslaw Milosz and Robert Hass"

• Malgorzata Gabrys, Ohio State University

'The Trauma of Survivors: Czeslaw Milosz and Wislawa Szymborska" • Judith A. Dompkowski, Canisius College

"Orphaned by the Loss of Words: The Last Poems ofCzeslaw Milosz" • Christine A. Rvdel, Grand Valley State University

"Milosz, Szymborska, and Huelle on Life, Death, War, and Poland in the Twentieth Century"



Memory in the Twentieth Century (Pre-arranged Panel) Saturday, 1:30· 3:00 p.m.

Chair: Deborah 0 Moore, University Park • Patricia A. Barker, Kingwood College

"Navigating the River of Time, History, and Memory in Graham Swift's Waterland" • Amelia Keel, Kingwood College

"Constructing Memory from a Metaphor and an Historical Text: The River and the Book in Joanne Harris's Five Quarters of the "Orange"

• Deborah O. Moore, Independent Scholar

"Violence and Memory: Helena Maria Viramontes's Their Dogs Came with Them"


Room: 114

Room: 224

) I L


Room: 209


Margaret Atwood Saturday, 1 :30 - 3:00 p.m.

Chair: Jesse Kavadlo, Maryville University • Amy Lillard, Northwestern University

"Desire's End? Sexual Extremism Pre- and Post-Dystopia in The Handmaid's Tale" • Deborah Hooker, North Carolina State University

"Flowers, Bad Faith, and the Ecological Ethos of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale" Casie Hermansson, Pittsburg State University

Apoca-llipsis: Language as Ground Zero in Oryx and Crake and the Last Man Tradition"

Room: 123



i j


Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 pm

J-IO The American West: Old Myths, New Explorations

Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m, Room: 113

Chair: Matthew Biberman, University of Louisville

• Matt Yockey, Indiana University

"Nat Love Was a Gunslinger: Race and Masculinity on the American Frontier" • Richard A. Black, University of Tulsa

"'We've Been Right Here All Along': The Texas Mythology and Katherine Anne Porter's Noon Wine" • Kathryn West, Bellarmine University

"Durham and Morrison Confront Inter- and Intra-Racial Violence in the American West"

J-II Revising the Canon of Contemporary American Poetry (Pre-arranged Panel)

Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Room: 223

Chair: Daniel Morris, Purdue University

• Cody Lumpkin, Purdue University

"Violence, the Apocalypse, and William Stafford" • Leslie St. John, Purdue University

"More than 'Queen for a pay': A Call for Further Recognition of Denise Duhamel's Poetry" • Monica Osborne, Purdue University

"And What If I Say the Purposes Have Not Yet Been All Revealed? Searching for Psyche and Re-Imagining God in the Poetry of Marge Piercy and Alicia Ostriker"

J-12 Mirror on the Stage: Twentieth-Century Drama and Culture (Panel organized by the Eugene O'Neill Society)

Saturday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. Room: 211

Chair: Cynthia McCown, Beloit College

• Vivian Casper, Texas Woman's University

'War and Terrorism on the American Stage: Spotlight on BackgroundingIForegrounding Messages" • Kazuko Eimoto, Kanto Gakuin University

"Eugene O'Neill's Obscure Philosophy: Celtic/Buddhist Thought in the O'Neill Canon" • Fred Ribkoff, University of British Columbia, Canada

"Holocaust in the Closet: A reading of Tennessee Williams's Suddenly Last Summer"



Saturday, 1:30 . 3:00 pm

'·13 Spanish Creative Writing: Voces poeticas trasatlanticas (Pre-arranged Panel)

Saturday, 1:30·3:00 p.m. Bingham Poetry Room, Ekstrom Library

Chair: Natalia Gomez, Grand Valley State University

• Esther Ram6n Bonifacio, Bates College

Tundra (poesfa)

• Claudia Aburto Guzman, Bates College Deambulaciones er6ticas (poesfa)

• Madeline Millan, State University of New York Balada de la lJiuaa (poesfa)

• Natalia G6mez, Grand Valley State University Lur (poesfa)

}.14 Authors Reading Poetry and Fiction

Saturday, 1:30·3:00 p.m. Ekstrom Library Auditorium

Chair: Roxana Cazan, University of Louisville

• Frank M. Chipasula, Howard University

A Love Poem for My Country and other poems (poetry) • Margaret Kingery Dimoplon, Ball State University The Virgin Point (fiction)

• Sarah Anne White

Mosaic (poetry)

• Nicole Louise Reid, University of Southern Indiana

Prologue / Nights Spent Floating the Angelina / Lie / With Him Now (Excerpted from In the Breeze of Passil1g Things) (fiction)


Saturday, 3: 15 p.m. Bingham Humanities Building Room 300 Alan Nadel, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"The Fugitive, Black and White: Cinematic Narrative, Rodney King and the L.A.P.D." Introduced by Thomas B. Byers, English Department, University of Louisville


Following Alan Nadel's presentation please join us for the closing reception

Saturday, 4:15 pm Bingham Humanities Building Room 315.


