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A periodic update on good health and well being Vol 1, Issue 1, September 25, 2010

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Some myths and facts
Safeguard your child during the rains Dr Shobha Puttaraju
Dr Ramapriya Kalkunte MBBS, MRCPCH (UK), DCH (UK)
What with our rapidly increasing
As I sit down to write an article for the first edition population, a collective effort from
the government, gynaecologists
of this newsletter and ponder over a topic, I
and society is needed to help
remember the newspapers. Every morning I find stabilize our country’s population.
reports of cases of dengue, chikungunya, typhoid Family welfare programmes
and other disease on the rise. The monsoon advocate protection from
arriving, sure comes as a refreshing change after pregnancy.These programmes not
the scorching heat of summer, but it also stirs a only prevent pregnancy but also
the risk of death associated with
list of diseases that afflict children. With this pregnancy and child birth.
change in season, children tend to fall ill. The risk A number of family planning
of contacting viral infections, malaria, methods are available but one
gastrointestinal infections and chikungunya are should know the right and safe one
high. I then decided to write about the precautions to opt for. Let me make it clear that
which parents need take to help ensure that their there is a safe and effective
method for every women.
children stay healthy through the monsoon. The various forms of contraception
Nowadays, I often note children come down with are Oral contraceptives,
fever, cough, runny nose and miss going to school. Injectibles, Barrier methods and
Have fun, but take the necessary precaution advises the doctor.
The newspapers are reporting these infections IUCD’s.
Lets dispel some myths:
almost on a daily basis with parents and doctors - Take precautions to stop mosquito breeding
Myth: Use of OCP’s (oral
alike, being faced with a tricky situation of and protect yourself from mosquito bites (use contraceptive pills) makes you fat.
diagnosing them correctly. The most important a mosquito net and do not allow stagnant Fact: Some women may
thing to remember is that if there is an ongoing water to collect in your vicinity. Also drain experience minor weight gain
fever lasting more than 48 hours, inspite of giving out excess water from plant pots) and depending on the women and the
- Wear long-sleeved clothes as protection pill she is taking.
adequate dose of paracetamol, get your child
Myth: OCP causes cancer
reviewed by a paediatrician to further decide what from mosquito bites. Fact: Presently there is no
course of action is warranted. However, prevention Boosting your children’s immune system conclusive report supporting this
is better than cure. - Encourage your child to eat healthy food view. In fact it suppresses some
Ensuring that your child remains healthy including 5 portions of fruit and lots of cancers like endometrial and
- Adopt good personal hygiene. vegetables. ovarian. There are millions of
Dengue is a viral infection transmitted by women on the pill who have not
- Do not allow your child to sport wet clothes for shown an increased incidence in
long; dry them soon if they get caught in the rains. the bite of Aedes mosquito. It presents with the same.
read more >> Myth: Effectiveness as soon as
you start taking it.
Fact: In some women the
hormones in the pill take almost
one complete menstrual cycle to
suppress the natural hormones to
prevent ovulation. Some added
protection is advisable for the first
Myth: No chance of pregnancy
while breast-feeding.
Fact: The contraceptive cover
offered by breastfeeding depends
on the frequency of feeds.
Ovulation can occur when a
woman is breastfeeding. A nursing
mother should use contraception
to avoid pregnancy.

