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Turns taken Clockwise -------  Stats -------------------------  Loot -------------------------- 

Players​:  Loot can be Carried or Equipped. 

❖ Move F​ ar (​ 50ft or so) 
•​ S​ TR​: melee attack,  •​ A​ rmor​: Hard to hit  ★ Food​: Number of uses. Instant use. 
lift, smash, grip  Starts at 10. 
❖ Move N ​ ear (​ few steps) ​+ Action  Doesn’t count towards carry limit. 
•​ D
​ EX​: range attack,   
❖ Move C ​ lose (​ face to face) ​+ Action  ★ Armor​: Max of 20 armor. 
speed, jumping  •​ B​ asic Effort​: d4  
GMs​:  ★ Weapons​: max of 3 equipped 
•​ C​ ON​: recover,  Most stuff. Bare hands 
❖ Act for ​Monsters / Hazards  ★ WIS Spells​: Internal. No Sots. No trading. 
toughness, endure  •​ W
​ eapon Effort​: d6 
❖ Countdown t​ he Timer Die  ★ INT Spells​: See Magic below. 
•​ W
​ IS​: magic,  Swords, bows, pistols 

Actions ----------------------  senses, intuition  •​ M

​ agic Effort​: d8 
Magic ------------------------- 
•​ I​ NT​: magic, IQ,  Arcane, divine power 
❖ Simple​: No roll required  •​ C​ rystal: W
​ hen spells fail, lose a Crystal. 
memory, languages  •​ U
​ ltimate Effort​: d12 
❖ Check​: d20 roll >= Target : Pass/Fail  Nat 20, add to effort  Start with 10 Crystals. You may store 5 Spells in a 
❖ Attempt​: d20 roll >= Target : Roll Effort 
•​ C​ HA​: leadership,  Spellbook (1 Slot). Backfire. 
voice, fearlessness 
Effort is progress. 1 Heart = 10 Effort 
•​ N
​ ature: ​Spells 1 Slot each. No Spellbooks. No 
  Backfires. Unequipped spells fit 10 to a Slot. 
Target -----------------------  Recovery ---------------------  •​ G
​ ods: A
​ ll Spells always equipped. No Slots. 
The Target is set for the ​entire area​.  Spend a turn patching wounds  Special “Holy Backfire” rules. 
10-12 is normal. 16+ is extremely difficult.  ★ Moments​: d20 + CON against Target  •​ W
​ ild: S
​ pells take up 1 Slot each. 
  Recover (1 + CON) HP  No Spellbooks. Backfire. Spellburn. 
​ arget +
Hard Task: T ​ 3  Easy Task: T
​ arget​ - 3  ★ Hours​: If safe, regain 1 heart   

If unsafe, gain (1 + CON) HP  Spell Burn​: After spell, increment a d4. When it 
•​ Unfamiliar Task  •​ Already attempted  ★ Days​: recover all hearts  reaches 4, make INT/WIS check. If Success reset, 
•​ Magical resistance  •​ Training / Experience    else lose magic d4 turns. 
•​ Distractions, Dark   •​ Working together  Death ------------------------ 
Formless Magic​: Make an INT roll. 
1) W
​ hen you hit 0 HP or less you are dying 
•​ Time Pressure  •​ Useful Loot  1-5:​ Catastrophic Failure. Death. 
2) ​Roll a d6 => That many turns until death 
  6-12: ​Happens, dire permanent cost. 
3) E​ ach turn roll d20. If 20, revived with 1 HP 
Timekeeping ------------------  4) ​If Ally reaches you before death, and makes 
13-19: ​Happens with temporary cost. 
The game is ALWAYS taken in turn order. Always.  20+​ Limitless wonder. 
INT/WIS check: stabilized but still KO’d.   
➔ Moment​: just a few seconds  Backfire: ​Roll 1 on attempt. Roll d4.  
Actions made in combat  1:​ Spellburn maxes out ​2: ​Suffer Magic dmg  
➔ Hours​: 1-3 hours  3:​ Ally take Weapon dmg ​4:​ Effect is Inverted 
Between battles, resting, exploring 
Holy Backfire: 1:​ Spell forgotten til sleep.  
➔ Days​: 1-5 days 
2: ​Increase timers. 3
​ :​ Heal enemy 4
​ :T
​ arget+1 
Between sessions, uneventful journeys     