Presenters' Index
Abernathy, Jessica G9 Brim, Matthew C8 Cormican, Muriel G. G4 I
Acevedo-Loubriel, Suzette B 15 Brookes, N.Christine FlO Cortese, Vincent J. H3
Adams, Anna Marie E 10 Brown, Christina Riley G4 Cowan, Laura H4
Adams, Jon R. 19 Brown, Jacqueline E. C4 Crowe, Justin I 10
Akli, Madalina H 12 Bruner, Jeffrey C13 Cucinella, Catherine 19
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Alexander, Kara Poe H 11 Bum, Stephen F8 Darvay, Daniel C4
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Amago, Samuel D 14 Callahan. Cynthia G. F6 Dawson, Kellie H7
Ames, KeriElizabeth 17 Camboni, Marina D6 De, Aparajita D7
Anderson, Daryll B7 Campbell, P. Michael B 12 De Gngelis, Rose F 11
Anderson, Douglas J 5 Candia-Araiza, Ruben C 12 Detloff, Madelyn D6
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Arenstein, Jason G8 Carballal, Ana Isabel F 15 Dimoplon, Margaret K. J 14
Aste, Mario Fll Carew, Joy Gleason E9 Doho, Gilbert F3
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Brewer. Gaylord B 16 Cook, Gil E7 Geoffrion- Vinci, Michelle I 14 46


Presenters' Index
eorge, Rajni D7 Hwang. Eunju C3 Lohmeyer. Enno OlJ
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Hutchinson,Olenn I 1 Loh, Lucienne B4 J
Presenters' Index j
I11ce, Kimberly G. B 14 Ruiz- Velasco, Chris 19 Tysdal, Daniel Scott G7 1
iyak-Guercio, Aparna B13 Rydel, Christine G. J 6 Umminger, Alison C8
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Owens, Craig N. FZ Spani, Giovanni ED West, Kathryn JIO
Parry, David H7 Spector, Judith G. C9 White, Sarah Gnne J 14
Passey, Jeanette Nyda E 16 Spencer, Stephen F4 White, Sian 15
Perez, Jorge 114 Spinks, Randall Bl Whitehead, Martin E7
Persin, Margo E 15 Sprouse, KeithGlan H 15 Whitehead, Rebecca Gil
Peters, Bryan H13 St.john, Leslie J II Williams, M. Kellen F6
Petit, Laurence H5 St. Peter, Austin Lewis B4 Willis, Elizabeth CZ
Pezzulich, Evelyn C6 Stanley, Maureen Tobin 014 Willis, Elizabeth G 17
Phillips, Gerald L. GI , Starcevic, Jasmina G6 Willman, Skip F4
Phillips, L.G. 01. Staveley, Alice GlO Wills, Katherine V.T. C9
Pietrzykowski, Marc OZ Stecker, Trey D5 Wilson, Keith B9
Pipino, Mimi H6 Stevenson, Sheryl G8 Worden, Daniel IZ
Pollin, Karl o IZ Stoner, Ruth CJ Wray, Bert G IZ
Powell, Andrea J Z Streip, Katharine F8 Wright, Pamela Kaye 14
Powers, Christopher D4 Strombeck, Andrew DJ Yockey, Matt J 10
Rabie, William J- 08 Svientv, Jennifer o IZ Yoder, Wendy B5
Radell, Karen 05 Tabbert-jones, Gudrun Ell Yohannes, Tamara E5
Ramos, Peter E 16 Tadrissi, Parissa F IS Young, Elizabeth 113
Regan, Matthias F9 Tanenbaum, Laura C7 Zachman, Jennifer G. C13
Reginio, Robert FlO Teixidor, Sandrine E IZ Zahrndt, Jason IJ
Rehbein, Angela M. 16 Thomas, Lundeana 09 Zalduondo, Maria M. F IJ
Reid, Nicole Louise J 14 Thomas, Tamrnb E. G4 Zwinger, Lynda B8
Rengifo, Aleiandra 013 Thompson, Ruthe B8
Reynolds, Andrew B 14 Tiger, Virginia C6
Ribkoff, Fred J IZ Tiner, Jubal G 17
Riemer, James D. B7 Tipton, John F9
Riley, Maggie Wise E5 Tobin, Nicole Gmy J I
Ris, Cynthia Nitz F8 Torok, Linda G. 115
Robichaud, Paul G IZ Torke, Kyle David 1 15
Rockefeller V, [ohnb D. BJ Treadwell, Christopher D IZ
Roderique, Jennifer L. B5 Trevitte, Chad B6
Rogers, Shannon B9 Tripp, Daniel 13
Ronda, Margaret H4 Trowbridge, Jon F9
Roof, Judith 010 Turner, Chestina C 10
Rowden, Amy F II Turner, Washella N. H II
Roy, Ayon H4 Turner, [r., Wilbert EIO 48