The Healthline, published on behalf of Ganesh Nursing Home by The Local Media Publishing Co. Editor: Sujay Shyamanoor, Ganesh Nursing Hiome,No. 3, Mekhri Circle, Bengaluru 560 080; Karnataka, South India.
A fortnightly update on good health and well being
Patient pulse contd from pg 1
Back to his rhythm
Myth: With condoms there is no
Mr D Devanbu, aged 72, a Rajyotsava Awardee for his chance of pregnancy at all.
skills and achievements in playing the Tabla, hails from Fact: Condoms have a failure rate
Basavangudi, Bengaluru. He came in with severe back pain that occurs because of improper or
which he said would turn excruciating while walking. inconsistent use. Condoms may
After diagnosis (including spinal X-Ray, a CT Scan and even tear during sexual
MRI) by Dr SS Amarnath, the Orthopaedic surgeon, it Myth: Emergency contraception
was discovered that the patient had a highly deteriorated can be used all the time as a family
vertebrae condition which required urgent intervention. planning method.
[Ecoli infection of the L2-L3 spinal region] Fact: It should be used only during
A critical surgery thereafter, with a steel implant in an emergency. eg., unprotected
position, Mr Devanbu showed signs of good recovery. coitus or if a type of birth control
has failed. It is not acceptable to
‘Though I was in severe pain, the good nursing care I use this method regularly.
received at GNH had boosted my confidence to get back Myth: Emergency contraception is
to normal health,’ confided Mr Devanbu. the same as an abortion pill.
A year later today, his case is the epitome of personal courage Fact: Emergency contraception
After a critical lower back surgery and precise surgery by his doctors. GNH wishes him good can prevent a pregnancy, but does
conducted at GNH last year, D Devanbu not cause an abortion.
is back to his tabla. health and perfect rhythm. Kudos to the Nursing staff!
Myth: Emergency contraception is
Fact: Emergency contraception
Employee profile can be used up to 72 hours of
unprotected sexual intercourse,
ideally within 24 hrs of the same.
Childcare during the monsoon contd from pg 1 Myth: Injectible contraceptives
affect fertility.
high fever, severe headache, backache, joint pains, nausea Fact: With the use of injectible
and vomiting, eye pain and rash. Generally, younger contraceptives, it takes a few
children have a milder illness than older children and months for a woman to return to
regular menstrual cycles which are
adults. There is no specific medication for treatment of a
normal and there is no associated
dengue infection. infertility.
The upper respiratory tract infection is very common Myth: Sexual intercourse during
during this season. Let me make it clear to parents that safe period prevents pregnancy.
children, on an average, suffer from 5-8 colds per year, Fact: This may not be true all the
presenting symptoms of cough, runny nose, fever and time, various factors like
medications and stress affect the
decreased appetite. At most times these infections resolve various hormones. The exact time
in 5 – 10 days and there is no treatment for them. of ovulation may then be difficult
Ensure you take the measures suggested earlier and keep Ms Salma has been with the hos- to predict and then this method can
your child comfortable. Allow your child to get plenty pital for over 4 years taking care fail.
of rest and drink lots of fluids (medication for cold of proper maintainence of pa- Myth: Vaginal infection is caused
tient Records and Accounting. by IUCD (Intra Uterine
remedies may help ease the child’s symptom and help
Her diligence at work is highly ap- Contraceptive
the child feel better but won’t actually shorten the length preciated by staff and our clien- Fact: A sterile IUCD does not
of a cold). tele alike. What she likes about cause infection. A healthy vagina
Let us all keep well by just following these few simple measures her work : ‘Plenty of work to do is full of bacteria and does not
and enjoy the cool, wet monsoon. and supportive colleagues’. cause any damage to the vagina.
The cervical mucus plug prevents
harmful vaginal bacteria from
entering the uterus.
To reduce the risk of infection
Bone Densitometry Equipment Installed Event of the month during IUCD insertion, it is
Effectively assess the onset of osteporosis advisable to treat existing infection
A bone densitometry machine is suitable to assess the prior to insertion.
strength of the bones or more specifically, its density. It Incomplete or inaccurate
helps assess if the individual is either osteoporotic or heading information is responsible for the
towards the condition of osteoporosis (reducing of the bone myths regarding contraception.
mineral density, making it porous). Studies have revealed a
‘substantial’ increase in
Women are at higher risk and it is quite common after
contraceptive use among
menopause, called post menopausal osteporosis. Fractures adolescents in the recent years. A
are highly imminent in individuals having osteoporosis. good counseling is imperative for a
The bone densitometry equipment (in pic) was installed at woman to adopt proper approach
GNH in the first week of Sept 2010. to family planning.

Ganesh Nursing Home (GNH), was started by Dr KNB Setty in 1985. Situated at the junction of Mekhri Circle, it was considered the medical outpost of Bangalore North.