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NEW OUTLETS Of Shivpuri Region


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GEORGE THOMAS and all the faculty member and also my friends for being so supportive . I thank MR. Special thanks go to MR. At last.P. thanks to the Head of the Mgmt. So hereby it’s my pleasure to record thanks and gratitude to the person involved. SHIVPURI) for his continuous support. stimulating suggestion and helping me all the time during my project.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Perseverance Inspiration and Motivation have always played a key role in the success of any venture.S. Department of I.He was always ready to listen and give advice. SHAKTI SRIVASTAVA (T. Firstly.M. College MR. SHARAD PARASAR .


the most vivid facet of India's economic transformation since the mid 1990s. Airtel is one brand which has been instrumental in building up a vast subscriber base for itself. Mobile technology and services came to India just about a decade ago. it is accepted as a basic communication medium for all socio-economic segments. An excellent example is Easy Charge . Today India has approximately 170 million phones Connections as on July 2007 (Source: Cellular Operators' Association of India And Association of Basic Telecom Operators). Out of which a little over half comprise of mobile subscribers.India's first .HISTORY-: The unprecedented growth in the mobile market is. Airtel has established itself pan-India targeting the entire population in India. The Indian mobile market is. Airtel's journey to leadership began in Delhi in 1995. In the last ten years Airtel has achieved many firsts and unique records: it was the first to launch nationwide roaming operations. amongst the fastest growing and the most competitive in the world. Since then. a mobile was seen to be a fashion statement for the rich. perhaps. Today. today. In the early days. it was the first to cross the one million and the five million customer marks. It was also the first to launch services overseas. Today. Airtel innovates in almost everything that it presents to the market.

the brand came to symbolize the very essence of mobile services. amongst others. Some of these are reflected in the fact that Airtel was the first to develop a 'single integrated billing system. The company's products reflect a desire to constantly innovate. Bharti Enterprises accepted every opportunity provided by this new policy to evolve into India’s largest telecommunications unmatched. target different segments. For theses endeavors. Bharti’s true calling came in the mid 1990s when the government company and one of India's most respected brands. Airtel has also been conferred with numerous awards. In the ensuing years. as the Airtel network expanded to several parts of India. And in 2003. including high-speed GPRS services. A comprehensive range of value-added. Airtel provides a host of voice and data products and services. It won the prestigious Techies Award for’ being the best cellular services provider' for four consecutive years between1997 and 2000 . it received the Voice & Data Award for being 'India's largest cellular service provider'.a record that is still opened up the sector and allowed private players to provide telecom services. Airtel also offers a wide array of 'postpaid' and 'prepaid' mobile offers. with a range of tariff plans that . customized services are part of the unique package from Airtel.paperless electronic recharging facility for prepaid customers. Airtel was launched in 1995 in Delhi.

The Bharti Mobile promoted AirTel cellular service went in for repositioning of its brand image. IndiaOne for its NLD operations. roaming. The new brand ethos it portrayed was in two distinct fashions . It symbolized the whole gamut of wireless digital broadband services that constitutes tomorrow’s cellular services. This branding came up with Touch Tomorrow.the tag line "Touch Tomorrow". This was aimed at re-engineering its image as just simply a cellular service provider to an all out information communications services provider. etc. In early 2001.Airtel as a Brand Bharti Enterprises wished to transform itself from a Delhi cellular operator to a pan Indian telecom operator. which underscored a more caring. . SMS. which underscored the leading theme for the new brand vision. It went to symbolize something beyond the Internet. Touchtel – for its fixed line phones. Touch Tomorrow meant to embrace the new generation of mobile communication services and the changing scope of customer needs and aspirations that come along with it. IVRS. more customer centric organization. The company worked on a three-layered branding architecture: • To create specific brands for each of its services • Build sub-brands within each of these services • Use Bharti as the umbrella brand The brands identified to be retained for theses services were – Airtel for its mobile operations. The new communication was to portray new dimension in the cellular category. followed by "The Good Life".

UPCOMING TORMORROW In late-2002.' The company also decided to undertake a comprehensive brand building program for the company and chose the slogan 'Unlimited Freedom' for the same. However. Bharti changed the brand's tagline in early-2002 from 'Touch Tomorrow' to 'Live Every Moment. it chose one of the country's most successful music composers. Instead of using the usual movie stars/sports celebrities. Commenting on these changes.R Rahman (Rahman) to promote its brand. considering the fact that it was the largest cellular telecom company in the country – reaching over 600 million people in 16 (out of 29) states of India . Bharti claimed to have scored an ace in terms of getting Rahman to compose five exclusive symphonies downloadable as ring tones for Airtel users. The campaign received brickbats as well as bouquets in the media. for celebrity endorsers in India. Rahman had been paid Rs 10 million for the campaign. The campaign attracted considerable media attention because this was the first time Rahman had agreed to do a television commercial and also because. Bharti Cellular Ltd. company sources said. both for the selection of Rahman and the TVC's execution. The TVC was a part of the brand repositioning and restructuring efforts for Airtel. a sum usually unheard of." Bharti's massive media expenditure plans were no surprise. released a television commercial (TVC). as part of which. which despite using the 'oft-repeated' celebrity endorsement route was unusual in terms of its celebrity selection. "Airtel's brand identity and campaign will now have a new younger and international look and feel that builds on the earlier positioning. A.