Adams. Anna Marie B 4 Adams. Jon R. G 2

Akli, Madalina H 12

Allen. Dennis W. D 10 Anderson. Daryll B 7 Anderson. Donald F 5 Andrews. Wendy F 11 Austenfeld, Thomas D 11 Bailey, Cristina Ferreira E 14 Barbosa-Jerez. Mary D 8 Barbosa-Jerez. Mary H 2 Beyers. Chris C 2

Beyers. Chris D 2

Biberman, Matthew J 10 Alex Blazer B 6

Brown. [acqueline E.E 1 Buchanan. Rhonda A 11

Buley. John B 1

Bullock. Kurt G 3 Butcher, Katrina H 4 Bverman, Keith A 5 Byerman, Keith G 10

Byers. Tom A 1

Callahan. Cynthia E 9 Campbell. P. Michael B 12 Capitani, Diane C 5 Capitani, Diane F 4 Carballal, Ana Isabel H 15 Cazan, Roxana F 16 Cazan, Roxana J 14 Cedeno, Aris G 16 Cedefio, Arist6fanes A 12 Chamberlain. Ed J 1 Chastain. Melissa H 6 Ciasullo, Ann G 5 Clemens. Will C 14 Cochran, Kate G 4 Coffman. Christine D 1 Coffman. Christine G 6 Cohen. Samuel S. G 1 Combs. Jerry M. G 7 Cowan, Laura F 7

Criado, Miryam I 14

Dalle, Matthieu G 14

Dancer. Thom G 8 Davis. Cynthia H 11 Detloff, Madelyn D 6 Douglas. Phillip AH 5 Durica, Paul G 17 England, Amy F 9 England, Amy F 9 Epstein. Grace I 6

Chairs' Index

Facknitz, Susan I 8 Fennelly, Kristina H 13

Frye, Rinda D 9

Futrell, Ai D 5

Gauthier, Mami D 3 Giordano. Paulo G 15 Godwin. Mary E 7 Godwin. Mary F 10 Goldberg. Jennifer B 5 Goldberg, Michael I 1 Golden, Cameron I 2 Golding. Alan E 3 Green, Jeremy C 7

Gomez, Natalia J 13

Hamilton, Joshua H 14

Heusel, Barbara Stevens B 10 Hoeness-Krupsaw, Susanna G 11 Hogan. William C 1

Holtze. Terri A 6

Howe, William R. H 3 Hutcheson. Gregory S. F 14 Jacobsen. Sally H 9 Johnson. Amy Marie E 8 Johnson. Anna Marie A 2 Justus, Jeremy J 4

Justus. Jeremy C. I 3 Kavadlo, Jesse J 9

Keams. Josette / ,B 13 Kearns, Josette I 12

Ketz, Victoria L. C 13

Keulks, Gavin H 8 Kolers, Avery B 2

Krafft, John F 8

Krouse, Tonya C 10 Land, Mike H16 LeRoyFrazier. Jill C 3 Lillard, Amy H 10 Lockerd, Benjamin G. H 1

L6pez, Nelson D 13

MacDonald. Joyce Green E 6 Mace. Susan Lidgate A 4

Makris, Mary B 15

Manheim. Daniel A 3 Mastri, Augustus E 13 Mbengue, Malik F 3 McCoWn, Cynthia J 12 McGowan, Marcia J 5 Medin. Daniel J 3

