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PARULBEN HIMANSHUBHAI JOSHI 1. GANGAMAIYA SOCIETY HIGHWAY MEHSANA.GUJARAT 384002 INDIA *BMB2009841238* P4 June 24, 2010 NVC Case Number: BMB2009841238 Dear PARULBEN JOSHI: The enclosed information pertains to PARULBEN HIMANSHUBHAI JOSHI's interest in immigrating to the United States of America. The National Visa Center (NVC) has completed its processing of PARULBEN HIMANSHUBHAI JOSHI 's petition, case number BMB2009841238; and forwarded it to the American Embassy/Consulate in MUMBAI (BOMBAY). An immigrant visa interview has been scheduled for the applicant at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in MUMBAI (BOMBAY) on August 30, 2010 at 07:30 am.

Please read and follow all Interview Preparation Instructions located on the Department of State's web site at:, under the "Interview Preparation" link. Important information regarding the required medical appointment is listed on this site. Failure to read and promptly follow all instructions provided on this site will result in your immigrant visa being refused at the initial interview. Upon arrival at the Embassy/Consulate, the applicant should present this letter to the receptionist. Those members of the applicant's family, listed on the attached page, must appear at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate on the above appointment date. Please notify the Embassy/Consulate if the applicant cannot keep the appointment. The address is provided on the next page.

the applicant must bring the sponsor's most recent Federal Income Tax Return to the visa interview. PARULBEN HIMANSHUBHAI DOB 10SEP1972 POB INDIA Reminders * Any original documents that were requested by the NVC but were not submitted to the NVC must be brought to the visa interview. Foreign State of Chargeability: BMB2009841238 PARULBEN HIMANSHUBHAI JOSHI F2B .UNMARRIED SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF INDIA . 78 BHULABHAI DESAI RD MUMBAI 400026 INDIA When communicating with the Embassy/Consulate by e-mail. * The applicant must bring the correct size and number of photographs to the visa interview. * IF a sponsor filed an I-864 (Affidavit of Support) AND provided the NVC with proof of an IRS Federal Income Tax Extension in lieu of a Federal Income Tax Return. Questions The National Visa Center has completed its processing of this case and any further inquiries should be addressed to: CONSULATE GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES. * Failure to present all necessary documents to the Consular Officer will result in the applicant's immigrant visa being refused at the initial interview.__ __ __ Traveling Applicants NAME JOSHI. letter. Case Number: Principal Applicant Name: Preference Category: PERM RES. always refer to the applicant's name and case number exactly as they appear below. * The applicant must bring his/her medical examination results to the visa interview in an envelope sealed by the medical office. or fax. VISA UNIT LINCOLN HOUSE. They must measure 2 inches by 2 inches (5 cm by 5 cm) on a white background.

The original document must be presented at the time of the interview. C = Direct inquiries to your consulate / embassy D = Certified document received F = This form is not necessary for this application. I = The required form is incomplete.__ __ __ * Document Status Description A = Applicant must acquire this document and present it at the time of the interview. T = An acceptable document has been received. The issuing police authority will send the police record directly to the appropriate US Embassy to have on hand at the time of the interview. no further action is required. U = The applicant has informed the NVC that the required document is unavailable. but a translation is required as the submitted document is not in English or the official language of the processing post. . The applicant must present a certified translation at the time of the interview. Please ensure that a complete form is presented at the interview. P = The police certificate must be requested by the applicant. S = Scanned document received. X = The required document is unobtainable for this country per the Foreign Affairs Manual. O = The original document has been received and accepted as meeting post requirements. If you have already applied for this document. Y = The required document has been received. $ = Payment received.

the applicant is still required to bring the original document to the visa interview.__ __ __ NOTICE TO VISA APPLICANTS Case No: BMB2009841238 Applicant Name: PARULBEN HIMANSHUBHAI JOSHI Visa Interview Requirements PARULBEN HIMANSHUBHAI JOSHI must bring the following to the visa interview: * Any original documents that were requested by the NVC but were not submitted to the NVC * The medical examination results if not submitted to the Embassy/Consulate by the physician * The correct size and number of photographs * Valid passport for all traveling applicants The following table lists the documents requested by the NVC and whether or not the NVC received them. Please note that even though the applicant may have provided the NVC with a copy of a document. Document Name CORRESPONDENCE INSTRUCTIONS IMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION DS-230-II PASSPORT BIRTH CERTIFICATE ADOPTION MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE MARRIAGE TERMINATION COURT RECORDS FINANCIAL EVIDENCE CUSTODY PAPERS MILITARY RECORDS INDIA POLICE CERTIFICATE FEE PAYMENT PHOTOGRAPH PETITIONER MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE PETITIONER BIRTH CERTIFICATE PASSPORT POLICE CERTIFICATE Document Status C Y F Y D F F D F Y F F F $ Y F F A .