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Monsters on the Fly -----------  Names ---------------------  Milestone Paths -------------- 
HEARTS​: Adjust for the current moment.  Detailed in WORLDS pg. 8 
BONUSES​: +1 is minor. +6 is HUGE 
Lash  Sland  Vex 
•​ P​ ath of Iron​: Weapon Master, Armorer. 
LOOT​: 1 Chest dropped per HEART after the first.   Toxen  Evoka  Scrub 
Skip  Crony  Tatter  •​ P​ ath of Smoke​: Hidden in Shadow. 
ACTIONS​: Monsters should break the rules. 
Actions work best with a ​pattern or limit​.  Hunter  Ruby  Veil  •​ P​ ath of Amber​: Seek to Understand All. 
⦿​ Trap Them​: STR roll to escape.  Malvara  Shep  Doc  •​ P​ ath of Oak​: Life is Everywhere. Protect it. 
⦿​ Repel Them​: Shove back to far distance.  Wulf  Scout  Kit  •​ P​ ath of Hawk​: Uncanny Marksman. 
⦿​ Area of Effect​: Save or suffer.  Tirade  Slayton  Trace   
⦿​ Destroy Gear​: VERY scary. Use rarely.  Find more ​Memorable Names here​.  4 Tiers of Rewards​. Must have 2 from lower Tier. 
⦿​ Steal Gear​: Less dangerous, gear can be    Earned via Milestone Moments or Shopping. 
retrieved from the monster after defeated.   
⦿​ Vanish/Reappear​: Powerful reaction ability.  Always have a timer going.   Chests ---------------------- 
⦿​ Flee​: Make them chase it down.  Make every turn matter.  Spend a turn attempting to open a chest​. 
⦿​ Immune​: Make immunities obvious to players. 
Fail Forward.  If taking H
​ ours​, make 3 attempts per turn 
⦿​ Negate Attacks​: Use rarely, give some kind of  If taking D​ ays​, open automatically 
secret or pattern for players to learn.   
⦿​ Regenerate/Enrage​: Increase hearts or  The Game Master’s Oath ----  Simple  Standard ❤  Mighty ❤ ❤ 
bonuses midway through a fight.   DEX/STR/INT  DEX/STR/INT  DEX/STR/INT 
Let the Torrent Flow​: Unleash your ideas 
⦿​ Statuses​: Fire, poison, paralysis, terrify etc.  Easy Check  Roll Attempt  Hard Attempt 
Remember​: Know the rules and the world 
Set a time limit or let players negate with a roll.  World from Actions​: Only make what is needed   

⦿​ Multiple Actions​: Variety is paramount, but  Be an Architect​: Understand space  Shopping -------------------- 
can result in a tough, memorable fight.  Be Poetic​: Evoke emotions, drama, wonder  Starting Equipment & Basic Weapons 5 
⦿​ Summon/Multiply​: Be sure to set some kind of  Be Energetic​: Set the tone. Arouse excitement  Large Weapons 10 
limit or weakness so players can stop it.  Lift Them Up​: Not about you. Be fan of players  Armor 5/pt Advanced (3+) 15/pt 
⦿​ Destroy Terrain​: Affect battlefield, intimidate.  Beacon of Camaraderie​: Be a masterful host 
Travel Supplies (4 People for 1 Day) 10 
⦿​ Create Terrain​: Fire, poison clouds, rock walls.  Be a Terror​: Forgiving and sadistic 
⦿​ Explode​: Damage/Gear lost upon death.   
Starter Loot 50 
⦿​ Cloak​: Force WIS check to spot before attack.   Loot Tables ------------------  Shabby Loot ½ x Roll ID 
Instant​ (just roll) ​or​ ​In a chest​ (1 to 3 hearts)  Basic Loot Roll ID 
MISC Rules -------------------  Epic Loot 20 x Roll ID 
Weapons  27  Spell Lists​:  44 
Battle Fury​: When you miss, increment d6.   Tier 1 Rewards 250 
Ancient  198  Sci Fi  204 
Add to all rolls until hit. 
Shabby  Cursed  Tier 2 Rewards 1,000 
200  202 
Blunder​: Confirm critical failures.  Epic  Bizarre  Tier 3 Rewards 5,000 
206  208 
Hero Coin​: Spend to add Ultimate effort on a  Tier 4 Rewards 50,000 

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