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Inspection Department Appointed by the D.T.I. as a Recognised Third Party Organisation (R.T.P.O.



Designation: Code / Testing Standard: Manufacturers WPS Ref No: Welders Name: Welder No: Method of Identification: Date and Place of Birth: Employer: Date of Welding: Job Knowledge: EN287-1 141 T FW 8.1 S t30 D38 PB sl BSEN 287-1 : 2004 & ASME Section 1X : 2007 WPS-RPE-010A R.PEARSON None Driving Licence 22nd January 1974 Portsmouth RIMOR PRECISION ENGINEERING LTD 20th May 2008 Not Tested Weld Test Details Welding process: Product Type (Plate or pipe): Type of weld: Parent metal group (s): Tungsten Inert Gas Boss to Plate Fillet Stainless Steel – Group 8 ASTM A312-99 TP 316L Welding Consumable: Solid Rod BS 2901 316 S92 Shielding Gas: Auxiliaries (e.g. backing gas): Material thickness (mm): Pipe outside diameter (mm): Welding position: Weld Details (ml, sl, etc): Argon N/R 30mm 38mm Horizontal/Vertical Single Layer 3mm and above 25mm and above PA & PB sl Argon All Thicknesses 25mm and above F&H sl ml S F6 A8 141 P&T FW 8, 9.2, 9.3 & 10 Range of approval BS EN 287 ASME 1X GTAW Pipe & Plate Fillets P8 Group 1 Ref No: Issue Number: Photograph L08-150/2 2

Test House, and Test Piece Report No:- 2008/1541 Type of test Visual Radiography Ultrasonic Fracture X1 Macro X2 Bend Notch Tensile Test RESULT OR N/R SATISFACTORY N/R N/R SATISFACTORY SATISFACTORY N/R N/R EXAMINER Signature: Name: Date of issue: Date of expiry Confirmation of the validity by employer for the following 6 months Date Signature Date November 2008 May 2009
D61 Issue 8

C. SLOCOMBE 27th February 2009

19th May 2010


Prolongation by examiner for following 2 years Date Signature

November 2009 May 2010

Code A Weld Holdings Ltd
Telephone 01761 410410

Midsomer Enterprise Park Radstock BA3 2BB

Fax 01761 418388

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