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20 cm gauge no. 5 cable wire, P60 per roll 16 pcs spacers from O-ring chain, P50 for 20 pcs. 2 pcs bead stoppers, P25 for 1000 pcs 2 pcs fish hooks, P30 for 100 pcs 4 pcs blue glass bead, P22 for 6 pcs 4 pcs yellow citrine, P5 per pc 4 pcs pearl stone, P5 per pc 10 inches chains, p75 for 4 yards 8 pcs coral beads, P70 per string of beads 8 pcs of Class A rainbow crystals, P120 per 30 pcs 2 pcs teardrops or elongated bead, P120 per 30 pcs

Spacers are any of the minute accessories used in-between beads to provide aesthetic spaces between them. They come in different forms, with metallic and ring spacers as the most common ones. PROCEDURE:

Step 1. Using a pair of 2-in-1 pliers, cut two 10-cm length of gauge no. 5 cable wire. Set aside one of the cut wires. With the other, create a loop and put the teardrop bead stone in the middle of the loop. Always remember that in bead making, the most stunning stone should always be placed in the middle of the loop. After placing the teardrop bead stone in the center of the looped wire, insert spacers on both sides of the teardrop bead stone. Insert yellow citrines and a spacer next to the teardrop stone and spacers already in place.

insert a teardrop bead or rainbow crystal onto both sides. Step 3. String in the pearl.Step 2. and two Class A rainbow crystals onto both sides of the wire. then string the 3 inch-long chain like the first one. Insert one end of a 2-inch chain onto one end of the looped wire. then insert the other end of the chain to the other wire end. To create dangles for the earrings. Add the blue glass beads and another spacer to both sides of the beads. a spacer. two corals. Insert both ends of the wire into the two openings of either the bead or the crystal. Then. cut two sets of 2 inch-long and 3 inch-long chains. Step 4. Set aside one set. .

insert both ends of the cable wire into the stopper. P5 apiece . Crimp the stopper using the long-nose pliers. Make sure that the beads are tightly secured. TO MAKE BEAD NECKLACE YOU WILL NEED: y y y y y y y y 2 inches chains. Then insert right end of the cable wire back to the stopper to create a small loop. P45 for 10 pcs 2 pcs yellow citrine. P50 for 20 pcs 2 pcs rhinestone. Follow the same procedure to create the second earring that will complete a pair. P5 a piece 12 pcs red coral beads. P6 apiece 2 pcs pearl stone. Now. P75 for 4 yards 1 pc ruby stone. P25 8 pcs spacers from O-ring chain. Cut the excess cable wire. P70 per string 2 pcs metal spacers.Step 5. then attach the hook to the looped wire.

Clinch three blue glass beads to the chain. two red coral beads. Where to look for supplies WELLMANSON SEWING NOTION INC. Step 3. P120 for 30 pcs 12 pcs Class A round crystals. Quiapo Manila Telephones: (02) 733-6270. Cut the excess cable wire. (02) 734-4475 Fax: (02) 733-6269 . and three red coral beads. 5 cable wire. P120 for 30 pcs 2 pcs metallic bead.y y y y y y 12 pcs Class A elongated rainbow crystals. you may alternately add Class A elongated rainbow crystals and Class A round crystals. Cut a 2-inch long chain and string to add dangles to your necklace. metallic bead. metal spacers. but make sure to add an inch to the total length. String the following in this order: rhinestones. Cut it to fit the size of your neck. Step 2. P3 Step 1. Lock your necklace using the toggle locks. To fill the remaining wire. pearls stones. 22 Villalobos St. Get a gauge no. yellow citrines. then add the O-ring spacers on both sides of the stone. P2 apiece 1 pair toggle locks. Make sure that the beads are locked tightly. Put the ruby stone in the middle of the wire. two O-ring spacers. P12 for 30 pcs 4 pcs teardrop or elongated bead stone P120 for 30 pcs 3 pcs pre-made teardrop Class A stone. forming an inverted triangle..