The company’s telecom were clubbed under four heads -. But Mr. . Airtel as a brand seems busy in building a mass franchisee for its target market. Airtel telephone & broadband services. when Bharti undertook yet another repositioning exercise. The strategy of Airtel is gradually shifting to the mass market. By targeting the segment of lower income group the brand is also changing its communication strategy from the premium brand or the brand for high class society to the brand for all segments. With Airtel’s launch of Rs 200 denomination cards in early 2005. Airtel long distance services and Airtel enterprise services. One needs to use neutral methods of communication and public relation tools for building this level of brand recognition. Sunil Bharti Mittal wants this brand to grow as the ‘Most Preferred and Respected Brand of India’. Airtel has targeted the low usage segment. This was done with an intention to be seen as an integrated telecom services player rather than just operating in the mobile space. It was an attempt to change the perception from "Airtel equals mobile" to "Airtel equals telecom". The sales driven communication has a limited ability to promote the brand as the ‘Most Preferred and Respected Brand of India’. thereby offering services to cater to all segments. BTVL decided to unify its entire gamut of telecom services under the Airtel Brand.Merger of the Brands It was September 2004. and position Airtel as a complete telecom services brand.Airtel mobile services.

The Enterprise services provide end-to-end telecom solutions to corporate customers and national & international long distance services to carriers. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand. Bharti Airtel is India’s largest integrated private telecom operator with services in the mobile.i2i to Singapore and SEA-ME-WE-4 to Europe.7 million mobile customers. The company operates two international landing stations in Chennai that connect two submarine cable systems . The mobile business provides mobile & fixed wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circles. Broadband & Telephone (B&T) services and Enterprise services. broadband and telephone sectors. consisting of 42. Bharti Airtel is structured into three strategic business units .500 route Kms covering all the major cities in the country. The operator is targeting for 125 million subscribers by 2010. Bharti Airtel has been rated among 10 best performing companies in the world in the Business Week IT 100 list. With more than 46 million total subscribers. . The B&T business provides broadband & telephone services in 94 cities. Airtel’s high-speed optic fibre network currently spans over 43.Mobile services.Executive Summary Bharti Airtel Limited is one of India’s leading private sector providers of telecommunications services with an aggregate of 45 million customers as of end of June’07.

• To convince the general store of different areas to start the Airtel outlet. • To make aware to customers about the Airtel services.OBJECTIVES-: • To finds out the new outlets locations in shivpuri region. • To search new revenues areas. . • To encourage the exiting retailers to increase the Airtel services.

P. LOCATIONS OF NEW OUTLETS Topic: Place: Duration: Date Opening of New Outlets Shivpuri (M. Abhishak Dube .O.S.) 60Days 5July09 Zonal Manager: Mr. • To make aware to retailers about how they resolve their problems related to F.• To aware the retailers how they improve their services. • To encourage the retailers to start to sell Airtel sim who doesn’t sell sim.

Shakti Shrivastav Mr. Bus Stand Area. Old Shivpuri. my own learning towards the telecom sector might come to make understand others. Physical Area. Ravi Agrawal Bye pass Road. Mr. Not only the critical information’s but others as basic and technical information also about the job of telecom industries I have to absorb. Bharti Airtel Limited.Trainer: FOSs: Areas Covered: Mr. As I got a chance to get training in such a huge amount of learning in this sagacious industry with the interesting topic. OUR LEARNING-: After the close analysis of the above summary on the largest private sector provider of telecommunication. AB Road.Mr. Dev Singh. As have been mentioned all . I could apply this absorbed knowledge while opening new outlets in those areas where gapes were. and Khinne Naka. Jay Sakhya .

• The retailer will be provided some attractive POP to inform and attract the customer. are covered that areas which had lack of full information’s regarding the services.details of new outlets in the list. • The retailer can contact the FOS any time. They were also told about the welfare schemes prepared for their continuous transaction of service which are as followings:- • The retailer will be informed about the new product launching as fast as possible. • The retailer will be in a regular contact of FOS of that area. . These new customers have taken interest by accepting the proper solutions of problems came from customers.

LISTS OF NEW OUTLETS-: NAME Mohan Rathore Store Yadav S.T. shivpuri. OWNE R Kailas Rathore Kapil Yadav Ramdas Rathore . Neel gay chauraha.• The retailer will be given some possible relief on the case payment.D. Near bus stand. Kapil Mobile ADDRE SS Rajpura road purani shivpuri. • The retailer will be trained for the recharge and form filling processes.

shivpuri. Mohit Mobile Store shivpuri. Near Sonchiraiy a hotel Kapoor Departme nt Big Shop shivpuri. Promod Rathore Lakhpati Store shivpuri. Mohit Jain Anand Kapoor Anil Kumar Sonu Yadav Deendayal Rathore Raguver Agrawal . Saispura colony.D.T. Purani shivpuri road. Saispura colony. Mohani sagar gate. Near Vijayvargi ya furniture.purani. shivpuri. shivpuri. shivpuri. masjid ke pass Balaji S.