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0 Importance and types of teaching aids

Special education teachers use various techniques to promote learning. Depending on the student, teaching methods can include intensive individualized instruction, problem-solving assignments, and small-group work. When students need special accommodations to learn the general curriculum or to take a test, special education teachers ensure that appropriate accommodations are provided, such as having material read orally or lengthening the time allowed to take the test. Material help is teaching support materials that help effectiveness of teaching and learning than teaching how to fill in a conventional delivery. Teachers’ play an important role in determining helps teach the material effectively. Effectiveness of selected teaching materials can help influence the interest of pupils to continue their focus on teaching and learning process. There are various types of materials to help teach. Materials that may be in the form of books, charts or slides on the screen which is a material that supports the delivery of learning. Use auxiliary teaching materials to help teachers teach more successfully in accordance with the National Education Philosophy which satisfy the interests of students. Fuel can be seen as a medium able to highlight the talent and potential students. By using the appropriate fuel, students will experience learning a more interactive and fresh once stereotyped answer feedback says that learning subjects that are only using lecture (chalk and talk) is monotonous. Use the appropriate fuel and interest in teaching is important because it can enhance learning and can menumbulkan successful stimulation and desire to know the students will be something more profound aspects of teaching and make teaching more attractive and effective.

In everyday teaching. newspaper cuttings.Media that can be used as a fuel consisting of printed media and electronic media. we can use various types of ABM that could help teachers better communicate with knowledge and effective. compact disc (CD). television. While electronic media is media that will use electrical appliances and components synonymous network Internet. Among them are: . video discs at (VCD) and cassette. postcards. brochures and so forth. Some examples of material that is printed photos. radio.

especially students with special needs will be more likely to follow the R & D given by the teacher if a teacher is wise to apply the existing ABM. .Materialcolorful Students.

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