Medina, Manuel B 14

Mix. Deborah M. I 13 Montafiez, Carmen F 13 Moore, Deborah O. J 8


Moran, Patricia I 7 Morgan, Rosemarie B 9

Morris, Daniel J 11

Nabers. Drayton B 3

Nicol. Charles H 7 Nicol. Charles I 11 Nielsen. Aldon L. F 6 Nodelman, J. N. F 2 Oakes, Elizabeth E 5 Palmer. Suzy Szasz C 4 Persin, Margo E 15

Pollin, Karl D 12

Pooser, Charles E 12 Rasche. Debrah C 6 Rodriguez, Emilia F 15 Roof. Judith F 1 Ruiz-Velasco, Chris I 9 Rydel, Christine J 6 Santilli. Kristine A 9. Schuler, Marilyn C 11

Scott. William D 4

Shannon, Drew Patrick A 10 Sligh. Charles I 5

Sligh. Charles J 2

Smith, Mike A 13

Sorge. Julie I 10 Spector. Judith A C 9 Spinelli. Don F 12

Stanley, Maureen Tobin D 14 Sullivan, Clare C 12 Tabbert-lones, Gudrun Ell Tiner. Jubal E 10

Torok. Linda E 16

Torok, Linda I 15 Umminger, Alison C 8

Van Gorder. Stephanie B 11 Vanderberg, Susan J.E 4 Veladota, Christina D 15 Wade, Barabara G 9

Walton, Gary P. G 12 Wawrzycka, jolanta J 7 White, Sarah Anne B 16 Willey. Ann Elizabeth A 7 Willey. Ann Elizabeth D 7 Witthoft,Heide G 13 Wright, Pamela Kaye 14 Yohannes, Tamara A 8 Zeng, Li E 2

Zwinger, Lynda B 8


(Student Activities Center) Look for Clock To'wer

Terrace Food Court (second floor of .SAC Building) Wrap Express, Fresh Grille


Mon- Thurs Friday

Sat & Sun

10:30 am - 6:00 pm 10:00 am 2:30 pm Closed

The Grill in the Ville (table service, second floor

Mon- Fri 7:30 am • 2:30 pm

Mon- Thurs 5:00 pm • 8':00 prn

Friday 5:09 pm ~ 7:00 pin

. Sat & Sun 11:00 ani - . 2:00 pm

Sat & Sun 5:00 pm • 7:00 pm

Food Court (ground floor of SAC Building).


Mon- Thurs Friday

1O:~ am • 9:0(" pm. 10:00 am • 3:00 pm

Ou:.k~~. ~ (Co_n~~nience Stor~~.ouyn.fl~&_ "

Papa John's Pizza .

\, . Mon > Thur .' I.a_.{){'t ;~.-, .•. :3~ pm "",. Friday_~.S~.L ... ·····IO:OO am .: 1 :30 pm


Mon- Thur Friday

Sat & Sun

10:00 am .9:00 pm 10:00 am- 7:00 pm


Mitzi's (basement of Miller Technology Building)

,. . .

Mon- Fri 7:30 am . 3:00 pm

Cafe Ritazza (full service coffee bar, located in the lobby of Ekstrom Library)

Mon - Thurs 7 :30 am • 600. pm

Friday 7:30 am ·2:30 pm




Near Campus (within walking distance)


• 2:00 pm

I.N--·--~· .. ····- ... -····--· .-.- _.-_ ..

Cafe Bristol' 634·2723 Speed Art Museum

Reservations suggested

Tues· Sat 11:30 am . 2:00 pm .

-_ .. _------_._-_.--, /~-'"

~-'- V

China Inn (Cardinal Shopping Center)

2100 South Fourth Street 636·2020

Mon ~ Fri 11:00 am • 10:.00 pm

Sat 12:00 pm • 10:00 pm

------_._ .. _-----'

City Cafe (Cardin Shoppin enter)

1907 So th E urth Street 635·0222

Mon ~ Thur 10:00 am ·4:00 pm

Friday'/ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sat &/~d.~y c~~s_e_ ._ -,

, .. ....-'

, ..


I 1

1 1 1

Hotel Shuttle Bus Schedule 2005 Eastern Standard Time

The Conference will provide (yellow school) bus service between the hotel and campus. The buses will run on a circuit: hotelcampus-hotel. The bell captain at the Seelbach will have a copy of this schedule.

