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Start Auxin A plant hormone Genes Small sections of a chromosome Cellulose Rigid material found in plant cells Denatured

An enzyme that has changed shape Pancreas Organ that produces insulin Assimilation Building up single units into polymers Nucleus Not present in Red Blood Cells Fossil

Imprint of an The sex cells of living organism organisms Xylem Oxygen Debt Vessels in plants that Oxygen required to transport water get rid of lactic acid Testes Egestion The male reproductive Loss of waste from the organ body Toxin Immunity Produced by a disease Resistance to a disease causing microbe Variation Arteries Differences between Carry blood away individuals of a from the heart species Iris Deoxyribonucleic Acid The coloured part of Carries the genetic your eye code Respiration Trachea The process of gaining Part of the respiratory energy from food system Starch Stimulus Insoluble polymer in The information that plants causes a receptor to send a message Gametes Ileum

Site of absorption in the small intestine Haemoglobin Red pigment in blood Soluble A substance that will dissolve in a liquid Active Transport Movement of molecules against a concentration gradient Biomass Benedict’s Reagent Receptor The mass of an Chemical used to test A sense organ that organism for reducing sugars detects a stimulus Emulsify Mollusc Puberty Bile does this to fat An octopus is an Period of growth when example humans become sexually active Genotype Spore Carbon monoxide The combination of How ferns and mosses Binds to red blood genes in an individual reproduce cells Homeostasis Binomial Inhibit The maintenance of a 2 names in Latin given Slowing down a constant internal to every species process environment Kidney Cell Wall Phenotype Only found in plant cells Aorta Random Main artery leaving What all sampling the heart should be Allele Repeats A variant of a gene To improve reliability of results Quadrat Chlorophyll A device for sampling Pigment that harnesses plants light energy Filters the blood .

The characteristic seen Thin. hair like Carries impulses from in an individual extensions of cells the eye to the brain Herbicide Decomposer Organic A chemical used to An organism that eats Compound that kill unwanted plants dead and decaying contains carbon matter Clone Gall bladder Pigment Living organism with Stores bile A chemical which has identical genetic colour coding Dominant Turgid Tropism An allele which is A cell full of water Response to a expressed in stimulus in a certain heterozygote’s direction Fermentation Carbon dioxide Hydrogen carbonate paper Chemical Turns limewater Test for presence of decomposition by cloudy water micro-organisms Diffusion Agar Inhale Particles moving from Growth medium for Breathing air into the a high to low microbes lungs concentration Refraction Predator Producer Light rays changing A carnivorous animal Organisms that make direction at junction that hunts other their own food between mediums animals Gradient Catalyst Oestrogen Slope of a curve An enzyme is an A female sex hormone example of one Cilia Optic nerve Finish .