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Name- Rahil Passy

Course- MGMT 204

Instructor- Karin Carlson

Assignment 5

Terminating an employee from an organization is no easy job and it should be done with utmost

care. It is heart breaking to see how some organizations terminate their employees without

consider the humane side of things. Such actions can have ill effects on the minds of the

employees such as lesser loyalty and commitment to the organization.

My opinion is that, the employers should appreciate the efforts of the employees and should

break down the news of termination in the most humane manner possible. Employers should

have a strong reason which has to be properly communicated to the employee that is going to be

terminated. The reason should be communicated in way that the employee is not offended and is

not hurt. Also the employer should discuss with the team members about the termination and

how it will affect them as a team.

The most important point is, not to take a quick decision to terminate an employee. Quick

decisions often lead to wrong choices and terrible way of execution. Most of the big corporates

do follow the rules and regulation and even other contractual obligation when terminating an

employee. This leaves very less chance for the employee to sue the corporate and win. Often

many of these contracts may not have a humane approach of terminating employees.

Therefore, all organizations, irrespective of their size and operation, should give importance to

their employees and should give them a notice in advance before firing. They should be given

time to bid farewell with their co-workers. That is the right way to let go of an employee. A frog

march like termination or a quick termination is very bad for both the employer and for the

employee as well. It will greatly undermine the confidence and loyalty of other employees

towards the organization and also it will leave deep wounds in the minds of the employee who is

getting terminated. It also makes them feel that they were just used and thrown away when the

need is over. Nobody ever wants to feel that way!



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