Bus stops:

Seelbach Hilton Hotel, main (front) entrance AND Uofl.. campus, North Visitors' Center

Please note:

Times listed are DEPARTURE times from the stated bus stop. (About 15 minutes to or from)

Thursday, 2/24 Friday, 2125 Saturday, 2126

Seelbach Uofl.. Seelbach Uofl.. Seelbach Uofl..

8:00 8:30 7:30 8:00 7:30 8:00
9:00 9:30 8:30 9:00 8:30 9:00
10:00 10:30 9:30 10:00 9:30 10:00
11:00 11:30 10:30 11:00 10:30 11:00
12:00 12:30
3:00 3:30 12:30 1:00 12:30 1:00
4:00 4.30 1:30 2:00 3:30
5:00 5:30 2:30 3:00 5:30
6:00 6:30 3:30 4:00
7:30 4:30 5:15
6:30 Directions from the University Campus to the Seelbach Hotel by City Bus -

If you should miss the free Conference shuttle there is a City Bus which runs every 12 minutes,

approximately 30 minute excursion each way /

Louisville, the River City, is the jumping off place for the Rogers and Clark Expedition. Now you can share in the excitement of discovery, as you board a city bus to return to the Seelbach Hotel. Your tour will provide a glimpse of the charm which makes "Louavul" a best kept secret of the American heartland.

Your expedition begins on exiting Bingham Humanities Building (Westward, ho!) Headed towards the Library, Continue westbound until 3rd Street. Paying heed to traffic signals, ford this bustling campus artery and forge ahead until you see the majestic, soaring, sloping roofs of the high rise dorms which are home to a varied array of indigenous Uofl.. fauna. The bus stop at 4th and Brandeis bids you to await the next conveyance northward every twelve minutes (bus appropriately labeled "4") at the nominal fare of $ 1.00 (peak hours) and $0.75 (off peak hours) • exact change only please, and on to the Seelbach Hotel, which served as model for "The Great Gatsby".

Shortly after boarding, you will transit the area of Central Park, one of Louisville's 16 parks laid out by l'Enfant, the same French architect who configured the nation's capitol, Washington D.C. The stately homes of Saint James Place, with its striking bronze figural fountain, feature prominently as background for the annual Saint James Art Fair, held each fall.

You will next note Spalding University and shortly thereafter prepare for transboarding at Broadway to the Toonerville II Trolley, which in addition to being absolutely free!!!, will surprise and delight you with the sights and sounds of Theater Square before delivering you to the main entrance and southern hospitality of the Legendary Seelbach. To return to the conference, simply play this scenario in reverse and get off the bus at Cardinal Boulevard.

Faculty Support Team

Twentieth .. Century Literature Conference 2005

Danielle R. Day, Director Sylvia Berger, Coordinator

Committee Members

David R. Anderson, English Matthew Biberman, English Alex Blazer, English

Mark Bousquet, English Rhonda D. Buchanan, Spanish Thomas B. Byers, English

Aris Cedeno, Spanish

Karen Chandler, English William Cunningham, German Matthieu Daile, French

Alan Golding, English

Susan M. Griffin, English Karen Hadley, English Suzette A. Henke, English Aaron Jaffe, English Augustus Mastri, Italian Manuel F. Medina, Website Design Sena J. Nasland, English Wendy E. Pfeffer, French Jeffrey Skinner, English

Ann Elizabeth Willey Li Zeng, Chinese

Carmen Cedeno, Spanish Wendy Yoder, French

- -
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_, ~
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... u
:?! t/) CD
a: .c
::l -
La. >-
J: I
~ ...
« .,
J: .~
C!J u
Z ...
- "0
m ::J



- C :J

..... -
- -
t ..
• .c -
- ...
- -
I 11* .1
CO) N'
- N
- '.8UN:JeW llu!pu." I -

.- ...
- -
- 1 ,
~ ~
- '!
-i s· -
• - ..
.. > - ~
• •
- :I
- (J
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~ CO)
- >-







... ... .,

~ w

o ...

211 !
207 208 209 210 215 1
212 218 217

* •
20& Book Vendors


St .....
224 223' 222 221 220 218 THIRD FLOOR

Fecuity Offic ..

Stairs Stairs
• i • ••
* • •
0 0
= lE
0 ~ 0
l 0 l
s 0 ;,
• • 0 *
• • :.
Stairs Stairs . Feculty Office.

Feculty Offic ..

Feculty Offic ..

Registration . 300


* = Women's Restroom + = Men's Restroom







.z S! sa.





.. 'C